Once upon a time, there was a boa constrictor with fangs as sharp as swords, and he had wings that could make him fly. He lived in a secret fortress. He wanted to destroy everything and rule the world. He wanted everyone to follow his orders. His name was Pythor.

There were a bunch of seeds and a special plant in an enchanted garden – a lot of those special plants. But Pythor asked his army of snakes to destroy all the plants. But he and his army didn’t notice one seed that was not cut, and then the seed started growing and it turned into a boy who could fly. He could disappear somewhere and reappear somewhere else, and he had laser-eyes. His name was Nightwing. Nightwing had a lot of gadgets and weapons because he found materials to make them. He found leather and then he made leather pickaxes and leather swords in case some broke, and he dug for diamonds and then he went right back up and crafted the diamond into a diamond sword. Also, one time he dug for iron so he could get enough iron to make iron leggings, iron boots, an iron chestplate and an iron helmet. And then he built a diamond mansion in the enchanted garden.

Nightwing knew about Pythor and his army. After he had been born from the seed, he watched Pythor and his army as they left, and saw all the destruction they had caused. He decided to put a disguise on, pretending to be a pizza man, and he delivered pizza to them, and then he asked to go to where all the remote controls and weapons and gadgets were. They said, “If you give us eight slices of pizza for free.”

And then Nightwing gave them all the pizza for free and he went to the remote control, weapons and gadgets room, and then he turned off all the remote controls because they were on and that was charging all their computers so they could look at whichever place they wanted to destroy next. Also, he put a pizza in the remote controls and it jammed the machine so you couldn’t turn it back on. Then he disappeared and reappeared in his diamond mansion.

Meanwhile, Pythor was eating his pizza. He was thinking of his next step. He pulled out a map for back-up. He didn’t feel like going to his remote controls. He was tired. He thought he could take over the USA. And he wanted to use all his weapons and gadgets to hypnotize the president to help destroy the USA.

Nightwing was having a baby. He used some of his powers to put into the baby’s heart. Nightwing named him Redhood. He wanted the baby because he was lonely. He had no one else like him. Redhood quickly grew into a boy. Then Nightwing put a forcefield around the galaxy, and his son was busy protecting the president. He traveled to the US and went to the White House in Washington, DC. He disappeared from the enchanted garden and reappeared in the President’s office. And he told the president to put on super spy binoculars. The president said that he would because he heard about Nightwing and Redhood in the newspaper and he knew that they were good and that they were trying to fight for justice.

Meanwhile, Pythor was launching his ships to the White House and Redhood was protecting the president. But then the president’s army attacked Pythor’s army. Pythor’s army was using weapons like swords, shields, and daggers. They were using all their vehicles. Meanwhile, Nightwing was looking at the battle and he knew he had to help, so he went over to the White House and used his weapons to help the president’s army and Redhood. Afterwards, Nightwing had a big battle with Pythor, and they were fighting with all kinds of weapons like swords, shields, and daggers. Nightwing took his steel rod and let him have it! Then Pythor hypnotized Nightwing. He told Nightwing to kill Redhood. But then one of the guys from the president’s army knocked Nightwing out and he wasn’t hypnotized anymore. Nightwing tripped Pythor and electrocuted him, so then he said, “I must regroup, but I’ll be back someday!”

Then he disappeared forever.


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