Saving Dad

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Emily. Emily was looking at her grandfather’s book in the basement. Emily found a crystal in her old book where her grandfather kept stuff.

All of a sudden, the crystal said, “I am magical and I will use my power to protect you from evil.” Then the crystal said, “Go to help your father. He is in a car and about to fall off a high cliff.”

Emily ran to the cliff as fast as she could go, but when she got there she saw she was too late. She ran to tell the bad news to a wizard.

The wizard said that there was a cure to make her dad alive again. He said, “You need to cross obstacles, like fighting and going through a castle to find the position. Then you have a secret tunnel somewhere in your house.”

Emily ran to her house. She ran to the basement. Then she saw books. She pushed one book, and a secret door appeared in the basement. Emily took a step closer and she fell down in the tunnel.

Emily said, “AHHH!”





Finally, Emily landed in the secret tunnel with goo. Emily could barely stand up. Emily saw some bats and some snakes. Emily was walking in the goo until she fell down a slide. When she went down, some kind of animal bit her, and she fainted. When she woke up, she appeared in a different world with some fairies and ogres.

Some fairies went to Emily and carried her to the queen of the ogres and fairies.

The queen said, “Drop her in the ocean!”

The ogres put a chain on her foot and dropped her in the ocean. Emily was sinking, and she was losing her breath. She luckily found a knife and cut the chain. She swam toward the shore until the shore disappeared, so she had to swim to the palace of the Mermaids. When she went underwater, she saw lots of mermaids.

The mermaids grabbed Emily, and they poked her, and then she fainted. They threw her in a jungle, and the crystal said, “You are near the position.”

Then a bug whispered, “You need to get up, lazy head!”

Emily ran up a cliff, but before she was at the top, she found a key. She unlocked the door and saved Dad!

3 thoughts on “Saving Dad”

  1. I was so worried about Dad! I’m relieved this had a happy ending! There are so many great ideas in this story. It was fun to read.

  2. This was such a fun story. A lot of things happened and it kept me wanting to read more. Thank you for writing. Keep writing more!

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