One day, there was a cat named Sam who was black with white stripes. He could speak English and was not too dumb, but not too smart. Sam had a brother named Bob, and Sam wanted to get their favorite fish, flounder,  for dinner for the both of them.

Bob said, “Can I go fishing with you?”

But Sam said, “No, you’re too young. You might get caught by the fisherman or you might drown!”

Bob felt a little disappointed but was happy he would get fish for dinner. So, Sam went down to the sea and, because he had seen fisherman do it before, he remembered he needed a fishing pole. So, he went to find a huge stick and string and tied them together. He found worms to use as bait. Then, he got a bucket to put the fish inside. There was no fisherman there, so he quietly crept to the place where he could fish. It was near the sea where it smelled of salt.

He tried putting the worm on the string, but couldn’t because he forgot to use a hook. He had to run back home and grab a hook to put on the string. He felt a little bit silly for forgetting. He was a little scared of being near the sea, in case he fell into the water, but was looking forward to fish for fish. After he put the hook on the string, he put the worm on the hook, which wiggled a lot and felt slimy. Sam put it in the water, waited for a few minutes, but nothing came.

A fisherman came, but didn’t notice Sam at first. His footsteps sounded like thunder. When the fisherman sat down, Sam saw him, and his fishing pole started wobbling, and his teeth kept on chattering.

He said to himself, “Oh no, I might get caught! I better move to another place.”

So, he quickly packed up all his things and started to move. But suddenly, he slipped and fell, and the fisherman saw him.

The fisherman shouted, “Look, there’s a cat! I’m going to catch him!”

The fisherman did not want the cat to get all the fish. Sam quickly got up and ran away, but the fisherman was right at his heels. Sam jumped up and climbed a tree. The fisherman couldn’t catch him any further. Sam waited for a few minutes, then looked down, and the fisherman was gone.

He waited for another few minutes before he went down. He looked for another spot to stay and fish. Then, he saw a beach. He would go near the beach and fish. Sam sat to fish, and then tried to pull the string up and found that the worm was gone, but no fish was on the hook. He was very disappointed. He decided to catch the fish himself. So, he bent down into the water and tried to grab a fish, but he fell into the sea, and he didn’t know how to swim. So, he dived under the water because he kind of knew how to move under the water and went to the shore. Sam had nearly drowned. He dragged himself back up and slammed the door when he got back home.

His brother tried to comfort him, saying, “It’s okay, we could maybe get fish another time.”

But Sam was so disappointed that he wouldn’t eat.

The next morning, his brother Bob woke him up and said, “I’ve got a surprise for you!”

Sam went to the dining room and saw a big plate with two fish on it. Bob had taken the heads off of them, but they were raw. The fish were big and fat; it barely fit on one plate. Sam jumped up and down and screamed for joy. He was so happy, he immediately ate a fish. The fish tasted soft, and it was easy to chew.

Sam asked, “Where did you get this fish?”

Bob said, “I got it at the market.”

“Sam said, “I never thought about doing that!”

Sam told Bob that they should celebrate this, so they invited all their cat friends to their house and bought more fish.

They called them on the phone and said, “Be at our house soon!”

Their house smelled like raw fish, which smelled really good, and the cats all wanted to eat it. They played lots of games, like pin the tail on the donkey and ate the fish.

Sam and Bob said, “You can go to the market to get fish.”

“Thanks for the advice!”


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