The Little Dolphin

Chapter One

Once upon a time, there was a dolphin that lived in the sea. Her name was Ginger. Then she saw an octopus coming close to her. Then she saw a bunny on the shore. And then she went back under water. She looked for seaweed. She couldn’t find any. She didn’t have any breakfast, so she was going to starve if she didn’t get this seaweed. She dug all the dirt on the ocean floor, but she still didn’t find any seaweed. Then she looked up on the surface to see if there’s any seaweed, but she still couldn’t find the seaweed. Then she saw a stingray. Stingrays were her enemy. She swam far away from the sting ray. And the stingray couldn’t find her.

“Maybe I’ll go back to the stingray and talk”, said Ginger. She wanted to talk to the stingray because she wanted the seaweed first. Then she talked to the stingray.

She said, “Can I have the seaweed first?” But the stingray already found the seaweed. The stingray ate half the seaweed, and put all the others on the ocean floor. He just put them on the ocean floor. Then Ginger ate the other half.

And then Ginger swam back to her parents. She wanted to have a sleepover with her friends, but her parents said no. Then she asked five more times, and her parents still said no. They said no because they thought she needed to wait a little more to go to a sleepover. She could only go to a sleepover with her cousins. She was disappointed. Then she went back to bed.

Then the next day came. Then she asked her mom again, and dad again. It was her birthday. She turned five. Her grandma and grandpa bought them food. She didn’t want her mom and dad to see that she was getting food then, so she took it to her friend’s house. If she was gonna go with her parents then she was gonna tell them that she wanted to go to her friend’s house, so she wanted to use the new food to lure her parents. She ate her breakfast, and she played a puzzle. And then she went to the playground. She ate her lunch. Then she got her mom and dad’s favorite food, to lure them to her friend’s house. Mom and Dad’s favorite foods are salad and spaghetti and meatballs. They recognized it was the friend’s house and they take her back home. Then she got her mom and dad’s favorite food and tried to lure Mom and Dad to her best friend’s house again. But Mom and Dad recognized it was her friend’s house, so then they took her back home again. Then she ate dinner. Then she went to bed.

Then she saw a shark, and she ate her breakfast quickly. Then she ran away from the shark quickly. The shark chased her when she tried to sneak over to her friend’s house. Then the shark chased her back to her house. Then she tried again but the shark chased her back to her house again. Her parents were eating breakfast and they didn’t see it happening. Then she tried to chase the shark away but the shark kept chasing her away. And then she gets her mom but her mom was talking on the phone. Then she asked her dad but her dad was having some coffee. Then she tried to chase the shark away again but the shark kept chasing. Then she swam away from the shark and the shark kept chasing her. So then she tip-toed quietly and the shark didn’t see her.

So then she went to her friend’s house. She already packed all her stuff so she could go. Her mom already called her friend’s mom so she could go but had to wait two more years. But Ginger didn’t want to wait. So she went to her friend’s house and when she got there she said hello to her friend and her friend’s mom asked, “Are you seven yet?” and Ginger said no.

“I thought your mom told you you have to wait till you’re seven.”

“But I already packed all my stuff!”

Then she said, “Go back home and keep your stuff till when you get to be seven.”


Chapter Two


Ginger’s friend was already seven but they were still friends. Then Ginger’s friend’s mom said, “Just go back to your home now.”

Then Ginger said, “What about I stay here until I’m seven. I have all my clothes here.”

“Just go back home now!” Ginger’s friend’s mom said.

Then Ginger went back home. She felt really disappointed. Then she asked her parents if she could go again.

They said, “No no no, wait until you are seven.”

So she tried again, but her parents just said, “No, no, no wait until you are seven.”

Then she ate lunch. She had carrots and celery. So then she tried to tell her mom and dad she’d do all her chores but they said no no no. Then she promised she would clean her room and she would do everything for her mom and dad.

And they said,”Yes but clean your room now.”

But she didn’t want to clean her room and they said, “Then you will not go unless you clean your room. If you clean your room right now you will go the day after tomorrow and you will stay for three nights.

So she cleaned her room and her mom said, “In neat piles not under the table and over the table.” Ginger cleaned her room and made it into piles. Her mom said, “Don’t put piles on the pathway to your bed.” Then Ginger put them on the place where no one will check not on the pathway to her bed. And her mom said, “You can go to the sleepover. But here are the rules: no tickling under their chin, no running and pretending to get hurt, no ripping their pillows when you want the feathers of the pillow to come out, and no jumping on the bed. And those are the rules you have to follow. If you wanna go stay with rules if you don’t want to go then don’t stay with the rules.”

Then Ginger said, “I’ll stay with the rules.”

Then she went to the playground. Then had naptime. Then had playtime. Then had snacktime. Then she had dinnertime. And last but not least, she had bedtime. She slept very well. Then she woke up her mom and dad.

“It’s the day! It’s the day!” She said.

“Not today,” her mom said,” tomorrow is the day.”

“Hooray hooray!” Ginger said.


“But that takes too long!

“It won’t take so long,’ her dad said, “just a double 24 hours.”

It was five o’clock in the morning then five o ten and five o twenty and five o thirty one.

Then Ginger said, “But I don’t want to wait too long.”

“Don’t worry,” her dad said, “I promise you will be going to your friend’s house tomorrow.”

Then she got very disappointed. Then she talked to her baby sister. Her baby sister’s name was Valentina. Her baby sister was six months old. “Ga ga ga” she said to her sister.

Her sister said back, “Ga ga goo goo.”

Then her dad drank coffee and her mom talked on the phone. Then she shook her rattle.


Chapter 3


Then she ate breakfast and then she played with the puzzle. It was a safari puzzle. After the puzzle she read a book. The book was about nursery rhymes. She liked Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and The Wheels on the Bus. Then she went to the fair with her mom and dad and baby sister. There was apple juice and seaweed. You had to grab the seaweed out of the apple juice. She lived in a cave.

She went on the ferris wheel. Then she went on the roller coaster. She was not scared at all and she went on a ride called Tornado that was spinning a lot and spun really fast and then she went to eat ice cream. Her baby sister ate ice cream in a cup. Ginger got banana ice cream. Her baby sister got lemon sorbet. Valentina was scared of some rides but some rides she wasn’t scared of. Then she had lunch. After lunch she went on more rides. Valentina went on the little truck ride. Valentina’s favorite color was purple. Ginger’s favorite color was yellow. Then Valentina went on the little Indian Beach ride. Then Valentina went on the car ride. Then Valentina went on the train ride. Then Ginger went on the rollercoaster again. Then the mommy and daddy went on the little truck ride with Valentina. Then they went on the rollercoaster with Ginger. And then they went home. Then they ate dinner. Then Ginger went to bed. When she went to bed, she thought about the sleepover. She was so excited.


Chapter 4


Then it was the day of the sleepover. Ginger was going to stay at her friend’s house for three nights. Then Ginger’s mom and dad put Valentina in her high chair. Then her mom and dad ate breakfast. Then Ginger put her stuffed animal in her bag. Then she went outside.

Her mother said,”Not yet. At three o’clock.” Then it was one o’clock. Then it was two o’clock. Then it was three o’clock. Then Ginger’s dad took Ginger out to the car. And he drove Ginger there. Ginger’s mom was sitting next to Ginger’s dad. And Valentina was sitting next to Ginger. Then they arrived at Ginger’s friend’s house. Then Ginger opened the door. She said bye bye to her parents and bye bye to her sister. Then Ginger’s parents took Valentina to the car. Then she went up the stairs.

Then she saw her friend, and Ginger’s friend’s mom asked,”Are you seven yet?”

And Ginger said,”No. But my mom said that I can stay three nights here.”

“Unroll your sleeping bag,” Ginger’s friend said. Ginger’s sleeping bag was green with yellow polka dots. Then they played tag you’re it outside. Then they swam in the pool. Ginger’s friend had a pool. She felt happy. And her friend felt happy. She was excited.


Chapter 5


Then they ate lunch. She felt happy and excited, but sometimes she had to go to bed and not play in the pool. It was bedtime, so she couldn’t go to the pool. Then it was the next day. She ate breakfast. She had cereal for breakfast. Then they played with the puzzles.

Then they went to the fair. First, they went to the bouncy castle. Then they went to the ferris wheel. Then they had two snacks. Then they went on the roller coaster. Then they went to the obstacle course. Then they went to her friend’s house. Then they ate lunch. Then they played in the pool. Ginger felt happy and excited. And then she played with five more puzzles.

She felt happy about the sleepover, but she also wanted to go home, because she had a jacuzzi. She missed her family, and she had a backyard. Then she had dinner and then she went to bed. Ginger already knew that she had a family, and she learned that she wanted to go back to them, and to play with the jacuzzi.

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