How Evil Came to Be

Many years ago, the Earth was divided in half. The left half was known as the majestic side. Everything was joyous and merry. People feasted and celebrated every day. It was a dream come true. The right side of Earth was a place of misery and despair. People wailed as they were tortured by hideous creatures. It was always night time. A thought that never came to anyone’s mind was crossing the border.


Chapter I


The king of evil was lethargic from overlooking his beasts rip off the limbs of his helpless human victims. A insignificant thought crossed his mind. Maybe, just for a test, he should cross the border. He called a ghoul with wrinkly green skin and red, bulging eyes and commanded him to cross. A young soldier looked over from the majestic side, for the beast’s blood-stained claws precariously inched closer to the gleaming wall of white light. With some hesitation, the monster placed his jagged claw into the glow.  

The light spiraled around the monster as it separated into small glowing balls. Faster and faster it span as it slowly consumed the beast in its whirling tornado. Everyone from both sides jerked their heads to the light and either had a face of awe or fear. When the swirling light had finally consumed the beast, it formed a huge ball and exploded! The sound was deafening. The explosion was so bright that everyone from miles around could see it. When the phenomenon was over, the glowing wall was gone and in the place of the ghoul there was only a pile of ashes and singed bones.


Chapter II


For a few brief moments, everything was silent, and then:

“WAR!” the King of Evil shouted.

The evil side immediately raced over with long, jagged teeth and claws exposed. The only thing you could hear amongst the chaos was the hollars and growls of ravenous beasts as they destroyed temples and buildings as far as the eye could see. Clouds of dust blew in every direction, as if they were a raging hurricane.  

“They’ve destroyed everything but the kitchen sink!” said an onlooker, and then he saw an ogre and goblin lugging a kitchen sink out of a house and smashing it to smithereens.  “Scratch that, everything and the kitchen sink!”

A beast that had monstrous bull-like horns and deep mahogany fur lunged for the young soldier. The soldier grabbed his spear and stabbed the beast, but it tugged the spear out of his body as if the weapon were only a splinter. The gaping hole in its chest healed before the soldier’s eyes. The monster leaped up and impaled the soldier with his gigantic horns. The soldier’s blood ran down the street and into the sewer like a stream. His body lay lifeless on the shattered cobblestone street.


Chapter III                 


From the ruins of a temple, an old woman with a hunch sauntered over with arms trembling from arthritis. Her fists were clenched together as if they harbored a dark secret.  Suddenly, without warning, she opened her fists. A ball of the same white light as the enchanted wall hovered over her head. Everyone stopped fighting to get a glimpse of the mesmerizing ball.

“Long ago,” she started. “I created the wall to protect the majestic side. I assumed that all beings would fear it. Clearly, I was wrong. This is hope. It will always be with you and guarantee that the worst will be over.”

With that she released the glowing ball and dropped dead.      



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