The Christmas Portal

One day, a boy named Billy was at his house in his room. He was thinking of what he could do that day. He thought and he thought and he thought for hours until he said, “Maybe I can find out a way to go to another dimension.” So he thought and he thought until he figured it out. He said, “Maybe I can crawl through my vents until I find a door to another dimension.” So Billy tried that. He crawled in the vents for hours and hours and hours because he was rich and had many mansions put together. He crawled in his vents until he found three doors. One door had a picture of a ghost. The other door had a picture of a bunny. The other door had a picture of snow falling from the sky. So Billy tried the first door, but he got scared from the ghosts and spooky creatures and got out. Next, he tried the second door. He got to play easter egg hunt. He enjoyed it, but that was not the portal he wanted. So he tried the third door and it felt like it was Christmas in the summer. So he wanted to stay there. Meanwhile, his mother was calling him to have lunch because his friends came over to have lunch and then play games. Billy had to make a decision either be with his friends or stay in that really cool portal. He chose his friends because he barely gets to see them and he knew the way to the portals. So he rushed to his room before his mom came to check on him. Then he would have to tell his parents that he was in another dimension and his parents would think he was  lying and punish him. But luckily they did not. With his friends he played hide and seek, duck duck goose, and they also played peekaboo and for lunch they ate applesauce. His friends stayed over from 12:37 to 8:13. So after his friends left, his parents went out for dinner while his 100 year old sleepy grandma babysitted him. He went to the portal but before he did, he got a lot of blankets and made it look like he was asleep. He slept in a gingerbread house where he almost finished eating it because he had a huge sweet tooth. He also made a snowman that came to life and he played snowball fight with the elves and he made snow angels in the very clean snow. He also gathered a couple of elves to his delicious home and drank hot cocoa, ate huge gingerbread cookies and played chess. When he woke up that day, he had presents under his tree in the gingerbread house. He got a snowmobile, a drone, a remote control car and helicopter. He also got new shoes and a new car. It was morning when he got back from exploring the portal. His parents were calling him for breakfast.

While he was eating breakfast his parents asked him, “What did you do last night while Nana was baby sitting?”

Billy did not know what to say so he said, “I was in my room playing video games and watching TV.” His parents thought that what he said was true. So Billy decided, “Maybe my parents will believe me if I say that I have found a portal to another dimension.” He said that to his parents. Unfortunately, his parents did not believe him. So Billy got in big trouble.

His parents’ exact words were, “DO NOT LIE TO US YOUNG MAN. YOU ARE GROUNDED FOR A MONTH.”



“But dad I w -”

Before Billy could finish his sentence his dad said, “ZIP IT OR ELSE.”

So after one month passed, Billy went to the portals. He saw it was not there. He thought “who could have done this? Who were the people I told about this?” He said “I should have known my parents  would have done this.” He went searching for them and calling their names, but they did not answer.

Right in front of him was a note that said “Dear Billy, we left  because we did not want you to hurt us. We attached the portals. If you read this note text us back.”

So Billy wrote on his phone: “Come back to our house and I will not hurt you. I will never hurt my parents.”

But Billy lied, and when they got home Billy made them break their whole body. Billy covered the floor with marbles and butter before the ambulance arrived his dad yelled at him and said “YOU HAVE TO LEARN HOW TO BEHAVE YOUNG MAN OR ELSE YOU WILL GET BAD CONSEQUENCES IN RETURN.”

So the ambulance got them and took them to the hospital to put on their casts, but the doctor said, “You guys have to live at the hospital for the rest of your lives so we can take care of you. Both of you are badly injured.”


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