How Humans Were Made

A long time ago, when only animals roamed the earth, there was a frog that wondered and wondered the same thing over and over again. What if there was an animal who walked?

A day later, the frog was wondering the same questions he asked himself every day. Just then, the great god Father Sky exclaimed, “I will make your wonder come true for a day, and if you like the animals this world will have them forever. If you don’t like them, I’ll banish them from this earth. All for free.”

“Deal,” the frog told him.

The next day, rocks turned into the new species the frog called humans. The only one that came close to the frog was a young girl who whispered something the frog will never say aloud. She said it to him by a sparkly blue pond. It was the best day of the frog’s life. What the girl had said to the frog was so meaningful that he thought all the new animals must be as nice.

“I loved the new animals! I named them humans,” the frog told the great god Father Sky.

That is how humans were made.


Author’s Note/Afterword:

We all want to know what the girl said to the frog. What she said was: “You don’t look beautiful, but your insides are.”

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