Jack Lumber was desperate to find lava. He was with his chief. He brought 7 buckets, and one rope. He was in a space station waiting to get lava for fuel for his rocket. He really needed to save this other astronaut named Eli who was lost on the moon.

Suddenly he saw a figure walking toward him. It was his chief!

“I got buckets of lava!” Jack cried.

“Dump it in quick!” called his chief. The lava was bubbling hot. It was orange and a slimy red. Jack was rushing to the aircraft with lava squirting out of the buckets. Jack finally managed to dump the hot orange lava into the fuel tank.

“Thank goodness you came quickly, Jack,” the chief told him.

“It’s okay chief, you reminded me,” replied Jack.

After that, Jack boarded the aircraft and took a deep breath. After an half an hour, he started the countdown.

“3, 2, 1, blast off!’’ he announced into the microphone.

The rocket ship zoomed off of the ground, 300 miles per hour.  Soon, Jack fell asleep.  Once he woke up, the aircraft started to rumble.

What’s happening? Did I kick a lever when I was sleeping? I hope I won’t get kicked out of the space station when I get back! Jack thought to himself.

Jack ran to the escape button and… KABAM! The aircraft exploded. He got in the escape pod just in time.

He stared out of the lava-proof window and looked at the striped red and yellow iron rocket ship pieces floating in space.  Jack thought for a moment.

I think I put too much lava in! I have to tell my chief!

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beeep! Beeeep!  Jack pulled every lever and pressed every button to try to find a way to get to the moon.  He saw the last lever and thought, I hope that lever can make this escape pod move.  Jack floated to the lever and pulled.


Next a screen rose up from a hole and said in a robotic voice: “He-llo Jack Lum-ber. What pla-net would you like to go to?”

“I would like to go to the moon, hopefully you can get me there, it’s not a planet,” Jack replied.

Jack was more confident because he could pilot the escape pod better and couldn’t get in trouble that easily.

He thought about why he was sent to go to the moon and remembered that he was there to save another astronaut.  Jack reached into a zippered pocket and a picture of the astronaut Jack was trying to save floated out.

He had bright blond hair, a spacesuit just like Jack’s and was 20 years old.

That was when Jack noticed that the escape pod was floating. Jack could see the moon! He mashed the speed button to get to the moon faster. In 30 seconds, Jack landed on the moon! He was so happy.

He raced up to the telescope room and looked through the telescope and found the man! He was west of the escape pod. Jack raced toward him. When he got there, he asked the man, “What is your name?”

The man replied, “My name is Eli.”

Jack excitedly said, “I am here to get you back to the space station!”

Jack led Eli back to his escape pod. Between five steps, Eli jumped up and down grinning ear to ear. Jack let Eli use the telescope to find his missing rocket.

He found it! The missing rocket was east of the escape pod.

Jack told Eli to get a rope. Eli got it in exactly five seconds! They tied one end of the rope to the escape pod. They pulled as hard as they could. Finally they managed to get it into Eli’s rocket. Jack pulled out two buckets of lava from the toolbox in his escape pod.

“Hey, use this for fuel, Eli,” Jack suggested. They poured both buckets of lava into the fuel tank. Jack hoped that the rocket would not explode.

Jack and Eli climbed aboard the spaceship and took off. Jack gazed out the window staring at asteroids and comets. They passed Mars and Venus. Jack stared at them too. The spaceship finally flew into earth.

Jack’s chief saw a dot. He knew it was Eli’s spaceship! He jumped up and down waving even though he couldn’t see Jack and Eli. In ten minutes, Eli landed the ship safely.

The chief congratulated Jack for being such a responsible person on his first mission.

“Jack you were awesome! You escaped that big explosion!”

Jack replied, “Thanks Chief.”

He gave Jack a one month break. After that, Jack invited his children to see him train.  Since Jack did such a great job, Jack’s children could live in the space station with Jack, Eli and the chief.



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