Lost/The Lucky Quarter

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful, young lady. Her name was Cameron. She lived with her kind sisters, the oldest named Stephanie and the youngest named Jasmine. They all lived in harmony.

One day, Cameron went into the forest to deliver some presents and goods to their sickly grandmother, but on the way back, Cameron forgot her map at Grandmother’s house. She raced back, but got so lost on the way, she couldn’t find her way back home. At night, she was super hungry, but all she had was a few warm blackberries. After she gobbled them up, she fell into a deep sleep amongst a couple of rocks.

Meanwhile, the two sisters were worried.

“Where is our dear sister?” asked Jasmine.

“Just wait, young one. She probably fell into a deep sleep at Grandmother’s again.” said Stephanie. “Don’t fear. She will be home tomorrow. Now you go to sleep. It’s almost midnight, and you know what happens at midnight.”

Cameron woke up on the same rocks as before. She stood up, and a great big yawn escaped her lips. She saw a small brown hut in the distance. She walked towards it. A handsome, young man walked out the door and spotted Cameron.

“Please sir,” said she. “Please help! I am cold and hungry!”

“Don’t worry,” said he. “This will be your new home. I am Mortimer, son of Mister Gagman. Father, we have a new member of the family.”

What Cameron found, after a few years living with the Gagmans, was a quarter on the sidewalk. She picked it up, and it flew her back home to her sisters. But that was not all. She brought Mortimer and Mister Gagman with her, and Mortimer and Cameron got married and they all lived.


It’s the quarter and I’m getting a bath. Don’t look! It’s an ugly sight. Wait, quarters are ALWAYS naked!

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