How Penguins and a Chicken Became a Dancing Group

There once was a chicken named Peamer and he looked like an ordinary chicken except he could talk and had golden feathers. Most people did not know how he had gotten to be so special, but he knew. He had been exposed to toxic waste as a baby chick but he had to keep that a secret. The toxic waste was actually melted gold, which was why he had such spectacular feathers. His mother made him walk into the gold because she thought it was corn and she was hungry. To be fair, the gold was in small chunks but Peamer’s mom still wasn’t very smart to make her baby fetch her food. As soon as he stepped into the gold, there was a quick, bright, green flash. That was the moment he began to grow golden feathers. Peamer didn’t know what happened, he was just growing golden feathers! Pop! Pop! Pop! The golden feathers shot out from his chicken skin and all of his old white feathers fell to the ground. Peamer’s mom was speechless. She wasn’t the brightest chicken in the coop, so she thought Peamer had disappeared and had been replaced by another chicken. She was so afraid she ran away squawking, “Peamer! Peamer! Where are you?”

All the while, Peamer was standing right in front of her, saying, “I’m right here.”

Finally, she stopped her noise-making because she realized Peamer was still there.

She asked him, “How come you grew gold feathers?”

Peamer said, “Because you made me walk in the pile of gold chunks you thought was corn.”

Peamer’s mom was speechless. Her beak was half-open, and she stood very still, about to faint. Peamer’s mom fainted a lot. Just as she was about to fall backwards, Peamer caught her. His golden feathers were so strong! They were his superpower. After he took her back to the big, green field where they lived, Peamer stretched his new golden wings out to his sides and took his first flight ever with his golden feathers. He felt so special.

A king saw him flying in the air and signaled for him to come down to the castle. The king asked Peamer to come and live with him in his castle covered with diamonds, gems, crystals, and all shiny things. However, the king was not to be trusted. He  wanted to eat Peamer because he thought if he did, he would turn to gold and gain Peamer’s superpowers. The king started to overfeed Peamer at dinner. He fed him vegetables, hamburgers and ice cream.

Peamer started to feel the king was acting weird and knew he was up to something. Peamer said, “Sorry, I have to go to England for a business trip. Don’t worry about me coming back because I’ll come back to you all safe and sound.”

The king said, “All right, I trust you.”

And then Peamer took off. He wasn’t really going on a business trip. Peamer was planning to build his own chicken kingdom covered with diamonds, gems, crystals and all shiny things. The first thing he needed to do was find a place where the king could never track him down. He went all the way to Antarctica. Even though it was really, really, really cold, he built an igloo kingdom. He asked some penguins to help him by putting stacks of snow together. The penguins thought he was a king already because of his gold feathers.

In his igloo, Peamer sat on his couch and thought, “Oh my gosh, I better get on a diet.” The penguins, though, were out of food because the water was frozen.

The penguins came into Peamer’s igloo and said, “We’re hungry! Can you please fetch some food for us?” They thought Peamer was strong because he was a king. They thought he could help them.

Peamer did a thumbs-up sign to the penguins and went to fetch some fish. The penguins smiled because they were expecting a good meal. First, Peamer found fishermen. He discovered his superpowers allowed him to speak in any language. To the fishermen, he spoke Mandarin. He asked them to cast their lines into the ice to catch the fish below. Peamer brought the fish to the penguins and fed them until they were full.

Peamer trusted the penguins. They became his secretaries and guards and his own igloo army. He gave each penguin a special necklace made of gems. He had installed a gem scanning system that only scanned the special gems Peamer had. The system kept the igloo kingdom safe so no one could break in. In order to enter his igloo kingdom, one needed a special gem, just like one needs a key to enter their home. Once the penguins scanned their gem necklace, they could enter. The igloo was full of things the penguins couldn’t even imagine: wooden chairs surrounding a dinner table filled with gems and a thick book about adventures so Peamer, their king, could give the penguins an experience of the whole world. There was a different adventure on each page, one adventure for every day of the year.

The first adventure they went on was to London. He looked up where to go in his adventure book and on the map he found England. Their first stop was Big Ben. Just then he remembered he told the king he was going to England for his business trip and Peamer suddenly feared the king would find him. He signed up for personal planes to fly him and his penguins back to Antarctica. When Peamer met his personal pilot, he told him to keep this trip a secret or else the royal king would  find him and eat him up. The pilot pinky swore never to tell.

“If you pinky swear and do not keep the promise,” Peamer said to the pilot, “then I will never tell you how I got my golden feathers.”

The penguins sat in the back seats and read a book about an easier way to catch fish. The book said: “You must go to King Peamer.” The penguins were amazed, and went to tell Peamer. When they told him, Peamer nearly fainted. He was shocked people already knew about him. He stopped himself from fainting by touching his chest and saying, “Superpowers!”

When they landed in Antarctica, they returned to the igloo kingdom. Everything looked just the way they left it. But the moment they entered they realized something was terribly wrong.

The king had found out they lived in an igloo! He traveled all over the world to find the mystery chicken with the golden feathers and superpowers. The king stood in the middle of the room with a giant knife and guards surrounding him. He stabbed his giant knife into the floor repeatedly and shouted, “I shall eat you now! I shall eat you now!” He instructed some of the guards to prepare the boiling water, and the rest of the guards to catch him.

Peamer used his superpowers to escape. He flew through midair and shot out rainbows from his wings across the room. He was able to change the colors of his feathers to camouflage with the rainbow. Just then, the penguins revealed their own secret: they also had powers! They could shoot through the air and blend in with the rainbow, too.

The king and his guards were speechless. They looked around the room, confused. In the chaos, they forgot about the boiling water and it exploded. The igloo started to melt as the king and the guards left.

Once everyone was far, far away, Peamer and the penguins fell back down. Peamer said to the penguins, “No wonder you’re so strong!” Together they built the igloo again. Peamer had placed a covering on their belongings, so luckily, nothing was damaged. They named this day The Chaos Adventure!

Peamer and the penguins decided this adventure was too hard, so instead of going to new places, they’d have a dance party every day. They bought big speakers, two disco balls and a radio playing pop music. They wore flowy skirts, colorful wigs, masks and underwear with ruffles. Peamer and the penguins became known as the best dancers on Earth, after the neighbors discovered their dance parties. They thought it was cool a chicken and penguins could dance, and they shared the news with the whole world.

Then, they danced and lived happily ever after!

The End

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