Leila’s story

I love to sing. My name is Kila, and I am two. I have a big sister who is 12. My other sister is six. The 12 year old sister‘s name is Mila, and my six year old sister’s name is Nila. It is a summer evening in California, where we live. We go to California Elementary School, but we are at home now.

“A, B, C, D, E, F, G!” I sing. While I am singing, my two sisters, Mila and Nila, cover their ears. I sing a lot of songs, but my favorite song is the ABC’s.

“STOP SINGING!” Nila and Mila shout at the same time.

Then, our mom says, “Okay, okay, she loves to sing.”

I stick my tongue out at Nila and Mila and start skipping around them and say, “Ha ha.”

Then they stick their tongue out back at me. I cross my arms and stomp to my room. I pick up my dog and start saying, “I love to sing!” I start singing the ABC’s again and say, “Come on Lila, start singing with me!” but she just barks.

I ignore Lila and walk away. I go down the stairs to get to the living room. My mom says, “Where have you been?”

I respond, “I was singing in my room with Lila.”

Then I say, “What’s for dinner?”

My mom responds, “There is mac and cheese and chicken.”

I jump all around. I feel excited because macaroni and cheese with chicken is my favorite food.

I walk to Mila and Nila, and I say, “Mommy only made me mac and cheese with chicken, and I’m gonna finish it all.”

Mila and Nila put their fists up in an angry way, besides their chests and in front of their chins.

Then I giggle behind my back. They heard me so they start chasing me, but Mom catches them. They roll their eyes at Mom, and Mom sees them so she says, “Go do your homework!” They race up the stairs to go to their room and then she says to them, “You cannot have mac and cheese and chicken.” She blinks at me, so I know she is joking. Then I giggle again behind my back.   

I sing the ABC’s song and now Mommy giggles.

Mom calls upstairs and says, “Dinner is in four minutes!” in a loud voice.

I say, “That’s gonna take for-ever!” Mom giggles again. Then I giggle back.

Four minutes later, “Dinner time!” Mom yells. Nila and Mila zoom down the stairs. I stand in the way and say, “Stop! You have to pay $5 before you pass me.”

Then, they just go under my arms and say, “Ha ha.” I put my hands on my hips and stomp to the table. I sit down on my high chair. It takes a long time for me to climb up on my high chair.

Mom puts a plate of mac and cheese with chicken and a spoon on my high chair’s tray. I start gulping my food up, and then I take the bone of my chicken and start eating it.

Mila and Nila say, “Ew!”

Then I say, “It’s not ew!”

And they respond, “Yes it is!”

And my mom said, “When you’re done eating, Mila and Nila, go to your room.”

Mila and Nila roll there eyes and say, “Ok,” in a rude way. (Actually in a really rude way.)  Later when Mila and Nila finish their food, they go upstairs to their rooms and do their homework. Later, Mila and Nila finish their homework. When they are done, they walk up to me. Nila and Mila whisper to each other and say, “Should we say sorry to Kila, for not letting her sing what she wants to?” And they agree that they should.

They tell me, “We’re sorry for not letting you sing whatever you want to.”

Then I say, “It’s okay”. And we all got along and lived happily ever after!


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  1. Leila enjoyed your story ,Good job and alway be positive and so proud of you . I was laughing think in my head this story real based on family.we can’t wait to read more story soon

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