Home of the Aliens

BOOK ONE: The Endless Fight


There once was a planet called Bobo, and the planet was a very happy planet and everyone there had a lot of fun but there was this other planet named Nani that only had junk on it and wanted to take over Bobo.  However, the Bobos were the bad guys and the Nanis were the good guys.  Bobo didn’t have any heroes or anything but Nani had a hero called X.  He had all the powers you could think of, so Bobo decided to make a fighter robot and it took them a year to make it.  But the Nanis saw the robot so then the Nani king called Nani declared war.

They had a huge fight but more of the Bobos got killed than the Nanis because X was more powerful than the robot.  So then they made a bigger robot that could fit all the people on Bobo. They called the robot BoboBot. It was bigger than X though he was still more powerful.  The robot blocked all of X’s strikes so X made this machine that shrank someone, so he shrunk the robot and all the Bobos still in it. But the robot could still do a lot of things but its strikes were too little.  X was going to step on the robot but it could move very fast, so X was busy chasing the robot but the people started to get tired of using their hands to move the controls. X trapped them in a corner and he crushed them but Bobos ran out all over the place.  X killed so many that there were only 15 left so the ones that were left made a huge invisibility cloak and they put it over all of them and they shot at X with invisible bullets.  But X was still too powerful so he made something so that if you hit him with a powerful bolt he gets stronger, so he defeated the 15 Bobos and the Nanis won.  The Nanis went to war because the Bobos stole all their gadgets and everything because they wanted to be powerful. But a pregnant woman who was special because she could glow in the dark had had X as a baby, but then the Bobos captured X’s mother and they killed her so that’s why the Bobos are the bad guys.

After the Nanis defeated the Bobos, they rescued X’s mother and X gets married to a superwoman whose dad is Nani. So X becomes a prince. Nani is a powerful planet, and Bobo blows up.


The End.


BOOK TWO: A New World Is Born


The Nanis lived happily ever after but what they didn’t know was that the Bobos had put a little seed in the equator of their planet that would make another planet grow when Bobo blows up.  As a consequence that became a very powerful planet, almost as powerful as Nani.  So Nani built a lot of robots in case X died, because the planet, called The Underworld, was very powerful. X prayed to God that he wouldn’t die, then he went out and fought without anyone noticing and he blew half of the planet up with his powers. But X’s servants were really mad because he didn’t let them know that he was going to fight the planet on his own, and he got badly injured and they sent in their Xbots. They could fly, and they had so many gadgets and they have 1000 lives and there were a million of them. They all went into battle but the Underworld didn’t know that the second half of their planet was going to be blown up, so while the Xbots were heading toward the planet, the king – called the Evil Lord – saw them in his tower. His tower was so high and you don’t know how high it goes. Up high, he saw the Xbots and he crawled into a secret cockpit and then he took 2 machine guns in his hand and he blasted all the Xbots.

Luckily, X had a great idea; he put force fields around Xbots. Chunks of the other half of the planet started falling and many people died.  No one was ready, except for the Evil Lord, so the whole planet blew up and X got 1000 more wives and they had a big party with a lot of food and all the people became fat.


The End.





After everyone gets fat—the only person who wasn’t fat was X and the Nani king—everyone just kept eating more and more so they blew up. After that, there were only two people on the planet; the Nani king and X, so it was a very lonely planet, and other planets thought that Nani was an evil planet. They thought it was a junkyard planet. They threw all their junk on half of the planet.  X and Nani were in trouble so they had to come up with a plan because even though  X had a lot of powers, he did not have enough to destroy all the other aliens on the other planets.

Unluckily, they found a baby left right next to the equator, but then X touched the baby but it rolled into the equator and all of a sudden the equator blew up and there was only 3/4s of the planet left.  Nani and X kept searching for the baby for 12 years until they came to a piece of light which got bigger and bigger until it was a person made of fire, so he became X’s son. Soon Nani died and the planet was no longer called Nani; it was called                            because it didn’t have a name.  That planet would explode in 10 minutes because it had nothing on it, so X and his son named Lava Boy left the planet when it was about to blow up. But then they found a planet that was captured and it was called Lava World.  All the people were made of lava so X took over the world, and then one of the scientists freed the world so nobody was locked in cages. They thanked X for rescuing them.  They turned him into Lava X.  They had a big celebration and the planet was renamed Lava Nani.


The End.


End OF Series!


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