The Flying Pig

Once there was a pig named Bob Ben Bangtem. He wanted to fly. He wanted to fly because pigs do not fly and he wanted to be different. Bob wanted to be different because he felt that being different was cool.

Bob lived in a place with a lot of animals. There was also one wizard named Jonah. Bob was really good friends with Jonah.

The first time Bob tried to fly, he went to a cliff that was bumpy, curvy, and weird looking. He jumped off. He fell on his face. He was upset, but he wanted to try again.

The second time he tried, he jumped up and down. That did not work! He screamed like a monkey with messed up vocal cords. He gave up. He was so tired because he tried to fly so many times and all the things he tried did not work.

So he fell asleep under a tree. The tree was an apple tree with 100 apples. Jonah the wizard snuck up on Bob, but Bob did not know that.

The next morning, Bob felt really weird. It felt like there were two knives stuck in his back. Then, Bob noticed what happened. He could fly!!!

He was so happy! Then he noticed, “How can I fly now, but I could not fly before?” Then he said, “Jonah must have done this! Jonah must have done this because he knows I want to fly. Thank you Jonah!”

“You’re welcome!” Jonah screamed back!


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