The Class Election

Chapter One: Class Election

Eight-year-old Sam sat in class listening to his teacher, Phillip, who said, “We are going to have a class election.”

The second that Phillip said that, Sam knew that he wanted to be elected. He thought of a speech and a reason to be elected.

Then at lunch, Harry the bully said, “I’m going to win,” and he kicked Sam, but Sam stayed strong.

Sam really thought he could win. Sam told his friends what he could do to help the school if he was elected. He could help get better food, stop arguments, and make safer rules. He wanted to win because he knew that if Harry won, Harry could make the class change in a very bad way.

“He can’t win,” said Sam to his friends, Paulo and Max. Max suggested that they could make signs to say why Sam should be elected.

After school was over and they went home, they told their moms and dads about the election. Sam stayed up all night working on his class election, making signs and speeches, and practicing them.

The next day in class, Phillip said that they were going to have the election tomorrow. Sam was excited. He already had ten votes, but Harry had sixteen! Sam was scared. Paulo tried to cheer him up, and he did. Then at snack time, Sam made promises to kids about how he could help the school, and later, he had seventeen votes!! Sam was very excited.


Chapter Two: The Encounter

But there was still a kid named Joe, who was running for president too! He had twenty-seven votes!

At lunch, Sam said to Paulo and Max, “We can do this!” Later they had thirty votes! But Joe had forty-six, so they continued to promise what they could do to help.

Max looked at the chart in the bathroom on his iPhone, and Joe had six more votes.

Sam said, “We…” but he was interrupted by the new kid, Molly. She was sad because Harry had broken her arm! As Sam was talking to Molly, Harry came up from behind and punched Max in the face!!! Next, Harry punched Sam and Paulo. Harry was mad that Sam was winning!


Chapter Three: The Election

After school was over, Sam and Max went to Paulo’s house and tried to think of a strategy to win the election! They stayed up all night, thinking of ways to win the election. They thought of ways like promises and helpful things like hiring someone to clean the bathrooms.


Chapter Four: The Surprise

The next day, when they went to school, Phillip said that the class election was in two weeks!

Sam clenched his fists when a kid named Jimmy wanted to be elected as well!

Then Jimmy, Harry, and Sam all wanted to be class president!

Harry wanted to get rid of Sam so much, he hit him with a baseball bat in the bathroom and knocked Sam out. Later, Max and Paulo found Sam in the bathroom after lunch. Max was mad and clutching his fists and punched the wall. Max felt like killing Harry the bully. And Sam said that they should go to the classroom and tell teacher Phillip about Harry and what he did, but then it was lunch. After lunch, they forgot to tell on Harry. Two hours later… school was over.


Chapter Five: Real Election

Two weeks later… Sam woke up, and he was so excited that the election was today!! He ate breakfast like the speed of light, and then, clutching his backpack, he zoomed to school on his skateboard. When he came to school, he was beyond excited. He went inside, and then Phillip said that the class election was today!!!

Up first was Sam. He read his speech, and the crowd cheered like mad!! Sam was excited. Next up was Harry. He read his speech, and Sam thought it was stupid. Then came up Joe, and Sam thought that it was pretty good, and that he and Joe were tied. Last, but not least, came Jimmy. Sam and Joe both thought that Jimmy’s speech was pretty dumb. Then Phillip announced that they could have snacks.

At snack time, Harry said, “Lil punk, I’m gonna win,” and kicked him in the face. After snack, Phillip said that in one hour they would say who was winning, and one hour after that, they would say who won. Then they had math, and Max looked at the chart on his iPhone. Joe was winning by eleven votes!!

Then they had P.E., and Joe said, “Lil punk, I’m better,” and he pulled out a rubber band gun and shot Sam in the face. Then Sam told the coach, and Joe got in trouble. After that, Jimmy and Harry were tied, and Sam was second place. Sam was scared. Then Harry aimed a crossbow at Joe, and then he had to go to the hospital. Joe had to have a heart surgery!

Sam was scared that Harry was going to hurt him next!! Then Phillip caught Harry shooting Joe, and Harry got expelled!!! Then they went inside, and then Phillip announced that the winner was… Sam!!!

And then Sam thought that he was the happiest kid in the world!

Sam said, “Yes!!!”


The End


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