The Baby Turtle

The baby turtle was searching for its name. It just hatched from its egg and was heading toward the ocean. It took the turtle six hours to reach the ocean. Once it reached the ocean, the waves reached out and grabbed the baby turtle. The baby turtle knew that if she could find other turtles, she would find out what her name was, but the ocean was really big, and it would be a long trip.

The first thing she did was go and get food. She was really hungry! She ran/swam to the banks and then grabbed three crabs and stuffed them in her mouth. Then she scooped up five crabs and stuffed them in her shell. After that, she swam into the river and let the waves carry her. After a while, the waves broke out. The sun started to set, and the baby turtle was all alone. She didn’t know how close she was to shore, and she didn’t know how close she was to the other turtles either.

She began crying, saying, “Wahh! Wahh! Now I’ll never find a name.”

She cried on a land, but she was determined to find a name, so she swam upstream.

On the way, she ate fish. She was thinking maybe she could make her own name, but not now because, soon, the stream emptied into the ocean. Then she saw some turtles.

“Yay!” screamed the baby turtle.

She was so happy, she could not move.

She went over and asked, “Do you know my name?”

And the turtle said, “Yes! We’ve been looking all around the sea for for you, Coral.”

“Is this my name? Coral?”

“Yes! We are your parents.”

Coral felt excited.
“Wow! I finally get to meet my parents, and I know what my name is now. Even though I went through all these tasks, I completed them and got to the sea, and finally met my parents and got some food to eat. And, finally, of all the tasks, I got to know my name!”

“Thank you,” she said to her parents.


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