The Bullying Lily

Chapter 1:


Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Lily. Lily liked to show off to other people, and to her friends! Her friends did not like her anymore. She went to recess, but she bullied other kids. When she was done, all of the kids were hurt. Then she went to music. All of the kids were singing beautifully until Lily sang so bad and loud the kids covered their ears! Next, it was reading time. Lily was talking so loud the, teacher sent her to the principal’s office.

The principal told her to stop bullying and to stop showing off!

Lily said, “Okay.” Then she acted nice, but it made her stomach hurt. Everything went back to normal, and the best thing was that everyone liked her so she kept trying really hard to be nice! The next day Lily went to school. She did not see anyone in her classroom so she went to the all-purpose room, then she heard a loud noise.

The whole school shouted, “CONGRATULATIONS!!!”

Lily was so surprised she wanted to faint on stage! Everyone gave her a high five that lasted fifteen minutes. Her day at school was the best day ever!!!




After that, all the fuses were cut and all the lights were shut off. Everybody was worried. Mrs. Slingy ran in the room.

“Somebody locked the doors!” she said. “We will need to stay in school for two days because the doors are locked. I will contact your parents.”

“HOORAY! No homework!”

Everybody heard a drilling sound from under the floor. It was Dr. Slingy! He dug a hole from outside to the school. Everybody whined because they’d have to do homework again, but they climbed out and went home.

“This is still the best day ever,” said Lily.

When she got home she told her mom what happened when she stopped bullying and showing off.

“How did you feel when you stopped?” her mother asked.

Lily said, “I feel better stopping.”


The End

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