Once upon a time, there was a boy named Leo. He lived in Kingstown, but one day, a tornado broke the village. Kingstown never gets tornadoes, so it had to be the evil wizard. Leo was also a wizard, but not a trained, good wizard. The master’s wisdom told him that Leo was ready to attack the bad wizard.

One day, Leo left his master to attack the bad wizard.

The master wizard said to Leo, “Leo, you are destined to do this. You are the one who would be able to destroy the evil wizard now.”

The evil wizard lived in a hut on a hill with a dragon guardian.

Finally, he saw the hut and the dragons!!! He blasted the dragons with fire.

But the fire just bounced off the dragon, so Leo summoned a water dragon. The water dragon shot water at the fire dragon’s mouth. Now, he could not shoot fire out of his mouth, and he was made out of fire, so he died.

Leo walked in the hut.

Suddenly his master popped out of nowhere, and so did the bad wizard. The wizards battled each other. They shot green and red blasts out of their hands. A red blast shot from the master’s hand, and a blue blast came from bad wizard’s hand. The blue blast shot the master in the chest. The master’s red blast skinned the bad wizard’s back and scarred him. The blue blast shot the master through the air at one hundred miles per hour. The master hit a brick wall, and fell to the ground. The master was lifeless. Leo was angry and shot black blasts from both hands at the same time. He missed the bad wizard because the bad wizard was in between the blasts.

“You missed. You’re terrible,” the bad wizard taunted.

The black blasts bounced back off the brick walls and hit the bad wizard’s back. The bad wizard fell with open, unblinking eyes. Leo went back to his master’s castle. Leo decided to hold a funeral for his master. Leo put his master in the casket. Leo and the other wizards carried the master’s casket to the main room in the master’s castle.  All the wizards in Kingstown came to the funeral.


The End


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