The Adventures of Cig and Pow


Cig and Pow were best friends. Cig got hurt many times, so Pow hurt himself because he felt bad for his friend. They liked Minecraft. They were awesome, so they didn’t die, but they were wounded. Cig and Pow wanted to go inside the Volcano of Doom and they wanted to get random Pokemon cards that nobody uses anymore. The Demon of Fire, the Big Shield of Awesomeness, the Big Mountain of Trains, the Big Toy Store of Thomas, and Alice the Duck-land were all in their way!

So first they played played Minecraft for a while, and killed skeletons and stuff like that. Then they died in Minecraft because of a zombie pig man. Then they decided to go fight the Demon of Fire with their diamond swords and armor. Cig and Pow were doing this in real life, not Minecraft. They had to walk miles without water or food. When they got there…



They didn’t see any sign of the Demon of Fire. All they saw were My Little Ponies. But when they opened the gate, the My Little Ponies formed to turn into the demon. It was 50 feet tall and 100 feet wide with 70,000,000,000 wings.

Cig and Pow were so freaked out that they almost peed their pants. But they didn’t. But they almost did. They took out their diamond things and slashed the demon in half. Then Cig and Pow slashed down the gate.

“Go, move,” they hissed at each other.

They wanted to get to the Big Shield of Awesome soon. The Big Shield of Awesome seemed like it was 1,000,000,000,000 miles away.



With no food, Cig and Pow were melting (because they were in the desert).



They were praying so hard that they would find some food that they were melting even more.



After they went through the desert, they fainted.

So after they got back up, they ran as fast as they could to try and find the Big Shield of Awesome. They found it on the top of a mountain that was called Cuckooland.

After they found it, they decided they should use it to go inside the Volcano of Doom to find random Pokemon cards that nobody uses anymore.

After that, they had to travel two trillion more miles to get to The Mountain of Trains.

When they got there, the trains were coming at them like crazy people. And they had bow and arrows and they were trying to shoot Cig and Pow. The trains wanted to stop them because they knew if Cig and Pow got the Pokemon cards, they could control them with it. The trains didn’t want that. So they attacked Cig and Pow with their bows and shot both of them in the chest.



Cig and Pow were unconscious for three hours. They were lying in the train land. They were looking around and all the trains were blurry.

“jslibodg  ueiieojeoj,” said Cig.

“Dnbdjggdwiwhdj,” said Pow slowly.

Everything got better eventually.

“Dkejduoowwyy; Fhhdddhhdj hhhhi uHhg,” they both said.

“Poop,” Pow said. “I don’t think we should be talking because I think the trains will come back.”


The End.

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