The Epic Story

King has a money machine and everyone likes him. He’s really good at sports, like basketball. He’s even better than Lebron James. Usually people want Lebron James’ signature, but Lebron James wanted King’s signature. He has more than enough money to make a robot or a rocketship that has a stink bomb and also there’s green smoke that blasts out when it’s launching that stinks. It’s like skunk stink. He has a ferrari that can change into four things: a jet plane, a battleship, a submarine with harpoon missiles and a car that goes in the sewers without being stinky. He can also race the dead. He chooses wisely who he raises. He also has special powers like being invisible and running faster than a speeding bullet, and flying.

Before he got the money, some people were alive before him that were crooks and criminals. By the time he was alive, though, a ghost told the crooks and criminals that a person would have all the money and that he would defeat the crooks and criminals. So then the crooks and criminals went away and became good people. His parents were rich and they bought a money machine, and they let him have it for his birthday. He made a chewable tablet and he gave it to everybody so everyone could live forever.

But there was another team of crooks that didn’t hear the ghost’s warning. They had another team captain. They were worse than bandits. They had special powers. For example, one crook can turn into ice. One guy can disappear some place and reappear somewhere else. And another can shoot fire at heroes. The crooks heard about King and they wanted to destroy him because they knew that he had a lot more money than anyone else had, and he would never give away his money machine, and they wanted all the money in the world. They had money, but they wanted more.

Some people knew they were coming, and they told King and he was not scared. He went to a place where they teach karate and he learned all the karate moves. He even punched a hole in a punching bag without a boxing glove. With just his bare hand.

The crooks lived on another planet. The whole population came to King’s planet. The spaceship landed somewhere near the end of the world. And then they came to fight King at the end of the world, but he had a machine that makes things in one second and he just typed something in and it made a big sword. The big sword cut off the end of the world and the crooks fell down, and he made a replacement of the part he cut off. And all the crooks were falling down and they couldn’t reach. They had hooks that when they push a button it goes on something. They go far, but there was nothing for them to grab on to. They fell to the end of the universe, and they died.

King built a forcefield and he put it around his whole planet to protect everybody forever.



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