Piano Lessons

Once upon a time, there was a girl who started to have piano lessons. The girl’s name was Lucy. Lucy thought that she was horrible, but she was pretty good.

By the time she was ten years old, she was playing very hard piano pieces. Lucy was very impressed that she was playing hard pieces. Lucy just felt like she was getting better and better, and she became great at playing piano. She enjoyed playing “Jingle Bells” and “Deck the Halls.”

Her piano teacher’s name was Natalia. Lucy had blonde hair and liked to wear dresses. Natalia liked to wear jeans and T-shirts and had red hair.

Natalia always said, “Good job, Lucy.”

And Lucy said, “Thank you. But I think I am horrible.”

Then, Natalia said, “I signed you up for the school orchestra.”

“No, no, no, no, no, no,” Lucy said. “You signed me up?! You signed me up?! How come you didn’t ask me?”

Natalia said, “Because I knew you would be really good, and you are really good. Your first performance is in two weeks. You and the orchestra will be playing ‘Deck the Halls,’ so try to practice every day, okay?”

“Okay,” said Lucy.

Natalia said, “The orchestra needs you, okay?”

“Okay.” When she got backstage, Natalia said, “Congratulations!”

And Lucy said, “Thank you.”

Lucy felt very happy.

The performance was in the school’s auditorium. The auditorium was dark.

After the performance, Lucy and her family went back home. Lucy’s family said, “You did a fabulous job, Lucy.”

“Thank you,” said Lucy.

When Lucy and her family got home, it was eleven o’clock. When Lucy went to bed, the sky was very, very dark. It was past Lucy’s bedtime, and she was very tired. When Lucy got into her bed, she fell fast asleep.

The End.

Author’s Note: Take piano lessons. It is very fun.

One Day 3 Million Trillion People Died

One day, three million trillion people died. It happened when they went to rock climb El Capitan at Yosemite National Park. I was the person who cracked my head open and sliced my knees open. There was so much blood all over the mountain that we could not climb it. I also sliced my whole arm off, so then I went down in the storm with blood pouring. I was so scared when I went down. There was this guy who got his head cut off by a giant avalanche and other body parts sliced open.

Someone jumped off the top of the mountain and died. She was the best friend I ever had. Her name was Jackie, and the mountain had made her cuckoo-cuckoo. It made me the saddest person in the world. When I went to the hospital, I was hurt so badly that the doctor had to give me a robot arm. He told me to take it easy, but Jackie would want me to keep climbing because it was our favorite thing to do.

My next challenge was Mount Everest, so my group and I got on a plane to Asia to climb it. As we climbed the mountain, three people died with no peace, and I saw blood and only blood. Then I got hit by an avalanche and I got tumbled around a lot, but I escaped. When we hit camp, there was blood everywhere on the people and tents. The tents broke out of the snow because of the avalanche and got dragged away into the 30,000-foot-deep cracks. The group started screaming because there was so much blood, and some died. I was hurt badly but I could still climb the mountain.

When we got to the top, we could not breathe without oxygen tanks. I found out too late that the climbers had gone cuckoo-cuckoo and did not bring their tanks, so everyone else died, but not me. All of the people dying did not scare me, because I liked hurting myself. The plan was to go to Devil’s Tower in Wyoming next. So, I got a new group there. When we climbed we had to do the splits and it hurt, then everyone fell down and we just got so many scratches and people broke so many bones.

Then we went to Rushmore. I climbed it, but then fell off one of the faces to the bottom and broke two legs and two arms, covered in blood. I badly wanted to go to the hospital so medics came to bring me to the hospital. When they checked me I also dented my head all the way. Then after that day in the hospital I started to pour blood out of my body, and bones were sticking out of my body. Then the bed was covered in blood everywhere. I was in so much pain that I fainted. Then I got out of bed, still pouring blood out of my body and bones sticking out of my body. So we had to fix them up so I could climb the next mountain, so my doctor fixed them up so I could climb the next mountain.

The next mountain I wanted to climb was Death Wall. It is 5,000 feet above the ground. It was so snowy and we couldn’t climb it with rope. So we went up by bouldering the mountain. It was dangerous because if we fell, we would kill ourselves. There was a giant avalanche, and three million people tumbled down to the bottom of the Death Wall. They were bloody and dead. I felt really sad that everybody had died, but I earned $34,343,434,343,434 for risking my life. The guy who gave us money was a soldier. He gave away his money because he was cuckoo, but he didn’t have any more money so he went back to war and shot a lot of people.

I bought the biggest resort ever with the money. It was the world’s most boring place. I missed climbing mountains, so I decided to go join the soldier in war to help him fight and win the war against Argentina. Our countries were fighting because we hated each other and liked to fight.

In the war against Argentina, the other side had much better weapons. I did not have a gun, and I only had knife. I asked the soldier, “What should we do? Maybe we should not fight and just go.” Just then, the soldier got a rock stuck in his neck and stomach so he died cause he could not breathe.

Now I had to say something else to him. “I hate you!” I hated him because we wouldn’t win the war, and I wouldn’t get enough money.

I went home after the war. I couldn’t climb mountains any more because I got sick. I wanted to die like crazy because my life was so bad since I couldn’t climb anymore. One day I started to bleed when my robot arm fell off, broke, and shattered all over the floor. My bone was sticking out, and blood started to pour out. My bones cracked into pieces and I started to choke like crazy. I was paralyzed and I knew I was dying.

My ghost couldn’t remember anything from my life, so it started saying bad words. But then I saw Jackie and I started to remember when I climbed all my mountains. I finally felt happy.