A Great Vacation

I put the suitcase on the bed. I look around the room and it is beautiful. There is a balcony and a fireplace and even a refrigerator filled with yummy drinks.

Oh! I almost forgot. I’m Marissa and today I’m at Great Wolf Lodge for four days. I can’t wait to start an awesome vacation!

I start to unpack my things and put them in the dresser drawer. Then my little brother Andrew says to me, “You brought too many clothes.”

“No, I didn’t. You didn’t bring enough clothes,” I say anxiously.  

He looks in his drawer and there are only two pairs of everything, two shirts, two pairs of pants and socks, and two pairs of shoes. Then my mom says to us to get our bathing suits on so we can go to the waterpark at least for a little bit since we got here a little later than expected.

We are at the waterpark and the first water slide I go on is the Toilet Bowl. The Toilet Bowl is where you slide down a slide and you get in this big bowl and you go in circles. Then in the middle there is a slide. We go on a bunch of slides and then it is time to leave the waterpark. Then we go back to the hotel room and take showers.  

Then we go to look around. We see people holding wands and wonder what they were for so we ask at the front desk. They told us that it was for a Magic Quest. The Magic Quest is a game where you go on a quest or an adventure and you start at a station and it gives you points. It also gives you hints of which station is next and you keep going on and on until you’re at the last station. You even get to keep the wand!   

We ask the kids with the wands where we could get some and they said that there is a room up ahead that has things for the Magic Quest. We find the room and go up to the desk. We ask for a girl wand and a boy wand. My wand is dark pink with streaks of light pink and sparkly and Andrew’s is black with red streaks and a dragon on it. Ours both had MQ in the middle of them for Magic Quest. We go to start the quest but we can only do a little bit because it is almost time for dinner.

We go to the restaurant there and I get spaghetti with marinara sauce. Yum! My favorite!  When I get it, I eat it in two minutes. My brother has not even touched his food because he isn’t allowed to have something that unhealthy. He had a lot of junk the day before. After I finish I ask my mom if we can have dessert, but she said no so we had to leave.  

Then we get our PJs on. My brother and I both are allowed to play on our iPads for a bit. We both play Geometry Dash for a little. Then since it is early we watch a movie on Netflix called Step Dogs. My brother doesn’t want to watch it but he has to since he picked the movie a couple nights before. When the movie is over we have to brush our teeth. After I brush my teeth I read a chapter of Whatever After: Dream On. The book is really good so far. I am on chapter 11 in the book. The series Whatever After is about these two kids, Abby and Jonah, who have a magical mirror in their basement that takes them to princesses’ worlds such as Snow White, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, and Sleeping Beauty. Then we have to go to bed. When we wake up we get dressed and get ready for a big day. I can’t wait for today because we are going to do more of the Magic Quest and go to the waterpark.  

“Hey Marissa!” says Andrew loudly.


“I can’t wait for today! Can you?”  

“Yeah I’m super excited for today! I mean like we are going to do more of the Magic Quest and go in the waterpark!”

“Come on guys, let’s go!” says my mom.  

We get to the waterpark and I just get poured on by the giant bucket of water that said Great Wolf Lodge on it. I am going on the slides and they are really fun!

Then we go to eat lunch at a restaurant out of Great Wolf Lodge. The waitress comes up to our table to order food and I ask for a grilled cheese with fries. Andrew gets mac and cheese. While we are waiting for the food, Andrew and I play hangman on the paper that you can draw on, on the table. I let Andrew choose the word first because usually I always go first on everything. He finally thinks of a four-letter word.

“Really, a four-letter word!?”

“What’s the problem, it’s just hangman,” he says angrily.  

“Whatever,” I say. Then I guess the first letter.  

“M,” I say while he puts it on the paper.  

“It has to be Mine,” I say to him.  

He looks at me. “How did you guess that so fast?”

“Because all you know is Minecraft.”  

“Oh yeah, I do know Minecraft,” he says, surprised.  

Finally our food comes.  It looks so good and yummy! I can probably eat this in two minutes too. I take a bite into it and then I realize that it was so good and I want to eat more. Then we all finish and we have to leave.  

We do more of the Magic Quest when we got back. I like how when we are on one of the stations it gives you hints for the next station.  

“We did a lot today — let’s go eat dinner,” I tell Andrew.

So this time for dinner we get it delivered to our room. I get mozzarella sticks and a hotdog.  We watch the movie Boxtrolls. Then we have to go to bed.  

When we wake up, we go downstairs to eat breakfast. We wear our bathing suits under our clothes because we decide to go straight to the waterpark. I have pancakes for breakfast and they are really good!  

Then we went to the waterpark. We did more water rides and I kept going on the Toilet Bowl. That one is my favorite ride. Then we go to the Magic Quest. I finally get up to the station. It is my favorite station so far because it has fairies and I love fairies. Then we spend a lot of time on the Magic Quest and we almost finish.  

“Come on guys, let’s go. Let’s save some Magic Quest for tomorrow. It’s our last day tomorrow,” mom said loudly. We go back to our room to get dressed nicely since we are meeting my mom’s friend at a restaurant nearby. We are finally at the restaurant and my mom’s friend is already there. We say our hellos and then order our food. This time I get pasta with butter, but that means that we have to eat a healthy dinner because we haven’t been eating very well this vacation. We eat our food and it is really good. Then we say our goodbyes and leave.  

Then we go swimming in the pool. My dad is throwing us up into the pool. We play toothpaste and have races. We are the only ones there so we have the whole pool to ourselves. I have so much fun at the pool because it was our first time. Then we play on our iPads and chill for an hour or two. I text my friend Gianna because she has just moved and I want to see how the new house is going. I Facetime her and we talk and talk and talk as always.  

Then we go eat dinner. We eat at the restaurant there because we hadn’t since the first day. We get steak and salad for dinner. The steak is really good but I don’t really like the salad. We finally get dessert for a change. I get vanilla ice cream and Andrew gets chocolate ice cream. It is really yummy.  We finish dinner and go back to our hotel room. We get in our PJs and went to bed.  

When we wake up I am so sad because it is our last day and we are leaving tonight. We have to go eat breakfast so I get dressed and we went downstairs. I get french toast with syrup and chocolate milk. Yum! After breakfast we go to the pool. We play more toothpaste and I do a lot of flips and gymnastics. That is my favorite part about the pool: you can do a lot of gymnastics. I go in the hot tub and it is really warm! Andrew does the ice bucket challenge and he freaks out when he pours it on himself. He runs into the hot tub and screams.  

We go to eat lunch. I get spaghetti with marinara sauce again and mozzarella sticks. Yummy! Yummy!  

After lunch we do more of the Magic Quest. We are almost finished so we only have five stations left. We are on the last one and we finally finish it. We go to the front desk to get a prize. I get a glass snowman and Andrew gets a slinky.  

We have to go back to the hotel room to start packing. I am so sad because we are leaving in a half an hour. We are finally done packing and have to leave. I am so sad that we had to leave because I have had so much fun these four days at Great Wolf Lodge. But I can’t wait to write about this in my morning journal at school tomorrow and I can’t wait to see my friends again. We’re walking out the door and I say to myself, “Goodbye Great Wolf Lodge — hopefully I’ll see you next year!”

The End

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