The Sleepover

One day, Riley, her mom, and Riley’s new teddy bear, Teddy, went for a walk. Where were they going? Only her mom knew. It was a surprise for Riley. Riley was so happy when she found out there was a surprise.

“I can’t wait!” said Riley.

Soon Riley and her mom were in front of her best friend, Melody’s house. Riley knocked on Melody’s door. What is my mom up to? Melody thought. Suddenly Melody came to the door.

“RILEY!” she said.

Melody led Riley into the house. Her house had blue walls, and pictures of her family were every where. She had a big staircase in her house that lead up to two more floors.

“Look at my new teddy bear.” Riley said.

“That’s so cool!” Melody said.

Melody whispered to herself, “I’m going to steal that teddy bear.”

Riley had to go to the bathroom really bad.

“I’m going to go use the bathroom. Don’t touch Teddy.”

Melody looked at Teddy and said to herself, “Now is the time.”

As Melody began to take the teddy, Riley came back.

“Melody, what do you want to do first?”

Riley said, “I want to play with my teddy.”

Melody said, “Teddies are for babies.”

Riley said, “Hey! They’re not for babies.”

Riley threw her teddy bear. Then Melody caught it. She went outside, threw the teddy up and caught it. Then Melody accidentally threw it far away. She tried to find it, but it was gone.

She said, “Never mind. It’s not mine, so I don’t care.”


The next day, Riley went home. She still didn’t notice that her teddy bear was gone. When she got home, her mom said, “Let’s wash your teddy bear.”

Riley said, “What teddy bear?”

“The one I gave you,” said her mom.

Riley said, worrying, “Oh no! I forgot my teddy bear.”

She forgot her teddy bear. She went back to Melody’s house, but Melody was going outside. When Melody came back, she had something in her bag. It was a teddy bear. Melody gave Riley the teddy bear.

She said, “Here you go.”

And they played.




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