The Ice Key

Bang! The news came just as quick as that. There was hope for saving nice, refreshing ice cream and the people that came from Ice Cream World, a world which was made of ice cream. It had everything you could think of. It was small, but everything smelled so good. In parks, there were different hills of flavored ice cream.

Three people were chosen to try and save the world. That would be Ed, Ben, and Eddie, three very smart teenagers who had to go through series of obstacles to get to the ice key before it melted to save the world of ice cream. Someone poisoned Ice Cream World. But nobody knew who.

Ed was investigating how bad the situation was with his friends, Ben and Eddie. They lived in Ice Cream World, but somehow the world started to melt. This world was the best world in the universe. Everyone had to agree on that. They just heard that there was one last hope to save the world. Finding the ice key and putting it into the magical keyhole.

The three best friends helped out a lot in Ice Cream World. For example, they fought off an enormous, powerful beast that was stealing valuables like pieces of precious glowing diamond and gold in Ice Cream World, but they never helped with anything this big. The ice cream government said that they had to get the key in time or else they would get sentenced to death. They would start their journey in a week.

Ed, Ben, and Eddie needed to prepare quickly, but who knew what they would encounter to get to the key. It was daytime right now and they were preparing to go. They each had special talents: Ed was great at technology, science, and figuring out where they were. Ben was good at Math, archery, sword fighting, and figuring things out. Eddie had an ability to hide very well and persuade.

In 2050, the year they were in now, they had everything they needed. (Diamond bows, swords, computers that were top notch in the whole world.) The government provided everything they needed. Ice Cream World was the BEST!!! Until it started to melt.

Today they set off to find the key. They drove in an ice car which was a car made out of ice. It didn’t need air conditioning. It was unbreakable; you could even skate in it and the best thing was that it could make ice cream whenever you wanted. They drove too quick to notice that they had made a wrong turn. The sky started to get dark while clouds covered the sun.

“Where are we?” asked Eddie.

“I think we made a wrong turn,” replied Ed.

“We should get out of here. QUICKLY!” shouted Ben, trying to talk over the ferocious wind.

“Where to? We are stuck in a maze! Trapped! Can’t you see that?” said Eddie, exasperated.

“STOP ARGUING!!! That’s making things worse,” yelled Ed.

Now, the wind was even stronger, trying to push them back. Bits of rough hail started falling from the sky. Someone must be controlling this weather, Ben thought.

“Get in the car,” Ben ordered.

Ed, who was good with maps figured out where to go, but once, they made a wrong turn and they encountered a huge mad lion. The lion was three times as big as Ben. He took out his bow but while doing so, two more beasts came. The lions growled. It sounded as loud as thunder. Ben nocked an arrow but it was too late. The lions charged. He and Ed dodged but Eddie was too late.

Eddie was in huge pain. He peered over his shoulder and there was a big gash on it. He was losing consciousness. He felt so much pain. He saw a blurry vision of Ed and Ben cornered by three powerful beasts. He had to help them but he fainted.

Ed thought he was going to DIE. He hoped Eddie was okay but right now he couldn’t get to him because he and Ben got cornered. Ben shot one beast down but the other two burned all of their weapons. They could breath fire. Now they were on the ground. Both lions above them. When he looked up, all he could see was the lion’s huge jaws. Its teeth were as sharp as knives.

This is the end, he thought. He closed his eyes. About a minute later, Ed opened his eyes. Was he dead? Was he in heaven? No, he was not. Ben had saved him. Ben told him what had happened. The beasts had forgot to burn things in Ben’s pocket. Ben had swiftly taken out his pocket knife and quickly stabbed both lions. That was close, they thought. Then, they saw Eddie.

Ben felt really bad. He knew he could have saved Eddie. They did some repairing. They put band aids with cleaning antidotes invisibly inside. Eddie was alive but not awake. PHEW. He would be okay according to Ed. They carried Eddie through the maze. Occasionally finding useful objects. Here was the last turn of the maze said Ed. Great! Ben thought. The problem was that this time, Ed couldn’t detect which way to go. There were three paths. If they went on the wrong path, They would lost valuable time to find the key before it melted.

Ed was thinking hard. He looked everywhere for clues. Finally he saw a clue! There was a faint sign that said: THERE ARE THREE PATHS, ONLY ONE OF THEM IS CORRECT. FIGURE OUT THIS PUZZLE TO FIND THE RIGHT PATH. There was the word OF, the word WHO, and the word HI. Ed was thinking hard for a couple of minutes when Ben suddenly jumped up and down.

Ben said excitedly, “Look between the word to and find. The last letter in to is O and the first letter in find is F. OF spells of.” Ed quickly ripped the word OF in half. Then, as quick as lightning, two paths disappeared. They sprinted down the path and when they got out of the maze, Eddie was awake!!!

Eddie was cured! He felt way better. The gash on his shoulder was almost totally gone! Even better, they could see the key! They ran as fast as the wind to the key. It didn’t melt yet. Ben put it in the key in a insulated cold bag. THE KEY WAS SAFE NOW but when he turned around, horror struck his face.

Ben was fighting hard. He was trying to distract the nine headed hydra from his friends by throwing junk at it. A nine headed hydra was an enormous beast with nine heads that could spit fire and acid. Each time you cut of a head, two more grow back. That hydra must have poisoned ice cream world. Anger boiled inside him. That gave him more energy.

The hydra blew orange hot flames barely missing Ed. He took out his bag and quickly thought up a plan. While Ben distracted the Hydra, Eddie could slice a head off of the hydra but then he would set a match on fire and put it on the heads that would be growing. He rushed off to tell the plan to Eddie.

Eddie was trying to help but he wasn’t much of a fighter. Thats when Ed came over to tell Eddie his plan. He wasn’t sure if it would work but it was worth a shot. Eddie was climbing the hydra when suddenly it twitched. Ben ran out of junk! He knew he was going to die but he still didn’t give up. At least the hydra couldn’t blow out fire or acid without hitting himself with it too. He felt himself being twisted and turned but he still held on strong. He heard his friends cheering him on. Just then, one of his hands started to slip. NO! He thought. Now Ed was on the hydra. He wanted to say no but he didn’t have enough energy to do it. Finally he came up with an idea. He swung his legs up on to one of the hydra’s heads, using his legs and arms to pull himself up he had enough energy to get on top of a head and cut it off. In a flash, two more heads started growing but not quick enough. Just in time, Ed set the heads on fire. Immediately, The heads started to melt. They kept doing that until the very last head was gone. It groaned then fell to the floor. The hydra was dead. There was no time to waste. They all knew that. They needed to get to ice cream world before it fully melted. They got in a car they found and drove without making any wrong turns. Once they reached the glowing red keyhole, they quickly shoved the key in and all at once, the keyhole turned golden, the hills of ice cream started to turn bright like glitter, the gloomy weather turned into a huge sun with no clouds at all! All at once, everyone’s faces turned from a frown, to a bright smile. It felt good to be back home. They were rewarded with all they needed.

“That was AWESOME,” they yelled as ice cream shaped fireworks filled the air. No monster DARED to try and destroy Ice Cream World again.

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