The Day That Goes Haywire – Trilogy

My day today:

8:13 am – Wake up

8:15 am – Log on to Writopia Lab (Yay!!!!)

9:45 am – Writopia Lab ends

9:46 am – Go downstairs

9:48 am – Eat breakfast while watching the test cricket match

9:50 am to 3 pm – Do some studying, play cricket with my uncle

3 pm to 6 pm – Go to a friends birthday party, stay there until six, eat dinner, and come home

6 pm to 9 pm – Come home, play a few games of  The Sequence, and sleep

This is how my day should look today, I think as I get up.

“Joe! Are you up yet?” Mom shouts from downstairs. 

“Yes! I’ve been up for about 10 minutes,” I shout back as I log on to Writopia. The next minute, I find that my internet isn’t working. Then, my day goes totally awesome (I’m being sarcastic). 

Three things that go totally awesome in my day are logging on to Writopia Lab, going to a friend’s birthday party, and playing a few games of The Sequence. I have to shut down my computer, and start it up again 2 times. Finally, I get to Writopia Lab. For the rest of the lab, I have no problems. 

Next, I find that I am late for the party, by 50 minutes. Then, I get to the party and play till 6 pm. 

Back at home, I can’t find The Sequence, a board game where you have to make two sequences of 5. The first person to make both of them wins! You can also play in teams of two. Same thing goes: the first one to make two sequences of 5 wins the game. Finally, I find it. Then, me and my family play 5 games, 1 of which I won, and 4 that I lost. Then, I brush my teeth, and go to bed. I have a ton of nightmares, such as missing my book report deadline, being late for my State Report Oral, and other stuff, like missing Math or Social Studies or even SCIENCE.

The End lLets just hope that my Monday isn’t the same!!) 

The Day That Goes Haywire: Episode 2: Summer Starts

I, Joe Johnson, started my Monday like a normal Monday. Unfortunately, I forgot that I had the end of school year exams on Monday, as Monday was the last day of school, and I hadn’t studied a single bit!!! Dun dun daaaan!!! My grade, although I hadn’t studied, was 99.9%. My parents were furious with me! 

“Joe! You should have gotten 2,000,000,000,000,000,000% on your exams! Your mom and I always got that score on our exams!” my Dad said. I was startled.

 “Sorry!! I forgot to study for the exams!” I replied. Then, my day went totally awesome (sarcastic, again). As I tried to focus on the fact that school was out for summer break, I started worrying about Summer Camp, or Summer School. Or… or… or some other horrible thing. Instead, Mom and Dad planned a trip to, you guessed it, The Park of Waters and Slides that Stretch Up To 60 Feet Off The Ground, even though they know that I absolutely didn’t like that park. I guess that it was supposed to be some kind of punishment.

The next day, at 4AM, we flew to Cancun, Mexico, to go to the park. The park was not very fun. The resort, on the other hand, was awesome, but terrifying. 

“Ahh!!! Help!” I yelled. I had just triggered a booby trap.       

         To know more about Joe’s Summer Vacation, read the third book of the Day That Goes Haywire Series.

                         The End

The Day That Goes Haywire: Episode 3: Summer Vacation 

Summer is going horrible and horrifying for me so far. My parents are being controlled by an Evil Madmind. I only got to know about this when I overheard them a few weeks into summer vacation.

                  A few weeks ago: 

“Joe Johnson! Get up!” Mom shouted from across the room.

“Okay! Okay! Stop! Mom! Seriously! Stop throwing pillows at me! I’m up! I’m up!” I replied, as I held my hands up in surrender. Just as quickly as that had passed, Dad threw another volley of fire. 

“Dad! Stop! Chill! Why? Okay, seriously, you have got to stop throwing pillows at me now!” I roared, as I threw a volley of fire back at both Mom and him. I was shocked at this behavior from Mom and Dad. It really was surprising how carefree they had gotten after coming to Cancun. Was I the only serious one left?

This was actually true. I was really the only one left that was serious. My parents were being sort of “controlled,” though I didn’t know this yet. I only found out one night when my parents thought I was asleep…

Now: 3 Weeks into Summer Vacation

I only found out one night when my parents thought I was asleep. They talked about the madmind and how he was their “master,” and the most powerful person in the world, and how he would give them all that they wanted and so on and so forth. I was shocked at this. I was really surprised that they, of all people, would let themselves be controlled. They weren’t those kind of people. Upon investigating a bit further, I found out that there was a super secret camera that was hidden in my parents room. It zapped them with a weird blue light 2 times a day, one time in the morning, and one in the night. Now that I knew how that worked, I just had to disable it. I snuck into my parents room when they were out shopping. I then disabled the zapper. Now, I had saved my parents!


Holiday Rush

Chapter 1: Vacation Jitters

Jack was at the zoo. “Do we really have to go to Florida? I’m worried about my dog,” he said. 

“Don’t worry about your weird dog,” said Jack’s older sister, Maddy. Maddy was sometimes annoying. Maddy thought that Jack’s dog, Benji, was weird. Sometimes Jack thought that, too. 

Jack looked at the animals and licked his ice cream. He had a frown on his face. He wasn’t happy for sure. After they got home, he and his family started packing. Maddy brought sunglasses, lotion, and flip-flops. Before going to bed, Jack fed Benji. Jack thought that if Benji could come on the trip to Florida, it would make his trip better. The next day, his alarm clock woke him up at 5:55. ”It’s not even 7:00!” Jack said, as he pressed the snooze bar of his alarm clock. Two minutes later, his dad darted to his room. 

“Rise and shine, buddy!” he declared.

Jack moaned as he got out of bed. He went downstairs. He saw Benji, then it hit him. Something he had to remember. 

Chapter 2: Something to Remember

Jack knew what this day was going to be. The day to go to the airport. He had another frown on his face. It was bigger than the one at the Zoo. “Why don’t you eat your pancakes?” said his dad. 

But Jack wasn’t in the mood for pancakes. He wasn’t in the mood to eat, either.  His tummy was in knots. He didn’t feel good. “I’m not hungry,” Jack said, gloomily. 

He went upstairs. When he got upstairs, he brushed his teeth, just like every day after breakfast. The only difference was that he didn’t have breakfast this morning. 

“Make sure you wear jeans and other warm clothes,” said his dad. Jeans? Jack didn’t like jeans. When he wore them, it felt hard to run, one of his favorite things to do. But Jack knew it was cold, so he listened to his father. The day so far was not a good one.

Chapter 3: To the Airport

“Get in the car!” shouted Jack’s dad. 

“One minute, Dad,” Jack said, as he put some dog food in Benji’s supper dish. “Here you go, Benji,” Jack said, as he put the dish in front of Benji’s feet. 

While Benji ate, Jack petted him on the head, where Benji liked to be petted. 

“Remember to bring Maddy with you!”Jack’s dad said. 

“Bye, Benji,” Jack said in a sad voice. 

He went upstairs. “Maddy! Dad said to come!” Jack shouted to Maddy.

“Give me a sec!” Maddy shouted back. 

“Get to the car in one minute!” Jack said as he headed to the car. 

“I thought Maddy was with you,” said Jack’s dad.

“She’s coming in one minute,” Jack responded. 

After Jack got out of the house Benji shuffled into Jack’s dad’s duffle bag.  

“I’m here!” Maddy said as she opened the car door next to Jack.

“I’ll put the luggage in the trunk,” Jack’s dad said. He got up and carried a piece of luggage to the trunk. One by one, Jack’s dad did the same thing over and over until all the luggage was in the trunk (including the duffle bag with Benji). “Let’s get going to the airport,” said Jack’s dad.

The car ride was long. Jack did not like being in the car for a long time. It became stuffy after a while. Jack made a face that showed he wasn’t happy.

“Sorry, I forgot,” Jack’s dad said. 

Forgot? Forgot what? thought Jack. He looked over to the side, and the window next to him opened. That made him feel better!

Chapter 4: At the Airport

“We’re here!” said Jack’s dad.

Jack saw his father look out the window on the left. Jack was sitting on the right. Jack leaned over Maddy’s spot to see the airport. “Out of my space, young man!” Maddy said in a harsh and scary voice as she pushed Jack to his seat. Sometimes having a sister was great, but other times, not so much. 

They went inside the airport. “Is it always so crowded day and night?” Jack asked.

“Of course, Jack. Have you ever been to an airport?” Maddy said. 

“Nope, not even once,” Jack responded.

Maddy made a face like she was thinking deeply. “You’re right,” Maddy said at last. “You have not visited an airport yet.”

“Terminal 24? Never heard of that terminal,” Jack’s dad said.

”Same here,” Maddy said. “ Perhaps it is new.” 

“We should ask other people where it is,” Jack said. 

“Good idea, Jack,” Jack’s dad said. “But where do we start?” 

“We ask people where it is. Simple,” Maddy said. 

“Right,” Jack’s dad said. “Let’s do it.”

Chapter 5: Looking for Terminal 24

“Do we have enough time?” Jack’s dad said.

“We have one hour,” Maddy responded.

“Then let’s scram!” said Jack’s dad. 

“Wait!” said Jack.

“What?” said Maddy 

“We can’t split up!” Jack responded.

“Why not?” Said Jack’s dad.

“We would have to waste our time looking for each other,” said Jack. 

“Jack’s right,” said Maddy. 

Jack and the rest of his family rushed to a man. “Do you know where Terminal 24 is?” asked Jack’s dad. The man shook his head no. They went to another man. “Do you happen to know where Terminal 24 is?” The man thought for a minute.

“Nope, I don’t know,” said the man.

Jack and his family were desperate. They had already spent 15 minutes. They went to another man. “Do you know where Terminal 24 is?” asked Maddy.

“Nope. But the people who work here will know,” said the man. 

“Thank you,” said Jack in a rushed voice. 

They went to a lady at the front desk. “Can you tell us where Terminal 24 is?” said Jack’s dad. 

“Sorry. I only work in this Terminal. I do not know where Terminal 24 is,” said the lady.

“Do you know anyone who knows where Terminal 24 is?” said Maddy.

The lady thought. “There is this man named Ben. Ben’s job is to clean Terminals 20 through 25. He knows where Terminal 24 is,” said the lady at last.

“Can you tell us where Ben is?” said Jack’s dad. 

“He usually works at Terminal 22,” said the lady.

“Thank you,” said Maddy. They went to Terminal 22. 

“Is Ben here?” Jack asked a man at the front desk.

“There was a Ben here an hour ago. He is now in Terminal 21. He’s a nice guy,” said the man. They had spent 30 minutes already. They were getting more and more desperate. They went to Terminal 21. They saw someone who was mopping the floors. When they got closer they saw his name tag. The name BEN was printed on the tag.They approached Ben and he turned around. 

“Hello,” Ben said as he smiled. Jack thought that it was a good greeting start.

“Hello. Could you tell us where Terminal 24 is?” said Jack’s dad. It had already been 45 minutes of searching.

Ben told them where to go. “It will take 25 minutes to get there,” said Ben.

“25 minutes!” They cried. “We only have 15 minutes!”

“Let’s scram,” said Maddy. They got to Terminal 24. “What? New passengers?” Maddy said.

Chapter 6: Delay Delay

“We missed the plane?” said Jack’s dad. 

“Wait!” Jack said. “It’s a delay.” He pointed at a sign. 

“Really? So all our rush meant nothing?” said Maddy. 

“I guess Jack’s right. Let’s sit together,” said Jack’s dad.

“That’s a great idea, Dad, except almost all seats are full,” said Maddy. 

“At least we can stand at the airport,” said Jack. 

“Or we can sit against the wall and wait,” Maddy said.

Suddenly there was a grumbling sound. “I think I’m hungry. Could you get those snacks out?” said Jack’s dad.

“Did you even eat breakfast, Dad?” asked Maddy. 

Jack’s dad blushed. “I, err…was busy,” Jack’s dad said. “I did not have breakfast.”

Jack got out some snacks for his father, but he wondered why he was so busy. But his thoughts were cut off by Maddy’s voice. “We should sit over here,” she said. 

They went over by a wall near a window. Maddy read a book while Jack’s dad munched on some snacks. But Jack was still thinking about why his dad was so busy. But he got no answers, which wasn’t surprising. He wasn’t expecting some random voice to answer him.

“Do you have your boarding pass?” asked Jack’s father. 

“Yes, Dad, and so does Jack,” Maddy said.

“It’s almost boarding time,” Jack’s dad said.

Chapter 7: Boarding the Plane

“Boarding the plane will start with the families with children, and those who served in the military,” a lady said.

“Come, let’s go. They said children board first, remember?” said Jack.

“Jack, you are a child, but they mean the children under 7 years old,” said Jack’s dad.

“Rats,” said Jack. “That’s not fair.”

They stared at the gateway as young children and their families entered the plane. Finally it was the regular boarding time. The woman started calling the last boarding groups. “A…..B,” the woman said as the boarding groups came to the gate.

“Which boarding group are we in?” asked Jack.

“Hmm. Good question. Let’s see,” Jack’s dad said in a very boring voice for Jack. “Uh…ah there it is! We are in boarding group C,” Jack’s dad said.

“Boarding group C!” said the lady.

Just in time, thought Jack as he pushed his father to the gate.

“Easy kid! We have to scan our boarding pass.”

Boarding pass? If Jack had known that he had to scan his boarding pass he would not have pushed his own father. “Maddy will teach you how,” Jack’s dad said. Jack really didn’t appreciate Maddy showing him how.

“First you give her your boarding pass. She’ll just scan it. Then you go straight with me,” Maddy explained.

Jack was just relieved that scanning his boarding pass was fast. Jack looked in front of him to see a big, box-like thing sitting there. “Go in and there will be two men half way,” said Maddy. Jack went inside. 

 “Boarding pass please!” said two men. Jack handed him his boarding pass. One of the men ripped a part of his boarding pass. 

“Wow. How did he do that?” asked Jack.

“No idea,” said Maddy. 

Chapter 8: On the Plane

Jack’s dad stopped at a seat in first class. “Come on, Dad,” Maddy said. 

“Maddy, I’m counting on you to look after Jack. I’m bringing my duffle bag. I want to relax,” Jack’s dad said. 

Jack couldn’t believe his ears. His dad was in first class while he was stuck in economy with Maddy. Jack went to the back with Maddy and sat in their seats. Meanwhile, Dad put his chair back. Benji got out of Jack’s father’s duffle bag and started to slobber on Jack’s dad’s shoes. Jack’s dad noticed and he looked down. Benji hid. 

“Hmmmmmmm,” Jack’s dad said. “I smell dog slobber on my shoes.” He went and took a nap. Again, Benji slobbered on Jack’s dad’s shoes. This time Jack’s dad caught Benji. He really wasn’t happy about Benji on the plane. But more nervous that Benji was right in first class. “I promise to keep you on the trip. But you can’t stay here. Go under the seats and find Jack,” he said. 

Meanwhile, Maddy snored so loud that Jack could barely hear his show he was watching on the airplane. Even with headphones on.

Chapter 9: Feeling Happiness

Benji quietly scooted softly under the seats. For some reason, luckily, nobody noticed Benji. Everyone was watching a movie or sleeping. On the way, he grabbed some steaks because he was hungry. In first class there was a scream. “Somebody stole my steak!” a person said. Benji ran to economy. He found Maddy’s foot. He put his head down on Maddy’s foot. 

“Agh! Something’s on my foot!” Maddy shouted. All the heads in economy turned to Maddy. But before anyone saw Benji, he hid. Then everyone just acted like nothing happened. Benji got out of his hiding space. 

“So do you know what was on your foot?” Jack asked Maddy. 

“Ugh. My foot smells like a dog,” Maddy said disgustedly. Suddenly Jack gasped. 

“Benji!” he said in a quiet voice. 

“How could such a weird dog make his way in this stuffy plane?” asked Maddy. 

“Where should I put him?” asked Jack. “We can’t leave him under the seats.” Benji took something long out of Maddy’s bag. 

“Are you crazy! This dog stole my sausage!” Maddy said, whispering. Suddenly there was a buzz on Maddy’s phone. 

“Keep the dog for the trip,” Maddy read outloud.

Chapter 10: Dog Days (for Maddy and Others)

Hour after hour Maddy kept getting messages from her dad. Every time she had to bail out for Benji. 

“Where are we going to feed him food? Benji’s supper dish is back home,” asked Jack just before a message went over the intercom:

“Please buckle up! We are about to land. Please push your seats to an upright position.” Maddy and Jack buckled up their seats. 

“Uh oh,” the same voice said. “ Sorry, but we have another delay. We can’t find a place to land.” Everyone groaned. One hour later, a voice said from the intercom that they were landing. Jack checked on Benji and Maddy. Benji seemed airsick. Maddy seemed very tired. 

Boom !

Now Jack seemed to be the one to have a sickness. It felt like he had motion sickness. Jack looked outside. He saw a bunch of planes, big and little. They had arrived in Florida. They walked through a glass-made hall and into the airport. 

“Dad, do we have a map of this airport?” asked Jack. 

“Nope. But I’m sure we’ll find one ourselves. They’re maps all over the airport.” They looked and looked for a map but they could not find any. In fact, it seemed like the more they went looking, the more they got lost. 

“Look!” Maddy said. “A door.” They went outside and Jack’s father slowed down a taxi. It didn’t look like a taxi, but looked like a truck. Maddy was the first one to climb in. 

“OLP! Yuck!” said Maddy. “Dad…this is a truck that carries animals to the zoo.” They walked until a real taxi came. They climbed in and took a ride to the hotel. They went past the front desk. They came to their room and then relaxed. 

“Don’t eat the snacks. We have to pay for those,” said Jack’s dad. Jack was surprised because he had already eaten two bags of candy from the snack bar, and taken some beef jerky for Benji! “Yikes, Jack! That must be 2 thousand dollars!” Really? thought Jack. For 3 bags? With nothing to do Jack grabbed the remote. By that time, Maddy was watching a soap opera. 

“Hey! I had the remote first!” said Maddy. Jack, without a word, switched the channel. They had a fight with words, drifting into physical things. It was Dad who stepped in because he got a call from the room right above them.

Chapter 11: The First Night and Day in Florida 

That night was a loud night. Jack, Maddy and their father could not sleep. The waves kept them up and the animals didn’t help. The next day at 8:00, they all woke up. 

“Uh Oh!” Jack said as he looked at the alarm clock. The breakfast buffet closed at 7:55. They rushed to the buffet. But they noticed they were still in their PJs. They ran back to their room and changed their clothes. They ran outside of the hotel. They walked until they found a good restaurant. 

Bonjour,” said the waiter. 

“Dad?” Jack asked. “What does bonjour mean?” 

“It means hello in French,” Jack’s dad said. “Servent-ils le petit déjeuner ici?” 

Jack had no idea what his dad was saying. The waiter took them to a table. Just then, a chef came with soup. 

“This is not a proper breakfast,” Maddy protested. Jack’s father just sighed.  They got out of the restaurant and found another one. This time it was an Italian restaurant. 

Accettiamo solo prenotazioni,” said a man. 

“Now what does that mean?” asked Jack.

“Let’s get out of here,” said Dad. This process went over 4 times. Then, they decided that they were wasting time and went to the beach. On the way, Jack took his father’s wallet. When they got to the beach, Jack used the money to buy slushies.

Chapter 12: To Make a Long Story Short

I guess you should know that this story is ending. Jack’s family couldn’t afford a meal. But they could afford a very cheap plane. The airline was called D.C. Airlines, which stands for Dirt Cheap Airlines. They went home on an airplane that was all patched up. Jack was happy that they went home because there was too much chaos he had to deal with. The end.

The End

Inspired by “Goodbye to a World” by Porter Robinson

“I love you.” That is how it all ended. On October 12th, 2067, the world ended. After seeing many collapse, he started seeing in slow motion. Looking at her, she was falling slowly, her eyes half closed, she looked worn out. Vision started being blurry until… she said, “I love you.” She collapsed and went still. No longer in this world, with nothing to live for, he collapsed. With one last breath, the world ended.

Snow Day

Snow is to the Earth like Athena is to the Gods

A beautiful mix of chaos

What wonders does the Earth want us to see

As we look so closely to the winter storm

Snow is as beautiful as a purple flower that blooms

It brings joy and happiness to me

Blizzard winds bring snow days

Sledding swiftly down hills

Admiring the piles of snow on the windowsill makes me want to build a snowman

Wondering if these icicles look like an upside-down castle

But all that matters is me looking out the window

Seeing white snow mounted on my air conditioner

Wondering how I will spend this snow day

Adapting to Life

The autumn leaves are twirling in the air from nearby trees. I walk to a bench with a book tucked under my arm. The breeze swirls in the air, blending in with the laughter of children. On the bench, I observe everything around me. Children are playing tag, adults are supervising, and there is the smell of coffee from the teacher’s lounge.

I set my book on my lap. The cover has images of foxes chasing after each other, insects hanging to leaves, monkeys and exotic animals staring back at me. In the center of the cover, it says: On The Origin Of Species in big, blocky letters. Underneath it says: by Charles Darwin, adapted by Rebecca Steffof. Flipping through the pages, I reach my favorite one. The one with Darwin’s thoughts on survival of the fittest.

My mom borrowed it from the library because of my interest in science. I continued reading it because of my thirst for knowledge. Even though it wasn’t a school assignment, I used my spare recess time to reach the end of it. I wanted to know how everything started, who Charles Darwin was, and what he had to say in this book. Before I even started reading it, I knew it was a discovery of a hidden want for science.

I’ve never really dug very deep into science, I used to be confused on what my job would be as I grew up. In the end, I narrowed my interests. With new goals, I decided to find out even more about my passions and had my mom borrow any science-related books. However, my school doesn’t teach many science lessons or explain the math or people behind these ideas. As a result, I haven’t figured out what field of science I would like to study. There are many topics that I need to be introduced to.

It made me feel more knowledgeable to learn more about past scientists and their theories. It showed me that many things have adapted to new things, just like me. I adapted to my new interest in science. My passions were like species, just as Darwin said, survival of the fittest. There was only that much space for life on Earth. Either they went extinct, were endangered, or brought new strategies to their lives. Piano, in my world for passions, was an extinct species, replaced by a better descendant, drumming. Science was a new species that had been unearthed. Shading was a species merely surviving. Just like mammals during the Triassic period. It taught me that our own lives held fields of competition whether visible or not, humans were always adapting.

I have learned that the world around us is constantly changing. It may take a long time to realize, but we’ll still recognize it at some point. We can start by noticing how we change, on the outside and on the inside. Then, like Charles Darwin, we look to the world, animals, and others. Survival of the fittest has appeared many times in history, from cells to dinosaurs to humans. We are always adapting.

My Cat Has a Bell: A Short Story in Haiku

My cat has a bell

She is trying to escape

From her blue collar

My cat hates the bell

The bell jingles when she walks

It makes a loud noise

She wants the bell off

My cat is licking her bell

I worry for her

My cat hates the bell

I tried to free her from it

But it is gone now

Maybe she ate it

I must take her to the vet

She is mad at me

I now found the bell

It was not in her belly

She loves me again

Starry’s Big Adventure 2

Starry and Matilda were starfish who just arrived back home after being adopted by humans. They worked hard to escape. They were so happy when they saw their families. 

When they arrived at home, Matilda lived four blocks down so it would be very easy to visit each other. They decided to spend the night with their families. Starry saw her sister, Lila. She looked liked Starry. They both played dolls. Lila was 4-years-old. Starry’s other sister, Stella, was 10 years old so she played a lot of video games like Animal crossing ™ on her Nintendo switch©. Lila wanted to play too but did not know how to work the joy-con.

Then, at 5:00 starfish time, their mom called dinner and they had chicken, mac and cheese, and broccoli. Starry loved the dinner. Starry gave out gifts and they went to bed. Lila and Stella shared a room. They did not complain about it. In the room, one side had unicorns and rainbows, and the other side had cats and Hello Kitty. Starry’s room was decorated with Barbies and puppies. She got the puppy decor from Pottery Barn Kids when she was nine. Starry was now 13, so she started to peel the Barbie stuff off the walls, and then she found Dora the Explorer wallpaper underneath the Barbie one. She peeled that one off too because she was too old for it. Now the wall was blank. 

She decided to pull out her computer and look at Pottery Barn Teen and she decided to get a hang-around chair, lamp, and paint. The next day, she went to the store and she got blue paint and a unicorn chair. She did not find a lamp that she liked so she decided to go to the mall next door. They found two lamps and three pillows. They were done shopping and went home for dinner. 

Starry went to her room to start decorating.  Matilda called and asked if they could have a sleepover. Starry went to her parents’ room and asked them but they said no. Starry decided to sneak out. She asked Matilda to come with her parents’ car and get close to the front window. She would be ready in 10 minutes. 

10 minutes later, she saw a black car pull up to the front window. Starry climbed out the window and Matilda opened the door just when she was about to climb in the car. She felt something tug her leg but she couldn’t see so she struggled him off and kicked him. She thought it was her dad, so she ran away. But when she looked back to make sure she hadn’t missed any bags, she saw he was dressed in all black and she knew enough from watching movies that he was a robber. She tried to call her parents, but they wouldn’t wake up. So she called her sisters and luckily they were up and tried to go into their parents’ room. They found a vent in the roof of the living room but the robber caught Lila. The robber was tall and he had a lot of garbage. His voice sounded very gruff, and he smelled like the sewer. Lila said, 

“Don’t wait for me! Go!” 

And luckily, she took karate so she hit him in the nose, and then she climbed into the vent to find their parents’ room. Stella ran and told her parents that there was someone in the house. She told her parents that a car was waiting outside but they wouldn’t budge. They said it was a nightmare and told her to go back to sleep. Stella did not obey, though. She quickly ran up into the vents, grabbed Lila by the arm, and pulled her into the car. 

Matilda drove to her parents’ house to tell them what happened. Matilda’s house was limestone with a pink roof and a black door. It was very quiet. Matilda went to unlock the door but then she noticed that she left her keys at Starry’s house so they ran back to the car and sped through the highway to get back to Starry’s house. 

The robber was still there, so they had to enter through the back door. The robber caught them but they ran away quickly. Matilda quickly grabbed the house keys and ran. Starry was scared because she wondered if her parents would listen to her little sister so they could come out. She was really tense and she couldn’t really walk. 

They got to the car and Matilda tried to start it, but she realized the robber pulled out all of their gas so they couldn’t move. They started running to Matilda’s house. They get Matilda’s keys and entered her house. They woke up her parents. Her parents agreed to come with them. They ran to Starry’s house and woke Starry’s parents up. When they saw Matilda’s parents, they thought it was not a dream anymore. They left out the back door then ran to Matilda’s house then called the police.

The police said most of the house had been destroyed and they had to get a new house. They stayed at their grandma’s house. They were excited. After the police said it was safe to go back home, they went to collect their stuff. Two weeks later, Starry’s parents said they found a house that they were going to buy and they were so excited. 

“I can’t wait to see your new house!” Matilda said.

A Trip to the Beach

Once upon a time, a girl named Maya and her brother Toby, were on summer break and they were so, so happy. So happy, that they decided to go to the beach with their friends named Zoey and Fin. The first thing they did was make sandcastles. They were 10 feet tall. Then they wanted to go in the water. They were in the water for about 10 minutes then Toby yelled, “Shark!” Everyone ran out of the water but there was one baby. Maya ran back into the water to save the baby. Maya saved the baby but the shark bit Maya. She started to bleed and cry. The lifeguards helped her while she cried. 

“Oh no!” Zoey said. Toby called her mom. Her mom’s phone was off. “Fin, call your mom.” 

“She is on a work call.”

The lifeguard called 911 and the shark lost all its teeth. Maya was happy the baby, whose name was Grace, was okay, but she was still crying. 

“What will we do? We need to help Maya,” said Zoey. 

“I’m okay, just really, really hurt,” Maya said. 

“Okay, but we still are going to help you,” said Fin. Maya was sitting on the sand.

Maya’s mom came running. “Are you okay?” she asked.

“Yes,” responded Maya. 

“What happened?” 

“I’m okay, but there are marks from where the shark bit me.”

“Okay, but you are bleeding a lot,” said Toby.

“Maybe we should go home and have lemonade and cookies,” said Maya’s mom. “That’s so good.” 

“Bring her to the hospital every day for 10 weeks,” said the doctor.

“Okay,” Maya said. 

At home, Maya had two cups of lemonade and three cookies, then she went to lie down in bed. Then Maya’s BFF, Becky, knocked on her bedroom door.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

“Sort of.”

 Maya’s mom walked in. “Mom, can I talk to Becky privately?”


“What do you need?”

“I need to talk to you. It hurts, but I am not okay.” 

“Okay, so why didn’t you just tell your mom and brother?” said Becky. 

“But … because. If I told them, I’d be in such great trouble because I’m not supposed to go in the water when the lifeguard blows their whistle.” 

“Well, you’re hurt, so it’s better if you just tell your mom so she’ll help make you feel better,” said Becky. 

“Well, I guess I didn’t think of that,” Maya said while she looked down and played with her ring.  

“Why don’t we go tell your mom now?” 

“Becky. Don’t you think my mom will be mad if we tell her now when we just left the hospital?” 

“Well, let’s tell her, Maya. We have to tell her.”

Maya’s face turned red. 

“Come on!” Becky announced. 

“Okay,” Maya said, right before she sighed. 

They walked out of Maya’s room, holding hands. Becky helped Maya get down the stairs, and then it was time to tell her mom. 

“Mom,” Maya said in a shaky voice. “My leg really hurts.”

“Okay, why did you not tell me?”

“Because I was trying to be strong.”

“You are strong. Okay, let’s go to the hospital.”


Found But Forgotten

Part 1

The way my life turned upside down all started with donuts. Yup, donuts. That delicious, puffy, glazed, chocolaty treat with sprinkles. It all started when I was seven years old at my soccer championship. It was intense. The goalie on the other team was staring me down. She spit on the ground and kicked the ground hard. 

“Ewwwwww!” I shouted in her face, splattering my spit on her face. It then temporarily blinded her as she screamed,

“Get it off!!!”

 I dashed around the spluttering goalie and kicked the ball into the net. I had scored the final point, and I won the Star Girls Soccer Championship. I ran with joy into my mom and dad and gave them a huge hug. Little did I know that would be the last hug I gave in a long time. I then ran around and gave my whole team high fives.

“Yay, great job out there, Abbigail,” my soccer coach bellowed as I did my victory lap. 

“You are totally the most amazing, splendid person ever!!!” yelled Taylor as I ran by. Taylor was my best friend in the entire world. 

My parents then called out and said, ”We’re going to go get donuts for your whole team because we are so proud of you guys.”

“That would be awesome!!! Thanks, Mom and Dad,” I yelled right before they left for the donut shop. I was all pumped and decided to take a break and sit down and talk to my friends. I talked and played hand games for half an hour or so. I was wondering why they hadn’t come back. The donut shop had only been a 15 minute drive. But there may have been traffic or a long line. I didn’t know so I just got out my iPad and played games with my friend. 

I didn’t know how long it had been until my friend’s mom said, “It’s been an hour and a half. Please stop playing.” 

Wait, but if it had been an hour and a half, why hadn’t my parents been back yet? I started to get worried and started to panic.

 “Where are my mom and dad?” I asked frantically. All the parents looked at each other and shared the same confused look. It was silent.

 “I don’t know,” a parent spoke up and said. 

There was a murmur of whispers by the parents going around. I could make out things like, “I always knew Tom and Sussie would be bad parents at some point,” “Oh the poor girl,” and, “Are they out at a club or something?” 

Then, sirens came blaring down the street. There was a big official car that said “Child Protective Services” on the front of it. 

A tall man in a black suit came out of the car and said, “We heard a child has been abandoned. We are here to take her to a good place.” 

What? My brain was racing. How were they here? Did someone tell them to come? Why? Who had done it if someone did? 

The big man came up to me and said, “Come with me.” I tried to escape but he was too strong.

 “Please, sir, this is a misunderstanding. My parents just went to get donuts, they will be back,” I yelled, trying to convince him and myself that that was true. But by then, I was in a truck driving away with nothing but my tablet.   

Part 2 

Ten years later, on a rocking ship, in a small bed. 

“Did you think they ever intended to come back, Abbs?” said Jaden, a fellow kid who was taken by Child Protective Services.

 “No,” I said, looking down at my feet. 

Jaden then tried to reassure me. “It’s going to be okay,” he said.

 “Are you 100% sure about that?” I said sarcastically.

 “No, I am 36.44897403890563891249% sure about it,” Jaden said sarcastically back. “But really, Abbs. No one can ever be really sure about anything, can they?” Jaden said, looking right at me.

 “No… ”  I said, giving in. 

“See? Life can’t be certain, especially if it’s someone else’s life,” Jaden said with a sad smile. “If I could predict life, I would have told my parents not to go on a trip in Miami and not to crash their car.” Jaden looked at his hands solemnly.

 “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bring up anything that may have brought back bad memories,” I said, patting Jaden on the back.

 “Oh no, don’t apologize. I practically find a way to bring them up into the conversation no matter what,” Jaden said, laughing slightly.

 “If we just keep looking to the future, it will end up better. And who knows? Maybe life will end up back as normal,” I said, looking out our small cramped bedroom window. Little did I know that that wouldn’t be the answer and that life would never be normal again.

Treasure Map

 One night, there was a big comet coming down at Earth at unknown speeds. It landed on some sort of large patch of grass. That comet wasn’t any kind of comet, it was a home to someone. The comet landed in a house’s backyard, which was located in Rome, Italy. At the beginning of that night, there were four people living in the house. At the end of the night, there were two people alive, plus a murderer on the loose. Little did two kids know, they survived the deadliest poison in the world.

13 years later

Kyle and Jennifer had been living in an orphanage for years now. They did not know why their parents were not alive, but they did know that they were murdered. They thought they were staying at their aunt and uncle’s house in Berlin, Germany when their parents were murdered. Now, they were treated poorly at the orphanage and had slight memories of either their aunt or uncle, who both shortly passed away later. And most of all, they wanted to see the world and they also hated where they lived…

One night in Berlin, Germany, At the Orphanage

“Hey,” whispered Jennifer. “Wanna escape?”
“I don’t know. I mean, the janitor is always there. It’s kind of creepy,” Kyle muttered.
“I’ve got an escape plan. Come on,” said Jennifer. They reviewed the escape plan and followed the plan step by step. They sneaked through the vents and eventually got to the fancy lobby of a giant skyscraper. They saw the lobby people, and one of them was their friend, Aaron. Aaron had been working there for as long as who knows when. He was the man with a long, shaggy beard and white hair. He wore red robes and knew almost everything. Seriously, if you asked him a question, he would not only answer questions, but would also tell you the answer or how to solve it. They rushed to him and asked him if he could give them disguises.
“I’ll give you the disguises on one circumstance,” said the old man. “And that’s if you don’t tell one single soul that I’m giving you disguises.”
Kyle and Jennifer looked at Aaron with a puzzled expression.
“Why?” Kyle asked.
”Here. Follow me,” said Aaron. Aaron escorted them into his office and said, “The reason I’m not letting you tell anyone is because the owner of this orphanage was a hater of a lot of people, including your parents.”
The twins looked at each other in the oddest way imaginable. “Tell us more,” said Jennifer in a barking tone.
“I mean, the owner of your orphanage and this building killed every single kids’ parents at the orphanage,” said Aaron.
”WHAT!” they barked at the same time.
“I suggest you help those four kids at that orphanage and escape immediately,” said Aaron.
”We will save those children immediately, but first you need to tell us why he wanted our parents,” said Jennifer.
“Well, first off, I wanted to tell you this when you got older and I figured now would be the right time. It all started when your parents and the kids at the orphanage’s parents were in a secret group. The group was called S.S.L.T. It stood for Secret Society of Lost Treasures. The owner of the orphanage was in that group. One day, they found a treasure map that would supposedly lead to heaven and you would be able to visit all of your ancestors. Of course, they were all teens when they were in this group. The owner of this orphanage’s name is Prince Alizai. He likes calling himself that, but no one really knows why. Anyway, the group rules were for every treasure to stay with one person for the week, and when it was Alizai’s turn, he never brought it back.”
“So why did he kill our parents?” asked Jennifer.
“Well I think it was because he thought your parents knew how precious this treasure map is. This is the way to save your parents and all of your orphanage-mate’s parents… ”
“Wait, so you’re telling us if we find this treasure map, we might be able to bring our parents back to Earth?” asked Jennifer. The two of them looked at Aaron like they were listening to God.
“Where can we find this precious treasure?” asked Kyle.
“Well, for all we know, it could be across the world,” whispered Aaron.
“I searched for it for decades and found nothing,” said Aaron.
”Are there any clues?” asked Kyle.
”Well, yes. You first must look in the Amazon Rainforest. There you will find a civilization that has amazing books and treasures. Remember to tell them that you are Aaron Cunningham’s godson.”
“Wait a minute. If we’re your godchildren, that means you’re our godfather?” asked Kyle suspiciously.
”Your parents and I were best of friends until that dreadful day. Now go and save those children, and if you are lucky, you will never have to live in an orphanage again,” said Aaron delightfully.
“Will you come with us?” asked Jennifer.
“Well, unfortunately, no,” muttered Aaron. “I can give you all the things you will need for you and your friends from the orphanage, and I’ll be able to take you to the airport, but that’s it because I’ve had my turn and now it’s your turn,” said Aaron proudly.
“Well okay, but can you at least help us get those kids out of the orphanage? I mean, they don’t talk,” said Kyle.
“Yeah, he’s right. We don’t even know their names,” said Jennifer.
“Don’t worry, I even talked to those kids before I talked to you guys. It’s no biggie,” said Aaron.
“Wait, so we’ve been living with these kids practically our whole lives and we didn’t know their names but you did?” grumbled Jennifer.
“That’s honestly sad,” said Kyle.
“Well, if you need to know, their names are: Chase, Chloe, Jack, and Katherine,” said Aaron. “I think you’ll get along with all of them. They even said you guys hardly talk,” said Aaron.
”Well what are we waiting for?” asked Jennifer.
The two of them snuck upstairs to tell their soon-to-be-friends that it was escape time. When they got into their room, they packed everything up and woke all of their friends. First, they woke up Jack, who was reading a book and looked like he knew that they were coming. Jack was a tall kid for his age. He was a very sporty kid who liked playing baseball. He had brown hair with a tiny bit of freckles and was already rushing out of the room quickly.
“Let’s go, guys,” said Jack.
All of them rushed to wake everyone up and they quietly went to the lobby. ”Where’s Aaron?” asked Katherine.
“Dunno,” said Chase.
“I see him,” said Kyle, running to the entrance of the huge skyscraper.
Aaron called out to them to get outside. The six of them charged outside to the large parking lot and saw Aaron next to a large limousine. The children got in the limousine and off they went to the airport. The car ride took 15 minutes until they got to the rather large airport. The airport was huge. The children forgot that Aaron wasn’t going on the trip to the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. The flight would take 20 hours. On the plane, Kyle sat next to Jennifer, Chase sat next to Chloe (who were also siblings), and Jack sat next to Katherine, who were twins. For breakfast, they had strawberry oatmeal which was pretty decent for plane food. For lunch, they had Chicken Fingers and Fries. And for dinner, they had a choice of either Fish or Rotisserie chicken. The flight was long. Chase got seasick so Chloe made herself move to Jack’s lap.
“UGH!” said Jack. “GET OFF ME!” he screamed.
Chloe would not move so Jack casually pushed Chloe off him.
“Hey!” said Chloe. “What was that for!?”
“I had no choice, I mean, Chase got seasick so what did you expect?”
“FINE. But can you at least make Chase go use the bathroom so you don’t have to sit on my lap?” said Jack.
The two of them ended their fight and went to sleep. Six hours later, they arrived in beautiful Brazil. Aaron gave them instructions to ask a person for a large taxi. They got one, but the man who drove them did not speak.
“Is this a little weird?” said Jennifer.
“Yeah, this guy’s not speaking.”
“Wait a minute, this guy does not look Brazilian at all. Look at his suitcase,” whispered Kyle.
The suitcase read, “Flight from Berlin, Germany to Fortaleza, Brazil.”
“Guys, I think we might have a follower,” said Chase.
“I’m gonna agree with you there,” said a voice.
The man looked behind so the kids could see his face. It was Aaron, but Aaron did not have a beard. He looked a lot younger than he did in the past. His hair was black, not grey.
“You’re Prince Alizai, aren’t you?” said Kyle.
“A+,” said Prince.
“WHERE’S AARON!” screamed Katherine.
“There was no Aaron. I was Aaron in disguise.”
At that moment, Jack had just realized something. There was a piece of parchment in Prince’s pocket. Immediately, Jack whispered to Jennifer, “Look at his pocket.”
Jennifer elbowed Kyle and pointed at his pocket. Chase and Chloe went to sneak up at Prince and he looked back.
“AHHHHHHH!” screamed Chase and Chloe in unison.
They had the map. The children opened the car door and all of them ran as fast as they could back to the airport. Once they got the map, they looked at it, and it said the treasure was in a place called Cairo, Egypt. But it looked like it was in the water. “I think we found our flight,” said Kyle.
“We’re gonna have to sneak on a flight,” said Chloe.
“What are we waiting for, let’s go!” said Chase.
The six of them snuck past the boarding area and were now waiting for the flight.
“We don’t have any tickets, guys,” said Jack.
“I’ve got a plan. All we have to do is get outside of this airport,” said Jennifer.
They all eventually got on the plane. 19 hours later, they arrived at the airport in Cairo. It was 8:00 in the morning and they were near the treasure.
“Hello, hello, hello,” said a voice.
“It’s you again. You treacherous murderer,” said Jack.
“You really thought I was gonna let you flee away to find that treasure?” said Prince.
All of them ran as fast as they could to escape and they found snorkeling suits on the beach. They stole the suits and ran to the river. They swam and swam deep into the sea and they saw a huge white portal right in front of them.
“This must be it!” said Jennifer.
They jumped in the portal, and sure enough, they were in this huge place with clouds. They saw six people locked up in chains.
“MOM, DAD!” they screamed in unison.
They had not seen their parents in 13 years, each of them. They talked to them and realized the portal was shrinking.
“We’ve got to get back. Or we’re all dead,” said Katherine.
They just made it in the portal and were standing on the beach.
“Where are we?” said the parents together.
“We’re in Egypt!” said Katherine.

All of them went to a restaurant for lunch and each of the kids got chocolate milkshakes and had so much fun the rest of the day. It was evening now and the kids were playing on the beach. When their parents had died, all of them had their wallets in their pockets, so they were able to buy swimsuits so they got in the water.
“Well, well, well,” said a voice.
“AGAIN!” said Kyle.
“I see you have found my treasure map.”
“MOM, DAD!” They all screamed for their parents and they rushed over to the children and Prince.
“Prince has magical powers,” said the parents.
There was a giant flash of light heading towards the parents and the kids. They ducked and the flash of light went the other way. They now saw one thing on the beach and that was Prince Alizai’s fallen body.
The spell had redirected onto Prince. “WE’RE ALIVE. THE BEACH IS STILL HERE!” they screamed in unison.
They had the time of their lives, and Chloe and Chase’s family, Katherine and Jack’s family, and Jennifer and Kyle’s family moved to Cairo. They would remember this moment forever.


20 years later, all of the children had jobs. Chase was a banker. Chloe was a painter. Katherine was an actor. Jack was a professional baseball player. Jennifer was an archeologist. Kyle was a pilot.
Their lives from that moment were, some people said, just a dream. But no, this was reality. They lived happily ever after.

The End

The Magdusa: Part I

Chapter 1

Eggs and Milk

Ryan got on his red bike as the sun was about to disappear behind the oak trees in the county of Watching, New Jersey. As Ryan looked around while he peddled his way home to his small house atop Yan Mountain, he spotted the usual warning sign about some creature that apparently roamed the Watching Reserve. Ryan thought these rumors were fake just like a regular person would believe that aliens don’t exist. The village drunk who was some man named John claimed that the creature was known as the Magdusa and was around 6 and a half feet tall. John also claimed that the Magdusa could lift 20 elephants with one arm. These rumors, Ryan thought, were the stupidest thing he’d ever heard, which was nearly as stupid as his annoying little sister. 

Ryan hit the brakes as he finally arrived at his tiny house which he was forced to live in with his Mom and She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, his little sister. Ryan hung up his red Adidas hoodie on the wall.

“Ryan, do you have the eggs and milk I told you to buy 6 hours ago?” said Ryan’s mom, Anna, in a surprisingly calm tone even though she told Ryan to come home about 5 hours ago with the groceries. 

“I have the stuff right here,” said Ryan, patting his jacket down. Ryan’s body tensed as he realized the impossible, he had left the eggs and milk at the reserve 5 hours ago when he was having Ryan & Ryan time.

“Ryan, where is the food?” said Anna, giving Ryan her infamous glare that could stop a car right in its tracks.

Chapter 2

A Monster

Ryan sulked out of the house as he trudged over to his bike, his mind replaying the scene 5 minutes ago: his mom giving him hell on earth for being “lazy and selfish” for forgetting easily replaceable foods at the reserve. 

Instead of just sending Ryan out to the grocery store the next day when it was open, Anna decided to send Ryan back to the reserve to retrieve the groceries. Ryan grumbled while he rode his bike down the steep roads of Yan Mountain. Even though Ryan was forced to go to the reserve in the pitch-black night, Ryan wasn’t scared at all. Besides, for his 10th birthday a year ago, he got headlights installed on his bike. He also had asked for a dirt bike but Anna said, It cost too much and you have to earn it

The wind whistled behind Ryan’s ears as he picked up speed on a slope edging towards the end of the mountain.*CRASH* Ryan’s heart skipped a beat as he was thrown off his bike and onto the hard concrete of the road. Ryan felt the trickle of blood as his nose was bleeding. Ryan saw his bike’s headlights shine on a figure whose back was facing Ryan. The figure made a jerking motion as it smashed its fist into Ryan’s bike and the headlights broke, turning the road pitch black. Ryan’s heart was beating a gazillion times a millisecond as the figure, who Ryan assumed was the Magdusa, sniffed the air and walked towards Ryan’s direction. Ryan froze as the Magdusa came closer and closer to where Ryan was lying on his butt. In the dark, Ryan could make out bright green eyes that resembled emeralds as the Magdusa loomed over Ryan who was about 4 feet away. Suddenly, Ryan grasped his senses back from where they had wandered off to and made a run for his life. The Magdusa swiftly changed direction and stomped towards Ryan, as its footsteps could be heard from thousands of miles away. The wounded Ryan immediately sped up to the point where he felt like the Flash as the Magdusa suddenly stopped and sprinted down the mountain. Ryan didn’t stop sprinting until he spotted the light of his house. Ryan slammed the door shut then rushed upstairs to his tiny bedroom.

Chapter 3

Breakfast With Maggie 

Ryan woke up the next morning with a splitting headache. He had dreamed that he had been eaten and swallowed by the treacherous Magdusa. Ryan had never believed that the Magdusa prowled the forest until now. The stairs creaked as Ryan trotted downstairs to smell that Anna had prepared a delicious breakfast which in his household was a medium-sized plate of porridge and a glass of milk, but Ryan never drank the milk and immediately closed up his nostrils as Maggie drained her glass of milk in one large gulp. 

“Good morning,” said Ryan to Anna as he let out a long yawn.

“Hello, brother, it’s 10:00 A.M. and you were supposed to get your behind out and over to breakfast 2 hours ago and I already ate and drank your porridge and milk,” sneered Maggie. Ryan groaned as he sat down far away from Maggie at the wooden, 4 seat table. “Why so far away loser, scared?” taunted Maggie with a sneer on her ugly face which other people thought was very pretty.

“Leave me alone,” grunted Ryan as he got up from his seat and prepared to change and go biking back to the reserve. Ryan walked towards Maggie’s direction as he prepared to make a dash upstairs to avoid making eye contact with Maggie, then something caught Ryan’s eye. He had never really noticed how green Maggie’s eyes were. Today, Ryan wondered why her eyes seemed so familiar.

Chapter 4

Johnathan Or John

After, Ryan changed into his average look of navy blue sweatpants and a classic red Adidas hoodie, which only he knew had stains from a bloody nose that were otherwise unrecognizable due to his red hoodie but could be smelled if you were wearing it. Ryan knew Anna was still pissed at him for losing the food so Ryan was forced to bike all the way back to the Watchung Reserve’s millions of miles of lush greenery (The Watchung Reservation is actually 3.039 square miles). 

Ryan trotted outside and realized that his bike was destroyed from the incident last night with the Magdusa. It’s going to take hours and hours and hours of walking to get to the reserve, thought Ryan (the actual walk is around an hour and twenty-five minutes). Then, Ryan had an evil but brilliant idea, he was going to steal Maggie’s bike and use it to get to the reserve. 

Ryan sped down the mountain then came to a sudden stop. There was a gaping hole in the middle of the road, and in the middle was Ryan’s bike, perfectly fine as though nothing had happened. This was, of course, a shock for Ryan who was just replaying the incident last night in his head, his bike destroyed by the Magdusa. Ryan thought for a second then shrugged. He figured that must have just been daydreaming and that there was no way the Magdusa actually existed.

After dropping Maggie’s bike on the greenery beside the road next to the mysterious house 1313, which was the only house he actually recognized on Yan Mountain besides his own. There were a few things that made house 1313 so mysterious and creepy. The first thing was that nobody knew who lived in the house; the second thing was that the house looked very worn out and thousands of years old and Ryan knew that a serial killer was definitely a threat but it was extremely unclear if this house was a threat but Ryan was most certain that it was a threat.

“Okay, here I go,” said Ryan to himself. Ryan furiously peddled down the mountains for he had just wasted 10 minutes stealing his sister’s bike, thinking about his own bike, finding his bike, and staring at house 1313. The bike skidded to a stop as Ryan reached the end of the mountain. Ryan wiped some sweat off his forehead as he watched cars speeding past him, he knew he had to be precise to get past the river of cars in front of him. The cars continued to speed past Ryan as he waited for the exact moment a gap would appear between the two lanes of vehicles, the opportunity came and Ryan didn’t waste it and immediately peddled as fast as his legs could through the rare gap between the lanes of cars. “Well, I’m finally here,” said Ryan with a breath of relief as he stood in front of the gates of the Watchung Reserve. Now, all Ryan had to do was pay to get in and search millions of miles for a carton of eggs and a container of milk.

Ryan sighed as he got in a line for the reserve which was smaller than usual. Ryan looked around and he saw the usual 20 dollars = adult, 15 dollars = child. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the dirtiest five and ten dollar bills he’d ever seen, there was some blood and many creases on both bills. Once it was Ryan’s turn to pay to get in the Watchung Reserve. “30 dollars, please,” said the cashier, whose name tag said James Raskolnikov, he looked fresh out of college.

“What?” said Ryan, looking confused.

“I said, 30 dollars, please. If you’re deaf, then go to the visitors center for some help,” responded James in a rude tone.

“But the sign says 15 dollars = child,” said Ryan.

“Well, I guess you didn’t read the other sign. It says bike or any other vehicle = 15 dollars,” said James with a smug look on his face. Inside Ryan’s head, he thought, Man, this kid is a stupidly bad liar. I’ve been coming here for half of my life and I have never seen any sign like that. But Ryan knew he had to pay the 30 dollars which meant his snack money would now be no more. 

“Okay,” grumbled Ryan as he took out 2 crumbled dollar bills and gave them to James.

“Thank you, sir,” said James. Ryan hopped on his bike, while he was riding away he heard James shout, “Next!”

Ryan knew the eggs and milk could be anywhere throughout the forest so he decided to try and remember where he had put them to go… ugh, Ryan had forgotten what he had done after he had set the eggs and milk down on a log. Now Ryan was doubting he even bought eggs and milk. That gave Ryan an idea, a good one, too. Ryan’s idea was he could go to the store to buy doubles of the eggs and milk, then Ryan remembered his “snack money” was actually the money he could’ve used to buy the doubles of eggs and milk. 

“Well, there goes my idea,” said Ryan to a tree. Ryan imagined the tree saying back, 

“You deserved it,” with a mean face that somehow resembled Anna’s. Ryan hopped back on his bike and rode off. 

Suddenly, Ryan stopped to see a raggedy old man, eating raw eggs and milk while sitting on a tree stump. Ryan looked carefully at the food and immediately realized that the old man, who probably couldn’t afford to get in the reserve, was gobbling his family’s food.

“Old man, where did you get that food?” asked Ryan, who was trying not to lose his temper.

“Well, if you want some, there’s plenty to go around, Ryan,” said the old man, smiling with his teeth all dark yellow.

“Wait, how do you know my name?” said Ryan suspiciously.

“I know a lot of things, Ryan,” said the old man with a wink.

“What’s your name?” asked Ryan, who was already creeped out by the fact that this old man knew his name.

“Johnathan, but you can call me John,” said Johnathan or John with a smile. Ryan suddenly asked a question he’d been meaning to ask ever since he’d known the old man he was currently talking to was the village drunk.

“John, can you tell me about the Magdusa?” asked Ryan curiously.

“Sure,” said John.

 Chapter 5

Information From John

John moved the eggs and milk next to the tree stump as he prepared to tell Ryan all about the Magdusa. 

“So Ryan, what do you want to know about the Magdusa?” asked the old man looking Ryan right in the eye.

“Uhhhh, everything you know, sir,” said Ryan who was shifting uncomfortably on his tree stump.

“Very well then,” said the old man.

“Well, okay then,” said Ryan with a fake smile plastered on his face.

“The Magdusa is believed to be 20 feet tall but I believe it is 6 foot 5 inches (6’ 5”) tall. Any questions?” asked John.

“If the Magdusa is that big, how come no one has seen it?” said Ryan.

“Well, many believe the Magdusa can turn any person it looks at into a food of its choice, but I believe the Magdusa turns into a human during daylight and into its monster form when the sun sets,” said John.

“But how does the Magdusa turn into its monster form without being seen by people?” said Ryan who was beginning to feel suspicious about John’s knowledge about this strange creature. 

“That is where the Watchung Reservation comes in, child. When it is night, the Magdusa goes into the forest and transforms into its monster form,” said John.

“But what if the Magdusa is seen by a person?” asked Ryan.

“The Magdusa won’t be seen because it always waits for people to fall asleep, then it comes out,” said John.

“But doesn’t the Magdusa eat humans? So how does the Magdusa eat humans when it waits for everyone to be asleep?” asked Ryan.

“If somebody sees the Magdusa in its monster form, it will hunt the person down and kill them,” said John.

The Feast (Gone Wrong)

Characters (Chapter 1)                

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Jack, and he was going to have an all-you-can-eat feast at his house that night! Jack also had a dog named Bob. They liked to cook. 

The Supermarket and the Cooking (Chapter 2)

First, they went to the local supermarket and got some fruits and vegetables. Next, they went to the butcher shop and bought some meat. Then, they went to the candy & cake shop to buy a strawberry and chocolate cake. Finally, they started cooking. 

Jack’s first dish was a tomato, lettuce, and bacon salad! Bob also made some ranch dressing to go with it (yes, Jack’s dog is talented and can do that). Next, they made some fried chicken and some barbecue sauce to go with it (which the dog made, of course). Then, a person rang on their doorbell. It was their neighbor, Honey. 

Honey said, “Your food smells so good! Can I try the chicken?” 

Jack said, “Yes! We have plenty more!” 

Honey replied, “Thanks!” and she was off. Then, they made a honey, meat, and broccoli sandwich. They had some spare honey at their house. Then, another person rang on their doorbell. It was their friend, Noah. He loved vegetables (because he always wore green). 

Noah said, “Hi! Can I try your salad? I could smell it from a mile away! It smelled so good!” 

Jack replied, “Yes, of course, Noah! After all, you’re my friend.” 

Noah smiled and said, “Thanks! Bye!” Then, person after person came. Emily tried the sandwich. Liam tried the salad. Ava tried the chicken. In a matter of minutes, all the food was gone. Then, when Jack opened the door, there were SO MANY PEOPLE waiting. His other neighbors came. All the people from Jack’s school came. Even the mayor came to try some!

The Problem (Chapter 3)

Jack was thinking, Oh no! How will I ever feed all these people? Everybody waiting outside Jack’s door wanted to get a taste of his food. James, Jack’s friend, said, “What’s taking so long? Where’s the food, Jack?” 

Jack replied, “You see, lots of customers have come to my house to taste some and now I’m fresh out of food!” Jack got his wallet and he said, “Uh oh! I’m fresh out of money! How can I get my money back?” He said to the people, “I’ll be right back, ok?” Then, he had an idea. He went to the bank and got a $2,000 loan. Unfortunately, he was going to have to pay the loan back. He was worried. He now had money, but he had to pay the money back to the bank. Then, he had another idea. He could use the money to make a store! Once again, he bought some more fruits and vegetables from the local supermarket. Next, he bought some meat from the butcher. Then, he bought a HUMONGOUS cake from the cake & candy shop. He also had to buy some wood, screws, and wrenches from Home Depot. Finally, he told his friends from school to help him build the restaurant. 

Jack and his friends decided on a name for the restaurant. They called it: Jack and Bob’s restaurant. He hired some construction workers to build the restaurant for him. Jack gave the wrenches and screws to the construction workers and they started working. The construction workers asked why Jack wanted to build a restaurant. Jack said, “It’s just all part of my plan.” The construction workers just ignored him and kept on working. 

Meanwhile, Jack was cooking up some dishes at his house. He also realized that spicy foods go well with ranch. So he used his spare ranch to cook up some spicy chicken wings with ranch on the side. Then, he realized another thing. He realized that he was using a lot of sauces in his dishes. So, he asked the construction workers to rename the restaurant to: Jack and Bob’s Saucy Restaurant. Then, he rushed to the sauce shop and bought A LOT of sauces. He bought honey mustard, ketchup, Russian dressing, and more! He went back to his house, excited to incorporate all his newly found sauces into his dishes. He could also mix and match his sauces. He came up with white sauce, which is a hybrid of ranch and mayo, red sauce, which is a mix of ketchup and spicy sauces, and more! 

Meanwhile, the construction workers were almost finished with Jack and Bob’s Saucy Restaurant. It had shiny chairs, glass windows, the kitchen (of course), and even a TV! When Jack heard it was finished, he ran as fast as he could to Jack and Bob’s Saucy Restaurant. Then, he worked on his menu. When it was finished, the menu looked a little like this. He had Chicken Wings with ranch, Pita Bread with white sauce, Marinated Cucumber with mustard, Artichoke with spinach dip, Goat Cheese bites with cheese sauce, Cheeseburger with buffalo sauce, Carbonara with egg yolk, Sushi with soy sauce, Chicken Kabob with teriyaki sauce, Fish Sandwich with fish sauce, Katsu with bulldog sauce, Tacos with hot sauce, and most importantly, THE CAKE

Once it was done, people flocked to Jack and Bob’s Saucy Restaurant. Since so many people came that day, Jack decided to hire some restaurant chefs. He made A LOT of money. He gave back the spare loan money to the bank. He had paid back ¼ of the loan ($500). Now, he had ¾ left to pay back ($1500). And each of the dishes cost $10. So, Jack did the math, and he needed to sell 150 dishes. BUT, from that first day, they had no more dishes to sell. So, Jack and his chefs had to work very hard. The next day, they put up a sign saying that they were closed for the day. But people still came to the restaurant and waited in front of the door. They worked and worked and worked. The next day, they reopened the restaurant. Little did they know, a thief was watching nearby, and when Jack wasn’t looking, the thief stole his money.

The Thief (Chapter 4)

The next day, Jack got a message from the police. It said, “A thief stole your money.” Jack said, 

Uh oh. Someone stole my money!!!” Another problem was that Jack had three days to pay back the loan. He still had ¾ of the loan to pay back ($1,500). So, within those 3 days, he needed to catch the thief and get his money back. He sprinted to Home Depot and started working on the trap. Jack called it the Food-Trap 3000. It had a net (of course), sauce dispensers, and more! He needed to know where the thief was to make his plan work. And coincidentally, there was a compass right on the ground that said, “This is where the thief is.” Jack said, “WOW!” Now he could track down the thief and eventually catch him.

Jack brought Bob along with him (because dogs have a good sense of smell) and the compass would only lead Jack in the general direction of the thief. He also brought security cameras with him so he could see where the thief was while the thief didn’t know where Jack was. Jack used the compass. He found out that he needed to go northeast. He went northeast and ended up in a park. Jack thought, This is where the thief lives? 

Reluctantly, he set up the trap in a nearby bush and hung the security cameras on the walls. So he waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, after 2 hours, he finally got a glimpse of the thief. He felt that something was wrong. He ignored it, but Jack was ready to fire. But, when he fired, the net missed, the sauces sprayed in the bushes, and it was a complete failure. But Jack wasn’t going to give up. So, he rebuilt the Food-Trap 3000 and made it the Food-Trap 4000. It had taco launchers, hamburger bombs (lol), and a Bob balloon. So they waited again. And waited AND WAITED. After another two hours of waiting, they finally caught the thief. Jack celebrated his victory. Then, he went to sleep. He had a VERY LONG day. It was 1:00 AM when he got back. He had 1 day to pay back the loan. He was hoping that he would sell enough dishes to pay back the loan.

The Loan (Chapter 5)

Jack had $1,000. He gave the money to the bank. He needed only $500 to fully pay back the loan. Then, Jack’s friends (including Bob) surprised him with a box containing 500$! 

Jack was speechless. He said, “Where did you get all this money?” 

Jack’s friends said, “We combined all of our money and it equaled a total of 500$.”

“Oh,” replied Jack. After that, he paid back the loan. Then, he cooked (of course) and then slept.

Cooking Showdown! (Chapter 6)

When Jack woke up the next day, he checked his mailbox. He found a big envelope that said in bold letters: 


Jack said, “WOW! BOB, COME HERE!” 

Bob said, “I like cooking! Let’s go!” 

Jack replied, “Ok!” He dressed into his clothes, grabbed his backpack, and went out the door. When he went out the door, he realized 111 cook street was 10 miles away! So, he took an Uber to get there. It was 11:00 when they got there. They still had one hour before the contest started. So they got some jelly doughnuts to eat to take up some time. They tasted SO good! Then, he went to the sign up and saw who he would be competing with. When he signed up, he saw a familiar face. Jack said, “Noah, is that you?” 

He said, “Yes, it’s me!” 

Jack replied, “Who are these other people?” 

Noah said, “I don’t know. We have some time before the competition starts, so why don’t we go shopping?” 

Jack said, “Ok!” So, Jack, Noah, and Bob went shopping. Jack bought a bracelet, Noah bought a cucumber eraser, and Bob bought a dog bone. By the time they were done shopping, it was time for the competition to start. The judge said, you must cook us an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert. Jack said to Bob, “Let’s make our chicken wings for our appetizer, our cheeseburger for our entree, and we’ll have to figure out our dessert.” 

“Begin!”said the judges. Jack checked what materials he had. There were fruits, vegetables, meat, grains, and dairy products! Jack whispered to Bob, “Quick change of plans, Bob. We’re gonna make our marinated cucumber.” Bob nodded his head. Jack fried the cucumbers while Bob prepared the mustard. Then, Jack got started on the cheeseburger. Jack got the materials for the burger, while Bob prepared the buffalo sauce. This was going really well for Jack and Bob. Now, they had to figure out dessert. 

Luckily for them, there was an ice cream dispenser, and there was a chocolate syrup dispenser. So he pumped some ice cream from the dispenser and poured the chocolate syrup on it, and put a juicy, red strawberry on top. When he was finished, there was one minute left on the clock. So he put the dishes on the plate. After he did that, the judges said, “TIME’S UP! The first person presenting their dishes is Noah!” 

Jack whispered, “You can do it, Noah!” 

Noah said, “For my appetizer, I present to you a small lettuce salad! For my entree, I present to you my basil and broccoli pizza! And, for dessert, I present to you eggplant-flavored ice cream!” One judge held up a 7. Another judge held up a 6. The final judge held up an 8. 

The next judge said, “Next up is the team of Jack and Bob!” 

Jack said softly, “Here we go.” When he presented, the judges said nothing. They were in awe. Each of the judges held up a 10. 

Then, the judges said, “Jack automatically wins this cooking competition!” Jack said, “That was easy.”  

The End (Yay)



The car hummed as we drove through the bridge. We were visiting Dad, who was sent to the war. I was bored of the long drive so I clicked the first station on the radio. “Small storms are coming and rain. Stay safe on slick roads and watch out for black ice.” Thunder claps. The water beneath us was rising and dropping as if having a seizure. Before I had time to process my thinking, another thunderclap struck a pole on the bridge and it fell behind us. “HURRICANE!” my mother shouted! The bridge started to lean in and out like a needle and patchwork. It gave way and the car landed in the choppy waters. The beautiful summer day quickly turned into a disaster.

Chapter 1: The Ride

I pulled on my jeans and red sweater over my white shirt. I went down to eat breakfast.

“Hello, Anne.” 

“Hi, Mom.” I walked toward the pancakes and grabbed my cell phone. 

“Hmmph. No phones at the table, Anne” 

“Sorry, Mom, I’m just texting Janess about meeting Dad.” 

Mom smiled. As alway,  her smile was warm and it made her brown hair pop out against the pink pale of her lips. My mom always looked glamorous no matter what, wearing brown, yellow (like she was), blue, and even green! 

“I can make an exception.” 

“Coming, Mom!” I yelled. Mom was in the car fussing with the seat belt. “Can we go now, Mom?” I smiled at Mom as if she were the one holding us up. 

“Haha. Very funny” I buckled my seatbelt and sat back. The trees we had passed by were fluffy and green, and I hadn’t paid attention to the time and it was soon that I fell asleep.

I woke up with a sickening feeling in my stomach for no reason. Not the sick type but the type that made you feel nervous or that something bad was going to happen. Do you know what I mean? The car hummed as we drove through the bridge. We were visiting Dad, who was sent to the war. I was bored of the long drive, so I clicked the first station on the radio. 

“Small storms are coming and rain. Stay safe on slick roads and watch out for black ice.” Thunderclaps. The water beneath us was rising and dropping as if having a seizure. Before I had time to process my thinking, another thunderclap struck a pole on the bridge and it fell behind us.

“HURRICANE!” my mother shouted! The bridge started to lean in and out like a needle and patchwork. It gave way and the car landed in the choppy waters. The beautiful summer day quickly turned into a disaster.

Chapter 2: Random Axe

The car was sinking and the doors were jammed. Then I got an idea. But I had to tell Mom, but how? I would be underwater! I swam to the back, to my bag. My eyes were already getting blurry and Mom wasn’t moving. I got an axe from the emergency trunk and smashed at the glass. Mom’s fingers were at her throat, gasping for air. I grabbed her, took my bag and axe, and swam to the surface. The hurricane had just ended 30 seconds ago. My body was shivering, Mom came back to life, and I forgot something. The rest of the emergency bag! It had floated out of the car and got stuck on the last remaining base pole of the bridge. The rest was gone. All of it could have fallen on top of us. I swam to a small nearby island. Ignoring the pains in my leg from the seat that fell back on top of it. Mom was awake and was helping paddle. Now, my only resource was that axe. I touched the sand and — black.

Chapter 3

I woke up and my mom had a bewildered look in her eyes. Her arms were filled with sticks. I knew that if I complained then we would most likely have many threats so I started to help. Ignoring everything. Fire was done by mom and I attempted to fish for fish but I couldn’t catch anything. Oh! The water bent the light which meant I had to plunge deeper into the water. But, first I needed a weapon. I grabbed a nearby stick, beckoned for the axe from Mom, and sharpened my spear. I found some berries that birds were eating and I thought, We are having a feast tonight. Mom continued chopping at a tree. 

My throat was roasted, gasping for water. I looked uncertainly at the water. Nobody would find us. The bridge was so long it crossed from one state to another. We were in the middle, no reach from either place. I plopped some berries in my mouth, mother didn’t want any. Yuck! No juice in them! I went over to the water. I started to cry. How did I land myself here! I scooped some water and — WHAM. My mother hit me lightly with a log. 

“No unclean water! We weave together a basket to separate some of the water and heat it to make it fresh!” 

“Mom, how did you make a fire?” 

“Simple. I got wet bark, obviously, everything is drenched, a tsunami passed OVER us. Then I hit the axe on another piece of wood so the sparks would land on it, and I blew it gently to give it oxygen, then boom!” Mom always got to work in a situation and ignored her own feelings. I sometimes felt bad for her…

Sneak peek on Part Two:

I woke up in the night screaming! “HELP! MY INSIDES ARE BURNING!” My chest was bursting and I fell into an uneasy sleep. “Of course! Those berries were bird berries! They’re poisonous to humans!”

The Importance of Art

Many people in this world do not have the privilege to make and create types of art at school. When you are doing art, time may fly by, but during the time that you are creating the art, your head can relax and calm down. During that time, nothing matters more than you and creating the art. Art may take up a lot of time, but when you get good at art, it is fun for you and will make you happy. Today, I am going to be talking about art, and how it helps people with their mental health, and why principals should provide fun art-related programs for their students to help them learn.

One reason why schools should have art programs is because art lets people be as creative as they want. Everybody’s artwork will be different, for art is one of the only classes that has a special feature. Even if you are following a set of steps, when you are coloring, or decorating your drawing, they will be different. Also, art is no competition, you can take as long as you want to finish a piece of artwork. It may take a few weeks, and those weeks may turn into months, and maybe even into years! It doesn’t matter how long it took you to draw your artwork, all that matters is what it turned into, and how much you like it. It is scientifically proven that when you are creating art, it makes you happier, and who doesn’t want to be happy?

The next reason why is because most people get stressed out after classes. If you are in a class that is very challenging for you, then you have to have a break, even if you don’t have art classes, you can bring a notepad and pencil to school, and even if you’re not good at drawing, you can still just start drawing random lines and let all you tension out. 5th grader Anna states, “Art is important in school because you have time to let your creative self shine out, it is also very fun to do art because most kids enjoy art. Lastly, you need to have a break from your brain because most classes there is a procedure you need to follow but in art, there is no specific rule, basically, you can do anything you want.” I 100% agree with Anna.

The last reason is that art makes you persevere. When you mess up, you have to restart and try a new tactic. This may help you with other work, like math, if you are trying a math problem, but you get the answer wrong, art may encourage you to retry and be patient. 4th Grader Sarah says, “I love to do art, and sometimes if I am doing homework and it gets kinda hard and I get stuck, I take a little break and do some sketching for art. It helps me relax and after ten minutes I try and go back to do my homework, and it makes me feel better doing it.” And once again, I agree with you, Sarah.

Art makes you persevere, be as creative as you want, and makes you happier. These are three out of the many reasons why you should create art. Even if you’re not good at it, try art if you have these problems. Art will make you proud of your artwork, just wait until you see it!

Kenzie’s Failing School


Traveling Chapter


Now, before we begin, I think that you need to know some things about Kenzie. For one, she’s an A – A+ student. For two, her full name is Kenzie Marian Brian Albus Margerete Renaya Roberts. It’s quite a mouthful, we can all agree on that. For three, she goes to Wolf Creek High. Her homeroom teacher is Mr. Amnesee, a kind-looking man with a very wide smile. His hair is shabby brown, and there’s a long scar running down the side of his cheek, making him look like he had been attacked by a tiger or something. Even though Mr. Amnesee has a very kind face, it makes his appearance very eerie, or at least uncomfortable. Kenzie has seen Mrs. Sapphire (the school’s vice-principal) shiver when he was present. And the final thing that you should know about Kenzie is that her parents are divorced (she lives with her dad because her mom left her when she was only 1 month old), and that she has a very annoying brother who’s in the last year of high school, whereas she’s still a sophomore. But the most important thing for you to know is that Kenzie’s a demigod (an offspring who is born from a god and mortal). Though she doesn’t know it. Her mom is Aphrodite. 

Kenzie has a story to share with you, a story that she couldn’t bear to admit, but it was simply the truth. HER GRADES WERE DROPPING! I hope that you, my dear reader, will pick out an important message, no matter what land this train is bringing you across. Now let’s get started! 

I couldn’t think straight. The creaking of the train’s wheel’s sounds was so irritating. I was on a train off to a nightclub place with her best friend, Peyton Alora Fleur Aisling Bexley Emerson Garcia. She had never told her her real name until I had forced her to, threatening to make a bee sting her if she didn’t tell. Something touched my ear. Oh. Just Peyton’s long, blonde hair. I went back to trying to concentrate. In the midst of the super annoying train — wheel — creaking — sounds, I remembered what my dad had once said:

“Life unfolds in chapters, whether you like it or not. They come in varieties, meaning that they can be all kinds of wicked and mean. But some are nice. So just take the time to enjoy that particular (nice) chapter when you can, and absorb all the happiness that you can while it’s still there. Remember: this happiness can really keep you enthusiastic sometimes, even in the bad and horrid chapters.”

“Kenzie.” Maybe I didn’t hear anything because I was so engrossed in my thoughts. “Kenzie!” The sound was like a whip to my skin.

“We’re almost there!” Peyton exclaimed. Her eyes were glistening, like the sun itself was inside each of them. As bright as the sun, I thought. Strange. Literally just as bright as the sun. The exact same gold, blaring light. Beaming outwards, from her eyes. 

She snapped loudly right in front of my eyes, making me have to cross-eye to see her blue-gradient painted nails. “KENZIE!”

I looked up, to meet those sunny eyes again. 


Understand Chapter


I reluctantly looked up. The building was vast, making me look as if I were an ant compared to an elephant. The windows were all made of glass and clear. I put her hand to the doorknob, which, I noticed, had the word “ON” carved in. With a deep breath, I pushed it open, to be greeted with a strangely warm gush of wind. Looking around, I sucked in the view. There was a DJ with a load of gears set up on a table. There was a stage in the very front of the room, with a microphone set there. I wondered why they still needed one if the music was already played by the DJ.  Platters of a variety of assorted fruits were all fanned out around the room. The room was strangely hot, but it all made sense since a tinge of excitement hung in the air. 

“Hey, I’m going to the bathroom,” Peyton said. I nodded.

While I waited, I sucked in all of the people, some looking as if they had hoped their whole life to be here, some looking as if some had been forced to come. Someone walked right into me. I toppled off-balance, trying to find somewhere that I could hold to steady myself, but instead felt my skin meet contact with a sharp edge. 

“Ouch!” I could feel my finger bleeding freely. 

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to bump into you!” A middle-aged woman with albino skin exclaimed. 

“It’s okay,” I murmured. “Hey, do you have any idea why there’s a microphone up there? Isn’t the music already played by the DJ?”

“Oh, you’re new to this as well, aren’t you? My daughter’s also plenty confused. She still doesn’t know that her dad’s Apollo,” she replied.

“What? You mean Apollo, god of archery, music and dance, truth and prophecy, healing and diseases, the sun and light, and poetry?” My brain was filling with thoughts. “How could  somebody be an offspring of Apollo?”

“Oh, silly, you don’t know, either? Well then, you’re a half-blood; half-god, half-human! Well, I guess that today’s your lucky day! I’ll give you a history lesson, if you don’t mind. I used to be a history teacher as well, you know. Now, long before the Greek Gods came to power, millennials before, the world was ruled by titans, led by the evilest of all, the titan Kronos. He was evil enough to devour his own children, Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus with a single gulp. Yet the three who were later to become the big three and ruler of the gods found a way out. They sliced Kronos to pieces and banished his remains to the depths of Tartarus. Kronos has been waiting all of these years to get revenge and be brought back to power. Yet only one demigod can defeat him — ”

“Hold your horses, what’s a demigod?”

“A demigod is the offspring of a god and mortal.”

“Oh, so that’s why my parents are divorced. My mom must be the god, then!”

“Yes, indeed.”

I was shocked, “Thank you very much. I have learned so much!” 


Mysterious Chapter


I pushed past her without waiting for her reply. I needed to find Peyton. I needed to find her and tell her everything. Just as I was outside the girls’ bathroom, someone stepped out — an old hag with rotted black teeth with a hood over her head, but there were loose pieces of deathly white hair atop the black hood. She pushed past me without a glance. Weird. I opened the door, and called Peyton’s name.


No response. 

“Peyton, are you there? This is no time to play games!”

Still no reply.


I knew that Peyton would have responded. She must not be here! But my eyes were pinned to this door while I was talking to the lady! The only way that Peyton could have gone out was through the pipes, which was a ridiculous idea. She had never been great at climbing, especially squeezing through tight, black places. 

But that’s when I spotted the old hag. I didn’t know why, but I decided to follow her. She wasn’t too far away, anyways. I dove behind, sliding between people, tailing the old hag. That’s when I noticed that she’d sat down at a table with the person I least expected to be here. I moved closer to eavesdrop, having a feeling that this would be good. The hag leaned closer.

“I’ve called her,” she whispered. Her voice was low, husky… and beautiful. 

“Thank you,” said Mr. Amnesee, nodding as he spoke. I slid under the nearest vacant table so that they wouldn’t spot me, though it didn’t seem to matter because they both seemed so sophisticated. 

“She will be very relieved once she hears,” the old had said. Rosmerta quickly opened her bag, revealing a photo of a woman with kind eyes, smiling, an aurora of power floating around. Thinking that I’d seen enough, I quickly moved between adjacent tables, making sure that I didn’t hit any of anybody’s feet. But only did I stop mid-pace when the old hag moved toward an abandoned hallway, near the entrance to what looked like a cellar. Looking behind herself, she scurried away, moving like death itself. I quickly debated with myself, wondering what I should do. I decided to follow the hag, maybe I could squeeze some information out of her.  I frantically looked back, making sure one last time that Peyton wasn’t here, or at least near, and tailed Rosmerta. I just noticed that, for an old lady, she scampered quite quickly. I was breathing heavily when I finally reached my destination, feeling as if I had already ran a mile.

I could feel something was going to happen. I looked around, searching for Rosmerta, but she was nowhere to be seen. Weird. My breaths grew ragged, my breathing frantic. Then I started to get nervous. WHAT IF ROSMERTA KNEW THAT I WAS HERE? WAS SHE JUST TRYING TO LURE ME INTO A TRAP? DID SHE KNOW THAT I WAS HERE AND WAS PLANNING SOMETHING? WAIT, WHAT IF SHE SAW ME THE WHOLE TIME? AHHHHH!          

Thinking about the possibilities, I shuddered. That’s when I spotted Rosmerta in the deepest part, cowering. That’s when she took out something. This something was very surprising indeed. It was a roll of tape. What could she possibly do with that? I wondered. But that’s when I heard a soft click. I saw the old hag take hold of a piece of tape, and stick it to a bare wall. I didn’t know exactly what she was doing, so I just watched. 

She was breathing heavily when she finally finished, so that the tape framed a small door big enough for her (and me) to fit in. I crouched behind a loose piece of wood, sweating for the unsureness. That’s when I noticed the tape had disappeared, so had the block of wall on where Rosmerta had framed the tape. I blinked several times, making sure that what I was seeing was correct. It was. I watched tentatively as the old hag stepped inside, took one deep breath, and changed right into Peyton. Wait, was I seeing right? Yup, I was. I WAS! I was so shell-shocked that I almost fell right out of my hiding place! I couldn’t believe my eyes!!      

I stayed still, listening. Then, with the whoosh of wind, a woman identical to the woman in the photograph appeared, looking around, eyes hard. Then, she stared at the exact spot that I was, eyes softening. 

Noticing my confusion, she said, “I’m your mother.” Her voice sounded soprano. I could’ve sworn that she would be a great female singer. “And you can come out now, Apollo. ”

A middle-aged white man appeared from the doorway. He waved his hand and left, hands in his pockets. 


Explanation Chapter


Aphrodite led me into the room where Apollo had transformed. 

“Why did you and dad divorce?” I blurted out. 

“It’s complicated.” Aphrodite fidgeted with her hands, which seemed very ungodly to me. 

It’s always been a sensitive subject for me, and I knew that, compared to being part of the chaos herself, Aphrodite may have a more specific reason. 

“Well, the simple explanation is that it didn’t work out. After I explained everything to him, you know, the fact that I’m not normal, and he freaked out.” Her eyes were like a portal to the past. I could almost see dad’s freaked face. 

“Anyways,” she took a breath and shook her head, the portal unwinded. 

I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful Aphrodite was. She wore a long robe, woven with exquisite silver fabric. Whenever she moved, it was as if the whole world bowed down to her. Every step she took, there was an era of power flowing around. Sometimes, there was an angry flash in her eyes whenever she was irritated. This warned the surrounding people now to deal with her. Not that any fool would want to without her signal. 

Her skin was a light shade of peach, not too dark, but not too pale. Her blonde hair, tied back into a perfect knot, was placed right splat at the back of her head. Her eyes were ocean blue, warm and kind, but also very stricken. Her lips were coated with sparkly red lip gloss, everything about her was so gentle, calm, yet at the same time powerful and forceful. You could tell that she wasn’t someone to mess around with, even if you didn’t know she was a Greek god. 

I looked up to meet those ocean blue eyes, sad.

“I have some questions to ask you,” I barreled on. Aphrodite immediately sat up straight, composing herself. 

“Anything.” Her face was warm, sadness long forgotten. “But, if these somehow reach out of my authority line, I cannot do anything to help you. Hera will be extremely angry with me. And when she’s mad, she’s MAD,” she said, her face suddenly serious. Shaking her head, she peeked at me. I couldn’t hold her gaze. 

“So… ” I stuttered for words. I didn’t know what to say. I mean, this is the first time that I’ve even spoken to someone with authority, let alone a goddess. 

“I want to know why you left daddy,” I settled with something straightforward. 

I knew nothing about being a god. That was probably pretty off since I was the daughter of Aphrodite, the god of love and beauty. But I still wasn’t her. AT ALL. Literally. 

“Oh.. ” She spoke as if she knew what was coming, yet she feared it. I couldn’t bear to admit it, but I liked the look on her face. It was a mixture of annoyance and overwhelmingness. It was quite unusual for a god to look like that. Yet there is a difference between reality and fantasy. And if you took a look at my mom’s face then, you would’ve guessed that she just got stabbed in the back with a dagger. 

“Well, I need you to know that we, well, separated because of the rules passed on through generations. I loved him very much. I wouldn’t have made the choice to divorce if I were a regular mortal. In fact, I love him with all my life. I might even die for him. But you need to know that things are the way they are, even if you wish that they weren’t. I always thought of playing with the thought of being normal. To be a typical mortal with a happy family, living a normal life. But when you’re, well, me, that would be a dream come true if it actually happened.”

A single tear slipped down her cheek. 

“Rules are rules, aren’t they?” She forced a sad smile, her voice trembling.

“Oh,” I said again. What can I say? I was preparing myself to hear my own mother tell me the real reason, but a wave of nausea still wrapped around my gut. I felt my nails bite into my hand. Then a strange thing happened. A smell of smoke. Then a flash of light. And before my eyes, Aphrodite was gone. 

“So, class, the answer to this problem is π^2. Any questions?!” Mr. Amnesee announced to the class. I looked up, deciding to stop picking my nails. The polish was peeling off, anyway. I was going to make mom proud. I was going to become an A+ student again. 

Ms. Imaginashon

Chapter 1: Earthquake Disaster

Once, there was a girl named MS. Imaginashon. She helped people think of ideas. She loved her job that Mister Meyer gave her. My name is actually Loona. I am from planet Magination, same as my mom, MRS. Imaginashon, and my dad, MR. Imaginashon. People wonder how we came to planet Earth.
Well, it all started when I was a baby on planet Magination, a place where all the people had the best imagination. But one day, MR. Romio heard there was going to be a humongous earthquake on planet Magination. Everybody quickly left the planet using their imagination, and Loona and her family ended up on planet Earth in the country, America, in the state, West Virginia.
Loona realized she looked very different from everybody around them. They had big heads and they had four hands that looked like octopus hands and they were neon pink. The people in West Virginia did not know who they were and what they were doing there. Loona remembered that she had a paper bag so she took it from her suitcase and put it on her head because she was very, very embarrassed. Do not worry, they do not breathe!
The mayor of West Virginia’s granddaughter saw the imagination family and called her grandfather, Mayor Justice, to come look at what the new creatures were in her own state of West Virginia.
The Mayor was worried so he took some officers and went out the door to see the new visitors. When Mayor Justice arrived, he freaked out and shouted, “Stop, in the name of the law. Tell me who you are and why are you here!”
So Loona and her family did, and her father (AKA Mr. Imaginashon) said, “We are from planet Magination and there was a big earthquake and we ended up here to save ourselves.”
The Mayor froze and said, “Are you guys aliens?”
Loona and her mother and her father looked at each other and said, “What are aliens?”
The Mayor’s granddaughter said, “They are people who come from another planet.”
Loona looked confused and answered, “But you are from another planet than we are, does that make an alien?”
At that point, everyone from West Virginia standing there, including the mayor, his officers, and the granddaughter, couldn’t stop laughing. Mayor Justice decided the Magination family was nice and invited them to stay at his house.

Chapter 2: The Mystery Dessert

When they got to the Justice house, Mayor Justice showed them to their room and gave them some privacy. The clock turned 6:00 P.M. which meant time for dinner. Luna and her family were so excited to taste the dessert. Guess what it was? I am not going to tell you. Okay, I will tell you, but you have to read the next chapter.
When they got to the diner table, they sat down and ate the most delicious thing ever! It was pizza. They ate three whole pizzas because it was so good. Suddenly, it was the time they had been waiting for — dessert! Okay, I’ll tell you right now — it was CHOCOLATE CROISSANTS!!
Each of the Imaginashon family members ate 18 of them. Loona was about to get out of her riahc, oops, sorry! I said it in Magination language. I will switch back. Loona was about to get out of her chair when a siren went off. Tornado alert! Tornado alert!! Loona asked the Mayor what a tornado was. Mayor Justice said, “It is a very big wind that is formed by hot air and cold air.
Loona said, “Do we stop, drop, and roll?”
The Mayor couldn’t help but laugh. Suddenly, he said, “No, we have to seek shelter in the basement.”
Loona did not go to the basement. She thought and thought and thought until she got the perfect idea.

Chapter 3: The New Invention

Loona told her family and the Mayor that she was going to “the people that make things.” Mr. Justice said it was called an engineer. She thanked Mr. Justice for teaching her the correct word.
Loona’s BIG idea was to make a palm tree that was metal inside so it would stand up if the tornado came. The palm tree would also have moving roots and a brain that would help protect them in case the tornado or another disaster came. Each palm tree would have a parachute mode, a shield mode, and a sleep mode. The Mayor loved the idea but was worried about all the other people in West Virginia. Loona said they should make more palm trees for each family. The Mayor was so happy with the plan and brought Loona to the head engineer and she asked if he could make 1,000,000 more. Loona asked with a big bright smile on her face. The engineer was so shocked that he almost fainted and said,
“Sorry, kid, but that is too many for one day. We only can make one.”

Chapter 4: The Robot Family

Loona was disappointed. She went into the corner of the room and sat criss cross applesauce with her hands on her knees and hummed, “Hmm, hmm, hmm.” She thought very, very, very hard and finally came up with an idea of how to make moving metal people who could help with engineering the palm trees. She ran and told the engineers her idea. “Okay!!” they said “But you have to help us.”
She didn’t think once of saying no, so they went right to work. They first made a sketch of how it should look like. Then they took out metal plates and attached them together. Finally, they made arms and legs.
“Viola!” Loona said. They turned on the power button and then Loona said, “Look at that thing!”
The engineers asked Loona what she wanted to call this invention. She thought hard and finally said, “Robot, it is called a Robot.” If you ask me, this is the first time robots were invented. They made 2,000 of them!! When they were done, they started working on the palm trees. They needed to make them quickly because the tornado was coming. They went right to work. With the help of the robots, they finished one tree, then two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, and on and on. They kept on making the metal palm trees. 6,000 trees, 7,000, 8,000… 100,000, 200,000….
The engineers were so tired but Loona and the engineers did not think of stopping. They made more and more and more until they couldn’t help it anymore, they were up to 999,999. One of the engineers screamed, “I can not do it anymore.”
The others said, “I am tired.” Loona knew everyone was exhausted and tried to re-energize them. She said, “We can do it! Its just one more tree!”
The engineers looked at each other and said, “Okay, we’ve got this! We will do it for Loona and West Virginia.”
So they made one more. Right when they finished, the tornado came and… read the next chapter to find out.

Chapter 5: The Escape of Doom

The tornado came and the room started to shake. Tables fell and the robots and palm trees were flying in the air and out of the building. Suddenly, they all heard a huge BOOM and the building collapsed. Loona’s mother, who was still in Mr. Justice’s house, heard the boom and saw the building her daughter was in collapse to the ground. She started to cry. She was so worried about Loona. She cried and cried until she saw a little yellow dot. It came closer and closer and closer until she realized it was a yellow parachute and it landed right in front of her. Loona’s mother looked at her husband, who was also crying, and said, “That is Loona! That is Loona! That is Loona!” with tears of joy running down her face.
Loona took the large yellow parachute off her shoulders and ran to her parents. Loona explained how she survived the BOOM. “It is all because of the trees that we made — when I heard the BOOM, I quickly turned on parachute mode!” Then Loona said, “We need to go back and give all the trees to the other people of West Virginia, if it saved me, it could save them.”
However, Loona noticed the robots and most of the trees were gone, how weird! Suddenly, Loona’s father, mother, Mayor Justice, and his granddaughter heard a rumble. They took out their palm trees and used it in shield mode. Right then, they all heard the song, “One maca two maca three macarena.”
They walked closer to where the music was coming from and saw little creatures who were made out of metal, otherwise known as Loona’s robots. Behind the robots were all the people of West Virginia, safe and sound. How amazing, the robots collected all the people during the big BOOM. Loona was worried the tornado may come again so she called out to all the people, “Turn your palm trees into shield mode.” Hours passed and it started to get late. Loona kept on yawning and she knew everyone must be tired too. So she called out to the people once again to put the palm trees in sleep mode so that they could sleep and still be protected. They all listened to Loona’s directions and put on sleep mode. In one minute, all of West Virginia was in a deep, deep sleep. The next day, when Loona woke up, she became the state hero.

Chapter 6: The New Job

The Mayor made a big party to celebrate the end of the tornado and gave Loona an award. Although Loona was just a child, he gave her an important job. The job was to give people ideas. For now on Loona was….


Dear readers:
This is Loona, I have a question for you … do you think this actually happened or was it made up in my imagination!?!?!? Enjoy thinking about that!

3 Seconds of Paranoia

Item: SCP-5327

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: No current containment procedures for SCP-5327 have been developed yet due to its unknown nature. Ideas have been left open for interpretation.

Description: SCP-5327 is a 3 second period in time where everything momentarily stops. All life ceases on Earth. The 3-second interval may or may not have happened already. There is no current way of telling how many times SCP-5327 has occurred, or when. Anyone that experiences SCP-5327’s effects soon forgets that it ever happened. Alongside forgetting SCP-5327’s events, the world seems to change every time SCP-5327 occurs. Records of anger before an SCP-5327 manifestation seemingly transpire after SCP-5327’s effects cease.

Addendum-5327-01: The following recording is a transcripted video of someone who claims to be Drew [REDACTED] poorly explaining an SCP-5327 manifestation. Apparently, he is the only current human to remember the effects of SCP-5327. He is currently being held in Site-49.

Video Begins: Heavy panting can be heard.

[00:30] I’m recording this because something just happened. Something really weird that I don’t even know that if I can explain — I don’t know if I can explain it.

[00:50] Time —

Long pause.

[01:46] Time just —

A second long pause.

[03:09] Time just froze. Or something — I don’t — I don’t — … How? I don’t know, nothing makes sense right now. I was feeling happy just a moment ago, but now I feel stressed and scared. I feel scared to move. I need —

Another long pause.

[05:34] I need help! Am I going insane?! The bird stopped in midair, midair! Midair! Midair!

Voice continues to grow louder.

[06:20] Midair! HOW DO — Freezing in midair is normal. This is normal. Well, I’m going insane. Help. I f — Feel — Midair! Midair! Fine — Freeze — I was happy, Freeze! Midair! Midair! Freezing in midair is normal. Midair! HOW DO — Freezing in midair is normal. This is normal. Well, I’m going insane. Help. I f — Feel — Midair! Midair! Fine — Freeze — I was happy, Freeze! Midair! Midair! Freezing in midair is normal. Midair! HOW DO — Freezing in midair is normal. This is normal. Well, I’m going insane. Help. I f — Feel — Midair! Midair! Fine – Freeze — I was happy, Freeze! Midair! Midair! Freezing in midair is normal. Midair! HOW DO — Freezing in midair is normal. This is normal. Well, I’m going insane. Help. I f — Feel — Midair! Midair! Fine — Freeze — I was happy, Freeze! Midair! Midair! Freezing in midair is normal. Midair! HOW DO — Freezing in midair is normal. This is normal. Well, I’m going insane. Help. I f — Feel — Midair! Midair! Fine — Freeze — I was happy, Freeze! Midair! Midair! Freezing in midair is normal.

Voice continues to go into nonsensical babble throughout the rest of the recording. Other voices can be heard in the background.

end tape

Addendum-5327-02: The following recording is a transcripted video from Site-49. Drew [REDACTED] is being held for an interview by Dr. Fent.

video begins.

Dr. Fent: Drew [REDACTED]. You have witnessed a manifestation of SCP-5327 before. We need you to describe that exact manifestation so we can analyze it better.

Drew [REDACTED]: I — I —

Officer Temmy: D-2911, if you do not respond, you will be terminated.

Dr. Fent: Give him time to recover, we can come back to this interview later if that is okay with you, Drew.

Drew [REDACTED]: I — I —

Dr. Fent: Terminate this interview.

video ends.

Attempt 2-5327-Witness-Communication:

video begins.

Dr. Fent: I’ll say this again, we need you to describe the SCP-5327 manifestation that you witnessed. If you do so, we might let you have a normal life again with class-c amnestics.

Drew [REDACTED]: I… I… Need more time…

Dr. Fent: D-2911, you have been given multiple weeks to recover. If you do not respond, you will be killed.

Drew [REDACTED]: I… OKAY! I was walking back to my house in Massachusetts, and then I froze. This would be normal. It would seem like I was in a sudden shock. But everything! Everything around me froze! The bird!! —

Dr. Fent: Calm down…

Drew [REDACTED]: Then there was this man… He looked like he was made out of galaxies. It was cool at the moment, but looking back… What the hell was that!?!

Dr. Fent: That’s what we’re trying to figure out. And what you are not allowed to know. Please continue.

Drew [REDACTED]: He… It touched me on the shoulder… And I started to record a video… And, I don’t even know if this is real anymore. I may have just gone insane.

Dr. Fent: We scanned your brain. It happened.

Drew [REDACTED]: I don’t have anything else to say…

Dr. Fent: Thank you. We can terminate this interview now.

video ends.

Extra Notes: Who is this person? – Dr. Fent.

Hello, Dr. Fent! You are the owner of this file. Would you like to edit anything?


Access Granted! HAGD!

“Hello, this is Dr. Fent writing. Um… I’m putting this at the end of the file to say that I don’t fully understand this anomaly.

Normally, I’m on top of things, but this is just confusing.

The person that D-2911 described… I don’t understand it. There’s some information that’s being blocked out. That I can’t see.

Probably the only people who have access to the higher information is the O5-Council.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any more information regarding SCP-5327. I can’t find any other information that could be of use, and even if I did, it’s probably going to be the death of me.

One day, I hope this gets revealed.

Because I feel that this is more than 3 seconds of paranoia and pause.”


Good man, Dr. Fent. He knows when to chicken. – O5-12.

Hello, O5-12. Would you like to access file 5327-O5?


Please enter passcode.


Access Denied. Impersonating an O5 Council member will be a cause for termination. Please enter code to cancel MTF deployment at your location.

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party. I^H Because I would not stop for death he ^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H Death he kindly stopped for me. Red Sky in Morning Sailor take e^H wArning.

Access Granted. MTF deployment has been terminated.


Access Granted. Accessing FILE 5327-O5…

[UNKNOWN]: You wanted to talk to me?

[REDACTED]: If it’s the death of me. I want to understand.

[UNKNOWN]: Understand what part of what I do?

[REDACTED]: Why do you freeze time for three seconds rapidly?

[UNKNOWN]: So you have seen through those.

[REDACTED]: Why do you do it?

[UNKNOWN]: I’m saving you. Saving you from what you should fear most. The end of humanity. I don’t know if that’s a top priority, but I am trying to contain this… this… this beast that could rip apart everything. I have been constantly trying to discover new ways to keep it contained, and by pausing time shortly, it seems to have an effect.

[REDACTED]: Could you explain more about this anomaly?

[UNKNOWN]: I don’t think so. This is because you can’t see it. It exists, but it’s invisible to the naked eye. The best description I can give you is that it’s a terrorist atom. It has grown bigger over the years to the point where it’s feeding off of some nearby galaxies. I don’t know how much longer I can keep doing this though. As I said, I’m constantly developing new ways to deal with the threats it brings. It seems to adapt to whatever I attempt.

[REDACTED]: Well… Just know… You have full support from us and the GOC. We are working together to help with your cause.

[UNKNOWN]: Thank you. Goodbye, O5-1. I hope to see each other soon.

[REDACTED]: Same here.


Kayla and the New Land

Chapter One: Kayla and the New Town


“Hi, I’m Kayla. I’m three years old and I live in a small town called HERISHI. I wuv my family awot.”

Knock, Knock. 

My mom ran to the door and my mom saw that it was the community police that would go around our town to check to see if everything was good. At first, Mom thought that we might have done something wrong, but when the police came, they said, 

“I see you have a bunch of past-due bills. And that’s a problem,” they told my mom. “Either you have to pay those bills back or we will have to fly you to America and give you and your husband a house and a job and you have to stay there until you can pay the money.”

After a month, we got to America. Luckily, the war had been over by then for a year. People were dancing in the street. I now lived in a small apartment room and I was now seven. My mom got me a backpack. It was really cool. She put it on me and said, “You are special.”

I said bye to my mom and I walked to school. I looked next to me as if my two best friends were I killed everyone. A girl came up to me and said, “Hey, twerp, I’m here and you’re there.” She pointed to the trash.

She grabbed me and pulled my head in there. I wanted to punch back but instead, I said, “Thank you.” 

I walked around and then there was a MEEP MEEP! I said to myself, “First bell is the toughest bell of the new year.”

I put my hoodie on my head and then I walked to class. I was so close, then I got stopped by a girl from the chess club who gave me a flyer. I said, “Thanks.” She was spitting at me while she was talking like a kindergartener. She said, 

“Welcomes, I tells yours news. Here’s a flyers.”

Finally, I got to class. The teacher said, “Get your textbook out, it’s time for history.”

Everyone was like, “Ugh!” 

But kind me said, “Can we learn about Hitler during the war he was a bit well diabolical?”

She stepped back and grunted. I laughed because I saw someone grunting on the streets, but I think this one was serious.

Chapter 2: The Heart Attack


She was grunting she was on the floor in pain. I was worried right then and then I knew. She was having a heart attack. I went to my teacher and said, “Where is your phone?” She fell on the floor. The class said, 

“Get the principal! Get the nurse!”

I took the phone and called 12345678. The people in my class said, “Call 119! Call 911!” I called the smartest one I heard. I called 119. It took me to a lady screaming in the phone saying,

“Lacey, stop it! You’re not funny!” 

 And I said, “It’s not Lacey, it’s Kayla!”

She said again, but yelling, “lAcEy sToP PrAnK cAlLiNg!!!”

I said, “Lacey is funny and she can prank call.” 

I hung up the phone then I called 911. They didn’t answer cause they were taking a break from the WWII people. The last thing we had to do was call the principal and the nurse. Everyone walked out of class. There were teachers yelling, and a lot of kids got spanked with paddles, but the only one left was me. I rolled over, did a tumble, and hit my head on a locker. I said dramatically, “This is the end!” I went on the floor. 

Happily, I got up and sprinted. I stopped and I was in the middle of trouble (if you didn’t know, it was still my first day of school so I HAD NO CLUE). My dad always said, “When you’re in the middle of trouble, do the smartest thing I repeated to myself the smartest thing the smartest thing I thought what is the smartest thing ?”

Chapter 3: The Dumbest Thing Ever!!!


I kept tumbling and I got stopped by the lunch lady. She said, “What are you doing out of class?” Now, so you understand, this had been going on for two hours now. I said,

“Uh, uh, I… “

Luckily, it was lunchtime. She said, “Kid, stay out of trouble.” She went to the cafeteria.  I sneaked, and still dramatically, then at the right time got to the nurse’s office. I told her. She said my teacher might be dead. She asked me if I knew CPR. I said, 

“Yes, one of my dad’s jobs was CPR during the war.”

When we almost got to the classroom, she said, “You’re a brave kid.”

I said, “Thank you.”

We sprinted to my classroom. We got there and she was on the floor, dead. I could tell she was not breathing. The last thing I could do was CPR.

1-2-3-4-5, again. 1-2-3-4-5, again. 1-2-3-4-5.

She didn’t wake up. The nurse had a breathing thing that would help her breathe. I thought while I was helping her, What could the hospital be doing? Probably eating donuts. I thought they restored for health. 

Soon, the principal came and understood what was going on. Everyone got to go home early and the teacher was dead.

I went home to my small apartment and I saw Dad there, just Dad

 Chapter 4: Dad


I asked Dad, “Where’s Mom?”

“Home,” Dad said. 

Home. I know he had to be joking because we were home. I knew something was up. He didn’t ask me how school was. I asked, “What’s going on?”


I sighed. “Dad, tell me.”

He said again, “Nothing, okay? Now there are kids in this apartment playing downstairs. Go check it out.”

I stomped outside the door and cried, “UUGGGHHH!!!” I went downstairs to the kid’s playground and I saw three girls and two boys. They were chasing each other. I ran to get the closest weapon I could find and held it up and said,

“WhAt’S GoInG oN?”

They all laughed. I was confused. Wha — there was one girl, she had wavy hair that was so smooth and very nice clean clothes. 

She said, “Oh, we forgot to introduce ourselves. I’m April, and that’s Sunny, Dany, Sam, and Sammy. Sam and Sammy are twins. These are my friends.”

“You must be new,” said Sammy. “Where are you from?” 

April said, “The twins are very nosy, ignore them.”

I still answered his question. “I’m from Herishi.” 

They all laughed. “You mean, back in the time during the war? You were alive? That’s why you tried to kill us?”

“Well, yes, I guess.”

“It’s okay,” said April. Dany rolled his eyes.

“Why are you here?”

“Well, I don’t know — “

“Ignore him. C’mon, we will fix you up. We’re American. We have the new stuff.” She showed me a little thing with spikes. I said,

“I surrender.”

“No, silly,” said Sammy. “It’s a brush for your tangled hair.”

I was confused. Sammy said, “Danny and Sam, stay here.” They pulled me to the second floor to a very nice apartment. April said hi to her mom and went to her room. They placed me down. Sam went to April’s closet to see if there were any outfits for me to wear. April gently brushed all of the tangles out of my hair. While April brushed my hair, I thought, What is going on with my dad? Where’s my mom? I thought less and let them do what they had to do. Sam eventually found a good outfit for me. It had a big dog on it and a nice sparkly striped turtleneck. I put it on and I loved it. I asked if I could keep it and April said yes. I wanted to go home so I made an excuse to leave. I ran to the fourth floor, to my apartment. My mom and dad were crying. I wondered, Will we move again? My mom and dad said, 

“We have to get a new job.” 

I laughed. “Why so sad? We can make money.”

Chapter 5: The Job


They did not want a job so I just ignored them and went to my room. I got out a book and wrote: Now that I’m in America, what will I do?

I wrote down:

1.Make friends

2.Become rich

3. Become famous

4. Go home

I always wondered what rabies were. I heard rumors about it being in America. Maybe tomorrow after school, I would see what rabies were. Would I even have school tomorrow?

My dad called me down and asked what I was doing. I lied and said nothing. He said, “There’s no school, what happened at school today… ”

“Well,” I said, “Long story short, my teacher may be dead from a heart attack.” Then I ran to my room until dinner. I kept writing, 

“What will I do in America?”

My mom called me down this time and I went to the kitchen and asked, “Yes?” She said dinner was ready. I was so happy. It was Herishi’s best dish.

It was a bread shaped like a donut with tomato sauce covered in cheese, then some pepperoni. My mom said, “It’s called pizza in America.”

I wasn’t listening but instead, I just enjoyed my food. When I was done, I went to the bathroom and picked up a toothbrush. Thugga thugga thugga thugga. Then I put on pajamas and went to bed. The next morning, I woke up to a note saying — oh, well, I forgot to say, well I couldn’t read so I’ll show you what it said: 

We are at a job interview, there is cereal in the fridge. April’s mom will watch you

Ps: Mamma and Papa

Well I knew what cereal was so I went to the cabinet to get Frosted Flakes and to the fridge to get milk. I heard to knock on the door, it sounded like: Knock kna kna knock. I opened the door. There were two girls standing there. One was April, she had a button-up shirt and a striped pair of pants and was holding a slice of bread. Then her mom, with scrunchies in her hair and a onesie, holding bread.

I let them in. She placed the bread on the table and sat down. I finished my cereal and got some toast, it was soooo goooooooood. I took like five  more slices to the point were I was so full, I could barely walk without jumping.

April chuckled. “You must like it.”

As I looked at her toast, she finished her toast right when I went to grab it.

I sighed. Mealanie (the mom) said, “Girls, go change.” She threw April a white t-shirt with a blue skirt and threw me a baby blue shirt with shoulders like a flower and an orange bottom. I changed. April came into my room. 

She said, “Wanna watch Adventure of Mr. Puppy Face and Prickly?” (Matilda Magaldi, 2020).  I said, 

“Yes, but where will we watch it?”

She laughed. “You have a TV!” I was confused. She said, “Think of it like this: a moving picture.”

When I said that I knew what she was talking about, we went to the living room and I just sat there. I waited for the TV to come on. When it turned on, I loved it. My favorite part was when Prickly had her birthday party, eeee!

 Chapter 6: Parents


So when my parents got home, I was happy they had a face as if 1 million dollars was in front of them. They pulled out two hands and said, “We got a job!” Reeeeee! I was happy and was so excited, I did a little dance and said,

“Hitting the kay!” Kay stood for Kayla Alli Yeeck (pronounced y-eck). I stopped dancing and asked, “What job did you get, Papa?”

My dad smiled and said, “I’m your new teacher!” There was an awkward pause. I sighed.

“Why my class?”

Well,” he said, “I thought you would like it.”

I wasn’t happy. I held my hand up for my dad to stop and asked my mom, “What’s your job?”

My mom sighed and said, “I don’t think you will like it.” I immediately knew she was working at my school. I got really mad and stomped to my room. I didn’t even have dinner.

The next morning, I held my belly and felt like I was going to vomit. April told me, “If you need to throw up, go to the bathroom.” I ran to the bathroom and krrrr! There it went, this brown goo came out of my mouth. My mom came running to the bathroom and saw me. It kept coming out. I didn’t feel well. My dad ran to the cabinet to get medicine. Then he went to the basket to get a blanket for me, he also got a bucket. My mom picked me up and sat me down on the couch. He put on the TV to Tails of Mr. Puppy Face and Prickly. They told me where all the food was for breakfast and told me there would be no babysitter. I ignored them and just slouched. I enjoyed watching my Puppy Face. I heard two knocks on the door. I opened it and coughed. It was….

A salesman. He was at my front door saying “Hello, ma’am. Want some yummy peaches?”

I slammed the door and said, “This is not America.”  

I walked back and forth. “I don’t want peaches, I don’t want peaches.”

Then I heard another knock on the door. I practiced fast, saying, “I dOnT WaNt AnY pEaChEs!” I opened the door and yelled,

“I DON’T WANT ANY YUMMY PEACHES!” Then there was a pause. I looked up and it was April holding in tears. I held out my hand and apologized. She was all dressed up so I told her I couldn’t make it to school today, sorry. Then I closed the door. I jumped on the couch as if I weren’t sick anymore but again I still had to vomit. 

A few hours later, I heard my mom and dad come in. I jumped up and they had ishi pizza. It’s like pizza in Italy but it’s from Herishi. I immediately knew something was up. I jumped up and asked, “Did you quit your job? Did you kill someone? Are we going home?” 

They all chuckled and said, “No.” My mom hugged me and asked,

“Are you feeling better?”

 I said yes, and I jumped up and said, “PIZZA!!”

I ate a lot of it. It tasted like a gooey, yummy, cheese sensation, and I went to bed. The next day, I had to go to school. Ugh, school. I hated school now that my dad was my teacher. It was gonna be so awkward. So I put my happiest face on and walked out of my room. I waited for my dad to drive me to school, but instead, my mom and dad drove me to school. I found out MY MOM WAS MY PRINCIPAL. I held my excitement in and waited until I got to schoolground. When we got to schoolground, I jumped and said, “GOOD GRADES FOR LIFE!” But then I wondered, Wait a minute, why would I be happy with my mom as my principal and my dad as teacher? After that thought, I quietly walked away before my mother saw me. I walked into class aka homeroom and told April, “My dad is our teacher.” I told her to tell Sammy and tell Sammy to tell Sunny.

She chuckled and said, “Okay.”

My dad came in and said, “Okay, class, quiet down, start your warm-up. I’ll be writing down our schedule for the day.” I toughened up and started my warm-up. It was pretty simple but I had trouble with one question. It was:


What is the missing number n?


I raised my hand for my dad to come and help me and he came over and bent down and asked, “What do you need help with?” I showed him the paper. He told me to take 80 away from 200 and add 4+2 said 6 he gave me a high five and he said, “Add the 80 and you have your answer.” I wrote in my neatest handwriting:


What is the missing number n?


After that, I was done. On the board, what it said next was to get out your math book to practice 3 digit addition and 1 digit subtraction. I opened my math book to exactly page 560  and I continued until page 565. I stopped and I was so bummed the bell rang. I got my backpack and before everyone left for lunch, my dad said, “Have fun!”

I stayed behind and asked, “Dad, what’s for my lunch?”

He said, “Go to your desk, your mom is picking up pizza. She should be back by now.” I heard three knocks on the door (not like I was counting) and I opened the door. It was my mother. She was holding a happy meal. Back in Herishi, McDonald’s was a thing. I jumped up and down and quietly said, 

“I’m special! I get to have lunch with my mom and dad!” I sat at my desk while my mom sat at my dad’s desk. I enjoyed my burger and fries. There was another knock. I peeked and it was April. She said she wanted to eat lunch with my parents and me. I let her in and we talked about what we would do after school. My mom checked her watch and said, 

“Oh my, lunch is over, take her to recess with the other kids.” My dad said, 

“Okay,” and held April’s and my hands and we walked out the door and another door and another door to recess. I never had recess before so I didn’t know what to expect. April held my hand and dragged me to Sunny and Sammy. I asked,

“Where are Dany and Sam?

Sammy replied, “They don’t go to this school.”

“Oh,” I said.

“We have 15 minutes so let’s play tag!” Sunny said. I jumped up and said,

“Okay!” Well… I knew what tag was, it originally came from Herishi so I was pumped. We played tag until recess was over then we went back inside. 

“Two more hours left of school,” Sammy said with a smile on her face. 

“Are we going to the play area after school?” I asked.

Sunny replied with a smirk, “Of course we are, now let’s focus.” I raised my hand. 

“What are we doing?” I asked. My father smiled and said,

“Continue on that page and wait for everyone to finish up.”

“Okay,” I said and got back to work.

Chapter 7: A Few Years


Well, a few years passed by and I was now in the 5th grade and well I was ready to learn more! Sammy and Sam moved and so did Dany which left me off with April and Sunny. Sammy and Sam, well I still got in contact with them but other than that I had not seen their faces in so long apart from the time they would send me pictures or videos on the holidays. I still lived in my apartment though with my mom and my dad. We also now had a cat. I think you know what that is. As I moved up in grades, my dad was still with me apart from second grade. I was now a straight-A student with no favoritism. I earned it. My mom was still the principal and will forever be the best, just like my dad. Now back to the story.

Chapter 8: School


So it was a Monday and my first day of fifth grade. I was gonna ask my dad to drive me but instead, Sunny and April wanted to walk me so I got out of my room, grabbed my backpack and my waffle, and ran. I said bye to my mom, my dad, and my cat, and left the room. I went outside to see April wearing a green turtleneck and her hair was straight and Sunny was wearing the same thing but with a blue turtleneck and blonde hair. I was wearing the same thing but with a yellow shirt and black hair. As we walked, I looked to the right and the left of me to see my best friends. Wait a minute, that reminded me of my very first day of second grade… anyway, we walked and we got to school. We did our secret code word: hehe hoho go go to do do. Which meant, translation: time to go to school into class.

We all looked at each other and hugged each other. “Our last first day of school,” Sunny said. April corrected and said, 

“Our last first day of elementary school.”

I laughed, then I walked in and breathed in and out. This year we got lockers so in my backpack, I had some decorations but before I decorated, I wondered, it’s been three years, have we made the money yet?

Anyway, I wanted to enjoy my year. I put a picture of my cat in my locker and put a mini disco ball and a fluffy carpet and a big K for my name. After that, the school bell rang. I toughened up and said, “First bells have no mercy against me.” While I was walking, I was daydreaming about me as a superhero, but the daydreaming got a bit out of hand so I stopped every time I got called on to answer a question. I said, “Kay kay girl,” and the whole class would laugh, even my dad. I was so embarrassed, but other than that, my first day of school went well. 

I walked home with April and Sunny and we went to the kid’s area which was a playground but indoor at our apartment and we went under a slide. We told secrets and we told jokes. It was funny. After that, I went to my apartment and I told my dad my whole day again. He already knew how my day went, he was my teacher. My dad told me there was a school board meeting and my mother would be home late. 

“Oh,” I said under my breath. “That’s okay.” I jumped to the living room, but right before I could even touch the couch, the doorbell rang. I yelled, “I’ll get it!” I opened the door, but before I did, I prayed it wasn’t a salesman, but it was the mailman handing me a card. “Wha — ” I said in shock. When my parents came home, I showed them the letter.

Chapter 9: The Letter 


When I saw the note, I immediately called my parents and told them to come. In the meantime, I called April in tears. “I may move!” 

I grabbed the nearest pillow and snuggled it. I also got my cat and cried. “I don’t wanna go!”

April said, “Calm down, how do you know?” I told her my story? “You I can’t believe it.” Then she hung up. I was gonna call Sunny but I was sad enough. With my cat in my hand, I glared outside as the rain fell peacefully. I had a smile on my face. 

I heard a click. “MY MOM AND DAD ARE HOME!” I showed them the letter and they sighed. 

“Our time in America is over.”

I shouted, “NO, NO! I  made friends, I got a cat, and I have the best life here. I don’t want to go!” They sighed again, as sarcastically as they could, and said, 

“Sorry, Kayla, I know you loved it here but it’s time to go.” With tears running down my face, I said,

“Get on a plane and fly home, I’m staying with April!” And ran to my room. My mother then said to me,

“Our time in America is done. We will no longer live in this apartment. We are moving AND STAYING IN AMERICA AND BUYING A HOUSE!!”

I was so happy, I wanted to hit the kay, but I was still sad. 

A few days later, when we were moving out of the apartment, I hugged April and Sunny goodbye, and our new life in America hadn’t ended. It had just begun.

                  The end

Credits: Thank you to Matilda Jean for allowing me to use her book as inspiration for the TV show Kayla watches

Let It Out

Kuqa was a young girl. Her mother had died last year when she was five So Kuqa only had her father. Most people couldn’t pronounce her name and she never had any friends. Kuqa in Albanian meant red. Kuqa’s mother was Albanian. Kuqa had not said a word ever since Roze (her mother) died. 

“Kuqa, it’s time for breakfast,” David (her father) said. Kuqa went to take her plate. It was Llakuma me eurocream. That was Kuqa’s favorite. Kuqa was homeschooled.

“Are you excited for school?” David asked. Kuqa nodded. She quite liked homeschooling. Kuqa gobbled up her Llakuma and then went to play with her dolls. Her dolls were from her mother. Kuqa named them Lulu and Nina. They were her favorite toys. She made them have a tea party with tiny plastic teacups. Kuqa had nothing to do most of the time. Before Roze died, they would go outside and play on the swings. But now Kuqa was an introvert and going outside just made her sad. 

           Kuqa walked up to the living room and pointed at a book. She knew how to read but not well so her father picked up the book and read to her. 

          “Once upon a time, there was a prince named Ocelius, he was a rude person who would judge everyone. One day, an old woman walked up to him, she said she wanted to give him some chocolates. The prince laughed and laughed then the woman turned him into a fly and stole all of his gold,” David read. Kuqa giggled, she loved that story. David kissed her good night and Kuqa went to sleep. 

Kuqa woke up at 6:00. She had a bad dream. She saw David sitting on the couch wide awake. 

“Come here,” David said. Kuqa walked toward the couch. 

“Do you like the idea of going to school?” David asked. Kuqa looked at David like he was crazy. 

“It’s just that you’d be so much smarter if you go, and I want you to learn in the best way possible,” David said. Kuqa didn’t want to go to school but she nodded yes because she knew if she said no, it wouldn’t work anyway. 

“And besides, you’ll have all your old friends there,” David explained. Kuqa thought for a moment. Her old friends, Lilly and Charlie, probably forgot her. Kuqa went back to her room to sleep for another hour. She had a nightmare. In the nightmare, she was in school. Everybody judged her because she didn’t talk.

David woke Kuqa up at 7:00. Kuqa was confused.

“Come on, get ready for school!” David said. Kuqa put on the backpack and ran to the bus. She was terrified. She saw Lilly. 

“Kuqa?” someone asked. It was Lilly. Lilly remembered her? Lilly ran to hug her. 

“How are you doing?” Lilly asked. Kuqa tried to respond but she couldn’t. She was too sad to talk. Then Charlie came. 

“Oh my god! It’s really you!” Charlie yelled with excitement. Kuqa hugged him. Lilly was confused by Kuqa not responding. She used to talk all day. Charlie seemed to expect a “hi” as well, but Kuqa just couldn’t say anything. Kuqa started crying. She was thinking about her mother. Kuqa cried very often. Lilly and Charlie were now SUPER confused. They gave Kuqa some space.  

She sat with Lilly on the bus ride. Lilly gave Kuqa a piece of paper and a pen.

“You’re not talking so maybe you can write why you’re so upset?” Lilly said. Kuqa wrote about Roze dying. This made Lilly stop talking to Kuqa. Lilly realized how sad Kuqa was. Lilly whispered something to Charlie. Kuqa knew what she said, it was that her mother died because Charlie looked at Kuqa with a sad look. 

Kuqa finally got to school where she saw her new teacher, Mrs. Lockerton. Mrs. Lockerton looked like a ghost with a very pale face, red cheeks, and a bunch of mascara. Kuqa tried to stay away from her. Kuqa saw the other teachers bring the new kids and make them introduce themselves. Kuqa had a piece of paper and a pen. She thought that Mrs. Lockerton would introduce Kuqa to the class.

“Class, bring out your books. It’s time to read,” Mrs. Lockerton explained. A boy was wearing a shirt with a stain on it. 

“Harold, didn’t I tell you that people in this class should wear good clothing!” Mrs. Lockerton yelled. 

“Sorry, Mrs. Lockerton!” Harold said with a scared look on his face. Mrs. Lockerton slapped the boy across the face. Kuqa did not like her teacher. 

It was time for lunch. Kuqa had a PB & J for lunch. She ate it fast. After lunch, it was time for recess. Kuqa hung out with Lilly. They talked to each other on a piece of paper. Kuqa wrote about her teacher and how crazy she was. Lilly laughed. 

“I heard she is a witch and that she kills children. Is that true?” Lilly asked. Mrs. Lockerton obviously wasn’t a witch so Kuqa started laughing. Lilly laughed with her. Kuqa realized that this was the first time she’d laughed since her mom died. Kuqa started to get a little sadder from thinking about her mom. Lilly noticed that she was sad.

“Do you think you need therapy?” Lilly asked. Kuqa wrote, maybe. Kuqa actually never thought about therapy. She thought of trying it. 

Dismissal came and Kuqa ran to the car. Kuqa wrote a note to her dad about trying therapy. David looked at her. 

“You want to try it?” David asked. Kuqa nodded yes. David smiled. Kuqa went home pretty happy. She almost talked but she still couldn’t do it. After trying and trying to talk, Kuqa got frustrated. She cried in the middle of the night. David woke up extremely tired. 

“What is it, honey?” David asked. Kuqa just didn’t know how to respond. She kept crying. She wasn’t mute, so why couldn’t she talk? 

“Red, red, you’ll be okay, you’ll talk one day,” David said. Red was David’s nickname for Kuqa. Of course, that was what Kuqa meant in Albanian. Kuqa hugged David hard. Harder than ever before. He always made her feel so much better. 

“Why don’t you sleep with Nina tonight?” David asked playfully. David picked up the doll. Kuqa grabbed it tight from his hands. She slept with the doll all night. 

She woke up at 6:00 am. She had time to eat her breakfast and brush her teeth (unlike last time). She was going to start therapy the next day. David told her it was culture day. Kuqa had to wear something in her culture. She looked through the closet. She saw the Albanian dress that Roze gave her. She stared at it. It had the Albanian eagle and some little flowers on it. Kuqa didn’t wear that dress since Roze died. Then she saw another thing in the closet — Roze’s scarf. It had the Kosovo flag on it. It was a little big for Kuqa but she decided to wear the scarf along with the dress. She went to the school bus. Lilly and Charlie saved a seat for her. 

“Nice dress, where is it from?” Charlie asked. Kuqa thought about it being from her mom. She shed a tear and ran to a different seat. Lilly punched Charlie in the stomach. She sat with Kuqa. Kuqa didn’t scream like usual but she was shedding tears so much. 

“I’m sorry about Charlie. He didn’t mean to make you sad,” Lilly explained. Kuqa nodded. “I think I know why you’re not talking. You want to keep in the feelings of your mom dying but you can’t. Some advice — let things out, you’ll feel better,” Lilly said. Kuqa wanted to know if this was true but she couldn’t just scream in class. She was going to see if that was true when she saw the therapist. The therapist knew best. Kuqa hugged Lilly. After a couple of minutes, they arrived at the school. Mrs. Lockerton was wearing a shirt with a Catalan flag. Mrs. Lockerton also had snakes on her pants so Kuqa was confused if she was Catalan or from somewhere else. 

“Bye, Kuqa!” Lilly waved. Kuqa waved back. Kuqa walked to her classroom. There was a kid with an Italian leather jacket. There was a kid with a scarf that said FRANCE, three other kids, and of course, there was Mrs. Lockerton. Kuqa guessed the other kids were sick or something.

“You might be wondering why barely anyone is here. It’s because the people that are gone wore better clothes. You guys didn’t. Your punishment is this,” Mrs. Lockerton said. 

“Mrs. Lockerton, where are you from?” Harold asked.

“I’m from Belarus, it shows the flag. Stupid child,” Mrs. Lockerton answered rudely. 

“No, that’s the flag of Catalonia,” Harold said. Mrs. Lockerton walked toward him and brought out a stick. She hit him. Harold started crying and then she hit him again. Then Mrs. Lockerton walked to Kuqa.

“What’s the two-headed eagle on the dress?” Mrs. Lockerton asked. Kuqa still couldn’t answer.

“What is it!?” Mrs. Lockerton screamed. Mrs. Lockerton was about to hit Kuqa with the stick but then…

“Stop!” Kuqa yelled. That was the first time in a year that she’d talked. A couple of the kids stared at Kuqa so surprised.

“It’s the Albanian eagle, my family is from Kosovo,” Kuqa explained. Mrs. Lockerton didn’t care. She hit Kuqa and sent her home. David picked her up. Kuqa got into the smelly car where David was probably gonna yell at her. 

“I heard you talked,” David said. 

“Yeah,” Kuqa responded. David smiled. He didn’t yell at Kuqa, surprisingly.

“How did you do it?” David asked. 

“I let my sadness out,” Kuqa explained while smiling.

“I love you,” David said. He kissed Kuqa’s forehead. 

                                                            THE END.


I want people to learn that you should always let your sad feelings out because it would make you feel so much better. So I wrote this story so people would do that and because I wanted to show Albanian culture to people. Kuqa was so sad she couldn’t talk, and when she let her feelings out, she talked, and I know you can do the same.

Finding Your Place

Amee is just an average teenage girl moving to Scranton PA from L.A. she has never fit in anywhere… or so she thought.

When she moves to Scranton PA, she finds friends, and apparently enemies.

The question is…

How can she stay together when everything is collapsing around her? 

 Finding Your Place

Prologue – Amee

I walk home from Westlake and try to open the wooden door to our house, but it won’t open.  I roll my eyes at the dark, wooden house with bright windows and big flowers and jiggle my key into the lock. I open the door and it loudly slams behind me. It smells like toast. I flip the lights on and grab a snack from the silver fridge. The dark brown chair screeches on the wood as I sit down to do my homework. After a while, my Math, History, and Art homework are done. I’m just about to reach into my bag for my Science stuff when I hear the door creak open and the strong sound of my dad’s boots clumping around the house, calling my name. I call back and he pulls a chair next to me. 

“Hey, sweetie,” he says, his deep, inviting voice grumbling with bad news. 

“Hi, Dad,” I answer. “You told me you wanted to tell me something?” 

He sighs and nods. “Um, yeah. Listen, Amee. We’re moving. We both know this is not the right place for us.” 

My lips quiver and my eyes quickly fill with tears. “Where are we moving?” 

He winces. “Scranton.” 

I gasp and a hand flies to my mouth. “That’s halfway across the country! Are you guys insane? What about me? What about my friends?” I stop. Tears escape my eyes and they quickly change to sobs. 

“Amee — ” he starts, but I push his words away and flee to my room. 

Chapter 1 – Amee

The Beginning 

“Hi. My name is Amee and I just moved here from L.A.,” I say from the front of the room. I hear mutters and whispers and I shiver. I hate muttering. 

“Why did you move in the middle of the year?” one girl with light blonde hair, tan skin, and deep green eyes asks. 

“Oh, um… ” I don’t think I’m ready to share that yet. I give a look to the teacher and, thankfully, she sees it. I walk back to my desk quietly and pull the chair out. It makes a shriek and I cringe. Everybody looks at me and I shrink in my t-shirt. 

I remember the look on my face when I got the news. I remember the gut punch when I was told. And mostly, I remember wondering why this all happened. 

We were moving to Pennsylvania. I didn’t understand! We had everything we needed right there in L.A.! But deep down, I had always felt out of place in L.A. No one ever talked to me and I felt like I didn’t fit in anywhere. I can’t believe I broke a mirror over that horrid hole of judgments. It was home though. I don’t know where my home is. 

My eyes focus on the classroom and I push thoughts of L.A. out of my mind. I live in Scranton now! I am happy! I am! I am. I shake my head as if to shake my thoughts away from my brain. I look around my classroom and eye the people in it. The group in the front row look as though they are in paradise. Their full attention is placed on the teacher as their eyes shift nervously from the board to their papers as they pen furiously to get everything down on the sheets. The group in the back looks as though they’re going to die. They all sneak-text under their desks and look everywhere but the teacher. And then there is me. Me, as in my own group, as in the only person who doesn’t fit in.  

After school, I walk home, dragging my feet. When I get home, I let myself in like I always did in L.A. I smile slightly and click the door open. The house is dark and I’m alone. As always. I run-up to my room, slam the door, and flop on my bed. Who am I? Do I fit in anywhere? 

Chapter 2 – Elizabeth

The Beginning, Pt 2 

“Hi, my name is Amee and I just moved here from L.A.,” says a girl with pale, porcelain skin, deep dark blue eyes, and hair so dark brown, you’d think it was black. Cool! L.A.! How about that, huh? I call out and ask why she moved here in the middle of the year.! Her eyes well up and she gives the teacher a look. Whoops. I quiet down and try to make eye contact with Nat. Natalie has been my friend since Kindergarten and she’s the closest friend I have. She stares at me fiercely and throws me a note. 

It says:

Liz – OMG! What the heck why did u ask that? You OBVIOUSLY made her sad! So confused. I like her so far! She looks nice!- Nat

I roll my eyes and scribble on the back of the page. 

Nat – Ugh I didn’t mean to! I just asked a question! You know how honest I am! Whatever. I like her, too! We should talk to her at lunch. – LIZZE♡♡

I focus my eyes back onto the teacher, and then it’s lunch. 

Natalie sees me in the cafeteria and waves me over but I go towards Amee. “Hi!” I say. 

“Um… hi,” she says quietly. WOW. She is shy. Whatever. I don’t mind. We talk and laugh for the rest of lunch, and when I go home, I think I might’ve made a new friend today!

Chapter 3 – Amee

Fitting In

When I get ready for school on Monday, I am nervous. This is my first full week at my new school and I don’t know if I even like it here in Scranton. My feet shriek on the tiled floor as I sulkily grab a piece of toast. 

A little voice in my brain:

What are you doing? 

A little voice in my brain:

You don’t belong


I do belong

A little voice in my brain:

What are you talking about? You don’t fit in anywhere


I do fit in

The voice gets quieter.

And quieter.

I belong here. 

When I get to school, I am a little bit more confident but not by much. I walk into the classroom and everyone looks at me. Definitely not by much. A girl waves at me to come and sit next to her, and I get confused. Is it me she’s waving to? I look behind me, but I don’t see anyone. A warm sensation jolts through my body as I happily trot over. My eyes light up as I think, Ha! Told you! I do fit in! But then I see another girl. Walking towards the desk.

She sits down. 

I stop right in my tracks. The warm feeling turns to ice as I realize I don’t have anything.


No one.



What do I have to believe in? What? I sit down at a random desk and suddenly a note flies at my face and hits me smack in the nose. 

Dear Amee, 

Hi! It’s Elizabeth. Um I just wanted to say that you can TOTALLY sit with me and my friends at lunch again if you want to. No worries if you don’t want to, but we’d love it if you came! 

Xoxo Elizabeth 🙂 

I have that. I have that note to believe in. You will see me at lunch, Elizabeth! You can believe in that. 

Chapter 4 – Elizabeth

It Hurts 

When I come to school, I immediately plop my bag on the desk next to Nat and scribble a note to her on a piece of paper. 

Nat – 

I’m going to ask Amee to sit with us again, is that ok? Just wanted to make sure. 

Xoxo Liz

I see her brush off the back of the page and start writing while the teacher walks in and uncaps a whiteboard marker. 


Ummmm ok sure.

Xoxoxox NAT ;-D

Awesome! I rip a piece off the paper Nat and I were writing on and scribble a note. I fold the torn edges together and throw it at Amee, careful that the teacher is looking away so he won’t see me. It hits her smack in the nose and I wince. That’s gotta hurt. Luckily, the note drops in her black leggings after sliding down her green tee. She reads it and smiles slightly, nods in my direction, and focuses back on Mr. Frora. My eyes focus on Nat, and she senses my stare and turns towards me. Finally! I give her a thumbs up and suddenly the bell rings and I curse silently. Ugh, I totally spaced out! Darn it. Nothing I can do now. I grab my marble print bag and sling it across my shoulder. Amee meets up with me on the way to English and we make small talk.

Eventually, we go our separate ways; she has Math. When I get to the English room, Nat sits down and I see Faith walk briskly to get to the seat next to her.  Not so fast! I cut her off and slide into the empty chair as Faith slumps and plops into the seat behind her. I grin and make small talk with Nat as Faith desperately tries to be part of the conversation. 

“OMG, I love that show!” Nat exclaims when I bring up “The Office.” As we move onto the topic of pizza, Faith smiles like she’s hearing us as if we were on FaceTime and she was having bad internet. 

“I know, me too! Dwight is definitely my favorite character! So funny, am I right?” Nat and I stare. 

“We finished talking about that like so long ago.” Nat rolls her eyes and THANK GOD the English teacher walks in and everybody quiets down.

After English, it’s time for lunch (finally!!) and I walk to lunch and meet up with Amee. “Thanks for letting me sit with you,” she says breathlessly. 

“No problem!” I say as Natalie and Faith come up behind me. Faith links arms with Nat and links arms with me and starts walking towards the cafeteria, leaving Amee behind. I nudge Nat and jerk my head towards Amee. She nods, her eyes say, Ok fine, and pulls away from the chain, and I follow suit. Faith frowns and stops in her tracks as we link arms with Amee instead. Faith rolls her eyes and links arms with Amee, finishing the chain. She grins mischievously and digs her nails into Amee’s elbow. She yelps in pain and Faith pushes her away from the chain and links with Nat again. 

“Come on, New Girl!” she rolls her eyes. “Keep up!” As Faith pulls Nat and me towards our lunch table, I look back helplessly. I turn towards Nat, but instead of her sharing my concerns, she stifles a laugh, and Faith grins at her. Amee gets up and I see three scratches on the inside of her elbow. She gathers the stuff that fell out of her ombre white-to-purple backpack and walks confidently towards an empty table, but I can see the clear, salty tears forming in her eyes. 

Chapter 5 – Amee


Dear Amee, 

I am soooooo sorry! Do you want to sit with us tomorrow and talk?

Xoxo Elizabeth


HAHAHAHAHAHAH no. NO WAY. I am not going to “sit and talk with you” just to get completely embarrassed again. Again, NO WAY. I can’t believe I ever thought you were going to ACTUALLY be nice to me. 

  • Amee

I should’ve known. It was obvious. No one wants to be friends with me. I am the laughingstock of Oak Hills Elementary. I am finished! I am toast! Burnt, dead black, non-buttered toast! I walk out of lunch with my eyes red and my scratches even redder. I rub my eyelashes and wipe my cheeks. My schedule flutters off my locker wall and I see which period is next. Oh god. I have History, but that’s not the worst part. It’s with Elizabeth. And Faith. (And a few other people, obviously.) How am I going to get through this? No no no. this is not how I want it to be. I’ll be fine on my own. I can do this. I CAN do this. Can I?

As I walk into History with Gabi, I see Elizabeth sitting with Natalie as Faith talks to them, laughing, talking, and hurting my heart.

Chapter 6 – Elizabeth

Figuring It Out

Ok, am I allowed to be confused here? Nat seemed to like Amee in the notes that we wrote…

Unless she didn’t.

I quickly tell Nat and Faith I need to go to the bathroom, and when I get to the bright pink room (so sexist, by the way. Pretty sure the boys’ bathroom is blue). Anyway, I push the door open and immediately riffle through my backpack. I finally find a tiny gold bag with all of my notes since kindergarten in it. I quickly sort through the notes and find the ones that Nat wrote most recently. The words sure, and fine flash before my eyes and I realize she doesn’t like her! Obviously, DUH. How couldn’t I have noticed that before? I bolt out of the restroom before anyone sees me. As I walk out of the restroom and into the cafeteria, I try to make eye contact with Amee, but her head is down and she is nibbling chips while reading a book with a dark maroon cover.  I tried, at least, I thought. Nat waved me over and I plopped my lunch consisting of a hamburger, fries, and an apple. I bite into the soft bread and chew on the juicy meat. 

“Was that funny or what?” Faith asks as Nat smiles softly and laughs and reaches further into her sparkly lunch bag for the chocolate chip cookie she gets every day. “Ha, she deserved it,” Faith says immediately with a full mouth of cheese sandwich. Faith looks into my eyes and grins mischievously and I watch the corner of her eye follow Amee to our table. 

“Didn’t she, Lizzie?” Nat looks at me pointedly and I start to sweat. 

“Oh yeah, it was hilarious. You should do more. She totally deserves it.” 

Faith laughs and Nat sighs, relieved, and smiles to herself, but I feel terrible. 

When I get back to class, I write Amee a note and she responds totally meanly. I am so mad. But she still didn’t deserve those three red scratches. 

As I walk into History, Faith sits in the chair next to Nat before I can slide in. No biggie. The seat on the other side of her is open. Faith looks towards the door and I see Amee walk in. 

“Oh hi, New Girl,” Faith smirks. Everyone laughs and Amee’s face reddens. I feel bad, but I have to play along. Faith and Natalie are popular. They would make sure I had the worst rest of the school year ever if I defended Amee. “Why did you come here anyway?” Faith studies Amee’s watery eyes. Faith’s glare pierces Amee’s confidence and she runs out of the classroom. Nat covers her hands over her mouth and I can’t believe I was ever friends with these people. But, who else do I have? 

Chapter 6.5 – Amee                         

Faith glares at me and I stare at everybody looking at me in horror and literally run to the bathroom. Everything I’d hoped for was gone, flushed down the toilet of the stall I was hiding in. This is terrible! I sat and cried for a second, just flushed it all out. (No pun intended). I have had the worst day ever. Will Faith and Natalie ever leave me alone? Either way, I walk back slowly to History and inwardly vow I will not let Faith or Natalie bring me down. As soon as I walk in, though, I see Faith whisper something to Natalie, and they both laugh. I feel myself sinking lower and lower in my chair. So much for my vow. 

I disappointed myself. 

Chapter 7 – Elizabeth

Acting Out

As Amee slides down lower into her chair, I slide right along with her. Why did I let this happen? I can’t act like a baby anymore, I have to stand up for myself! And Amee! As we walk out of History class, Faith gets a mischievous glint in her eye and I smile. Perfect. Faith opens her mouth, and before she can say anything, I jump in. 

“You know what, Faith, before you open your big mouth again, let me give you a little news flash. If you think Amee will never belong, well guess what? You’re wrong! In fact, you are the furthest from right as you could ever get! We were all new kids, right? Well, look at us now! We belong. Amee is not different. Even if she doesn’t feel like she belongs right now, she will belong. Just like we all did. Amee is a kind and beautiful person inside and out. You might be pretty on the outside, but if you keep acting this way to my friend, you will always be ugly on the inside.” 

Faith stands there, shocked. Natalie flees to the bathroom, and I think I can make out tears streaming down her face. She started crying when I said the words “my friend.” Weird. Faith stutters and tries to make a comeback but all I do is walk away, feeling freer than I have in weeks. 

I really hope they will leave her alone. 

Amee walks up to me after my whole… conversation with Faith and smiles. “Thanks,” she says. 

“No problem.” I smile back. We talk and I feel like things are mended. Little do I know what Nat — er — I mean — Natalie, has up her sleeve. 

I see Natalie and Faith smile at each other wickedly as I stand up to get new paints, and when I turn back, Amee’s painting is splattered with water and they dumped out my cup. I pick it up to get new water, and at that exact moment, Amee decides to walk through the door and sees me, her painting, and the empty water cup in my hand. 

“What did you do!” Amee yells. Natalie points at me and says,

“Elizabeth dumped her water cup on your painting!” Amee opens her mouth in horror and turns towards me. 

“How could you!” her eyes water and she flees the room’s hot stares. 

Chapter  8 – Natalie


Hi. I’m Natalie. I know you’re probably wondering why I’m so mean to Amee, and I would be too. I don’t know why Faith is mean to her, but I know my reason. You should probably know the backstory first. 

Elizabeth and I have been friends for as long as I can remember. All through Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, up till now, it’s always been “Elizabeth and Natalie”! Well, then Faith came, and then we were a threesome. I was fine with the duo though. Elizabeth was the first friend I’d ever had, and the best. I could tell her anything and she wouldn’t judge me. I felt safe with her. Then, Amee came and Elizabeth really liked her. She distanced herself from me more and more and I was scared. I didn’t want to lose her as a friend and I think I’ve already lost her. It might be too late but I have to try. She was the best friend I’d ever had and I’m not about to lose that over my pride. I have to fix things. 

Today is a fresh new day and I’m ready. I can do it! I plan to take out my phone and send her a text. It says:

Hey, Elizabeth. I know you’re probably still mad at me and I know it’s really weird that I’m not talking in text language but this is important. I miss you, Elizabeth. And I know that you probably don’t want to talk right now but I had to say it. The reason I was mean to Amee is because I was scared that I’d lose you. You are, or were, I guess, my best friend. And I get it if you can’t forgive me right now, or ever. But I just wanted you to know that. Love you. 

Wow. That is the longest text I’ve ever written. All I have to do now is press send. Just press send, Natalie, I say to myself. But I — I — I can’t. It’s too scary. I just have to do it. I press on the blue arrow and the message pops up in blue on my screen. Message sent, it says. Oooooohmigosh. I can’t believe I just did that. My heart is pounding harder than it ever has before. I literally RUN to school to see how Elizabeth reacts to my text. All of a sudden, my phone rings. I shut my eyes tightly and slowly take my phone out of my back pocket. I open one eye slightly to see who it is, and it’s Elizabeth. I slide to answer, relieved, but I’m not ready for what happens next. 

I hold the phone up to my ear and hear her say hi. “Hi, Elizabeth,” I say softly back.

“Hey, Natalie,” she sighs. 

“Did you get my text?” I speak into the phone. 

“Um, yeah,” she says and I hold my breath, waiting for an answer. Everything is silent around me, and it’s just me and her, breathing heavily and waiting. She takes a breath and starts talking. “Look. I know you meant well when you sent that text, and I get that you were scared. I really do. But, what you did was not right, and I just don’t know if I can forgive you yet. I just need a little time, Natalie,” she confesses. “I’m not ready.” 

Silent tears fall down my face and slip down onto my sneakers. “Oh, um, ok,” I say, my voice breaking. “I totally get it.” I brush tears off my face yet they still find a way to come back, salty and sad. I hang up, and it’s almost like I’m hanging up on our friendship completely. I am too late. I was trying to protect our friendship, but it seems like I’ve only made things worse. I lost her. 

As I walk to school, I try to make my eyes less red than they actually are. As soon as I get to school, Faith comes up to me and waves. I don’t wave back, but just keep walking. “Hey, hey, wait up!” Faith yells, but I shake my head. 

“No, Faith. I will not wait up. I need a break. Bye” Faith stands there looking confused and angry. I sigh. What am I going to do without Elizabeth by my side like she always was?

Chapter 9 – Faith


“No, Faith. I will not wait up. I need a break. Bye.” Natalie walks away as I get confused. What did I do wrong? I don’t know. 

Look. I know I was mean to Amee, but there’s a reason. Duh. I’m not cruel. Well, I was. I was just jealous. Amee was getting all the attention and Elizabeth and Natalie liked her, and being mean was just a defense mechanism. So yeah. That’s my story. I’ll stop, but everybody just has to leave me alone. I walk into school and see Elizabeth and Amee talking, probably making up from the fight about the prank Natalie and I pulled. I see Natalie up ahead talking to some random girl and then it hits me. I have no one. I’d always thought I’d have Natalie and Elizabeth forever. We would stick with each other through thick and thin. But now, who do I have? 

Chapter 10 – Amee


I can’t believe Elizabeth would do that to me. After all we’ve been through, she just goes back to Natalie and Faith and doesn’t even care about me. My feelings. I mean, I know she has been friends with her for much longer but after they were so mean to me for no reason? But, what if it wasn’t her fault? Natalie and Faith were giggling and Elizabeth looked sad and apologetic. I need to talk to her. I call her and she is sniffling into the phone when she picks up.

“Everything okay, Liz?” I ask. And then it hits me. I think she noticed it too. That’s the first time I’ve called her Liz before. I can’t believe I did it so normally, like she was a friend! I could hear her smile through the phone as she said, 

“I’m okay now.” My face breaks into a smile and suddenly, I feel like I had a friend. 

“So, um, what happened?” I prod. 

“Oh, nothing. See you at school, Amee!” She pushes the question away, says goodbye, then hangs up. I’m confused. Is there something she doesn’t want to tell me? I get dressed in a short maroon skirt, a loose purple blouse, and slip-on black ankle boots. I grab my backpack and slam the door as I’m walking out. My mom opens the door again and smiles at me. 

“Have a good day, sweetie!” I shrug. 

“Love you, Mom!” I say and wave as I walk away. 

When I get to school, I spot Natalie and Faith talking and quickly put my head down. Natalie says something and then walks away and Faith just stands there. I look around and I see Elizabeth leaning on a pillar with her head in her hands. She looks confused and stressed. I wonder what’s wrong. I walk over to talk to her, my boots slamming on the pavement as I run to catch up to her as she walks to English. 

“What’s up?” I say. 

“Oh, just the usual. Your friend finally calling you by your nickname.” She puts her arm around me and I laugh. As we walk to English, I can see out of the corner of my eye Natalie walking with her hands in the pockets of her light blue jeans and a single tear slips down her cheek and lands on the floor. She steps on the spot where it hit the ground and pushes her tear down harder, shattering it, and keeps walking. I look back at Elizabeth as we’re walking, her face emotionless and stone-cold, and know something is wrong.

Chapter 11 – Elizabeth

Not Ready 

“I’m not ready,” I say into the phone. I’m never ready for this. I feel a stabbing pain in my heart when Natalie hangs up the phone. I sit down on the couch, still in my pajamas, and process what just happened. I lost my best friend since Kindergarten. My phone rings and I check to see who it is. It’s Amee. I pick it up and put the phone to my ear. I’m praying for some good news. I can’t keep my sniffling in and she asks me what’s wrong. And then I realize that she called me Liz. Liz! She’s never called me by my nickname before and a warmth spreads through my heart, numbing the pain and confusion. 

“So um, what happened?” she asks. I groan in my head and sidestep the question, say goodbye, and hang up. I just can’t take any more confusion right now. I stomp upstairs in my slippers and put on black leggings, a black t-shirt, slip-on sneakers, and head out. When I get to school, I see Amee walking over to me and I wave. We talk and I put my arm around her. We see Natalie, and I immediately look down, not wanting to meet her eyes. I quietly wipe my eyes, but when I feel Amee’s eyes on my face, I wipe my face of all emotion. She sees the red tear mark on my cheek and I quickly try to wipe it away but it stays. It must be stubborn. Darn you tear mark! I think. I see her thinking and I get scared. What’s happening?

After school, I walk to my computer and check my email. Amee sent me an email with a Zoom link for 6:00 PM. I text her that I accept and she seems overly excited — weird. I’m excited and don’t know how to wait! I grab a snack consisting of: salt and vinegar chips, sweet strawberries, lemonade, brownies, and a piece of chocolate chip banana bread. Yum! I grab the TV remote and turn the coal-black screen to electric blue. I play my favorite movie, and before I know it, it’s 5:55 and I have to go. 

I join the meeting, see Amee, and then see someone I definitely DID NOT want to see right now. Natalie is in the Zoom meeting! “Hi, Elizabeth,” Natalie says. I give Amee a withering glare and her look says, Oh well, what can we do?

Chapter 12 – Natalie


To: Natalie Carter

From: Amee Walker

Subject: Zoom

Dear Natalie, 

I am inviting you to a zoom at 6 pm today. Join this link: hptts://webzoom.usTWEB273985357bdFRpjfslj34755fldhgso3 

Elizabeth will be there so you can talk to her. I repeat; TALK TO HER. There is no reason to talk to me, be mean to me, or even look at me. I am doing this for Elizabeth. See you at 6. 


Amee Walker 

Her email is so sad and I really want to write her back, but I know it’s wrong. My fingers push on the keys and I press send before I can stop myself.

To: Amee Walker

From: Natalie Carter

Subject: RE: Zoom

Dear Amee,

I’m surprised you wrote to me. Thanks for the link, I will come. I actually do want to talk to you on the Zoom, because I don’t want to say it in an email. I’ll be there at 5:40 so we can talk. 

See you there.


At 5:40, I join the link she sends and Amee is there, waiting patiently. As soon as my video glitches on and the microphone is working, I launch into it. “Look, Amee. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you, well I did, but I was scared I would lose Elizabeth. We’ve been friends forever and I didn’t know where I fit in if it wasn’t with her. I feel awful and the only thing my fear and anger did was break everyone apart. I am so sorry. I get it if you can’t forgive me, Elizabeth already did that. I’m sorry.” Amee looks to the camera and opens her mouth. 

“I forgive you,” she says. I think my Zoom might not be working, maybe I’m hallucinating, but I never expected THAT. “Look,” she says. “I know what it feels like to not fit in. You were mainly the reason I didn’t fit in hahaha but I get it. You hurt me, but I know you know that, and I know you’ll try to make it up to me.” I smile at her and feel like things are mended. One more to go.

Elizabeth joins as Amee and I are talking. She gives me a withering glare and Amee’s eyes say, Don’t worry, I’ve got this. “Hey Elizabeth,” she says. 

“WHAT THE HECK, DUDE!” Elizabeth yells so loudly that her sound cuts out for a minute. 

“Wow. Calm down, sparky” she says. “Look. Natalie apologized to me, and I forgave her.” 

Elizabeth rubs her ears like she didn’t hear right, but Amee nods and moves on. “Now, I know that you might have some feeling that you HAVE to be mad because I’m your friend. I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to. Natalie is really sorry, and she does have a good reason. We were all a little bit wrong, but I found a place in my heart to forgive Natalie, and all I’m asking is that you forgive her too.” 

I watch Elizabeth as tears stream down her cheeks. “Yes, Natalie. I forgive you! You’re my best friend! Of course, I forgive you!” I’m crying and Elizabeth’s crying and somehow, Amee is too. These are my friends. I’ve found my true friends. 

Chapter 13 – Epilogue  – Amee

The next day

I walk into school and see Natalie and Elizabeth waving me over. I run over and Natalie engulfs me in a powerful arm hug. Elizabeth smiles and slings her backpack over her shoulder as we walk into school, hand-in-hand. Natalie has to go to English and Elizabeth and I go to History. We sit at desks right next to each other and when she smiles at me, that’s when I know. 

I’ve found my place. 


The Tiger’s Dream

 Book One 

 There once was a tiger who wanted to go to the New York City Zoo but he lived in the New Jersey Zoo. He thought his zoo was too small and there were not enough animals. He had lived in this zoo for his whole life and he wanted to live somewhere else now. So one day, he set off on his journey to New York City. He took his map and he had a plan which was to go to the city and find the zoo in Central Park. He didn’t realize the map was for a different zoo and so he had to go back to New Jersey and get the map for the Central Park Zoo. He arrived in New York City and the people were terrified. He didn’t like that the people were scared of him. He didn’t care though, he just wanted to go to the zoo. He bumped into people and pets and he arrived at Central Park, except he didn’t know where the zoo was in Central Park. He had to steal a map from people. Well, he didn’t steal it, the people ran away and left the map behind. He saw some animals but he didn’t know where the Tiger section was. He kept looking around and a security guard saw him and brought him to the right section. And the tiger lived happily ever after.

Book Two

The tiger was in the Central Park Zoo and he wanted to meet new friends except there were too many animals, there were more than 100! And he couldn’t go to all of them in one day and maybe some animals would be scared of him because he’s really big. He went to other animals. First, he went to the penguins. First, he said, “You wanna be my friend?”

And they were like, “Sure.”

Then he said, “Can you help me get some new friends because there are a lot of animals in this zoo.” 

So they went off on their journey to find new animal friends. Then they went to the lions. The lions were sleeping so they had to come back later. They decided to take a break because it was a lot of walking, so they did. They got some water and they got some food to bring with them so they wouldn’t have to take a break, because it took hours to get to the other animals. 

Next, they went to the sharks. They asked one of the sharks, “Do you want to be our friend and look for other friends?” 

The shark said, “No, I already have my friends and I need to stay in the water.”
“Maybe we shouldn’t ask sea creatures because they have to stay in the water,” the tiger said. 

Next, they went back to the lions. They went over the gate and they were still sleeping but there were other animals behind them. There were other tigers, and this time the penguin asked, “Do you wanna be our friend and look for other friends?” 

The other tiger said, “Yes, well there are no other tigers here so I wanna be your friend and look for more friends too.”

So they went to the giraffes next. They were very tall so they had to use a microphone to ask them, “Do you wanna be friends with us and look for new friends?” The giraffe said yes and let the penguin and the two tigers get on his back so they wouldn’t have to walk. The giraffe was very nice, so that was why he did it. Next, they went to the little fishes in the little tank. 

“Do you wanna come with us because we could bring your tank and be friends?”


So the penguin and the two tigers had to come off the giraffe because they had to carry the tank. The penguin said, “Maybe we should only ask those fishies because they live in a tank and the sharks live in a whole big tank.” 

Next, they went to the horses. The horses said no, they had a lot of friends so that was why they said no. They were like, “Okay, we won’t ask you again.”

Next, they went to the cows. The cows said, “Sure, we’ll be your friends.”

Now there were no more animals who didn’t live in the water so they had a dance party and lived happily ever after. 

Book Three

The tiger was exploring the zoo with his penguin friend. The security guard let him out of the zoo because he was a nice animal, he didn’t bite. All the people knew that so they weren’t scared of him anymore. 

First, he went to the large park where there was grass. There were lots of people and there were squirrels and birds. The people petted him and the penguin and then they went to the squirrels and birds. They gave the squirrels acorns and the birds got jealous so they brought some bird seeds too. He went to the next part of the park, it was the aquarium park. The people were like, “Why is there a tiger in the aquarium part of the park?” 

The tiger said, “Oh, we’re just meeting some new people and exploring Central Park.” 

So the people pet him too and they watched the aquarium for a little bit. They saw sharks, fish, and they saw stingrays and one big octopus. The penguin was scared so the tiger held the penguin’s hand. They went to the part where there was a slide. There were lots of kids. The penguin and the tiger went up to the slide to see some kids. The kids were like, “Ooo, a tiger and a penguin,” so the kids were very happy. They went to their parents and were like, “Can we keep them, can we keep them?” 

Their parents were like, “No, they’re zoo animals!” 

So the penguin and the tiger went back to their journey. They didn’t bring a map so they got lost. They weren’t in Central Park anymore, they were out on the street. It was no big deal, the people weren’t scared of the tiger and the penguin. So the tiger and the penguin got some ice cream and tried to go back to Central Park, and they went back to Central Park. They went back to their gate and they lived happily ever after. 

Book Four

The tiger was learning how to swim one day and today was the day. The teacher was the penguin. They went to the animal pool and the tiger got a floaty. The penguin didn’t need a floaty because he could swim. 

The penguin said, “First, lay back and try to float.” The tiger couldn’t float so the penguin didn’t know what to do. 

“Okay, let’s just start with the basics,” the penguin said. “We’re going to take a noodle and lay your arms on the noodle and kick your legs behind.” The tiger got it! The penguin was like, “Uh oh, the pool is draining, we have to tell the people that we’re still in it!” So they did. It took 2 hours to fill the pool back up so they had to go home and get water because they were tired. They went back to the pool and they were back to swimming. 

Next was to swim without the noodle. The penguin said, “Okay, we’re gonna try this without the noodle and see how you do.” The tiger did well but next, he had to try swimming with his head underwater and he got the goggles and he was good. But then there were other animals splashing around in the pool. 

“We’re the only animals that are supposed to be in here,” the penguin said.

“But it’s our pool too,” they replied.

“But we ordered a private pool.”

The animals said, “Well I suppose so.” So they went out of the pool and the penguin and the tiger kept doing their session. The penguin threw rings in the water and the tiger had to catch them. The tiger only caught two but there were three, so the penguin caught the last one for him. They were tired so they went out of the pool and went home and then they lived happily ever after. 

Book Five

Today was break day and that meant the tiger and the penguin could just play and they usually went to the big area in Central Park and played ball, except they wanted to do something different today.  They went to go visit the tiger’s old zoo in New Jersey. The penguin came too.  It took a long time to get there, that was why they had to pack. They packed water and food and they were going to New Jersey now. They took the right map to New Jersey and they took a map to the zoo in New Jersey and they finally got to New Jersey, but they had to find the zoo. So they got the map to go to the New Jersey zoo. They got through some forests while they were going to the zoo and they finally got to the zoo. They saw some old animals and so they said, “Hi.” And the old animals said, 

“Why are you here? You’re not from this zoo. You’re from the Central Park Zoo.” 

The tiger and the penguin just walked away and they went to the security guards. They were the security guards when the tiger was here. The security guards missed the tiger, but they didn’t miss him too much because they visited him every time they took a break. So they hugged each other and the penguin wanted to go home to the Central Park Zoo. The tiger said, “Okay, we can just go home.” So they went home. 

They were halfway home and it took hours to get halfway, except they were going the wrong way because they didn’t take the right map. So they had to jump on a bus and go back to New Jersey to get the maps. And then they walked back to Central Park Zoo and they finally got home.

Book Six

“Today, we’re going to the park,” said the lion and the penguin. They went to Central Park. The part where there are the tire swing and the swings, slide, monkey bars, and a see-saw.  They had to find the map to go to the park, so they got the map, they got to the park, but it was really crowded, so it was really hard for them to get in, so they had to wait a really long time for them to get out, or they could just rent the whole park. It was a good idea to just rent the whole park. So they did. So they got the whole park to themselves, but there were some people who really wanted to stay, so they let them stay. They had a blast and then they went to go get ice cream. The penguin got chocolate and the tiger got vanilla.  It was really hot, so their ice cream melted and they were really sad. So they went to Riverside Park and the tiger said, “For us, it’s National Park Day. That’s why we’re going to every park.” Next, they went to Battery Park.  There were not a lot of kids there, so they didn’t have to rent it again. They played and played, but there were no slides or swings, or a see-saw. There was just a tire swing and a slide, but they still had fun.  They had a fun day. 

The End.

Book Seven

Today was Hat Day.  They all wore really funny hats. The tiger and penguin wore hats too. The penguin had an orange and white and green one and the tiger had a green and yellow and blue one and they put some jewels on top of it.  But then, one of the other animals stole a jewel and it was one of the diamond jewels. So the tiger and the penguin had to go find the stealer. They couldn’t find him. He was probably hiding the jewel. So they asked everyone in the whole world. They had to ask one more person because that was the last person, so they did and they asked, “Do you have our diamond jewel?” 

He said, “No, I don’t.” 

They said, “Are you sure?!”  

He said, “Yes!!!!”  

And so the tiger and the penguin were very sad because that was their prized possession.  The guy who actually stole the jewel saw them and said, “I stole your jewel.  I’m sorry and I would never do it again.”  

They said, “I accept.”  They had a costume and hat party and they lived happily ever after!!!

Wolf Quest — A Breeze Acoming – Book 1 –Wind’s Crossing



Name: Wind

Color: Black

Gender: Female

I howled, establishing my territory, space, and possibly attracting a potential mate. My mother-wolf, father-wolf, and pack got killed in a wildfire and I had to go on my own. I trotted along the way, scenting the ground looking for an elk carcass, as I did not feel confident enough to hunt on my own. There! I found an elk carcass, and oh, it smelled wonderful! But a troublesome bear kept me from the standing prey. I trotted back and forth, hoping the bear was full. He was not. I tried a growl, but the hungry bear hardly took notice, so I left, knowing that one day, when I had a pack, no bear would keep me from prey again.

I kept scenting the ground, and kept looking. Freeze. Pause. A hare. I licked my lips and stalked my prey, telling myself I would kill it. Pounce! The rabbit got caught by surprise and started to run, but a puny hare was no match for a wolf. I killed it with a crunch on the spine. It was hardly two mouthfuls. Unsatisfied with my catch, I moved on. 

It was getting dark so I decided to go to sleep. 

DAWN: I yawned as I woke, stretching my limbs, and cleaning my fur. Howls. Other wolves. I sniffed the air. It was the LunaNova Pack, 12 strong. I decided it was finally time to hunt some elk. Running and scenting as fast as I could, I finally scented out the elk herd. 

Trotting upon them, scenting them, to see who the weakest elk were. Weak. Very weak. Careful to avoid the bull elk, I bit the female elk’s chest. She kicked, she ran. So did I. It was a chase, and I was biting every chance I got. She finally had to rest, which left her vulnerable. I went in for the final blow. Snap. She stumbled down to the ground. I sniffed. Dead. The crows immediately came to eat the carcass, as I looked around, seeing who would dare challenge me for this.

A coyote. I growled. He was intimidated, but confident. I pretended to walk away. As I did so, I limped, to attract other coyotes. Once I saw about two others, I quickly turned tail. Yelp. Then the coyote fell limp. Giving me a look before his final breath. After the encounter, I headed for Pine, Pine Mountain to be exact.

I was ready. I was ready for the hardest part of a she-wolf’s life. As I trotted along the forest towards the large mountain, I used my sniffer to determine the whereabouts of this place. Though I had never been there before I knew exactly where to go by instinct, as every Yellowstone wolf knew. One time, my mother-wolf got shot with what looked like a green stick thing, by a creature known as a No-Fur. She quickly fell asleep, and I did not see her for some time. A day later, she came back to me, with a strange thing on her neck. Father-wolf did not think much of it at first until a group of no-furs came and took their Flashy-Captures, and spooked the pack. After that, Father-wolf chewed the thing off her neck and carried it to the river where it sank deep, deep below. After that, the No-Furs never bothered us again. I sighed longingly from the memory, but that was the past. Creatures stay in the present. Yapping of which, I arrived in the Pine Mountain pack territory. My destination. My Crossing for the first time.

I was headed down-wind, as I could scent things better, than upwind. Wolf. From here. Male, was what I got from my trusty snout. As I headed straight for it, my eyes gleamed with excitement. There he was. A possible mate. Something was wrong — he wasn’t a dispersal, like me. He was an alpha male! I felt my tail lowering behind my legs. Before he could speak, I quickly turned tail and ran. Very ashamed of myself, I headed out of their territory. Wait. Something caught my eye. A he-wolf! This time a dispersal like me! He nervously trotted towards me, tail behind his legs. In my wolf point of view it seemed like he was submitting to me, and we had not even said hello! As he approached me, head down, I kept my tail and head high, as I wanted to be the dominant one. 

“Hello,” he communicated. 

Speechless, I slowly said, “Hello, who are you?” 

“I am Arrow of Pine Mountain. I left the pack to create one of my own.” 

“I have traveled a long way. What is your name, young wolf?” 

“Arrow,” he said. 

Still cautious, I said, “Wind. My name is wind.”



As they ran through the snow, Wind felt extra happy as she was no longer alone. They were heading towards Slough Creek, as that was where den sites and hunting grounds were. Wind and Arrow knew they had to get there quickly and start prepping for the soon-coming pups. They soon arrived at Slough Creek, scenting for a decent den. 

“Here.” Arrow had scented something. Wind gave him an “okay” glance as she followed him into the woods. Arrow had found a suitable den! Close to hunting grounds along with the summer ones too! They whined in delight as Wind settled into the comfy tree den. 


THE END OF WINTER (Almost Spring)

Arrow could hear squeaks, yips, and little howls. He had been waiting all winter for this. He whined to Wind asking to come see his pups. Wind gave a whine of approval back as she cleaned her pups. “Wander, Amethyst, and Achilles,” Wind said. “Those are their names.” 

Leaving Arrow, he quickly said, “When should we leave?” 

Still caring for her pups, Wind quietly said, “We leave tomorrow, they are already 6 weeks, and are ready for the Crossing.”



Yawning, all of the pups and adults awoke, stretching every limb.“We have a big journey ahead of us, my pups,” Arrow announced. Wind and Arrow carried the pups to the nearest carcass for a quick meal. Wind’s ears twitched at the sound of a bear; however, it was far enough away that she was not worried. As she and Arrow approached the carcass, they were not aware the pups were facing the predator’s wind direction, and it made them oblivious to the bear stalking Amethyst. Yelp. Whine. Silence. 

Arrow and Wind quickly turned around to see that Amethyst had been killed by a male grizzly. Arrow and Wind quickly grabbed their remaining pups and quickly ran away from the grizzly in grief. At the sand crossing, they crossed and carried the pups towards the summer hunting grounds, hoping they could make it. It was almost sundown as they settled in for the night. 


Closer to the hunting grounds than they thought, they picked up the pups and ran as quickly as possible. As they approached the forest, they were overjoyed that they had made it. Setting the pups down, they took a rest, completely oblivious to the stalking cougar. As it closed in on them, its target was Wander. Pounce. Yellllllp. Wander… was gone. Wind and Arrow launched in on the attack, nearly killing the cougar. Wind gave a fatal bite to the cougar’s neck. The cougar fell. Wind and Arrow had gotten their revenge. Wind carried Achilles to the hunting grounds and they stayed there until Achilles was ready to move on.

The War of Magic


Mia was a normal girl. She liked to read, she had waist-length honey-colored hair, and brown eyes. She was 14 years old and the daughter of 2 innkeepers in the kingdom of Aurum in the town of Oakley Hallow.

Right now, she was worried. Well, everybody was worried. The king had gone a fortnight ago to fight the magical creatures on the other side of Aurum. They were vile creatures that wanted all of Aurum for themselves.

She was walking home from school, lost in a book of classic fantasy when she suddenly looked up. It was not her usual view of her street. Huh, I must have taken a wrong turn, she thought. As she turned, something stopped her dead in her tracks…

“Wait, do not leave,” said a gravelly voice that could only be a dragon. I am dreaming, I am dreaming, she thought as she raced out of the cave. She decided not to tell her parents about the dragon. It would be hers and the dragon’s secret. The next day, she went back just to make sure she was not imagining the dragon. It was still there.

“Hello, there,” it said. “I know you’re scared.”

She raced out of the cave. Surprisingly, when she got safely out, she heard unmistakable laughter. The dragon was laughing, at what, she did not know. Still, the next day she went back and this time she stayed for the dragon. To finish its sentence. Slowly, over weeks of effort, she stayed  long enough for the dragon to tell her her name and gender. She was female and her name was Hydra, dragon of water! That explained hydra’s turquoise hue. Finally she actually said something after weeks of the dragon asking what her name was. 

  “Mia,” she peeped. She ran. In time, she and hydra could have a conversation. Hydra told her all about the Magical creatures or the MC, tuned out they were not vile?!!?? One day in autumn, Hydra asked her this, 

  “Can you keep a secret?” Nod. “Good, I want to show you something.” To her surprise, hydra lifted her tail to reveal dragonets. 

  “Their father, and my husband, died in the war.” 

   “I am so sorry.” 

  “It is okay.” The dragonets were adorable! Three girls, one boy. They rolled around playfully  biting each other! Mia came every day to play with Veicka, Reana, Elizabole, and Garrek! Hydra said it was good for them growing up knowing that humans were friends. Two weeks after the reveal of the dragonets, mia wondered,

 “I wonder if the king really is fighting on the MC side? From what you’ve told me, he is lazy and can’t even dress himself!”

“We can find out if you what.”  


 “Dragons can turn invisible,” Hydra said as if it were a fact like the sky being blue. 

“THEN WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR??!!!!?” she screeched. 

 “Please be quiet. You sound like a banshee and I did not know you wanted to go.” 

  “Sorry,” she said in a squeak. 

  “And now you sound like pixie! Hop on.”

  “Hop on where?” 

“My back.” 

 “Your back!” she said, eyes as big as dinner plates. 

 “Now!” Her voice was stern. She hopped on. Suddenly, Hydra disappeared! She looked down; she had disappeared! Flying was  AWESOME!!!!!!!!! It was exhilarating. Flying had a strange weightlessness! She could feel Hydra’s rough scales under her legs so she felt on the ground yet  was flying. It was indescribable; she also felt like she had left her stomach behind. When they got to the castle, they ran (more like flew) into a problem. There were guards everywhere. 


“Say no more.”

They flew over them slowly. Hydra stopped next to the dining room for it was around supper time and kings were known for eating early. THE KING WAS HERE! He was talking to his Royal advisors. 

“We must turn the people’s minds so they believe that the magical creatures are vile and vicious creatures. Serves that evil fairy for cursing my wife for a mistake that her mother had made.” 

 “But sire, that would be to feed the people a lie.” 

   “I DO NOT CARE!” the king said in a voice that shook the floor. 

“Let’s go,” Mia whispered. “We have heard enough.” She and Hydra flew off. 

Back in her bed, she thought about what she had heard. So the king isn’t in the MC side of Aurum. A fairy supposedly cursed the late queen Beatrice. Wait a second, she thought, remembering something Hydra had said when she was teaching Mia about MC history. She had said the queen had a friendship with the fairy queen then Queen Beatrice had turned traitor and actually stabbed the fairy queen with iron, the one thing that could kill a fairy. The fairy, with her dying breath, cursed Beatrice’s only child, a girl named Aurora, to fall into a deep sleep. But a fairy’s magic came from their heart so the cursed could be broken by true love’s kiss! That was the curse that the king was talking about.

      We must stop the battle so that the king will be dethroned and Aurum will be at peace. With that last thought in her head, she drifted off to sleep.

       The next morning, she stopped in Hydra’s cave and she filled her in on the plan. During school, she kept an eye on the clock the whole time. She was even bored during library, her favorite time of the whole week! When school finally got out, she went out of school but instead of going to Hydra’s cave she like she usually did, she instead went back home and changed out of her school uniform into tan leather pants and a white blouse. She grabbed her bow and a sheath of arrows, most people didn’t know she liked to shoot. 

     She ran to Hydra’s cave and hopped on her back. They flew over to the MC side of Aurum onto the battlefield. It was horrible.

She took an arrow out of sheath, held it to Hydra’s fire breath, then shot it right into the middle of the battlefield. Everything froze. She landed right in next to the arrow she launched into a reprimand. 

 “Why do you fight? Yes, I know your history but that is no excuse. You are one kingdom that has been divided. Yes, I know that there has been murder and a curse. Still that is no excuse!” Mia reprimanded them. Surprisingly, everybody in the battlefield threw down their weapons and bowed! She thought she was going to have to make so big speech but that was enough. The soldiers of the human side, the captain of the guard, said,

 “Miss, we do not fight because we want to. It’s because the kin  has ordered us to.”

A fairy general said, “And we do not fight because we want to fight, it is to because we need to defend our home.”

“Well then let’s dethrone King.” The fairies did a little magic (they did some innocent brainwashing). Soon, the king was no more than a distant memory and a legend the grandparents told.


Mia sat down at the main room of the inn. Her mom set a plate of bacon and corn cakes. She started shoveling them down. Turns out, saving a kingdom makes you hungry, she thought. Mia’s hair was in the same simple braid as last night though quite loose and the sides of her thighs were red from riding Hydra. She breathed a sigh of contentment, she was home. Mia’s mother, looking confused, handed her a letter with the royal crest. Mia read it quickly: 

        Dear Mia, 

I am the king’s distant cousin and only remaining relative. Please do not hold that against me. I want to fix the wrongs that my cousin did. If you would be ever so polite to come to the Palace at 3 o’clock this afternoon, it would be quite a pleasure to me, and your dragon friend, I believe Hydra was her name, may come with you.


                            Winfred Lighton

At three o’clock, Mia made her way through the palace gates in a tea length, pearl colored dress and her hair done in a much more elaborate crown braid to meet newly crowned Queen Werferd.

The meeting was very long so I will only tell you the results, Mia got made junior advisor to the queen and Hydra, well, let’s just say she isn’t living in a cave anymore      

                          The End

The Train of Horror

Once upon a time, I was a kid named Jack. It was a normal day in winter. I was sleeping. Suddenly, a letter popped in my window and flew to my bed. I opened it carefully, making sure my parents didn’t seem awake. The letter said, “Come to a train party, there will be hot cocoa and you will have a lot of fun.” I thought this was gonna be super fun. It said, “Go to fiftieth street at 3:30 PM.” I hid the letter in the drawer and then slept. 

The next morning, I forgot the letter, but then as soon as I saw the clock go to three, I remembered. I went into my room, grabbed the card, and ran to 50th street. And then I saw a line. A lot of people were lined up. There were kids like me. So I saw the time was 3:25. I quickly lined up. And then a man said,

 “Come in the train.” I couldn’t say what he looked like because he had a black hood on top of him, covering his face. We went inside. He said, “This will last a few days.” I thought that this would be no problem. So I saw a playground there. He thought that was pretty odd. But I was energetic so I invited two kids to come with me. 

They came and we played tag. Once we ran out of all our energy, we went back in. 

In all of the seats, everyone was missing. This was pretty odd. Then the guy with the black hood on top of him said they were on the way in a waterslide park in the train. Now I was thinking this would be pretty fun and odd too. It was too odd. How could there be a waterslide? Did they have infinite water? But I didn’t mind. I went to the water slide and I saw all the children who were jumping up and down in the water. And it was pretty great. After we were done playing in the waterslides, we all went to bed. Each room was carefully designed for three people. So then I thought this was perfect. I invited the ones I invited to the park. They said it was a great idea. I asked what their names were. The first one was Sammy, the second one was Rafa. I thought we were gonna be great friends. So, we went to bed. 

The next morning, a girl screamed on the train. Me, Sammy, and Rafa ran to where it came. We came to the room, opened the door, and already four kids were just standing there. I asked what happened and they said they didn’t know either. We opened the door and saw one of two roommates went missing. Now I was starting to think this was a really odd place. How could two kids go missing? We asked the four kids to investigate the room. They said okay. We searched every closet, including the roof. Finally, there was a footprint. Then, under the footprint, the plank was loose. He pulled it up and there was a letter. He told everyone to come. Everyone came. He read the letter out loud, making sure everyone could hear him. When everyone heard what was happening, they were now aware. I said for everyone to calm down, not tell the driver at all, because the driver was acting the most sus in the whole train. They agreed so we went to the water park. I said to Sammy and Rafa that we had to do something about this problem. They said that we should get more info so we did. I knew what the letter said. I didn’t want to tell it. I told it to Sammy and Rafa. It said,

 “DON’T RUN :D!” I knew something was up so I told them, 

“Don’t act scared because then whoever is doing this is going to react and attack.” So we agreed we had to get out of here. WAIT, OH NO. I realized we all remembered the legend on 50th street. A monster came trapping children, and when they said a word, they got their soul cut so that meant that the driver was the REAPER. Spread the word! They remembered 50th street was the most deserted place. It was the scariest. Whoever went there was never to be seen again so they investigated. No clues. We went to bed. 

Nothing happened, yet I sighed with relief. A scream filled the train. I expected the driver to come out but nothing. 

“Wait,” the girl said. She had a bad dream. “We know the REAPER is fattening us for the kill. We remember the REAPER got a curse. The only one he can kill is who is most afraid.” So it was good that she wasn’t that scared. So now I felt scared. I tried not to feel too scared. We went to sleep. I felt afraid. 

I felt like going to Rafa and Sammy and asking them to sleep with me, then someone opened the door. I sensed the REAPER close. I knew he had come for me and then as soon as he was about to cut my soul, my soul came back. A sigh of relief came to me. 

“What happened?” I was still afraid and the REAPER went away. Luckily, when we were about to go to sleep, we papered a button on the bed. When one of us pressed it, we alerted the other person that the REAPER was here. I pressed it: boom.

 “Yay!” I whispered. BOOM. The door slammed open. The REAPER came out. 

Of course, I think. The REAPER could hear every word we said but luckily he was all the way on the bottom of the train.

We survived the first night. I told Sammy and Rafa that the REAPER came into our room and was about to cut my soul. Sammy said,“There is another legend… it says one day, a boy and a group of 3 have powers. The first has the power to Command the animals, the second can control the ice and snow and water, the last cannot be cut by the REAPER but can kill him.” 

“THAT’S IT!” I told them I must be the one who can’t get cut and that was why my soul came back to me! I said, 

“Of course!”

 Sammy said, “But who are the other two?”

 “It’s YOU and Rafa!”

“No way,” Sammy said. “So what should we do?” said Sammy. 

“IDK,” I said. “Maybe we save everyone?”

“NO WAY,” said Rafa. 

“Why not?” I said.

“Because I know we have to save them but what about us?” said Rafa. 

“I agree,” said Sammy. 

“Let’s tell the crew,” I said. 

“Midnight 8:00 PM, another day of surviving,” I said. Luckily, no one screamed. “Wait!” *Lights turned off* “Sammy, Rafa!” They woke up. “What’s happening and the reaper is coming!” We went to bed faking. He passed right by us. Suddenly, dogs started to come in our room. That’s it! Rafa could control the animals. The REAPER saw. He came in the room and the dogs barked and attacked him, and wolves even started hopping in the window and attacking too and mice started to bite him. Cockroaches just annoyed him. The REAPER was scared of the animals. He was outnumbered and if he took a soul, they would devour him. He ran away, staying there, waiting for the next attack. They kept barking but then snow came in and stopped the barking. Its powder snow must have made a fluffy pillow and then a snowy hand closed the window.

Queen Fairy Crystal

Once upon a time, Queen Fairy Autumn and her pink fluffy unicorn, Bubblegum, went to a royal gala in New Orleans to celebrate the city’s 99th anniversary. It was also Autumn’s birthday. She got dressed in a long yellow ball gown, the color of gold coins. Then, she dressed up Bubblegum in a protector necklace which was jade and always shone brightly when the queen was in danger. Bubblegum also wore a white, blue, and pink tie-dye dress. Queen Fairy Autumn flew to the party while her unicorn galloped on a rainbow.

When they got there, the scent of chocolate cake filled the air. Fairies and elves celebrated the queen’s 32nd birthday until… The evil fairy Crystal crashed the party!

Crystal was wearing a jumpsuit made out of ice blue velvet and real ice cubes.

Then, Autumn noticed the wand. She nearly fainted.

Crystal had a dragon wand which had taken all the colors of Autumn’s people so that the Autumn’s kingdom’s colors were fading. Without color, everyone except the queen would start to fade to death.
Autumn had to make things right.

Before he died in a battle with the winter kingdom, Autumn’s father, the king, had said, “There is always a time to make things right before anything gets out of hand.”

“What have you done to my people?” said Autumn.

“I took over your land because I never got anything I wanted,” said Crystal.

“But don’t do this! You don’t know what you’re doing!” screamed Autumn.

“Mwaha-ha-ha-ha-aa, you will never get a hold of me!” Crystal yelled. “Zaaap!”

Crystal zapped her wand several times at Queen Fairy Autumn. But the wand did not work on Autumn.

“It’s time to make things right,” said Queen Fairy Autumn.

Crystal threw Autumn into the ocean which was full of tears.

But when Crystal looked at the water, she saw her true reflection — evil.

Because Autumn was gone, Crystal became the new queen — the Snow Queen of Winter. She made the queen’s people come back to color. There were gnomes, princesses, princes, ballerinas, dwarves, elves, pirates, fairies, mermaids, and good witches, celebrating the birth of a new season and a new queen. They were all dressed in coats made out of wool and leather. The new queen used her wand to make an ice castle. The people clapped and laughed and played games.

The Snow Queen had never felt this happy before. She finally realized that being evil was not the way to live.

Then one day, ice voyagers came. The Snow Queen made a big portal to protect her citizens. But the ice voyagers started taking away the snow which made everyone except the Snow Queen melt! Then there was no way she could get her people back, so she became evil again because all that she loved was lost forever. The people would only come back if a new season came.

Crystal was left alone in her ice castle with her mirror.

In another kingdom, far away, there were two neighbors, a girl named Kate and a boy named Gretel. They had love for each other; they even grew each other roses in different colors. Gretel would go over to Kate’s house to drink hot cocoa with marshmallows. They would build snowmen and go sledding together. The Snow Queen watched them in her mirror made of ice.

One day, when Kate and Gretel finished their hot cocoa with marshmallows, they went straight outside. As soon as they did, the Snow Queen sent transparent icicles straight into Gretel’s heart. He then became mean, greedy, and nasty. Gretel started to run away from Kate.

Kate screamed, “Why are you running away from me? I thought we were going to go sledding together!”

“Go away!” Gretel yelled in a rude tone. He ran away and never looked back.

Kate ran to her grandmother’s house. Tears flooded all the way down her rosy cheeks.

“Oh, Grandmother!” she cried. “I think the Snow Queen from the Kingdom of Winter took control of Gretel.”

“Oh, no!” her grandmother cried. But then she told Kate, “Oh, my darling, I know a shortcut to the Snow Queen.”

“What is it?” Kate said.

“First, you go to the lake where a magical bronze canoe is waiting just for you. Second, you will pass a beautiful garden where there are lots of flowers that are colors such as Yummy Yellow, Prancing Purple, Blaring Blue, Pretty Pink, Rose Red, Owing Orange, and Groomy Green. Then, you will see a pirate’s ship stuck on solid blue ice crystals.”

“Maybe the pirates can show me the way to the Snow Queen!” Kate exclaimed.

“Yes, they can,” her grandmother said. “But only if you are nice to them, even if they’re mean to you.”

“What next?” Kate asked.

“The final step is to find Gretel.”

“Thanks, Grandma!” Kate said with tears of joy.

“Oh, you’re welcome, my dear child,” Kate’s grandmother said.

“Bye, Grandma!” Kate said.

“Bye, darling!” Kate’s grandmother said.

Then, Kate put on her sweater, coat, mittens, scarf, hat, and snow boots. She raced out the door and went into the freezing cold. When Kate got to the bronze canoe, she had to go through all of the seasons. She climbed into the magical bronze canoe as her grandmother said. When she stepped inside the canoe, it moved by itself.
Wow, so this is what Grandma meant by magical, Kate thought.

When she got to the other side, she saw a beautiful garden with an old lady, who was wearing purple gloves and a purple dress.

“Hello there!” Kate said politely.

“Hi,” the woman said. “Can you please brush my hair, dear?”

The lady pulled out a purple comb and gave it to Kate. She took off her hat and held it tightly in her purple gloves while Kate brushed her hair. When Kate was finished, the lady asked her to do chores around the house. When Kate was finished with the chores, she asked where she could find the Snow Queen. The lady pointed right and Kate, without a word, left.

The next obstacle was a snowstorm. Kate fought the snowstorm like a warrior. Five minutes later, she saw a pirate’s ship stuck in solid ice. Kate walked closer to the pirate ship until…

“Aaargh!” one of the pirates shouted.

“Eek!” Kate screamed in horror.

“Hey, matey, why are you skedaddling here?!”

“Umm, ” Kate started to worry. “I want to find a way to the Snow Queen!” she screamed loudly, as if the whole world wanted to hear her little voice.

“Why, though?” said a girl pirate named Alivida De La Cruz.

“Because my friend, Gretel…”

“Gretel? Who in the name of the ship is named Gretel!”

“He’s my friend who got lured to the Snow Queen! And I… I… I just miss him.”

“Well why didn’t you say so then?”

“So will you lead me to the Snow Queen?”

“Yes, since you gave us a reason.”

“Thank you!”

“Yeah! But first, we are going to need someone to help us with the ice.”

“Umper!” Alivida De La Cruz shouted.

“Yes, Captain!” replies Umper.

“Get your axe please so that… uhh… what’s your name?”

“Kate,” Kate whispered.

“Uhh, Kate and I can break the ice to keep the river flowin’,” said Alivida De La Cruz.

“Yes, ma’am!” And down Umper came with the axe.

Kate and Alivida De La Cruz held the axe together. The ice went crush, crunch, croop! Then they climbed up the ladder for the ship and sailed through the icy water.

“To adventure!” Alivida De La Cruz said.

“To adventure!” said Kate.

In 15 minutes, they were at the Snow Queen’s ice castle. Kate was freezing, even though she was wearing a coat, snow boots, a scarf, hat, and mittens. “Thank you, Alivida De La Cruz,” Kate said.

“You’re welcome, matey! Anytime!” Alivida De La Cruz shouted.

Kate ran as fast as her legs could take her all the way up that iceberg hill. When she was in front of the ice doors, she opened them. Creak!

“Hello?” Kate said, shivering.

“Who is it?” the Snow Queen said in her snarling voice. The queen had a frown on her face. She had teal lipstick and icicles on her back, sticking up to the ice chandelier.

“Oh, hello,” Kate said.

“Well, well, aren’t you that little pest who was playing with this boy all the time?”

“Yes, Snow Queen, and I’m here to get my friend back, you crook!”

“Excuse me? What in the ice did you say?” Crystal said.

“I said, you crook!” yelled Kate.

“Out of my way!” Crystal screamed. She pushed Kate to the side.

Kate ran past her up to the Snow Queen’s throne room and saw Gretel, other children, elderly people, and grown-ups.

“Gretel!” Kate said in relief. “I am glad that you are fine.” She tried to hug him but he kept turning around and backing away. Then finally, Kate had a plan. “Gretel,” she said.

“Yes? What do you want?” Gretel said.

“I would like to talk with you,” said Kate.

“What is it?”

“Don’t tell the Snow Queen, though,” said Kate.

“Okay,” said Gretel.

Kate leaned forward and went to Gretel’s ear. Then, she hugged him and she said, “I love you!”

Gretel closed his eyes. All of a sudden, he wasn’t pale anymore, he was colorful. He was back to normal!

“Thanks for saving me!” Gretel said.

“You are welcome,” Kate said. “Now let’s get out of here!”

“Yeah!” said Gretel.

The two friends ran home. When they got there, Kate explained how she got to meet a pirate and an old lady who wore a purple dress.

“Wow!” Kate’s grandma said, fascinated. “It’s a good thing Gretel is back home now!”

In another kingdom, the Snow Queen, Crystal, adopted a cat and was happy… for now…

Ouch! Goes the Weasel, Books 1 & 2

Squeaks to you all! 

My name is Ronalds Squeak-sq, and I am the youngest weasel in Utteramma Field. My brother, Carl, is the leader of Squeak Scouts. Squeak Scouts is another name for your “Boy/Girl Scouts.” Anyway, back to my family. 

My father is the Executive Director of Utteramma Field Electricity Institute (UFEI). The UFEI produces electricity to every weasel in town during the Weasel Uprising in 2123, when the Handemolen peeps are protecting every weasel in the world of the TSSA. 

Eventually, we smart weasels learned to use human materials, so we used them on our own as well. Back in my family, my mom just took a job as a nurse in Utteramma Field Hospital (UFH). With no one in my family guarding me, I had to figure out a way to get a babysitter. 

I dialed 167-999-9998 on the weaselphone in my house. A babysitter named Alexia came. Instead of making Mom mad, my mom was… well, actually proud of me. My dad, on the other hand, wasn’t so amused. 

He usually is the most easy-to-get-angry weasel in town, but sometimes, if I finish my homework early, my dad will reward me with three-quarters of an hour of TV time. 

This story is just the beginning of a story of what had happened to me and my family. Happy reading and exploring my inner self!


“Ronalds, hurry up,” Carl whined, “or you will be late for your first day of nursery school.” Carl and I were eating breakfast on a chilly fall day. We had to block our entrance hole up with a huge plate to keep out the leaves from falling into our house. 

Yup. A weasel like me is going to nursery school already. That’s because we weasels’ generations have been separated by three years. That’s why weasel schools don’t earn much money, though the teachers have to spend so much energy controlling 3-year-olds. 

My dad, with a tough-looking face, glared at me with impatience, but didn’t even make a single squeak. I’ve got to hurry to school. Everyone in my family was impatiently waiting for me. Unusually, even my mom was glaring at me with impatience (that’s not common in my family). 

Alright, diary, see you at school!

Here in my school, Weaselmentry Nursery School (or as I like to call it, the WNS {pronounced WHNNS}), everyone gathered up, and I gazed out the window. Earthworms tumbled in the mud. I guess my new teacher put the window there for a reason. 

Finally, the bell rang. 


“Alright, class,” the teacher announced, “my name is Mrs. Olaf. I am also the Phys Ed coach here. You have a very special teacher.” 

Everyone oohed and ahhed. All except for me. I sat there, still as a statue. (Well, I had to admit I was still blinking.) After Mrs. Olaf calmed everyone down, she announced another thing: “This is also my first day here.” I opened my mouth to squeak, but nothing came out. 

Despite my silence, I did manage to squeak up. “You — you just came?” I gasped. I paused to catch my breath. “Lie — like us?!” 

“Sure, hon,” Mrs. Olaf replied, “I just moved into Utteramma Field.” 

I guess school wasn’t so bad after all:* after all, I did have a teacher who had lots of things in common with me! 

*Oops, I forgot to mention that I didn’t want to go to school earlier in this book! So sorry for interrupting the story. Go on reading, now.

Just then, a booming voice came from the hallway. Every classmate in my class had their fur standing on their tips. I can’t tell if they were sweating or not, but I was. 

“Today, my new friends, I would like to announce the new staff and students in this school. First, our new Physical Education coach: Mrs. Dorriana Olaf!”

Everyone cheered during the 10-second-pause. Then, the strange voice continued. 

“Next, our new Computer teacher: Mr. Rockliff Anderson!”

We heard some cheering in the neighboring classes. The voice went on. 

“Finally, let me introduce the new generation of students. In Mrs. Olaf’s class, welcome the new students of Mrs. Olaf!”

We smiled to ourselves. 

“Next, welcome the students of Mr. Jankerson!”

Okay, so this is going to be a long announcement, so I will put it together in one piece. 

“Next up: Mr. McUnterson’s class!
Last but not least, welcome Ms. Lankeran’s class to this school!

Now, I want to announce that we are in a lockout drill. An eagle is coming! Lock everything!”

“What’s a lockout drill?” I heard someone ask. 

“It means ‘Lock everything,’ ” Mrs. Olaf replied, “because we can’t let eagles and other predators come and snatch us. Good question, Kiki.” Kiki. Now I know a new friend, I thought. 

After 10 minutes of waiting, we finally could squeak. The thing is, we were actually working pretty hard as nursery schoolers. We learned shapes, size, how to count to five, and a bunch of other things, including word study (that one was the hardest). 

After all that mind-cooking learning, it was finally time for recess. We had an extraordinary playground: lots of rides and also brainworking challenges and even steep slides. SO STEEP. It was going straight down! 

I was deciding to meet Kiki when the bell rang that ended recess. 


Everything was now harder, even harder than the word study. We learned to use a ruler to measure. We even met numbers up to 10! 

On my way home, I thought about how far nursery school is taking me. It sounded so hard! HARD! By the time I got home, I was half panting, half shivering. And why? Because I was afraid to go back to school! 

When Carl saw me shivering, he asked, “Hey, Pooper-Ronalds, are you cold?” I didn’t answer because 1) He would reply with a much meaner thing than “Pooper-Ronalds” and 2) He would ask me more stupid questions. (Why did I use the word “stupid”?!)

When my dad saw me shivering, he asked the same thing, only politely: “Ronalds, my boy, aren’t you cold? Let me give you a cup of warm water. Meanwhile, borrow my jacket.” 

“No thanks,” I said, “I’m just afraid of school.” 

Unfortunately, Carl heard me and teased me: “Ronalds is afraid of school! Ronalds is a loser!” Just then, a voice shot down from the stairs as fast as the fastest bullet. 

“CARL!” Mom scolded. “Get over here right now. Time out for three hours!”

I was now quarter scared of school, quarter shivering, quarter sweating.* It was just too much to handle! I can’t believe my family is like this. Meanwhile, upstairs, I could hear my brother crying out, “Momma, don’t throw away my video games! NOOO!”

“I am too,” Mom said, “and I mean now.” What did that mean? I thought. This is what I do know: my mom locked the so-called “detention door” and trudged downstairs to the basement, where she threw away a video game console and a gadget. 

*Sorry, that was just three quarters, not four. And also, HOW AM I GOING TO GET TO SCHOOL WITHOUT KNOWING MY FRACTIONS?!

After heading downstairs to see what the commotion was all about, my dad pushed open the detention door and locked it again. I was expecting for Dad to punish him with 4th grade homework, but instead went there just to give a good shout to Carl. 

Although I was happy that Carl was now punished, I also feel kind of bad for him. I decided that we have a pretty breakable family. This is what I mean. I made a list below. 

Ronalds’ recipe for Family connection


Ingredients: a family

How to make: Imagine that all your family members have a Wi-Fi love transmitting heart. If someone’s heart breaks, the entire Wi-Fi is disconnected and everyone is in a bad mood. (My family is like that.) So, to always connect, let each other calm down during a Wi-Fi free period. That way, your family could reconnect. 

Thanks for listening and making the recipe at home!

Whew, that was just too much writing! I’d better go and eat my lunch. After that, I’d take my afternoon nap. Good Noon, Diary!

Oh, hello again! Good morning!* Oh, right… I have to tell you what happened next! Silly me. 

*Sorry again! I just remembered, it is the afternoon! And, also, HOW AM I GOING TO GO TO SCHOOL IF I DON’T KNOW HOW TO READ TIME?!

Unfortunately, during my afternoon nap, Carl video-taped me talking in my sleep. He then burst out laughing when I awoke. He then played the video over and over. It sounded something like this:

Someone’s taking Ronalds away, poopsy pants! Leave Carl alone! Call Ronalds “Pickle Face”! Someone’s taking Ronalds away, poopsy pants!

That video — IT! THAT’S IT! My brother is just too obnoxious. He is just too… bad. Sorry, can’t think of another word. To my most luckiest luck, though, Dad heard the video being played. But that wasn’t just the only thing that was lucky; Dad also scolded him because — well, I’ll use markers to draw this. 


Uff, I try to cover my tiny but sensitive weasel ears to drain out Dad’s ear-splitting noise. I could even hear his sound loud and clear even when I plugged my ears with my dad’s earplugs. But a punishment for Carl for more than a year?! Even the bullied victim (me!) felt sad for the bully (Carl). I was also relieved to hear that it wasn’t me talking, it was Carl. 

That night, I couldn’t sleep. Not because of school, but because of Carl’s punishment.

At school the next morning, I just couldn’t concentrate on my work. I kept on thinking about Carl. When I was to read a sentence with a vocabulary word, I answered with a squeaky voice, a voice kind of like this:

Wah cuas Wah Aqash Chew!

Everyone stared at me. And also, do you even know what “Wah cuas Wah Aqash Chew” means? 

Answer: “Wah Cuas Wah Aquash Chew” means “One plus one equals two.”

I started to sweat. In a bad way, that is (not in the way you sweat when you are relieved). No one figured out the answer, though. Only you did in the little script above.* 

*I could write even smaller than the answer I wrote. I was forced to write at the minimum of one-millimeter type.

Also, school was getting worse. Way worse. But I didn’t know that an exception was coming to town…

It was Wednesday, and it was Writopia Day. We started our stories that we are supposed to send for the governor to read last week. Now, we were finishing up our stories. Today was the deadline and the day the governor was coming to our school for Writopia Day. 

I was writing with so much concentration, I couldn’t even hear what Leo, the weasel sitting next to me, was saying to Lina, the weasel in front of my seat who usually blocks my view of the blackboard. I finished before anyone else did. Then, it hit me: the title was wrong:

A Onlman World

I was actually meaning to write

An Onlman World

Just as I was about to erase the mistake, Mrs. Olaf finally spoke up. “Class,” she said, “stop where you are. If you are not finished, you could finish tomorrow and the governor will read your piece tomorrow.”

I stood up and jogged to the door. No, more like rushing. My classmates came after me. Then, I saw a black car backing up into the parking lot outside. It must be the governor, I thought. I felt a shiver going down my spine. 

As my class strolled into the auditorium, I quivered. I’m not a brave weasel. I’m often shy and I don’t squeak up very often. When my class was assigned to an area, I gulped. Will the governor award me first place? Second? Third? Last? I just couldn’t hold a breath more, and it felt as if my throat were plugged. Ulp!

Finally, the governor strolled onto the stage. He took a microphone. I plugged my ears. I don’t like loud sounds. 

“Attention Everyone! Welcome to today, Writopia Day. First, let’s start by handing your brilliant pieces of writing to me.” 

And then, it hit me. I had made a mistake on my cover. And now it was too late. I felt tears fill my eyes. Everything was blurry. In no more than five seconds, I was crying. 

Finally, my teacher comforted me. I was one of the last weasels to hand in their work. I, with a trembling hand, handed in my work. I then tip-toed as fast as I could off the stage. 

Finally, the governor started to read the books out loud. All of them were boring. But the worst part came when my book was being read. I felt guilty for some reason that I had written the book. My book was lamer than the others. But then, after what felt like a million hours, the most exciting part came: the selections. The awards. I squealed. 


“Attention, everyone!”

came from the governor’s microphone. 

“The awards have been discussed by my fellow helpers. We will announce the winners.” 

I held my breath. 

“3rd place: Ira Lemising for the book The Trouble With Monkeys [2nd version]!
2nd place: Israel Knoma for the book The Ghosts with the Surprise!
And finally…”  

Some drum-rolling was played behind the curtains of the stage. 

“1st place is awarded to Ronalds Squeak-sq for the book
A Olman World!” 

What?! No way, I thought. I got first place? Impossible times a hundred.

Meanwhile, all of my friends were crowding around me like I was a hero or something like that. Yay, I had finally achieved fame! Now, it was just the right time to change my very-strict dad — read on to find out how I did it. 

I made sure everything on my list was present:

  1. Certificate and Trophy
  2. Bravery
  3. Smiling face
  4. Working brain

I knew that I already had #1 on my list. #2 was pretty hard and took some practice to overcome. But I still checked off #2. #3 was just as hard as #2; it made me panic! Finally, #4 was automatically checked off because I really didn’t need a working brain except when I’m panicking. That’s why I erased it. Actually, I really don’t need #2 and #3, either. That’s why I had a really big space; I just erased too many things! I just needed my certificate and trophy, which was, in fact, already beside me. 

Then, I slowly crept towards Dad’s door to his room (I don’t want to be tricked by Carl again for the third time this week.) Then, I nudged toward the door. It budged open. 


“Hmm?” Dad said. 

“I just wanted to say,” I replied. Ronalds, that was such a stupid answer, I thought to myself. 

“What, Ronalds?” Dad asked. “I just wanted to say that I really don’t want you to be so not-thoughtful and careless,” I said, “and I have some things to cheer you up.” I handed him my certificate and trophy. 

“Why, good job!” my dad said. I have never seen him be so excited. 

And although I cured my dad, something was still not part of the plan… 

To be continued in…


Ouch! Goes the Weasel
{Book #2: Ronalds’ Fourth Year}

By Enhao Ren

Author of Enhao’s Adventures and Crazy Days with Enhao, the best-selling series

Why, welcome back, everybody!

It is your old pal, Ronalds Squeak-sq. Remember what happened last week? Yes, that’s right. My brother Carl got in trouble for bullying me and was sentenced to be grounded for an entire year and two weeks. This week is now Carl’s second grounded week, and he still has 365 days to go. 

Because of this, Carl can’t be the leader of Utteramma Field Squeak Scouts. Squeak Scouts is what you call “Boy Scouts” or “Girl Scouts.”

Back in my family talk, my father is the Executive Director of Utteramma Field Electricity Institute (UFEI). The UFEI produces electricity to every weasel in town during the Weasel Uprising in 2123, when the Handemolen peeps are protecting every weasel in the world of the TSSA. 

Eventually, we smart weasels learned to use human materials, so we used them on our own as well. Back in my family, my mom just took a job as a nurse in Utteramma Field Hospital (UFH) a month ago. With no one in my family guarding me, I had to figure out a way to get a babysitter. 

I dialed 167-999-9998 on the weaselphone in my house. A babysitter named Alexia came. Instead of making Mom mad, my mom was… well, actually proud of me. My dad, on the other hand, wasn’t so amused. 

He usually is the most easy-to-get-angry weasel in town, but sometimes, if I finish my homework early, my dad will reward me with three quarters of an hour of TV time. 

Oh, sorry. I forgot we were talking about what happened last week. Well, I got first prize at this year’s Writopia Day, which is a holiday in Utteramma Field for all schools. The governor comes and reads our stories. Then, he and his helpers nominate the first, second and third place winners. 

After that crazy week, my dad had been pretty nice to me. But after the weekend, nothing went right anymore…

It all started when something covered in a huge cardboard box with wheels rolled into our door. 

@Rumble Rumble Rumble@

Carl trudged downstairs to peek at the commotion. “What the hell is that thing?” he asked in total disbelief. “Is it a monster? A dragon with wheels? An automobile?” 

Well, I’ll definitely tell you this: 

It was scary to look at it.

It really was. I shuddered. I don’t like creepy things. Just then, Dad galloped downstairs. Yes, he really galloped. “Well, well, well!” he said with pride, “our piano is here.” 

“What’s a piano?” I asked. “A type of monster? No, thank you!” 

“Don’t be silly,” Dad replied, “it is an instrument. An instrument is something that you use your hands or mouth to make the instrument make noise. The noise will sound very pleasant in a song. Here, I’ll teach you. I’m a real piano man.”

And you know what? A shiver ran down my spine faster than you could say, “Uh-oh.”

Yep, I really didn’t like the sound of that. My dad is the worst teacher ever. He always loses control of his feelings when something goes wrong. So, playing the piano with Dad’s way of education was rather hurtful. 

Before I knew it, Dad was placing me on the piano chair. “Alright, buddy, sit still.” 

“Yes, I will,” I squeaked, sitting up like a student really paying attention. 

“Alright, could you find ‘Middle C’ for me?” 

“Dad,” I said, “I don’t know where ‘Middle C’ is.” 

That got my dad ready. “THE ‘MIDDLE C’ IS AT THE CENTER OF THE KEYBOARD!” he screamed. Then, I pressed the center of the keyboard. But it definitely wasn’t “Middle C.” “THAT’S ‘MIDDLE B’! MOVE MORE RIGHT!” 

I moved right. I pressed the key, and I knew I got it. “That’s better,” said Dad, lowering his voice. “We use ‘Middle C’ as our guide,” Dad explained, “and ‘Middle C” is the first note, though there are notes at the bottom of it.” I didn’t get that. 

The rest of the piano time was just junk. Dad kept on urging me to find “Middle C” without looking at the keyboard. My dad kept track of how many times I got it:

None out of 20

My eyes went blurry after I was told the score. You know what was happening. I was crying. In a split second, I felt a teardrop trickle down my cheeks. My cheek pouches, to be exact. 

That night, I couldn’t sleep a wink. I was scared to practice the piano again. And because of that, I didn’t close my eyes until it was half past midnight. 

Because I only slept like, the first hour of the next day, guess what? I overslept. When I arrived at school, my friends were already having their daily snack break. When I stepped into the classroom, everyone froze, and they did, literally. Then, they burst out laughing. 

“Class, class, I don’t know why I am yelling,” Ms. Olaf, our class’ teacher and school phys-ed coach, screamed. Well, not literally screaming, but at the minimum, err… voice.* *Let’s go with that.**

**You see those two interacting single stars (*)? Well, I was supposed to put them here. I’m so sorry for the accident. 

Everyone quieted down in an instant. Katie, the most beautiful girl in the school, put up an “L” sign with her paw. Though Katie may be beautiful, she is often very serious. 

Recess was worse than ever. Many kids from older grades bullied me for being late. I hate being bullied. I hate it so much,

It is even a bit creepy for me. 

Yup. I hate experiencing something creepy. I like everything to be butterflies and lollipops.

Ahh… it just makes me dreamy when I see that font I wrote above. I love the handwriting for script type. (Although I printed it to glue in this notebook.) Oops, I forgot we were talking about something serious. 

Continuing on the “serious path,”

I was bullied so much, I cried for the first time in school. And it was very embarrassing. More and more kids came and said,

“This guy is a noob,”


“This guy is a crybaby.” .

Oh, and did you see that period? Sorry, I’ll erase that. There. Until, something happened. Did you see that mark, at the “guy is” and the “bab”? That’s right, two teardrops. Maybe I was a crybaby after all.

I, once again, couldn’t sleep a wink. This time, because I was afraid of piano practice and going back to school, because of that feeling when, you know, when something that’s your best dream ever happens to go wrong and it becomes your lifetime nightmare? 

I don’t know if you know the feeling or not, but let me tell you this: that was the case with me. And, unfortunately, I, once again, overslept. When I arrived at school, everyone was already in recess, playing after D/E/A/R* time which is after lunch. 

*Everyone in your family should know D/E/A/R time. It stands for
Drop Everything And Read.

And, even more unfortunate, was that I was sleeping on my desk the entire time in class:


And, if that was not bad enough, I had drool all over my face and papers (I’ll show you my paper):

Please write a word that starts with the letter “T” and ends with the letter “E.” For example, tongue.

Please write a word that begins with the letter “M” and ends with the letter “E.” For example, mile

As you could see, our class is working on words ending with “E.” When I woke up, I was surprised to see myself on my booster seat. Guess what? I was in my car, being driven from school back home. “How was school today? I see you are very tired,” Mom cooed. 

“Good,” I lied, “very good. We studied to find words ending in the letter ‘E.’” At least I got some truths in, I thought. 

“Oh, really?” Mom asked in a voice that made her sound a bit excited. “May I see your piece of paper you worked on?”

I twitched around on my booster seat. I couldn’t show her that I had drooled on it. I didn’t want Mom to know that I was lying. I had to make an excuse. “Err… I lost it during lunch.”

That turned out to be a pretty dumb move, because the second Mom heard that, she made a U-turn that almost flung me out of the grasp of my seat belt. “Honey,” Mom cooed, “let me help find it for you.” 

I thought for a moment and called out to her, “Mom! The custodians had already shoved it into the trash basket!” That did the trick. Mom came running back toward me. She then climbed into the driver’s seat and made another U-turn that almost made me throw up. 

Back at my house, Carl was helping to wash the dishes from lunch. The second he saw me walk in, he shoved me with his dirty hands and called, “Ronalds Poopypants, Ronalds the Loser, and Ronalds the Crybaby is back!” His words ended after a big, long cackle. 


Just then, Mom came skipping downstairs three at a time. Yup, she really did. She then ran over to Carl holding a piece of duct tape. What was that for? I thought. But before my eyes could even turn around, Mom was taping the duct tape onto Carl’s mouth. I giggled to myself. 

Tonight was the best dinner I have ever had. Usually, Carl was the “root” of the commotion that usually takes place. But with his mouth duct-taped, no one even had to make a squeak

Remember the super-good night at my house? Well, let me just say that school isn’t the same. It is surprisingly because Carl is not there. Yup, I don’t like anyone from my family being away from me for even a minute. And in this case, I have to be away from everyone in my family for an entire seven hours. 

You might be wondering why I want Carl to be there, not anyone else. Well, that’s because Carl is the only weasel I know th________


So sorry. I just don’t know why I just keep on falling asleep. Carl is definitely going to laugh at me for his entire life when he sees my notebook. The book you are reading right now. 

Anyway, I’m just too tired to write more. I quit on this book and I’m working on a new one two years later. See you then!

To be continued in…
Ouch! Goes the Weasel Book #3



BIYU (10): A kid who always annoys his older sister yet deeply cares about her and LOVES broccoli (weird, I know)

RIKU (15): A teen who just wants her space from others and wants friends

AIMI (15): Riku’s supposed best friend

RIKU and BIYU are in the field a bit away from their house. A few minutes later, RIKU starts walking to the house. As she walks off she says to BIYU:


I’ll see you there. 


(Staring off into the curtains) Hm, what’s that, Mom? You want Riku to get the heck out of my room? Oh, alright, I’ll tell her that. 

BIYU turns around, looks at RIKU, and smiles. 


MoM sAiD tO gEt ThE hEcK oUtTa My RoOm!  

RIKU copies BIYU’s movements. 


(Stares into the curtain again) What’s that, Mom? Tell Riku to stop bothering me? 

BIYU smiles. 


But I —


                                                      [Aside] Mother is always on Biyu’s side and it’s really annoying.


Okay, mother . . . Sorry. . . Not sorry, Biyu. (She sniffs)


                    [Aside] I never wanted Riku to be sad. Riku, wait!


                                       [Aside] Time to call Aimi. 

Sighing, RIKU takes her phone out from her back pocket and scrolls through her contacts and finally comes across “BestFriend.”


Heyy, Aimi… My day hasn’t been the best. 


Hey… Aw why. Was it your good for nothing brother? I never liked him anyways. [Aside] It’s not like I really care anyway


You what…

She shakes her head and starts tearing up.


[Aside] You weren’t supposed to hear that

Oh I was talking to my… 

[Aside] Nonexistent 



Why are you lying to my face?


HAHAHA don’t comment on me. (AIMI scoffs)


I  didn’t, I’m — 

AIMI cuts the phone


Annoying brat. (AIMI rolls her eyes) 

RIKU sighs, sits on her bed, and drenches her pillow, twirls her hair, then gets up and starts pacing around. 


[Aside] Why did Aimi do that?

I’m worried about Aimi. She doesn’t act like this. 

BIYU walks into RIKU’s room and leans on the door frame.


What did Aimi do? 


Ugh nothing. Get out of my room… (RIKU shakes her head and turns away)


You can’t lie to me, your face gives out what you’re feeling right away. (BIYU sighs) C’mon, don’t lie to me… I’ll try to help.


Aimi snapped at me.


I never liked her but… (BIYU sighs) If you really wanna repair your relationship… be the bigger person and go to her house.


I hope she doesn’t bother me for forgiveness, it’s gonna be annoying… Although hurting her was nice it also hurt. She’s the only real friend I ever had.

AIMI shakes her head to get the thoughts out of her head. RIKU puts her jacket and shoes on and goes out of the house


Ah, the wind feels so nice.

The fall breeze hits RIKU’s face. Her hair flows in the air and a tear streams down her face. All the people who are near RIKU freeze as she walks by. RIKU to the audience:


I’ve been friends with Aimi my whole life. We have been best friends, we have gone through everything together. Was it my fault? Did I build this pressure between us up? Even if it was me being the bigger person. Does that make it right? No it doesn’t, saying sorry doesn’t repair your actions. It doesn’t actually show you’re sorry. You’re just asking for pity. But this always happens.. I always ask for pity even when it’s not my fault. Everyone thinks I’m a fool, but I (RIKU sighs). I understand that Aimi is using me. But I need someone to lean on even if they are using a fake persona.

Everyone on the stage starts moving again as RIKU wipes a tear off her face and arrives at AIMI’s.  Then shakily she rings the doorbell.


Who could that be? (AIMI makes an annoyed face)


I really hope she can forgive me…


[Aside] Ugh is it RIKU?

RIKU keeps ringing the bell


Coming, coming. 

AIMI stares at the door and makes an annoyed face, then proceeds to open it. AIMI tries to open the door but can’t.


(As AIMI opens the door, RIKU tries to hide) I don’t wanna do this anymore..


(AIMI proceeds to open the door). I know why you’re here. Come and sit on my couch. I’ll bring some tea out. 


Stop this. Stop acting like you’re my friend. STOP, I KNOW YOU NEVER LIKED ME. NO ONE EVER DID.


Well, why do you think no one liked you? Because you follow them around, make them feel guilty. HOW DO YOU THINK IT FEELS LETTING PEOPLE DOWN? 





The doorbell rings. AIMI proceeds to open it as RIKU is on the floor crying.


Hey, Aimi I came to see… WHAT DID YOU DO TO RIKU?


I didn’t do anything….

AIMI sighs. BIYU runs to RIKU and starts comforting her by hugging her.


Look. I knew this was going to happen. That’s why I told you to come here. I knew all about her but..


Even if  I won’t be your friend anymore…


… Please don’t be her enemy…

AIMI goes up to RIKU and embraces RIKU softly…




The Haunted Cheeseburger (Series 1)


                           PART 1

Once upon a time, there was a haunted cheeseburger and he got eaten by a pack of fries!!! Butt, oh, the butt you know that isn’t the, “Oh, but I don’t want to,” it’s the butt on your bottom. Someone ate them before they could finish themselves. So after, he had to go to the bathroom and you know what, they did. But, sniff sniff, sorry, if you, sniff, can’t hear me well, this story is just sooo sad!!! 

So anyway, they escaped from the pipes and they went to the Food Mart Valentine’s Day dance and had their moment but something happened. They realized that the ice cream cop that arrested Aaron when he took Ms. Potato Head the Pack of Fries in Part 1. 

So they hid for hours to survive. But they ran to the Valentine’s Day dance and had the time of their lives and they kissed but that kiss ended up turning into them eating 

each other!!! But wait, oh no!!! What happened? You will find out in Part 2. 

                            HAUNTED CHEESEBURGER

                                        PART 2


















                       HAUNTED CHEESEBURGER

                                   PART 3

“So, Aaron, will you accept Mrs. Potato Head to be your yummy wedded wife?”

“I do.” 

“And Mrs. Potato Head, do you accept Aaron to be your husband” 

“I d — ”

“Hey, Mrs. Potato Head, what the heck are you doing here?” 

“Oh, um, Rotten Hot Dog, what are you doing here?”

 “I’m picking up my wife, wait. Rotten Hot dog — wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, Mrs. Potato Head, what is he talking about?” 

“I’m sorry, but I married him at the Food Mart at the pre-Valentine’s Day dance and I agreed to go with him to the real dance in a month. I’m so, so sorry but I have to go with my real husband… ” 

“Well, what am I going to do now? We already got a mansion… ”

“OMG, Aaron, I do. Yes, yes, yes, we’re married, let’s go to our mansion, and Aaron, since we’re married, can you go to the Valentine’s Day dance with me?”

Of course. Yes.”

Read more in Part 6 where they have their moment at the Valentine’s Day dance (the real one) and move into their mansion or will a Rotten Hot Dog ruin everything and steal his woman back?

I know your address, you guys, you are in big trouble. This is your last chance to go to Isla’s inappropriate doggy day care!! 

                         HAUNTED CHEESEBURGER

                                    PART 4

Aaron: Come on, Mr. Potato Head, let’s go and boogie.

Mr. Potato Head: Oh, uuuuum, Aaron, I have to tell you something. I have fried potato Itis.

Aaron: WHAT!!!

Mr. Potato Head: But only on you, not on Rotten Hot Dog, and when you have fried potato Itis, you can’t marry the person you’re with, so I’m super, duper, fruit-looper sorry, but I have to divorce you. 

Aaron: But wait, I’m sorry. 

Mr. Potato Head: It’s too late!! Hi, Rotten Hot Dog, wanna dance?

Rotten Hot Dog: Oh, you know it.

Aaron: Well, now what am I going to do? 

Mr. Potato Head: Aaron. 1,2,3, APRIL FOOLS!! (JAZZ MUSIC.) We’re not really divorcing. I just wanted to get you really good and we’re having a pool party in our mansion tonight, and in the pool, I added some really cool lights and we will watch their favorite show.

Mr. Potato Head & Aaron: “NAILED IT!!!” 

                       HAUNTED CHEESEBURGER

                                  PART 5

Aaron: We’re finally home!

Mrs. Potato head: Y —

Mrs Potato Head’s soon-to-be husband: Mrs Potato Head, what are you doing!?

Aaron: Mrs Potato Head, who is this?

Mrs. Potato Head: His name is Mike, he’s my-soon-to —

Mrs. Potato Head’s soon-to-be husband: She’s my soon-to-be wife.

Mrs. Potato Head: Yeah. 

Aaron: But we’re married?

Mrs Potato Head: I’m sorry, I have to divorce you but you can come to the wedding. 

Aaron: Well okay. 

(5 hours later.)

Wedding Guy: Do you take Mrs. Potato Head to be your yummy wedded wife?

Mrs. Potato Head’s soon-to-be husband: I do. 

Wedding guy: And Mr. Potato Head, do you —

Mrs. Potato Head: I… I… I do not, Aaron, I’m sorry, I don’t want to marry Mike. Let’s go home and watch —

Aaron: “Nailed it!!?”

Mrs. Potato Head: YES! 

                          HAUNTED CHEESEBURGER

                                     PART 6

Mrs. Potato Head: Um, Aaron? (As they are sitting on the couch watching “Nailed it.”)

Aaron: Yeah?

Mrs. Potato Head: Well, uh, you see, we have to break up. 

Aaron: WHAT!!

Mrs. Potato Head: I’m sorry, it’s just I got engaged to someone else. 

Aaron: What? But the Valentine’s Day dance is coming up so soon, it’s in a couple weeks. 

Mrs. Potato Head: I’m sorry, I just- I have to do what’s right. 

Aaron: Fine, I’ll break up with you and I never want to see you again. 

Mrs. Potato Head: Wait no, Aaron, wait, this is a prank. 

Aaron: Nope, I don’t care if it’s a prank, I don’t want to be with you anyway. You prank me constantly and you never ever appreciate me. 

Mrs. Potato Head: OMG, what have I done? I can’t believe I just said that, I didn’t mean to break up with him. Oh my gosh, who made me do that? 

Rotten Hot Dog: Oh who did that to you, you’re wondering? Well, me, I did it. 

Mrs. Potato Head: AARON, WAIT! 

Aaron: Mrs. Potato Head, what’s going on?

Mrs. Potato Head: Please take me back, please please please. 

Aaron: Wait, what, why?

Mrs. Potato Head: It’s Rotten Hot Dog. I didn’t want to break up with you, he made me. 

Aaron: Well of course I’ll take you back. 

Mrs. Potato Head: Well let’s go home and watch — 

Mrs. Potato and Aaron: “NAILED IT!” 

                                HAUNTED CHEESEBURGER 

                                           PART 7















                     HAUNTED CHEESEBURGER 

                                 PART 8






















Why We Shouldn’t Have Borders

See any borders? You don’t and it’s still our world

“All the borders in the world are man-made. There are no borders, we are all hooked together. Everything is connected. There is no line of demarcation. We are hooked together like the colors of a rainbow, our problem is ignorance, we don’t understand that.”-Bob Proctor. Borders can spark wars and cause deaths, borders can make nationality which can pinpoint people against other people and make people say and do mean things to other people.

According to Wikipedia, 56 wars from 1846-2020 have been partially if not 100% caused by borders. From the start of time, wars, battles, and deaths have been caused by borders. Over 100,000,000 deaths have happened because of borders. Without borders, the number of deaths would have fallen and wars would fade. WW1 was started because of borders and WW2 happened because of WW1. World War 1 was caused by the Austrian annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina which caused Serbian nationalist, Gavrilo Princip, to shoot the Austrian Archduke and his wife. This caused WW1 and eventually caused WW2, plus a total of 63,000,000 deaths. Without borders, this never would have happened. Also, with Covid, the U.S is still working on evaluating their testing, but countries like Rwanda have testing ready in up to three days. Without borders and nationality, countries could share their testing and it would save many lives. 

Borders also translate large feelings of nationality. This was another cause of World War I. And nationality is caused by borders! Nationality also causes problems with immigration. Also, without borders, immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers would be able to travel through countries freely without being pursued and assaulted by the local police, military, and regular passersby. Nationality also causes the people in these countries to do what they do. And without borders there would be no nationality and then nobody would do any of these horrible things. 

Thirdly, if you have no borders, countries wouldn’t need such powerful militaries. For example, the U.S. spent 718.69 billion dollars on the military in 2019. This is a drastic amount of money spent on the military when the country could be using this money for other things like healthcare and helping the homeless, both of which would help the population. Without borders, the U.S. would lower its military budget because there’d be no U.S., just the Earth as we know it. If this happened, millions of people’s lives would be saved. For example, Belgium, which is part of the EU, spends only 4614 million in U.S dollars for their military. The EU uses the same currency, and if you’re a French citizen and have a passport, you can easily travel to any country that is part of the EU. As a summary, the EU makes some parts of Europe borderless, and see how countries are able to cut down on military spending?

Finally, the world should have no borders because many wars have been caused by borders, borders give people a feeling of nationality which can make them hate other people from other countries, and without borders, countries wouldn’t have to spend so much money on the military. It could be used for other things like healthcare which can save millions of lives. This is why we should have no borders. 

“I am a Citizen of the World, and my Nationality is Goodwill.” –Socrates

The Blue Bunny


The Blue Bunny(halloween)

My name is Thomas Marshall. I’m afraid it is not entirely safe to display any part of my identification because of the Interceptors. 

The following is a complement of stories from the perspectives of people who witnessed The Blue Bunny, because it would be hard to capture a full story from only one person. At the end, I will present the one and only journal of The Blue Bunny itself. However, I have read neither of these, because I think that the stories told there would not be worth reading, because the Blue Bunny would be more mad if I actually read it.

I have been running away from the Interceptors for a very long time. They can do so much damage to one’s self, you truly can never be safe from them. I am constantly forced to move away from the Interceptors because they can breed so quickly, and send their DNA through the air and reform in another place. The shielding from some of them is beyond nowadays’ tech, so I must stay at least twenty meters away from them if I want anything other than cancer. It also is not amazing for you if you have COVID-19. Yes, coronavirus still exists. It has been about 30 very long years of Covid, because scientists are more concerned with the blue Bunny. There are so many Interceptors that it is nearly impossible to list all of them. Before, there was only one type. Then, another came, and made more of itself. Then the two species bred, and added in more complexity. Another species got stuffed into the mix when some were exposed to radiation. The others were combined, mutated, and gene-spliced to make the rest. It started mixing in with almost all the other species in the world to create an enormous band of animals ranging from strange bunny clowns, to pirate rabbits, to bears that do surgery. Some of them are so fast that a mile radius is the point to start expecting death in the next few seconds. Some are large enough to smush you under their feet. Some can hack into any device, and make them blow you up. But the Interceptors all have a natural skill for hacking, reading data, and bombing the internet with virus websites. That is why it is unsafe to give any info about me, because the Interceptors would be on me in a heartbeat. They have such a large database of all their victims, so if any name matches, they will immediately track me down. They have made the internet almost impossible to use for fear of getting a virus downloaded. They are exceptionally good at coding viruses, so merely opening Google could download an app, and send them an email giving them my exact latitude and longitude, my name, in which direction I might be going, and in no time I would be injected. The injections are not normal. They are meant to turn you into one of them, and they can come from any one of the Interceptors. They could give you it by simply biting you like a vampire, throwing carrots, or even the surgery bear could give you a full scale “inspection” with no anesthesia. The surgery bear is highly unqualified, and is very incompetent in the medical buisness. The only reason the bear will pay you a visit is to try and see how necessary lungs really are. And for some reason, he never remembers.

Now, for the first story, about me. I am Thomas Marshall.

Thomas Marshall, 8:00-8:30 A.M., 13/5/2013:

I believe, to my understanding, that the moment when it all started was when I looked up from my laptop because of the small shadow of a rabbit on the lobby security cam. That was the moment when I was aware that something was wrong. After the outlet exploded, I started to shuffle towards the door. When the door unscrewed its hinges, I started to jog. And after a 3-inch face to face encounter with a humanoid rabbit, standing up like a human, I ran away and located the nearest elevator. The elevator took so long that by the time it got up to the top floor I was positive that that weird rabbit would come to “meet and greet” me. But when it did, there wasn’t a bunny in sight. I cautiously walked out of the elevator, but quickly faced a rabbit leaping nearly five feet to tackle me.

“What? Stop it! Get off of me,” I said.

“Hey, mind if I borrow some of your feet? That should sum up my collection to about seventy-seven, and boy, I’ll be lucky then!” I started to run down the stairs as I came up with the conclusion that that rabbit thought human feet were lucky as humans thought rabbit feet were lucky. I had randomly heard somewhere that rabbits didn’t really like water, so I took some blue paint from the storage closet. Pretty much the same, seeing as I didn’t have time to go to the sink. So when the bunny was on the ground floor of the building, I dropped the paint. That may have been one of my biggest mistakes. The rabbit was definitely scarier being blue than a regular white or pink or grey bunny. After I ran down to warn the others, they quickly ran into the elevator. I noticed that one of them had a hang glider, which might be useful for getting away. Unfortunately, there was only room for one. When we got to the top of the elevator, the Blue Bunny was standing in front of us.

James is a nine year old boy who lives in an apartment building with his mom, Charlie; his dad, Otto; and his sister, Fiddle. He and his family were going camping. His uncle is named D.J. Dunce.

James Nick, 8:30-8:32 A.M. 13/5/2013:

“Hey! There is a Blue Bunny! Come with me into the elevator! It’s perfectly safe! But I warn you, I think it is evil!” After that guy told us that, my sister lost it.

“Ah! We’re going to die! The Blue Bunny! Ah! Nooo!” Wow, that was a big reaction. This is James Nick here, speaking from the elevator, hopefully not going to get killed. Oh wait, I already was killed (almost) by my sister. At the top, the Blue Bunny was there.

“Hey guys, I need some feet ‘cause one guy didn’t want to give me his feet,” said the bunny. Oops, I got caught. It kind of scared me. I mean, he really could have done a better job, but still, the idea of stealing feet is a little freaky. Anyway, we decided to go back down the elevator to the lobby, because the rabbit had other plans, clearly. So it was a little creepy, but another scare would probably cross the line.

Fiddle is a twelve year old girl, who is James’ sister.

Fiddler Abacus, 8:30-8:32 A.M. 13/5/2013

“Hey! There is a Blue Bunny! Come with me into the elevator! It’s perfectly safe! But I warn you, I think it is evil!” James nearly fainted and started hyperventilating. His reaction was so dramatic that I was sure he was faking it.

“Oh, no, the end has come, and this is most likely the last second of my life!”

“Um, it’s just a bunny. Oh, stop it. We aren’t going to die. Besides, I thought you like rabbits.” He continued screaming, saying some things so dramatic and cliché that I would prefer not to put them here. I am Fiddle, here in the elevator, slowly inching away from James to try and get to the corner of the elevator. However, I have found this difficult with James possibly having symptoms of a sugar rush; running around, banging on the walls, and randomly punching elevator buttons. When we got to the top I had decided what I would do with this rabbit, assuming it really was evil. So when the rabbit sprang onto us, I tried to walk it to the edge of the building. Of course, it didn’t work out. Everyone else was pulling me back towards the elevator. James punched the down button on the elevator, and the last thing I saw was a rabbit jumping on somebody.

D.J. Dunce is a disk jockey who lives in Canada. He is the uncle of James and Fiddle, and took a trip to their apartment to go camping with them.

D.J. Dunce, 8:30-8:32 A.M., 13/5/2013:

“Hey! There’s a Blue Bunny! Come with me into the elevator! It’s perfectly safe! But I warn you, I think it is evil!” Well, that sounds boring! Waiting in an elevator, hoping some rabbit  doesn’t get you! As it turned out I was absolutely right! Boring! If only I had a bambox, a jukebox, or a CD player, I could brighten this place up! Me and four discs! But sadly, I left my bambox, CD player, DvD player, Blu-ray player, full desk set, and my two double-speaker radios, not including all of my 60 discs. Even a phone could do the trick. Whoa! Cool rabbit! Boom! Kind of creepy, but wow! Cool photoshop! Wait no, that’s not photoshop. Guess I’ll go along with the rest of the gang, on their camping trip. Oh, wait! I should get my Bambox.

Thomas Marshall, 8:32-8:36 A.M., 13/5/2013

I ran with the paraglider to the edge of the building, and jumped off. I had, of course, forgotten the superior ability of leaping when it comes to hares and rabbits. And so, after a little unwilling glug from a bottle the bunny was holding, I let go. From my perspective, the next thing that happened was me falling into a pit. When I reached the bottom, I felt something crawl up my back and land sitting on my head. After that, for some weird reason, I could jump a lot higher.

D.J. Dunce, 8:32-10:00 A.M., 13/5/2013:

Alright, I got my bambox! Time to get my discs! I got way too many discs to stuff into my backpack. So I took forty to my backpack, five to my left pocket, five to my right pocket, and ten to hold in my hands. I didn’t know where the others were, so I assumed they were at the top. They weren’t, so I went back down. Rabbit jumpscare! Ha ha ha! They were in the lobby, walking out the door. I ran after them (which wasn’t super easy with all my sixty discs and players) and just made it through before they closed the door.

“Where were you?” they asked.

“I had to get my discs, yo,” I replied. “To play about sixty discs on our trip!”

“Whoopie. What’s the first one called again?”

“The bookworms song?”


“Seriously! Let’s listen to some in the car!” We got into the car, and drove away.


When we got out of the car, we were in the forest. I set up all the music equipment behind a tree, and the others set up the tent. The moment the others stepped into the tent, I pressed the play button. However, I never got to hear the music.

James Nick, 8:32-10:00 A.M.13/5/2013

“Where is D.J. Dunce??? We need him ASAP!” said my mother.

“I don’t know! He just ran away to get something,” said Fiddle.

“Let me guess. To get his bambox,” I said.

“Let’s just go, he doesn’t even want to come!”

“Fine, fine. Get in the car, everyone!”

“Wait, he’s over there!”

“Where were you?”

“I had to get my discs, yo,” he said. “To play sixty discs on our trip!”

“Whoopie. What’s the first one called again?”

“The bookworms song?”


“Seriously! Let’s listen to some in the car!”

“Alright, everyone ready?”



I realized it was lightly raining when we got out. It took us over an hour to set up the tent. I had no idea where D.J. Dunce was, and we really needed his help. The tent was really a basic structure, but with a rain collector on the top of it.

“Oh, where are you, D.J. Dunce? This thing is going to collapse,” said my mother. I struggled to hold up the top, but with the rain collector on it, it was nearly impossible.

“D.J. Dunce! Please! We need you now!”  The tent started to sag with the weight of the rain. The collector overflowed. It became too heavy for us to lift and we dropped it. The collector spilled water over all of us, soaking us from head to toe. It was a little hard to believe that so much water was contained inside that pot. I finally spotted D.J. Dunce and glared at him. I saw him push a button on his D.J. Deck, and music started blaring at us.


Fiddler Abacus, 8:32-10:00 A.M.13/5/2013

“Where is D.J. Dunce? We need him now!” said my mother.

“I don’t know! He just ran away to get something!” I said.

“Let me guess. To get his Bambox,” said James.

“Let’s just go, he doesn’t even want to come.”

“Fine, fine. Get in the car everyone!”

“Wait, he’s over there!”

“Where were you?”

“I had to get my discs, yo, ” he said. “To play sixty discs on our trip!”

“Whoopie. What’s the first one called again?”

“The bookworms song?”


“Seriously! Let’s listen to some in the car!”

“Alright, everyone ready?”



I took the big pot out of the trunk when we got out. It was raining, so we decided to have a rain collector. The tent was a small green one, but flat at the top for the rain collector. A thick pole went through the middle of it to support the collector. However, the pole was basically a tree trunk. It could not support the full weight of the pot. D.J. Dunce said that he would go out and find something stronger, but he didn’t come back. The tree trunk cracked, and we had to hold the pot up with our bare hands. The pot was going to fall on top of us if D.J. Dunce didn’t come immediately. I saw him behind a tree, setting up a D.J. deck. I glared at him. The pot was just too heavy, and we dropped it, spilling water all over us. D.J. Dunce pressed a green button and music started shooting out of his speakers. But as I called him over one final time, he disappeared. He left the music still playing, and I ran over to his deck. The buttons had no labels on them, and none of them worked. I thought there would be a normal power button, but I was wrong. All the buttons were the same size, and all green. D.J. Dunce was nowhere in sight. Suddenly, the rain stopped. And as crazy as it sounds, the surrounding area was completely dry. Even our clothes. But the weirdest part was that a weird campfire suddenly sprang to life, and a tree fell on top of it.

James Nick, 10:00-10:05 A.M. 13/5/2013

The music kept on playing. Fiddle went over to try and turn it off, but it didn’t work. She called for D.J. Dunce, and as soon as she did, the rain stopped, and everything dried up. A campfire that we never made burst into flame, and a nearby tree fell on it.

“Forest fire!” cried Fiddle. We noticed another tent suddenly sprang up beside us and we all ran into it. As it turned out, D.J. Dunce was with us.

“D.J. Dunce! Where were you?” D.J. Dunce froze, not moving, not looking at any of us. “Well? The rain collector soaked us all!”

“You are not wet,” said D.J. Dunce.

“Still, the tent collapsed!”

“Um, I don’t think so.” He gestured to the ceiling of the tent.

“How do you operate your bambox?” asked Fiddle.

“What’s a bambox?”

“I thought you knew!”

“Why are you calling me a D.J.?”

“Because you are D.J. Dunce!”

“Think again!” And he stood up. He looked down at us, grinned, and fell flat on his back. Fiddle touched his face and said she felt plastic. A very long, blue ear shot out of the top of his head and wrapped around Fiddle’s arm. It curled down his face and pulled his mask off, revealing his blue face.

“Haha, you got me. Mind if I borrow a few limbs?” 

That was just too much for everyone. We ran out the tent door, and got in the car. It wasn’t until we got back to the building that we realized the bunny was in the trunk.

Fiddler Abacus, 10:00-10:05 A.M. 13/5/2013

“Forest fire!” I yelled. A tent appeared out of nowhere beside us. I had no time to think about who was doing this. I just ran to the tent and jumped in, and everyone else followed. D.J. Dunce was among them.

“D.J. Dunce! Where were you?” I asked. D.J. Dunce stopped moving completely. It looked as though he had been turned to stone. “Well? The rain collector soaked us all!”

“You are not wet, ” said D.J. Dunce.

“Still, the tent collapsed!”

“Um, I don’t think so.” He gestured to the ceiling of the tent.

“How do you operate your bambox?” I asked.

“What’s a bambox?”

“I thought you knew!”

“Why are you calling me a D.J.?”

“Because you are D.J. Dunce!”

“Think again!” He rose, grinning creepily. He fell over onto his back. I reached my hand out and touched his face.

“It’s plastic,” I said. Suddenly, a blue ear shot out from the top of his head and curled around my wrist. The other ear reached down and grabbed at his chin, and pulled a plastic mask off. It had a blue face, with wide, scary eyes, and a mouth that was smiling weirdly. It was the blue bunny.

“Okay, you got me. Could I just borrow some body parts for my bulletin board?” 

Nobody could handle that. We all bolted to the car and started it up. When we got out, the bunny was inside.

And finally, the Blue Bunny itself. I copied this story from a page in his journal. I will never read this, because he would be very angry if he knew I read this.

The Blue Bunny, 8:00-10:00 A.M. 13/5/2013

Ooh, the feet! Just a few watchy thingies to dodge, and the footies will be mine! A few extra outlet explosions wouldn’t hurt. Here we go! Here is the short circuit. BOOM! The outlet fizzled, then crackled, then every light, computer, and every device plugged into the outlet exploded, then went dark. Bits of white hot metal flew out from the outlets. Next, I jumped up the stairs, and stood outside the door of a room. I pulled out a screwdriver and unscrewed the door hinges. The door fell to the ground with a crash. I quickly ran out of the way before the guy inside saw me. I jumped down to the bottom of the stairs. The guy followed behind me, but delayed by about half a minute. I waited under the staircase, and stuck some explosive under it. The explosive would go off ten seconds after it was lit, so I had to time it perfectly. I lit the explosive twenty steps under the person, and in exactly ten seconds, the stair the person was on suddenly blew up, and the guy fell to the ground. When he got up, I made sure to get up close to him. He sat up and screamed. He ran to the elevator, and pressed the up button. I slowly ran towards him to scare him as much as possible. He got in just in time. I ran to the spot where there were no stairs above me, and jumped. I crashed through the roof and landed outside the elevator door. I stepped back, so that I was behind the elevator door, and jumped on to the elevator station. When the door finally opened, and the guy walked out, I jumped on top of him. Now, for the routine…

“Hello, good sir, may I borrow a foot or two?”

“Get off!” 

“Oops, sorry, I just would like to sum my collection up to seventy-seven, that’s all.”

“You collect feet?”

“Of course! Don’t you?” He ran into the elevator, and went to the bottom floor. I waited patiently at the top of the elevator, and when the doors opened, I stepped right up so that my nose was pressed against the door.

“Oh, thank you! You brought more feet!” One of the guys, the one I was chasing earlier, took a hang glider out of another person’s hands, and ran off the side of the building. I compared the distance between me and the glider, and my speed and the glider’s speed. I worked it out, and figured I should jump as hard as I could if I wanted to make it in three seconds. I leaped off the side and landed on top of the glider. The glider took a small dive, then straightened. I pulled a small bottle out of my utility belt, and stuffed it into the person’s mouth. He fell asleep instantly. I caught him before he fell, and we glided along far away, to an island. My first idea was to just leave him there and get his feet, but then I remembered the bunny ears Captain VunnIe had given me. The ears were almost like a headband, but with real bunny ears on them. I landed on the sand, but not very well. I tossed the guy in the pit as soon as he woke up, and threw the ears on his head. His skin started to turn blue, and his shoes started to fall off. His feet grew twice their original size, and he jumped up to meet me.

“Hello, Bunny.”

“Go away! What have you done to me? How did you do this? Why?”

“I thought it would be handy to have a couple extra bunnies. You know, to help me around, and stuff.”

“And why would I?”

“You are about to become a Blue Bunny, but I first will need to do some extra things.”

“No, don’t. I will run away if I have to.”

“How? You have no boat, and bunnies can’t swim.” He really did look puzzled, and he thought for a moment.

“How did you get here?” 

Even though I knew I shouldn’t say anything, I just had to tell him.

“A plane. Right over there.” I pointed to a plane behind a tree. He ran to it and fumbled with the controls. I ran after him, but before I got to him, he had already started the engine, and risen high enough that I couldn’t jump up to him (not to brag, but almost twenty meters). I called up to him, and shouted to come back, but he wouldn’t turn the plane around. I was trapped on the island, with little chance of getting off. Suddenly, I saw the plane turn around back, and I realized the person had been kind enough to bring me the plane back. I quickly jumped to it, and turned around, before the plane made a landing. The plane hit an air pocket, and jolted suddenly. I realized that getting Thomas wouldn’t benefit me much at all. I did see the other people with him though. I could get them. So I lowered the plane beneath the clouds, so I could see the ground below me. I was flying over the city already, which meant if I was going to catch them, I needed to turn sharply, by about 270°. I swooped towards the lobby entrance, when near there I saw a blue car with five passengers inside, passengers I recognized. I followed the car, and pulled out another device Captain VunnIe  had given me. It was a long range microphone that could pick up on talking from a mile away. I pointed it at the car and listened for something that could tell me where they were going, but I could hardly hear anything over the music. 

“D.J. Dunce, that music is getting to be a little annoying,” said one person.

“Okay, okay.” The music got quieter, and stopped. I could hear them much better now.

“So, plans for the camping trip?” That was all I needed. I knew there was one and only one camping site, so I followed the car towards the site. I landed  in the camping site, in an open area, but away from the people in the car. The area was a circle of  grass without trees. All around it, there were trees. I got there ten minutes before them, and by the time they got there, it was raining. The people in the car set up a tent, with a rain collector on the top. However, not everyone was there. One person was in the trees on the edge of the circle, with a table set up. I snuck towards him, and pulled out the last gift Captain VunnIe had given me. It was a strange cube, with one button on each side of the cube.  Each button had an image on it, one with a rain cloud on it, another with a sun on it, another with a symbol of snow on it. I quickly tripped him and fed him a drug that would make him fall asleep. The drug worked very well, he fell asleep almost instantly. I pressed the button on the weather cube, the sun icon. The clouds seemed to dissipate. The rain instantly stopped. Everything was perfectly dry. I pulled out a plastic mask I had made myself, and pulled it over my face. I ran into the trees, where the other people were, and built up a small campfire. I chopped down a tree with a laser, and it fell onto the campfire. I used the laser to burn the tree further, and a full forest fire sprang up. I built up a tent as fast as I could, and told the others to go into the tent. As the others came in, I went back. I did some quick scaring, which I will not show here. I ran out of the tent when I was done, and went into the trunk of the car. After that, I got back to the island. 

If you are thinking about sharing this information, don’t. If the Blue Bunny sees you with this, he will kill you. If you think Google Drive is safe, it isn’t. In fact, he owns the website. But as far as Google knows, they have total control. But enough spoilers. You’ll read about that in the next book. This info is for just you, just so that you’ll know about the Blue Bunny.

Tuck’s Grand Adventure

Once upon a time, there was a dog called Tuck. There was also a villain named Mr. Stupido. Mr. Stupido was, as you can guess, stupid. He wanted a magical snake that attracted dogs because he thought that dogs were cows and he tried to milk the dogs. Naturally, as dogs aren’t cows, there wasn’t any milk, and Mr. Stupido went on a search for the snake dog toy. One day, he got it. The magical dog toy was Tuck’s before Mr. Stupido stole it, so Tuck went on a quest to find his dog toy and to save all dogs from being milked. (He didn’t know that part yet.) 

There was only one thing on his side. Tuck was adorable! He used his charm to get lots and lots of food. Tuck began his quest by walking through his backyard. He got a little ways out when he thought, Oh boy, I want to chew something! 

He sniffed around his backyard until he found a really good stick. Then, he picked it up and started chewing. He kept walking. Soon, Tuck got hungry. He chased a few mice but they all ran away. Soon, he found an even better squirrel! He caught it. Tuck kept walking by the side of the stream where he had gotten the scent of Mr. Stupido and his toy. (Being stupid, Mr. Stupido left a really obvious trail.) 

Tuck saw a house nearby. It wasn’t Mr. Stupido’s, but Tuck was getting hungry so he begged for food and got some. The next house was Mr. Stupido’s, and it had a big sign on the front that said, “The home of Mr. Stupido,” so he walked in and got the toy. (Mr. Stupido didn’t have any security system.) When Mr. Stupido saw Tuck, he waved and said, “Hi, cowie!”

Tuck let all the dogs out and then went back home with all of the dogs (because he had the dog toy) and took a nice, long nap.



Chapter 1


I’m Kate, and in one week, people will announce the winner of an election for who the president will be. My friend, Jessica, is voting for the same person as me.

“Are you excited to see who the winner is?” said Jessica.

“Of course I am,” I replied.

Diiiiiing! Diiiiiiing! Back to class. We settled in and did math. Diiiiing! Lunch time! We ate lunch.

“What happens if one of the candidates cheat?” said Jessica.

“Don’t worry, people will eventually figure it out,” I said.

3:00. Time to go. We packed our school books in our bags. We went out. My mom was picking up Jessica with me because Jessica’s parents were busy. We went to my house, did our homework, and watched some television. But this time something was wrong. Since we were so excited about the election, we turned the channel to the one where the election information was. But someone said that a few votes were stolen! Since my dad worked at the election place, we were allowed to go to his office. We sprang into action.

“My dad has maps of this place. We could use them to navigate through this building. We can even mark down places the thief could have come in through and look for clues in those spots,” I said. I brought out my school pencil and put X’s on places where the thief could have come in through.

We investigated a room. The room looked normal. But I had a feeling that the thief went through this spot because it was the floor closest to the ground. If she or he was spotted, then they would have a quick escape. Especially because it had the most votes. But we can’t be accurate. That’s the problem. We investigated more. Still nothing. When we were about to give up, an idea popped in my head! 

Chapter 2


“Maybe we need to make a stakeout so that we can catch the thief in action!” I said.

“Great idea!” Jessica said.

After all, the thief only stole a few votes. Maybe they would want to steal more. I thought for a moment. How would we get the thief in action if we don’t know where they came in through? Maybe the thief could have chosen to come through a different place just in case we may know for sure where he was. Or maybe — 

I wasn’t able to finish because right then my mom said it was time to go.

“Make a plan the next time we see each other, ok,” I said.

“Ok. Bye!” Jessica said.

“Bye!” I replied back.

By the time I was back at home, it was 8:00, one hour before bedtime. I guess that’s enough time to make one plan and two backups, I thought. I was wrong. I brought the map but it would be easier in-person. One plan. That’s all. I brushed my teeth and changed into my pajamas. I didn’t even need a book to make me go to sleep. I was super tired so I fell asleep after THREE minutes.

The next day was Saturday. I called Jessica.

“I can come over. And also, did you make any backup plans?” I asked.

“I made one but that’s all,” said Jessica.

“Good. One is enough. We can make more. But first things first, let me get ready. I’ll be there in about one hour,” I said.

I changed, ate breakfast, brushed my teeth, and packed up a few things. That took me 30 minutes. After 30 more minutes, I left. I was there just in time! Jessica was ready too!

We spent an hour making backup plans. I asked my dad earlier if we could go to his office. The answer was yes. So right then, my dad pulled his car up to the front steps. We got in.

Since we were only allowed to stay in my dad’s office and we needed to work around the building, we made a plan to convince him to let us out. Or more like kick us out.

Chapter 3


When we got there, we made so much noise that my dad said that we could play outside. Quietly. We put our bags on. Plan succeeded! We taped surveillance cameras on the walls. Jessica and I were tech experts so the surveillance cameras would ding our phones if they saw someone unknown. We were ready. And I asked my dad if we could stay during the night. He said yes. We brought sleeping bags that we could sleep in.

During the night, the alarm went off! We went to our spying headquarters. Someone with a black cap, jeans, and black hoodie was at the corner of the window. It looked as if he didn’t see us. He had some kind of tool with him. He used it to break the window! Glass shattered on the floor. How did no one know that a person was stealing the votes if they were making noise? Did they even see the glass on the floor the last time? Maybe they just saw that there wasn’t the same number of votes…  Thoughts swirled around in my head but I knew that we weren’t just going to stand here and do nothing.

“Let’s go get him on the count of three,” I whispered. “One… Two… Three!” I whisper/shouted.

“Who are you?” Jessica asked.

I turned the trap on so he wouldn’t escape. There was silence for a minute. Finally, I said,

“He won’t answer. Let’s just call the police.”

Beep! Beep! Beep! Diiiiiing!

We told the police the address and what the problem was.

“They will be here in about five minutes,” I said.

We programmed the surveillance cameras to take a picture of our suspect so that we could see clues. We opened all of his pockets. Nothing. He has to be hiding something because he can’t just go unprotected. Interesting… 

Chapter 4


The police came.

“What’s the matter?” they asked.

“We found out who was stealing the votes!” I said.

 We both pointed at the trap.

“You’re getting arrested!” one of the police officers said.

I saw them handcuffing the thief. What if he’s working with other people? They could come again but this can’t just go on forever, I thought. It should be fine. For now

The police went away with the thief.

“Thanks for your help!” one of the police officers said.

“You’re welcome!” we replied back.

We went to the office where people count the votes. We looked at the document about how many votes were supposed to be here. A LOT. Literally. It felt like it was going to take forever to count the votes.

“I don’t know if we can count all of this in time,” I said.

“I think we can count enough. Especially because tomorrow is a weekend!” Jessica said. We spent three whole hours. Then we thought that we would die. And right then, we passed out. Not like the passing out, passing out, but like the sleeping kind of passing out. When we woke up, it was 7:00 sharp. Sunday. Last weekend day of the week. Still, I was concerned if the thief had people with him. They could come again! This time, Jessica came to my house. We played for a long time. Pretty much, everything was handled.

The End

I, Broken Girl

Can you see?

Can you see what is happening?

Can you see I am suffering?

No. You do not.

No. You only saw a weak, mindless girl.

No pity. Just a girl who has gotten a taste of this world.

I have tasted it before.

I have been in it before.

I am not naive or dumb.

My name is Sarah.

My name is ordinary.

My name is not like me.

Me. The broken, tired girl.

Me. Who has not seen love for years.

Me. Who no one cares for.

My possessions are gone.

My hope is dim.

My heart is cracking.

Before, I was happy.

Before, I was loved.

Before, I was truly me.

After, I was broken.

After, I was looked upon as less.

After, I was changed.

Now, I am broken.

Now, I am looked upon as less.

Now, I am drowning.

We, the broken.

We, the crybabies.

We, the changed.

Do you see the truth now?

Do you feel my feelings now?

Do you remember me now?

Sights – A Haiku Collection


Sleek skies of Heaven

Fill the empty void above us

All blue as always


The mountain goes up

Beyond the mist of the day

No eye can see so


When my fist reaches

The red blood runs under my thumb

And to my own arm


It was a dark time

When the leaves were black with evil

I was so very scared


The springlight of night

Fills my cold, hungry soul with beauty

I smile wearily, extend hands


As the sun dies away

I realize it’s not all trustable

It dies like us, too

Ouch! Goes the Weasel {Book #3: Ronalds, Welcome to Elementary School}

Why, hello for the third time!

Ronalds Squeak-Sq, reporting for fun! Whew, I could finally fill out my third out of 100 notebooks placed on my humongous shelf. Ouch! Silly me. I forgot to tell you something exciting. I graduated from preschool. Goodbye, Weaselmentary! 

Yup, it might seem pretty confusing when you should be in first grade when you are six years old. But remember! This is Utteramma Field, the field of weirdness (in your perspective, that is). Here, preschoolers graduate when they are six. 

Now, I’m in Kindergarten. So remember to be KINDergarten! Oh, and I almost forgot to put something I just learned from my classmates: LOL! 

As you guys already know, my brother and botherer, Carl, is the leader of Utteramma Field’s Squeak Scouts, the boy/girl scouts of your kind. 

My father is the Executive Director of Utteramma Field Electricity Institute (UFEI). The UFEI produces electricity to every weasel in town during the Weasel Uprising in 2123, when the Handemolen peeps are protecting every weasel in the world of the TSSA. 

Eventually, we smart weasels learned to use human materials, so we used them on our own as well. Back in my family, my mom just took a job as a nurse in Utteramma Field Hospital (UFH) a month ago. With no one in my family guarding me, I had to figure out a way to get a babysitter. 

I dialed 167-999-9998 on the weaselphone in my house. A babysitter named Alexia came. Instead of making Mom mad, my Mom was… well, actually proud of me. My dad, on the other hand, wasn’t so amused. 

He usually is the most easy-to-get-angry weasel in town, but sometimes, if I finish my homework early, my dad will reward me with three-quarters of an hour of TV time. 

Oh, sorry. I forgot we were talking about what happened last — well, let’s say the last time you saw me.* Remember? My troubles with learning the piano with my dad and oversleeping two times in a row and being laughed at? 

I hope you didn’t remember, because just thinking about it makes me twitch like crazy. And I mean crazy. Oh, there I go. Finally. Whew! *Oh, and I finally remembered: The last time you saw me was two years ago. Long time no SEA! Hah! LOL! (Again!) 

I know you are itching for me to start my story, so here we go!

(Connect the second to last paragraph to this next section.)

Oops, I forgot we were talking about something serious (seriously, I have made that mistake over and over for the last six years, which means my entire lifetime. So far, that is.). So, I made a list of what mistakes to avoid. 

Ronalds Squeak-Sq’s Avoid-Mistake List

* (Rule 1) NEVER stammer

* (Rule 2) NEVER have spelling errors

* (Rule 3) NEVER forget that we are talking about something serious

* (Rule 4)  NEVER listen to Carl

* (Rule 5) NEVER accept Dad’s tutorial

Okay, you might think that this list is a little too ambitious. But for a weasel like me, this list is just a little beyond my level. 

Oops, I forgot to add something to the list. 

* (Rule 6) NEVER get carried away

There. That’s better. Squeaking about better, school was way better than Weaselmentary, my nursery school. (Sorry, I forgot to add that part into my intro.) No one is bullying me, I’m not having a negative attitude, you name it. 

When you were reading that, did your mind think that your brain was playing tricks on you? Well, if you said “yes,” you are completely WRONG! What I was saying to you was the truth. The complete truth. 

And — I disobeyed my rule #6. I got carried away again. *SIGH* When would I grow up?! URGH! I disobeyed rule #6 again!!! Ugh. I should have added a 7th rule. 

* (Rule 7) NEVER get out of control 

Wow. The list is getting better and better. Now, back to my story. 

Well, I couldn’t even concentrate on writing because of all this Utteramma Field afternoon sun. I stayed up all noon writing this. I should be taking my afternoon nap. See ya!

Good morning!* Let’s move on with our story now that we are no longer blinded by the Utteramma Field sun. 

*You do remember me making the morning-afternoon mistake in my first book, right? Well, you might have thought I made that mistake again. But nooo… surprisingly, I overslept. I didn’t notice until now. So that’s why I erased “Good afternoon” and put “Good morning” instead.

School was awesome. We learned about math, science, and even the vocabulary word “excited.” We even had some very interesting homework. So turn the page to see my worksheet. 

Word Study Worksheet
{Review Sheet 2}

Name: Ronalds Squeak-Sq

Section 1: Word Identification

  1. REMEMBER, a synonym is a word that means another. So what is a synonym of the word “mad”?


  1. What is the definition of “excited”?


  1. REMEMBER, an antonym is a word that is opposite of another word. So what is an antonym for the word “full”?


Section 2: Verbs

  1. Mark is doing something after lunch. What could he have been doing? Circle the possibilities. There’s more than one.

(eating dessert)
(watching TV)
(Chilling out)

  1. After circling the possibilities, name what all your answers have in common. 


Ouch! That’s a lot of homework. I’ve also got a math sheet, but this tiny notebook won’t fit that many homework copies for me to glue in. Double Ouch! I always get close calls of being spotted by my dad. He wants me to do homework, not to glue in copies to write a book. 

You might be thinking, “Oh, poor little Ronalds!” No, I’m not that poor in the family. I’m just a… er, a neutral guy, that’s it. But there’s just something that’s itching me… 


“Oh, hello, Mr. Poop!” That wasn’t something that made my feelings better. I turned around. Sure enough, it was Carl. “Me, the brave pilot, will be eating Ronalds, the little helpless chickie.” Then, I defended myself using a new “passcode.” The latest passcode was:


But today, a new passcode has formed:


Perfect passcode, as Carl won’t be able to guess it in the five tries I give him. Yup, that’s right. Five tries. Last time, Carl’s guesses were


This time, Carl wasn’t even close. There were no numbers in my passcode, right? Well, all of Carl’s guesses were with numbers. And that’s what I call an Ouch! Goes the Weasel!! LOL! 

Arrrgh! I disobeyed my rule #3! Hmmph. And I would call that a double Ouch! Goes the Weasel. Anyway, I really need to calm down here. Let me take a good nap. See you tomorrow then, diary! 

Anyway, it had been a long day. I learned to ride my bike: the worst thing ever. My bike always wobbled from side to side. Why, you may ask? Well, it’s because my dad didn’t know there was such thing as training wheels. 

Next came an equally bad thing: I had to study* chess and tennis with my dad. 

*Know me! You must remember this: remember in my last book, where I was forced to study the piano with my dad as well? Remember how my dad was the worst tutor in the world? REMEMBER?!

That was what I would call an infinite Ouch! Goes the Weasel. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Oush! Boush! Burrech! Sorry. You know those times when you say a word too many times, it just sounds all weird? Well, that’s what happened to me. A–BBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOSH! 

Arggh! What the hell had just happened?! 

*Blink Blink*

Oofy! Owwy! That’s when I had to cover my ears. My dad was screaming. 

CARL! GET OFF OF RONALDS!!!!!!!!!! (x10,000 !’s)

I blinked again. 

*Blink Blink*

Okay, tell me if this is true. Carl was — jumping on my bed, with me in it?! Okay, I must be dreaming. Let me check my eyes. 

*Blink Blink*
*Rub Rub*
(Repeat x10)

Okay, I get it. I’m not dreaming. Wait, yes I am… 

Hurr? Wait, was I daydreaming? Give me a moment to think about
th_____    =’’’

To be continued in…
Ouch! Goes the Weasel Book #4

Aunt Marge’s dream

I blew up 

I flew by 

My body felt like it was slowly getting lighter as I floated into the sky 

I felt myself getting higher as I screamed and shouted 

I decided to enjoy this moment when I looked into the sky 

I felt birds in their world spreading their wings flying by

It was a VIP room rented just for me 

In a world I saw, only something I could see 

But what if I deflated?

What if I burst?

It would feel never-ending and a worse discovery than the first 

My heart would fall never-ending 

The weight upon my shoulders 

As I heaved myself off the couch it would still feel like the same boulders 

The Afterthen

Chapter 1 – Surprised

It was a Wednesday. Alexis was procrastinating on her math homework, as usual. The sunflowers were bending upward and soaking in the sunshine. As it got warmer out, they seemed to be moving further and further from their wintertime weakness. Their petals glowed with raw magic and their hay green centers swirled like whirlpool water into the tall, thick stems. Then, she heard a rumbling behind her. She whipped her head around. So maybe, although Alexis would kill me if she found out I said this, it was just her pet poodle, Daffodil, growling at this toy she had that looked just like her. Alexis was just so bored in this beautifully magical town that she was combing through her almost-but-not-quite perfect days, searching for something even remotely spooky or dangerous. But eventually, she’d have to get back to her math homework or Mrs. LaNeil would kill her. She flopped back down in her chair, and, while tapping her pencil repeatedly between problems, she struggled through the remaining six sheets. That’s right, six sheets. Oh, teachers back then…

I don’t know exactly why Alexis had to procrastinate so much, since, to my dismay, I could not get that out of her. But my theory, which is probably right, (I consider myself to be very well acquainted with her), is that her pride simply would not allow her to be a good little girl and finish it early like everyone else at her school.

Once she finished, she flopped down on her boring pink bed and wished and wondered. She wished she didn’t have such a dull life. She wondered why she stuck out, why no one was like her, why she had to be alone.

The next afternoon was Friday, thank the sunflowers. She relaxed and read. Her ridiculous school uniform was on the floor. It included a pink hair bow, a white dress, pink tights, white ruffly socks, and shiny pink Mary Janes.

After a few weeks of dull routines, Alexis received a pristine white envelope with her name and address stamped on it in shiny gold leaf. She was not impressed. Probably some letter from a stupid teacher complaining about stupid grades. When she opened it, she collapsed on her plush white rug. Every year for every eleven year old in the village, there was an official tournament. Not for sewing, or spelling, or math. This was a tournament of magic.

And you may not know, but Alexis was special when it came to magic. She was easily the most powerful in her grade. Alexis could fly, make her hair burn or turn into red-hot, dripping lava, and so many other amazing things. But her specialty was earth. She could pick up pebbles and spin them into gold. She could pick up gold and spin it into pebbles. She could crush you in a second with a grain of sand. No one else was completely aware of it, but she was probably more powerful than many of the masters.

So she jumped and flew off her balcony, down into the fields of emerald grass. The trees were perfect; scarlet, golden, and deep blue. Her high, silver combat boots dug into the fertile soil. Then she practiced. She spun rocks above her fingers. She mined diamonds out of the ground by using all the effort in her body, and turned them into a tall tower. Next, she spiraled around the tower, all the way up. Then she shattered it to pieces, and did backflips and frontflips in the air as she came down.

After hours and hours, she worked out a routine. She was proud of herself. She knew she could win the tournament, but there was a few months before this would happen. It was an agonizingly long amount of time to wait. She leapt back up onto her balcony and went back inside. Besides, the sun was beginning to set. She had one of her usual late dinners alone in the dining room before heading to bed. That night, she tossed and turned. She didn’t think she would be able to wait. Her parents had better be ready for another drop in her grades. She didn’t care about that, though. Her worry, besides the long wait for the tournament, was that competition for the Sapphire Crown (the prize of winning the tournament) coming up, with the long amount of time for practice and improvement. This might wreck Alexis’s chance and the Sapphire Crown, which was the key to the most exciting opportunities in Sunflower. It was a secret, but it was what Alexis craved the most. The crown also brought respect to its champions. This adventure might come with a friend. After all these years of loneliness, someone might finally just walk up and invite her over for mango smoothies one day. Well, banana shakes would be preferable; after all, the mangos in Sunflower were awfully sour. But really, Alexis wouldn’t mind if it was rotten sunflower stems. Which some adults liked. Not that she understood why. 

Now there is really something I have to tell you. Alexis was not acknowledging the second part of the Sapphire Crown contest. Nobody knew what happened in the dark and shadowed second stage. Only one person made it past the first stage, which was the routine Alexis was making. Once the winner had completed the unknown second stage, they were forbidden to speak of it. That is, if they survived. 

Chapter 2 – The Contest

A few months was far too long for Alexis to wait. She had her routine completed, including all the finishing touches, and even a stunning outfit. (In my opinion, there was no need for her routine, despite its glory, because I am positive that she could have won the tournament with just that outfit. But she didn’t ask me). However, a few months is not forever, and the day came. It was conveniently over a break so all the teachers and students were free, as well as the stay-at-home parents and the town leaders and every other person in the village. Even the animals were free that week. Even the sunflowers, naturally. Moving on.

Alexis walked a short distance to the field where the competition was held. There were chairs set up in neat rows in the grass. She sat next to her mother, since she had no friends to sit with. She watched the other children perform their talents. She clapped politely after each one, but really she was terrified. The talents were just getting better and better and it seemed that every one of them would be that tiny bit better than her. That meant everything in a competition like this. She performed her routine as #56. 20 remained. It was rather uneventful. Now, I don’t mean that the crowd wasn’t impressed. Just that they weren’t really surprised at what she’d done.

At the end of the competition, the leaders walked onto the stage. They took folded yellow papers and passed them out to students. Before Alexis could open hers, some black-haired girl who could fly opened her paper and petals came out. This signaled that she had won the competition. Alexis’s expression was completely blank at first, and she worked hard to keep it that way. Her emotions and mind still felt frozen, unable to process the information overload. Alexis had been a close second. Very good, but not what she’d been hoping for. You see, she had been hoping to win. She dipped her head to her parents and left, only allowing the tears to stream down her cheeks when she was out of sight.

. . .

She hid in her room and cried. She didn’t know what was going to happen to her now. Her life was surely over. Everything was over. She could never…

“Alexis,” her brother Lincoln said, the door slowly opening.

“Go away.”

“Alexis, listen. The girl who won chose not to accept. That means you won.”

Alexis’s whole world brightened. Then she remembered the second task. She was nervous, but any place it sent her would be better than here. So she got up, wiped her eyes as best she could and walked to the field.

It was all a blur, really. Flashes of do you accept and I do and very well and things like that. But everything slowed down when they read out the second task.

“Your second task is to go into the Afterthen and save it. You must survive and come home to win the Sapphire Crown.”

“Wha-What is the Afterthen?” Alexis asked nervously. 

“The Afterthen is a land very near here that is stuck in a time warp. It is under the rule of tyrannical people who use time all wrong.” This was interesting. She was supposed to save a whole land from evil rulers and time itself? Great. A portal appeared next to the stage. “Are you ready to go now? Simply step through the portal and then you will be in the Afterthen.”

Alexis stepped through the portal before she had time to think better of it.

Chapter 3 – The Beach of Shoes

The first thing she saw in the Afterthen was a beach covered in shoes. Something in the sand was pulling her shoes off, and she felt a strange urge to be barefoot. But she resisted. She liked her shoes. Besides, there was no point in going into a dangerous land without shoes on her feet. Once she pulled away, the sand moved in another direction. Since she had nowhere else to go, she followed the wave of wet sand. As she walked further and further down the beach, she saw a figure moving in place. Closer now. It was a girl. Her eyes were wide with fear and she was running or at least was trying to. Her body repeated the same motions again and again, but didn’t move forward or backward.

Alexis inspected her closely. The air around her was purplish and moved around slowly, like fog. Alexis stuck her hand in the fog. It suddenly moved very slowly, but she was able to grab the girl’s hand and pull her out so she collapsed, breathless, on the ground.

“Who are you?” Alexis asked.

“I’m Hailee. Sunflower sent me to the Afterthen on a quest to save it, but I got stuck in this time warp.”

“I didn’t know anyone from Sunflower who has been sent to the Afterthen.” Alexis said. But maybe…

“I heard a girl fifty years ago got sent to another place in her second stage and never came back. Maybe that’s what’ll happen to you once you get to your second stage,” her brother had once joked to her.

“Hailee. Listen, I think you are from fifty years ago.”

“That’s possible.” Hailee said.
“Do you know anything about the Afterthen?”

“Well, I don’t know a lot, but this is what I do know. A long time ago, Sunflower was part of the Afterthen. Sunflower, which hasn’t changed much since then, acted as a safe refuge to lost travelers and anyone who happened to be in the extension of the time warp, really. Now, the leaders of the Afterthen didn’t like this, because they want as much time as they need while the rest of the land gets nothing. So they stole the time from Sunflower. They threatened to fast forward everyone in the town to their deaths if Sunflower did not break away. Sunflower, of course, agreed, so a powerful magician turned the town into an island and sent it away, and, well, that’s how we ended up where we are.”

“Wow. I caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…” Alexis began, but then gasped as if the air was sucked out of her when really it was the time and felt herself slipping into a time warp.

“GO! RUN! QUICKLY!” Hailee screamed.

They ran as fast as they could during the breaks in the time warp, but had to go slowly during the moments that it was in effect.  Now, you will be noticing this more and more in the story, so let me explain what is actually happening to these girls. You see, the time was moving from the area where they were to some other poor place where everyone would find themselves with too much time. It would pile up all around the people, and when they hit the piles time would slow down or speed up. People would be constantly teleporting from time period to time period, but I’m getting off topic. I think I know this story too well.

Moving on. With no other place to go, Alexis and Hailee dove into the ocean. Then the surface disappeared, and suddenly Alexis was drowning, but what did she feel beneath her feet, that grainy substance. Sand.

“What just happened?” Alexis panted.

“Well, that was the Ocean of Time. It just tried to rob us. We’re out now though, but we better get out fast, because it’s sure to be furious at us.”

“But why would it try to rob us?” Alexis was forced to scream this because the tide was loud and angry.

“Because the Afterthen used time frivolously and wasted it all somehow. However, that was a long, long time ago. These days, they rob it from whoever is around.” The ocean started pulling at Alexis’ feet and she felt so relaxed like she had all the time in the world. Some part of her knew this was bad, but the ocean seemed so kind and welcoming.  She snapped out of her trance soon enough, though, most likely because Hailee pulled her away, and the world around them morphed into a field of flowers and field mice.

“This is the Field of Mice,” Hailee observed from a small leather notebook she took out of her frilly skirt pocket.

Chapter 4 – Eye of the Hurricane

Alexis raised her eyebrows at the name. Hailee gave her a look.

“The people in the Afterthen are too busy wasting time to be creative about names. Besides, it’s not like it matters, as long as we will be relatively safe here, which we will be,” she reminded Alexis. Alexis had to agree. They kept walking.

After a few hours, they became hungry and tired so they stopped for a break. Alexis crafted bowls and cups out of earth. Hailee snapped her fingers, and suddenly rain came pouring down, filling the dishes with cold, clean water. 

“Impressive,” Alexis remarked.

“Yeah, I can control the weather,” Hailee said with a proud look on her face that she was having a terrible time hiding. Alexis dumped the water out of the bowls and grabbed Hailee’s hand. 

“Come on,” she said, grinning, “I know some edible flowers that make a delicious salad.” The girls hunted for daylilies for about half an hour. When they came back, their hands and pockets were stuffed with enough petals to give each girl several helpings of salad (not to mention what they had eaten while walking). They filled their bowls with pale pink and yellow blossoms and had a good meal, leaving them refreshed and ready to continue the journey ahead of them. Alexis buried the dishes, so no one would know the girls had been there.

The Field of Mice went on for what seemed like forever. When the sun began to set, the pair slept under the stars, the soft grass and daisies cushioning them, the traces of the daylilies still in their mouths.

They slept until 11:00 the next morning, and they were still so tired they would have slept for longer, but Alexis spotted the end of the Field of Mice a mile away. Normally, this would be hard to notice since it was so far, but as you know, this field is very colorful and very green, and what came after it looked black and burnt, so the contrast made it easy to see. She tapped Hailee’s shoulder to wake her up.

“I guess we’ve reached the end of the Field of Mice,” Hailee said.

“Do you know what that black place is?” Alexis asked.

“No, not yet.”

“What do you mean, not yet?”

“Here, I’ll show you,” Hailee responded, taking the rough leather notebook out of her pocket again. “This is how the notebook works. It is an enchanted item that Sunflower handed out to visitors before they left the Afterthen. They gave me one before my quest. I imagine they’re all gone now, after fifty years. Anyway. Basically, when I am in a certain place in the Afterthen, the notebook will show me the name of where I am, along with a short description and the appropriate warnings for wherever I am. So I can’t see what that place is until we are actually there.”

“Useful. But we should keep moving,” Alexis observed.

And that is what they did. Hailee put the notebook back into her skirt pocket, which was so frilly and poofy that no one would notice if you put an elephant into it. That mile was a boring mile, well, as boring as something could be when there was so much dread in the air. Because of this dread, Alexis was looking for something to distract her. Her wandering eyes stopped on Hailee’s bare feet.

“Was the reason you got stuck in the time warp the fact that you have no shoes?” Alexis asked. “After all, I didn’t get stuck in one, and I have shoes.”

“Well, it was probably just luck,” Hailee contradicted her. “Time in the Afterthen is random. You can’t expect it to have any kind of rhyme or reason. On the other hand, you might be partly right. People who fall for tricks are more likely to end up in dilemmas.”

“So?” Alexis said skeptically, not getting the point.

So, it’s partly my bad luck and partly my idiocy.”

“Interesting conclusion.”

The girls kept walking, forgetting the strange conversation in their dread. As they drew closer to the black place, the flowers became less common and the grass thinned out, until they were on a near-scorched field.

You may have guessed by now. They had reached the black place.

Chapter 5 – STAY AWAY

Hailee opened her notebook, but it was empty. She gasped. However, in a few seconds, words slowly appeared across the page. They were large and hastily written, as if scrawled by someone in a hurry. It wasn’t difficult to read though. Alexis could clearly see the message:


“This isn’t a good sign,” Hailee whispered in her shock. A shady figure stepped out from behind a cliff. He wore old timey detective clothes and was evidently from a time portal somewhere nearby. He took a small dagger from his pocket. And threw it directly at Alexis.

. . .

Luckily, Alexis blocked it with a wall of sparkling emeralds.

“You’ve got taste,” Hailee observed.

Alexis viewed her work with satisfaction. She peeked out. She noticed that the man was gone. She also noticed that instead of one dagger stuck in the wall of emeralds, there were at least a dozen. Whoever that man was, he was someone to watch out for. Despite the safety of expensive and glittery shields.

They stayed cautious as they walked through the almost never ending black place. They didn’t encounter many dangers, which was suspicious. It didn’t last forever, though. Within a few hours, they spotted an army of redcoats marching towards them, wielding muskets and bayonets. Eventually the tense march turned into an all-out battle, with Alexis tossing men into the air and Hailee striking down entire regiments with lightning bolts. More kept appearing. It was an impossible fight.

The girls ducked into an alley. They had a minute or so before there was the sound of footsteps behind them. But not thousands of footsteps. Just one person. It was a medieval knight. Then suddenly it transformed into a boy. His eyes constantly changed color and his clothes seemed to change styles every second.

“My name is Jack. I can get you out of here.” The boy promptly transformed into a redcoat.

“How did you do that?” Alexis asked suspiciously.

“There isn’t time to explain. Now, come on. You’ll have no trouble at all getting through them now.” With that, Jack tapped both of the girls and transformed them into soldiers. They would have protested, but an officer’s fancy shoes were heading toward the alley.

They blended in easily with the redcoats. Eventually, the army turned and started heading back in the direction of the Field of Mice. Alexis assumed that they were continuing the patrol. The trio broke off from patrol and transformed back into themselves again.

“I’ve been traveling around the Afterthen since I was little. I’ve never gotten this far. How did you do it?” Jack said.

“I guess we just got lucky,” Hailee said, shrugging.

“What’s that in the distance?” Alexis asked.

There was a field similar to the Field of Mice. It had no time portals and looked safe. Except for one thing. There was a golden palace, guarded by tiny camo dots.

“The palace of the rulers. Once you get inside, they’re quite vulnerable. And we can deal with the guards.”

Alexis simply could not believe it. She was nearing the end of her quest. All they needed to do was get past the guards and lock the rulers in some remote dungeon. Everything suddenly came together. The rulers used time wrong. If they were stripped of their power the armies from history would disappear. Perhaps one of the Sunflower rulers could take the throne. 

Despite the excitement, the journey took weeks of hard traveling. They ate dried petals that were leftover from before the black place. Eventually though, they reached the golden palace – and its army.

Chapter 6 – The False Victory

Jack had been right, the camo troops were easy to fight. They weren’t endless, like the redcoats. They easily broke into the palace. The halls were lined with paintings of the various “attractions” of the nearby areas. Gold suits of armor made loud noises as they walked past.

The palace seemed endless. Alexis’s feet ached terribly from the long journey they were so close to finishing. Hailee, who was barefoot, had to walk on the fancy red carpet to keep her feet from unbearable pain. After half an hour, a set of double doors labeled “THRONE ROOM” came into sight. They were so close!!!

. . .

Ten minutes later they opened the door. The rulers were eating lunch at a table to the left of the three intricately carved thrones. They didn’t notice the trio.

Alexis readied chains of hard earth. Hailee had a lightning bolt in each hand. They were about to throw them when suddenly they were blasted into the air.

Alexis couldn’t move. Couldn’t move at all. An endless void opened up beneath her. Couldn’t hear much either, except for a laugh. She searched desperately for the source of the laugh. She knew whoever laughed had thwarted their plans somehow, and stopped two powerful enchanters. Then she found the face. Jack’s.

“You really thought you could stop us?” Jack asked in that same tone he had used before the redcoats. “The rulers were notified by that detective that you were trying to stop us. He never misses anything. They sent me to stop you two from ruining our time warp here. Since I have proven satisfactory, I will become the new ruler of the Afterthen. And you? Well, you had better enjoy living in the void.”


The Mimic

Chapter 1

For my little brother, Damir

The sky is black and lights almost look like they come to you. Legend said that a Mimic lives in Embassy Park Where I live. Oh, if you’re wondering who I am, my name is Liam and I am 16. I have been spying on the Mimic for 5 years now and I know who it is.

It is my friend, Tanqr, the Youtuber. I know Tanqr is the Mimic because I went to his house and saw his tentacles. Tanqr was not the Mimic all the time. The Mimic died but his soul got into Tanqr.

Chapter 2 

On a Friday at midnight, I spy on him, but he is nowhere to be found. 1 second later, he is behind me! 3 hours later, I wake up. I’m tied up on a chair.

I say, “What do you want from me?”

“I want to KILL YOU,” he says in a broke-up voice. “I know that you saw my tentacles. You do not want to know what I am going to do to you.”

I say, “Where are we?” He says we are in the abandoned metro station. I ask why. He replies,

“Because I want you to suffer like I did.”

5 years earlier, Tanqr was making a video and the soul went into him.

Chapter 3

He was making a video of a game in roblox called arsenal. He also plays Big Paintball. The way The Mimic’s soul got into Tanqr was The Mimic had a hideout in a nuclear power plant with his friends and it exploded and killed them and one soul survived and got into Tanqr. Back into the future, the Mimic lets me go. The Mimic says he needs to go somewhere when he lets me go. The next day at school, my other friend, Mack, and I go to math class. 45 minutes later, dinggg! The math teacher, Ms. Katz, grades my work, and like always I get a straight A. Hmmm, Tanqr is not at school, which is weird. He needs to go to school.

Chapter 4

The next day, he still is not coming to school. It’s getting weird because I am thinking maybe he could be planning to take over the world. The next day, he comes to school, but he looks sus (P.S., sus means suspicious). I’m wondering what is he doing. He’s wearing a bowtie, but I haven’t seen him ever were a bowtie. Tanqr is also so nice today. He’s supposed to be shy. First, someone dropped their books and Tanqr helped him. Next, someone was getting bullied and he embarrassed the leader bully by saying that he pooped in his pants.

ChApTeR 5

After school, he says, “Yo, can I come to your house?” I say yes.

1 hour later, you will not believe what happened, not in a million years. Ok, fine, I will tell you. THE MIMIC’S SOUL GOT OUT OF TANQR. I can’t believe it, not in a million years.

2 Days later, I hear a whoosh sound at night and I turn around. I can’t believe it, the soul is here. I run to the bathroom and I splash the ghost and it goes away but it doesn’t die which is weird.

… To be continued.


The next day, the soul tries to kill me again. Does this guy ever give up? (No, he does not.) I can’t believe it. The Most Info about Ghosts book says that the ghost that attacked me does not give up (see, I told you). The author, Jalley Brown, claims she saw a ghost but I asked her at the museum of ghosts and she said she lied (which I partially knew) because she wanted attention and to be famous .Then I research all night and I get the only why to defeat the ghost is to get the rarest rock in the world, which is called (drum roll please): Clockstone.                                     

Mountain Mama

The Lost Bunny

Hi, I am the queen of the mountains. My name is Mountain Mama. I am a girl with long, dirty brown hair, and I have a crown made of leaves and I am a fairy. I come out every day from my home in one of the mountains in West Virginia. You can see my home from the view of the summit pool. But one time I messed up. One cold winter morning, Miss Hess said that she doesn’t know where her little bunny disappeared. When she woke up she was gone. Mountain Mama was shocked. She said to Miss Hess,

“Do not worry, we will find your little bunny for you.”

So that night the queen set out for a look around the kingdom to find the little bunny. She looked and looked for an hour already. But then she found a carrot. She went down to get the carrot. She went down to pick up and maybe find a clue. So when she went down she found a hole and it was so tiny that I, Queen Mountain Mama, couldn’t even fit in there so I used my magic wand and I said, “Bibedy bobbidy boo, make me small.” So then she went in the tunnel. Read the next chapter to find out.

The Way To Go

 So I walked a little deeper into the cave. 

“Aaaaaaaaah!” A net just swung down right near my head. “Ok ok ok ok Mountain Mama, you are ok. You can do this, you are on the mission to find the little bunny.” It was brighter and it was, don don don, carrots. I thought this was a mystery, not a pile of carrots. She thought and thought until she had a brilliant idea. Not only was it a brilliant idea, it was a wonderful and blunderful idea, and it also was a big big big big big brainstorming idea. Ok I think that was a little too much. Ok now let’s get on to the real topic. The brilliant idea was, don don don, to dig through the huge pile of carrots. So she usd her magic wand to make a shovel, so that is what I did and then I started to dig. Let’s see how many hours that took me. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, yes it was 24 hours. Then I finally got to go into the cave and then to the next chapter.

Never Give Up 

When I went in, I saw a big table of carrots again. I said to myself again never give up. So I took a lot of the carrots and then I saw a little tail.  So little! 

I asked the bunny if she was missing and then she said,

 “Oh Mountain Mama, I was really scared. The wind blew me away and Mommy did not see so I ended up here and I did not know what to do.” 

“Well now,” I said, “you are safe. Let me bring you back to your mommy.”

“Ok thank you Mountain Mama.” Then I held the little bunny in my arms and I flapped my wings and I flew off. When I returned the little bunny, I flapped my wings again and I said,

 “That is why you should never give up!!!” 

Why Everyone Should Have a Hobby

Having a hobby is very important. My brother and I have had hobbies since we were little, and it all started when I was two. I played violin then, but now I play viola. My brother and I were living in Hong Kong at the time. Since we were only two when we started, we had to use foam violins that made no sound. The only thing it helped me with was knowing where to place my fingers. When I turned three, they let me start with a real violin. It was one-sixteenth of a normal violin; it was tiny. But, it was the right size for me. When I was four years old, I moved back to New York and started with a new teacher. The new teacher was pretty bad so I got a better teacher. Besides being better, that teacher was very strict. 

This teacher had a reason for being strict: the viola and the violin are very hard instruments. One of them even caused my brother to quit. We went on for a few years and the teacher got very mad because Christoffer fell asleep in class while standing. So, after that, my brother decided, at age six, to quit violin. He quit because it wasn’t easy for him to play and he was also figuring out that this wasn’t his instrument. That’s the thing about hobbies: they have to be something you enjoy. At the beginning you might like this instrument, but when you grow older, you might like something else. 

So, he then started cello while I continued violin. When I turned eight, my parents started trying to change my teacher again. It turned out that she was a little bit too strict after all. A year later, I switched to my third teacher and she was nice. With her, there was less yelling and more smiling. We soon figured out that she taught viola, so I tried it for a couple of weeks, and I now play viola. Since I have been playing this instrument for a long time, I use muscle memory to play because this instrument is an instrument where I can’t always tell myself how to play it. I use muscle memory because the violin is very hard, but my fingers fly over the strings and the music they make sounds good.

All in all, people should have one thing that makes them enjoy life. I like my hobbies because they are challenging and unique. People should have challenging hobbies because they will need to learn how to fix challenges and that could prepare them for a job. It should be unique because it will make them proud of what they do. I always have a song that is very hard for this exact reason. One example is when I was six and I was learning the song Perpetual Motion. This song was super hard because in a second you need to play four notes, and I couldn’t do that quickly. For the first week, I could not even master the first line because it was just so different from all the other songs; they were slow yet this one was fast. I kept trying and trying, but I just could not do it. Then, on the first day of the new year, I started to play it perfectly, and ever since then I have been playing viola and violin better than before. I hope that you have a fun hobby too, one that makes you feel like your fingers are flying.


My first memories of playing chess are a little fuzzy, but I do remember I wanted to beat my brother Shepherd at something he was in a club for and I wasn’t. I had a really competitive spirit and I still do now. I wanted my brother to show me how to play chess and finally my brother was forced to by my mother. Luckily, my kindergarten school had a chess club which is where I met my best friend of five years. After playing with my friends and winning, my competitive spirit slowly turned into a love for chess and finally at my first rated tournament I got to put my skills to the test. I was in the lowest section and there were five rounds (it was a city tournament). The section was K-1.  Everyone had an under 400 rating. I won each of the 5 rounds and I got first place. I shot up my rating to 925 and got kicked out of the section because my rating was too high. I helped my team to get first place with 4 people (top 4 add their points together for the team points).  In total, we had 16 points (my brother – 3, a 1st grader named Joshua – 4, my best friend Avaan – 4, me – 5). I played in many tournaments, finally reaching a rating of 1000 at age 6. 

Skip forward a few years to 3rd grade. My parents made me stop playing chess tournaments because my schedule was full. I adapted and for two years I didn’t play chess.

Skip forward a couple more years. In 5th grade, because of Covid, all the chess was online. There are differences between online chess and real chess. One difference is that there are distractions at home. Siblings can be very annoying when you are trying to focus. When we are playing in person, everyone has to be quiet. I started to play online chess and broke 1500, hurraay! My rating started bouncing around between 1475 and 1525, finally settling around 1510-1530. 

However, then my rating jumped down to 1488. WAAAAAH. At a tournament in April 2021, I won two out of two games. I thought I could win all 4 rounds. Unfortunately there was someone who is higher rated who I hadn’t beaten in the last 5 games we played. I beat him a long time ago, but I thought, It probably won’t be today… UUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHH! His name is… Elliot Goodrich. He is only in 2nd grade and has a rating of over 1500!  

First round, I played a guy named Andrew Plasse. 20 moves later, it was still even. Finally, I thought of a tactic. Win a pawn. Then, I was up 1 point. I won another pawn. I was winning when we got to the end game.  I was up 2 pawns. Me- King, Bishop, Rook, and 2 more pawns than him. Him- King, Knight, Rook, and 2 less pawns than me. He resigned. Victory for me! I checked his rating after the match, 800. Cue the groan of disappointment. 

Note: I could only see his name when I was playing. His name allows me to know where to search for his rating, but I didn’t look him up. 

In the second round, I won again. Then I played Elliot… And I won! I was so happy!

Just to mention, there is a timer in chess that ticks per second. There is sometimes a delay which means if you don’t move in a certain amount of time, your clock starts ticking. After each move, you get time back on the clock. But the increment isn’t used for every chess game. In person, every time you move, you are supposed to hit the clock switching which side is ticking. If someone’s timer reaches zero and the other person can win if they continue, it is a loss for the person out of time. If the other person cannot win if they continue playing, then it is a draw.

Chess can be very frustrating for me at times. There are two specific times when I got really mad. I was winning at the game when I put my opponent in a stalemate, when he cannot move his king or any piece anywhere. This means it is a draw. At the first game I was in the last game of the tournament at board 2. My friend and I were the top two players, both at 3/3. My friend beat his opponent and won the section, but I drew to my opponent by stalemate even though I was winning and I got second. He got 4/4 but I got 3.5/4. And no, it was not on tiebreaks. I was the only one with 3.5 as my opponent went 3/4. Stalemate means that the opponent cannot move or you cannot move, therefore resulting in a draw. This is different from Chinese chess though.

Even with all my troubles and frustrations, I still continued playing chess. I actually started writing this paragraph on the 2nd day of the New York State Chess Championship. It was between rounds 4 and 5 on April 17-18, 2021. There were two days and three rounds per day. 

The first game, I was winning by a bishop and a pawn. Then, I dreadfully lost a rook by a simple tactic that I found immediately after I moved. Then. I lost. I was so mad and so sad. I was playing a 1000 which was not even that good. The word STUPID ricocheted across my mind. Then, I got over it in an hour by telling myself that the next round would be easier. 

2nd game, also against a 1000. I got his bishop in the first 10 moves. I took everything from him then I mated him. Easy enough. 1/2 points is my score.

3rd game, last game of the day, and the most insane. Lost the exchange. Then I won a bishop for a pawn. The game was tied. Then, I lost a knight. Then I lost the game. I was playing 1200. I won ⅓ of the games.

In the 4th game, I played another 1000. I won a bishop. I went to the endgame and was victorious. Yay! Return to the present.

In the 5th and 6th game I beat a 1000 and 1200 respectively. I got a score of 4/6, 27 out of over 100. Not really impressive. My friend though, got a score ⅚, and got 3rd place! Considering this is the championship for elementary players, he is basically #3 elementary school chess player in the whole city. Interestingly enough, when we were in the K-1st grade we played each other infinitely and beat each other around the same amount. Like, 10 times each.

I don’t really know why I like chess so much. It’s hard for me to explain my feelings. I just like it, no need to push, that’s it. So, you people can try it and see how you like it. I am still going to play, not planning to stop. But I think this essay is lengthy enough. But just so you know, if you challenge me, I won’t go easy: I like to win.

*P.s- You may be asking yourself what the title is. The letters start a word. The letters are the first letter in the word. The numbers are what number the letter is in the alphabet, for example, 1=a, 2=b, 3=c, 4=d, 5=e.  The title is a puzzle just like chess!

P.s.s- This was written over a period of time (you’re probably thinking DUH).