Mermaid’s Adventure


Underwater in a house made of seaweed and mud, Hazel the Mermaid was having a sleepover with her two mermaid friends Vanessa and Lily. Hazel had beautiful light violet hair and a turquoise tail and her eyes were a sparkly hazel. She always wore her beautiful pearl necklace with 20 pearls from Dolphin Fin Jewelers. Vanessa had a light blue tail and shoulder length green hair with brown eyes and short cute eyelashes. Lastly, Lily had light blue hair and a dark purple tail and big blue eyes.

At the sleepover, the three mermaids just finished watching their favorite movie, The Dolphin Tale.

“That was a really good movie. I’m glad we chose it,” said Vanessa.

“Yeah! I can’t wait to watch it again!” said Lily.

“It is getting pretty late, we should go to bed soon,” Hazel said.

“Yeah, that’s a good idea!” said both Vanessa and Lily.

They all got into their mermaid pajamas, and got into their beds and went to sleep.

Lily woke up in the middle of the night because she heard shuffling sounds. She thought that the sounds were just someone outside, but then the sounds became louder and louder. She then got up to check what was going on. She suddenly saw the evil mermaid, Demitria! She was pretty, in an evil way. She was tall and really skinny with black hair and a gray tail, and her hair was really long. Her eyes were a light blue and her eyebrows were sharp, black, and pointy. Demitria saw Lily and Lily screamed, but no one heard her. Demitria grabbed Lily and said that she should come with her, but Lily said no. Demitria was frustrated and angry so she decided to drag Lily to her evil palace.

When they arrived Demitria locked Lily up in her dungeon with three other good mermaids who were captured by some of the other evil mermaids in an attempt to make them join the evil mermaid army. They wanted to build the evil mermaid army to take over the mermaid world. Demetria kidnapped people and forced them to be in the army and when they started it, they started to like it. Lily felt scared and nervous in the dungeon. She tried to escape but she couldn’t so she decided to go to sleep and wait for tomorrow.

In the morning, Hazel and Vanessa woke up to find Lily missing. They thought that she went out for a swim, but after a few hours she still didn’t come back. Hazel and Vanessa became worried. So they started to search for Lily. They went out on to the street and they saw some of her scales. They were bent and twisted and there were broken pieces of her dark purple scales on the street in front of the house.

“Why are Lily’s scales in front of the house, and why are they all broken and twisted?” asked Hazel.
“I don’t know! But let’s keep looking!” exclaimed Vanessa.

They kept walking on the path and they found some of her light blue hair in front of Dolphin Fin Jewelers. Hazel and Vanessa felt a little happy that they found more clues, but they were still very worried about their friend. They kept looking. They went to a restaurant and saw outside that there was a piece of seaweed and on the seaweed was a note that said, “She’s taking me far away, please hurry!” and then they tried to figure out who “she” is. They sat down at the restaurant and began to try and figure out the meaning of the message.

“Who do you think ‘she’ is?” Hazel said.

“I don’t know. But let’s figure it out,” said Vanessa.  

“Let’s try to think of places that are far away.”

Then they thought of a lot of places like the Queen’s palace, the shipwreck that all the mermaids play in, and the amusement park, and then Vanessa said, “Well, she had to write it quickly and her scale was all bent so she must have been in a hurry because she didn’t give detail.”

“Since her scale was bent and twisted then someone might have been struggling with her,” said Hazel.

“Let’s think of people that are bad that have a place far away,” said Vanessa.

Hazel said, “Remember that myth about the evil mermaid? That an evil mermaid wants lots of power? She might live far away.”

“Yeah…” Vanessa was saying.

“I have heard of the evil mermaids, and I have heard myths of where they live,” said a friend of Vanessa and Hazel’s, named Nancy. Nancy had been sitting at another table and she had been listening.

“Hi Nancy,” said Vanessa and Hazel.

“Have you heard anything about where Lily could be?” asked a concerned Hazel.

“I don’t really know but I do know where the evil mermaid’s palace is!” she said.

“Please, tell us where it is! We need to know!” they both exclaimed.

“You have to go to the amusement park, then through the forest, and then walk straight for awhile and then you will come upon the evil palace, but don’t get too close!” Nancy told them.

“Thanks for the directions, we must go there now!”

Hazel and Vanessa left the restaurant and went to their house to get ready. Hazel and Vanessa packed some provisions for what they thought might be a long journey. They rested for one night and woke up the next morning to travel to the evil palace and save Lily. Hazel and Vanessa began their journey to the amusement park. Hazel and Vanessa swam to the amusement park and then they had to swim for another twenty minutes to get to the forest. Then they started to go into the forest but they were scared because it was really dark. They kept going because they had to save their friend, and they would not give up. Then Hazel and Vanessa went through the forest. The sun rose that morning, and they were glad it wasn’t dark anymore.

They decided to take a break from swimming, and they sat on a big sea stone and ate snacks and drank water. They talked about how they would save Lily, they made plans and they were confident. Their plan was to make a trap out of seaweed and trap Demetria, but then they thought that that would take too long. Then they decided to sneak into the palace and try to make sure that none of the evil mermaids saw them, and then they would break into the dungeon and save Lily.

They started to swim again and after awhile they saw a big black palace. It sparkled with white crystals that caught the sunlight and hurt their eyes. They went up to the gates, but they were locked. They swam up really high and swam over the gate. When they got over the gate, they swam back down and swam up to the palace. They decided to smash the door in with their tails, because the doors were locked. And they got inside and they hid behind a humongous mirror and they checked to see if anyone was coming down the hall, and then when the path was clear they quietly swam out and searched for Lily. They tried opening doors, but most of them were locked.

     They kept looking for Lily but all of a sudden they ran into Demetria. They saw her come out of the locked doors.

She said, “What are you doing here?” and then she grabbed them and took them to the dungeon. They tried to get away, but Demetria also brought the ten other evil mermaids to help. She unlocked the door and then she threw them inside and closed the door and it was really dark. But then they saw Lily! She was surprised and happy to see them.

“What are you doing here?”

“We came to save you,” they said.

“How do we get out?” asked Hazel.

“I’ve been trying to get out a lot but none of my ideas worked. I tried to bang my tail against the door to open it and I tried to trick Demetria into opening the door. But none of them worked.”

Demetria opened the door, and she said, “The reason why I kidnapped you is because I wanted you guys to be a part of my evil mermaid army.”

The mermaids began to sweat and get goosebumps.

“I have work to do,” Demetria said. “But I’ll come back soon…”

“We have to make a plan to get out of here!” said Lily excitedly and nervously.

“That’s a good idea,” Hazel said.

“We can pretend to join the evil mermaid army, and then we can escape!” exclaimed Vanessa.

“Yes, but what is our plan to escape?!” Lily asked.

“I have an idea! Maybe when one of Demetria’s helpers comes to give us food, we can tell her we want to speak to Demetria, and when we meet her, we can tell her that we have decided to join her evil army! And then when we’re part of her evil army, she’ll think we’re on her side and she will trust us. Then we can really escape!” explained Vanessa.

Lily said, “If you do escape, then Demetria is still going to kidnap people. Besides, she might kidnap us again after we escape. We should try to stop her from doing all of this so we can help other people.”

“That’s a really good idea!” Hazel said.

The next day at lunch, Demetria’s helper came down with clams to eat for lunch.

“We would like to speak with Demetria,” Hazel said to the helper.

The helper went to get the evil mermaid. Demetria came down to the dungeon to speak with the three mermaids.

              “What is it?!” yelled Demitria.

              “We have decided to join your evil army,” said Vanessa.

 “That’s good,” said Demetria with an evil smile. “Tomorrow we’ll kidnap more people for the army.”

Then Hazel said very seriously, “That sounds good. We have to make a huge army to take over the mermaid world!”

They went out at night and they found a house with two friends inside: Nancy and Isabella. They told their friends, “The evil mermaid, Demetria, thinks that we’re evil but we tricked her and she wanted us to kidnap you. We want to make her good so you have to play along.”

Nancy and Isabella said, “We’ll do it.”

Then they took Nancy and Isabella to the palace to show them to Demetria. Nancy and Isabella asked Demetria what she would do to them.

“You’ll see…” Demetria said, mysteriously.

The two friends shivered at the sound of her voice. They saw the dungeon and they started to sweat out of fear. They heard other evil mermaids yelling at people and looked at Hazel, Vanessa, and Lily, hoping that they would get done with their plan quickly.

Hazel took the hint and said, “I feel so bad for them. They’re so scared. You should also feel bad for them.”

“I don’t feel bad for them. I just want them to be a part of my evil army,” Demetria said stubbornly.

“What’s the point of taking over the world if everyone is going to be afraid of you?” Vanessa encouraged her to see the light.

Then Lily added, “She’s right. And also, forcing people into your evil mermaid army will make them hate you even more.”

Demetria replied, “If I take over the world, then people will be afraid to hate me.”

“Some people are braver than you think,” said Hazel, bravely.

The other evil mermaids who were guarding the dungeon said to Demetria, “They’re right.”

Demetria looked confused.

Lily said, “What are you even going to do when you take over the world?”

Demetria said, “I guess I didn’t think about that…” Demetria looked guilty. “I guess you’re right,” she said. Demetria just stood still. The girls were smiling.

They said to Demetria, “So you’re going to stop with this?”

“I guess so,” said Demetria. “I’m sorry I forced you to be in my evil army.”

The evil mermaid army went to stand with Lily, Hazel, Vanessa, Nancy, and Isabella.

Then Demetria said, “I feel better that I’m doing the right thing.”

The mermaids walked out of the palace with Demetria and the other evil mermaids, who were now nice. Demetria wanted to live with the other mermaids but then when she was going out of her palace the police came.

They said, “You’re under arrest for kidnapping people and planning to take over the world!”

The other mermaids said, “She changed! And she’s doing the right thing!”

But the police arrested her anyway, because she still kidnapped them before.

Hazel, Vanessa and Lily felt sad, but they thought that she really wouldn’t do it anymore if she did go to jail. And then they went back to Hazel’s house. They were really relieved that it was all over, and that Demetria was now good. And then they went to bed, and they finally got to have the sleepover they were planning.


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