The Werewolf

Chapter 1


Once upon a time lived a very fierce werewolf named Hallalloola. He was the most handsome werewolf in the universe! All of Hallalloola’s friends didn’t think Hallalloola should be handsome because he was a werewolf and werewolves are supposed to be ugly. So Hallalloola never talked to his friends again till the werewolf fest on December the 12th, 2012 (12/12/12). At werewolf school on 12/12/12, there was an a speech about the werewolf fest…

“Today is the werewolf fest, there will be an election to see who is the most handsome werewolf on earth, so be sure you’re handsome, even Hallalloola,” the principal said. “Have a nice day,” included the principal.

During school that day, Hallalloola was so happy that he did a flip at werewolf gym.

“Nice flip,” said the gym teacher.

“Thanks,” said Hallalloola while going red in the face.

“Can we go to the werewolf fest?” asked Hallalloola.

“Maybe, but wear your best clothes,” said Hallalloola’s parents.

“Sure,” said Hallalloola.

Chapter 2

The Fest

At the fest, all the werewolves were trying to rip Hallalloola’s handsome clothes.

“Hey, stop that!” shouted Hallalloola.

“NOPE, we can’t stop!” shouted the bullies.

“Whyyy?” said Hallalloola.

“Because, er, we feel like it,” said the bullies.

“Now it’s time for the handsooome contest!!!” said the Mayor. “The three people competing are Hallalloola, Ferty, and Villal. The scores for Hallallola are 10, 10, 10, 10, and 10,” shouts the Mayor. “For Ferty, the scores are 10, 10, 10, 10, and 9. And the scores for Villal are 10, 10,10,10, and 9, the winner is Hallalloola!” shouted the Mayor.

“Hey guess what, mom and dad!” shouted Hallalloola.

“What?” say Hallalloola’s parents in a strange way.

“I won the contest!” said Hallalloola.

Back at Hallalloola’s house Hallalloola’s friends came over for the longest sleepover EVER! Meanwhile all bullies were making new plans to steal Hallalloola’s handsome clothes. The head of the gang is Muscleweakman. DUN DUN DUN! What happens next? Well, find out in the next chapter.

Chapter 3

Missing Clothes

Over the night, Hallalloola dreamed about losing his clothes from out of nowhere. Of course this isn’t true, thought Hallalloola. But when Hallalloola wakes up his clothes are missing!

“Of course they didn’t fly out of the window!” shouted Hallalloola. Just then Hallalloola spotted a movement. It was bullies! Punch! Kick! Pow! Hallalloola wins in a battle for his clothes. Just then Hallalloola hears a voice.

“We will get revenge,” says Muscleweakman.

“Oh yeah?” questions Hallalloola.

“Bye!” shouts Muscleweakman.

The next day Hallalloola hides his clothes in his bed sheets, even if Hallalloola didn’t think it was the best idea ever. While Hallalloola was playing at werewolf, he saw Muscleweakman. So Hallalloola fled to his house to check on his clothes.

“Phew,” said Hallalloola in a gentle voice. He went back to werewolf park to play werewolf tag.

Chapter 4

Werewolf Park

When Hallalloola was playing tag, Muscleweakman made up a game called punch tag! The object of the game is to punch somebody that isn’t it. There’s 15 taggers and 20 runners.

“Start!” shouts Muscleweakman. PUNCH! Hallalloola smacks Muscleweakman in the face! Now Muscleweakman’s it! PUNCH! PUNCH! PUNCH!

“I win!” says Hallalloola. At home, Hallalloola does some of his math homework. 500×500 + 10 = 250,010. Last question 30 x 0 = 0.

Chapter 5


During school on 12-19-12, Hallalloola’s math page that he did got all fours. During lunch Muscleweakman showed up at the lunch table.

“What are you doing here?” asked Hallalloola.

“Because-er I feel like it,” said Muscleweakman, a little nervous.

After lunch at recess, Muscleweakman got detention for playing punch tag at school. After that, still at recess, Hallalloola joined a game of werewolf soccer. GOAL! Hallalloola sores! Tweet! The whistle blew, that meant that recess was over! Hallalloola’s team won 1-0. Back at Hallalloola’s house his family decided to have a great big talk about Hallalloola’s report card.

Chapter 6

The Report Card

On Hallalloola’s report card he got 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, and 3! “Great!” shouted Hallalloola’s dad. After that at school Hallalloola got the best grades in whole the school!

“Wow!” shouted Hallalloola.

“Great!” said Hallalloola’s teacher, Ms.Were.

“Thanks,” thanked Hallalloola.

After school at Hallalloola’s house. Hallalloola shouted the good news, “I had the best grades in the whole school!”

“Wow!” shouted Hallalloola’s parents a little sarcastically.

“Reeeaaally,” said Hallalloola.

Chapter 7

Hallalloola’s Surprise

On the last day of Werewolf Hallalloola had the best day of his life. He got 500 rewards, out of 500!

“WOW!” screamed Hallalloola’s parents non-sarcastically.

“Thanks,” said Hallalloola, going red in the face. The next day, to Hallalloola’s surprise, his clothes were missing. To be continued…

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