Once upon a time, there was a girl named Carley. She was famous because she had powers. Ice powers, to be exact. She didn’t like being famous because she had no privacy. Every time she went to her favorite restaurant, The Ice Palace Burgers, the paparazzi came and took pictures of her when she had her mouth full of cheeseburger. So she decided to make her own restaurant which is new and improved and also called the The Ice Palace Burgers so no one would bother her. Unless, of course, they were her family. She had a little sister named Anna who always came to the restaurant and ordered a large chocolate shake. She had at least three a day, which was starting to make her a little chubby. So Carley decided to change the password to only let in the rest of her family and not Anna. She built a new gym for her to exercise and lose weight.

“Why are you being so mean to me, Carley? I just really like to eat chocolate shakes all day long!” said Anna.

“I’m not being mean to you, I’m doing it for your own health. So you should be happy because until you lose weight a lot, I’ll tell you the password but you shouldn’t eat a lot of shakes because you’ll have to go back to the gym. Also, if you don’t do that, you’ll have to go to the old restaurant and you’ll have to pay a lot. And I won’t help you anymore!”

“Well, I guess that’s reasonable. What if I only have one shake a day? And then I’ll go to the gym and do 100 pushups? And I will be there for eight hours every day.”

“Okay, Anna. But if you drink more than that, you’ll be in serious trouble.”

“Okay. I promise to not drink more than one shake a day.”

The next day came and Anna went to the restaurant. She went to the counter and asked for one shake. And a large cheeseburger and some Sprite. She went to the table and ate it all. Then she went straight to the gym. She did 50 pushups and was there for one hour before she got hungry again.

“Hmm… I could really use a big chocolate shake right now,” she thought to herself.

“But I shouldn’t! I know! I’ll get a super duper large cheeseburger extra bacon and a Sprite. I’ll eat it and come back to the gym. That way I won’t break my promise.”

She left the gym and went to the restaurant. She ordered a super duper large cheeseburger with extra bacon and a Sprite. But while she was ordering, Carley came up next to her and ordered a large chocolate shake. It looked so delicious! Anna went straight to the bathroom to hide. After Carley left, Anna went back to her table and started eating really fast. But since she waited too long to eat it, her burger was cold and the Sprite was flat.

“Wow! That was not very tasty. But if I order any more, my sister will be mad. What should I do? I’m going to trash all this and go to the gym. Look at the time! I spent nine hours at the restaurant! I better get back really soon.”

When Anna got back to the gym, Carley was waiting for her.

“Where were you? I’ve been waiting here for hours. Were you drinking a milkshake?”

“No! I wasn’t.”

“What were you doing then?”

“I was eating at the restaurant.”

“What did you eat?”

“I ate super duper large cheeseburger with extra bacon and a huge Sprite.”


“What? I didn’t break your promise.”

“Still, you ate too much! You need to exercise. How much time did you spend at the gym?”

“Um… one hour.”

“How many push ups did you do?”


“Okay. Since you broke your promise, I already changed the password to the restaurant. So now you can’t eat with me anymore.”

After saying that, Carley left Anna alone outside the gym.

Anna followed Carley and she found out that she went into the restaurant. Carley had used her ice powers to freeze the whole place but made a new restaurant called True Food Kitchen. At the moment she saw Anna, she erased her memory of the scene of Carley freezing the first restaurant and making a new one.

The next thing Anna knew, she was back in the gym doing push ups. She didn’t know why she was doing pushups, but decided to keep doing them anyway. After she finished her 100 pushups, she went to the restaurant to get a huge chocolate milkshake, but she realized it was frozen! But luckily, there was another restaurant. It was called True Food Kitchen. She went inside and ordered the chef’s special. But the chef said that a new customer has to be always blindfolded. It was a beautiful salad, but she couldn’t see it because her eyes were blindfolded. She took a bite.

“Mmmm! This is so delicious! But it’s not as delicious as my chocolate milkshake. I’ll get a drink! Waiter! I would like to order the milkshake special.”

She waited for her milkshake. When it came, it was green! But she didn’t see it because she was still blindfolded. She took a sip and it was better than the chocolate milkshake. Then she took of her blindfold. She saw Carley come through the door and go behind the counter.

“Carley, Carley, Carley!!! Sis, sis, you were right all the time. eating healthy is better for me.”

“Excellent, you learned your lesson that eating healthy is good for you!!!!”

The sisters lived happily ever after.


The End

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