The Great Chocolate Adventures


Chapter One  

My name is Emily Fox. I have been locked in a cabinet my whole life. All I want to do is go out and explore the world. I wonder if I will ever live a real life like a human. I am all moldy and no one ever wants to eat me. My brother Alex Fox has been eaten. I live in the cabinet of the Beasley family. I am 27 years old. I am a chocolate bar. I was bought from the old owners of this house. That’s the day when I left my mom and dad. When the former owners left, they forgot me and I have not been found since. I was bought in 1997 on September 4th at the Ghirardelli chocolate store in San Francisco. Now it is 2015.  I love the Beasley’s home. Sometimes they leave the cabinet door open, so I feel included. It’s lovely, I love when the whole Beasley family plays music together. All I want is to be found.

Last week I found out that the Beasley family is going to go to San Francisco. Maybe I can fly with the family, but they will have to buy me a plane ticket. I have to be found by Saturday, and now it is Wednesday. I would like to see my mom and dad because I have not seen them in 17 years. I have to make a plan. There is one problem – I have been in a cabinet. Even when they leave the cabinet open, I can only see the kitchen. I do not know where the living room is or where anything thing is for that matter. I have to get out of this weird, ugly cabinet. So I decided to use my head to get out of the cabinet and I got out. Yes!

Last night I got out and I discovered where everything was. The living room is on the left and the kitchen is on the right. I got this. I am leaving tonight feeling confident.

I was found by their daughter Alexis but the minute she saw me she screamed like crazy. That did not sound like I made a good impression. She threw me right into the garbage can. That’s one thing I did not think about. I am ugly and moldy.

I have to get out of this trash can. I smell last night’s dinner in the trash – broccoli and tacos – my favorite (if I had a mouth). I need to climb up to the top. There’s one problem: I do not have arms. I guess I will have to jump, but let’s try that tomorrow. I am too tired tonight.   

In the morning I think that maybe I can climb up to the top and get out. There is one problem – I do not have hands. I am going to have to trust my luck and jump. Two feet, four feet, and then I am finally out of here!

The Beasley family is starting to pack. Maybe I can sneak into one of their suitcases? I may melt, but that’s better than not seeing my parents. I need the Beasley family to go to the Ghirardelli chocolate store, but what if they don’t go? (Of course they are going to go – they have a kid! What kid doesn’t like chocolate?) Just in case I will slip a flyer for the chocolate store in one of the suitcases.

Back into my cabinet. The Beasley family goes to bed very early, that’s why I am able to get away with what I do at night. Good night. I am ready to board the plane tomorrow. I am so excited to see my mom and dad tomorrow.

Chapter Two

We are about to board the plane. It was a hectic morning. I had trouble getting out of my cabinet. For some reason I think I locked it last night when I was getting back in. I figured it out by squeezing through the cabinet door. Then I had a decision to make. What suitcase was I going to hide in? Should I make it right with Alexis or not? I do not want her to throw me away again. I will hide in the mom’s suitcase. It is hot in this suitcase. I am sweating like crazy. I feel like I am on a rollercoaster. Every second I am flying and bouncing like crazy. Then we stop. Are we here? We’re shaking! Are we falling? I am going to die so young. Then we land. I am so relieved. I felt like I was going to die. Why am I rolling? Someone’s murdering me.

I open up the zipper on the suitcase with my head. (I can do a lot with my head. It’s one of my favourite body parts.) Mrs. Beasley is rolling the suitcase.  We’re getting off the plane, finally. I am so excited to see what kind of adventures we will go on.

The whole Beasley family squeezed into one taxi. The suitcase was thrown into the trunk of the taxi. Taxi men can be so rude. Don’t they see me in here? Do they want me to break a bone? We arrive at the hotel. It is named Hotel Diva. It is very lovely. One thing is that it was kind of rude that Beasley family did not buy me a toothbrush. I know I don’t have teeth, but humans use them. Why can’t chocolate bars have them too? Humans think that chocolate bars have no feelings. Anyway I think I am going to doze off into a deep sleep. It’s been a long and hectic day. When I wake up tomorrow morning I will make a plan. What’s in store for the adventures I will have tomorrow?

I had  a beautiful sleep last night. I dreamed about chocolate, and that the whole world was made out of chocolate and chocolate took over. Well maybe not the sweetest dream for humans, but for us chocolate that’s heaven. Anyway, today is a big day for me. I am going to see my mom and dad- at least if my plan runs smoothly. What if they go see the Painted Ladies or the Golden Gate Bridge? I am freaking out. I know I need to stay calm. I will just play it by ear. How am I going to travel with them? Wait- doesn’t Mrs. Beasley have a purse? Yes. I can just hide in her purse. I can look around my hometown. This day can’t be bad. My number one priority is to see my mom and dad. We are about to leave when I see that we are heading straight towards the Painted Ladies. No. I am never going to see my parents. I am freaking out. Ahhhhhhhhhhh! I need to stay calm.

When we arrive at the Painted Ladies, I thought it was really pretty. The Painted Ladies is a street with all different colored houses painted by real Ladies in the early 1900’s. It’s been a place that people have wanted to go to since. It’s been on the map for some time. I know about it because when my parents and I were in the chocolate store they always told me stories about the Painted Ladies and Golden Gate Bridge.

After we visited the Painted Ladies we had lunch at San Francisco Bar and Grill.

Mrs Beasley had chicken parmesan, and Mr. Beasley had steak with green beans, and Alexis had chicken nuggets with fries. What did I have?  Some of my chocolate that got melted. Then I heard Mrs. Beasley say, “Lets go back to the hotel.”

“Ok,”  said Mr. Beasley. It was a long day. Tomorrow we need to go to the Ghirardelli Chocolate store. I can’t worry about it. It’s been a hard and long day. Good night.

Chapter Three  

It’s a good  morning, I had a great dream about seeing my parents and having a real conversation with them. I do not think  that that will ever happen. We need to go to that chocolate  store. I get back into Mrs Beasley’s purse and hear her say, “Why don’t we go to the Golden Gate Bridge? “

“Ok,” said Mr. Beasley. Ahhhh. Why can’t this family go to that chocolate store? Let’s go see the Golden Gate Bridge. Hopefully we will go to the chocolate store tomorrow. We arrive at the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s pretty and cool to see in person. We walk over the Golden Gate Bridge. The cars are so loud. “Cool it,” I say, but no one hears me. It’s like we are in the city with all this noise. I have never been exposed to this much noise. The bridge was made in 1933 in San Francisco. It is 8,980 inches long. I know this because I overheard someone talking about it. Chocolate bars love overhearing conversations. I guess I had fun today, but I really need to go to the chocolate store.

The Beasley family is asleep. I am stuck inside this purse and I can’t get out. I can’t fall asleep. I have too much on my mind. I am going crazy. I love staying with the Beasley family, don’t get me wrong, but I miss my mom and dad more. I found some money and decided to get a toothbrush because those humans use them. They must be important. I am going to sleep very well tonight.

I dreamed about love and being with a man my age. He did not judge books by their covers. So he did not care what I look like. He fell in love with me. I had a great sleep.

Chapter Four

I wake up and I hear Alexis saying, “Can we go to the chocolate store today?”

“Ok,” said Mrs. Beasley. Yes! Finally! Let’s have a party in this purse. Let me hear my jam! It goes, chocolate chocolate all around chocolate is awesome I wish it was raining chocolate.

Then Mrs. Beasley says, “Why don’t we go to breakfast first?”

“Ok,” Mr. Beasley and  Alexis said together.

We went to the breakfast place called La Cafe de San Francisco. Mrs. Beasley had a fruit salad with pancakes and bacon. Mr. Beasley had fruit salad with an omelet. Alexis had a waffle with bacon. They talked about human stuff and school. Learning! Ahhh. I hate learning. Then we get into a taxi. We are heading to the chocolate store. Yes, I am going to see my family.

We get out of the taxi. We are heading into the chocolate store. I see all the goodness of chocolate. Then I wake up. I am right next to my parents. I say, “I never ever want to leave you. That was a bad dream.”

The End


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