The Pizza Monster

There once was a guy named Pizza Man. He is made out of pepperoni pizza. Pizza Man wanted more pepperoni pizzas so he could get bigger and bigger and bigger. He tried to go buy more pepperoni pizzas, but all of the stores were out of pizza because the person that took all the pizzas out of the stores was Pizza Monster. So then everybody told Pizza Man that a guy named Pizza Monster robbed all the stores. Pizza Monster looked like a man with three triangular heads. His triangular heads were pizzas.

Pizza Man goes to face Pizza Monster in a pizza temple. Pizza Man shows up and everything in the temple is made out of pepperoni pizza. Pizza Monster throws pizza off of himself at Pizza Man but doesn’t realize that he’s getting smaller and smaller while Pizza Man is eating all of it and getting bigger! Pizza Monster disappears into thin air. Pizza Man eats the whole entire temple. He gets super big. He is a ginormous pizza. He feels good. He has seven heads now and seven everything and seven bodies. He conquers all the pizza shops. Everyone’s scared of him. He turns into a bad guy but for a good reason. 

He misses his old self. He doesn’t want seven of everything. He just wants one head and one body and one of everything but to be super big. To do this, he has to rob the pizza banks to buy a magical pizza crystal. He robs the pizza banks by eating them. The money is made out of dark wheat bread. He finally gets the magical pizza crystal, eats it, turns back to good, and gets one of everything but is super big and everyone is not afraid of him anymore. 

The End 

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