The Paint Bomb Attack

Scribble scribble, write write. That was the sound the colored pencils made when they were busy. Scribble scribble, BLAH BLAH. That was the sound the black pencils made. The colored pencils were busy coloring their house because they just found out they could color.

In the meantime, the servants of the king of the Black Kingdom were busy working to make the world black because they were evil and the king of the Black Kingdom was shouting out orders like, “Release the paint bombs and go to the Color Kingdom. Can someone get me a glass of water? I’m about to die of thirst!!!”

Two security guys offered him bottled waters.

“OMG, you expect me to drink from a BOTTLED WATER?!?!?” he shrieked.

The security guys rushed off to get him a glass of water.

“OMG, you expect me to drink from a GLASS of water?!?!” the King shrieked.

Finally, a servant came up and offered him water in a giant, cup-shaped, onyx jewel.

“There!” He snapped in a cold voice, “Now get back to work!” He shouted back to the servant.

The servant saluted and went back to work. The security guards stared at the King, waiting for his orders. The King glared back at them, “SO?” He roared. “What are you waiting for?! Totally go!!”

The two guards ran back to the gate.

The King sighed. “I’m getting too young for this.” He muttered to himself as he popped a few black licorice-flavored jelly beans into his mouth.

Then, a pilot working for the Black Kingdom, who was away spying on the Color Kingdom, said, “Emergency! Emergency!” through the walkie-talkie that was on his controls. The King heard the calls from the walkie-talkie that was resting on his throne.

The King replied through the walkie-talkie, “Release the paint bombs, dummy!”

“Yes, sir!” the pilot replied back.

The pilot released the first paint bomb and flew back to the Black Kingdom as fast as his airplane controls could go.


“What is that noise?” Tansmo asked.

“It must be raining,” Rose replied.

“Oh,” Tansmo said. And she grabbed a rainbow-colored raincoat and stepped outside to take a look if it was actually raining.

She gasped and then gave out a scream.

“Whatwhatwhatwhatwhat?” Tangy yelled.

“L-l-l-l-ook for yours-s-s-self-f-f-f,” Tansmo said.

She handed her raincoat to Tangy who put on the raincoat and poked her head outside to take a look.

Tangy screamed and squealed.

“What is it, Tangy?” Rose asked in an annoyed voice. Tangy usually screamed and squealed and whined and it drove Rose furballs.

“Look!” Tangy squealed, and handed Rose Tansmo’s raincoat. Rose, too, put on the coat and too, stuck her head out the door.

Rose yelled, “Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!”

“What?” the rest of Color Kingdom who lived in the same house as Rose and Tansmo asked; they all heard Rose’s yell.

They all put on rainbow-colored raincoats and stuck their heads out of the door to take a peek. All the jaws in Color Kingdom dropped to the floor, (they had to pick their jaws back off from the floor and push them up to their mouths again) when they saw what happened to their garden. The flowers were drooping, the trees had fallen, and worst of all, everything was black.

“What just happened! Oh my god!” Rose and Violet screeched.

“YEAH!!” Sunshine and all the others agreed. Click Clack Tip Tap.

“What is that noise?” Goldie and Silver questioned.They turned to find Amber, Ruby, Heather and India (all messengers) sitting in front of a computer on a little desk near the open door.

“More sod, flowers, and trees,” Amber declared.

“But less money,” India added.

India went into the money room and released a few dollars. She inserted the dollars through a slot and went outside to remove the sod, trees, and plants.

“I said, what just HAPPENED?!?!” yelled Violet, who had been quiet the whole time (and whose jaw was the only one that didn’t drop in Color Kingdom). Ruby walked in holding a really big octillion page long book.

She flipped to a page (487) and said, “The rulebook says that it was a paint bomb from the Black Kingdom.”

“Whaaaaaaat??” said the rest of the colored pencils.

“And,” Ruby continued, “once it falls to the ground, it explodes and releases lots and lots and lots of fatal black paint. But thank god we were inside our house or else we would be dead by now.”

“Guys,” Violet said, her face was ‘violet’ with anger. “We have to get revenge, make a plan already!”

“Actually,” Amber interrupted, “me, Ruby, India, and Heather will plan the plan.”

“Sure,” Violet said. Violet’s inner face started to fade into her normal shade of violet. A few hours later, Amber and Ruby returned back to the main room where all the colored pencils usually are. The main room is basically everything except for business because it is filled with everything they need, there are only three other rooms, the money room which is where they keep all of their money, the top secret room which is top secret information, and the spare offices. Amber and Ruby told their plan for making revenge to the color pencils. Very few of the colored pencils were satisfied, because they thought it was a horrible plan. The first plan was basically ‘run for your life, burst through the gates, and kill the King.’ Three of the colored pencils agreed, and the rest were not convinced at all (like negative 50 million pecent).

Violet said, “Seriously–seriously!? You literally had the nerve to suggest that?”

Even though there was no leader in the Color Kingdom, Violet was kind of like one.

“Heh, heh, oopsies!” Amber stuttered.

Ruby and Amber hurried back to the TOP SECRET room and began planning on Plan B. The next day at 12:00, Ruby and Amber returned to the main room and announced their plan. Go into their cellar and dig a tunnel all the way to the dark kingdom, creep underground into the gates, under the gates so the security guards wouldn’t see us, and crawl through a hole in the King’s dark kingdom throne room. Then crawl behind the throne and stab a knife through the King’s heart. The colored pencils waited for Violet to respond.

“We do not take showers and we are not getting dirty!” Violet finally responded. Ruby and Amber dragged their bodies back to the TOP SECRET room. Days and days passed, the days turned to weeks, the weeks turned to months, as Amber and Ruby planned from plan A to plan Z to plan 1 to plan 1,000. Finally, after 10 years, Violet was satisfied with plan 90 million. But the plan was so advanced that it took them 20 more years to pack and get ready. Things included invisible cloaks, gallons and gallons and gallons of water (to make it look like it is raining), black dye, etcetera. They had gotten all of the supplies from adventures a long, long time ago when the mysterious knight who had four giant horses gave Violet her invisibility cloak when she was only five. Tangy who was only three at the time, was also given an invisibility cloak. They also had a clone machine so they were able to make 4 really big ones like the ones the four horses had.  

Now they began their journey. Since the Black Kingdom was all the way across the world they had to walk millions and millions and millions of miles. Finally when they got there, they put on their invisibility cloaks and stepped up the stone steps to the gate.

Amber and her group (111 members) pushed through the gate and made a “BOOM BOOM” sound. Meanwhile, The Black Kingdom had no idea that the Color Kingdom was seeking revenge on them because the black king thought that they had completely destroyed the Color Kingdom. So because of that, they decided to chill out and relax for 30 years. The Color Kingdom thought since there were no guards or armour in the gate, they thought the Black Kingdom had replaced the guards with security cameras.

But actually there was no guard, no security cameras and the the Black Kingdom were just sitting in the movie theater eating black liquorice flavored popcorn. Tangy, from Amber’s group, asked Violet, who had her own invisibility cloak and was in front of everybody else even though you couldn’t see it, asked, “D-d-d-do you th-th-think this is a g-g-g-good idea?”

“Yes, I do!” Violet snapped in a whisper-shouting voice.

“B-b-b-b-but–” Tangy began.

“No buts, no cuts, and no coconuts!!! Now shush!”

“O-o-okay,” Tangy stuttered. Violet glared at Tangy and made the mouth-zipping noise. As Amber’s group went into the Black Kingdom, Ruby’s group (246 members) hopped up onto the ceiling and poured the gallons of water down to the ground, so the “security cameras” would think it was raining. Then Ruby’s group hopped of the ceiling and went through the gates. India’s group (105 members) went “WOOSH!!!” and pushed the gates open, then closed. Finally, Heather’s group managed to sail into the gate before it flapped closed.

“Why does it smell so bad?” Rose complained.

“It’s soot!” Violet snapped. “Duh!”

“Well it certainly doesn’t smell like soot,” Rose answered back.

“Then what does it smell like?” Violet snapped back again.

“Uhhhhhhhhh…” Rose said.

“Well, if you don’t know what it smells like and you don’t think what everybody else thinks then why are you asking me?”

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” Rose continued.

“Stop uhhhhhhh-ing and continue with your group. You fell behind!” Violet  pushed Rose into her group and started to go back to the front of the group.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” Rose uuuuhed.

India looked at Rose (who was in her group) and asked, “Why are you uuuuh-ing?”

“Uhhhhh…..” Rose kept on saying.

India pulled her suitcase out, rummaged through it and found a bandage. She put the bandage over Rose’s mouth and continued back to her group.

“Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…” she could hear Rose still saying.

They never found out what the bad smell was.

The colored pencils quietly entered into the throne room. They took out one of their color bombs, (they explode fatal, colorful, permanent paint). They put one in each room of the Black Kingdom and put on each of their timers for 20 seconds and then hurried as fast as they could back home. Meanwhile, at the Black Kingdom, the King and all the other servants: the security guards, the chefs, etc, were all laughing at the funny things in the movie Wicked, (because they were evil) when they heard a robotic voice, “Exploding in 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11…”

“What is that sound?” The King roared.

“It must be your imagination, your Majesty. None of us heard a single thing.”

The voice continued, “Exploding in 5,4,3,2,1…”


A few years later, (which is now) Earth found out about the colored pencils. The colored pencils were brought to Earth and they told their true story to the world, after which they went back home. However, the world wondered, why they didn’t get the Black Kingdom’s side of the story? That was because the Black Kingdom no longer existed to tell the story.    


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