The Flynn Poem


After our dear friend / water bottle / bowling pin / Starbucks cup substitute, Flynn Pin


Flynn the bowling pin

We’ll miss him

His death was so dim

When he toppled off his rim


It was like eating a rainbow

But then, it being very sour

We gave him some food to devour

And he ate it in bowling pin heaven


We buried him in plastic

With Goldfish and elastic

He looked so very drastic

Sitting there in the basket


Sadly, in his casket

Came Chloe with a task-et

To swipe his eternal goldfish

From his bartlemish


Bartlemish means his Rest in Peace place

Where he loved to play the bass

And swing around while happy was his face

We’ll never ever forget his case.


His life was like a rainbow

We swallowed him and put a bow

Around his little bowling pin rim

Oh, we’ll miss you, our beloved Flynn




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