Once there was a girl who lived on Earth. She and her family were very happy on Earth, and they all had a great life… until a science experiment went horribly wrong and caused a hole in the center of the Earth. The whole world had to evacuate to Mars before the Earth exploded. All the people had started a new civilization on Mars. Two years later, they had discovered how to get technology and gravity and buildings and houses on Mars. They made all of their shoes out of led so that it would weigh them down so that they would not float away. All of the buildings were made out of led as well as all of the other stuff that needed to stay down.

She wanted to see what the rest of outer space was like. Little did she know she did not have the right equipment or skills to get back to Mars. She took off her big led shoes, and she jumped off Mars. She started floating out into outer space. Her parents said that she looked like a baked potato. They were standing outside in their led shoes. The mom was wearing Gucci Led Special Editions, and the dad was wearing led Air Jordans. Her parents were very young. Her mom was 45, and her dad was 47. The daughter was 11 when she floated off of Mars. Her parents went to the one and only best doctor on Mars, The Therapist. The parents had to get the therapist’s best staff to get a thousand foot long cord and rope to attach to one of the staff members so that the staff member could float out into space to get the girl back.

He started to float out into space, but then bang! The cord snapped! He went floating until he also looked like a baked potato just floating through space until he finally lost sight of Earth. He started to scream on the top of his lungs.

He started to hear a very faint screaming sound in the distance. As he got closer, he started to see a floating object that almost looked like a human! The sound started to get louder and louder until he finally realized that he had found the missing girl. He was extremely proud of himself… until he remembered that he was no longer attached to Mars! He was of just as much use as a floating baked potato in the middle of the very big ocean. So basically useless!!! He was terrified, but he had to remind himself that he had to be strong for this little girl.

“HELP!!!” Lulu screamed. “HELP!!” she yelled again.

“I’m over here,” yelled Nathaniel the employee.

How was he going to help her if she was so far off in the distance and if he couldn’t even find her! What was he going to do?! He looked around him but saw nothing but inky blackness. He heaved a big sigh and continued his journey to find Lulu the missing girl. He finally, after a long time, found her. Her throat was hoarse from yelling, and her eyes were puffy and red from crying. She looked like she had been crying for a long time. Nathaniel floated towards her. She started to squirm away from Nathaniel because she had never met him before, and so in that moment she had no idea what exactly was going on. She didn’t know what was going to happen. She didn’t even know if the man floating was even a man. Maybe he was a martian, and he was coming to kill her! Oh no, she thought. But as the man got closer, she began to recognize him. He went to her school. She started to loosen up and let him take her hand. He started to swim through space until Mars was in sight of them.

They finally touched the ground of Mars. Everyone from her school had been waiting for her to come back down. Once they saw her land on Mars, they all started cheering. She was safe again. Her parents ran up to her and gave her a huge hug. She quite enjoyed it. She then realized that she appreciated her parents and being back with them and back home. In that moment, she finally realized that she liked being back to everything on Mars.

The End

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