Naruto and the Evil Wizard

Once upon a time, a boy named Naruto found a coloring book on the sidewalk, and it came with a lot of different colored crayons. Naruto liked to draw, so when he got the book, he started to draw a haunted house with a wizard who lives in a different universe. Then Naruto went home, and he turned on the TV. On the news, it said that a spaceship found a haunted house in outer space. The haunted house looked like the one he drew! Naruto felt surprised. He thought that he drew this, and now it came to life.

He wanted to make sure this was true, so he decided to test it by drawing a poodle. A poodle suddenly appeared in his room! Then he was really surprised, and right after that, his mom came home from work. Naruto hid the dog in his closet so his mom wouldn’t find it. And then, he got the dog out of the closet and put it in his bag and put a hole in the bag so the dog could breathe. Then he told his mom he was going to the park. He ran to the pet store, and he dropped off the dog.

On the way back home, he was daydreaming. He saw something in his mind — the wizard was telling him to come to outer space or he would destroy Earth. Naruto felt scared. Then Naruto ran home, and he didn’t know what to do. Then he quickly thought that since he could draw anything, and it would come to life, he could maybe draw an army to fight against the wizard.

It was nighttime, so Naruto went to sleep and dreamed that the wizard looked like a person in black, and he would have a red and black book with red and black crayons. And when Naruto woke up, he saw the haunted house coming, so he quickly drew in his coloring book a big missile. And then he shot the missile at the haunted house. He destroyed the magic coloring book, so that if someone else wanted to draw something like that, it wouldn’t happen again. Then he became the first kid president because he saved the world from the evil haunted house.


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