Larry, UFO, and Boston

“Hey Boston, what are you barkin’ at?” asked Larry.

“What the heck is that?” Larry said again. WHOOSH! “That’s a UFO!” exclaimed Larry.

Boston walked up as he got sucked in and Larry jumped and grabbed him and got sucked in too. WHOOSH! They were sucked in by a blue light.


Larry and Boston walked around the spaceship and Larry said, “Maybe this isn’t so bad.” They heard an alien noise getting louder towards them.

Larry and Boston ran and jumped behind a weird-looking orange bush with black stripes. They heard the aliens saying, “I think we picked up something from the planet Earth.”

Larry whispered, “Woah…they speak English.”

As the two aliens walked away, Larry and Boston kept walking. They were in deep space. Boston tripped on this thing sticking out of a bookcase and the bookcase opened just a little bit! Larry helped Boston up and pushed the bookcase open and saw a bunch of gadgets.

There were blasters, guns, and other weird things. Boston saw something that looked like a bone. He jumped up and bit it and it blasted through the bookcase.

Larry yelled, “WOAH! Don’t touch that, Boston!”

A familiar voice said, “Who said that?”

“Evan, is that you?” Larry said into the darkness.

“How do you know my name?” the voice said back.

“Evan, it’s me! Larry!”

Evan yelled, “Larry!”

Evan looked over and saw Larry and Boston. They did their secret handshake. They gave each other high-fives and fist bumps.

“The last time I saw you was when we were still in middle school,” Larry said. “I thought you were on vacation since I didn’t see you for a month. I started looking for you.”


“Bye Evan. See you tomorrow,” said Larry when he last saw him.

”Do you remember Boston?” asked Larry.

“Yep,” Evan said.

Evan showed Larry and Boston to a room in the spaceship that looked a living room on Earth. “Wow!” Larry said.

“I found this place when I first got here,” Evan said.

“Let’s go over plans,” said an alien nearby.

Larry and Evan both said, “THE PLANS!”

Evan, Larry, and Boston followed the alien undetected to the control room where they saw the leader of the aliens. He had a square head with a normal alien body. His body was green and his head was blue.

The leader alien said, “FDG YIU ASDXZWH GFXDN.”

Evan and Larry realized that the leader alien didn’t speak English and he had a translator who told the aliens what to do

Translator alien said, “GET THE WEAPONS READY.”

“DRFPT GTY DRGFEW,” the leader said.

“Moragh said, THANK YOU SMORGLF,” Smorglf said.


Evan, Larry, and Boston raced down the hall and jumped behind a yellow bush with green and black stripes. Aliens walked behind them towards where they met in the UFO.

“Where we were must be where the weapons are!” said Evan.


They all raced to where the weapons were. They got there before the aliens and they took all the weapons and ran to a secret room that only the head alien knew about. They got in by stepping on a panel.


The aliens saw that the weapons were gone. They looked everywhere except the room that Evan, Boston, and Larry were in because they didn’t know about it.


Smorglf said, ¨Ooooo.”

Another alien said, ¨What did Moragh say?¨

¨Shut up Bloghj, no Moragh, and Moragh said DID YOU LOOK IN THE SECRET ROOM?” Smorglf said.


Smorglf started to say ¨Mora…¨

“WHAT DID HE SAY,” Bloghj said.

Moragh slapped his forehead.

“Like I was going to say before I was rudely interrupted,” eyeing Bloghj, Moragh said, “SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!”

They raced off.

Meanwhile Boston, Evan and Larry were overheard. They raced out.


They found them face to face with all of the aliens on the UFO. They blasted most of them with the gadgets that they figured out how to use. They pressed buttons and they fired but they didn’t know which button did what though. They took about half of the aliens out. The other half avoided the shots and attacked but they took half of that half out too. Boston bit most of the aliens that were alive. Two were left. It was Smorglf and Bloghj.


They ran to Moragh.

He said, ¨FTG CDR ASP CWQI?!¨

Smorglf said, ¨Moragh said,’ WHY ARE YOU HERE?!’¨

¨Oh we’re here because every other alien was killed by people from the planet earth with the gadgets, SIR,” said Bloghj.

¨Fgh nj awsedf,¨ Moragh said.

¨Get out his armor,¨ Smorglf told Bloghj.

Bloghj got it out quick.


Meanwhile Evan, Boston, and Larry turned the UFO around on a path to earth. A few hours later, Moragh was wandering the UFO with his armor on when he saw Larry.

He said, ¨GHUJ RFTG!!!¨

Larry said, ¨WHAT??!!¨



Boston barked and ran in front. They shot Moragh in the ankle with A-K4-7’s that the aliens had. Moragh fell down.

¨He’s only down for a brief moment, let’s move, move, move!¨ said Larry.

They found Smorglf and Bloghj and they said they hated their life and they wanted to go home with Larry and Evan. They said maybe.

They tagged along.

“Hey, do you know that our planet stinks, it is always cold, wet, and dirty. It’s a horrible place. Far less place to live, I mean it just stinks,” said Smorglf.

“Wow that stinks, really stinks,” said Larry.

“No joke. It stinks. Very very far from perfect,” Bloghj sadly said.

“Is that why you tried to take over earth?” asked Evan.

“Yes,” Smorglf and Bloghj said.


“What was that?” Evan asked as he slammed into a wall.

“IT’S THE ATMOSPHERE!!” yelled Bloghj.

“AHHH,” they all yelled.


“We’re not dying on my watch,” Larry said. ”Come on, Boston.”

Larry and Boston ran to the control room. They put on the atmosphere shield just in time. THUD.

THUD. THUD. THUD. Larry and Boston ran to the others. When they got there, Moragh arrived.

“GYHU GHUJI SEDR!!!!!” Moragh said.

Smorglf said, “‘‘YOU’RE GOING DOWN,’ Moragh said.”

Larry shot Moragh in the head. Moragh died from the bullet. Larry, Evan, Boston, Bloghj, and Smorglf got off. The UFO they were safe.


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