Snakes Go to War

Once, there was a town near a beautiful beach with palm trees and a food bar. Ten thousand king cobras lived under the sand, and they chased away all the people. They made the town their own kingdom. They made a castle of sand using their tails to shape it. They built a clock tower with a clock that had one snake on it. There was another clock on a staircase next to the back part of the castle, and it had scales on it. The kingdom was magical. The ocean turned to chocolate milk, the castle turned to gingerbread (if someone took a bite, it would grow back) and the coconuts tasted like chocolate and cotton candy. If it rained, it would rain jelly beans. The snakes were very happy in their kingdom.

In the kingdom, there were two snakes named Victor and Victoria. They were not like the other snakes. They were poisonous, like cobras, but they were golden king snakes. They were the only ones of their kind and wanted to find a home. But when they got to the King Cobra kingdom, the cobras only wanted their kind of snakes. The king cobras kept teasing the different snakes. Victoria cried hot cocoa tears, and Victor got mad.

“Stop it!” yelled Victor.

Victoria said, “Stop it,” in a sad voice.

Victor whacked three cobras in the face with his tail. The cobras froze. First, their faces turned gold, and then their bodies.

Victor and Victoria screamed in excitement.

Victor said, “We can start a war to see who keeps the land because we can turn the snakes to gold!”

“Yes, you’re right! Let’s do it!” Victoria danced like she was at a party.

First, Victor and Victoria thought of a plan. They knew the cobras would be surprised, because there were only two of them and 9,997 cobras. Victor and Victoria knew that the cobras fought wars in lines of three, so they would turn everyone to gold three by three, until there was only one left to turn gold.

In the morning, after they slept, Victor opened the window and screamed, “I declare war!”

They knew that all of the snakes would slither out of the castle, wearing protective gear. They would also have green shields. Victor and Victoria were not worried about the shields because they had practiced turning fake shields to the gold the night before. As long as the snakes were touching the shields, they would turn to gold. The shields would also become very heavy and make it hard for the cobras to move.

On the battleground, there were books and crowns for whoever won and became king and queen. When they saw the books and crowns, Victor and Victoria thought they were lucky to be on the side with the books, because the books were about wars. While the cobras were preparing for war, Victor and Victoria studied the books.The books gave them back-up battle plans in case they didn’t succeed at first. They saw, through the security cameras that Victoria had bought, that the cobras were coming. They stood in their battle positions and waited for the snakes to arrive.

The first thing they did, once the cobras got close enough, was whip their tails around in front of them to start turning the cobras to gold. At first, Victor and Victoria moved as fast as cheetahs, turning the cobras to gold. But then, the bodies started piling up. Victor and Victoria decided to move ahead of the gold bodies. They moved over the statues and found cobras to battle. When all the snakes were turned to gold, Victor and Victoria were tired, but they had the crowns. They went to the castle and slept till one o’clock in the afternoon the next day.

When they woke up, Victoria and Victoria went to the ocean to swim in the chocolate milk. They decided to do something with the statues. They built an escalator from the cobras’ metal armor, and used it to move the statues outside the castle as a warning for no one to come near them so they could stay safe. When people saw the golden statues, they ran away because they didn’t want to be turned into gold.

Three months later, Victoria had seventy-six babies: twenty-five sets of twins that looked like their parents, and twenty-six other babies that were pink with stingers on their butts. Victor and Victoria were so happy that they started slithering all around the floor. They had a party where they ran around and played games with their babies, ate cookies, cotton candy, and jelly beans. They drank chocolate milk from the ocean and watched movies. Victor and Victoria were happy with what they had accomplished the war and were excited for what would come in the future.


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