One day, Phil the security guard saw a guy barge in through the floor.

“Yo, we have a problem, a few dudes barged in,” Phil said.

“Oh yes, I forgot to tell you, I am Phil the night guard for the mall,” Phil said.

Suddenly a guy came out of nowhere and said, “Surrender the mall or we will


“Whoa, let’s not get wild here. I am just the night guard,” Phil said calmly.

“Yeah, he is right. He is just a bad security guard,” said a bad guy.

Phil got mad. He started to jump on one of the bad guys.

“Oh, I see you have gotten angry. Well here comes some more bad guys,” yelled another bad guy.

Phil took out a blaster. “I will shoot if i need to!” yelled Phil.

The bad guys ran away, but they left something. It was an ID. It had a picture of the blue burglars setting off bombs underground.

“The blue burglars?” Phil questioned.

I need to learn more about this gang, Phil thought.

So Phil went to his computer and it said the blue burglars are the world’s most dangerous gang. They have been wanted for 20 years.

They steal and they wear blue and white shirts and a ski mask. On May 15th, they plan to blow up New York with bombs underground. 11 days left, he thought to himself.

“I live in New York. I need to save it so I must quit my job to save New York,”said Phil. The next day Phil told his boss he was quitting.

“Phil, I get it. You have been doing the job for a long time. You deserve to quit. But call me,” said the boss.

“Thanks for understanding,” Phil said.

And off he went to save New York from the bombs.

“First I need a defense base,” Phil said. So he bought bricks at the hardware store and he started building. Soon the lair was built and it had cannons and tanks. “Yay, the lair is made,” yelled Phil. Suddenly a burglar broke in and he did not get past the defenses. “YES!” Phil yelled! That proved that maybe Phil was ready to save New York.

Phil had to go home. He saw his wife at the door. She was happy that he was home.

But Phil did not tell about the bombs. He wasn’t ready yet to tell her about his plan.

“Today was the day I had to quit,” Phil said.

“Why?” she asked. By the way, her name was Jenny.

“Um.. well the rules, they were unfair,” Phil fibbed.

“Okay,” she said.

“Yeah, they said it is okay to smoke in the mall and skateboard so I quit,” Phil said.

“You know you could have just gone on strike,” Jenny said.

“Fine. There are bombs under New York,” Phil said.

“WHAT??” Jenny yelled.

“Look, it is my job to save New York,” Phil calmly said.

“Well it looks like you are saving New York. That is pretty brave of you,” said Jenny. Phil left before Jenny said another word. Phil went through New York finding a hole that led to the bombs. Phil walked and walked until he saw the hole.

“YES, I am there finally there!” Phil yelled.

“Not so fast! This is for the blue burglars only,” said a bad guy. Phil took out a bat and knocked him out. Phil started to worry. The hole was very deep.

“Do not worry, it is just a little drop,” he thought to himself. Suddenly a worker pushed Phil in the hole.


Phil woke up in a dark place. It was as big as a football field. “Wow, that was intense,” Phil said. Phil was very scared. He started to think that he would be stuck here forever.

“Phil, it is me your boss, Tom,” a voice said in the dark.

“My boss?” Phil said.

Phil walked closer to the voice.

“Phil, slavery is happening in this hole,” his boss, Tom, said.

“WHAT?” Phil said.

“It is true. I have been pushed down in the hole,” Tom said.

“Do you know about the bombs?” Phil said.

“Yes, I do know. I went to the hole to help you because I realized that the whole reason you quit was because you wanted to save New York so I decided to help you, but I got captured,” Tom said.

Phil started to run and save his boss. The bombs will explode in ten days. Tom tried to escape but the blue burglars started to punch him hard. Then Phil took out his blaster and he started to shoot. Suddenly more of them came and they were wearing green masks.

“Who the heck are the guys with the green masks?” the master of the blue burglars said. His name was John. Everyone was confused. People started to go mad.

Phil needed more help so he called 911. Phil and his boss escaped but they needed to return before ten days when the bombs go off. The next day, Phil woke up and looked out the window. There were holes all over the place. Phil was really scared. Phil heard a scream and it sounded like Jenny. Phil ran and ran until he could not run any longer. His legs were very tired. Then he saw Jenny about to be pushed into a hole. Phil ran as fast as he could before Jenny fell. Phil jumped but then fell in. Jenny made it to safety but poor Phil did not make it.

“Oh no, did Phil die?” cried Jenny. Suddenly, something lifted Phil into the sky. It was a miracle! Phil was flying but it was just a dream anyway. He could not fly, he was just dreaming. Suddenly, he woke up feeling very sick. Phil was very weary. He felt like he needed to throw up. Then his belly ached. It felt like he had to take a sick day today. Phil was not doing too well. He started to feel dizzy and then he got a headache and started coughing.

Phil could not move one bit. “Oh my gosh, this is so painful.” Phil needed Jenny but she was at the supermarket. “Oh, I am very sick and I really need medicine,” Phil thought. Everything was terrible. He had to use the bathroom but he could not move. He was trying to call 911 but he could not reach the phone. It took a long time until he got the phone.

He dialed 911 and then Phil heard a knock! Phil was happy 911 was here. Now that 911 was here he could have help. So the paramedics did what they could but he still felt sick. All their advice did not work for some reason.

“Phil, I am very sorry but we can not help you. You may have to go to get surgery done,” the paramedic said.

But that is when a boy walked in the house.

“Hello, my name is Colton I am looking for a home because I don’t have one,” said Colton.

“Well I do not know because I am sick. I don’t think that I can take care of you right now,” Phil said. Jenny walked in all worried about Phil.

“Phil, are you okay? I heard that you were sick and you called 911,” Jenny calmly said.

“Jenny, I may need to get surgery,” Phil said.

“WHAT?” Jenny yelled.

“And I also met a boy named Colton,” Phil says.

“Hello,” Colton says.

“Phil, I do not think we could have a kid with surgery and everything. I think we can not keep Colton,” Jenny says. Then Jenny brought Phil to the hospital for surgery.

Colton was sad that he had to leave. But then he got captured by the blue burglars.

Meanwhile, Phil was done with the surgery. But Phil still had to stay at the hospital for at least one night. Phil slept and dreamed about Colton all alone on the street. Phil woke up and he zipped out of the hospital to find Colton.

“Read all about it! A young boy named Colton gets captured!” the newspaperman yelled.

“Wait, Colton got captured?” yelled Phil.

“Where is Colton?” Phil said.

“Underground,” Newspaperman said.

Phil went in the hole again.

He looks at the timer. Two days left before- BOOM!

Phil ran to save Colton. He saw someone. It looked like someone he knew, but the person disappeared. He then just walked away thinking that it was nothing. Phil kept going and then he saw Colton in a cage. He had an idea. He could jump on a rope, swing down and kick the blue burglars in the face.

So he tried doing it but it was not as awesome as he expected.

Phil swung down and yelled, “HIYAH!!!” and then he fell and the rope hit a blue burglar. They got mad and took out blasters they were about to shoot when his boss kicked them in the face!!!

“Let me in on some of them!” yelled Phil.

Phil started punching them. It was like a duet of combat! Phil saved Colton and they escaped the hole. The next day, Phil was scared that the bomb would go off and he would not stop it. He decided that night he was going to stop the bomb. Phil was miserable all day. He kept on thinking about the bomb. What if the timer was tricking him and it was on a different day? Every single second he felt scared. This was a big risk for Phil. Phil worried and worried until he saw someone. It was the mysterious person from the hole.

“Hello,” Phil said.

“Quiet!” the person said

“Who are you?” Phil asked.

“I am Galactic but you can call me Glen,” Glen said.

“I am Phil,” he said.

“I need help. Can you help me stop a bomb?” Phil said.

“Sure,” said Glen.

They met in five hours.

“Ok, it is time to stop the bomb!” Phil yelled.

They jumped in the hole. They had two hours left until the bomb explodes.

Phil jumped and took out his blaster.


Glen started to take out a blaster too. Then all the guards were destroyed and John the master died. Phil then ran to the bomb. He saw two wires. He did not know which one to cut. The colors were red or blue. Phil thought. He made a decision.

He cut a wire and then…

Everyone was silent for a moment. He held his breath.

Phil looked at the bomb. It was stopped.

“YAY!” everyone yelled.

Colton came running up to Phil and hugged him. Phil smiled and decided to ask Colton to come live with them. Phil realized the house was too quiet and they needed some fun!

Phil’s family was safe from danger. It was true. Phil was a hero!


Read Phil 2

Coming Soon Fall 2015

“Phil is back in the sequel, Phil 2 defender of NEW YORK!!!!!”

Here’s the beginning of the sequel:

Phil was at home with Colton.

“Colton, why not we go on a little adventure,” Phil said

“I love adventure!” yelled Colton! So Colton and the family went on a adventure. Five minutes later- worst adventure EVER!!!




But they do not know what awaits them…


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