The Crazy Adventure

It all started when my bear named Caramel had a secret. His secret was that he was alive. It was Saturday night. While we were sleeping, I fell off my bed.


Then, Caramel and I woke up, and it was 1:00 am! Since it was so early, I decided that we could have an adventure. I tiptoed downstairs and got our foldable zipline. Then, I set up the zipline and got on while Caramel sat in my lap.

When we were riding on the zipline, Caramel suddenly screamed, “Caramel alert!”

Then, I realized what he was screaming about. We were heading straight toward the pool! As soon as we hit the pool, we blacked out.

When I woke up, floating on my back, Caramel said “Wake up!” Caramel carried me out of the pool.

Then, we saw some rings. When we put them on, we were flying!

“Perfect, now we can fly!” I happily shouted. Then, my ring fell off.

“Aaah!” I screamed.

Then, just in time, Caramel flew down to me and caught me! By the time I knew it, we were in the sky!

“Wow!” Caramel exclaimed.

One hour later, we saw something ahead of us. When we got closer, we saw that it was a plane! We turned down and landed on another plane. When we went inside the plane, Caramel was hypnotized by the restaurant. I grabbed Caramel by the ear and dressed him up in fancy clothes and took him to the restaurant.

When we walked through the restaurant, Caramel snuck some food into his pockets. Then, Caramel asked the waiter to have a room to sleep in. When we got to the room, Caramel took the disguise off and started climbing out of the window. I held onto Caramel and flew down one mile until we saw something grey coming really fast toward us. It was a tornado!


When we both woke up, we realized that we were falling because Caramel didn’t have his ring! One minute later, we saw something blue. I realized that we were heading toward the same pool!

“Uuuuuhhhh” I whined.

When we got in the water, we fell asleep right away again. I was half-awake when Caramel shouted, “Wake up!!!”

We quickly tiptoed back to my room and had breakfast in bed. After that, we played outside all day long until lunch time.

All of a sudden, Caramel and I saw something big and blue in the distance. I noticed that it was a flood!

“Aaaaahhh!!!” I screamed. “Run, Caramel, run!!!”

As we were running, Caramel tripped onto me, and we fell into a huge, endless tunnel.

“Aaaaahh!!!” I screamed.

I woke up with a huge bonk on my head. I woke up in a snap. I realized that I was back in my bedroom.

It had all been a dream!


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