Andrew’s Story

Ring Ring Ring! I looked through the security camera at the front door. I saw someone in a suit and they had an ear piece. I heard him say, “Mr. President, I’m investigating 98 Elm Street. If he is suspicious I’ll send him to court.” I opened the door and asked him if he actually worked for the President.

He replied, “Of course I do.”

I said, “How come you’re not wearing an american flag pin?”

“How do you know that?” he replied.

I replied, “I was the President’s security guard for five years. What are you doing at my door? Go annoy my other neighbors.”

BANG! I slammed the door in his face, looked at him through the window and saw he was out cold, so I went to the couch and took a nap.


Knock! Knock! I got off the couch and opened the door and it was the same guy that I knocked out.

“Fine what do you want?” I said.

He replied, “Are you, or do you know who stole $1,000,000,000 from a bank?”

“No and No,” I replied.

“I’ll take you to a warehouse and connect you to a lie detector and test you. If you’re lying I’ll send you to court. If you’re guilty, you’ll just have life in Alcatraz.”

Ring! Ring! I picked up the phone.

“Hey, Captain.” I recognized the voice of Officer Joe, who was one of the officers in my police department where I was Captain. “We have a case. Someone stole $1,000,000,000 from TD bank. You need to come over here right now. We need to go there and get clues.”

“Sorry, Joe, I’m having a day off. Also a ‘security’ guard of the President is at my door asking me if I robbed a bank and now he is taking me to a warehouse to connect me to a lie detector. Even though I don’t want to go, since I have nothing else to do today, I’m going. I’ll put on our high tech GPS tracking system. And I’ll record the whole thing. If I call, you drive to where I am and bring some back up. If I think he’s suspicious I’ll go to the Police Office and check his documents, but I’ll tell you before hand if I do.” I checked his badge. But I couldn’t really check it thoroughly because I didn’t have a U.V light.

He walked me out of my house. I was starting to get suspicious because if he was a security guard for the President, why wouldn’t he wear an american flag pin? Since he was suspicious, I brought a taser gun and a pair of handcuffs. Then I saw a huge black SUV limo.

“Put your hands up!” he yelled. I put my hands up and he pushed my body on to the car. He cuffed me and yelled, “Get in the car!” I could tell he was getting frustrated because he kept on yelling. He opened the car door and I jumped in.

An hour passed and I saw a medium-sized shack. I jumped out of the car and sprinted into to the shack. It smelled like 10 year old dirty socks. Then there was a massive black box with suction cups connected to wires. He caught up with me shut the door and locked it behind him. It was pitch black and it was so silent you could hear a mouse running on the floor. KKKRRR! A lamp turned on and the security guard pushed me down into a chair and strapped me into the chair. He attached me to the machine with the suction cups.

“Did you steal $1,000,000,000 from TD Bank?”

“NO,” I answered and nothing happened.

“Well I guess you’re not lying, I’ll send you back home.”

When we got back, I luckily had my car keys in my pocket and the car was outside of the garage. I got out and the security guard did so too. I ran behind him, tasered him with my taser gun and handcuffed him. Since he passed out from my taser gun, I put him in the back seat of my car and started it. First, I called Officer Joe and told him, “Drive all the police officers into my neighborhood and have reinforcements. I’m going to the office to check his records. But, leave a route open. When I get into the neighborhood, get closer to the house, and when I get to the driveway, make a circle around my house and block off all the exits and entrances.” Then I started to drive to the police station.

When we got there I left him in the car. I ran into the office and looked through a cabinet with recent crime evidence and there was a folder with the TD bank robbing. There were test results and the criminal looked like the guy who came to my house. I grabbed the piece of paper and bolted towards my car. I drove back to my house. Once I drove through the entrance, in my rear mirror I saw a few police cars from my department drive by to block the entrance. That’s when the security guard woke up.

“Where am I?” he asked.

“You’re somewhere,” I replied. I pulled into the driveway and we got out of the car. I saw almost everyone from my police department in a circle surrounding my house. I asked for one of our officers to put him in the car and Officer Joe and I will look at his records.

“He has already been convicted for bank robbery,” said Joe.

“We have to have a jury to see if he is guilty though. We can’t just throw him in jail,” I replied. I took out my phone and dialed the Supreme Court.

“Please hold, we’ll get a judge on the line as soon as we can,” the phone replied. ”Hello, would you like to have a court case sir?”

“Actually, that’s what I was going to ask. What time can we have it?”

“June 4th, 2:46 p.m, which is in three days.”

“That will be fine. Bye.”

“If you’re guilty just say it.”

“I’m not guilty,” he replied.


Two days later we drove to Midway airport in Chicago. I cuffed the criminal again. We waited in the ticket line. Then waited in the security check line. Finally, we got onto the plane.

EEEERRRR! The plane landed in Washington D.C. “Welcome to Washington D.C, the capital of the United States. It’s sunny and it’s 85 degrees.” We got off the crowded jumbo jet and walked out the airport. I kept on holding onto the criminal, so he couldn’t run away. Otherwise, there would be a loose criminal in Washington. We walked to the taxi stop and waited and waited and waited. Then a broken down shabby Buick came in front of us. Since there weren’t any other taxis we hopped in.

“How you doin’ today folks. Where do you want to go,” the driver said.

“ Where doing fine. Can you take us to the Supreme Court.”

“Why are you going there?”

“This person with me is a criminal that just robbed money from TD Bank.”

“No I didn’t. You don’t have enough evidence,” the criminal replied.

“Just drive already.”

“Only if you pay, ha! Get it.”

“No, I don’t, now drive us.”

Vroom! Vroom! We zoomed off into the streets of Washington D.C.

When we got there, I saw the huge white Supreme Court building. I grabbed out my wallet and paid him $20. We walked up the steps and started session.

“What is your case?” the judge said.

“He robbed TD Bank,” I replied.

“What’s your defence, criminal.”

“If you confess you might have a lighter sentence.”

“ I plead the fifth.”

“Show me your evidence, Captain.”

“We have a glove that was found in the bank he robbed, that has his dna.”

One hour later after waiting in the courtroom the judge said, “The case is closed, the criminal is guilty and he will have to do life in prison.” We walked out of the Supreme Court building and got a taxi to the airport.

When we got there we ran through security, and got on our plane to Chicago to send him to jail.


Finally, when we landed, we drove to the jail that I was Captain of and put him in a cell.

“Hi, Joe. Did you find any information on him?”
“Yes I did, his name is Garrett and his brother is football superstar, John Elway. He probably committed the crime because his brother is so famous and rich. Let’s leave him for the night since it’s already 10 p.m.” I snuck in his jail cell and snuck a GPS tracker in his pocket so if he escapes I’ll know where he is. Luckily, he was asleep. Officer Joe and I walked out the door, said goodbye, and got in our cars and drove back home.

* * *

Garret, think how to get out of this prison cell. Think. Think. Think. I’ve got it! I can take my shoelaces off and tie them together. Then I could whip it and get the key on the hook, it’ll be just like a rodeo. He grabbed his shoelaces and whipped it and got the key. He dragged the shoelace back and grabbed the key. Then he stuck his hand through the cell and opened it. He ran out the door and decided to run to Montreal, Canada.

* * * .

“AHHHH!!!!” I screamed like a train running on its tracks in the police office, “Where did Garett go, how am I supposed to find him now. Wait, yesterday I put a GPS tracker in his pocket.” I called Officer Joe to get him to the police office.

“Hi, Joe, Garrett escaped from his jail. Luckily, I put a GPS tracker on him, but I need someone to go with me to capture him.”

After waiting twenty minutes, Joe finally got to the police office.

“Joe, the GPS says he is still in Chicago, but he is heading towards Canada. Let’s get in your car and go.”

Officer Joe and I grabbed a taser, handgun and pepper spray. We decided not to wear our uniforms, so he wouldn’t see us. Then we left the police office, got in his car, and zoomed off into the streets of Chicago.

“Where are we?” I asked.

“We are at Illinois Central railroad. To get a train towards Canada.” I took out my GPS tracker and it showed that Garrett was really close to us. Joe and I got out of the car with our weapons and ran into the train station. We ran towards the ticket station and got our tickets. We also found our train number and it was 23. I ran towards the map and found out where our train was.

“What time is it?” I questioned Joe.

“5:00 p.m.”

“What! We only have one minute to get there.” We sprinted through the train station and then we saw someone familiar. It was Garrett! He was getting onto the train and the doors were closing. I sprinted, but the doors were closing even more. I made one last burst of speed and was one foot away from him. He put one foot on the train and I jumped to try to tackle him. I grabbed onto him and brought him down to the ground, then he got up and started running and we followed after him. We raced out of the the train station and into the streets. Garrett found out that he was being tracked with a GPS and ripped it off and threw it on the floor and kept on running. I kept on sprinting after Garrett. Joe was following behind and he tripped on a rock. Then I saw two Chicago police officers leaning on their car. I ran over towards them and I asked, “Can I use your car? I am chasing a robber who robbed a bank and escaped from jail.”

“Sure,” the officer said.

“I’ll trap him one way and you trap him on another way,” I said to them. I got in the police car and they got in the other. We continued after him and luckily, he took a break and he was only a few feet away from us. I stomped onto the pedal and he started darting to get away from the officers.

He went in a circle. I was 2 feet away from him. I stomped on the brakes and my car turned and blocked the whole road and then the officers came to block the only escape route. I looked through the car and found a pair of handcuffs and a Frisbee. I grabbed them both and got out of the car and walked towards him to cuff Garret, then he got up and jumped over the car.

I thought about what to do, then lifted up my hand and chucked the Frisbee and it hit his leg and he tripped. I sprinted to him and cuffed him before he could get up. The other officers ran towards each other and high-fived each other. “Nice job guys. What are your names?”

“David and Donald,” David said.

“Thank you for your help,” I said. I took a taxi cab back to the office and I put him in a van for federal prisons so he couldn’t escape. Then, reporters walked me to a stage with many people in an audience. I saw the President.

“Hey, weren’t you my security guard?”

“Yeah, for five years.” The President made a speech then he gave me a medal of honor.
“What, is this mine?” I asked.

“Yeah,” the President said.


“You captured a criminal. You chased him with all your might.”

I hugged the President and took the medal of honor.

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