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My Pet’s Life: A Series

“Once upon a time, there was a two-year-old Boxer named Moksh. He was the youngest dog in the house, right behind Cricket and Valentine. Zeus was the only hamster in the house. Zeus was half-a-year old. Zeus was in a cage because otherwise, Moksh, Cricket, and Valentine would eat him!”


“It says Alaska wants to be first in the United States alphabetical order, so it’s started a war with Alabama. It also says that the war won’t start for another month, but they are still recruiting more soldiers and the families are missing their dads and husbands.”

W.P.A. Boot Camp

“As I clamber over the hill, the smell of fire increases, and, as I look down on my clan, I see cats setting fire to everything and killing any arctic fox they see. That’s when my brain goes into shock and I faint. It’s like I’m dreaming but I can still hear things around me.”

Undaunted Courage

“During the blood test, two doctors fainted, one doctor gasped, and the rest looked like clueless monkeys. Brandon saw what was on the machine, and it said, “System error. No known explanation.” Then, for no reason, he felt the scars on his legs that the doctor said would be there. They were gone, disappeared, vanished.”

The Village

“I grabbed a protective suit that I stole from the local market. It consisted of a trash bag, duct tape, goggles, gloves, and a swimming cap. I slipped the suit on very quickly and crawled up to my brother Abioye, who had been fighting the Boag virus.”

Funny Culprits

“After their welcoming conversation, Mr. Tarn, Mrs. Tarn, and Mr. Cope walked off to the dock. During this whole time Emmett was peeking inside Mr. Cope’s car. The purple blanket wasn’t there. But what was the same was that the coffin was there. The coffin actually looked sad. There weren’t any painted designs or special carvings.”


“Once every month or two, a traveling merchant would come to town with pencils and paper. If she could scrape together enough Helios, Dellya would buy a small package. One day, the man came through in his wagon, and Dellya ran out to the road after finding five Helios on the dining room floor, hoping to be able to write Sono again.”

Quest for the Overworld

“The group snuck in with their hands gripped onto their swords, ready for any surprise attack. Suddenly, there was a rustling noise from above. Three silver dragons appeared in front of them, startling them. Their scales were so glittery in the light that the group was almost blinded by them.”

The Old Man and the Soda

“He had learned all the languages of the world, as he met customers that would climb up to the top and look at the volcano. His whole life he spent sitting at the soda stand. He had been sitting there since he was old enough to talk. He never attended school, never had friends, and never had a passport. He never left this area of 10 by 10 feet.”

The Contest

“Kalliope and I arrived first. Her usually colorful hair was black as night. She was wearing tall brown boots and a black dress. Dangling from her ears were long silver chains. She looked even more fearless and intimidating than usual.”

The Stranger

“The two elderlies jumped from their cage floor and pounced on the villain at high speed. The villain didn’t expect the grandparents to be so quick and was knocked over in surprise. The villain muttered something under his breath and elbowed Grandmother in the solar plexus.”


“So I figured out that there was some problem with me, at least in Vinny’s eyes. I had no idea what was up. I took some time to think if I had done anything to upset him. I couldn’t think what was going on at ALL. I mean, I couldn’t think of anything bad that I did to Vinny recently. I needed to figure it out.”

Tooth Fairy Trouble

“When she gets outside, she realizes that she needs glue for her car to put it back together. Her wings are not that strong, and they won’t be able to fly all the way back home. She goes back through the window, but for some reason, the girl’s room is already a mess.”


‘“You know what she said?! You know what she said?!” said Kasten. “She said she had a revelation. She said that she knew I was a seeker. She knew I was seeking for Kateri and Andrew’s mother. She said, ‘You will find her again, but you might lose her forever.’”’

Aliens At Mars

‘“I’m telling you the truth, Noemie!!! One second Jack was there, the other he wasn’t not! And after he said his last word, ‘Help!’ I saw a trail of blood in the pipes!” said Jeany.
“Stop with your lies. He’s probably pulling another trick on you. And ‘help’ was not his last word. He’s my man,” said Noemie.’


“Linda came back on Tuesday, March 17th. She looked really different. She was wearing a simple skirt and top, not at all like the tube top she had been wearing when she left. She looked different without the useless makeup that had covered her face. Now, she had a light covering. She looked more grown-up.”

The Weird Week

“She was 24. She saw a 24-year-old boy who was so so so handsome. She fainted. She woke up in her room. The boy was there, too. He drew “iwhaiuthrthodhdhdwhieR8yuuryueq8989387ry39owu34eywi8ur6” on the walls. But she was still in love.”

Terry the Donut

“When we got to the castle, we snuck around to the back door where Pete knew there was a secret entrance. He’d been to the castle many times before because he helped make it back when he was friends with the popsicles. But first, we had to say a password.”

The Great Lunchbox Mystery

“Leigh accidentally wobbled and pressed a red button on the floor. The whole room was about to explode. It exploded, all right, but with human stuff. A bed, clothing, a bathroom, and a rug appeared. Leigh ran all the way to the end of the room and tucked himself into a ball. And all of a sudden, he could fly.”

The Big Cat Adventure

“As they were walking down the street, they saw the same man that they saw every day in the candy store talking to the merchant. But as they were crossing the street, they saw the same man in neater clothes. They also heard people saying that he was the richest man in the city. Kimberly and Justice were so confused.”

Days on Pages

“When school was out, Owen couldn’t wait to write in a journal. He ran home and got all the money he had from his piggy bank, ran to Staplers, bought an orange journal with a squiggly line pattern for $7.86, and then ran back home and started to write.”

The One-Dollar Bill

“I jumped out of his reach to where Buck, Washington, and Sasha were. I saw them folding themselves as small as they could and squeezing themselves into the buttons. I was the one that got folded the most and I fit the smallest. The bank manager looked towards the buttons, but he didn’t see us. He just pushed one. That was the one that Buck was in. Buck zoomed back with the button.”


“All the sailors excitedly peered over the edge of the ship. Behold! Before them was an island, and on it was the biggest tree they had ever seen. It took up the whole island! And perched on top of that tree was a giant treehouse!”


“When I walked home, I noticed that there were advertisements everywhere, but that was not the only thing that was strange. For the first time ever, I realized I couldn’t read any of them right. The words had shifted into this other language I didn’t understand.”

The Magic Flower

“Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Laura. Laura’s favorite thing was chocolate. But her second favorite thing was flowers. Pretty, nice-smelling flowers. She just loved to pick flowers, and to play with flowers. And when they died, she even made a funeral for flowers. Now, enough about what Laura’s favorite things are. Let’s get to the story.”

The Thief

“One morning, I wake up. I go to get dressed. When I open my closet door, a guy wearing black jumps out of my closet with a gun! I am so surprised. I don’t know why he is in in my room, but I have no time to think of that.”

The Fight

“If you are my friend, it requires getting me whatever I want, which really means getting me Starbucks, and if you do that then that means that you won’t get paid, and if you fail one of those tasks you will NEVER be my friend.”

The Missing Parrot

“On a very beautiful day, Joelle went to the zoo in New York City. She walked around the zoo. She looked around, and there were elephants and rhinos and lions. She found a crowd around a parrot, who was named Chit Chat because it always talked.”


‘“Want to be friends with us?” the new sunflowers asked the caterpillars.
“We want to eat you! Are you new or old?” the caterpillars asked the new sunflowers.
“We’re new! So don’t eat us!” they replied.’

Rainbow’s Adventure

“Rainbow wants to go back to the real Amazon jungle, but he can’t fly because the keepers of Jungle Island cut his wings so he can’t fly where he wants to. So, he calls his friend who lives in the jungle using his bird telepathy, to come over and pick him up.”

Finding the Gray

“Maggie Lexing was bursting with excitement as she ran through the front doors of her house. From 3:15 to 4:30, her three younger sisters went to soccer practice, and her father was at work, so Maggie had time with her mother without anyone else at home.”

Mitten’s Story

“Hello, my name is Mittens. I once was a cat who lived in the streets, but somehow I got to live in a house with fancy and delicious cat food. It was just such a miracle for me. There is one problem — the problem is the big Golden Retriever dog named Billy.”

The Mysterious Monster

‘“So why did you ask me to come here?” Tiny asked.
The monster stood quiet for a moment. “Because I need you to stay here with me.”
“What? WHY?”
“Because if you go home, then you will be saying that you have seen a monster, and they will capture me, and I will die,” said the big monster.’

Spat’s Big Adventure

“Spat wanted to be used to make a cake, but before that ever happened, she had to get past the meat warriors. The meat warriors were all different types of meat, like pig, steak, and filet mignon. Something about Spat was telling her that she could never get out of the refrigerator, but she knew that she could, and she was not afraid of the meat warriors.”


“I want to go to the competition, because I know this year we’ll win, but if I don’t go, and we still win, I feel like I won’t have done anything because I won’t have participated in it.”

Man’s Best Friend

“It is important to have human relationships too, so that you can connect with other people just like you, and not just shy away from the outside world. Additionally, humans can speak to their friends in an easier way to understand, unlike a dog’s barking and yipping at you.”