Swirls of Color

I hear a loud crash! It has to be my mom’s bad cooking – her getting the pots and pans. She is making fish and pasta. YUCK!

My dad, sister, brother and I look at each other and race to the front door. We go get  dinner at Hera Cafe. (My mom eats dinner with my dog Lily.)

On our way to the cafe, we see a bright glow coming from the cafe! We try to drive away, but we are sucked into the cafe. My dad presses the pedal as hard as he can, but we are pulled in. Faster and faster, the more and more he tried. When we are halfway in, we see all different colors swirling together. It must be a portal! We see cows flying and people who look exactly like us going the opposite direction we’re going in.

We all shriek in terror! My sister Lia swoons, but we all calm her down. As we get closer and closer to the other end, we all sigh a sigh of relief!

When we get to the other end, we see mom cleaning off the table and Lily taking a nap on the couch. The only thing is, Lily is a robot and Mom is wearing a fancy suit. She is  a BILLIONAIRE, and our house is made of plexiglass. We have a butler, maid, and cook, so we never have to go to the diner again. But this isn’t real – what do we have to do to get back home?

“How was the bowling alley?” my fake mom asks.

“Bowling alley?” I ask.

“Yes – bowling alley. You were there for three hours!”

I look at my dad and whisper, “We have to get out of this nightmare even if it is awesome!”

“We have to go back to the caf…bowling alley, dear,” my dad says to my fake mom and we all back away from her towards the door.

“All of you have to go?” my fake mom asks.

“Yes!” Lia yells.

“We won a trophy,” I say.

“And it’s very heavy,” my dad finished.

My fake mom smiles. “In that case, I will come too.”

“No it’s okay,” I say gritting my teeth. “We have enough manpower.”

My fake mom starts pouting.

“Why don’t we all watch a movie?” my Dad suggests and we all sit on the sofa. He puts on the most boring movie and we all fall asleep.

Fortunately, Dad is able to wake us up and we sneak past our fake mom and back to the car and  head to the cafe. But all of a sudden, we see our fake mom sitting in the passenger seat next to my Dad!

We are terrified, so we jump out of the car and run as fast as we can to the cafe, but the fake mom turns into a spider / human and she wants to eat us. We are afraid that we will never get back to our world.

We run very VERY fast to the car. My dad starts the car, and goes way over the speed limit  – 180 MPH!  I can’t see anything. Good thing my dad knows the route like the back of his hand, so we break through the front and go into the portal, and it closes just in time so the spider monster can’t go with us to our dimension. (That would be ugly.) Now when we go back I had my hands on my eyes the whole time so I don’t know what happened. The only thing I remember is that we got home safe. We never will go to the diner again…we will just eat TAKEOUT!!

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