The Basement of the Dead (Chapter 1.)

I walked up to the house, but I didn’t know what was coming next. I looked back at the crowd standing behind me and sighed. My friends and I were about to enter the haunted house, the “Basement of the Dead.”

My friends and I had been dared by the whole class to enter the house. My friends were Ryan, Bryan, Dash, and Dawn. Ryan and Bryan were twins, as were Dash and Dawn. I, on the other hand, was an only child. I am now anyway…

I shook off that thought and went to another horrifying one. My friends and I were about to enter the most feared, and somehow loved, haunted house. I felt the hand of doom grab my shoulder. Actually, it was just Dawn.

“You scared?” she asked nervously.  “The boys definitely aren’t.” She waved toward them with a shaky hand. Ryan, Bryan, and Dash looked as if they were about to enter the coolest party in town. If you searched the meanings of their names, you’d know why. They all mean “brave” or “adventurous.”

“They certainly are living up to their names,” I said flatly.

My name is Zelda. I like to fight, but usually, I’m very kind.  I’m not so sure about haunted houses though. I have caramel hair and emerald-green eyes. My hair is long and wavy, but I usually keep it in a braid that goes down to the top of my knees. I was wearing a red tank top with a brown leather jacket and jeans.

Dawn had just-below-shoulder-length blonde hair in a ponytail. She had sky-blue eyes, matching her shirt. It read, “This girl is gonna change the world.” She wore lime-green shorts.

Dash had shaggy blonde hair and self-conscious blue eyes. He wore an army-green shirt and matching pants. He tapped his foot up and down on the rotten deck impatiently.

Ryan and Bryan both had red curls and the same kind but dangerous brown eyes. They wore dark blue shirts, on which read a lazy to-do list with a Minecraft character.  Both had orange jean shorts. The only difference between them that you could tell was that Ryan was a lot jumpier and immature. He bounced up and down on a torn up chair and laughed.

“Zelda!!!” Dash called.  

I straightened, realizing I was zoning out.  

“We’re going in now!”  

I scrambled to the end of the deck and threw my backpack on. “Coming!” I yelled back. I sprinted toward my friends, toward the beaten up door.

“Okay, all of us need to push on this door together, or the hunk of junk won’t ever move,” Ryan said. So we did. After about what seemed like 20 minutes, the door creaked under our weight. Then, there was a groan. Finally, the door burst open, and a cheer went up from our classmates.

The boys high-fived each other. Dawn shivered nervously, while I stood, fists clenched, staring into the dusty house. It was just like you would expect a huge haunted house to look like. The dust, the old smell, the cavern-like ceiling, and that once-grand-but-now-gross furniture. Although, there was something different about this house. It felt… good.

I shuddered.  

“Why is this called the ‘Basement of the Dead’ anyways? From what I’m seeing, there is no basement!” Bryan exclaimed. We all thought about that for a moment.  

“Good,” Dawn squeaked.  

We were soon a good ten feet into the house.

“Ugh,” I sighed. “I’m closing these doors. I hate being watched like this.” So that’s exactly what I did. I realized that was a bad idea. The house had more of a sense of dread now that the doors were closed. It felt so empty, but still, somehow comforting.

Dawn apparently did not feel comfortable. An amber light lit her face, which now seemed gray. Her whole body seemed to flicker, but it was hard to tell with the lack of light. Suddenly, she let out a piercing scream. Everyone flinched.

“Why would you do that?!!” she screeched. She stopped flickering. Dawn blinked, as if waking up from a bad dream. She walked over to the door and pulled on the handle.  Nothing. We were trapped…


Pac-Man is HERE

Once, there was a girl. She wrote what you will see. She thought it was all fun, but little did she know, it was going to come true. Here it is:

One day, three girls had a sleepover at a house that belonged to their friend, Lily.

There was a Pac-Man machine in her house. But they did not know Pac-Man was going to get out that day to rule the world. They did not know they were destined to stop him either.

That night, when the three friends were sleeping, they had the same dream. They dreamt that they released ghosts that died because of Pac-Man, so he went back into the game. They woke up the next morning in her room even though they went to sleep in the basement, so they knew something was wrong.

Asha said to play the Pac-Man game and they did, but Pac-Man was not there.

Then, Aliya suddenly saw Pac-Man and ran to the others. She told them Pac-Man said, “Never release the ghosts. Never find the four element keys of fire, air, earth, and water. I will not rule the world if you do.”

They knew where to find them because of the stories they had heard when they were kids. They would appear only to the known. Then, they saw the Key of Air. Asha got it, and Aliya asked where to find the next key. It said a poem for the next key, the Key of Earth:      


To find the key of earth, you see,

You’ll need to jump up with me.

I will then take you there,

Then, let go and stay in the air.

Look in the cloud, and you will find

The key of earth, I hope you don’t mind.


So they flew up holding the Key of Air and dug through the cloud. And there it was, the Key of Earth. Lily held the key, and it said:


Find the phoenix in the forest.

Then, it will appear,

The key of fire

Right there.


They went to the forest and saw a fire.

Asha said before anyone could, “The key must have meant a forest fire.”

They went to the forest fire, and then, it stopped. In the middle of it all was the Key of Fire.

The Key of Fire took them to a haunted house where the Key of Water was inside. As soon as they got there, a person came and told them they had to be killed in this house and that it had no power. He also said they had two choices: a chainsaw or an electric chair. They all chose the electric chair and got the Key of Water.

They took the keys to Lily’s house and put them in the machine. The ghosts came out and ran to Pac-Man. He tried to resist, but he could not so he ate one. So the rest ran away.

One went to the desert. Another went to the ocean. And the last went to Writopia Lab. The one at the desert was disguised as a cactus.The one at the ocean was disguised as a blue whale. And the one at Writopia Lab was disguised as the computer that I am writing this story on.

Suddenly, a note appeared in front of him. It said:


Deep beneath the darkened earth,

A place that you will never find,

Find me towards the north

And follow me to your favorite spot,

Or never conquer earth.


Since Pac-Man didn’t know which way was north, he turned into a compass and followed himself north. Eventually, he fell into a hole, and he saw a labyrinth in front of him. He went through the maze and fell into a pool of piranha families and got bitten badly.  

Meanwhile, the group of girls was busy blowing up all the buildings that Pac-Man had built. Pac-Man had built the buildings so that people would vote for him. Little did the girls know the buildings were magic, and they would always reappear. And little did Pac-Man know that the piranha that bit him would bring a ghost into his mouth any time he got near one. And little did the ghosts know that once they got eaten, they would go back into the game. Only the pink one, Pinky, knew. And little did Pac-Man know that the piranha families would make him never be able to rule the world.

The piranha took him to the desert. He appeared in front of the ghost, so the piranha put it in Pac-Man’s mouth. Then, he went into the maze and when he opened the next door, he fell into the sea. The Blue Whale ghost swam under him. The piranha put it in his mouth, and the ghosts took him to WritopiaLab before they disappeared.

I was writing at the time and the piranha was bored, so it left. So Pac-Man put on his ghost goggles. He dove right at me, and I screamed, but I saw him chewing the computer, so I kept typing and finished it just in time and that is the story you are holding right now.  


The Adventures of Bub (Book 1)

Once, there was a guy named Bub. He made pizza for a living. He loved pizza. He worked on weekends. One time, he went skiing. He was skiing a lot.

Then, one day, there was a giant snowstorm. He needed to go into his house in the resort. He ran into the resort. He couldn’t get to sleep because there was snow and ice pounding on the window like a bear. He thought, I hope nothing breaks.

Then, all the electricity for the hotel went off.  He went under his covers and stayed there for a long time, thinking, This is horrible service.

He made a little hole for air, so it smelled like his room — his room smelled pretty good.

Then, a lot of ice hit the hotel, and the wall collapsed like sand. Bub took an air mattress and a blanket, and he went to the first floor and he under the hotel’s desk.  When the storm finally stopped a few days later, there was nobody else to be seen.

There were a few dead bodies and others he didn’t see.  He was really scared. He was lucky.

He went outside, praying that there would be something useful.

“I hope there’s some way to get out of here and get back home.”

He thought of his friend Bob, who made pizza too.  He wanted to be with him, because he was his friend. Then, he tried to clear his mind because he needed to think about what to do.

Then, he remembered the parking lot. He went and found his car! His car was not working well! Then, when he was near a Ferrari store, his car stopped working! So he got the Enzo Ferrari! He paid with his credit card, and what should have been a seven hour trip was only one.

Then, he watched the Super Bowl on TV. He also invited his best friend, Bob. Then, they they watched the Super Bowl. They watched the Broncos win, there was a big celebration and they were really happy cause they were rooting for the Broncos.

Bub and Bob screamed, “Yes!!” at the same time.

They both made pizza, just as a contest to see who could make the best pizza when they are tired.

Bob almost fell asleep, and Bub smacked him across the face to wake him up. In the end, Bub won. It takes a lot to get Bob mad, but if you manage to, he loses control of himself.

When Bub won, he said, “You look really tired, but I feel more tired.”

Bob said, “Thank God you woke me up, or else my head would have been on the stove.”

Bub said, “What happened? You actually fell asleep standing up? I could never do that. And I’m a very good sleeper.”

Bub felt happy because he won the contest.

Bob was happy for this friend, and he wasn’t such a sore loser, especially since they had many contests and each of them won a lot.

They ate their mini pizzas.  Now it was time for Bob to leave, ‘cause it was late.

When they both went outside, there was a huge thunderstorm. Lightning struck, and one just missed Bob. They went for cover under a tree, but then the tree got struck and it was a flaming torch.  Bob and Bub just jumped out of the way.

Bub said, “Holy cow, that was close!”

Bob said, ‘Run towards the house!”

When they got to Bob’s house, the door was locked, but no one had keys. There was a window that was slightly open, and they crawled through it.

He was happy he survived, and his house was okay. He couldn’t say that was the luckiest he had ever gotten.

Afterwards, Bub decided to get a few lottery tickets. If you won the lottery, you would get 200 million dollars. Bub was just thinking that there was a one in a thousand chance he would get it, so why not go for it.

I have been really lucky, he thought, why don’t I test my luck in the lottery. He’d never done the lottery before, and he purchased a ticket, two for himself and two for Bob just to increase his chances. Just two more dollars for more lottery tickets wouldn’t be bad for increasing their chances for getting two hundred million dollars.

He had no idea what to do with that money.

Bob also had no idea.

Bub scratched off his first lottery ticket. And so did Bob. Then, he let Bob do the second one first, Bob got nothing. There was one ticket left. Bub was scratching off the ticket, and he was really scared and his hand was shaking. It took him a few minutes to take off the ticket. He was right to scratch off the bottom 3. He scratched off two, and there was nothing. One more thing. He was doubting he was going to win, he was still shaking and he was sweating. He scratched off the last one and held up the ticket.  

Bob and him started celebrating when it said on the corner, “Jackpot!”

They were parading around the house, and he ran to the lottery store. When he handed it over to the manger, the manager couldn’t believe his eyes.  

“Okay,” said the manager, “We’ll send it to you in the mail next week, okay?”

Bub said, “Okay.”

Next week, he was standing at the mailbox, and he was waiting for mail. Then, Bub finally got a giant package from the lottery. He knew it could only be one thing. He took it home. He was looking for something to spend it on.  

Bub found a really nice yacht called “Okto” and told Bob about it. He bought it, and he realized that it was even better than it looked in the picture. It looked great in the picture, and standing right in front of it, he felt great owning it.  

Bub went inside. It was such a nice place. As he walked up the steps, he thought, I’m so glad I bought it. He had money left over. What should I spend that on? he thought.

He took it out and set sail a few days later. It was really nice. When he came back, he was thinking of doing something else. He was thinking of sailing around the world. There was a challenge to offer five million dollars to go around the world. He did it with his yacht. He was at sea for many days, stopped in some places, and went through the Panama Canal. There were some nice views, but he got bored of seeing water all the time.

There was a TV, a swimming pool, a hot tub, and anything else you could imagine.  When he got back, he thought, I still got a lot left over.

He thought, There are so many more things I could spend this on. And on top of it all, there’s still so much left. There’s still so many things I could do.

He started looking at Youtube videos, thinking that he’dl find something. Then, he looked at his wallet. His pilot license that he won a while ago was still there. Then, he got a great idea.

I could get a private jet — then, I’d still have a lot of money left over!

He found a really, really good looking, futuristic jet, and he had enough money to buy it from a jet show. He had no idea who the owner was. He got the first one in stock. He needed to find a car that could tow it. The company didn’t have service to do it, so Bub’s private jet was thirty miles away, and his house was five miles away from that. They gave the plane a full gas tank. So he took the plane out.

The plane looked like it could be easily maneuvered and was really fast. Bub had no trouble taking off, but then, a storm approached! The clouds were black. Bub took a weird approach. He went high speed towards the storm. Then, he started getting pushed around by the wind a bit. He was landing the plane, but at dangerous speed.  Then, he shifted to the side of the runway. The wind pushed him a bit, and then, he was completely lined up. He landed, but then, he started to slip around. The ground was so slippery, that his plane wouldn’t stop. He pulled on the breaks. It slowed down, and he still headed towards the edge of the runway.  He was going towards the grass, not at such a high speed because his plane was slowing down. The ground was slowing down. When he was about to miss, he turned the plane, escaped to the side of it, and ended up making the turn off the runway.

Then, another plane was landing after him. That plane landed, and it was going straight at Bub’s plane. Without thinking, Bub put the throttle forward — not too much — it wasn’t going as fast as it was supposed to as there was so much water. The other plane landed and missed Bub’s plane by an inch. He went to his hangar.  

Then, he took a ride home by taxi. It was still pouring, and by the time he got home, the water was up to his ankles. He called Bob to come over. He came over, and together, they just watched a football game. He liked just talking while watching a football game with the rain pounding on the door.

After the football game, Bob and Bub made pizza together.  He and Bob were talking while they were making pizza.

Bub was talking about his adventures, and Bob told him about what happened while he was gone.

Bub was having a good time with his best friend, and he was glad to be home. Bob slept over at Bub’s house just because the water was really high, and he didn’t want to go home in that weather.

By morning, the rain had stopped, but they had to stay inside because there was so much water. So the next day, there were floods in a lot of places. And then, out of nowhere, the water pressure on the door made the door fall over, and water spread all over the house.

Bub was walking from the kitchen to the couch to talk with Bob.

Bub ran and jumped onto the couch with Bob. Then, the couch started to float!

After the flood, they found themselves in an abandoned building. Bub thought it was a nice building, but it needed some fixing. Then, Bub said he liked the building.

Bob said, “Why not call the Mayor to see whose this is?”

They called the Mayor (Bob had his phone,) and it ended up being nobody’s. It was really close to Bub’s house. So, since it was nobody’s, Bub and Bob were allowed to have it.  

Bub had the idea for “Bub’s hotel.” Since their names were so close, Bob agreed.  They renovated the building, which surprisingly cost a lot, but Bub could afford it.  After a lot of planning and hard work, the hotel was finally ready and established. It was the nicest hotel in the area and the only hotel in the area, but it was a nice hotel.

They earned a lot of money on the first day or two, which was pretty surprising. They had so many guests since it was a tall building. The hotel was full for a week, and Bub was really happy because he was making a lot of money from it.

Bub decided the hotel should go worldwide. They established another hotel in New York City, and that was even more successful. Bub was about the happiest man on earth at that point.  He was thinking of maybe even another hotel.

He established one in Hollywood, which took a lot of traveling, which was pretty nice.  That one got even more people, even a few celebrities.

He thought, “I thought this would be hard.”

Bub had a few problems with the hotel, like one time, when somebody brought a pig into the hotel. The pig swallowed the soap bar and ate all of the snacks in the snack bar, including the wrappers. The pig was sick, and they tried to sue the hotel. And then, Bub pointed to the sign that said, “Only dogs, cats, or regular pets allowed.” Then, the people who sued the hotel actually had to pay fines for all of that damage. Bub knew there’d be obstacles. But he was also focusing on a new hotel in Florida that would be perfect. There were always lots of people in Florida, and he would get a lot of natives there.

The hotel opened in Florida, and Bub went there a few times, just to look at the hotel, and to see how it was going before it went out in public. Finally, it opened on the first day, and it was fully booked. It was crazy. Now, Bub was opening one up in every place in Europe.  In Greece, he opened one up near the Parthenon and in Crete. In Athens, he walked on the Parthenon, and in Crete, he was on the beaches. He also drove through twisty roads in the mountains. He felt really nice, especially since he rented a black Camaro convertible.  

He passed by a town every few minutes. They were all old. Then, he went back to the airport. He found a direct flight back to Albany. He got first class tickets. He’d never flown first class before, and he liked it. It was so comfy. They had a bumpy landing, but the plane landed decently. He had a private jet, but he didn’t bring it to Europe. He didn’t think it could fly so far. He wanted to see how business was going in New York City. He took off with his private jet.

He also knew that Bob was staying in New York City for a bit. He meant mostly to bring Bob back from New York to his hometown. It was a lot of work because New York had a lot of airplanes in the air. He was circling around the airport for one hour when he finally got clearance to land. He landed perfectly. He started looking for Bob at the hotel where he found him. He asked the people at the front desk if they knew where Bob was.

“How do you know Bob?” one of the people asked.

“I am Bob’s best friend and owner of this hotel.”

“Oh, you’re the owner? Sorry, sir.”

“It’s fine,” Bub said.

He knocked on the door, and Bob answered.

“Oh, hello,” Bob said.

“Hey, I think we need to go back home. You told me you wanted to go home.”


Then, he found Bob. So he took off. He did pretty well with the take off. He was always changing where he had to go because there were so many planes. He saw many cool airplanes.

They were headed home because some people were doing bad stuff in New York, and Bob didn’t feel so comfortable. They went to Awesome Town in Ohio.

They went to Bub’s house and made some pizza. Bob and Bub felt happy to be home. No crime, nobody mean, nothing bad. Then, Bub went on a flight. Then, there was a weird sound. Bub checked the controls. The left engine was failing.

He started to descend very quickly. He went from 25,000 feet to 1,000 feet in 20 seconds. Then, he realized he had to turn on the failing engine. It turned on at 100 feet, and then at 10 feet, when he was about to die, it exploded. The explosion boosted it up a bit, and the plane wasn’t in good shape, but was alive. Bub couldn’t believe, it but he didn’t know where he was. He climbed to the top of a tree and saw the airport around a mile away. So he started to walk. It was hard finding his way, but after one hour, he finally stumbled into the airport. And then, they found him right before they were about to launch a search.

Bub thought of something that he never thought of before. He could make his own plane! He got a lot of scrap metal for free and started building up. He made a perfect airplane with two engines in the back that used electricity. He tested it out, and it flew perfectly. He was having a perfect time, and on landing, he realized that the landing gear wasn’t that good. He flew right back up and asked air-traffic control to make a straight path for him. He got onto the wing and attached himself to the door that he closed. He dropped down and started fixing it. There was only a small flaw: he accidentally forgot to make the thing split in half to make an opening for the wheel. He got his pocket knife and slashed through the middle of it. He could be forgetful. After he landed, he made some adjustments with his airplane.

It took him months. He slept at home, and he had a little workshop. It was electric and supersonic. He named it the “Bubflyer II.” He took it for a test flight, and it flew perfectly the whole time. It could do some spins too. The plane was very light, so it did get pushed around by the wind. Afterall, it was considered “ultra-light.” With his new plane, he could go anywhere. When he landed at the airport, he was very happy it worked. Then, he showed Bob. Bob thought it was awesome.

After a week, when Bub was away presenting his idea to the government, Bob got mad. Why does Bub get all the money? he thought, And he names everything after himself. Then, Bob knew what to do…

He went to New York City and found Bub’s hotel easily. He secretly had a bomb. Before he had made arrangements with ISIS, so he had a big bomb. Then, he went into Bub’s hotel and exploded it. The building crumbled down, but Bob didn’t know that Bub was in it. Bub jumped out and seconds later, medics appeared. They didn’t know if Bub was alive or not. They took him to the hospital, and they found out that he was barely alive. The heart rate monitor was barely moving.

National Security wanted to see why this massacre happened. Hundreds of people died. Some survived. One survivor who was on the first floor recalled hearing Allahu Akbar. National Security found out that it was Bob, and Bob was sentenced to death.

Bub went to visit Bob in prison. He was wheeled there in a wheelchair and told Bob, “I never knew you would do this to me, old friend.”

“Sorry,” Bob said.

Then, Bob went to court and explained the whole situation about why he did it. “It was both of our money,” Bob said.

Then, Bub went to court. And he was sentenced for 100 years because the money was supposed to be both of theirs.

Then, Bub argued that he was the one who bought all of the lottery tickets, and that the one who had gotten the jackpot was him.

After that, Bob was found guilty.  

So two days after, Bob was being executed. At the moment when he was about to be executed, Bub went into the court.

“Why is he being executed,” said Bub. “I thought he was going to jail.”

And then Bub started arguing with the people who were executing Bob. In that time, Bob escaped. Bub knew that Bob was going to escape, and he had wanted that to happen.

“Okay, bye,” said Bub.

“That was easy,” the executioners said. And they went to execute Bob only to find that he wasn’t there.

On the street, Bob and Bub saw each other. They were pretty stunned.

“Hello, old friend,” said Bub.

“Hi,” said Bob.  


Why You Should Never Be King


Now thou shall wake up,

And thou shall wake up at the time thou is supposed to wake.

Thou shall eat thy cereal,

For thou cannot and will not run the kingdom

Without thy corn flakes.


Now thou shall listen to thy subjects.

Thou hates this part,

For thy subjects are insolent.


Now thou shall eat lunch in thy royal palace,

And thy lunch shall be a turkey egg and a small omelet,

From thy local peasants’ market.


Now thou shall oversee the construction of the new tower.

Thy tower is over thy budget,

And is three weeks behind thy schedule.

That is what thou shall change.

When thou shall tosseth thy foreman into thy dungeon,

For thy foreman plays miniature golf on thy job.


Now thou shall have dinner,

For thou is hungry after thy foreman incident.

Thy father says he should have lost his head.

Thy father is an imbecile, but he is a beloved member of thy royal council,

So his head is secure on his neck.


Now thou is going to sleep,

For thou is very, very tired.

And thou knows this shall happen tomorrow,

And thou will hate it all again.


The Break

“One hundred and ten! One hundred and eleven! What! Are you weak! Another one! Now!” screamed Nate’s so-called workout coach, Jacup. He was actually just a muscular guy who Nate paid to help him work out.

The cold sweat dripped off Nate’s face, staining his already sweat-logged orange jumpsuit, but he forced in another push-up. His body was screaming in discomfort. The yellow sand of the prison’s workout yard came up to meet him as his arms finally gave out. Rolling on his back, he looked up at the blindingly hot sun, then pushed himself to his feet.

“Pathetic,” murmured Jacup, pacing back and forth next to Nate. He let out a long sigh.

“Nate, m’boy, how do you expect to win the push-up competition if you can hardly manage 100! See Bill Cask over there.” Jacup pointed to a short-but-sturdy, extremely muscular and tattooed guy Nate had never seen before. “See him? He can do 300 easily. Even your friend Mitchell is better than you!”

Staring at Nate sadly, Jacup turned and walked away, shaking his head. “Go take a water break, son”

Nate stood there silently for a moment, then muttered “Goddamn it.”  He repeated the phrase with growing volume, “Goddamn it! Goddamn it! He can do three hundred goddamn push-ups! And what can I do! Nothing! Zip, zero, nada! Might as well be worth crap.”

Other prisoners had begun staring at him, but he didn’t care. Muttering a few well-placed curses, he gulped his entire water bottle in one sip, and slammed it back down on the bench so hard, a dent appeared.

He looked at the dent approvingly. It expressed his anger well enough. He was about to go do a set of pull-ups when the final bell rang. This symbolized that workout period was over, and that it was time to go back to your cell for bed.

Nate shared his cell with his best — and only — friend, Mitchell. They were both in for the same reason: robbery. But Nate still found himself the righteous one, which he had tried to prove in court (As you can see by his situation, that did not work.)

What had happened was Nate had seen a man being stabbed by another man. Nate had rushed over just as the man with the knife fled, leaving his knife at the scene. Nate grabbed the knife out of instinct, but set it down immediately afterwards. For several hours, he stayed next to the bleeding man. When the cops arrived, Nate was the only one who could have murdered the man, and he had even put his fingerprints on the knife. The deal was set.

Mitchell had done something like that, or so he said.

As Nate walked back to is cell, he heard shouting across the yard. He sighed. Another fight?! he thought to himself. It was the third one this week. With the Push-up Competition coming up next week there had been a lot of betting, and from that betting, more and more fights. He looked towards the commotion with little interest. He didn’t have much patience for the loud-mouthed, big-muscled, little-brained nimrods that usually got into fights.

But the moment he saw who was fighting, his whole perspective changed. Mitchell stood in a fighting stance, circling Samuel Campanelli, one of the most popular and most feared men in the prison. The two stood circling, eyes locked, looking for an open opportunity to strike. It was Mitchell who found one first.

Mitchell flung out a fist, slipping between Samuel’s guard, and getting solid impact on his ribcage. A fight-winning blow to a lesser opponent, but Samuel hardly flinched at the strike. Fear flashed in Mitchell’s eyes.

Nate dashed towards the pair, sure that no matter how hard he tried, Mitchell would lose. That would not only be painful, but after Samuel’s success, his cronies would become braver assuming that they could also beat Mitchell. This would be extremely dangerous, and it could put Mitchell at risk of being thrown in solitary, which would be bad for both of them. All of these thoughts whirled around in Nate’s head as he rushed to Mitchell’s aid.

Nate shouldered Samuel Blubb, the prison scapegoat, into the dirt as he dashed through the circular crowd that had gathered around the pair of fighters. He didn’t even have time to apologize.

I’ll do it later, he thought and continued to try to peek his head over the shoulder of Billy L. Jackson, Samuel’s main man, but Jackson kept on pushing Nate back persistently. Jackson finally turned around angrily and pushed Nate to the floor.

“Stoppit, dammit! Stoppit! Do you wanna fight Sam ‘long with Mitch, cause if yeah, I’ll grab you by yer damn, skinny neck and toss yee in there, damn bastard fool. I’ll smack yee so hard yer damned gramma‘ll feel it!” Billy muttered a few unintelligible curses before going back into his rant. “So yee wanna go in there? Issa yes er no, not maybe! C’mon Natey boy, yee damn bastard, whadda ya think, shorty?”

The two fell silent, Billy silently fuming, his phony question dangling in front of Nate like bait for a fish. Billy was asking Nate to go in there, but it wasn’t a question. Nate was going in there whether he wanted to or not. He half opened his mouth, but before any sounds could come out, Billy’s massive hands had picked up Nate by the back of his orange jumpsuit and pushed him into the circle.

“LOOK OUT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!” Billy bellowed, making sure everyone in a ten-mile-radius could hear him. “A NEW FIGHTER HAS ENTERED THE RING!” he blasted, as if no one had noticed him pick-up Nate and practically throw him into the ring.

The crowd howled louder, the thought of even more people getting beaten to a bloody pulp whipping them into a bloodthirsty frenzy. People screamed Samuel’s name, booed, and chanted. It was like standing in a sound box. Too much to process. The sand rough against Nate’s hands as he lay on his knees where Billy had dropped him. Mitchell tugging on the back of his shirt, telling Nate he had to get up, that they had to fight together.

“C’mon, get up!” Mitchell was practically shouting, glancing nervously at the approaching Samuel. “No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! Don’t go into one of your modes now! Why now?”

But Nate couldn’t hear a word Mitchell was saying. He was in his mode. The mode was… the mode. In the mode, the world is an observatory. You don’t move, you don’t hear, you just watch. Watch the world go by, like a lazy drifting river. There were many rules of the mode. Don’t talk, don’t move, don’t think, don’t blink, don’t listen. Only watch. Only watch.

As Samuel moved closer, Nate could only watch. Watch as Sam turned back his head and laughed, spitting out an insult Nate couldn’t hear. Watch him raise his foot back, and swinging it forward as if on a pivot. The solid connection of Sam’s foot on Nate’s temple. Pain lancing through Nate’s body. All Nate could do was watch. He landed back down on the ground from the force of the impact, and Nate’s vision slowly grew dark.



It was way too late when Nate opened his eyes. He still lay in the prison yard. Judging from his estimate, it was around 9:30. Not late enough for Nate to be in huge trouble, but he would be in trouble nonetheless. He dashed through the deserted halls, thankful that he didn’t run into any guard, and swung into his cell.

He checked his appearance. Nate had never been that good-looking, but never that bad-looking either. He was German, and had long dirty blonde, hair, which framed steel-gray eyes and sharp cheekbones on pale-ish skin. He was the complete opposite of Mitchell, who was Hispanic, with short, black hair and olive skin.

He sighed and leaned back onto his bed, sore and tired from the rough day he’d had. Taking off his boots and closing his eyes, he sunk into a deep, dreamless sleep.



A soft creak woke him from his sleep. He grunted, annoyed at being woken. There was another one, slightly louder this time. Suddenly, there was a crash, a shout, a bang, a curse. Nate jumped from his sleep.

“Did you hear that, Mitchell? Did you? Mitch?” Nate flicked on a light, and his heart stopped. Mitchell’s bunk stood empty, and the cell door wide open, creaking back and forth.

“Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no! Mitchell.”

The name came out hardly a whisper. A ghost of a sound that could be. A word that should exist, but can’t. He backed away until his back was pressed against the wall, and even then, kept on backing up. This couldn’t be real. He was already going into his mode, he couldn’t stop it.

He sunk to his knees, tears dripping from his eyes, muttering the name “Mitchell” until it had no meaning, and was just a sound. Just another sound in the midst of the dark night. Like the sirens that were wailing, the people that were shouting, the footsteps, rushing through the halls. The endless noise. That whole night seemed a dream. Nonexistent.

And through the whole night, he wished to be deaf. To end the noise. The endless horror of noise. He stared at the open cell door, but felt no inclination to go through it. To be with Mitchell. As far as Nate knew, or cared, Mitchell was gone.

Not a person, but a name. Like Bob. Or John. Or Gary. But not a person. Never a person. Never a friend. A friend would take his friend with him. At least say goodbye. And the horrible, bloodthirsty, mad part of Nate, the part we all have but choose to hide away deep within our consciousness pushed its way into his main stream of thoughts. And within Nate’s mind, he secretly hoped Mitchell had died.

He wished that Mitchell had died while escaping. But what did Nate know. If his only friend left him, without a “goodbye,” or even a “see you on the other side,” what was left of him?

He sat there the whole night, crying, letting his emotions disappear in the form of tears till he was nothing but an empty husk, dry and emotionless.



He woke up the next morning without ever remembering going to sleep. He stared in the mirror and tried to smile, but all that came out was a strange, open-mouthed, flat expression. Nate dunked his head under the pool of water that had been building up at the bottom of the sink. He combed his hair, brushed his teeth, put on some clean clothes, and took 50 deep, slow breaths.

Nate stepped out of his cell, steeling himself for the day to come. Sure enough, he had hardly taken ten steps when a prisoner rushed up to him. Surprisingly, it was the guy from yesterday, Bill Cask.

“Hey, there’s rumors going around that someone was trying to escape last night. And guess what? They’re saying he made it!” Nate stood there, unsure how he was supposed to feel about this. Happy? Disappointed? Amazed? So he just stood there with a blank expression on his face. Clearly this was not the reaction Bill wanted, so he went on.

“Aaaaand, they’re saying the person who escaped was your cellmate!” Clearly, Bill expected him to go absolutely insane, like he was on some game show.

He did not expect for Nate to turn around, and as he was walking away and say, “Well the rumors are true. Tell everyone: Mitchell A. Warren, cellmate of Nate J. Roosevelt, has escaped from Prison No. 61.”




After a long day of being harassed by people who wanted to know what happened the night before, Nate’s bed seemed his only saviour. The day had seemed an endless punishment of questions. Like, “How’d it happen?” Or, “Did you see it?” Once he was even asked, “Who escaped?”

It seemed fruitless to even pretend he knew what happened, so he mostly responded in a grunt or a rough “I dunno.” But the one thing that irked him the most, out of all the things that were occurring at the prison, was that they had cancelled the push-up competition, though he seemed the only one annoyed by this.

Then, one day, seven days after the escape, as he was heading across the rough gravel of the abandoned basketball court, the loudspeaker blared its static message across the prison:


The loudspeaker flicked off and left the yard unusually quiet, all eyes on him. He walked across the yard, aware that the whole prison had their eyes on him, like guns tracking a target. The moment he left the yard and walked into the prison, he could hear the entire place erupting in conversation behind him, literally talking behind his back.

He made his way through the halls of pale blue marble, covered in stains of who-knows-what. Opening the dark green door to the office, he took his seat at the polished, wood table at the center of the office just as the warden walked in.

Two guards stood by the door, which seemed normal. But other than that, the office was strange, with trinkets perched all about the room; the assorted potted plants tossed about the area and scattered on various desks, stacks of papers which seemed to appear infinitely and placed precariously close to falling off of the edge, seemed to be a degree that certified he was, in fact, a warden.

The warden eyed Nate, scrutinizing every detail about him.

“Hello, Nate. I am not here to share pleasantries with you, and I can assume you are the same,” stated the warden. With his dark eyes, straight brown hair, and square features, he was clearly not one to be messed with. He even gave a cold demeanor, as if an aura of strictness surrounded him.

“I am here to talk to you about what happened the night of June 6th, seven days ago.”

There was a long silence. Nate wanted to speak, but words wouldn’t leave his mouth. Should he tell him? Rat out his only friend? But a true friend wouldn’t have left him alone? A true friend would have taken Nate with him. But should he?

All these thoughts whirled around in his head as the horrible disease that is indecision crept through his body. He took a long, deep breath.

“You want to know what happened on the night of June 6? Fine. But honestly? I think I know less than you do.”

And with that, he told him everything he knew (which wasn’t much.)


Many weeks had passed without Mitchell, and soon, the everlasting hunger of loneliness started clawing at his belly. He still had two years left in his sentence, so waiting to get out to find Mitchell was no option. Though there was still the nagging voice at the back of his head, saying “Escape! Go with him! Get out of this bottomless hell-hole!”

Of course, he ignored that voice and focused on his daily routine. (Heh, heh, heh. I make myself laugh sometimes. Yeah, I lied. I lied hard.)

The voice pestered him 24/7, digging its way into his thoughts, dreams, and subconsciousness. Every day, he wanted to do it more and more. He became obsessive, anxious, jumping at the slightest of sounds. Voices pierced his dreams, screaming at him to follow Mitchell. Every night, he watched the scene, the escape, and every morning, he awoke with a cold sweat. His heart beat out of rhythm, and instead, his fingers tapped at a fast pace. He could not stop the beat, whether the tap of the foot or finger; it seemed endless. His mind could not think. All he saw was Mitchell’s face laughing at Nate, endlessly. He was officially insane.

He needed to escape. He needed to escape! He needed to escape!

But how?

The question of “But how?” is one of the biggest and most challenging questions the Earth has ever faced. We wanted to make a teleporter. But how? We wanted to build a time-travel machine. But how? We wanted to build a super awesome deathray. But how? How? If we knew the answer to the question of “But how?” the world would be a very different place. And Nate was just about to find that out.


Nate sat on the small, wooden chair his cell came with, leaning back on it very precariously. He had given up his tapping habit, and was now completely focused on finding a way out. As simple as it seemed, it proved exceedingly difficult. It was not that hard coming up with ideas on breaking out. It was just that every time he did, he immediately thought up a reason why it wouldn’t work.

Cursing his own pessimistic personality, he got up and walked over to his bed for an evening nap. He had never before taken naps, but he found being well rested helped him think. He glanced over at Mitchell’s bed. He had not touched it since the day of the escape, and dust sheeted the unmade blankets.

Just as Nate started to get comfortable, a sudden thought struck him like a hammer blow to the temple. Leaping to his feet, he shot across the room and began rummaging through Mitchell’s blankets.

If Mitchell escaped with a tool of some kind, he might have left it on his bed!  Nate thought, his heart racing.

But as he continued his search, his hope slowly left, leaving him dead inside. There was nothing there! Nate’s eyes began to narrowed and his teeth clenched together.

Wait! Nate thought Maybe it’s under the bed! He searched relentlessly, trying to find anything, but all he found was a stupid comb. Fury built up inside of him. He threw the comb down so hard it shot halfway across the room, but he didn’t care.

“AAARRRGGGG!” Nate shouted. Disappointment seeped into his veins. He knew it wouldn’t happen, that of course Mitchell wouldn’t have left his tool there. But it had been his only hope, and getting your hope crushed makes you mad. And Nate was no exception. Every inch of his body was on fire with with hot rage. He stared at the wall, and then and there, punched the wall. Blood spurted from his knuckles, and his anger was now seconded by pain. But this only made him angrier.

He punched the wall, both fists drilling against it, blood splattering everywhere, until it looked like murder scene. Tears fells from his eyes, and time had no meaning. He could have been there for minutes, seconds, hours, years. But he would never know. All he remembered was passing out. His limp body falling to the floor.

Then, the darkness consumed him.



Nate woke up, the cold stone floor pressed against his cheek. Dried blood crusted his knuckles, and dried tears crusted his eyelashes. He was too tired to even yawn. He forced himself to his feet and began stumbling over to the sink.

Suddenly, before his slow feet had time to react, he felt something slide out from beneath him. He was unceremoniously tossed forward, his forehead bashing on the sink in front of him. Landing flat on his face, he struggled to roll over.

Reaching up, he felt his forehead. A large, goose-egg-sized bump was planted smack at the center. Cold blood slid down his face from a heavy nosebleed he’d gotten. Nate let out some words even he didn’t understand. He just wanted to say something offensive to whatever god did this to him.

He cleaned himself up, then bent down and started examining the floor where he tripped. He wanted to find the thing that had made him fall and make it pay. He knew he couldn’t make an inanimate object pay, but he didn’t care.

It was probably the comb I threw away earlier! Nate cursed.

He reached under the sink and let his fingers run wild over the surface of the floor, searching for anything that might cause him to trip. His fingers ran over something unusually cold, and he grabbed it and pulled the object into a better light.

He stared at it with wonder, his eyes glowing. A polished, silver key laid in his palm, sparkling in the warm light that the small window in his cell provided. It was small with a smooth edge. There was a little, round hole located in the corner, as if it was once attached to a ring of keys.

Rolling the key around in a closed fist, he realized the ingenuity of where the key was placed. It had been located between two pipes that formed almost a box around it. It was also smartly balanced against a wall, to block off one place in which it could be seen. Nate had found it out of sheer luck.

He glanced at the barred cell door, tilting his head. Cautiously, he got to two feet, approaching the cell door the same way you might approach a wild bear. Holding the key pinched between two fingers, he slid it into the lock. He took a deep breath, and turned the key. A soft click echoed through the prison.

Excitement built up in his chest. He gave the door a soft push, and it creaked open. Nate wanted to scream, dance, and sing at the same time. He had found a way to escape! But he needed to think. If he left now, he would be caught and the key confiscated.  

He needed a plan.


Locking the door so he wouldn’t arouse suspicion, he walked over to his bed, then to his sink, then to the door again. He repeated the walk for over 3 hours, but couldn’t think of a strategy. It was clear that he had to do it at night, to limit the guards’ vision, but he didn’t know anything else.

At last, he decided to make a map of the prison, so he could sneak out. Nate already knew his way around the prison, but he had to know more: where the security cameras were, where the entrance and exit to air vents were, what the guards’ shifts were. He had to know the prison inside and out.


For weeks onward, he made it his mission to map out the prison. He used paper and a pencil that were supposed to be used for writing letters to your family. Nate laughed at their stupidity. He had no family. He was an only child, he never met his father, his mother had died at birth, his mom had gotten into a fight with his uncle so he had never met his uncle, and his grandparents had died before he was born. It was fine though. You couldn’t miss something you never had.

Soon, he had a large and detailed map of the prison. Nate unfolded the map and laid it on the miniscule desk in the corner of his cell. Hunching over it, he began to devise a plan.

On the night of December 24, six months after the escape of Mitchell A. Warren, and the day before Christmas, Nate J. Roosevelt planned to escape from Prison No. 61. Nate had chosen this day specifically, because 1) No one expected it, and 2) The guards would also be partying and getting drunk.

Picking up the key from under his bed where he hid it, Nate scanned the area. On his left, a guard stood, although he was facing the other way and leaning on the railing of the second floor stairway. The man’s head lolled to the side, and he seemed pretty relaxed.

To his right, stood nothing but a dead end.

Unlocking the cell door, he slid out of his room and silently crept toward the guard. Nate had a plan, though he wasn’t sure it would work. At the guard’s side, a gun hung loosely in a holster, not strapped down by anything. It was probably just a mistake of the guards ignorance, but it proved greatly helpful to Nate.

Standing right behind the guard, Nate realized how easy it was to sneak up on him. Then, he realized the guard was asleep! He pulled the gun from the man’s holster, then suddenly put the officer in a chokehold. Weaponless and half asleep, the guard easily submitted and fell unconscious.

Stripping the guard of his uniform, Nate put on the officer’s outfit and gave the officer a prisoner’s outfit. In the dim light, Nate looked no different than the guard he had just knocked out. Checking his badge, he was now Officer Jasper H. Parkins.

Not a bad name, Nate thought.

He reached into the outfit’s pocket and found a large ring of keys. Putting them back, he moved the body to the bottom of the stairway. He had to play this off right.

Suddenly, Nate started shouting “Dear God! What happened! There-There’s a body on the stairwell! Oh Lord!” and stuff like that. Of course, Nate knew exactly what happened. He just needed needed to make at least one guard came over.

Sure enough, Nate soon heard footsteps rushing towards him. A group of three guards came rushing over and stopped in front of the body.

“Dear God, what happened! I see now why you were screaming…” the shortest of the guards assembled said.

Trying to sound as shocked as possible, Nate responded “I was just s-standing there, doing my job, when I heard a-a thump at the bottom of th-the stairwell. I go down to investigate, and this i-is what I find,” all the while shaking his head back and forth.


“I’ll go tell the warden,” one of the guards volunteered.

“Not yet!” the short guard interrupted, “We need more details! Who is this prisoner anyway?” He said crouching over Jasper’s body. “He looks kinda familiar.”

Nate, sensing danger, immediately stepped in. “That’s because this fellow is Bill Cask!” The small group assembled all turned to look at Nate, blank expressions on their faces. “Oh, you probably don’t know that that’s his name, but you’ve definitely seen him before. He’s not too smart, not too funny, not too buff, but he’s just there.”

The other guards seemed to be okay with this explanation, but the short guard wasn’t having it.

“What’s his number?” Shortie inquired.

“212!” Nate blurted out.

“Isn’t that the number of that Mitchell kid?”

An erie silence seemed to spread almost cancerously about the area, until Nate finally broke it with a nervousness-filled word of, “No.”

No one bought it.

“No, I think that that is the escapee’s number. We’ve only been hearing it for the past 10 months!” This time, it was a taller, pale-as-the-moon guard who was talking. “I would know that damn number in my sleep.”

The small group laughed uneasily, but it only grew the tension, the guards becoming more sure that something was off.

Suddenly, Nate burst out laughing.

“Oh, you idiots!” he let loose another burst of giggles. “Once Mitchell got out, they switched around the numbers. Now a random kid, Nick, I think his name is, no Nate, is number 212!”

This explanation made absolutely no sense. Shortie was the only guard who seemed to have picked up what a BS answer it was, but the other guards were already laughing along, saying it was their bad, that they should have known.

“Go to the warden and ‘report the incident’ man,” the tallest guard said, as if it was a joke they had shared before. But Nate just laughed along, even though he had no idea what was so funny about that sentence. Nate just smiled, waving over his shoulder to say goodbye.

He walked through the prison at a measured and calm pace, walked to the exit, searched through the ring of keys till he found one labeled Exit Key, fit it into the lock, opened the door, and walked out.

He kept on walking away from the prison, shocked at what had happened. He had escaped so easily. It wasn’t mission impossible. But now, he had nothing to do. What was he supposed to accomplish with his life?

The answer came to him like a wave crashing onto the beach: Find Mitchell.

Mitchell had once told Nate his address: Brooklyn, NY 4th Street 1123. After asking a slightly rushed man out getting late Christmas gifts for directions, Nate was off.

After several hours of walking through the dark streets of Brooklyn, he was there. Standing in front of the house, Nate took a deep breath.


The word echoed across the night, shooting about the universe. And then and there, Nate knew, that somewhere, on some alien planet, a far away alien just heard the word “Mitchell.”


The Mysteries of the Magic Pencil

Hello, my name is Elias, and today, I will tell you about a story that changed my life.

It starts with me going to my grandparents’ house. I was standing outside their house and rang the doorbell. They opened the door, and I went in their house. First, I chatted with them. Then, I asked them if I could look in their attic. My grandpa said yes.

So I went up in their attic, and I looked in their attic. I looked everywhere I could. I looked sideways, up, down, everywhere. Then, at the back of the attic, I found a pencil. In gold writing, it said “magic pencil.”

“This is exactly what I wanted,” I said.

I had read in a book that there was a magic pencil in an attic somewhere that had special powers, so I checked in my grandparents’ attic just in case he had a magic pencil. But let us resume the story.

So I ran down to my grandparents and said, “I found a very special pencil. I know it is a magic pencil because I found out there is a magic pencil in a book, and the book’s description matches the pencil.”

My grandparents reacted like I never told the truth. They said that could not be true. Then, I took out a piece of paper, and I wrote, “Make a red rose appear.” And a red rose appeared right in front of them, lying on the table.

My grandparents said, “That is really true, wow!” They acted very surprised. Their faces looked very shocked, and their mouths were wide open.

I thought, How come my grandparents can open their mouths so wide? Because in science class, we learned old people can’t open their mouths very wide.

Then, I told them that we could become very rich, and they looked even more shocked. I wrote, “Add 100 dollars to my grandparents bank account.” I asked my grandparents what the password was to their bank account.

My grandparents asked me, “Are you sure that’s safe?”

And I said, “Yes, because I’m writing it on a piece of paper that nobody can read.”

So my grandparents gave me the password to their bank account, and I wrote it down. And then, they checked their bank account, and it said, “One hundred dollars has been added to your bank account.”

My grandparents looked the most surprised they’d ever been (which is very suprised). And then, they said, “We really could become very rich with this.”

I asked my grandparents if I could keep this pencil, and my grandparents said yes, since they were so old, they wouldn’t need it and I had a long life ahead, so I could keep it.

They also said, “You should be careful with the pencil.”

I was as happy as I’d ever been. I grabbed my pencil and said, “Sorry, grandparents. I can’t stay with you any longer.”

And they said, “Okay.” I was supposed to be with my grandparents for another hour, but they thought that was very short for me to be with them.


Then, I ran home as fast as I could. It took me about ten minutes; it usually takes me, like, thirty minutes. When I reached home, I was very tired, but I still told my mom, whose name is Ederick, that I had found a magic pencil. My parents had already read the book. They looked at it and inspected it and saw that it matched the description perfectly.

They said, “It really does look like the magic pencil.” They looked surprised.

And then, I wrote down, “Make one hundred dollars appear in front of me.” And one hundred dollars appeared in front of me. I told my parents that we should also be careful because the government might find out, and they would think we stole money from the bank, and we could never convince the government about the pencil. So we would have to keep it very secretive, and we would have to hide it, so no one saw the magic pencil, even our friends.

My parents said, “Yes, we do need to keep it very secretive.” The next day, I woke up, and with the magic pencil, I wrote, “Make breakfast appear.” Then, scrambled eggs with liver pate appeared right in front of me.

After that, my dad came over and said, “That magic pencil is cool.”

My dad’s name is Josh, and he is always worried about me. My dad took the magic pencil and wrote, “Make coffe apper.”

“Nothing appeared. you spelled it wrong,” I said. (My dad is a very bad speller.)

“Oh no, I spelled it wrong,” my dad said.

“Yes, you did,” I said. At school, I knew I could not tell anyone about the magic pencil. It was tempting to tell one of my best friends, but luckily, I did not tell any of my friends about the magic pencil.

When school was over, I walked home with my dad, and we argued about animal extinction and the magic pencil. (Of course.) As we were walking, I noticed many more kids were walking behind us than usual. Then, I stopped to think for a moment. l thought that if all those kids were following us, they must have wanted something. But what did they want?

Then, I said, “The magic pencil! They must have heard about it.”

I told my dad to run to our house. Once we ran to our house, I locked the door, and kids were starting to pile up around our house. I told my dad that kids from my school heard about the magic pencil.

My dad yelled, “Why did you tell them about the magic pencil?!” (My dad gets angry very easily.)

“It was not my fault,” I said.

“Fine,” my dad said.

“They just learned that I had it,” I said after a long lecture.

My dad said “Alright, I forgive you.”

Then, when they left, I wrote with the magic pencil, “Make a guardian appear to defend our house.” Then, a tiger appeared right in front of our house.

The next morning, people were standing outside our house, protesting. My parents were contemplating leaving our house because of the protesters. Luckily, the protest was only thirty minutes long, but my mom still was about to throw away the magic pencil. I could not let that happen, so I convinced my mom to not throw it away.

My mom told me, “I am putting the magic pencil away because if you have protesters outside your house, it is very stressful.”

“Fine,” I said.

Then, I woke up, and it was the weekend. I was so happy because of the magic pencil until I remembered my mom had put away the magic pencil. I always hated my mom, but this time, I hated her so much, I made a plan. I would convince my parents to leave me at home because I am a very good convincer. I could take a ladder and reach for the magic pencil, and then, I would hide the magic pencil.

So I put my plan into action. I started by convincing my mom, and it took a very long time. It went like this:

“Mom, I am in fifth grade. So can I stay at home by myself?”

Mom asked, “Why?”

“I told you, I am in fifth grade. Every kid in my class stays by themselves.”

Mom said, ”Fine. On one condition: you do not do anything silly.”


When I was at home alone, I decided to kick my plan into action. I first got a ladder. Then, I walked to the closet and opened the door. I took the magic pencil, and I hid it in my lockable drawer and locked the drawer.

Then, I waited until my mom and dad came home. Once they came home, I said nothing at all.

My mom said, “How are you?”

I said ‘I am fine.” I also said, “Can I go to the bedroom?”

My mom said, “Alright.”

So I went to the bedroom, and I wrote with the magic pencil, “Make paper appear,” and paper appeared out of the air. The reason I wanted paper to appear is because I love to draw, so I also wrote, “Make the most beautiful markers appear,” and markers that were so beautiful appeared.

The next morning, I woke up and went to the dining table.

My mom said, “How are –”

I cut her off and said, “Mom, I am going to make breakfast today, alright?”

My mom said, “Alright.”

I was appalled by my mom’s response.

So I went to my bedroom to get my magic pencil, and I wrote, “Make a very good breakfast appear,” and a very good breakfast appeared right in front of me. Then, I went to the table.

My mom said, “You must be a very good cook,” but I just went to another topic.

Then, my dad switched on the TV. There was news about Nepal having a war with China.

I thought, My grandparents live in Nepal. I ran to my bedroom, and with the magic pencil, I wrote, “Stop the war between Nepal and China.”

After that, my magic pencil said, “Out of power.”

I felt very unhappy that the magic pencil only lasted for less than a month. So then, I ran to the living room where my parents were chatting and guessing whether the war would end.

But then, the newscaster said, “We have new news in — the war has stopped.”

My parents said, “That was a very quick war.”

They called my grandparents in Nepal. The conversation went like this:

Parents: ”How are you? Is the war ok?”

Grandparents: ”Yes, it disappeared like magic.”

Parents: “Ok, I will call you later.”

(By the way, my grandparents in Nepal are different from the ones in the beginning of this story)

I was happy, even though I did not have the magic pencil, because the war ended, and I was happy for my grandparents who lived in Nepal.


The Trampoline

Hi, my name is Sam. I am a girl, and I have been wanting a trampoline all my life. So far, I have saved up to about $200, and the trampoline is $300!! A couple lemonade stands would work (giggles.)

“Mom!!” I yell, “Can I have a lemonade stand?”

“Sure!!” my mom says, “Just be careful!”

“Okay, I will!”

I run outside with the table, chair, cash register, and of course, the lemonade! I pour the lemonade, and soon enough, I have a customer!

A woman pulls up in a black limousine. Why would a fancy lady pull up to my lemonade stand? I think.

“Hi,” I say.

“Hello,” she says in a fancy British accent. “How much for three glasses?”

“$4,” I say.

“Here you go. $4. Thank you so much!”

She hands me two $2 bills. I’d never seen $2 bills before.

“Have a good day… oh wait, here’s your lemonade.”

I am so surprised that I almost forget to give her her lemonade!

The women giggles.

“Oh thank you, darling, Have a good day,” she says.

“You too,” I say.

I am so excited to have my first customer of the day!

At the end of they day, I have almost enough money for my trampoline.

“$50 more!” I say as I count my money.

“Mom! Mom!” I yell, “I only need $50 more!!”

“Let’s go to Toys R Us today. Want to?” my mom says.

“But I still need $50 more!?” I say.

“I will pay the extra $50,” my mom says.

“You will?? Oh my God, oh my God!” I yell, my heart pounding.“Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Can we go now?”

“Yes, we can just take the chair, cash register, and lemonade inside.”

We get in the car and head to Toys R Us.

“We’re here!” Mom says.

“Yay! Come on let’s go!!!” I say.

We walk inside and ask someone for help to find a trampoline.

“It’s in aisle six,” the woman says.

“Thank you!” we say and we walk to aisle six.

Well, I run.

“Mom, Mom, this is the one!!!”

Mom comes and looks and she says, “Okay, let’s go pay for it!”

We walk to go pay for the trampoline. We pay for the it, and ask if someone can help us put it in our car.

“Okay,” the woman at the cash register says, “I am calling someone down to come help you with it.”

My heart beats so fast.

“Ready,” says the woman who is helping us, “I’m going to order a truck to take this to your house.”

“Okay!” my mom says.

Finally, the truck comes. They load the trampoline into the back of the truck and the truck follows us home. At last we reach home, and they unload the trampoline into my back yard.

“Bye!” I say.

“Thank you for helping us.” my mom says.

“Can I jump?” I ask my mom.

“Is it your trampoline?”

“Yes,” I say.

“Then, you may jump on it,” my mom says.

“Yay! Thank you!” I say.

“But under one condition.”

“Yes, okay, what?!” I ask.

“If I can try it. Haha, I am just kidding. Go jump on it!” my mom says.

So I run over into my trampoline, climb in, and jump! I feel excited.

A week later, I am jumping on my trampoline, and then, I look up and realize that the clouds have started to roll in over the sun.

“It will be fine,” I say. “It’s probably really fun to jump in the rain!”

So I keep on jumping.

“Whoa,” I say. “It’s pouring!”

I’m saying, “Wahooooooo!!!!” when ah! I slip and fall from the rain and land on my arm.

My parents rush outside (after all the screaming and yelling) and then rush me to the hospital. I have a broken arm and get a cast.

My parents tell me, “Honey, we are so so sorry, but I think we have to get rid of the trampoline. It’s too dangerous.”

“No!!” I say.

As we start to leave the hospital, my mom asks, “Is there anything that you want instead that’s not too dangerous?”

“No, nothing but a trampoline, but I promise I will never go on it when it’s raining,” I say. I know it hurts, but I’m happy I get to keep my trampoline.


Helena the Husky: A Diary

Have you ever thought that your parents or siblings were horrible? Well, my story is even worse. I’m a Siberian husky with horrible owners and annoying sisters, and we all have to participate in the 2016 Iditarod race. My diary follows all of us from our home by the Hudson River in New York to Alaska.


January 1, 2016:

Meet My Family

I wake up. I hear my younger sisters Hannah, Holly, and Helen howling in the other room. Purely annoying. That’s what they are. But before I tell you all about them, I guess I should introduce you to the rest of my family. Our owners are Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Jewell (their sixteen year old daughter,) Sadie (Jewell’s thirteen year old sister,) Silvia (who just turned eleven,) and baby Melanie (She’s a year old.) We live in New York by the Hudson River. We have a huge house, an even bigger yard (for running in the winter), and we get to swim in the Hudson every summer.

If my sisters are annoying, my owners are horrible, so horrible that they don’t even let me have extra bacon on Saturday mornings! When I talk to Hannah about them, she disagrees. You see how annoying she is? Holly and Helen are even worse. While I’m writing this story (and many others,) they are howling. They also think our owners are great. Humph! Too bad for me. I think my sisters just hope Jewell (who is our musher) makes them lead dogs in our Iditarod race this coming March.


January 9, 2016:

For Once!

It’s Saturday! This is my chance to get extra bacon. I go into the kitchen and see Mr. Smith frying bacon on the stove. I am drooling for a taste. Surprisingly, Mr. Smith reads my mind.

“Do you want bacon, Helena?”

I go to him and beg so hard, that I have to dig my claws into the fine, wood floor to stop myself from falling over. But, begging or not, he heaps my plate with crispy, scrumptious bacon. I am so happy! I wag my tail and jump up and down in excitement.

Hannah, Holly, and Helen come in and beg, too. Mr. Smith gives them each a strip of bacon. They eat it and beg once more.

“No more, you guys!” says Mr. Smith.

They come to me and ask for some of my bacon. “Please?”

“NO!” I say.

“Come on!” they plead.

“I said no!” I repeat firmly, and quickly finish my bacon. Got you, I think. For once.


January 17, 2016:

Peanut Butter Blues

Sunday! Not Sunday! Mrs. Smith is in the kitchen making peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast. (Mrs. Smith simply doesn’t know how to cook, not even how to fry bacon!) Every time I have a peanut butter sandwich, my mouth gets glued shut. But I have no choice. I take a big bite.

It’s noon. I wake up from my nap. I try to open my mouth. Uff! Ick! I can’t even move! I try to yell for help, but it just comes out as “HhHhHh!

My sisters just roll in their beds and continue to nap. Annoying! I take a sip of water. Phew! It helps. I take another sip, and the gluey feeling drifts away. I’m relieved.

At least my owners don’t have to yank it off like last time; a few of my teeth almost came out too! Then, I had to be tied to a chair while a dog dentist glued them back on with a special glue. I swallowed a little of that glue, and then wished I hadn’t. As the tears started streaming down my face, Jewell noticed and said something you would never believe she would say: “What’s the matter, Helena? Are you looking for some bacon?” No! I would have said, but all that came out was an “ooooooooo” sound.

At dinnertime, I want to ask Mr. Smith for extra meat, but all that comes out is a “thhhhhiiiiiicccccc” sound. It’s that peanut butter sandwich. I guess the water did not help. Nothing helps with it. Ugh! Meat will help, I’m sure, but Mr. Smith can’t understand me. That dumb peanut butter!

But this time, Jewell understands. She heaps my plate. I thump my tail and devour every single piece. Great! It helps. Then, my sisters and I go out for a run in the yard. The moon is full and the stars are shining. That helps too.


February 2, 2016:

Ha ha on Helen

Are you in the mood for a funny story? If you’re not, you’ll have to cope. If you are, great! Because I`m going to tell one. Here goes!

Yesterday, we were all out sledding. Sadie was mushing. Jewell was too busy doing homework, whatever that means. Now, I am usually our lead dog, but Sadie was so horrible, she let Helen be lead dog. Humph! I protested but Helen just laughed and bragged about being lead dog. Then, as soon as we started running, Helen started talking to Hannah.

“Oh no!” I told her to stop, and I howled at her three times, but she didn’t listen. We ran straight into a tree.

“Told you!” Sadie was really mad. We had to do the run all over again; this time, I was in the lead. Now, I am the lead dog permanently. Ha, ha on Helen.

Did you think that was funny? Imagine that — In a few weeks, we’re traveling to Alaska to participate in the Iditarod, and I get to be the lead dog. If my still annoying sisters follow me, we will win. If only they would…


February 9, 2016:

Our New Booties

I wake up and hear Jewell arguing with Silvia. Everyone else is still asleep, and it’s 9:30am!

I hear: “We have to go shopping for race supplies!” and “What for, the smelly, old huskies?”

I would have bitten Silvia’s foot, except for the fact that she hadn’t bathed for two weeks. A lot smellier, definitely!

Then, Sadie wakes up. She joins the argument. It is really loud!

Finally, Jewell’s voice cuts the noise. “Okay,you little maniacs! You don’t have to come. But behave with Mommy and Daddy, okay?”

“OK!” Sadie and Silvia answer together.

“Don’t worry. You’re going to love shopping. I know you will!” Jewell’s voice is soothing as we walk to the store. Helen, Hannah, and Holly are all for it, but I have a feeling that something is going to go wrong. You wait and see.

And something does.

The racing supplies store is huge! So many things to look at and sniff: booties, sleds, leashes, harnesses, collars, and yummy food. It takes Jewell a long time to get us out of the store, but as we walk out, we are all very excited. Jewell bought each of us a pair of new booties. They are leather, lined with fur. We didn’t have time to try them on in the store. So we rush home . . . and that’s when all the trouble begins…

We are trying on our booties and (you guessed it, right?)… Helen’s booties don’t fit!!!


February 9, 2016:

An exciting night

We have to go all the way back to the store.

And Helen keeps saying, “They won’t have my size! Why do I have to have smaller paws than everyone else?”

Why, why, why. Helen is full of whys. Why does she have to ask “why?” I think that is the correct question.

When we arrive at the store, I help Jewell pick out a new parka while Hannah and Holly help Helen get her new booties. Jewell wants me to help them too, but I insist that I help with the parka to make our midnight shopping trip a little shorter. I also hope I do not have to hear Helen whine about her paws.

So much for my wishes. Helen’s voice penetrates the store’s walls.

“I don’t like these!”

“But they’re the only ones in your size!” Hannah howls back.

“What!” barks Helen.

“I don’t like my paws!”

“Okay!” Jewell says, carrying a bag with her new parka. “Let’s go to another store.”

We leave the store after Jewell pays for her new parka. Then, we go to CheapThings4Pets.Com. Helen picks out a pair of booties identical to ours. They only cost $2.00!


You can only imagine how I look when the horrible shopping trip is over! But it’s late now. Everyone is finally asleep. All except me. ‘Cause if I were asleep, I wouldn’t be writing this story, would I? But I suddenly have a sensation to go to sleep. It’s all I want to d…o…o…


February 18, 2016:


I wake up and feel the bite sinking into my ear. I recognize that bite. Hannah has stopped by to wake me up.

“Ow, Hannah, get off my ear!” I scream.

It’s 8:00am. We’re finally in Alaska. Snow is everywhere, and it seems like everyone has gotten up on the wrong side of the doggie-pad.

“Helen, you’re such an oaf!” Holly yells. “Didn’t you see my food dish before you knocked it over?!”

“No” Helen barks back. “It was an accident!”

“Liar!” Holly shouts.

“Helena, help me!” Holly continues.

“My ear still hurts!” I answer back.

“Wait!” tries Hannah, the peacemaker (who should be sorry for biting my ear!) “No arguing!” But it doesn’t work. We go back and forth for 15 minutes!

“Enough bickering!” announces Jewell. We stop immediately. Jewell gives Holly more breakfast and grabs our leashes. Running in the crisp, cold air makes everyone feel better.


March 5, 2016:

The Iditarod

“READY, SET, GO!” the Iditarod judge’s voice booms over our heads.

On cue, I leap into my harness and pull the gang line taut. Put put put! Our paws thunder over the snow. It’s cold, but we like it. We’ve had a wonderful breakfast complete with dumplings and rice. Almost as good as bacon. Everything seems perfect.

Only one piece of bad news: Jewell got sick with a cold the day before the big day, so Sadie is mushing us. But at least Helen’s not the lead dog. You know what happened.

I think we’re going to win. I really do. We’re almost at Finger Lake. But wait, something isn’t right. I feel a little queasy. Uh-oh I’m going to… barf!

Oh no! I shouldn’t have eaten that dumpling! Why did I eat that dumpling!? Why?! Why?! Why?!!! But I don’t have to worry because…

Helen takes over!!!             

Helen does a great job, but the next day, I’m back in the lead position. I’m feeling much better now. I lead my sisters across snowdrifts, over mountains. They follow me as fast as they can. We are so fast, that I can’t even hear the other teams following us. But I can hear the pounding of our feet, the wind in our ears, and the “hHhHhHhH” of our panting.


March 14, 20116:

Winning the Iditarod   

I hear the crowd cheering. We run on. Put. Put. Put. Have we won? I look at the finish line. No one else is there. Just snow. And judges waiting for us to cross the finish line.

We won!!!

The judges lift me from the lead position and put me on a platform shaped like a cone. I smile to the crowd. My big, bushy tail thumps on the ground. My sisters are no longer annoying. Our owners cheer for us the loudest.

Mr. Smith is shouting, “More bacon tonight, Helena!”

Behind me, Hannah whispers, “Our owners aren’t that bad,”

“Yeah,” I say as the judge interviews Sadie, “they are great.




After the race, everything is back to normal. We have a brand new trophy that says: Winner of the 2016 Iditarod.

Lead dog: Helena

Sub lead dog: Helen

Musher: Sadie Smith

Happy racing!

As for me, I think I learned my lesson. My sisters are my sisters, even if they are sometimes annoying, and we work best as a team. And our owners — well, there’s more to their love than extra bacon on Saturdays. But I guess I’ll have to say more on that another time because Mr. Smith is calling me to the kitchen…


Girl and Squirrel (Part I)

“Okay, okay! I’m awake!” I shout. My brother is shaking me.

“It’s time for school,” Calvin says.

I jump out of bed. “I slept that late?!”

I yank my clothes on and run downstairs, grabbing my backpack and the piece of toast that my mom holds out to me as I speed out the door 100 miles per hour.

The bus shoots fumes into my face as it pulls away from the curb. I scream, then trudge back inside.

”Mooom, I need a ride to schoool,” I call.   

“Ride your bike, honey.”  

“Do I have to?”  

“Yes. I’m about to leave for work, and I can’t drive you.”  

I hate my bike. It’s three sizes too small for me and covered in Dora the Explorer stickers from when I was five, I gripe to myself as I roll my bicycle out the door and off the curb. I hop on, but my knees are almost up to my chest.

When I finally get to school, I toss my bike into a hedge. I don’t want anyone to see it. I run as fast I can into school, hoping I’m not late. In the main hall, I check the clock on the wall, but it is already 8:30. I am 20 minutes late. I walk into the main office to get a late pass. As soon as the lady behind the desk hands me the doom-promising slip of yellow paper, I walk back out. As the damage is already done, I take my time making my way up the three flights of stairs to my classroom. Although I go as slow as a sloth, I still pant for breath outside my classroom door.


I’m sitting at my tan desk in the classroom. The teacher, Mrs. O’Hara, is talking, talking, and talking about math strategies. I hate math strategies. I’m staring out the window, looking at the clouds changing when something big, brown, and feathery with a wingspan bigger than Mrs. O’Hara’s afro flaps against the window.

It’s an owl! I almost say it out loud, but then realize where I am. Suddenly, the owl flies up and perches on the edge of the window where it’s open. Nobody else seems to notice it. All of the sudden, it shakes its wing and out falls an envelope. I jump up and run over to the window. The owl flies away, but I pick up the creamy white envelope off the floor.

Mrs. O’Hara calls over, “Isabella! What are you doing?” I shove the letter into my pocket.

“I… I was just picking up some garbage that I saw on the ground.”

I dig in my pocket for something, anything that can stand in as trash. Finally, in the bottom of one of my jeans pockets, I find an old piece of ABC (already been chewed) gum. It’s nearly bursting out of the wrapper, and it’s stuck to the bottom of my pocket. I yank and I yank, and then finally, it pops out. I hold it up to show Mrs. O’Hara.  She looks disgusted.  

“Alright… come throw it away. But I’ve got my eye on you.”

I hurry to the trash can. Once I’m back at my desk, I try to focus on Mrs. O’Hara and her boring math lesson until I can’t stand the suspense of the mysterious letter anymore. I slip the envelope out of my pocket and carefully rip open the seal inside my desk. I slide out the letter and unfold it. It is written in fancy cursive.


Dear Isabella,

Come to the largest oak in Acorn Wood  

Someone will meet you there.

You are destined to become friends

and do great things together.

The two of you are so different, yet, the same.

The Wise Owl

“Oh. My. Gosh.”  I murmur.


The Screen


We are superior beings

We are commendable

Yet we kill

We maim

We destroy

We are brilliant

We are creative beings

Yet why do we succumb

To a moving picture?

So why are we entranced

By dancing pixels?

By flashing lights

That make us stare

Open-mouthed pushing thoughts aside focused only on

The Screen.

Our end will come.

Be it when the sun

Flames out?

Be it when the air

Grows dark?

But a new contender

Steps into the ring

This new fighter is the brainchild

Of our superior

Commendable minds

It is death,

Not by us

But of our devices.

A robotic voice telling us

The battery is low

Our machine will die soon.


Too terrible to even whisper of,

What if all of our devices told us calmly,

The battery is low

What if all our helpful aides

Went and died

And could never be revived.

What would happen then?

The final cataclysm

Would be bestowed upon us

By our own creation

By the friend

that promised its everlasting help.

The Screen.




Summer comes with heat.

It comes with a promise for games,

It comes with playing in the sun,

Free from care, for passing grades in school’s over,

But you wonder

whose class will I be in?

What will being in 6th grade be like?

The roses and tulips fill the air with their calm scent.

You stay up later just to watch the sun fall below the trees

And when it’s over, there’s always Fall.


Fall comes with a cool breeze.

It comes with a wish for sweaters/

It comes with more school, and more work,

And more candy.

You have to rake the leaves and when you’re all done, you jump.


Leaves flutter around you, coating the sky in colors of red, yellow, and brown.

On the colder days, your mother makes you dress in scarves and mittens and hats.

On the warmer days, you simply dress in a simple sweater.


Winter comes with snow days and below 30 degrees.

You try to catch as many snowflakes on your tongue,

Sledding down the hill you try to hold on.

After, your gloves become soaked.

You’ve almost lost your hat in the glistening snow.

You come inside to a warm and cozy fire,

Holding a cup of hot chocolate with extra marshmallows, you lie down with your favorite book.

You read

And read

And read.

Then, you get more hot chocolate.


Spring comes with melting snow and warmer weather.

It comes in rain and rain boots.

After a while, it’s back to shorts and T-shirts

And icees flavoured with guava and Cookies & Cream,

Jumping into the pool or the lake with friends.

Summer’s nearly here and summer camp will start.

Then, summer comes.


Summer comes with heat.

It comes with a promise for games.

It comes with playing in the sun.


Once Upon a Time

It’s crazy that every single fairy tale begins with those four tiny words: Once Upon A Time…

Once upon a time, there was a little girl. She lived in a land called Yaoi. Her name was Lin. She had three siblings: Soa, Tao-pay and Yerin.

One summer day, Yerin wandered off into the wind waters. There were rumors going around that a ghost was haunting the lake. The large, silver body of liquid was surrounded by a sakura blossom forest. Tiny, pinkish-red petals with a white inner circle fell upon the unusual water. Tao-pay had gone with the little girl, but when he came home with the moonlight covering his already pale face, Yerin was not there with him. Tao-pay claimed that a glowing iridescent spirit had pulled the defenseless girl under, and she sank below the swaying waves.                                                                                          

As Soa was the oldest, she didn’t believe poor Tao. So, after the night passed, she left the house with a shivering Tao-pay. Lin insisted that she stay home and keep watch for anything out of the ordinary. Just as Yerin had, when the jet black blanket of twilight fell, Soa returned without Tao-pay. She told the exact same story that she herself had not believed was true. But, unlike her siblings, Lin was clever. Even though she was overwhelmed with the pain of losing two of her siblings, she created a plan that she prayed would bring them back.                                                      

The next morning, at the crack of dawn, Soa and Lin walked down to the wind waters. But instead of letting herself be seen, Lin hid nearby behind a sakura tree. Soa swam in the silver currents, singing and swimming innocently, acting utterly oblivious.

When the beautiful moon came, after hours of waiting, a glowing spirit shaped like a woman emerged from the lake. Soa screamed. Lin wanted to yell at her. This was not part of the plan! The spirit reached out a glowing hand to grab Soa, but Lin jumped out of her hiding place armed with… A-a-a flashlight!

With it, Lin shone the white light at her sibling’s captor, and the spirit let out a gut-wrenching scream and dissolved into tiny droplets. Suddenly, Yerin and Tao-pay surfaced near the sand. They both coughed up decent amounts of water and then launched themselves into Soa and Lin’s arms.

“You saved us!” Yerin cried.

“How did you know to use the flashlight?” Soa asked Lin.

“Because she only came out of the lake at night.” Lin replied. Then, all four of the siblings walked home, together.


The Fashion Show

Hello, my name is Sage. I have friends named Sofia, Marli, and Amelia. I live in Orlando, Florida, and Sofia lives in Pierre, South Dakota, Marli lives in New York City, New York, and Amelia lives in L.A.

One evening, I called Marli on the phone.

“Hi! Is it okay if we come to New York to your house? I was thinking we could have a fashion show at The Cool Girl.”

That’s the name of the store I own in New York. Since I own it, we wouldn’t have to book ahead.

“Hi! Of course, Sage. Come tomorrow! We can get ready for the fashion show.”

“Well, let me call Amelia and Sofia and see if they can make it, and see what they’re up to.”

Then, I called Amelia. “Hi! We’re going to have a fashion show in New York.”
“I’m available, but I’m too nervous. Do I have to be the model?” Amelia said.

“Maybe. Or maybe it’ll be Sofia.”

“Okay, I’ll book my ticket,” Amelia said.

I got to the airport, and I got on a the plane. I flew up and up and up and up and up, and then, the plane landed. I was so excited to see my friends.

I called my friend and said, “Hi, Amelia! I just landed. I am in New York. Are you here?”

Amelia said, “Hi, I am so sorry I was late for the call. No, sorry, not yet.”

Then, I said, “Okay, honey. It is not your fault.”

And she said, “Thank you so much.”

So then, I called Sofia and she said, “Hey girl, what’s up? Whatcha think?”

“Hey, Sofia, I am in New York. Are you here?”

Sofia said, “I can’t talk right now.”

So I said, “Okay, later.”

Then, I called Marli, and she said, “Hi, where is everybody?”

And I said, “Sofia is on the plane, Amelia is still packing, and I am in New York just in the car. Lots of traffic!”

A few hours later, we were all in New York and checked into our rooms at the Princess Hotel. We got dressed and met at the hotel restaurant to eat dinner. We talked about the fashion show, and when we were done eating, we started to go up to our rooms again. We washed our faces, brushed our teeth so they were clean and shiny, and put makeup on. We were finally done. We went downstairs again and took a cab to my store.

We put on music and started setting up for the fashion show. It was empty, just us. We hung a disco ball in the center, and turned it on. We decorated the front, put out a red carpet and then chairs so people could watch. I felt really happy. We were starting our first fashion show together. We practiced before the real show. We all felt totally happy.

The next night, we all walked to The Cool Girl. I got Amelia dressed and ready, but she said to me, “I’m so scared, Sage.’’

I said, “It’s okay, honey, don’t worry at all. We are all good.’’

She sighed. “Okay, thanks, Sage.”
I gave her a hug.

“No problem, hon. Now we should get to work.”

She hugged me back.

“I agree.”

“I used to be scared of modeling. You know what? I will go with you.”

Amelia looked surprised. “Oh my god! Great, thanks!”

I walked with her on the red carpet. There was music and a disco ball. The room was really big with a lot of people. That was why she was so scared.

After walking, she said to me, “That was not bad.”

After that night, we had a party with music, a lot of people, and a disco ball. We hugged at the end, and everyone said “Yay!”

We all had fun, and we did it!


The Crazy Adventure

It all started when my bear named Caramel had a secret. His secret was that he was alive. It was Saturday night. While we were sleeping, I fell off my bed.


Then, Caramel and I woke up, and it was 1:00 am! Since it was so early, I decided that we could have an adventure. I tiptoed downstairs and got our foldable zipline. Then, I set up the zipline and got on while Caramel sat in my lap.

When we were riding on the zipline, Caramel suddenly screamed, “Caramel alert!”

Then, I realized what he was screaming about. We were heading straight toward the pool! As soon as we hit the pool, we blacked out.

When I woke up, floating on my back, Caramel said “Wake up!” Caramel carried me out of the pool.

Then, we saw some rings. When we put them on, we were flying!

“Perfect, now we can fly!” I happily shouted. Then, my ring fell off.

“Aaah!” I screamed.

Then, just in time, Caramel flew down to me and caught me! By the time I knew it, we were in the sky!

“Wow!” Caramel exclaimed.

One hour later, we saw something ahead of us. When we got closer, we saw that it was a plane! We turned down and landed on another plane. When we went inside the plane, Caramel was hypnotized by the restaurant. I grabbed Caramel by the ear and dressed him up in fancy clothes and took him to the restaurant.

When we walked through the restaurant, Caramel snuck some food into his pockets. Then, Caramel asked the waiter to have a room to sleep in. When we got to the room, Caramel took the disguise off and started climbing out of the window. I held onto Caramel and flew down one mile until we saw something grey coming really fast toward us. It was a tornado!


When we both woke up, we realized that we were falling because Caramel didn’t have his ring! One minute later, we saw something blue. I realized that we were heading toward the same pool!

“Uuuuuhhhh” I whined.

When we got in the water, we fell asleep right away again. I was half-awake when Caramel shouted, “Wake up!!!”

We quickly tiptoed back to my room and had breakfast in bed. After that, we played outside all day long until lunch time.

All of a sudden, Caramel and I saw something big and blue in the distance. I noticed that it was a flood!

“Aaaaahhh!!!” I screamed. “Run, Caramel, run!!!”

As we were running, Caramel tripped onto me, and we fell into a huge, endless tunnel.

“Aaaaahh!!!” I screamed.

I woke up with a huge bonk on my head. I woke up in a snap. I realized that I was back in my bedroom.

It had all been a dream!


The Green Place

Andy woke up one morning. He saw the stars over his head. For the first time in his life, they weren’t animated. His family had been on the camp’s waiting list for exactly 12 years: his entire life. The day had finally come, and he was camping. This was the only place left on Earth with greenery. The rest of Earth, besides anything historical, was either a factory, hover lane, or skyscraper.

There was no need for water, since the great reservoir had been put on the moon in 2159. His great-grandpa had actually worked on it too. It was something he had always bragged about to his friends, but now, he was regretting that he did. Because of that reservoir, all the farms were put on Mercury so that there could be more space on Earth. There was no need for plants on Earth, with water coming to Earth from the Moon and oxygen generators which were invented in 2239. But some botany activists worked their butts off for years trying to save this old piece of land, or as it was known as a few hundred years ago: the Amazon rainforest.

Andy lived on what was known as Halley’s Comet about 200 years back, but now it was a huge city, or one huge, glass building surrounding the comet completely. His house was newly connected to Earth by the flexible spaceway from the comet. His dad took the hover car to work every day. He was always really busy, especially now with his new invention of teleportation. This was known as teleX and was now in beta testing.

But Andy was here now, and he had two more nights left here at this camp, which didn’t even have a name. Well, it did, but the makers wanted it to be be as peaceful as possible, and they thought a name would hurt that in some way. Andy did not understand any of that. But really, he did not care. However, from the second he got there, he just called it “The Green Place.” A spinoff of the oldest ever recorded history of what historians called television. Anyway, the show was called “The Good Place” and he loved it. All 17 seasons.

Andy was depressed because he was going to go back to the comet early. Something had gone wrong with beta testing on teleX. They had to cut their trip short by one day. Something had gone wrong with the dark matter core on the planet x-38stv, a deserted planet where if the core exploded, there would not be that many problems. It had a direct tap of hot water from the moon’s reservoir to star in x-38stv’s solar system. This was because if the dark matter exploded, it would freeze the star, as his dad had told him as a joke, “That might not be that good.” But Andy had a feeling that he might not be kidding.

Later, he asked his science teacher about it, and she said that it could possibly cause a black hole only 1,934 million miles away from humans’ only intelligent life form connection. That could suck a planet into a black hole. This planet was inhabited by the alien species Qatari from the planet Quart. There were thousands of discovered life forms, but the most intelligent one resembled the Earth’s ape species and had shelter in trees. The Qatari had a highly advanced society, but was on shaky terms with Earth and were highly superior in technology. If the star froze and the Quart was destroyed, it could spark a war with the remaining colonies of the Qatari.

Andy had tried to talk his dad out of this invention, and even got his older sister Steff, short for Steffany, on board. Steff almost always disagreed with Andy. But his father assured both of them that there was nothing to worry about. However, his eye twitched, and Andy knew that his father’s eye twitched whenever he was lying.

Andy knew he had to get some information, and he had to act fast. The next day was a weekend, but his dad still had to work. Andy hid in the trunk of his dad’s hover car and flew down the spaceway to Earth. At Interstellar Labs, there were two soldiers guarding the entrance to the garage. They were going to check the car. He heard footsteps slowly advancing closer… and closer… and closer.

His dad was very high ranking at the company, so he had just gotten out when the guard opened the trunk. But they found nothing. He slammed the door of the trunk. The valet worker drove the car to the garage, parked it, and stepped out and walk away. As soon as he heard the worker leave, Andy crashed to the bottom of the trunk with a loud thump. He had managed  to cling to the top of the trunk and hold the position for five minutes. He lay down and dozed off for a short nap. He woke up in the trunk at 2:54. His holo watch informed him that he had been asleep for almost five hours.

Andy hopped out of the car and crawled out of the garage. He ran into the elevator and went to the 284th floor. This was in the middle of the lab building. He ran into his dad’s lab, hid in a closet, and looked through a crack in the door. It was 17 minutes before his dad came back with two astronomers in bright white coats and three military escorts with what looked like the chief of the Earth’s military behind them. Andy took out his new recorder download he got from his dad for his birthday. How ironic, he thought, with a smug look on his face. He then pressed the button and started recording.

The two astronomers were telling, fact after fact, about the location of the possible black hole and how in 1.263 seconds the planet Quart would be sucked into it. They also said that there was a 89.35% chance of teleX freezing the star, which the General heard and grinned at. After all the information had been spoken, his father simplified it and told it to the General. The General nodded and asked how quickly could they get teleX operational. He said they had new intel that the Quart we’re planning on attacking Earth in 17 days, and the Earth’s military, he said, would lose that battle.

Then, the General asked if they could plant an explosive in teleX to make a 100% chance that the star would freeze. One astronomer said that would be impossible. An explosion would cause the star to overheat and explode, creating larger damage, but in a smaller radius that would not affect Quart at all. The general nodded and said to start operation IAA in 15 days and come up with a plan B if it failed. With that, he stormed out with two of the three guards, leaving one to secure the area. His father then yelled over the loudspeaker that there were 12 hours till launch.

Suddenly, the guard pulled open the door and grabbed Andy by the shirt.

“Andy!” his father yelled.

His father was up against the glass opening in the door.

His father yelled, “You are not going to tell anybody. Do you understand?”

“Of course I am!” Andy angrily yelled back.

“You are not leaving this room until you realize what you’re doing,” he yelled and the lock clicked shut.

He stormed off and a guard walked in to take his place.


There were four minutes left until TeleX was turned on. After that, the army would release them to tell the public what had happened. But they were not there to say the truth. Instead, they were to lie to the world, say that they had no idea of the possible outcome of teleX, and that they would like to deeply apologize to the Quarti and blah, blah, blah. The speech was already written, and his father was probably memorizing it.

Andy suddenly hated his dad. He did not care about any of the good his dad had done. Rage slowly filled his body, engulfing him in a fire fueled by the hate for his father. It had been hours since that door was opened, and he was shoved inside. He knew he had to escape, and he set his mind to it.

He quickly assessed his surroundings. There was an air vent on the ceiling and a table in the corner. That was it. A plan had started to form in his mind. Inch by inch, he quietly moved the table to the spot right below the air vent. He then climbed on the table and took his lightweight, metal wallet out of his pocket. He got it for last Christmas. He threw it as hard as he could at the grate, and eventually, the grate fell into his arms. He hopped up and climbed through the grate system. Then, after what felt like hours of climbing downwards, the ground suddenly fell out under him. He fell out. He was falling for what felt like eternity, but he actually hit the ground in less than just two seconds. The grate exit was on the first floor.

He got up and could feel the deaths of millions of innocent Qarti; it shook him to his core. He knew that the best thing he could do to avenge them was to let the truth be told to the world. With that, he ran with his head held high to the news building.

As he reached to the news building, a reporter had his holoscreen on and was typing while walking home. He ran up to him and caught a glimpse of what the reporter was typing. The reporter had almost nothing written down, but the title was standing out to all willing to read it.

“Planet Destroyed,” it read.

This reporter was desperate for information. Andy could see it on his face.

Andy said, “I know what happened to planet Quart.” The reporter’s ears perked up. And with that, Andy told his story.


Harmony’s Destiny

Chapter One: Harmony

Ugh, today is off to a bad start.

First, my BFF Wilma has been kidnapped by the evil (in my words) Jade, who is “BBF” (Booty, Butts, and Fabulousness. In her words not mine.) E.J. (Evil Jade!!!) has cursed Wilma to think that I’m the mean girl, and that she’s the one who should stand up to me to protect everyone.

So I am going to tell the headmistress. She looks like a woman with long, flowing hair that’s golden blonde, and a dress made of water and plants.

She’s really good at magic, and she’s also one of the few fairies who can breathe underwater. We have to try to see if we can breathe underwater, and I’m #1837402, but there’s only two more people in front of me. Wilma’s behind me and the thing is that we already know we can breathe underwater so I tell her.

“How do you know?” she sneers at me.  

I say, “Because before Jade cursed you, we were playing by the river. Then, you fell in. Without thinking, I jumped in after you and didn’t take a breath, and we could breathe and talk underwater!”

She’s surprised, so I tell her the truth about E.J. and she remembers me being her real friend. Poof. The spell is broken.


Chapter Two: Harmony & Jade

“It’s such a wonderful day! Ouch! Who did that… Jade!”

“What? You don’t have to scream to get me here, like, that’s so rude, and like, what do you want from me, because like, you always torture me. You took away my only BFF who liked me, and you are so mean, and everyone but you is like, nice to me. Like, you’re trying to take my prince away now!!!” she sneers.

“No, I’m not, Jade! First of all, I only have a crush on Jake, and maybe I do really like him, but that’s none of your business! Second of all, he didn’t like you anyway, and third of all, I never stole Jake from you!!!”

Then, Jade stiffens.

“You scared or what?”

I’m surprised that she doesn’t react. She seems to be staring at something behind me, so I turn around to see Jake!

He is blushing, and he says, “Hey Harmony, can we talk please?”


Chapter Three: Jake & Harmony

“Um, hi Jake. Sure, we can talk. What time? Or now?”

“Uhm, after school, I guess. Is that an okay time Harmony? Is it okay if we meet at the fairy fountain?”

“Yeah, sure Jake. I just have to tell my mom where I’m going. I’ll give her a tweet.”

“See ya later.”

OMR (Oh my ra) I am going to talk to Jake, but it looks like Jade is fuming. You should see her. It’s hilarious. Even my club members are snickering. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I have a group that follows me around, and the great part about that is that they used to be a part of E.J.s group. They dropped it because E.J. was like, so cruel to them.


After school, I go to the fairy fountain, and you know what I see? I see Jake and E.J. kissing. Yes, I am serious. Let me spell it out for you: K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

I was about to run away with tears in my eyes when Jake caught a glimpse of me and said, “This isn’t what it looks like, Harmony! I can explain!”

“No, you don’t have to explain. I can see the whole truth right here. All you have been doing is using me! I never want to see you again or talk to you again!”


Chapter Four: Harmony’s Rage

I can’t believe it. Jake told me to talk to him, but what he really wanted me to see is that. He has been dreading me ever since I arrived at school. You know what, I’m going to ignore him in the halls whenever he tries to talk to me.


Grrrr!!! I hate everything and my whole life!!! (Except for Wilma and my group.) Jake, that no good ex-best boyfriend or ex-boyfriend, keeps on bothering me about how he’s really telling the truth, and how Jade was forcing him, and he didn’t want to k-i-s-s  E.J.

You know what I said in return?

I just wish I could be the girls in my favorite song, Black Magic by the Little Mix. I’m just gonna practice my magic for the rest of the afternoon. But first, I have to get my books.


Chapter Five: Jade’s Evil Plan

Mwa ha ha ha!! Finally, something unexpected happens! See here, you pile of dirty trash! I took Jake’s letter for Harmony about making out in the fairy bakery! Now I’ll go instead and spy on Jake!

(Little does Jade know she is being watched by someone named Wilma.)


Chapter Six: How Harmony’s Going to Deal with this Mess

I’m just sitting here and letting everyone spoil my life, but now I’m not going to, and I’m going to make a spell to make me a person who will not be who I was before, and I think I might have found it…


Chapter Seven: Wilma’s Plan

“Where’s Harmony, Jake?” I say nervously with a tone of anger in my voice.  

“I…I… I don’t kn-kn-know,” Jake says, his voice sounding shaky.

“What happened to you? Also, I want to know why my best friend just ran past me saying you’re a big, fat, lying, flying toad-rat!!!”

But Jake just sits there mumbling something I can’t hear, but it kind of sounds like, “I never ever want to love anyone but Harmony. Where’s her reply?”

As I leave, I think, Didn’t I see Jade holding a letter that had the initials H.D.? Wait a second, those are Harmony’s initials. Gasp! Jade took harmony’s letter from Jake!!! It’s time for payback, slime time!


Chapter Eight: Jade’s Rage

“Like, I need to change form and turn into stupid Harmony. So Jakey poo will think I am her, and then when he proposes to me (which he will in the future,) I will reveal myself. I bet he won’t even notice it was me the whole time!” I say cruelly to her magic mirror.

While I am learning how to change in my dorm, Willow, or whatever her name is, is spying on me, and I don’t even know, and what happens next is unbelievable. I open my closet to find the perfect dress to match my form, and then all of a sudden, almost permanent squishy slime comes pouring down on top of my beautiful hair.

The headmistress comes in and says, “ Why, uhm…Jade!! What are you doing in that slime? It will take forever to wash off. Your punishment is that you must clean yourself up, and since you’re already dirty, clean and plant new plants in the garden because this sort of slime is good for plants.”

When I finally see Wilma, she is slyly slipping out of my room, giggling. I will get revenge tomorrow!

“Jade, since you seem so excited, let’s have you do it until you’re done with your learning here,” said the headmistress.


Chapter Nine: Restoring Harmony Back To Normal (With the Headmistress)

“Harmony! Harmony! I got Jade, now you can have some time with Jake without getting interrupted!”

“Hey Wilma, who’s Jake?”

I am so shocked when I hear that!

“Harmony, don’t you remember Jake? He’s your crush!”

“Wilma, what are you talking about?”

Then, I see it. Her spell books are all open. The floor is a mess, and on the spell book table, is the forgetting spell. Almost irreversible! I have to get her to the headmistress right away!

“Headmistress! Harmony did the forgetting spell on herself!”

“Wilma I’m glad you told me as fast as you can. Please step out of my room, I will restore Harmony back to normal as fast as I can. Before this is permanent.”   


Chapter Ten: Harmony’s Back

“Wilma, I am so sorry!”

“Harmony, are you okay! What were you thinking!”

“I am so sorry. I just thought that if I forget some things, then life would feel better! But I just felt like a puzzle with the pieces of my picture missing.”

Then, all of a sudden, in comes a boy who has black hair with sky blue highlights and a pair of sweatpants and sweatshirt that says “Jake.”

“Harmony! You’re okay! Jade is gone from our life now, and we can all live in peace and Harmony!”

“I am so glad Jake, but why were you kissing Jade at the Fountain?”

“I was under a spell she cast on me, and I couldn’t stop following her orders, like “Love me forever.” But what she didn’t know is that if the person under the spell sees their true love, then the spell will be broken.”

“Now that’s the whole truth. We don’t have to worry any more!”  


The Sleepover That Changed My Life

Hi, my name is Emma, and my life isn’t the same as others. You see, my mom won’t let me go to certain things without protection. So here is how one very special sleepover actually changed my life.


Chapter 1: My Life

Ever since I was in second grade, I’ve gotten invited to many sleepovers. This is what happened every single time I asked:

“Mom? I got invited to another sleepover. Can I go?”

“You know what our answer is. NO.”

Ugh, my parents are so overly strict. This had been happening every single time I asked. Until now: fourth grade.


Chapter 2: What Happens Every Single Time

“Mom! I got invited to another sleepover! Another tally mark to add to my notebook of how many sleepovers I can’t go to!” I screamed.

“I’m sorry, honey. You know that I have changed my mind, but your father doesn’t understand!”

“Alex, honey. Emma got invited to another sleepover,” my mom said to my dad while walking into their room.

“Oh great, I’m on the last page of the notebook!” I said as I drew the tally mark. I took out my diary and wrote:

Dear diary,

I got another invitation to another sleepover. I don’t understand why I never get to sleep over at my friends’ houses. Although I did have a sleepover with my cousins. But my mom, dad, and brother were there with me. I also have sleepovers at my grandparent’s house, but they don’t count at all. An actual sleepover is when you sleep over at someone else’s home by yourself without your family there with you. I just hate it when they say no! It’s like the only word that they say. No, no, no! I’m just so sick of it.

“Emma, dinner’s ready,” my mom said.

“Coming Mom,” I replied.


Chapter 3: Breakfast Talk

Beep, beep, beep. My alarm from my phone rang at 5:49. As I got out of my pig P.J.s and mask, my younger brother Evan came rushing in.

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Emma, happy birthday to you!” he sang.


I can’t believe that I forgot my own birthday! As soon as I got out of bed, I got dressed and called my friends. Sniff, sniff. I smelled bagel.

“Breakfast!” I screamed while heading downstairs to the dining room.

“So Emma, you are now ten years old. What would you like as your birthday present?”my mom asked as I sat down in the lumpy seat with the scent of roses in the air.

I replied, “Do you want to know what I want? I want you to stop saying no and start saying yes!”

I screamed. There was a long silence…


Chapter 4: Shopping

An hour later at Andy’s Shoe Shop with Jojo…

“Happy Birthday!” Jojo said.

“Thanks,” I replied, “Now let’s do what we came here to do.”  “SHOPPING!” we said at the same time.


“That was awesome,” Jojo said.

“I can’t believe that almost every single thing that we bought was the exact same thing,” I said.

“Today was fun. I have to get to play rehearsals. See you on Monday,” Jojo said.

“See you on Monday,” I replied as we walked our separate ways.


Chapter 5: The Information

When I got home, this is what happened. It was dark. The only light that was on was the light above the dining table. When I heard my brother snoring, I realized that my mom and dad had to talk to me, so I walked to the dining table and sat down.

“We have news,” my mom said.

”We talked to your aunt, and she said that you could sleep over at her place on Friday with Anna,” my dad added.

Once he finished his statement, the main lights turned on. I looked at where the light switch was located, and there was my brother standing there. He agreed to this only because he would get our room for one day.

I went upstairs to my room and sat down on my bed with my diary in my hands. I wrote….

Dear diary,

My parents actually let me have a sleepover at my cousin’s. Now that I’m hearing that word ‘cousin,’ I realize that’s family. It’s at least a step closer with my friends. What are my chances. I just hope my first sleepover will be a great sleepover.


Chapter 6: The Sleepover

I sat in the car with my mom, dad, and brother, going to my cousin’s home to play for a little bit. After that, my parents and brother were going to leave me alone to have an actual sleepover. Just then, I realized that I had a lot planned out and needed a lot of energy. So I decided to take a nap until we got there so I could play and stay up all night.


I woke up to the sound of our car coming to an abrupt stop. I was still feeling a little drowsy; I looked up and realized that we were there.

“Finally,” I said as I yawned, “Time to get this party started.”

When we got there, there was already food prepped for us. About one hour later, my parents and brother finally left.

The first thing that we did was make a lot of musicals, games, and other internet stuff. While we were playing downstairs, dinner was being prepped.

Sizzle, sizzle went the pan.

As soon as we came upstairs, diner was ready. We had delicious chicken nuggets with mac and cheese on the side.

“Yummm!” I said, “This food is super good.”

“I agree” replied Anna.


“Do you want to make up a dance with me?” I asked.

“Sure” she replied.

So we worked on our dance till 10:02, bedtime. Before we went to bed, we had a pillow fight.


Chapter 7: In The Night

“Psst, Emma,” Anna said.

“What, Anna?” I replied in a sleepy voice. Yawn.

“Let’s go downstairs and get some candy,” she whispered, “We got a bowl full of candy.”

So we tiptoed down without making a sound. We opened the dark brown cabinet and saw the bowl full of candy. Anna took a Kitkat, and I took a Reese’s peanut butter cup and ate it without leaving a piece of evidence behind. After finishing our candy, we went back to bed.


Chapter 8: In The Morning

“Good morning, Emma,” Anna said.

“Good morning,” I replied.

We walked to the dining table where there was breakfast already prepared for us.

“Good morning, girls,” my aunt said in a pleasing voice.

We had donuts and ice cream for breakfast.


Chapter 9: Pickup

During the middle of the day, my parents came to pick me up.

“Mom!!! I don’t want to go!!!” I said.

“I’ll give you twenty bucks,” my mom said.

Right away, I changed my mind.

I actually couldn’t believe that I had an actual sleepover at my cousins by myself without my parents or brother. When I got home, I wrote

Dear diary,

Last night, I had an actual sleepover at my cousins, without my mom, dad or brother! I just can not believe that the sleepover actually happened. Maybe this is the next step to friends sleepover. What are my chances?


Locked Out (Part I)

The light was blinding as Athena stepped out of her small, cramped tent of a home into the sun. It was time to try again.

“Dad, let me back in. Please. Think of Mom and what she would do!”

Those were the words she repeated every single day ever since her mom died and her dad kicked her out of the house.

Athena knew it would be the same. Her dad would just slam the door in her face and walk away. She ran across the street to her friend Lily’s house. Lily’s dad would drive them to school.

“How did it go this time?” she asked.

“Same as usual,” Athena replied.

Lily was the only person who knew her story and understood Athena’s problem.


The afternoon light peeked out over the high-rises as Athena and Lily approached the hill where they resided.

“Wanna crash at my house?” Lily said.

“Sure. Beats having to go back home,” Athena said back.

As if I have one, she thought.

Lily’s house was always very inviting, and every time she came in, Athena felt like she was in a fancy hotel.

The next day was basically the same. Except for one thing. Her dad didn’t slam the door, he closed it gently and gave her a sad look.

Maybe he’s had the slightest change of heart, Athena thought, He just needed some time to himself.

But that idea was quickly vanquished because her dad had all the time in the world to himself. He had been alone for 2 years.

When Athena tried the next day, her dad spoke to her for the first time in a long time. His voice was dry and raspy.

“I’m not your father,” he said.


Athena stormed into her house and sat down.

“You owe me a very long explanation,” she said angrily.

Her “dad” started to say, “You probably won’t — fine, I’ll tell you. Your mother was a doctor. Emmeline Carenlater. She was working late one night when a call came for a patient going into cardiac arrest. Emme got into her car and started driving, but a drunk guy slammed into her car. Then — well, you know the rest. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you how she died. You were only eight then.”


“But if you’re not my dad, then who are you?” Athena said quietly.

“I’m your… your uncle.”

“You were hesitating. Tell me the truth!”

“Fine. I’m not your relative. Your mother, in her will, she entrusted me to you.”

Athena was slow to answer, “But who is my father?”

“You didn’t have one.”

The shock was too much for Athena, and she ran out the door, tears streaming down her face.


Three Long Reasons Why Sahara Should Have a Puppy

Sahara should have a puppy. Deal with it. There are many reasons a dog will be good for her. Dogs are fun, but that’s not the only reason she wants one. Dogs teach maturity and devotion. And your daughter, Sahara, really, really wants one. Sahara deserves a dog because dogs are good for kids. She has a plan to help pay for the dog, and a dog will help her be responsible.

Dogs are awesome because they are good for kids. It is a scientific fact that when you touch a dog, a chemical comes and makes you happy. If you want Sahara to jog, she has to jog with a dog. It’s common rhyming. She will be outside all the time. She will take it to the park every day after school. Sahara will do more swimming with a dog. And she’ll ride her bike with her dog in her mom’s basket. You will not have to do any work because Sahara knows that it is her responsibility. Sahara promises to pay the dog sitter if she is going on vacation. Or if she is going to Virginia or Philadelphia, etc., she will pay to take it with her. She will care for it until it dies.

Even though dogs are expensive, Sahara has a plan to get money. Okay, yes, she knows that puppies are not necessarily cheap. Don’t worry. She has a plan. She already has Xavier paying $20. She has been saving her money for about a month now, so that is about $10. Her mom owes her $30. She is trading her $20 Target gift card with her mom for $20 in cash or on her card. Altogether, that’s $80, and she is trying to raise $20 before her Christmas deadline.

Uncle Carl will give Sahara tips on managing the dog, since he has done so successfully for five years, and he will donate $50 for the upkeep/maintenance of the dog. So now, that is $130, not including the $20 she wants to earn. As you can see, Sahara has a plan for paying for the puppy.

There are daily things she will have to do, and that will help her be more responsible. As soon as she gets home with the puppy, it is going to have a look around, and then she is going to teach it to sit. Over the next few weeks, she is going to potty train it and teach it to come when called. She is also going to have it learn how to walk properly on a leash. She will teach it that when it is alone, it should just play in its playpen and not break anything. Sahara would have to walk Bella/Blue — the name will be Bella if it’s a girl, and Blue if it’s a boy — the maltipoo every day. She would have to feed Bella/Blue every day. She would brush Bella’s/Blue’s teeth every day. And every week, she would have to wash him/her. It would help her do her chores daily. She will have to take care of a dog, and when she’s older, it will help her take care of her children.  

So now you know a few things. One: Sahara has plans for a puppy. Two: a puppy teaches responsibility. And there are many daily jobs to do and lots of things for her to clean. But she will do them everyday.


The reason chores are not always done every day is because they aren’t living things that would make any noise or move on their own. But she also has a plan for that. She is going to make a sign that says, “Do your chores!” and put it somewhere that she will see it every day.


Owlette and Sugar

Sugar was trying to figure out a way to give the crystal to somebody so they could watch the dogs. She decided to go onto her parents’ computer and make a flyer that said, “I will give you the crystal if you will come and watch the dogs.” She printed it and hung it in her neighborhood.

A lot of people came and looked at the dogs to see if they wanted to watch them, but Sugar couldn’t find anyone she liked yet, and nobody wanted to do it.

Sugar decided to call Owlette to help her get someone to watch the dogs. Owlette came over and helped Sugar find someone.

Then, they found someone they loved in the interview. It was a kid who loved crystals and dogs, so she’d decided to apply. The kid’s name was Emma.

But Emma wasn’t good in person. She had lied in the interview. When the dogs weren’t good, she hit them with a baseball bat. When the dogs didn’t eat all their dinner, she didn’t give them any bones. And when they growled at her, she put a cone around their head. She also taught them how to type so they could type for her.

So she got fired. Sugar and Owlette got upset that they had tried so many people, so they thought that getting the crystal hadn’t been worth it. They decided to make the crystal more exciting by trying something else. They decided to give people a little piece of the crystal each time, instead of giving the whole crystal at once.

Owlette had a tiny axe that was really sharp, so they broke the crystal one piece at a time. They thought they got one more person, but the person was bad. She was only there in the morning for a couple of minutes and at night for an hour. They wanted someone to be there with them all day, so they fired the new girl.

Owlette and Sugar went to the jewelry store and said, “I’ll give you this little piece of crystal for some jewelry.”

The jeweler said, “Yes.”

They gave him a piece of the crystal about the size of a marker, and he gave them some gold and silver rings and necklaces. Owlette and Sugar thought that this was better because normally, jewelry costs a lot of money, and since they had just given a little bit of crystal, it was a good trade.

They found a boy named Shoes who would watch the dogs. Shoes walked them every day, fed them, and groomed them. One day, while Shoes walked the dogs, Shoes wanted to know how they got the crystal. And Sugar didn’t like when she was asked that. She was about to say so, when she realized that she could talk, but dogs can’t talk. So she was just mad, and she tugged on the leash to go back home. Shoes finally decided to go home because he was about to fall from all the tugging.

When they got home, Sugar got no treat that night. Shoes was really mad at Sugar. Sugar did something one day so Shoes wouldn’t be mad anymore. It took Sugar a while to figure out what she could do, and she finally came up with a good idea. Sugar was going to go to the dog park, because she was old enough now to go by herself. At the dog park, Sugar found an empty bird nest, which she brought home for Shoes because she knew he loved birds. Shoes wasn’t mad at Sugar anymore. That night, Sugar got two treats.

The next day Shoes and Sugar went for a very long walk. During the walk, Sugar decided to jump in a big mud puddle and got all dirty. Shoes tried to get Sugar out of the mud, but Shoes also fell in the mud. Shoes was mad and got Sugar and ran home. Shoes jumped right into the shower and forgot about how Sugar was all messy. Sugar got all the furniture dirty!

When Shoes came out, he saw what was going on and ran to Sugar and brought her in the bath. After he cleaned up all the furniture, Shoes had to take another shower because he got all dusty and dirty. All the mud got on him, and then the dust got on the mud. When Shoes walked into the bathroom, he realized he’d forgotten to turn the water off in the bathtub so there was water everywhere! It looked like someone took buckets and poured water all over. Shoes cleaned it up, then dried up Sugar, and finally took a shower.

Owlette knocked on the door while Shoes was in the shower. Sugar barked to tell Owlette that the door was open. So Owlette opened the door and Sugar came running out. Then, Owlette and Sugar took a walk outside without Shoes! When Shoes got out of the shower, he didn’t see them anywhere.

He went outside and saw Sugar and Owlette two blocks away. Shoes was running to catch them, but Sugar thought it was a game so she kept running for many blocks. Finally, Sugar got tired and plopped down on someone’s yard. The person who owned that house walked out and started sneezing! He sneezed 100 times in a row. He was allergic to dogs! Shoes picked up Sugar and ran home so that nothing would happen. Owlette flew behind them.

Once they got back to the house, Sugar and Owlette had to go to Sugar’s bedroom.

“That was a close one!” Sugar said to Owlette.

“We cannot talk. We are not supposed to talk!” Owlette replied.

All of a sudden, Shoes walked in. This time he wasn’t mad. Shoes was laughing so hard that his eyes were turning purple. Sugar and Owlette had no idea why Shoes was laughing so hard. Then finally, Shoes stopped laughing.

“That was my friend, and we do lots of jokes on each other,” said Shoes.

He was really happy that Sugar landed on his yard because his friend was really just joking. He wasn’t actually allergic, Shoes was just pretending that he forgot that he knew that he wasn’t allergic. His friend got really mad.

That night, Shoes started laughing really hard again. He forgot to give Sugar her dinner. Sugar started barking and Shoes laughed all the way out the door. Shoes accidently left the dog food on the floor and Sugar ate the whole thing. Sugar didn’t realize it was the wrong bag — it was really rice.

Owlette then said to Sugar, “Where is your mom and dad and your two brothers and sisters?”

Then Sugar realized that when Owlette opened the door, everyone ran out. Now Sugar and Owlette had to find everyone.

Sugar’s sister Chewey loved the dog park, so they went there first. They didn’t see Chewey until they were walking out of the gate to the dog park. Chewey was behind the bush near the gate, and they saw her hiding. Chewy ran away fast because she didn’t want to go back home. Sugar forgot to tell Chewey that Owlette was friendly, and so Chewey thought that Owlette was going to eat her. Sugar ran off to catch Chewey, and finally, Chewey was tired from running.

Sugar said quietly, “Owlette won’t eat you.”

Chewey said, “It’s not Owlette that I’m running from. It’s that there’s a person going around the dog park trying to get all the dogs, and the person has not gotten a dog yet, but all of the dogs are trying not to get taken.”

Then, Chewey said, “RUN!” because the person was right behind them!

When Sugar turned around, she realized it was Shoes! Sugar was so shocked that she forgot she wasn’t supposed to talk.

She said, “Why are you chasing us, Shoes?”

Shoes was too focused on getting the dogs to realize she had even talked.

He said, “Because I’m mad at you guys, and I do not like dogs anymore. I want to get all the dogs. I’m mad because you got me all dirty, and I remembered that when I was a kid, my dad was in expensive clothes and our dog pushed him in the mud. It ruined his only pair of clothes because it had taken all his money to get those clothes, so he had no clothes. He never took off the clothes, not even to wash them. I’m tired of dogs making messes and walking them and doing whatever the dogs want to do. I’m tired of remembering to feed the dogs.”

Owlette saw Shoes running to get Sugar, and Sugar couldn’t run away because her leg was caught in a bush. Owlette came flying down, knocking down Shoes. She then helped Sugar escape from the bush. Sugar ran as fast as she could, and by that time, she had gotten out. Shoes wanted to get Owlette. Shoes decided to take a nap at Sugar’s home and go back to the dog park. When Shoes got back he decided to pack up all his stuff. He got in his car and drove to his house. He unpacked all of his stuff, went to his living room, and tried to come up with another plan.

He decided to call the police because he could not come up with anything else to do. But he called 911 with three ones, so 9111. They called the wrong police that were two hours away. When the police found out, they tried to find out what Shoes was going to do to the other dogs. The police wanted to help the dogs, not Shoes, so they searched for them. The police forgot to ask Shoes which dog park it was, causing them to go to the wrong one. They finally realized that this was a dog park not many people went to and the main dog park was two hours from them. So the police decided not to go to the main dog park.

Sugar remembered about Chewey and her family. They knew that Chewey had run to the other side of the dog park, and so they went to the grassy side of the dog park, where it smelled of flowers, to get Chewey. They saw Chewey and told Chewey very quietly that Shoes had gone back to his home.  

Chewey was mad at Sugar because Sugar had hired Shoes. Chewey said, “Why did you hire Shoes if he was going to chase after us?”

Sugar said, “Because I didn’t know that Shoes was going to chase us!”

Chewey replied, “Don’t you remember that Shoes has the crystal?”

Sugar retorted, “I forgot about the crystal!’’

Sugar didn’t really care about the crystal right now because she had to find her family.

“How are we going to find everyone if we don’t know where they are?” Chewey asked.

“I don’t know how we will find them, but we should try!”

Chewey remembered hearing that the brothers were going to the beach, but Chewey didn’t know which beach.

Sugar said, “I think that the only beach they know is Book Beach.”

So they took a taxi to Book Beach. All they saw were two dogs way out in the ocean. Chewey didn’t like to swim, but Sugar did as long as she had a vest. But they had only had enough money to get the taxi, so she couldn’t get a vest. They ran home to get Owlette and some money.

When they got back to Book Beach, Owlette flew over the ocean to get the brothers. The brothers came back to shore, but they were all wet so they couldn’t get in a taxi to go back home. They all walked home together.

The brothers remembered hearing the parents say, “Let’s go on vacation to Malibu,” when the door was open.

Owlette was able to catch them before they got in the car, and they went back home.

Then, everyone decided to get the crystal back. They knew where Shoes had gone off to, so they were going to go to Shoes’s house, knock on the door, hide, and sneak in while Shoes had the door open. Once they were inside, they would find the crystal, put it in Sugar’s big backpack, and take it back home. Then, they would use it to find another owner.

In the car on the way to Shoes’s house, Sugar forgot to bring the backpack, so they went back, got the backpack, and headed back to Shoes’s house. They knocked on the door. Shoes opened it, and they all snuck in and ran to Shoes’s bedroom. He didn’t notice them because they were quiet and close to the ground, and Shoes was very tall. They found the crystal under Shoes’s bed. They put it in Sugar’s backpack and zipped it up, but when they got back to the door, they had to find a way to get out!

Sugar remembered hearing Shoes talk about the doggie door at the back door. She told her family very quietly, “There’s a doggie door at the back. Let’s go.”

They got out, jumped over the fence, and headed back home.

When they got back to their house, Sugar said to everyone, “We don’t need to find an owner anymore. I think I’m old enough to take care of myself.”

The parents said that they didn’t know that the crystal had been to find an owner, but they agreed that Sugar could take care of herself.

Sugar decided to give the crystal to her grandma because her grandma loved crystals. She felt sad because she’d tried so hard and so long to find an owner, and she just couldn’t, no matter how hard she tried.

Owlette knew that Sugar was sad.

She said, “Since you’re not as busy now, and you don’t have an owner, you don’t have to worry about listening to the owner, and you can visit me more!”

Sugar felt a little better, but not too much. In her head, she secretly was happy to take care of herself, but she didn’t want to show it because she wanted her family to pay attention to her because she was sad!


All About My Family


I went to writing class, and we started to write on our computers. I felt excited because it was my first time writing on computers. I learned not to throw my computer on the floor, and I wrote a book about my family.

My family wanted to grow bigger, but the obstacle was the doctor, who wouldn’t let my family get another baby.

Then, my family went to another doctor, and that doctor said we could get another baby. My family felt happy because we wanted to grow a bigger family, and our wish came true.



The baby was born too early, so my family had to go back to the hospital and get the baby better.

My family was not happy. They were worried.

The doctors opened the baby’s brain because a bone wasn’t straight, and if the bone wasn’t straight, the baby would have a pointed head.

They fixed the bone, and the baby was better.

My family was very, very happy.



The Day the Crayons Went to the Moon

Estabon the Magnificent and his troop were building a spaceship, but they did not find the materials they needed: ice and fur. They went to Antarctica to look for ice, and they were freezing cold when they were carrying the ice. The ice was to build the spaceship, but they needed fur, too. They found a mammoth and used her fur to cover the walls.

Once they were done, there was a helicopter flying over the crayons, and the engine fell, so Estabon the Magnificent put the engine in their spaceship.

Finally, Estabon the Magnificent turned on the engine. It made a loud noise like “Boo!”

Estabon the Magnificent told his dad, who was part of his troop, to steer the wheel, so he did. His dad’s name was Estabon the Awesome. Soon, they started to fly.

Then, they arrived at the moon!!! So they came out of the spaceship. It was freezing. Estabon the Magnificent and Estabon the Awesome put their spacesuits on. They saw orange and blue robots. The robots had cameras, and there was a crayon scientist next to the robots. The scientist thought about joining Estabon the Magnificent’s troop.

The scientist told his robots to dig until they found a rainbow crystal. The robots were digging and digging until they found a red light, so they kept on digging. Then, they found the rainbow crystal! Inside the rainbow crystal was a frozen crayon, which was so frozen that he had white on him because of the ice.

Then, Estabon the Awesome loaded the frozen crayon inside of the rainbow crystal into the spaceship. The crystal was so rainbowy that it shined through the spaceship window. Red, blue, and yellow shone onto the top of the scientist’s head.

Then, the crayons started writing letters to Duncan, who lived on Earth. Duncan was the owner of the crayons — he was a human. The letters were about how they missed him.

I miss you, the crayons wrote.

Estabon the Magnificent wrote to Duncan:


I miss you. I hope I’ll come back soon. And can you build us another spaceship? Because there are more crayons on Earth that want to come with us to space and see. Do you mind making us a surprise? And are there any more crayon scientists on Earth?

P.S. We found a shiny crystal with a frozen crayon in it.


They sent the letters by putting it on one of the scientist’s space parachutes, and luckily, it landed in Duncan’s backyard.

Duncan sent a letter back by using the same parachute, but the parachute flew east and the crayons were in the west. The scientist saw the parachute and sent three of his robots to get the letter. Finally, three hours later, the robots brought back the letter.

Duncan wrote:


I am making a surprise, like you asked, and I am working on your new spaceship. The spaceship will be sent on the parachute if you can just send it back.


The parachute got to Duncan’s backyard, so then, he sent the awesome, fabulous, cool, great, amazing, unbelievable, outstanding, and spectacular spaceship.

The spaceship looked like the first spaceship that Estabon the Magnificent made, with ice for the walls and fur to cover the walls.


I Would Rather be Crushed by a Bowling Ball Than go to School

“Hello class,” says Ms. Johnson.

Oh hello, I’m James. I’m at school now. Usually, people hate this school. You will know why.

“Everyone, say hello to Mr. Petey,” says Ms. Johnson.

“Guess who’s back!” says Mr. Petey in a thundering voice. “So today, we have a bit of light classwork. You have 1,000 pounds of classwork and 100,000 pounds of homework, so this should be an easy day for you.”

“Wow, you are loud,” says a kid.

“Ten hours of after-school detention for you!” yells Mr. Petey. “What are you waiting for? Work!”

Soon, another kid asks, “Mr. Petey, may I please go to the bathroom?”

“No bathroom talk in class. Five hours of detention for a whole month!” says Mr.Petey.  

After the agonising class, I go to lunch. In the hallway, the principal barks, “No colorful lunchboxes! Three hours of detention for you, and no more home lunch for you for three months!”

Then, the principal snatches my lunch box and walks away.

I walk into the lunchroom. Good thing the lunch lady is serving really bad food instead of terrible food.

“Here is your vomit-colored trash soup,” thunders the lunch lady as she dumps the slop on my tray.

Now it is time to go into my secret stash. As I take my candy bar out of my pocket, the lunch lady barks, “No more food for you for ten months.”

Well, now you know why this school is the worst school ever. We tried to stop the principal from making the school worse, but the principal found out before we ever started it.

BRRRING! Oh, that was the bell that just rang. Oh great, it is time for recess. It is the second worst period today.

As soon as I walk outside and step on the doormat, I hear the recess counselor yell, “You just broke rule number 3,749,446. This means one month detention! Oh, now you broke another rule! Another month of detention!”


Finally, after the agonizing day, I start to head home. You are probably wondering why I don’t tell my parents. Well, apparently, my parents signed a contract that I have to stay in this school until I finish 12th grade and that the school is the “best school in the world.” And my parents don’t know because whenever they come, the teachers act like this is the “best school in the world.”

The next day, as I am walking to school, I see a kid walk next to me. I ask, “What school do you go to?”

The kid replies, “Dinkleburg school.”

I tell the kid, “That school is horrible. The nicest teacher gave a kid ten hours of detention.”

The kid replied, “Oh, I forgot to tell you. My name is Donald. Also, I know how to get the teachers afraid of the students, but it will take a week.”


Finally, our plan is ready.  

“Hey scums, get to worhey who pulled my pants down? You’re going to pay for this,” says Mr. Petey as he walks to me. But Mr. Petey is so surprised that he does not see a string, so he trips over the wire and his face plants into a pie.

“I am going to the bathroom,” announces Mr. Petey.

A video of what is in the boys’ bathroom appears on the board. “Hey, I got ketchup on my underwear!” yells Mr. Petey.

Then, when Mr. Petey walks back into the room, nobody is there. Mr. Petey reports it to the principal. When the principal comes in the room, everyone is back in the room.

“You’re fired, bub,” yells the principal.

“Bu-bu-but they were not here a minute ago,” says Mr. Petey.

The whole class laughs out loud. Everyone knows in less than ten seconds. Soon, it is time for second period. It is Mr. Peter Peterburg’s class. Everyone usually calls him Mr. PP.

Mr. PP yells at the very top of his lungs, “Everyone, you are going to run 100 miles in ten seconds. If you don’t, you will have detention for ten hours every day for ten years. Okay, so what are you waiting foAhhh, oh my god! Not again! Now, everybody knows I pee my pants. Oh no! Class is cancelled, and everyone, don’t tell anybody I have a pacifieroh, come on.”

It goes on like that for the rest of the day. Soon, the principal fires everyone, including himself.


NARRATOR: Well, as you can see, that school was not amazing experience for James. Then the school shut down, and everyone lived happily ever after.              

The end

Well, everybody except the the teachers of the school lived happily ever after…



We are sorry to tell you that there is no epilogue because the writer quit and sang the “Frozen” song for the rest of his life.  


Blue Dragon, Red Warrior, Young Boy

The Toy:

I was made in Japan. My name is Red Warrior, and I live in the middle of Japan. The store is a very big store called Toys in Japan. I am the only Red Warrior left in stock because no one wanted to buy me. It is mostly yellow everywhere in the store. My life is boring because nobody likes me because my head was supposed to light up, but instead, my toy maker made a very big mistake when he connected the wires to the batteries. He connected them in the wrong place and lost all his right-hand fingers, and caused parts of me to look droopy (some plastic, of course, melted.) And of course, I can’t light up now. I am tall for a toy, about a foot tall. My armor is red, and I have plastic samurai armor on my shoulders. I am wearing an oversized samurai helmet, and I have two long plastic swords in each hand. My swords are bent and twisted, and my horns on my helmet look like dripping wax on a candle.


The Toymaker:

My name I have forgotten a long, long time ago. I forgot it around the time I lost my left hand fingers due to a fire because of a bomb explosion down my street. The thing is, I can’t remember when I lost my left hand fingers either. I’m only sixty years old, so it’s strange. I have a bad memory already, especially for things a simple as my name. It might have been connected to working for all those hours in the sweatshop that I began to lose my memory. I only make a dollar an hour, and my mom and dad died when I was a baby because of working in unsanitary conditions which led to them getting diseases. Ever since then, I’ve lived with my grandparents. But my grandma and grandpa died two years ago because of a violent gunfight at store during a bombing raid.


The Boy:

I sat in the speeding, blue, old, dented car my uncle owns. I turned around and looked out the back of the car.

“Ahh!” I screamed.

“What!?” My uncle yelled back, then turned around.

“Oh my god!” he said, then asked me if I had recently been to KFC.

I was like, what is wrong with you (of course, I didn’t say that out loud. If I had, he’d have tried to throw me out the car). I replied that yes, I had been to KFC.

“Did you get the new Diet Diet .3701547382425 fifteen Letter Coke Bottle?” he asked me again.

Did his beer finally get to his head? I thought to myself.

“Of course uncle, that’s what everyone drinks.”

“Then, did you, by any chance, graffiti M. Feeny’s dog again?”

“C’mon uncle, I stopped doing that last Halloween.”

“Uhh, last Halloween was last night?!” he replied.

“Oh right, forgot. Really, I swear I didn’t do it,” I said back.

“Boy, one thing. After you go to KFC and get the new Diet Diet .3701547382425 fifteen Letter Coke Bottle, note that you are not yourself. So I would not blame you for painting Ms. Feeney’s dog bright orange.”

“Hey, the dog sunbathes in the middle of the road, I was just trying to help the dog survive by making him visible to the drivers. I swear, once that dog fell asleep on the top of Ms. Feeney’s speeding car, she didn’t even notice until the animal abuse truck pulled up next to her. Really, I swear I didn’t paint her dog.”

“Then, why is she playing ‘Thriller’ in her car and chasing us two hundred miles per hour — I really hope that’s not a machine gun she’s aiming at us right now,” my uncle replied.

“Hey! It might just be a really long, black can with small, golden chicken nuggets shooting out.”

“Son! You think way too much about chicken. By the way, don’t interrupt me. I’m in the middle of dialing the asylum so that they can pick her up.”

This is going to be a long drive to that toy store, I thought to myself.

I decided not to go with my parents to Egypt because right now I was  in my toy Warrior obsession phase. I had all the Warrior colors except for red.


The Boy and the Toy:

It was a bright, cold morning, but it wasn’t just any morning. It was the first morning a customer had come in three weeks! An old looking, blue car screeched into the paved drive, and a man and a small kid wearing a baseball hat that covered his eyes walked into the store, the adult hanging behind as the kid rushed to the aisle where all the plastic warriors were.

His eyes scanned the plastic, dimly-lit shelves for a Red Warrior. When he found it, he didn’t know what to say. His eyes opened wide, and a thin smile spread across his face.

I wonder why nobody wanted this? he thought to himself. He may be a little melted and scratched up, he doesn’t light up, but it doesn’t matter. In fact, it’s good; it shows this warrior has been through a lot. He has. It shows this guy has actually been through battle. Unlike any of the other guys I have, this one is a real, brave warrior.

He picked up the warrior from the aisle and showed it to his uncle to see if he could buy it. His uncle looked at him as if it was some sort of hilarious joke.

“Why, would you want a broken piece of junk like that?” he asked.

The boy scowled and responded, “It’s not a piece of junk.”

“Fine,” his uncle replied and handed him five dollars.

The boy went to the counter, beaming, gave the tired looking man at the counter $5.00, and walked out the store to his uncle’s car in the parking lot, his uncle trailing behind him. This was one of the happiest moments for both of them, the boy and the toy. The toy would be loved, and the boy would be happy. The hour long drive back to the boys house went by in a flash because the boy was having so much fun with the toy, flying it, making it battle imaginary dragons, and finally bringing it home. The car scraped into the drive, little stones grating under its wheels. The uncle rang the doorbell, and an elderly lady with a white apron opened the door into the two-story wooden house.

As soon as they got home, the boy picked the toy up and rushed with it up to his room so the toy would be able to meet all its brethren and have its first battle against the Blue Dragon, the boy’s favorite toy monster.


The Boy And The Battle:

I set up all of the seven Warriors. There were two rows of three, and in the front, there was the leader: The Red Warrior. And facing them all, was a clear blue, snarling dragon (their enemy.) This dragon had the power to freeze people.

Five years ago,the nuclear bomb fell on Hiroshima, killing most of my friends and family. Even if you survived the explosion, there was a good chance you would die of radiation poison before the doctor could make it through the glowing rubble to your house. The only reason I didn’t die was because I was living in Hawaii, where I grew up.

I remember my Japanese mother and father came out of a P.O.W. (Prisoner of War camp) after the bombing of Pearl Harbor which happened when I was two years old. As soon as he came out, he said, “Our Warriors will always fight strong, but this time the Dragon won.”

We spent a month living frightened in Hawaii. After that, my parents booked  themselves, me, and my baby sister, who is now in Egypt with my parents, a plane trip to Tokyo so that we could check on our relatives who had survived the bomb on Hiroshima in the hospital. I still remember the sound of young and old people crying, and faded, acrid smoke. I remember the sad, corrupt faces of my grandparents and uncle lying, shaking in blood-stained, white hospital cots within a plain, grey, brick building in the middle of a confused, screaming city which was more like an asylum for people gone shell-shocked and crazy than a physical hospital. The chipped, grey walls reminded of a prison.

 Since then, I had been living in Tokyo. I always thought the Dragon was America, but Japan also killed many people at Pearl Harbor. What America did to Japan was one of the worst things they could do.

So there was no Dragon. Each side thought they were the Warriors.


Mr. MacaroonVoh

Once upon a time, there lived Mr. MacaroonVoh. Mr. MacaroonVoh kept walking through lots of snow. Mr. MacaroonVoh had never had a place to live before, so he always carried plates with him, just in case he found food somewhere.

He didn’t want someone to say, “Where are your plates? You need plates to eat.”

Mr. MacaroonVoh was walking with his plates through the snow and thought maybe he would land there. Mr. MacaroonVoh liked snow because it was cold. Mr. MacaroonVoh was pretty much like a snowman, but he never melted. His body was all white, so everybody always mixed him up with a snowman. His name used to be called Lila Moon, but people called him Mr. MacaroonVoh because he looked like a white macaroon.

When Mr. MacaroonVoh was a kid named Lila Moon, he never listened. When his parents would tell him to go to the grocery store, he would go to the candy store instead and buy ten thousand candies. When his parents would tell him to write a story all about himself, he would sneak out the door and go to his backyard. He would swim in the pool in the backyard for ten minutes. When his parents were cooking in the kitchen, they heard the pool noises. Lila Moon  would only swim when the wind was blowing, because his parents would think it was the wind and not him swimming. Lila Moon’s parents hit him for misbehaving. If he sang out, “Blah blah you can’t hit me!” his parents would lock him in his bedroom.

One day, Lila Moon’s parents said, “You know what, Mr. Lila Moon? You have been troubling us for too long. If you trouble us one more time, you will have to go away.”

Lila Moon knew he wasn’t supposed to use washable markers on the chalkboard, but he took it down anyway and got some Expo markers. He used green, red, black, and blue markers and scribble-scrabbled all over the board. He erased it so the color would get all blurry all over the chalkboard.

When his parents saw what he had done, they said, “Sorry, Mr. Lila Moon. You have made too many mistakes. You are ten years old and will have to find a new place to live.”

“You cannot make me leave!” said Lila Moon.

“Fine, then you can go play in the pool in the backyard,” said Lila Moon’s parents.

As soon as he went outside to play in the pool, Lila Moon’s parents locked the door and said, “Nah, nah, nah, you cannot get back inside! You have troubled us too much.”


Lila Moon walked and walked and walked. He walked through snow and coldness. He hated the snow and cold. But then, he saw a snowman. Lila Moon had never seen a snowman before. At first, he thought it was a blind girl, but then everybody said, “Hi, Mr. MacaroonVoh.”

He said, “That’s not my name! My name is Lila Moon.”

Everybody said, “Well, sorry, this is Neverending Snow Land. And you have to be named something white. Everybody has to like vanilla, so we named you Mr. MacaroonVoh.”

Mr. MacaroonVoh said, “Okay. I would love to live here. Can I?”

Everybody said, “Yes!”

Mr. MacaroonVoh had already made a friend. Her name was Lighty Light. Lighty Light had asked Mr. MacaroonVoh where he came from. Mr. MacaroonVoh was not sure what to say because he wasn’t sure where he had come from; he had forgotten. He had already had so much fun in Neverending Snow Land that it was hard to remember what it was like to not have a home.

“I’ve never had a home, so I’ve just been walking. I thought it would maybe be fun to live here,” said Mr. MacaroonVoh.  

“That’s very sad! Are you very hungry? Because I could ask you what vanilla thing you’d like to eat,” said Lighty Light.

“I would like a chocolate cupcake!” said Mr. MacaroonVoh. “Where is my chocolate cupcake?!” he yelled. “I’ve been asking for it for hours!!”

“We are not going to give you a chocolate cupcake! Remember what we told you? You just got here! You must eat something vanilla! It is compulsory,” everyone yelled back.

Lighty Light looked at everyone from Neverending Snow Land. “Stop! If you don’t stop yelling at my friend, I will go to another home with him!”

“Okay, go to another home! We don’t care!”

Lighty Light was surprised that everyone was acting so mean.

“You haven’t been like this all year. You haven’t been like this since I arrived here. Why are you acting this way?” asked Lighty Light.

Someone pushed through the crowd.

She said, “I am Fantastic Paper. My old name used to be Virey Moon.”

“Virey Moon,” said Mr. MacaroonVoh. “I think I know you.”

“How can you know me? I don’t know anybody named Mr. MacaroonVoh,” said Fantastic Paper.

“Well, my name used to be Lila Moon.”

Fantastic Paper paused. “Wait a second,” she said. “Let me think.”

Mr. MacaroonVoh stared at her to try and figure out what she was thinking.

“We are cousins!” yelled Fantastic Paper.

“Oh yeah! Woohoo!” Mr. MacaroonVoh and Fantastic Paper danced.

“Now all we have to do is find a few more friends and we can go home.”

“Do I have a home?” asked Mr. MacaroonVoh. “Wait. I need time to think, like you needed time.”

Mr. MacaroonVoh sat down on some snow and crossed his legs.

“Wait!” he shouted. “I did have a home! I used to be a bad boy, and my parents said for me to leave. That’s all I know.”

“Okay now, Mr. MacaroonVoh. If you weren’t behaving back then, have you learned your lesson now?” asked Fantastic Paper.

“Yes,” said Mr. MacaroonVoh.

“Well, what did you learn?” asked Fantastic Paper.

“I learned that if I do not listen, I won’t have a home,” said Mr. MacaroonVoh.

Meanwhile, Lighty Light was listening to the conversation from behind. She wanted to know about this new person in Neverending Snow Land. Right after their conversation, Fantastic Paper and Mr. MacaroonVoh left.

“I’m coming with you!” shouted Lighty Light.

The three walked out of the snow garage of Neverending Snow Land. It had old snow cars and broken, old things inside. They walked and walked and walked until they were almost out of the land.

They found ten kids. Their names were Tulip, Romina, Charlit, Rarity, Lina, Charlie, Rosie, Rasly, Laurie, and Jordan.

Lighty Light asked everyone, “Do you think it would be good to make a clubhouse?”

“Yes indeed!”

Fantastic Paper, Mr. MacaroonVoh, and Lighty Light started asking the ten people questions about themselves so they could know more about them. They wanted to focus more on building later.

Lighty Light asked Rasly, “What is your favorite color?”

Rasly said, “Purple!”

Mr. MacaroonVoh asked Tulip, “What is your favorite place to go for vacation?”

Tulip said, “Poconos.”

Fantastic Paper asked Lina, “How many years have you been in Neverending Snow Land?”

“I have been there for at least ten years,” said Lina.

Fantastic Paper, Mr. MacaroonVoh, and Lighty Light said, “Wow! You guys have a lot of details about yourselves. Very good. That’s exactly what we wanted to know about you.”

They started looking for an empty block with no snow so they could build their clubhouse. Soon, they found the perfect block. It had a lot of grass, so everybody said, “Let’s cut this! Let’s cut this!”

“Yes!” said Lighty Light, Mr. MacaroonVoh, and Fantastic Paper.

Then, they started cutting the grass with scissors. It took them one day to cut the grass because of their teamwork. They put the grass in the garbage bag. Now, they were all done. All they had to do was get some wood and some tools. They started walking more. They asked a long-haired man for some tools.

He said, “I am a building guy, and I build a lot.”

“Do you have any wood?” they asked.

The man said, “No, I ran out of wood.”

They said, “No problem. We’re just going to have to go get it from a tree.”

Virey Moon said, “You know what? Oh my gosh! My old house is just two blocks away. We could go there and get some wood. I have a station of wood. I could just ask my parents if we could take some.”

Tulip said, “Do you live here?”

Virey Moon said, “Nope, not at all. One day, a long time ago, my parents said, ‘We found this cold place you would like living in.’ Then, they told me not to worry, and they would always live in this exact spot.”

Soon, they got some wood and started to go to the grassy place.

“Let’s start building,” everyone said.

They put some more wood up until they had made a big square. They made a triangle on top and a chimney too! Now, they started to paint pink, blue, and red. All they needed to do now is let the paint dry. And then they needed to make some windows, some doors, and start using the club house! They cut some squares from the clubhouse and used glass for windows.                

And then, they put a little rectangle over a little hole to make a door. Then, they put a doorknob, and they saw and made sure that the door could open. As soon as it was done, they said, “Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday Mr. MacaroonVoh.  Happy birthday to you.”

And Mr. MacaroonVoh said, “It’s my birthday today, it’s my birthday today,” dancing, shaking his waist, pushing down, and kicking out the ground.  

And everybody sang this song: “Over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go. Over the river and through the woods, oh, how the wind does blow. It stings the toes and bites the nose as over the ground we go. Over the river and through the woods, trust fast my dapple gray. Spring over the ground like a hunting hound for this Thanksgiving day. Over the river and through the woods, grandmother’s cap I spy. Hooray for the fun, it couldn’t be done, hooray for the pumpkin pie!”  

Mr. MacaroonVoh said, “It is finally a day to relax. It’s my birthday today. It’s my birthday today. It’s finally my birthday today, it’s finally my birthday today. Let’s start going in the clubhouse today!”  

They said, “Oh, my gosh, this clubhouse is the best house!”

“Wait a second,” Mr. MarcaroonVoh said, “Today is our day to go back home!  And we have our phones!  We can still give each other our phone numbers!  But wait a second, I need to go home now!  With Lighty Light and Fantastic Paper!  Let’s start going!  Bye, guys!  We’ll miss you!  It’s our time to go back home but soon we’ll meet up together in the clubhouse. It will be our secret clubhouse.”


When Mr. MacaroonVoh, Lighty Light, and Fantastic Paper reached home, Mr. MacaroonVoh’s family wasn’t there!  

So then, they said, “Let’s go look out.  Maybe they’re in the garden!”  

They went in the garden–they found Mr. MacaroonVoh’s family! Mr. MacaroonVoh started introducing his family to his cousin and his friend.  

First, he said, “Family, this is my friend Lighty Light!  She saved me!  And so did Fantastic Paper, my cousin!”

“Mr. MacaroonVoh, we’re sorry we told you to leave the house. We realized that it was the wrong thing to do. We would never want to leave you again.”

Mr. MacaroonVoh said, “I’m so sorry I didn’t listen. And I would never want to leave you either.”


The Chronicles of Lincoln Middle School

Penny, September 9th

Beep! Beep! Beep! I rolled over and threw my pillow under my bed at the alarm clock. As usual, I missed. Groaning, I got up and crawled under my bed where I kept my alarm clock. I felt around in the dark trying to find it. I found more than few long-lost library books and then my shrieking alarm. I whacked it.

Then, I stood up and started for the door, bumping my head and getting a giant bruise in the process. My tangled, brown hair was covered with dust bunnies. I went down the stairs walking almost zombie-like. I sat at the still brand new table and started on the bowl of Cheerios.

“So!” my mom said while spreading jelly on her eggs (She’s a horrible multi tasker.) “Are you excited for your first day at Lincoln?”

I shrugged. In August, my family had moved to this small town in Pennsylvania. Today was the first day of my new middle school.

After breakfast, I grabbed my stuffed (and really heavy) backpack and ran out the door. The bus was just leaving. I ran after it, waving my arms up and down. The driver looked at his mirror and suddenly stopped the bus with a screech. The doors opened, and I stumbled inside.

As I walked towards the back of the bus, I noticed a pair of striking blue eyes staring at me. I put my head down and walked to the nearest empty seat. I sat down and opened my book.

“Hi!” said a perky voice.

I jumped. Next to me was a girl with short, red hair and green eyes.

She looks like a talking Christmas card! I thought.

“My name’s Lila! It’s really nice to meet you. Are you nervous? I’m not. If I was nervous, I would be talking fast. Oh no! I’m talking fast, aren’t I?” She paused. “Hi! My name is Lila! It’s really nice to meet you. Are you–”

“I actually am sort of nervous. My name is Penny. I’m new here,” I interrupted.

“Oh cool! What grade are you in?”


“I am too!”

Nice! I thought. Maybe this school won’t be so bad after all!


I had managed to find my way through the crowded hallways and found a seat next to my new friend Lila. We were in the same homeroom! (Room 305)

“Okay, class! My name is Ms. Hicks. Today we will be reviewing some four-digit long division.”

The class groaned.

“But first, we have a surprise for you!”

Everyone exchanged glances. What was the surprise?

“We are going to have ballroom dancing lessons!” Ms. Hicks said.

This was followed by more groans.

“Allow me to introduce you to Miss Willow, your ballroom dancing teacher.”

Miss Willow? I thought. Ballroom dancing? What century is this?

A woman wearing a bright yellow skirt that blended into the classroom walls and a cherry-colored shirt walked into the room.

“Okay, everyone,” Miss Willow said. “Let’s move these desks.”  

Once the screeching had ended, Miss Willow began to speak.

“Today, we will learn the first few steps of the merengue,” Miss. Willow said. “But before that, I am wondering if anyone has any questions.”

“I do!” The same pair of blue eyes glanced at me. “Uhm, I was–I was wondering if we would have uh, uhm, partners.”

Some girls started to giggle. Miss Willow raised her hands for quiet.

She looked at a piece of paper in her hand.

“Yes, Timothy.” So that’s his name! I thought. “We will have partners but they will not be permanent. We will choose your real partners later. Any more questions? No? Okay. Let’s get started!”

After everyone stopped giggling and screaming whenever they were told to dance with someone, the class actually went pretty well! Miss Willow was a kind and silly teacher. (The best kind!) In the class, she made sort of half-jokes to help us learn.

Once, when she was teaching us the positions, she said, ”Never touch the lady’s hips. Her father will come and get you!”

Of course, that set the gigglers off again. A lot of partners made faces at each other. Lila stuck her tongue out at me. I waved.

My partner, Timothy didn’t do any of these things. He just smiled and chuckled instead. I tried to say something cool or interesting. In fact, I wished that I could have just said anything! Even just a “Hi!” would have been nice. But no. My throat was so dry that my “Hi!” turned into a coughing fit. Great first impression, Penny, great.


After the class, I went to English. There was no teacher in sight. On the whiteboard in big, bold letters were the words: “Read independently. I will back soon. – Mrs. Brown”

I happily plopped down in a chair. I looked around. Lila wasn’t in the class. Timothy was. I saw him and moved over a desk so he could sit next to me. He saw and sat down in it. He smiled at me. He had very white teeth. I giggled. He heard and smiled again. I blushed, then stuffed my nose into my book.  

We sixth graders have the earliest lunch in the school. It’s third period. In fifth grade, I had a sixth period lunch. Weird, right? Today, we had an even earlier lunch because at third period, an electrician was coming to fix the lights in the cafeteria. Anyway, I had just ran from English class to here. (The situation with Timothy had gotten worse.)

“Hey Penny!” called Lila, “Over here!”

I plopped down in the seat that Lila had saved me.

“What happened to you? Your face is as red as my hair!”

Chocolate milk spurted out of my mouth.

“Oh, uhm. Nothing,” I laughed nervously.

“What do you mean nothing? You can tell me. Come on.”

“Well, I–”

Luckily, my sentence was interrupted by–well, guess who?

“Hi, Penny! I, uhm, I was wondering if you wanted to come to my party on Sunday,” Timothy said.

I felt my face go red.

“Uhm, okay, uh, sure!”

I took his invitation with shaking hands and stuffed it into my pocket. He smiled, then went back to his table of loud boys. I turned around to Lila making kissing noises.

“Hey!” I said.

“What?” Lila said, “You can’t deny it.”


Penny, September 15th

I looked at the blue dress, then the red one. Then the blue one, then the red one. I had just woken up  and was trying on different outfits to wear to Timothy’s party. (It’s today!) I sighed then reread my invitation.

Come to My 12th Birthday Party!

Where: 233 Oak Street

When: 8:00 to 10:00

Activities: Dancing! Games! Fun Stuff!


Even though I was super excited to go to the party, I needed major help. Then, I remembered. Lila had given me her phone number! I picked up the phone and dialed the number. Ugh. Voicemail. I tried again. Nothing.

That was strange. I thought. Lila always answers my calls. Maybe she was abducted by aliens! Or was attacked by a creature with seven legs! Or–

Then, I remembered that she was on a plane to California to visit her Uncle Joe. Oops! It was going to be a long morning.


Once I had decided on a dress (the blue one) and brushed and curled my hair and ate breakfast and brushed my teeth about five times and ate about a thousand breath mints that smelled like cherry soda,  I was ready to go. I bought a present for Timothy, then climbed into the car with my dad.

“So Penny!” my dad said. “Is this Timothy a friend of yours or maybe a boy–”

“Dad! Shut up! I–”

“Hi, Penny!” Timothy was outside the car window waving at me.

“Bye Dad!”

I ran out of the car and followed Timothy into his house.


Timothy’s house had velvet chairs and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. It did not seem like a place where loud music and flashing lights would be, but there they were. I joined in the the dancing. Timothy came over.

“Uh, hey Penny,” Timothy said.

“Hi,” I said.

“Uhm, what are you doing tomorrow?”

“Uh, no–nothing. Why?”

“Well, I was wondering if–”

Timothy was interrupted by a weird looking boy with long, red hair and dozens of freckles.

“Hey Timothy! Is that your girlfriend?” he said.

My face turned beet red.

“Shut up, Frank,” Timothy muttered.

“Is she? She better not be. She’s a total dork. And her friend Lila, don’t even get me started.”

Frank!!!” Timothy screamed.

He turned around towards me, but I was already out the door.


I ran through the now pouring rain with rivers of tears streaming down my face and questions running through my brain.

What was Timothy trying to ask me?  What if I really was as dorky as that boy said? Why had Timothy stood up for me like that?

I turned the corner and found what I had been looking for. A huge, brick building towered above me. The library. I climbed up the moss-covered stairs and slipped through the door. The inside was musty, and the chairs were breaking, but it was the safest place I could think of. Soaked and panting, I collapsed into a chair.

“Hello, Penelope!” a nearby librarian chirped.

“Hi, Beth,” I said quietly.

“What’s wrong, sweetheart?’

“It’s nothing,” I replied.

“Well, all right. If you need me, I’m always willing to listen.”

“Okay. Thanks.”

Beth smiled, then went back to stocking books.  


Penny, September 16th

Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring!

“Fire drill!” yelled Ms. Hicks, “Everyone make your way to the door!”

A horde of kids began to push their way to the door. I tried to walk forward while being jolted around, but it was almost impossible. I sighed, then made my way back to my desk. After the rest of the class had filed out of the classroom, I peeked around the doorway. The coast was clear. I finally ran out of the classroom to reunite with my class.

I tumbled down the stairs, then across the hall to the main door. I yanked at the door but it didn’t budge. I pulled it again. Nothing happened. Starting to panic, I ran across the hall to the other door. It didn’t open. Desperate, I ran over to the windows and try to pull one open. It didn’t move. I took a deep breath and tried to calm myself down. Clearly there was no way out. I’d just have to wait until my class came back and explain then.

As I sat in front of the door waiting for the drill to end, something strange happened. I began to smell smoke.


Timothy, September 16th

I watched Ms. Hicks as our worried looking history teacher whispered something to her.

“Oh my god!” Ms. Hicks exclaimed. “Uhm, okay everyone, I uh, need to take care of something. I’ll be right back.”

I looked around for Penny. I wanted to talk to her about last night. She wasn’t there.

That’s strange. I thought. Where’s Penny?  

I tried to remember when I last saw her. Well, I remembered seeing her in the corner of the room standing there when I left…OH! Why am I so stupid? While Penny patiently waited for all of us to get out of the building so she could leave, Mr. John (our principal) locked the door behind us. I sighed. Now she will never talk to me.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, I saw a cloud of smoke rising from the school.

“Penny!” I screamed.

Everyone looked up, then began to scream and cry. It was chaos. Teachers started to herd kids away from the school. I ran to our science teacher, Mr. Ross.

“Penny’s in there!”

His eyes grew wide, then he raced towards the fire, pushing though students and teachers. He unlocked the door, then cautiously pulled open the door.

“Stand back,” he warned.

As the door creaked open, an ash-covered hand poked out. I grabbed it, then gave a mighty pull. Out came Penny, covered in dirt and ash, but fine. She looked at me gratefully, then began to cough up tons of ash. Stunned, I stumbled backwards. Soft but strong hands catched me, then turned me around.

“Let’s go,” Mom said.

Nodding, I let her lead me back to our car and put me in my seat. I stared out the window looking at the familiar buildings that we drove by, but only thinking of the beautiful, brown eyes, covered in dirt, but shining like diamonds.


The Cloud Race

Coral’s wings beat hard as she dove towards a cloud and swooshed right through it. She executed perfect loops and dove through the sky. Coral swirled around a huge cloud and sped forward. Then, she smacked into a cloud and spun in midair.

She always messed up that part.

Coral sighed and slowly flew home with her dark hair swirling around her. If she was going to win the yearly Cloud Race, Coral would have to work harder. She did not notice the sky turning grey.

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning ripped through the sky. Thunder crashed in her ears like the sound of waves. Frightened, Coral dodged another bolt and flew as fast as she could. Coral zipped through the storm towards a big cloud, and flew inside the cloud.

Coral then landed on the kitchen floor with a light thump. Her mother was at the stove.

“Hi, Mom,” she said.

Her mom turned around, “Oh, Coral, you got caught in the storm, didn’t you?”

Coral nodded.

“I made lentils and cookies. You can have two cookies after you eat dinner.”

Coral almost jumped for joy and almost yelled, “YES!”

But she didn’t. She sat down for dinner.


It was the day of the Cloud Race. Coral was nervously flying around the starting line. The fastest cloud racers in the whole sky were there. Coral identified Emaline Flisch, Sunna Kalibru, Sydney Jamonje, and several unfamiliar boys and girls.

Coral was determined to win the race.

The horn blew, and the racers began.

Coral had memorized the track.

She swished through a cloud. The unfamiliar racers all hit the cloud and didn’t get through.

Coral looped and dove through the sky, but Sunna got lost somewhere around the third big cloud.

Coral turned over around a cloud and lost Emaline.

Only Sidney was left. He gave her an aggravating grin and zoomed forward. Coral zoomed forward as well.

The last cloud was ahead. Coral swallowed, and suddenly swooped downward and dodged the cloud.

Sidney crashed into the cloud, and Coral passed the finish line!

She got the gold trophy for Racer of the Year!

The smile on Coral’s face was almost to her ears.


The Cyclone and the Beach

Hi! My name is Bob. I love roller coasters (especially scary ones.) I live at Columbus Circle.

My mom came into the room.

“Bob,” she said. “We are going to Coney Island.”

“Yes!!!” I said.

We went to the 59th Street Columbus Circle station and got on the D train.

We passed 7th Ave/53rd Street. We passed 47th-50th Streets Rockefeller Center. We passed 42nd Street Bryant Park and 34th Street Herald Square. We passed West 4th Street, Broadway Lafayette Street, Grand Street, Atlantic Avenue/Pacific Street, and 36th Street.

Finally, we were there.

We headed towards the beach.

My dad asked, “Do you want to go into the waves?”

“No,” I said.

When my mom and dad went into the waves, I escaped and went towards the amusement park.

I bought a Luna card and headed towards the Cyclone.

I got on the Cyclone. This was the best day of my life!

The Cyclone went very fast, but then suddenly, it stopped.

The Cyclone had broken down.

I jumped off the Cyclone and ran. I did not know where.

Then, I saw it! A roller coaster with a vertical drop! It said “THUNDERBOLT” on the side. I watched a car for the thunderbolt go down the side of the track. I got onto a car for the Thunderbolt, and off it went.

Up the vertical drop.

Down the vertical drop.

Over the loop.

Then, the ride was over.

By that time, my mom and dad had come looking for me.

Finally, they found me.

“Why did you run away from us, Bob?”

I just grinned.

They rolled their eyes at me.

We went to Nathan’s. I could tell my mom was mad at me. But inside, I was happy. I was happy because I knew I had ridden the Thunderbolt.


Christmas is Here

‘Twas two days before Christmas, and Tommy was grumpy and definitely bumby. Tommy didn’t get a present because he didn’t have much money. But he wasn’t grumpy or bumpy by Christmas Eve… Here is the story of how it happened:

“December by the fire, what a stupid month that has bloody Christmas with the New Year. It’s all stupid in its own way and wasting money on presents… It’s all wasted money, disappointment, and all things cheery!!! Mom, I finished my homework! It’s all incorrect. I don’t have the bloody time to do it again, baa humba,” Tommy said.

“Tommy, come help decorate the Christmas tree!!!”


At that instant, Tommy fell asleep. Three spirits appeared before him: one of past, one of future, and one of present. This was actually reality, though Tommy thought it was a dream. The one of past stepped forward with a suspicious smile. She introduced herself. She was also wise and kind.

She said, “Come with me and see the past Christmases.”

Tommy was freaking out. He thought he was seeing things, and he was shocked. The spirit took him.

When he was five, he jumped on the Christmas tree and made it fall. When he was seven, he ripped up everyone’s presents, spoiling the whole holiday. When he was ten, he threw everything Christmas-like away.

The spirit said, “Fix your attitude, or the Ghost of Christmas Present will not approve of you.”

Then, the Ghost of Christmas Past disappeared. Tommy was pretty creeped out at this time.

The Ghost of Christmas Present was literally dressed as a present, and she whacked Tommy with a huge candy cane, saying what would happen on Christmas morning. His family would be disappointed in him, and he would be kicked to the curb. Literally. Kicked to the curb. Ghost of Christmas Present disappeared quickly.

The Ghost of Christmas Future stepped forward. Honestly, she looked like she had black and blue hair, a black robe, and a giant candy cane.

She said, “In the future, we’re in the world with big candy canes and we mind-text. Oh, you thought I was gonna hit you with the candy cane? The Ghost of Christmas Present plays cleanup on our softball team. About two years from now, you will be living in a box with no tree, no decorations, and no job. You must learn from the lessons that the other ghosts have taught you. Fix your attitude before Christmas eve or else, as Christmas Present told you, you will be kicked to the curb.”

He had been asleep the whole time until now.

Tommy changed his attitude, he bought a present for his sister with all the money he had, and laughed down the street. He thought he was doing the right thing, and he liked it.

”I love Christmas! It’s fantastic and marvelous.”

And so, Tommy fixed his attitude with Christmas and he had a merry, merry, merry Christmas.

Author’s note:

The lesson of the story is that you feel happiness when you do things for others, like when Tommy bought a gift for his sister.


Bensy and His Quest

It was a breezy day in Alaska, and a group of puffins were playing by the snow. The king puffin was demanding more fish.

“Give me fish! I can’t do it! My beak just got polished!” he said.

Now, the main character came waddling along.

“Yes sir,” said a puffin named Bensy, “Salmon — I think? — for you!”

“Salmon! I hate! I despise! Salmon!” he shouted.

“Ok, I’ll get you a different fish,” said Bensy.

As he waddled across the snow, he looked at the city. And then, he saw his destiny behind a window.

“Oh my gosh!” said Bensy.

And you must be wondering what it was… and it was fried chicken!!

“Yaaaaaaaa!” shouted Bensy’s friend Amelia.

“Ow!” said Bensy.

“King Puffin wants his fish,” said Amelia.

“Ohh, you civil, boring, fish-eating puffins, there’s better food in life, you know,” said Bensy.

“But you’re a puffin,” said Amelia.

“Yeah, but I’m better,” said Bensy.

“You’re so full of yourself,” said Amelia.                                                                                                                                      

“Look, fried chicken,” said Bensy dreamily.

“That’s cannibalism,”said Amelia.

It was night in the puffin village. Everyone was inside because Gwen the fox was on the prowl.

“Everyone inside! Gwen is going to climb the gates!” said the speaker.

Bensy ran out of his house and to the gates at the front of the cave.

“Hey, I need your help!” he said shaking and waddling with fear.

He ran back home

“I was wrong!!’ screamed Bensy.

“I told you so!!’ Amelia said.

“Hello, tiny puffin! What do you want?” said Gwen the snow fox.

“I need your help,” said Bensy.  

“What do you want?” said Gwen.

“Uh, I want … fried chicken,” said Bensy.

“Uh, that’s cannibalis-”

“I know!!!’ interrupted Bensy.

Gwen rolled her eyes and said, “Tomorrow. Gates. Morning.”


It was early morning. Bensy was waiting.

“Foxes always lie,” he said.

“Uh, no. I’m here at the gates,” she said.

“Okay, let’s go,” Bensy said.

“Uh, remember you split fried chicken, or you will be chicken,” said Gwen.

They were walking to KFC, and they stopped at a sign.

“No pets! Technically, we’re not pets,” Gwen said.


Try 1:

Roz never smiled.

“Why did I have to work the 24/7 hour shift,” Roz said.

“Uh, hi, can I have some fried chicken?” said a lady.

“Sure, it’s made with the opposite things we say in the ad,” said Roz.

“Oh, um, ok, here is the money, crazy lady. Goodbye,” she said.

“Now!” said Bensy.


“Ah! Get off of me!!” she said as she stormed away.

“Aw, no fried chicken,” said Bensy.

“Yeah, next time, don’t tackle. It’s just sad,” said Gwen.

They were in front of KFC looking into the window at all the fried chicken.



“Ok, let’s just walk through the door,” said Bensy.

“Wait, uh no, don’t, nooo-’ said Gwen.

“Ding” went the doorbell.

“Hi, welco– Hey! No pets or animals allowed!!” said Roz with so much rage that she could blow a fuse.

“Wenk wenk weeeenk!!!” he said. [Can I have some fried chicken?]

“No!” screamed Roz.

Bam! Bensy flew out the door and onto the snow-covered street.

“Uh, let’s try again!” said Bensy dizzily



It was scary being a puffin because of trees, blizzards, and snow foxes (except Gwen). But this was the scariest. Bensy was in a cage in the dark, and it was moving. Scary!

“Bensy! Where are you! Did ya get it! Uh Bensy?” said Gwen nervously.

Then, she saw the worst thing ever, an animal truck which you don’t see much, so this meant that Bensy was in there! Padding against the fresh snow, Gwen was too slow.

“No, Bensy!” said Gwen sadly.

As Gwen was walking home, she had an idea. Maybe the person who understands me the most! thought Gwen.

“Dorothy!” said Gwen happily. So she sped to Dorothy’s house.

DING! went the doorbell.

“Oh, hi, Gwen. What are you doing here?” said Dorothy.

Now I know this was kind of far, but just go with it.

Ruff, grr, grr, barked Gwen.

‘Your friend’s in an animal control truck!’ said Dorothy understandingly.

“Yeah, that’s the crazy thing” said Gwen.

So Dorothy got a backpack that had a bunch of jangly things. They saw the animal control truck at the gas station near the ferry.

“Come on. The truck’s back door is open!” said Dorothy.

Slam! went the door just as they got in the back of the truck. And they were off!

But the ferry ride was short, so in a wink, the truck was on the road again.

All tries over!

Quickly, they drove the car into the ditch and climbed out.

“Okay the ferry dock is right there, so all we have to do is get on — Oh! That ferry,” said Dorothy.

They ran to the ferry dock and clambered on the ferry.

“Uh, are you sure they won’t get on?” said Gwen nervously.

“Yeah, I’m sure,” said Dorothy.

And as soon as that, they were off!

“Uh, this is kind of strange?” said Dorothy.

“Whats strange?” said Gwen.

“This ship! It’s, well, strange and shady!” said Dorothy nervously.

She was right; it was strange. The walls were rusty. It had graffiti all over the windows and only some of them because the rest of the windows were broken!

“Where, uh, am I?” said Bensy.

“Bensy! You’re awake! After being unconscious!” said Gwen.

“Yes, I am. Now seriously, where are we?” said Bensy.

They explained what happened, which in my opinion, took too long to write and so my fingers would get tired. Go figure.

“Oh, okay thanks for explaining, but I need that fried chicken!!” said Bensy.

“Yes I know, but right now, we have bigger problems!” said Dorothy.

“Yeah, Dorothy’s right, but I have a feeling someone’s watching us! But anyway, let’s go to bed.”


It was night on the mysterious boat, and everyone was sleeping. (Ha! It sounded like a nursery rhyme when I said it like that!) Mumbling was coming from the deck of the ship.

“Do you think they’re on the boat?” said Maxwell.

“Of course they’re on the ship. Otherwise, they wouldn’t exist!” said Pete, rolling his eyes.

“Yeah, and I don’t want Boss to be mad!” said Maxwell.

Now everyone knows that snow foxes have extraordinary hearing.

“What’s that noise?” said Gwen. “And whose boss? Guys?”

“What? I’m sleeping!” said Dorothy.

“The henchman are on the ship!” said Gwen.

“Uh oh! I was right!” said Dorothy.

“How will we escape!” said Bensy.

“Uh, I obviously don’t know!” said Dorothy.

“How can you not knoooooo– I see them!!” screamed Bensy.

“Run!” said Gwen.

So obviously, this was one of those cool scenes where everybody runs. Yeah, this story had to have one.

“I never run in gym class!” screamed Dorothy.

The only thing they could do was jump.

“Lets jump!” said Bensy.

So obviously, they disagreed..

“That’s crazy — okay, let’s do that. They’re coming!” screamed Dorothy.

So they jumped, yeah. Under the water, they pumped their legs as the water pushed them down. But then, a shadow stretched across the water.

“Uh, what’s that!” said Gwen.

Then, a wing stretched into the water and grabbed Bensy’s wing.

“Ahhhh!” said Bensy.

Then, he saw an amazing sight.

“Well hello, Bensy!” said KING PUFFIN!  

“The annoying girl puffin told me you were missing!” said King Puffin.

But then, Bensy remembered about his friends.

“Wait! My friends!” said Bensy.

So he dove into the water and grabbed Gwen and Dorothy.

“Uh, Amelia, King Puffin, meet Gwen and Dorothy,” said Bensy.

They all shook wings, hands, and paws. But they realized they were only on a wooden canoe.

“Uh, will this sink?” said Gwen.

“Bah! No, it’s made in my palace, so it’s the best!” said King Puffin.

He was back to his selfish self. But then, they saw Alaska!

“We’re home!” said Bensy.

As they got to the snowy beach, they relaxed, and Amelia said “Uh, Bensy, you know I have something for you.”

Bensy tilted his head.

“What is it?” he said.

Then, Amelia held out… fried chicken!!! Bensy passed out. Just kidding! Bensy screamed like he was on High School Musical!

Then, he asked, “How’d you get it?”  

‘“Dude, you literally just have to jump on a person who’s eating fried chicken and they’ll drop it on the ground!” said Amelia.

There was a moment of silence. Then, Bensy screamed like he was on High School Musical (again!) Then, Bensy said something

“Uh, can I live with you?” asked Bensy.

“Uh, why?” said King Puffin.

“Pwease Kwing Pwuffin!” said Bensy like a baby.  

“Fine,” said King Puffin.

But first, they ate the fried chicken that Bensy always wanted.


Atlantic (Excerpt)

Chapter 1:

“Lilie, are you sure that this is safe?”’ I asked.

“You can trust me, Rose.”

Lilie was my best friend, but I still thought her idea was a little sketchy.

“Look, Rose, I am a full two minutes older than you. Believe me. This is completely safe.”

Getting on a canoe illegally, sailing to a random place, and setting up camp for the week was a good idea?! You see, Lilie and I went to camp together, but it was awful! Like totally awful. Really bad, awful. Well, anyway, the camp stunk, so Lilie and I decided to run away. Because it stunk. And I know you are thinking that I’ve made myself clear about the whole camp-stinking thing, but I am making it clearer. So there.

So, we ran away from the terrible camp and stole a canoe. Did I mention that the camp stunk? Of course we had to rob much more than a single canoe. After packing, we had to rob the kitchen of the awful camp, but we didn’t take much, because the food stunk, too. I told you the camp really stunk. So, when most of the old counselors were asleep, we got up and ran to the lake and past the boundaries into a sandy beach, packed with dry seaweed at the top.

And that brings us to where we are now.

I took out the flip phone my mom got me as a gift for camp.

I texted her, “Hi, Mom! About camp… one word. It stinks! And so, maybe me and my twin ran away from camp and stole a canoe and food, so maybe you have to come pick us up past the boundaries of camp…We send out love! Lilie and Rose, your loving daughters that you never get mad at.”

Of course she immediately wrote back, “Hey Lilie. From Mom. You are so grounded when you get home!!!”

Lilie laughed out loud. “She always says that.”

A bell rang in the distance. Rising Bell! It was 4:30 p.m. already?!

“Lilie, into the boat now. With the stuff. Where’s the plastic bag??”

“Woah, Rose, slow down! It”s only 2:00 p.m..”

“No!!” I screamed. “It’s 4:30!!! We have to get out of here!”

“Okay, okay, I’ll take the luggage, and you take the food. God, dont freak out like that.”

Once we were loaded, I jumped out of the boat and pushed it in the water. Go go go! I was swimming by now. Go go go! Now, we were deep in the lake. I got back in the canoe, took off the muddy, wet clothes and changed into pajamas.

I hadn’t slept for the past week because I was planning. Not that I would get any sleep anyway. After some servant work (serving and cooking) for our counselors that lasted until one, they threw you into your “Child Home” (awful name!) AKA your counselor’s musty cellar full of moth-holed blankets. How did they make it look so cool on the website?! I took out a graphic novel. I was gonna make shelter out of the tent that I was required to bring for overnights, also known as mortal peril. I’ll get to that later. Lilie handed me her bow. Mom had bought them for us before we left for camp. Mine was a Rose and Lilie’s was a Lily (duh.) I put in my bag. I took mine out too. We never wore them while we were sleeping. I guess we both were gonna sleep for awhile. An island appeared in the distance. We were leaving camp for good! And then, nothing.


Chapter Two:

I opened my eyes. Looking around, it looked like an aquarium. But no. I was in the aquarium. No. I was in the water. It can’t be. I was breathing. What the…?

“Lilie!!!!” I screamed. “Where the heck are we?!”

I heard a gurgle from somewhere near by. I swam to some shreds of a canoe.


“Rose,” came a voice. Lilie’s voice.

“Lilie!” I giggled.

She was using a dying voice, almost as if she was sick. I pulled her limp body from the scraps of the canoe.


“Stop it, Lilie. It’s not funny anymore.”


“Stop it! You’re not going to die. I know that you are faking it.”

But deep down, I knew it was real. Suddenly, Lilie’s eyes glowed. She spoke again, but it was not Lilie’s voice.

“To cure your friend, you must bring the one into the cave. The one your sister loves.  And sometimes, love means sacrifice.” Her eyes dimmed. Her body sunk to the ocean floor. For once, I was glad to be under the water. No one was there to see the tears running from my eyes. Because I knew what I had to do.

I took the bows from my bags. I stared at Lilie’s bow. Then, I noticed something. There was a note on one of the petals. It read: Give it to Rose. What? What did she want to give to me? Or, what did she need me to have?

I turned the bow over and saw a little red flap. Strange. Mine didn’t have anything like this. I pulled the flap and something giant appeared in front of me. It was enormous and seemed as if the inside was made of–air? I screamed and swam. I never noticed how beautiful the ocean was. Soon, I forgot all about being chased by a giant water monster and stopped to look at some fish hiding in some coral. Look at that bright color! Pinks and blues and greens and yellows surrounded me. And blacks. Blacks? Oh no.

Once fresh water was revealed to my eyes, I tried to swim. But something held me back. I looked behind me and saw the monster again! Why did Lily want me to have this thing? But suddenly, the vicious creature transformed into a small blob. It curled up into a small spear.

God, I wish I had a cage to put this thing in. What if it transforms again? I thought.

But then, there it was. Instead of a small, air-ish looking ball, there was a cage. What the?

“I realIyyy waaanntttttt aaaa saaaaanndddwiiiiiiicchhhhhhh,” I said, very carefully and slowly. And there was an airy looking sandwich. I bit it, but it tasted like one thing. Air.

“I wish I had a bag.”

An airy bag appeared in front of me. It was time to have some fun.

“Make that a pocketbook with unlimited space for any object.”

The airy bag changed into a pocketbook with sparkles. Now to test it. I swam to an enormous chunk of coral with the pocketbook and opened it. I jammed the opening of the pocketbook on top of the coral and it fit! I put the pocketbook on and set off in the direction of Lilie. My twin. My only sibling. Who I wasn’t going to lose.


Chapter Three:

The body of my sister still lied at the bottom of the pool. I felt so alone without her. Seeing her, I was reminded of that voice. I knew the voice. And I realized. It was Dad’s voice. But Dad was gone. Or so we thought. Five years ago, Dad left for a trip at a lake. This lake. He went camping each year with his friends. I remember it all,

 “Dad, don’t leave!” I screamed.

“Yeah Dadda. Can’t you just skip one year?” said Lillie.

“Sorry Lilliekins. Daddy’s gotta go. It’s only for six days.”

“But Dadda. Six days is almost eleven monfs! Dat’s a lot!” I said.

“No, it’s not, Rosie. It’s almos free years! You were way off,” said Lillie.

“Rosie, it seems like nothing,” said Dad.

“Fine,” I whined. “But you have to bring back the crackers and chocolate with sticky sweet stuff. Peas, peas, peas?”

“Okay. One for Rosie, one for Lil-lil, none for Mom. And twelve for Daddy,” he said.

“Twelve! Add two more and its a million gazillion a hundred a million seventy-two!” I said.

“Yeah! That’s almost as old as Mommy!”

“I gotta go, girls. Benjamin is here to pick me up!”

“Bye, Dad!”

He hugged Mom and Lillie. Then, he hugged me.

I was only five when it happened, but I remember it so clearly. Maybe it was because I haven’t seen him since? Three days later–or seven million days–Benjamin called. Five-year-old me didn’t know what was wrong, until Mom started sobbing. Then, she broke the news to us. The boat had sank while they were fishing. And Dad had sunk with it. But what if Dad was here? Under the water, in this lake? I tripped on something and fell on my face. The thing I tripped on was cold, not like the coral in the reefs. I looked at it. It was a body. A dead body.

This is what will happen to Lillie if I don’t save her soon, I told myself. The body shook. And suddenly, it swam up. Millions of bodies, old and young, flew up with it.

“Rose Wentell.” they said in unison, “Goodbye, Rose Wentell.”

Before I was covered in dead, cold bodies, I saw a sign. Sea of the Dead.


To be Continued…

Warren’s Welfare (Part One)

Fine, fine. But I don’t have a lot of time. Well, anyway, here it is: my life story. Oh, and don’t expect me to include all the sappy details. Can’t believe I’m doing this. Sigh! Well, here it is: WARREN’S WELFARE! Yeah, yeah, it sounds epic, but don’t set the bar too high. Just sayin’.

It all started when I was born. My parents being the king and queen of the Utopians, I was automatically the prince. Also, I was naturally my parents’ prized possession (and that’s saying a lot.) Well, anyway, being the prince, everybody had high expectations of me. The bar was so high, that my chubby, little, baby hands could barely reach it. And soon, the bar slipped out of my grasp, and I began my slow descent. My parents were disappointed. They expected more from me. Also, they felt as if I (that’s right, I) was giving them a bad reputation (and again, that’s saying a lot.) While all the nobles looked majestic in their fancy clothes, I looked like a slob in stained T-shirts and khakis.

Right when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, the war started. First, we ran out of fresh water while our nemesis city, Dystopia, thrived and had extra fresh water. (I wonder how that happened.) Then, we hit them back. We took all their fishing supplies. I know, I know, that might not sound so bad. But when you live on an island in the middle of an ocean, fishing is pretty much your only way to get food.

Now that we had both struck, we went into all out war. There were many casualties, including (collective gasp) my parents. But there were also great casualties for the Dystopians. The casualties were so great, that they surrendered and went into hiding. I felt like I only had one choice: to kill everyone that was responsible for my parents’ death.  

First, I had to acquire the Zyzerath blade. It was my only hope if I wanted to get revenge. I heard of a wizard who lived in Dystopia, and that she was also a Utopian. The reason I needed to find the Zyzerath blade was because it was the only blade strong enough to break through the five-foot thick metal surrounding the Dystopian society (otherwise, I would just nuke it, but meh.) Then, once I had the Zyzerath blade, I’d cut a small hole in the back of the fortress. After that, I would have to find the Utopian wizard who was feeding us information. Finally, the wizard and I would kill them all.

Let’s go back to reality for a second. Right now, the only thing I knew was where the Zyzerath blade was located. Drum roll please! The cavern of despair. Kazaa! Poof! Magic dust! Okay, well, let’s cut the drama now.

I began my journey by looking for wisdom on the island of 1000 souls. Even in the noon-day sun, it was still dark and gloomy. That’s kind of a bummer, but meh. On the bright side, giving people advice gives them a purpose in life. I was pretty much covered. I still remember my first step on the island. The temperature must have dropped 30 degrees. I could feel the life trying to escape out of me to join its companions.

You would not believe what happened. Well, I guess they have to rename the island “the Island of 1002 Souls,” because apparently, my mom and dad qualify to be one of the oh-so super important souls that get to spend the rest of their days in mindless despair. So great, I know. As I was walking through the paved, bone roads, that’s when I saw them.

I looked into their eyes, and they said to me, “You are a disgrace! How could you let this happen?”

I was too shocked for words, so they just carried on.

“Let me guess, you’re looking for Zyzerath blade so you can get revenge for us.”

My mouth gaped open. I started to say, “How di–”

My mom said, “Well there’s something I gotta tell ya about the Dystopians. We are the Dystopians, and they are the Utopians. I know, right. Gasp. We are just as bad as they are.”

With that, they walked away, with me still trying to process everything they told me. Then, I noticed a glimmering, metal object peeking through the dead grass. When I picked it up, I instantly knew what it was. THE ZYZERATH BLADE! Well, I guessed all I needed to do is break in and see if they were good. Luckily, it wasn’t that far from our island to theirs, so I just rowed over there in a canoe.

Once I got to the dome, I quickly sliced away some of the metal, so I could have a peephole. As I did, the sword felt one with my hand, and I could feel its voice entering my mind. The legends were true! The sword really could talk to you!

“Ay! What’s up my homie? Thanks for waking me from my deep slumber.”


Once that was all cleared up, I put my eye right next to the little hole. I almost jumped back and fell off the island when I saw that a little eye was staring back at me. Then, the alarm sounded. I quickly tried to jump back and run away, but then they were on me. They knocked me out, and next thing I knew, I was in their prison cell.

“No, no, no, no!!! How could this have happened?!”

“Shhh! Do you want them to come back?”

“Er, no.”


“What is your name?”

“Mine’s Samantha, what’s yours?”

“My name is Warren. So, what did you do to get here?”

“Long story short, I worked for the Utopians, they found out, and yeah, I’m here. ”

“Where are you?”

“Er, are you blind? I’m literally right next to you.”

Warren turned his head to his left. Nothing. Then, he turned to the right. Two large eyes stared right back at him. He jumped and stumbled backwards. But then, he noticed something peculiar. She was floating in the air and had a ball of fire in her lap. Warren gasped. He just realized who he just met. This was the wizard. The myth. The legend. Samantha Odd.

“O-M-G, it’s you, Samantha Odd!!!”

“Yes, Warren, I’ve been waiting for you a long, long time!!!”



“Jake! Jake! Come on, you have to go to school,” my mom called from the kitchen.

“I’m not going. No one is going to be friends with me. I’m going to be…” I moaned.

Mom came into the room and opened up the window shades. I moaned and covered my eyes.

“Close the windows,” I said.

“But wait, isn’t Kyle going to be going to the same school as you?” she asked me, as I got up from bed.

“Nah Mom, he went with the rest of the bunch to Madeline Niles school,” I said, trying to act cool.

“Please treat me with respect,” she scolded, “I am your mother after all.”

“But Mom, I don’t know if anybody will like me.” I said.

“Honey, you know that will never happen,” she said.  “You are going to be completely okay.”

“Mom, I told you to knock before you come in.”

“Okay, I will be downstairs when you’re done.”

I took a quick shower and walked to the closet where I took out my burgundy uniform that had a touch of navy blue on it.

“Honey, don’t forget to brush your hair,” she said.

I paid no attention to it for once.

Hopefully the school does not have any bullies, I thought, just as I started to go down stairs.

I went downstairs to eat the breakfast that Mom had prepared for me. I took my oatmeal and sat on my orange Lazy-Boy couch in the living room.

“This oatmeal is rotten,” I told Mom.

“Jake, if you go to school looking that depressed, you’re going to start to look like you’re suicidal,” my mom called from the kitchen in a voice so annoying that I couldn’t stop myself from saying what I did.

“Can you stop nagging? You’re going to drive me insane. This is probably why David and Dad left us,” I yelled.  

“If you mention them in that way again, you’ll wish that you could not talk at all.”

She was absolutely pissed. She’s not normally like that. The mom I knew was kind and never yelled like that.

“Okay. Okay, just don’t hit me.”

I was worried, because when I said their names before she didn’t yell at me like she did now. I knew that I should not have mentioned Dad. She was super emotional when someone said their names in disrespect.

“Well Mom, I’m off to school,” I called, slinging my backpack over my shoulder and leaving in a rush before she could drag me back into the kitchen to scold me.

Even though I always say this, I really do wonder where he, no, they, might be. I thought to myself. Mom and I almost never get into arguments. It’s only only us in this world and nobody else. They all…


I turned around to see what the racket was about, only to see a pitbull right behind me. As I saw this wild beast called a dog, I started to run all the way to school, because it was eating a pair of overgrown legs.

As I ran, the huge dog chased me.

* * *

Pant pant! That dog really got me working. As I walked through the archway, I was stunned.

“It is beautiful,” I barely managed to slip the words out of my mouth.

I looked around to see what else this school had in store for me. There it was, a brilliant red carpet that led to the entrance. The entrance was huge with a set of castle doors. There were a set of towers, which looked like they were used to defend the place. There was an archway of Sakura trees outlining the carpet into it.

Excalibur. I liked that name, I thought as I walked in.

As I looked around, I saw all of the school’s dignified students, walking elegantly into the school.

The interior design of this place seemed to be meant for the kings.

“Ding Dong Ding Dong,” the bell went for a moment.

“Oh no, oh no, oh no, I got to go!” I said, as I made a break for the entrance.

What class do I have to go? I thought, as I started to search for my schedule. It’s not there, why is it not there. It must of fell out of my pocket when I ran out of the house. Oh man, I’m totally going to get in trouble. This had to happen on the first day, this obviously means that I’m going to have a bad rest of the year.

I ran through the velvet hallways with a multitude of boards decorated with posters on it, to tell the First Years to join their clubs. I stopped in front of the board. I frantically searched the board to see if they would have a place for someone to go if they lost their schedule. Then, this one poster caught my eye.

“Thank God!”

I should have checked if I had the thing before I left the house.

Just as I was about to start looking, I saw a man walking through the hallway. I went to go talk to him, to ask if I was going the right way to the library.

“I suggest you don’t go that way if you truly value your life,” he said in an intriguing way.

When he said that, I glanced over to the area where he was walking towards, but all I saw was the burning glare of the sun coming down on the dazzling carpet. It was as if he just vanished in thin air.

I put my hand on the wall for a second to rest, for I felt dizzy but, only to see the most dazzling girl I ever seen. The sparkle in her light blue eyes suddenly made me get up and start walking to her unconsciously.

That man’s advice echoed in my mind as I kept on walking towards her.

“Ahhh,” I pinched myself to see if I would lose myself of this trance that was abruptly placed upon me.  

As soon as I did that, the girl turned around, and I made eye contact with her. Her eyes were opaque. Kind of like someone who had just died. The sparkle in her eyes was gone and was replaced with something more sinister. She started to come closer.

What are you doing here, leave now, I thought. Maybe it’s not too late, to turn around before she can come any closer.

But, it was too late, she had come too close.

“Help,” I shrieked, as she knocked me down and slowly took shards of my flesh with her.  

Game Over


Ali’s Birds

Ali Staw lived in the mountains. She had two brothers. They were named Jack and Matt. They didn’t exactly have the Staw name, because they were orphans.

Ali also used to have a pet bird named Smudgy, but he died when he found a chocolate in her room and ate it. Ali didn’t really miss Smudgy, because he had been a bad bird. He always put raspberry smudges on her clothes. But Ali did like birds.

The mountains were Ali’s favorite place to go. She always went to the tallest mountain named Vine Master. When Ali got there, she sat on a carved wooden chair and stared at the sky.

One day, she saw a hut, but no chair on the mountain. She didn’t look at the sky that day. She listened. Ali listened all day long, not minding having to sit on the rough mountain.

“Enter the home of the brave, and find me. Listen for the clues of the nature, and you will discover who you are meant to be,” the bird called.

It was a male, Ali could tell. Ali stepped into the small, wood hut. There was the carved chair that she always sat in. She took her seat and tried to listen to the bird again. She sat down and heard an aggressive bird argument. Ali listened for the sound of the hundred birds disagreeing and heard them discussing a very important matter.

“No, master!!! You should not care about Ali,” the ninety-nine other birds tweeted.

The elder bird, who was the prettiest dove of all doves, said, “But I’ve seen the future! Ali is the only one who can save me from the seven-headed secret serpent monster!”

And so, he left to find Ali, not knowing Ali was sitting right on his old throne.

Then, Ali remembered! Her mom had asked her to be home by 10:00 PM, and right now, it was 10:37! As she raced through the ghostly winds of Pennsylvania, the dove appeared, smiling next to her. She ignored him. Ali got home by 12:00 AM. Everybody was already sleeping, except her. She decided to fix up some Caesar salad. She used her great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandma Elise’s recipe. The secret ingredients were love and crushed up butter-salt snack cookies.

While Ali was eating, she read the news. The news said…

Oh no! The elder bird had gotten into Ali’s house. She did not care. Birds were her favorite animals. She wanted to take the elder bird to Pennsylvania State Elementary, so she put him in Smudgy’s old cage. Then, she jumped in her bed, thinking of which name would be best. The elder bird was happy to be safe, because he didn’t like living in that plain, drab hut anyway.

In the morning, she took her backpack, her mom’s coffee, and the bird to the ragged gray-yellow bus.

At first period, Mr. Aleru called Ali up to go to Mrs. Heidi. Ali left the dove with Mr. Aleru.

When she opened the door, Ali saw Mrs. Heidi lying dead with blood surrounding her temples.

Her hand had ink on it that said, “Go to the wandmaker’s house.”

Then, Ali looked at the wall. She saw a big hole in the wall. She heard a “Mchhhh…” She was in the core of doom. Ali felt really scared.

Last year, Mrs. Heidi, who Ali had always thought was magical, had told Ali to beware the seven-headed secret serpent. Ali rummaged through all the principal’s books. She finally found the principal’s ancient guide to fighting extreme monsters.

The page that was about that monster was page 88. It said to kill the monster, you need a saber tooth and the magical moonstone. Mrs. Heidi had the moonstone and the saber tooth! The bad news was they were in the velvet lockbox.

Then, Ali remembered! It was a bird school! And Mrs. Heidi loved things backwards, so that is why she loved subtraction more than addition. Ali typed the word bird in backwards (drib). The box opened. Ali carefully scooped the moonstone and the saber tooth, put them in Mrs. Heidi’s bookbag, and jumped through the hole.

Ali took a taxi to the wandmaker’s house. Ali thought that the last person the serpent killed was the wandmaker. She took the moonstone and the saber tooth, one in each hand, and put them together. They made a little fireball, and she shot it at the serpent, which was in the living room.

The serpent exploded. When he exploded, she found a golden heart in the middle of his skin and blood. Ali took the golden heart, and she suddenly could control the clouds! She flew back to the school to get the dove.

Ali said in bird language, “Eedtyioker medreddoped,” which meant that the serpent was dead. She took the remainder of the moonstone and saber tooth and found Mrs. Heidi sitting in her chair doing her work. Ali felt good that she saved Mrs. Heidi!

Then, when she took the dove home and to her room, the elder bird turned into a girl! The girl told Ali that she had been a dove, and all she needed was the heart that controlled the clouds.

The girl and Ali became sisters and best friends.

And Ali knew it all… She was a heroine.




Calling All Teachers

Dear teachers and administrators,

Thank you all for being gathered here. My name is Emily Birman, and I’m a 6th grader in M.S. 54. Throughout my seven years in public school, I have written quite a few essays and also quite a few creative writing stories. I’ve written persuasive essays, reading responses formed like essays, and at the same time, a few stories just based on what I think about a topic that I made up.

I think that essay writing may be pushing kids, and that’s why a lot of students prefer just writing their own stories instead of listening to a teacher give them a certain point that they have to write about.

In 4th grade, I remember having to write an essay about what I think about zoos: should we keep zoos or shut them down? Even though in this essay that I had to write, I was able to choose what side I wanted, there was still something that I needed to write about. Yes or no, but I couldn’t choose the topic. I had to write about zoos. I learned about the advantages and disadvantage of zoos. I could have done the same thing by writing creatively. Kids could have researched about it, but interpreted it with their own creativity instead of being forced by their teacher to write about a topic that they might not want to. While writing a creative story, I enjoy spilling out all of the ideas, and I can’t stop, or else I find myself in the situation of being stuck, not knowing what to write next.

But when I, or other students, hear the word “essay,” we all groan. We know that right now, we are going to get a prompt that we have to answer, and we don’t have a choice how we want to structure or form it.

This reaches to another point. In creative writing, there isn’t any certain structure that you  must follow, unlike essays where there is a formula that you have to follow. A type of paragraph in a essay, as many of you may know, is “RACER.” My class just learned this, and for the past couple weeks, that is the only type of paragraphs we have been writing. “R” is restate, “A” is answer, “C” is cite, “E” is explain, and “R” is revise. We can’t write freely in whatever kind of way we want. We can only do so much with this format. We only have a limited amount of sentences within a paragraph.

I remember one time in class, a girl brought in a paragraph that was about ten sentences long, and there were four sentences that didn’t exactly follow the RACER structure. My teacher said to delete those sentences. They were not “needed.” This way, people will start limiting themselves, and soon, I predict that people will start writing just a few sentences instead of a paragraph, which is five to seven sentences. Another way that people could be limiting themselves is in creativity. As soon as the structure gets stuck, it will be hard to add their creativity in while still using the form or structure. This doesn’t only go with the RACER structure, but with every structure, and it may also be hard for students learning it while they want to be creative and to include creativity.

Some of you may not agree with me though. Using help from a few friends, I came up with a few counter arguments. One thing that some of you may be thinking is, “But we need more structures, not less, because then, it won’t be organized.” But that’s not true because it really matters what you’re writing. In creative writing, there’s really no certain structure or structures that you have to follow, so there’s really no way that it can sound unorganized or messy.  

There can obviously be multiple more reasons why any of you might disagree, but one reason is because then it might seem as if the teacher is teaching different structures to everyone. But even people who haven’t learned the structure can see how the structure is the same for each person, so it would be boring reading it for them. In creative writing, there isn’t any form that you must follow, so that way, it wouldn’t sound repetitive.

What I really want to improve in classes when it comes to writing is to have as many essays as creative stories. In each grade, we always wrote more essays than stories. I don’t see why. Creative writing also helps. All of my teachers said that creativity and imagination are very important, so why don’t we use it? I hope all of you take this in mind and hopefully make a change. Thank you.


Birdie and the Great Days


Chapter 1

A bird flies over buildings, brushing against the smooth and bumpy trees. It flies up and pecks on a leaf, and then, it soars off. It flies into the sun, its feathers shining. It pecks on the leaf again. The bird sees bees collecting pollen and people getting up. Then, the bird looks up and sees the sun rising, with yellow and pink colors.

Then, he studies the sparkling sun. He tilts his head and flies off. He flies more and then stops. He sees the most beautiful building ever as he flies up and up. Then, he goes to the very top, and he sees flowers and his friends. He flies down and tells them what he saw that day.

The birds play in the vines, jump, fly, eat leaves, and find worms. They throw the worms down and forget about them. They keep on playing for the rest of the day.

Then, they go back to the nest. Just then, they see a bat. They fly into the nest as fast as they can!! The bat sees them, but they curl up, and ten minutes later, they fall asleep. But the bat is still there.

“But, you guys! I’m your friend, remember?” says the bat, “Remember? My name is Blackie.”

But the two birds are fast asleep. The birds dream of going to see their old friend, but they don’t remember what their old friend looks like and what animal he is.

Meanwhile, the bat finds a spot to go to sleep. The next morning, the pigeons wake up. They go to examine the bat. They don’t remember anything they saw or dreamed about, but they decide to think, and think, and think. But still, they can’t remember. Just then, the bat wakes up.

The birds jump back, but the bat says, “Remember me? I’m Blackie.”

Then, they remember that it was Blackie, their friend.

“Oh, hi! We didn’t know it was you. Sorry, yesterday we couldn’t see you, and it was dark.”

“It’s okay, I came here to see you guys.”

Just then, the sun rises up.

Birdie says, “Let’s go look. I want to show you what we did yesterday, and then, we can do it again today too!”

“Okay,” says Blackie.

So they fly off. First, they stop and sit on the windowsill of a building. They see a cat, so they fly to another ledge. They see their friend Rattie.

“Rattie, wanna come play with us today?” they say.  

“Sorry, maybe tomorrow. I have to go and get to the grocery store.”

“Okay, it’s fine. We will go tomorrow.”

So, they fly off and go to the vine building.

“What’s this?” asks Rattie and Blackie.

“It’s a building with vines!” says Birdie and his other bird friend, Pinnie.

Blackie starts to fly up to the top. Rattie climbs and climbs to the top. Then, Birdie flies up and then Pinnie. They play hide and go seek. Then, they play tag.

“Tag, you’re it.”

Blackie is it. Rattie runs, and runs, and then, he tags Pinnie. Pinnie flies and tags Rattie. Rattie is very, very fast, but Birdie and the others can fly. But Rattie can jump too! He jumps into the air to Birdie, and now Birdie is it. Birdie flies and gets Blackie and Pinnie. They do rock paper scissors. Pinnie wins.


Chapter 2

They play hide and go seek. Pinnie is it, while the others go and hide.  First, he checks for Rattie because Rattie loves hiding in small corners. He looks in the top corner, and the bottom corner, the other top corner, and the other bottom corner. He finds Rattie in the other bottom corner. Rattie and Pinnie start looking for Blackie. Blackie loves hiding in the bushes. They look in parts of the building, for little parts that are small, that Blackie can hide behind. They find one, but he isn’t there. They find the second one, but he isn’t there. The third one is really big. They look and there is Blackie.

Then, they look for Birdie. Birdie isn’t particular to where he hides. They look under the building, on top the building, and around the building, but they still can’’t find him. They look at the side of window, but they still can’t find him. They go back to the nest, thinking he is right behind them. They look behind them, but he isn’t there. They keep walking, and he still isn’t there. Then suddenly, Birdie pops out of the nest.

“Boo!” he says.

They all jump back, and Rattie almost falls out of the tree, but Pinnie catches him and pulls him up. That night, they make another nest. Rattie sleeps in one nest and Pinnie and Birdie sleep in the other. And Blackie sleeps right above them. It is a full moon, so they don’t fall asleep for a while.

Finally, at 8 o’clock p.m., they fall asleep.

The next morning, they watch the sunrise. The colors are pink, purple, orange, and yellow. It is really fun. After that, they go into the train station. They find some tickets on the ground. They have one, two, three, but one was missing. They search the ground..

“Rattie, look at this! There’s two more tickets. What should we do?”

“Maybe we can print out more tickets and give them to the others.”


So Rattie goes to print them, and Pinnie goes to tell the others. She calls Blackie and Birdie. They go to the printer all together. Rattie types it in, Blackie presses the button, puts the paper in, and Birdie takes the papers out. They have eight tickets now. They can go on two trips!

Birdie is looking at the tickets. Pinnie is walking over, and Rattie is jumping off the printer. He lands next to Pinnie, and he almost knocks his beak off.

Just then, Birdie screams, “These are tickets to India! And even better, plane tickets!”

One time, when Birdie was a baby pigeon, he wandered off and he snuck onto a plane. He didn’t know where it was, he didn’t know where he was going. He didn’t know how to fly. He got lost on the plane. He found his way into the cargo. He saw this little puppy.

He said, “Hi.”

The dog didn’t understand him, so he read his name tag and read, “Fluffy.” He knew a little English, so he said, “Hi, little puppy.”

The dog said, “Woof, woof, woof.”

“Maybe I should switch to dog,” he said. “Hello, little dog. What is your name?”

The dog said back, “My name’s Fluffy. I’m from India. My owner’s on the plane. I want some food. I’m really hungry. One second.”

He went back. He started walking down the aisle and saw some food. He picked it up and brought it back to the cargo.

“Thank you,” said Fluffy. “Can we be friends?”

“I’ll give you my phone number.”

And that is how they became friends.

Birdie is so happy that he is going to India because he is going to see his friend, Fluffy.

“Before I met Fluffy, I was afraid of dogs.”

“Cool!” say Pinnie and Rattie.

So, they put the tickets on top of the counter where the flight attendant checks them. They grab them down, and go onto the airplane. They sneak onto the plane, with snacks like gum, crackers, ice cream, and donuts. They drop their backpacks and give each other a piece of gum.

They sleep for a while. Then, they hear that dinner is coming around, and Birdie says, “Wake up, everyone! Dinner is here!”                         

Rattie goes up and gets two juices from the juice bar and two bowls of spaghetti with meatballs. Rattie runs across the bar, gets two juices and runs back. Then, he goes to the food bar and gets two plates of spaghetti and meatballs and scampers back.

“I wonder where we are going,” says Birdie.

“I will check,” says Rattie.

He runs down the aisle, reads the sign, and then he goes back to his friends.

He says, “We’re going to India!”

“Cool,” says Blackie.


Chapter 3

“I’m hungry for dinner,” says Birdie, “I’m going to go up to the dinner bar.”

So Birdie starts walking. He walks down the aisle like a person. But just then, a flight attendant walks down the aisle. She isn’t watching, and she steps on Birdie’s tail. He screeches. The flight attendant starts chasing after him. He runs into the food bar. He doesn’t get anything because he just starts running back down the aisle. He goes under the chair where all of his friends are.

He says, “There’s a flight attendant coming to get us! Quick, hold onto the top of the chair, so they don’t see us.”

But Blackie is too late. They see him. They take them all to the cargo and put them in a cage. They are so sad because they want to see what the view is like. But they can’t now. Now, they have to wait until they come out of the airplane. Just then, Birdie is reading the ticket because he still has it in his wing.

And he says, “Oh no, we don’t know if we are getting off on the right thing. We’re stopping in London, and we might not know when to get off.”

Blackie says, “I could try and gnaw off these bars.”

“No,” says Birdie. “That would hurt your teeth and you might break them.”

Rattie starts running around the cage like a maniac. Birdie has to calm him down and puts him on the little blanket that they put in the cages for animals. Just then, they hear a beeping sound from outside.

“Oh no! This might be India, or it could be London,” says Rattie.

“Quick!” says Birdie. “Gnaw off the lock for us! It won’t hurt your teeth because it’s only a lil bit of metal.”

Rattie starts gnawing off the metal, and there is a little hole that they can fit in. They squeeze out and push the button to open the door of the cargo. They walk against the wall.

“There’s the door,” says Birdie. “Come on! Go quick!”

They run down the aisle and out the door.

“Whew!” they say.

Birdie notices that it is much colder than in India at the airport. Then, he sees the plane leaving.

“Oh no! This is London! It’s not India!”

All of them start running toward the door to get to the plane, but it is leaving. Now, they have to sneak onto another plane and make sure it is going to India.


Chapter 4

“Now what are we going to do?” says Rattie in his annoying voice.

“Don’t worry,” says Birdie, “We will find a plane that’s somewhere close to India.”

“First of all, we need to find a place to sleep,” Pinnie says.  

“Look, we can go under that chair in the corner,” says Blackie.

They walk over to the chair and find a comfy space behind the leg of the chair.

“Perfect, and now we can see when the airplane’s coming, and we can hear if it’s for India.”

For the next two days, they play and steal food like birds and animals do. Then, they hear the announcer say, “The plane for India is leaving now. Please get in line if you are going to India.”

They get up as soon as they hear the word “India” and they run as fast as their little legs can carry them.

Birdie thinks for a second, Oh no! We’re going to get seen.

Just then, he sees another little bird in there flying around.

He says to the others, “You know how birds get stuck in airports sometimes? We should act like one of them.”

So, they start flying around like they are birds that just got stuck there. Then, they see the door opening. They swoop down. Rattie is holding onto Blackie’s back into the door.  

“Phew” says Blackie, “We got on! Now let’s find a place to sit where they won’t find us.

“Maybe behind the curtain,” says Rattie.

“Okay,” says Birdie.

They run over to the curtain. They get settled, and they stay there for the whole time. It is really hot in the curtain, so Birdie takes a walk under a seat.

Then, he notices a flight attendant coming. He runs back as fast as he can to the curtain.

“Phew! Don’t go out there, and be quiet,” he said to the others.

They all stay still for a few minutes. Then, Birdie peeks his eye out of the curtain. The flight attendant is gone. They are safe.

They look at the time. It was ten o’clock at night.

Birdie says, “I think we should all go to bed now.” So they all fall asleep.

The next morning, they hear that breakfast is coming. So, they sneak a little pretzel bag. They all share it.

Just then, they hear an announcement that says they are almost in India.

“Yay, we’re almost there!” says Birdie.

So, they spend the rest of the time enjoying the plane. Then, they see on the board that they are landing in two minutes! They count down.

“59, 58, 57…”

They are so excited!

Then, the flight attendant says, “Everyone who wants to get to India, get off.”

They run as fast as they can off the plane. They run through security, and they run through the door of the airport.

They say, “We’re finally here!!”

They sneak onto a taxi and ride all the way to the gate of India. There are a lot of people there! They walk around and look for dogs that look like Fluffy. Just then, they see a beautiful design on the gate of India. They walk around one more time, and they hear a barking noise! There is a dog jumping on someone!

Birdie looks over and says, “That’s my friend!!!”

But just then, Birdie walks up to Fluffy. He pauses. He is nervous. His wings start shaking. Then, he remembers Fluffy is his friend. He is not going to eat him.

Finally, he says, “Hello” to Fluffy.

But Fluffy doesn’t hear Birdie. Birdie runs over, but just then, Fluffy starts walking away!

“Don’t you remember me?” says Birdie.

Just then, they see each other. “You’re my friend that I met on the plane!” says the dog named Fluffy.

“Yeah,” says Birdie, “I came to see you!”

They laugh and play for the rest of the day, and Birdie ends up staying there for a whole month with this friends! Fluffy gets to know his friends, too. They eat a lot of dosas, flat pancakes that you can eat for any meal, and they’re not sweet. They also eat idli’s, rice shaped into balls.

Soon, they plan a date where Fluffy can come to New York! They are so happy. And they live happily ever after, for now.


The End!

(Birdie says goodbye!)


Car Accident

Once there was a guy named Paul.

He had a Maserati.

Paul was driving the Maserati so fast, that he couldn’t stop the brakes.

Then, there was a robbery at the bank, and the guy jumped up on Paul’s Maserati. His face was almost falling apart, and his skin was going turbo.

The Maserati was going too fast, and there was a big ramp.

The robber, who was robbing the bank, fell on the ground. The police were chasing after Paul, and the police were chasing after the robber.

While Paul was driving the Maserati, he had to go to the gas station, but the Maserati was going too fast. So Paul lowered the window down, and he took the gas station pump, and he climbed out of the window. He went to the gas filler, and he took the gas, and he put it in for 100 hours.

Then, the police were ambushing. There were 1,000 police people. The chief called a meeting with all of the policemen. The policemen surrounded Paul, but the Maserati drove right through them and there was blood all over them. The policemen were going to taser Paul, but that did not work so they just left Paul, and he went to Hawaii.

But, he felt guilty. So he went to the police station.

“I was the person who killed the 1,000 policemen.You can take me to  jail.”

So the policemen did.




The Golden Heart Chronicles (Excerpt)

Chapter One

The bell rang as Kate Rosen ran to get to her classroom on time. She had spent all night finishing her English homework. Kate had gotten a C+ on her last English test, and her parents were really upset because they wanted Kate to be a straight-A student. So they had grounded her. That made Kate really mad, because she and her best friend Lucy had been planning a party with some of their friends from gymnastics.

So, when she got to school, Lucy asked why Kate hadn’t responded to her texts, and it was all very bad.

After studying all night, Kate had forgotten to set her alarm, and woke up with only fifteen minutes until school started, and it took five minutes for her dad to drive Kate to school. So that meant she had just ten minutes to get ready for school.

Now, there she was, sliding into her seat, just as the final bell rang.

“Where were you, Kate?” boomed Ms. Call, “You were almost late!! And you know I don’t like lateness!”

Ms. Call was a very loud person. Normally, she could be heard across the hall. And almost all the teachers complained about being able to hear the kids across the hall. Ms. Call was also very strict. It was no wonder that most kids were afraid of her. Mrs. V, the vice principal, was her sister, and that morning, she came into their classroom.

“Clarissa,” she said (Ms. Call’s first name was Clarissa), “Won’t you meet me during lunch?”

“Of course, of course!” Ms. Call responded.

After Ms. V left, Kate wondered what was up. Then, Ms. Call continued her lecture.   

* * *

After listening to a long lecture about the bad effects of being late, Ms. Call finally started the (boring) lesson. The day flew by, and by 3:50 PM, when it was time to go home, Kate was exhausted. When Ms. Call passed out a flyer for Golden Heart Middle & High School, Kate hardly paid any attention at all.

When Kate got home, she flopped on her bed, with orange stars on her quilt, in her room with the pretty, pink and yellow striped walls, and slept until her mom yelled at at her to get her homework done. Only a few minutes after Kate finished her math homework, there was a knock on the door.

“Mom, can you get the door?” Kate called up from her room. “I still have to do my writing homework!”

“Okay,” her mom responded. “I’ll tell you if it is someone you want to see!”

A few seconds later, there was a loud clomp-clomping of designer boots, and Kate knew exactly who had knocked on the door, even without her mom calling, “Lucy’s here!”


Chapter 2

Lucy was Kate’s best friend. Lucy used to live across the street from Kate, back before Lucy’s mom had made, like, a billion dollars as an award-winning actor, who starred in one of the most popular movies, even today, about three years after the movie had been released. The movie was called Queen of Wonder and was about ancient Greek royalty, and even though it sounded weird, it was really good! After the movie became a smash hit, and Lucy’s family was suddenly rich, they moved to a huge house on a nearby street, where all the big house were.

Kate still lived in her two-story brick house on Moon Street. The upper floor consisted of Kate’s room, her parents’ room, and a small bathroom that Kate and her parents shared. The bottom floor had a kitchen, living room, and dining room. It was identical to all the other houses on Moon Street.

Lucy was still Kate’s best friend, even though they didn’t live near each other. Practically every weekend, one was sleeping over at the other’s house.

Lucy ran into Kate’s room and started talking a mile a minute.  

“Oh my god!” screamed Lucy, waving her hands in the air, “Have you heard? Do you want to go?”

“What are you talking about?” asked Kate, “I don’t know know what you’re talking about!”

“You don’t know?” Lucy asked, shocked. “I thought you got the pamphlet!”

“Oh, this?” Kate threw the Golden Heart Middle and High School pamphlet on the ground. She was shocked at Lucy’s reaction.

“How dare you! This school is the key for us to become rich and famous like my mom!”

What?” Kate felt like she had missed something big.

“Oh,” Lucy said, her voice suddenly gentle. “Have you read the pamphlet at all?”


“Oh, I see why you were so confused.”

“I still am confused!”

“Whatever. You need to know what’s in that pamphlet!”


“So read it!”

“Fine, I was going to!”

Kate picked up the pamphlet and began to read.


Dear whoever is lucky enough to read this,

We hope by reading this, you decide that you will benefit from going to Golden Heart Middle and High School. If you do, we hope you enjoy the luxurious dorms, which you will share with a roommate of your choice. Your rooms will include two queen beds, a flat-screen TV, two mini fridges, the rest of your mini kitchenette, and laptops for you and your roommate. There are also special classes unique to Golden Heart, including our famous equestrian center, our star cooking class, our filmmaking class, our honored sports classes with all things from soccer to gymnastics, our first-class dancing classes, our writing classes, water sports, our wonderful art classes, and more! We hope you decide to come, like all the stars and world-famous people who have graduated from Golden Heart. If you cannot afford to go to Golden Heart, a full scholarship will be awarded to two exceptional students at participating schools by the principal, so try to do the best for your community, and you might just get into this elite school. Until the scholarship is awarded to the students, think about looking into it further.

Thank you,

Madam Finick, Headmistress of Golden Heart


“Wow…” Kate breathed, “This looks amazing!”

“I know!” cried Lucy, “We NEED to get in!”

Just then, Kate’s mother came upstairs to tell Lucy that her mother had called and said that Lucy could stay at Kate’s house for dinner, but couldn’t sleep over, because it was a school night.

“What are you talking about, girls?” she asked, “It was getting a little loud up here. I hope you weren’t arguing!”

Kate wordlessly handed her mom the pamphlet. Her mom looked it over and then read the inside of the pamphlet.

“Um, interesting….” Kate’s mom said, “I presume you just read this, Kate.”


“And you were showing it to Kate, Lucy. Right?”

“How do you know these things?” Lucy wondered aloud.

“Mom power,” Kate’s mother responded.

She was always saying cheesy things like that, as an excuse for logic.

“Can you pleeease let us try to get in?!” Lucy and Kate asked in unison, “Please?”

“Well, if you want to so bad, then, yes.”


“Lucy’s mother has to agree too, okay?”


Her mom left the room, and a wordless message passed between Lucy and Kate: We have to get into Golden Heart!

Kate and Lucy had been friends for so long that they could communicate with each other with just their eyes.


Mr. Maniac

Mr. Maniac has white hair. He is about five feet tall, he has glasses, he has a small army, he has enemies, and he has a power that can stop time with the small clock that he keeps inside his jacket.

Mr. Maniac likes to freeze time, steal money, and spill people’s coffee. His army has a watch too, so they don’t freeze when he clicks the watch.

Mr. Maniac wants to control the world.

He has no real reason, he just wants too. So he can have everything. He wants money and gold. He wants to be rich.

When he’s trying to control the world, he sends his army to defeat the people who are against him, but they steal the armies watches, and so when Mr. Maniac stops time, they don’t freeze.

In one of the big battles, Mr. Maniac is there, and only a few people in his army are left. People try to break his watch. Someone manages to find and break his watch.

Then, they take him to prison for life. His army also goes to prison, but not for life.

Mr. Maniac is lonely. He only sees the police.

In prison, he plays some games with his army friends. The police gives him food. The police don’t want him to die.


Adventurous Kids


The Mom Was Spooky

Horrible Disgusting And

Did Not Do Her Job


She Was An Awful

Person Who Did Not Like Her

Kids They Hated Her


She Made Them Do All

Her Work And Chores And They Were

Like Maids They Spooked Her


They Used Their Brooms And

Flew Away Their Mom Was Scared

Perplexed And More Scared


She Called The Police

And Said Her Horrible Kids

Flew Broomsticks Away


They Said She Was Quite

Insane And Was Arrested

In Jail She Cursed


Then The Children Fell

But Luckily Fell Into

A Tree, And They Lived   


They Were Hurt And Called

The Ambulance, They Were Fine

But Were Really Hurt


The Children Needed To

Find Shelter, And Get Someone

Like A Guardian


This Guardian Treated

The Children Like A Father

Was Supposed To Act


But Then Something Weird

Happened Wizards Barged Into

The House And Said “You


Children Are Wizards

You Can Do Magic So You

Have To Come With Us”


“But Why We’re Just Kids”

They All Said In Unison

“Yes But If You Want


To Save The World

Join Us” The Wizards

Said To The Children


“Cool We Get To Save

The World” Then The Wizards Said

Something That Might Change


Their Mind “The Thing Is

You Have To Leave Everything You

Love Behind” Uh-Oh


“Then I Think We Will

Pass We Already Had Some

Horrible Things Hit


Us In Our Child

Years Our Mom Hated Us

She Thought We Were Maids


So We Need Our Friends

And Family So

They Did Not Become Wizards


And Went On With Their

Daily Lives And Were Happy

They Didn’t Become



The Diary Adventure

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Dear Diary,

Today after workshop, I’m going to a birthday party. I’m not supposed to go dressed in a costume, but I want to. I don’t think anybody’s going to notice me in my costume, so I’m not worried about it. This birthday party doesn’t have any theme. I want it to, though.

I’m going as a vampire.

This morning, I woke up at 1:00 in the morning. I don’t know why, but maybe you do. Maybe because my eczema was itching me. I kept having to wake up and put my cream on the back of my knees, but I’m not 100% sure that was the reason why I woke up early.

I stayed up until 3:00 a.m. in the morning, and then, I fell back asleep. I woke up at 8:30 AM, because I was really tired. But I didn’t feel tired. I felt like I normally do every morning, which is fine. Rested. Every morning, I feel–

”Come down, I need you to drink your water!” yelled my mom.


–like an early bird. Finally, I walked down the stairs to the living room and started gulping down my water. And I forgot something I needed to add in my diary.

I said, “Mom, can I just be excused for a minute?”

“Why?” she wondered.

“Just because I forgot to add something in my diary.”

“You can do it later.”

But she didn’t know that my diary was quite emotional and real. I begged to go back upstairs, and finally she said yes, counting to ten. I heard her counting, “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,” and I came panting downstairs and leaped onto the sofa just as she was about to say, “10.”

My twin screamed, “TV! TV!”

I covered my ears to stop the noise, but he was too loud.

My mom said, “No, you watched too much TV already.”

I wondered, “When?”

She said, “While you were writing in your diary.”

“Oh,” I said.

Just then, I finished my water, and at that exact same moment, my dad came striding in from his changing room, as he always does.

He looked everywhere and said, “Oh, there’s my breakfast. I’m starving.”

My mom said, “As a matter of fact–oh no! We’re very late. It’s already 9 o’clock!”

I asked, “Where do we have to go?”

“You’ll see when we get there,” my mom replied very cautiously and worried.

I said, “Can I just go get something from my room?”

She replied even more cautiously, “Hurry up.”

I ran upstairs, as quick as a flash, and came rushing down faster than I have ever gone, but slower than a flash because I was exhausted from running up.

I collapsed into the car, and my intention was to start writing in my diary, but I was too tired from running upstairs, so I started snoring louder than my brother was yelling “TV.”

I woke up fifteen minutes later, and as soon as the diary thought came across my mind, I sprang up from lying down, and started scribbling every word of what happened in my diary.

The car jerked, and what I saw next was a something big, but I didn’t know what it was. The shape of it had glass, colorful windows. I’m not sure if it was the sun’s rays shining on a raindrop, or if it was just meant to be that way. I scribbled all of this in my journal.

I hopped out of the car, and my mom said, “Stop writing in that journal, so you can enjoy the party.”

I grumbled to myself, “I want to keep writing, but I feel as if I’m a bandit from my home.”

She said, “Don’t have such a sad face. Enjoy the birthday, and stop writing in that diary, or you won’t have a birthday party this year.”

She looked at me as if she wouldn’t give me any presents for my birthday, and I heard her just snort to herself. I hurried inside and started scribbling again.

I saw a little corner where lots of children were reading and writing, and as soon as I saw them, I hurried over, but not as quick as a flash. I jogged over there and somebody had just left, so I tumbled onto that cushion. Just as I was about to put down the first word, I heard a loud voice say, “Game time!”

“Noooo!” I grumbled. I felt as if it were an autocracy.

They said, “The first game is… the rock climbing jump!”

As soon as I heard rock climbing, I couldn’t stop jumping up and running towards the wall, because I love rock climbing. I was in such a hurry, that I forgot to bring my diary with me. When the game was over, I said, “Ugh, let me start writing now.”

Just at that moment, I realized that I had lost it. I was startled. I hurried over to the corner in which I had been writing. I lifted up the cushions, but it was nowhere to be found. I started sobbing, but then, I said to myself, “I will find it. I’d rather miss the activities than lose my diary.”

I started asking everyone, “Have you seen a brown, leather-covered diary/journal?”

They said, “What are you talking about?”

Just as I left, I saw them grin at each other and heard, “Let’s look at the diary!”

“Yeah, let’s do it!”

They started opening the cover, and I leaped up and snatched it, landing in the cake. There was a big gasp, but the positive news was that I got my diary. The next negative news was that my diary was dirty! I hurried out of the cake and walked with icing dripping out of my hair. My parents scolded me, and my dad took me home and locked me in my room. I was half delighted and half sad. I was sad because I wanted to enjoy the birthday, but ended up not enjoying the birthday party at all. I’m happy because I have my diary, and I can clean it up here. As soon as the door closed, I grabbed a cloth that was always in my drawer and water from the water jug. I started cleaning it up. I was finished in about ten minutes and started scribbling again in my diary.

My family came home, and I heard my twin laughing and saying, “Ha! He didn’t get to come! I finally had an outing without him!”

I ground my teeth, just to show how angry I was. I opened my door and screamed, “Mom! Dad! Can you put him in another separate room and let me come out, please?”

The next thing I heard was wailing and crying, saying, “Don’t put me in! I’ll say sorry.”

I quickly scribbled all this in my diary.

Finally, I heard footsteps coming towards my room. Creak. I heard my front door being unlocked.

“Thank you!” I said in a relieved way, and I ran downstairs to the basement and found a comfy spot where I wasn’t too cold or too hot. It was just perfect. I started writing.

When I finished writing, which I thought was only five minutes, but was actually an hour, my mom shouted, “Come down for dinner.”

I grunted and started walking up the stairs gloomily. I sat down and started sobbing when I saw what was for dinner, which was cold, fried peas. My brother had already gulped all of the peas down his throat.

My mom said, “You have to eat it all.”

When I had finished my dinner, I went up to my room and wrote everything that had happened recently.

I felt really ashamed when I went to sleep, because I could’ve fought through eating the disgusting peas, just like my brother did.

Before I went to bed, my brother came into my room to apologize.

I said, “It’s okay, I’m sorry as well.”

I went back to sleep and thought in my head, Tomorrow is going to be a great day, because today was the worst day!


Expectations and Results of the 2016 Presidential Election

The United States of America is a country based on freedom of speech, so people can share their views on certain ideas. Usually, people, such as Michelle Obama, share political views through speeches. However, Hamilton actor Brandon Victor Dixon showed that political views could also be expressed in art, such as a play.

The First Lady, Michelle Obama, believes that the future President of the United States (POTUS) will shape a kid’s future. She has two girls, Malia Obama and Sasha Obama, and wants the future POTUS to know how to take the job seriously and to show children that everyone matters. Children must understand that they should not only chase their own fame, but also fight to give others the chance to succeed. As the First Lady speaks, she evidently convinces the audience to make them support these beliefs. She uses many literary devices to do so.

Michelle Obama often relates to her own personal experiences. She speaks a lot about her two daughters, and how her decisions have impacted their life. By using her own experiences, Michelle implies the fact that what she is saying actually matters to not only herself and her family, but many other families across the United States of America. Michelle Obama also repeatedly uses the terms “you” and “we.” By doing this, she makes the audience believe that they are a part of a team and that they really matter to her. When the audience feels like they are a part of a team, they feel special and therefore, they are convinced. Michelle Obama gave this speech at the Democratic Convention, where she and many others endorsed Hillary Clinton. I do not think these people like the future POTUS.

The new President of the United States is Donald Trump. This had really shocked me, considering that Hillary had way higher chances of winning. Maybe Hillary’s higher chance of winning made her supporters not feel the need to vote, and it made Trump supporters really want to make a change by voting for him. After Trump won, the stock market dropped four percent. However, after he gave his acceptance speech, the stock market rose, making the total drop of 1.5 percent. I think that at first, many people thought that Donald Trump would only do bad for the United States of America. However, after his speech, people started thinking he wouldn’t be the worst. Maybe he would actually take the job seriously, a quality that Michelle Obama wanted the future POTUS to have.

I think that Michelle Obama, despite that fact, still does not accept Donald Trump. Trump has said many things that convinced people to believe that he is very self-centered. Michelle Obama wanted to have a president who would teach kids that everyone is important. Overall, Trump has not received much respect from Democratic States.

Mike Pence has also not received much respect from these States. Mike Pence, the new Vice President, recently went to see the Hamilton Broadway show in New York City. However, he got an unexpected message at the end. One of the Hamilton cast members gave Mike Pence his thoughts.

He said, “We hope you will hear us out. We, sir — we — are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights, We truly hope that this show has inspired you to uphold our American values and to work on behalf of all of us.”

Later, Mike Pence responded to this by saying, “I wasn’t offended.” He also said, “This is what freedom sounds like.”

Donald Trump tweeted, “Our wonderful future V.P. Mike Pence was harassed last night at the theater by the cast of Hamilton, cameras blazing. This should not happen!…Apologize!”

The cast member who made these remarks, Brandon Victor Dixon, refuses to apologize.

I have recently heard some very good opinions on Brandon Victor Dixon’s statements. I have heard from people who did, and did not support these statements.

From people who did support his statements, they believe the courage and confidence this cast member had was truly amazing. After hearing it was not right to do such a thing from many people, I have heard counter-arguments, saying it is freedom of speech, which is a right given to all members of the United States of America.

From people who did not support his statements, they have said Brandon was taking advantage of the fact that the cast had the stage and social power (the ability not to make certain decisions/laws, but to have an influence on people). Therefore, they should’ve privately done such a thing. They also believe Mike Pence has not done anything as Vice President, to show that he will not protect America. These people did not support Trump, but believe that we all must give him and his administration a chance and respect the fact that he won fair and square and that he is the President of the United States. In short, it was the right idea, but the wrong platform.

Personally, I agree with both sides. I think that it was not fair to insult Mike Pence when he came to the show for entertainment. However, this might have an impact on the Trump administration and change some of their negative policies. I think Brandon Dixon should have posted something on social media, considering Mike Pence went to Hamilton with his daughter, and she could have felt sad or embarrassed that her father was being booed and insulted at what was supposed to be a social entertainment event.

I think Michelle Obama favors Brandon Victor Dixon’s statements. I think she likes the way he spoke up and said what he believed. Michelle Obama implied she did not want Trump to win. However, Brandon stated the fact that he wanted to see a change in the Trump Administration. I think Michelle Obama respected his self-advocacy and his courage to give Mike Pence this message.

Overall, this Presidential Election has been a wild one. Both candidates were very determined and wanted the job. It was Hillary versus Trump, and Trump won being President of the United States. Michelle Obama and Brandon Victor Dixon have both portrayed the fact that they don’t like Trump and his administration. I think we must give the Trump Administration a chance and see what they have to offer the United States of America.


Madison the Writing Fairy

Emma Hieh was thirsty, so she went to the grocery store to buy some Vitamin Water. When she bought the lemonade and she drank it, a fairy popped out of the bottle. Emma was so surprised. She thought fairies weren’t real. The fairy had curly, black hair down to her feet and she had a light blue dress down to her ankles and she wore a headband that was light blue and matches her outfit and pink sparkly high heels.

Emma said, “Hi.”

The fairy questioned, “Who are you? What are you doing in my bottle?”

“I was drinking lemonade,” Emma answered.

“Will you come with me?” the fairy said                   

“No,’’ Emma said.

“Please, I’ll help you face problems that you face in the future.”

And then Emma sighed, “Fine.”

The fairy took her outside and hid her behind a tree. And used her magic wand and they were off to The Writing Lab. They were on the top of a rainbow and when they slid down, they were at The Writing Lab of Fairyland. Emma felt magical and afraid, because she thought she might do something wrong. She saw a Writing Lab. It looked like a palace, except it said, “Writing Lab of Fairyland” on the top and not a palace. It was light blue and light pink. At the end of the rainbow, there was a cushion.

“Where are we?” Emma asked.

“Fairyland Writing Lab,” the fairy answered.

“Where should we start?”

Fairy Lab had light blue curtains on it with dark blue stars and the dark blue stars shined in the nighttime. They had drawing stations and they also had a special train that led to every single room that only fairies were allowed to take. Fairies only showed themselves to girls.

First, the fairy showed Emma her five magical objects. The first one was a magical pen that helped everybody write well in neat handwriting. The next one was a magic notebook which helped everybody’s pages not be ripped or crumpled. One was a magical necklace that had good covers and always had good drawings. And the last one was a magical computer that helped everybody type and think well for typing and another one was the magical light bulb which helped them think of ideas. She was about to say, “My name is Madison,” but suddenly one of the magic objects disappeared. The magical pen was the first one to disappear.

“I can’t believe it! I asked my best friend, Mia the Drawing Fairy, to look after it and also my best friend, Lily the Cover Fairy.”

Then, she went to ask Mia the Drawing Fair and Lily the Cover Fairy.

“Didn’t you look after my magical objects?”

Mia answered, “Yes, but I thought Lily was looking after it!”

“I wasn’t! Mia was,” Lily argued.

Emma saw something dark while all the arguing was going on, and suddenly she called Lily, Madison, and Mia. And when they saw it too, they said it’s the monster of all fairies.

Emma wondered, “What’s the Monster of all Fairies? Doesn’t every fairy have a happy life?”

“No,” cried Madison, Lily, and Mia at the same time as they burst into tears.


‘’He loves to ruin us.’’ Mia sighed.

‘’Is he nice?’’


‘’We have no time to lose,’’ Madison cried.

Emma asked, “Where should we start?”

“Are you going anywhere that has writing involved in it?” Madison asked.

“Yes, I’m going to a writing camp,” Emma answered.

“Awesome,” Madison cried, “Luckily, my magical objects get goblins or anybody who has them to the closest place of writing.”

“Do you know where your writing camp is?” Mia asked.

“Yes, it’s on Pense Avenue in Australia.”

“Okay, I guess I’ll come with you,” Madison answered, “Mia and Lily, can you help me and Emma look for my magic objects?

“Of course,” Mia and Lily chimed in.

A second later Emma blinks, she remembered that she was at her house. But then, she realized three fairies were hiding in her pocket, because her parents said that she could ride her bike to the camp because it was only five miles away. She went to the garage to get her bike, decorated with blue, silver, and gold. She had a basket on her bike, so she put the fairies to hide inside there. Suddenly, Emma’s puppy, Sunny, rushed and almost drooled on her bike. Emma jumped off from her bike and calmed down Sunny. But, her parents said to take Sunny to writing camp, because they couldn’t look after Sunny because they both had jobs. Madison loved dogs because her sister Ava, the helpful Fairy, sometimes took care of puppies, so she liked to help her too.

“Ah!” Mia and Lily shrieked.

“It’s okay,” Emma and Madison said at the same time.

“It’s just my puppy,” Emma told to them.

Then, she picked up Sunny and said, “Calm down, boy.”

And then, she put the fairies in her bag she was carrying to writing camp with all of her materials and put Sunny in the basket.

“There you go,” Emma said.

But Madison flew out of the bag she was in.

“Can I sit inside with Sunny?” Madison asked.

“Of course!” Emma exclaimed.

Once they arrived, Madison sensed all around the room.

Then she said, “I know that the magical pen in this building, but it’s not in this room.”

Then Emma said, “Maybe we should check downstairs. It’s a big place.”

When they went downstairs, goblins were holding all types of pens.

“Oh no,’’ Madison cried, “My magic pen can be anywhere.”

“I have a idea’’ Emma smiled, “I bet the monster of all fairies would be really mad if they weren’t hiding.”

“Okay, but I still don’t understand your plan,”  Madison questioned curiously.

“I’ll explain it,” Emma said, “If we can tell the goblins that I am the Monster of All Fairies, then the goblins will give me the magic pen and maybe we can take it back to Fairyland Writing Lab.”

“Let’s try it,” Mia, Madison, and Lily said.

Madison tried her magic, but it couldn’t work without her magic pen, which also helps her magic. Then, she asked Mia and Lily to help her with her magic. And when they put the three wands together, the magic gets more powerful than one fairy that has all their magical objects. Then they put the loud booming voice together to Emma.

Emma whispers turned invisible.

“We lost a pen,” one told truthfully.

Then, Emma, Madison, Mia, and Lily looked together in dismay.

Then Mia spoke up. “Maybe we should be brave.”

Then Lily said, “Maybe me and Mia can make the pen not sparkly, so it’ll be easier to find.”

“Okay,” Emma answered happily.

All of a sudden, two people appeared. One was really dark, so she looked miscellaneous. The other one was Emma’s best friend. Emma looked worried. She would always tell her secrets to her best friend, Melissa Aslyn. She knew that Melissa was the type of girl who was the most popular girl (she really was number two, and Emma is number one) in class. She always acted like a queen and ordered them to do something such as this,

“If you don’t give me that cupcake, I will never be your friend again.”

Melissa was always trying to look for fairies, like Emma.

“Fairies, come here!” Melissa called.

Emma felt something bad coming on her way.

“Is there something wrong?” Emma asked Madison and Mia who were playing hand games.

Madison felt a shiver. Mia felt a snowball and Lily felt a snowflake. That meant they were really cold and knew that something bad was on the way.

All of sudden, the goblins cried, “We found it, we found a pen!”

“Oh no!” Madison whisper-cried.

Mia suddenly had an idea. She didn’t want Melissa to hear.

She whispered, “What if the goblins aren’t smart enough to find a real pen?”

Emma checked her watch. “The time that we made the magic pen non-sparkly was 2 o’clock exactly. Now it’s 3 o’clock and they just said fairy magic power only lasts for 30 minutes.”

“Yes!” Madison said, sadly.

“So, did you remember to look at the pen?” Emma asked.

“No!” They cried.

Emma talked a bit louder this time and Melissa could hear her, “I wish we could find it.”

“Emma, don’t be tricky,” Melissa called, “I know you’re here.”

Emma took a big breath.

“Fine, I am,” she answered.

As usual, Melissa knew everything. She was one of those girls who took classes in everything. Melissa loved school too. So, Melissa was always the smartest girl in class. Melissa grinned. She knew that her best friend, Emma, was going to the same camp as her. Emma’s mom and Melissa’s mom were best friends. Emma pulled out her phone and she texted Melissa. She didn’t want her to know that she was up in the sky. So this was how it went:

EH: Hey M.

MA: I’m mad @ you, E.

EH: Hey r u bored?

MA: No, I’m mad. If u didn’t know that.

EH: Don’t be so mad at me, it’s not a big deal.

MA: Do u even know what I’m talking about?

EH: I sure do.

MA: I’m mad at u b/c u didn’t say hi to me.

EH: R u jealous?

MA: Jealous of what?

EH: Jealous of not finding me.

MA: Humph u always have the luck.

EH: R u sure you don’t want to join me for my new story? Plus, there’s a big store outside that sells tons of yummy treats.

MA: U still r my best friend and I made a new friend named Rina.

EH: I can’t go, I’m working on my new story, bye!

Melissa skipped to the treat store. Emma and the fairies flew all over the basement. They didn’t even see a glimpse of sparkle.

Emma sighed, “Maybe we shouldn’t try again. Maybe we should follow the goblins this time.”

The three girls flew up to the roof. Madison, Mia, Lily, and Emma huddled up.

“I’ll take the basement,” Madison answered.

“I’ll take the roof,” Lily said, “Even though we can’t see it, Emma said the roof was bigger.”

“True,” Emma said, “I’ll take the workshop if you can turn me down to human size.”

“I’ll take the lobby to make sure that the pen’s not there.”

With a wave of two magic wands, Emma turned to human size. Emma dropped her friend at their stops. Emma hurried to her stop. She searched all around. All of a sudden, she saw a gleaming pen. She grabbed it. All of a sudden, she heard a voice. A really grumpy voice.

“What are you doing with the pens?”

Emma turned around. It was the principal of the camp.

“I was just going to think of an idea for my new story and I wanted to write it down on paper.”

“Okay,” he grumbled.

Emma hurried down to the basement.

All of a sudden, she saw goblins and they said, “Give us that pen and let your fairy friends go or keep the pen and let your fairy friends stay inside the nets.”

Then Emma said, “I don’t believe you. For proof, show me the net.”

The goblins huddled up.

“Okay,” one whispered, “It was your dumb plan to trick that girl and it didn’t work.”

“Hey! It wasn’t me! It was him!”

“It wasn’t me either.”

When the goblins started to talk, Emma put on her voice record.

“It wasn’t me either,” a short one said.

All of a sudden, one of the goblins said, “I have an idea. How about we do an arts and craft of the fairies.”

“But we’re not good at arts and crafts,” the plump one said.

“Only Master is good at them,” another one mentioned.

“But he’s so greedy, that he sits around in the castle all day, and eats frost pops,” a tall one mentioned.

And then all the goblins agreed.

“Okay,” they all mumbled.

Emma left the room and hurried up to the roof. She met Lily.

“Listen to this!”

She pressed the button and they heard what the goblins talked about.

“I hope they don’t spot me, so they don’t do a sketch of me,” Lily said, “I’m not sure if they’ll trick you much though. Because they are horrible at arts and crafts.”

“Let’s find the others and talk about this,” said Emma.  

They found the others and Madison came up with an idea after they heard the recording.

“How about we trick them!”

“How?” Lily questioned.

“We could do an arts and crafts. Let’s put some glitter on top of a pen and then trick the

goblins and say ‘We don’t need a silly pen, all we need is normal pen,’” Madison said.

The others agreed.

They quickly finished the arts and crafts. Emma carried a bag everywhere and it had stuff to do a writing and illustrations. Then, they hurried to the goblins.

“We found the pen! But we don’t need it,” Emma said.

She threw it at the goblins.

“Hip, hip, hooray!” the goblins said, “We finally got the pen.”

Madison, Mia, and Lily pretend to be mad.

“Why did you do it?” Lily grumbled to Emma.

“It’s not fair. We took so much time to find it,” Madison grumbled.

“The Queen and King of Fairy Land are going to be so mad, Emma,” Mia mumbled.

The goblins happily skipped back to the MFAF (Monster of all Fairies). When the goblins disappeared, the fairies flew back to fairy land. When the queen saw the fairies and Emma, they thanked Emma and the queen said, “Thank you for all the help that you did for Madison. As a gift, we will give you a gift.”

She handed Emma a box with gold and silver wrapping paper and a bow around it. Emma opened it. She found a necklace with locket.

The queen said, “The locket will have fairy magic and whenever you open it, you will come to us. And, your parents will know that you have met a new friend and think it is from them. You have to be careful. Make sure when you come here, your parents don’t see you.”

The queen waved her wand and all of a sudden, she transformed her back to her room in her house. Emma was all happy. She started texting Melissa. This was how it went this time:

EH: Hey, M.

MA: Hey, E. I’ve got something for u.

EH: What is it?

MA: Wait and find out! btw, my parents and yours r letting us have a sleepover.

EH: ?


The Guy With The Top Hat

WARNING: Highly packed with violence, guaranteed.



Whoosh. There was a scream. Slowly, Mark came closer and closer to the door, his top hat wobbling on his head. There was another scream. Mark saw blood through the crack in the door. Would you think this would happen in 1999? I didn’t think so.

Mark closed his swollen eyes and pushed the door open. A woman was lying on the floor, blood gushing down her lap. Her left eyeball looked like it was about to fall out. Her hair was as hard as bricks and her right leg was not attached to her body.

“Ha!” said Mark. “Serves her right. Don’t ever mess with my dad again!”

Mark checked her heartbeat, she was dead.

Mark picked her up along with her detached leg and carried her and walked for miles and miles, until he came to a halt in front of a cave. Mark put her in the cave and piled rocks in front of the opening of the cave. She stayed there ever since.


Chapter 1: Kidnapped

There was a myth that started ten years ago with a guy named Mark, who killed a woman who had gone missing. No one knew if the myth was true, or if Mark was alive or not. Ten years later, in the 2000’s, very few people in the town remembered the myth of the guy with the top hat.

A guy named Mike, who was twenty-seven years old, always wore a top hat to work. He even wore it when he showered or went to bed. His wife, Clarissa, moved to Greece to study the Greek language, so it was only Mike. No kids or pets.

People who knew the myth of the guy with the top hat always were suspicious of him. The people who were suspicious of him being a murderer were right.

One dark night, Mike was walking along the street. He saw a girl around the age of five about to walk into a closed store. This was his chance! He ran and grabbed her and kept running. When he got to his home, he handcuffed her and pushed her on the couch. She was crying so hard that soon, there would be no more water left in her body.  He went into a cabinet and pulled out a handgun. He pointed it at her.

“You have two choices.” said Mike, “You can either stay here for the rest of your life and not try to escape and not see your family again, or I can kill you right now.  The choice is yours.”

The little girl snapped her fingers, and she turned into a full grown adult. Mike was so surprised, his top hat flew off his head, and he dropped his handgun.

“Hello again, Mike.”

“Who are you?” asked Mike, his hands trembling.

“You don’t recognize me? I am your wife. I flew back from Greece yesterday, and I turned into a little girl to spy on you.  I always thought you had an urge to do something criminal. You would always stare at kids when they didn’t have parents around. But I would have never thought you would actually do it. Poor kids. While I was away, did you kidnap or kill anyone else? Be honest.”

Clarissa took off her handcuffs and handcuffed Mike.

“If I see you kidnap anyone ever again you’re going to have to deal with me, kid.”

Clarissa turned back into the little girl, gave him an, “I am watching you” look, then vanished.

“That woman has skills,” said Mike.

Mike only learned that Clarissa had powers two years ago, but he still was in awe when she did them in front of him.  

Why do I have the urge to kidnap kids? thought Mike.


Chapter 2: Exploring The Dead

After Mike’s little chat with Clarissa, he was very cautious when he saw a little girl. Mike was under a lot of stress from the chat, so he decided to take a walk in the woods near the park.

He was walking in the woods, the leaves crunching under his shoes, then he came to a halt right in front of a huge bramble. Beside the bramble, there was a whole field of dead people who had almost disintegrated. As you might think, Mike was in heaven. Even though he had the little chat with his wife, that still didn’t stop his criminal urge. He touched one of the dead people’s arms. Their arms felt like noodles. Really weak. Then he picked up one of the bodies and was about to walk away from the bramble, until the dead person fell out of Mike’s arms and turned into Clarissa.

“Caught you at it again!” said Clarissa.

It was windy out and Clarissa’s purple hair was flying in her face, but she was still staring at Mike intently.

“I knew that after our talk you still wouldn’t quit. I can’t believe I am still your wife. Which reminds me, I want a divorce.”

Clarissa gave him her ring, while she was staring at him rudely.

“But that doesn’t mean I am still not going to watch you. In fact, I am going to watch you more than ever, so don’t take advantage. Now, I have to go but don’t you think you’re going to get away with anything else.”

Clarissa snapped her fingers, and all the dead people disappeared. Then, Clarissa vanished.


Chapter 3: City Life

Mike pondered the scene in the woods in his head over and over.

“God, I wish I didn’t have the urge to do something so wrong.”

A fraction of a second after Mike thought that, a tall figure appeared in his room. He couldn’t make out what it was, because whatever it was, was too bright.

“Who are you?” asked Mike.

It wasn’t a person, but there were words written on the wall with blood.

The writing read, “Count On Blood.” The words didn’t disappear. Mike didn’t know what that meant, but he pushed the memory in the back of his head and started to think of what he was going to do.

Mike decided to go to the mall to go shopping for new guns. Now you might be thinking after two chats with Clarissa, he would probably stop. But his urge was too strong.  

As he was going to the gun store, he stopped by a store that had a variety of mannequins. As you might expect, Mike went into the store to steal the mannequin, when the mannequin he was about to take turned into Clarissa.

“You are such a nuisance,” said Clarissa. “Every hour of every day you either steal, kidnap/murder, or kill. I don’t know why I ever thought you were a good husband. I think I made the right decision to divorce you. But you need a punishment.”

Clarissa handcuffed Mike and turned herself and Mike invisible.

Clarissa transported Mike and herself to a cave that was days away from the mall. Mike and Clarissa walked into the cave. There lay a women on the cold floor of the cave who had a detached leg and dried blood all over her.

“Sit down,” said Clarissa, “There are some things about your family history that only I know and that you don’t.”

“Why do you know and not me?” asked Mike.

“That’s not important at the moment,” answered Clarissa.

“You know that top hat of yours? That was passed on for generations of men. Get ready for this. You know the myth about the guy named Mark who killed a woman who had gone missing? Well, one, he killed the woman that is lying in this cave right now. And two, Mark is your great- great- grandfather. That’s probably why you have the urge to do illegal things. The reason Mark killed that woman was because she put a curse on Mark’s father. The curse was to make him forget everything. Forget who he was, his children, his wife, and everything and everyone that he loved.

So,Mark and the woman were both criminals. But the funny thing is that Mark and the woman were husband and wife. The wife didn’t like Mark’s father. Then, Mark and the woman divorced. That’s when Mark killed his ex-wife.”

Mike was now lying on the floor next to his great-great-grandmother.

“Wouldn’t she have disintegrated by now?” asked Mark.

“No, because the dried blood has a reaction with the soil to prevent her body from disintegrating.”

“Now, can you tell me since when did you know all this information, and how did you get the information?” asked Mike.

“Fine,” answered Clarissa, “Your dad told me all of this. I swore to him that I would not tell a single soul about what he said to you, but here I am now. Your dad told me right before he died. But I thought it was the right time to tell you. Can you change Mike? Can you fight off that urge? Try to be a better person. Try, just try.”

There was a long uncomfortable silence between the two. After about an hour of silence, Mike spoke.

“I have something to tell you Clarissa. I barely remember this, but I remember one thing. When I was eight, a curse was put upon me when I was walking in the forest. Some figure popped out of a tree and placed something on the ground. I wasn’t looking and then bam! The curse made me do really bad things or want to. When I was fourteen, I tried to fight it off but it was too strong. Without the curse, I am a good-hearted man.”

“Okay,” said Clarissa. “If you really are a good-hearted man, then when we get to your place, you are going to throw out all of your guns and handcuffs. I am going to watch you.”

“Of course you are,” murmured Mike.

Clarissa transported Mike and herself back to Mike’s home.


Chapter 4: Good Hearted Man

When Clarissa and Mike got to Mike’s home, she said, “So are you going to throw the guns and handcuffs out or not?”

“Well, I was hoping you would forget that,” said Mike.

“Stay here,” said Clarissa, “I am am going to research how you lift the curse. Maybe that’s what we have to do, rather than trying to push through it.”

A few hours later, Clarissa came back in excitement. The whole time Mike was sitting on his couch worrying about whether the curse could be lifted.

“I know how to lift the curse! All you need to do is drink this!”

Clarissa was holding a cup with red liquid in it.

“What is that?” asked Mike.

“It’s blood from the dead people!” said Clarissa.

“Wait, I remember!” yelled Mike.

“What?” asked Clarissa.

“There were words written on my wall that said ‘Count on blood’. That’s what it meant to lift the curse!”

Mike took the cup from Clarissa and drank all of it in one gulp.

Two seconds after Mike finished the drink he said, “Wow, I feel awesome! I can help you clean up the mess on the floor!”

“Great!” thought Clarissa.

From then on, Mike always helped babies find their lollipops, or helped old ladies across the street, or helped find a missing dog.

His kids were angels, and so was his wife, Clarissa.


The Meteor

Once upon a time, a ten-year-old girl tossed and turned in her bed, whipping the lavender-detergent-scented, ironed-to-a-fare-thee-well bed sheets into a sweaty, tangled web. She had a cold feeling in the pit of her stomach, as if she’d swallowed an iceberg. She didn’t know why.

Ashley Viva Stella, that was her name, although she hated to be called Ashley. She liked Ash better. When she looked at her clock, it was 1:33 a.m. Ash sighed. She had a long way till morning.

Ash switched on the lamp on her bedside table, casting a warm, yellow glow across the room. She picked up the book she had been reading, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Ash passed about six or seven pages without retaining any information at all — literally, if you had walked into the room and asked Ash what she just read, she would not be able to answer that. Ash soon realized that she would not get anywhere by reading, so she switched off the light and stared at her ceiling. Soon, out of pure exhaustion, she fell into a restless sleep.

Ash was in a dark cavern, with the only illumination being her headlight on her uncomfortable plastic hat. Bats silently fluttered between the stalactites and stalagmites — the ones that were on the cavern ceiling, though Ash could never remember which was which. Ash was looking for something… something… something…

Ash sat up in bed, panting. She read her clock. It was 7:06 a.m. Ash had to read the clock twice, once to just read it and the second time, because she could barely believe her eyes. Even though her mom got up at six, there was no light from beneath the bedroom door, and the delectable smell of Saturday pancakes had not made its way up to her bedroom.

In fact, when she yelled, “Mom!” her voice had an echo to it that is only heard in particularly empty houses.

Frantic, Ash yanked the ruffled lace curtains away from the window so hard that she almost ripped one clean off. When she peered out the window, she thought she was hallucinating.

The neighbors across the street, the Goldmans, were stuffy, old grandparents. They lived in a great, big house, a Victorian-style beauty, as her mother always called it. Personally, Ash hated it. It made her feel cramped and claustrophobic, and Mrs. Goldman had a mania for cleanliness, so the Goldman place was always unnaturally clean. It made no sense, her claustrophobia — the Goldman house was huge! But she felt claustrophobic, all the same.

The Goldman house, the ‘Victorian-style beauty,’ was half-crushed by an enormous rock! It looked like a meteor, not that Ash had ever seen a meteor before. It’s not like meteors come crashing randomly down all over the place, but when you see one, you just kinda know it.    

As you’d expect, there was a huge crowd around the Goldman house. It looked like the whole neighborhood had come. Mrs. Goldman was being carried out of the rubble on a stretcher. Mr. Goldman was kneeling on the rough gravel beside her.

Ash was so shocked, that for a moment, she did nothing at all. Then, she finally came to her senses and stuffed her feet into a dirty pair of too-small yellow sneakers. Well, the sneakers used to be yellow. Now, they, like all the other well-used items in her wardrobe, were sort of an indeterminate gray, and her pajamas, which she was still wearing, were striped other shades of indeterminate gray. She ran down the stairs so fast, she seemed to be flying — her sneakers seemed hardly to be touching the wooden stairs at all.

Ash pushed open the door and slammed it behind her. She pushed through the huge crowd surrounding the Goldmans’ house, yelling to the annoyed people in her wake, “Sorry! Sorry! I have to find my mom!”  

Ash was so desperate to find her mom, that when she pushed through the crowd, she pushed away her mom and kept searching. But when she yelled, “Sorry! Sorry! I have to find my mom!” to her mom, Ash’s mom stepped in front of her and said quietly, “Ash, I’m your mom.”

Ash threw her arms around her mom, Jasmine Violet Stella. (Yeah, I know, Ash’s grandma was obsessed with flowers.) Ash’s mom smelled like salty sea air, the same way she always smelled, but after being so scared of losing her mom, Ash loved the smell more than ever.

“Ash, I’m so, so, sorry,” Ash’s mom breathed. She pulled Ash away from her and looked at her, mother to daughter, blue eye into deep, deep, brown eye. “When I looked outside the window and saw the meteor, I ran outside to help the Goldmans without a second thought.”

“So it is a meteor,” Ash remarked.

“Well, that’s another conversation we have to have later, isn’t it,” Ash’s mom said, sheepishly. Ash agreed.    

Ash twisted her head around to see the damage done to other houses. But it was weird — the other houses seemed to have gotten off easily, without a mark or a scratch. While Ash was inspecting the surrounding houses, she spotted, out of the corner of her eye, a greyish-white figure disappearing into the trees.

The town Ash lived in was densely wooded all around. This cut Ash off a little bit from the rest of the world. In fact, there was very bad cell phone connection, and Ash had only been outside of her town once, to visit her grandmother.

The town was self-contained, though. And that is why, just three months ago, a colony of aliens decided on that place as their landing place on Earth.


Earth was a prime spot. The aliens had decided on that long ago. It was virtually free of pollution. (Believe me, all the other inhabited planets had had organisms that were able to think and pollute billions of years longer, and were much, much, worse.) The organisms that lived on Earth were simple-minded and easy to manipulate, and overall, Earth was much younger than the aliens’ former planet, Planet 89k in the Andromeda Galaxy. To the aliens, Earth was a blank sheet of paper, a fresh start, with only a few faint marks.

Ash’s hometown was almost a little world in itself. Oh, sure, there were a few roads and paths through the woods, but they were far from the interconnected highways that generously decorated the rest of Earth. So in all ways, Ash’s hometown was the perfect landing spot.

Three months later, by catching onto a passing meteor and altering its course, the alien colony had arrived.


When Ash saw the greyish-white figure, she passed it off as nothing, just a trick of the eyes. But whatever had planted the iceberg in her stomach refused to allow Ash’s brain to think about anything else, or at least not for a long period of time. For the rest of the day, Ash thought about the greyish-white figure. She pushed it to the back of her brain. But the thought did not go away. Instead, Ash’s thought waited patiently at the back of her brain, and whenever there was nothing better to do, the thought waddled over to the front of her brain.

Ash lay in her bed. The thought about the greyish-white figure prevented her from sleeping. As soon as Ash began to close her eyes and think about puppies at the beach and other cute, comforting things, the greyish-white figure thought waddled over, and Ash opened her eyes in shock. This choppy, interrupted sleep got her some rest, but Ash was still grumpy and irritable the next morning from insomnia two nights in a row.


“Hi, sweetie!” Ash’s mom greeted her cheerily, “I made cinnamon toast!”

“I don’t want cinnamon toast, okay?” Ash snapped back.

“Ash…” her mom said, in a tone that warned Ash that her mom was not going to put up with that behavior. “I want to start this morning out in a good way. I don’t want to go there, Ash.”

“You don’t realize that the house across the street was just destroyed? By a meteor? How do you not expect me to be paranoid after that!” Ash shouted at her mom. She surprised herself by her tone.

I’m going to be in such big trouble… Ash thought nervously.

But instead of escalating the war, Ash’s mom took a deep breath and sighed. “I know what happened yesterday was scary, but I’m trying to keep my cool, okay?” Ash’s mom replied softly.

Ash was not comforted at all. Instead, this made her angrier.

“You don’t understand!” Ash yelled, “You may be trying to ‘keep your cool,’ but I am actually having a normal reaction to this enormous disaster! I am freaking out!”

“Are you overreacting?” Ash’s mom asked.

Ash considered what she was doing. Yelling and shouting was not going to stop the fact that life had to go on, despite this disaster.

“Uhm, sort of, not really… yeah,” Ash answered sheepishly.

“C’mere, sweetie,” Ash’s mom said, opening her arms.

Ash charged headfirst at her mom’s stomach, playfully. “Oof,” her mom grunted, as Ash knocked her over. “You’re getting strong!”

Mother and daughter wrestled on the floor, and all was forgotten for a couple minutes. But the looming threat of the meteor returned soon, when…


Ash’s mom switched on the kitchen TV.

“Scientists are still trying to figure out what is the meaning of this meteor…” the reporter droned on.

There was a photo of the destroyed Goldman house on Eyewitness News. Ash and her mom looked at each other. Without talking, each knew what the other wanted: Turn off the TV.

So Ash clicked the remote, and the screen went black. But once Ash and her mom had started thinking about the meteor, they couldn’t stop — it was like a magnet.

“Mom,” Ash started nervously. “Did you see any small, greyish-white figure?”

“When?” Ash’s mom replied wearily.

She was 99% sure that Ash was just being funny, or making some invisible joke, but she always tried to give Ash a fair chance to speak.  

“Uhm, yesterday?” Ash said.

“No, sweetie,” Ash’s mom answered.

The irrational part of Ash’s mom’s brain then considered a new possibility: Ash needed to go to the mental hospital, but that was so unlikely, that the one hundred times bigger, more rational part of her brain deleted the thought.

“Sweetie, is this some kind of joke? Because I’m really not in the mood.”  

“Ah, no,” Ash muttered softly, and that was it, conversation over, end of story. But this was only the beginning of her asking those questions.  

It was Sunday, and there was no school, though Ash wanted to have school. Anything, anything, to get away from this thought in the back of her mind, this growing thought that was slowly, painfully, taking over her mind.

Because Ash was just denying the truth–aliens were taking over the planet.


“Did you see a greyish-white figure? Two days ago?” Ash asked around.

It was Monday. Ash had thought that having school would help take her mind off the greyish-white figure, but here she was, asking about the very thing she didn’t want to think about. The front of her brain told her that she didn’t know why, but the always-more-truthful, sometimes-painful back, told her that she really just wanted to have people who knew that what she saw was real.

But to no avail — everybody looked at her as if she was crazy, or with worry, and said, “No, I haven’t, not at all.”

Well, almost everybody. The class clown, Robert Grimley, said, “D’you mean Mrs. Goldman? She looked pretty greyish-white, though more from her shock that her beautiful house was destroyed than from the pain of having the painting frame fall on her foot.”

When he said beautiful, he made his voice high and old-lady like. It was an uncannily good impersonation of Mrs. Goldman.

“You are so unfeeling,” Ash shot back, though she, too, found it hard to have emotion to spare for Mrs. Goldman.

She had invited Ash, and Robert too, at some point, over to her house, which was a fancy, stuffy place filled with priceless objects, uncomfortable designer furniture, and flax and granola cookies that were more like terrible crackers.

Ash heard a piercing whistle very near her ear.

“Aah!” Ash flinched involuntarily and covered her ears.

They rang loudly afterward, so that she could hardly hear anything. But she didn’t need to hear to see that the oblivious PE teacher, Coach Shea, walked away without a look back to see Ash’s pain.

The day went on. Humanities, math, and computer class, the three other subjects she had that day, didn’t help at all to take her mind off the figure. In humanities, they were asked to write their feelings about the meteor hitting the Goldmans’ house. In math, they were asked to calculate the mass of the meteor based on the length, width, and density. In computer class, they were asked to write a digital composition about the meteor.

Finally, school was dismissed. Ash slammed the door behind her, as she swung through the doorway of her house.

“Oh there you are,” Ash’s mom said, not looking up from her laptop, which she was rapidly typing on. “We need to go to the store.”

Ash sighed and flung her backpack onto the coffee table, causing the fortunately-plastic cup on it to tip over and thump onto the floor.

“Ay–Ash! Put your backpack somewhere safe and pick up that cup!” Ash’s mom groaned.

Ash did what she was told and headed out the door again with her mom.

At the grocery store, the air smelled heavily of fish. There were many signs everywhere for a sale on salmon. Ash’s mom never bought the food on sale. She said that they only put the food on sale when it was going bad, and they wouldn’t get much money for it, unless they put it on sale.

Ash’s mom immediately headed to the dairy section to get milk, cheese, and butter. Ash instead asked a bagger about the greyish-white figure. When the bagger said “no”, Ash told herself, I will ask one more person and then that’s it, I’m done, no more talk about the stupid greyish-white figure!

So Ash asked another bagger. This bagger she knew. She was twenty-one, and her name was Alex Seidra. Alex had babysat for Ash sometimes, when Ash was younger. Mostly, Alex was just doing odd jobs to earn money for college.

Alex said, “What do you mean? No, I didn’t see anything like that.”

Ash’s heart was in her shoes already, but Ash was pretty sure it had now tunnelled through the earth and ended up in Australia.


Even though Ash had vowed to ignore the memory of the figure, as she walked home, she kept thinking about it. She knew in the back of her brain that what she saw really was real. So, she decided to do something about it. But she couldn’t think what.

As Ash lay in bed that night, she couldn’t sleep (again!) She realized that this had happened every night since the meteor, and even the night before. Ash grew angrier and angrier.

This weird figure is taking over my brain! Thoughts raced furiously through Ash’s brain,  I have a constitutional right to be safe in my own home, but I’m not safe from this figure anywhere!

Ash got so angry that she decided to do something about it. Right then.

As if controlled by an invisible force, Ash methodically rose to her feet and dressed in a warm long-sleeve shirt and a jean jacket. It was a brisk fall night. Ash was still in her monkey pajama bottoms when she headed outside with a flashlight.

Previously, Ash had not known why she was going outside. She just felt really strongly compelled to. But as Ash was carefully closing the door of her house, it hit Ash like a ton of bricks.

She was looking for the aliens.


Ash took one last look at her house. She wasn’t sure she would ever see it again.

As Ash headed into the woods with a flashlight, she felt a very strong sense of deja vu.

I’ve been here before, Ash thought.

And then, she realized. Ash stood stock still, terrified.

The dream from Saturday night. The cavern.


Ash ventured deeper into the woods, swinging her flashlight wildly amongst the trees. She didn’t see anything. It was just dark, dank woods smelling of wet leaves. No moon glinted over her head as she headed into the menacing trees. Ash was just about to turn back when she saw a beautiful light.

Ash didn’t know what she was doing. She broke into a panting run for no reason, toward the light. Then, Ash fell down on the soft earth, out of breath and out of hope. “Aah…” Ash breathed heavily, and fell into a black hole of despair, darkness, and finally sleep.


Ash didn’t know she had been asleep until she woke up. At first, she didn’t know what she saw.

Then she realized. Ash was in a clearing of the woods. A bright globe, ten feet tall, radiated the soft glowing light that she had seen earlier. And what was that? Oh my gosh…

Hundreds of those small greyish-white figures were climbing expertly all over her. It tickled. Suddenly, Ash had a wave of tiredness. She fell asleep again. In her sleep, the aliens whispered to her…

Tell… everyone… you… know… about… us… our… only… request…  

One girl. Hundreds of aliens. The two worlds had always been separate. But this symbolized unity. Unity between two planets.


The End. Well, not really.


Epilogue: Tuesday morning

Ash ran home and told her mom about the aliens. She told everyone. And strangely, easily… everyone believed her. Maybe it was the aliens’ magic. Maybe it was something else. I don’t know.

Go to Ash’s hometown. Go to her house. By now, Ash is seventy-three. She has children and grandchildren. Ask her about the meteor, and this is what she will tell you:

Once upon a time, a ten-year-old girl tossed and turned in her bed…  


The End. Really.        


Fort Knox

Hunter swallowed the small packet of powder. He felt empty inside, quite literally.

The weight-destroying powder made him completely weightless, and therefore, immune to Fort Knox’s motion detectors. It also made him fly, as gravity would have no effect on him without weight. He sprayed himself once, twice, and then thrice. This made him immune to visible light cameras, infrared cameras, and heat cameras. He sprayed his bag as well. He sprayed himself and his bag one more time to be able to go through the wall. The spray would add extra stems to his brain, which allowed him to split his and his bag’s atoms at will.

He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and then floated through the wall. He had one hour before his extra brain stems would overload his body, and he would die. He had to make it back out with the gold to spray himself with the mixture that would safely destroy the brain stems, as well as remove all of his masking effects.

He would have to bring this gold to the UWDA (Underground World Domination Association,) which was going to take over the world. They had promised him a position in the new world.

A security guard stood at the entrance of Fort Knox. Hunter floated over the man, but his leg brushed against a wire in the air.

Immediately, the alarms sounded. Fifteen armed men entered the building, holding guns and firing everywhere. Hunter heard twenty helicopters emerging from the night patrol.

“Oh shoot,” he muttered very inaudibly.

But not inaudible enough. Fifteen lasers aimed directly at his head and fired. Hunter immediately ducked. The lasers burst through the wall where he just was. Hunter immediately pulled out a small unconsciousness grenade and tossed it below him. The men shouted something he couldn’t hear, but their voices were cut short as they fell unconscious. Hunter reminded himself of his second main priority: Do not kill anyone. The best thing he could do besides that is knock them out.

He slid through the next door, and checked his Series Two $1200 Hermes Apple Watch. 0:55. Only five minutes had passed. Suddenly, Hunter peered to the side to see a small cone-shaped detector with an antenna in it.

Oh shoot, again. It was a sound detector. Hunter hadn’t had the money to buy soundproof spray. The alarm went off. Lights blared everywhere, and Hunter heard a railgun shot.

Oh shoot, oh shoot, oh shoot! There was a boom as the room exploded in a flash of light. Hunter beamed himself through the wall just in time as the room burst into flames.

Cries were heard, along with fire truck sirens in the distance.

Just grab the gold and go, Hunter told himself.

He tried to go into the next room, but the fire was spreading, and it was spreading fast. Just grab the gold and go, just grab the gold and… suddenly, the invisible spray wore off. Hunter reached into his rucksack quickly and grabbed the spray, but fifteen light detectors were aiming lasers at his head. Thirty marines immediately arrived.

“Target visualized! Neutralize immediately!”

Hunter sprayed himself again, and he put his invisible spray back into the bag. The marines looked at each other.

“Where did he go?”

The light sensors turned off, and Hunter moved on, still flying.

Hunter burst into the room with the gold. Just take it and go. True to his word, Hunter broke into the metal safe holding the gold. Gold bars were inside. He grabbed as much as would fit into his rucksack, and he left the safe. He left the room, and smelled the rain that was starting to fall. Hunter took out his spray, and prepared to spray it on himself. He left the area and checked his watch. Thirteen minutes left.

He sprayed himself, and he fell to the ground. Ow. He brushed himself off.

“That’s what you should be doing.”
A marine was standing behind him, aiming a gun straight at Hunter. The marine grabbed a small towel from his pocket and threw it at him. Hunter caught it with one hand.

“Wipe yourself off, man,” he said, “You’re dead.”

The man fired. Hunter caught the bullet in his hand. He grabbed the towel in his hand and wiped the bullet clean.

“Not today!” he said.

He threw one of his grenades at the marine and heard him crumple to the ground.

Then, Hunter remembered. That was an infinite coma grenade.

Oh shoot.

Hunter pressed his finger against the small sensor. The marshy ground in front of him opened up, revealing a small marble staircase. He walked down heavily, holding his bag of gold on his back. The ground above him closed up, and he walked into a small living room.

A tall, muscular man with chocolate brown skin stood there. He stared at the wall, not even looking to the side.

“Operation Flying Fortress. Status?”

Hunter replied calmly, without shuddering at the man’s sonorous voice, “Success.”

The man turned to the side, revealing the scars on his face. His face eased.

“Good. Now prepare to attack the White House. Spend the funds at will.”

Hunter walked out of the room, hearing the man say one last thing, “It’s time to take over the world.”


One Lost Doll’s Journey

As I looked around the playroom, I could just remember all the great times we had. But they were all over now. I missed Alisha, and right now, I needed her. As I sat on a bed in the dusty, messy dollhouse, I looked around at the empty playroom with all of her old toys just sitting there, including me.

“I’ll come over in two hours,” I could hear Alisha say, “And I’ll give her to your little sister.”

Is she talking about me? I thought.

I walked around the dollhouse, so I could think. Then, I got an idea. I hid behind the sofa in the dollhouse so that Alisha couldn’t find me.

If she can’t find me, she can’t give me away.

I could hear Alisha’s footsteps coming into the playroom. She searched the dollhouse for me. She knocked over most of the furniture in the house until she found me curled up behind the sofa. She carried me down the steps and piled me into a huge box with a lot of her other toys. I felt unsteady and crushed by them. Suddenly, all of the colorful, square game pieces came flying at me. I tried to bury myself under all of the other toys.

When we reached the house, I recognized the girl who was on the other end of the phone. It was Briana Johnson. She and Alisha used to always have playdates and sleepovers just to play with their dolls. Now I belonged to someone else. Jenna, Brianna’s little sister, ran upstairs to her room with me in her hand and instantly started to play with me.

She brushed my hair for a while, which I enjoyed at first. But it went downhill from there. Jenna grabbed a purple marker and started to draw all over me, even my face and arms. Then, Jenna brought me downstairs to dinner, and unlucky for me, it was meatball night. By the time, dinner was over, I had red sauce everywhere—all over my favorite shirt and jeans.

As Jenna fell asleep, I thought hard about an escape plan. I might’ve just been an 18-inch doll, but I had big ideas. As I climbed up the nightstand, I checked Jenna’s alarm clock. She wakes up at 8:00 AM. First, I needed to somehow get a hand on her phone, since Alisha wakes up at 6:00 AM, which was perfect timing. I did my best not to go to sleep that night. I only closed my eyes. Each minute, it got harder and harder to stay awake. Eventually, I gave in and quickly drifted off.

The next day, I woke up to the sound of Disney Princess music from Jenna’s alarm clock. I had overslept. I desperately checked the clock to make sure this wasn’t a nightmare. Sadly, it was real life, not a dream.

I watched her check her calendar. Then, she threw me into her backpack.

“Today is show and tell!” she said excitedly.

Oh no! The longer we drove, the faster the butterflies in my stomach multiplied. I also felt a strong pulling on the top of my head. I could tell that I was hanging in her backpack, but how? When I looked up, I could see that my hair was caught in the zipper of her bag. I pulled and pulled and pulled, but nothing happened. I rumbled and rolled out of the car, still hanging inside as she walked into her preschool.

I’ve seen all the Toy Story movies, and the preschool life wasn’t that great for the toys. Jenna crammed me into a small, square cubby and unzipped her bag. Then, she pulled and pulled my body, hoping to get me out. When she finally did, I lost a lot of hair.

My heart was beating out of my chest as she carried me to center circle. Mrs. Amy, her teacher, asked her to share first. I was so scared to hear what she was going to say.

‘’This is my doll. I have not named her yet. My sister gave her to me from one of her friends. She wears a white tank top and skinny jeans. I am thinking of naming her Emma. The end.’’

Phew, I think it’s over, I thought.

“Can you pass her around?” a girl asked.

“Sure,” said Jenna.

Sooner or later, they were playing a game of hot potato with me, throwing me around as if I were a ball. The teacher didn’t seem to care. She was just sipping her coffee. I knew no one would hear me if I screamed out loud, so I did it in my head. Ahhhhhhhhh! I couldn’t stand it; this was torture. I hoped that Alisha would regret giving me away and that she would do it fast. As Alex threw me in the air, I felt like I was about to lose my limbs. The bell rang, and Jenna tossed me into her bag. This time, my hair didn’t get stuck.

I took a deep breath and thought about my escape plan. The problem with escaping was that Jenna would be crushed. I just had to face it. I would have to hurt her feelings.

I started to think of my plan. Tonight, I would fall asleep next to her alarm clock so I’d be able to hear it. Once Jenna went to get ready, I’d climb out of the window with a rope around me or some dental floss that I’d put around my waist tonight. Finally, I’d run across the street to Alisha’s house.

I thought I might change my mind, so that Jenna could be happy. On the other hand, would Alisha miss me? I didn’t know yet, but maybe not. But Jenna surely would.

I could hear the clock ticking, and I wondered when the bell would ring. I felt like both girls would not like my decision to leave, but I had to choose what’s best for me. I needed to do something to get my mind off of it. All that I could see was a pink folder and a Hello Kitty pencil that needed to be sharpened. I started to wish that this was a dream. I needed to get home. The bell finally rang, and I buried myself in her backpack. I felt like my life was going to end.

When Jenna got out the pencil for class, she saw me so she knew I was there. Her bag zipped closed, and I decided to rest up before I took action that night.

When I woke up, my heart was beating faster than it ever had before. I didn’t know where I was until I unzipped the bag and saw that I was in the car after school. I couldn’t believe that I had slept that long. Jenna was wearing a blush-pink leotard, and her hair was in a bun. I didn’t think that this could get worse, but it could. What if I got stepped on by sixteen little girls?

When she got out of the car, she didn’t bring me into the studio. It was a miracle. I didn’t have any worries. I could just relax in the back seat of the car.

I had always wondered what it was like in the driver’s seat. I climbed up to see all the controls. It was nice and sunny there so I stayed and closed my eyes for a minute. That minute turned into five minutes then ten then fifteen and eventually an hour. I felt so relaxed and calm. I thought nothing could bother me now.

Suddenly, I heard a car door open. A huge lady sat down, right on me, and she didn’t even feel me. I had no idea what was going to happen next.

“Mommy!’’ Jenna yelled from the backseat.

“Yes, sweetie,” her mom said in a voice not seeming to care.

‘“Where’s my doll?’’ she replied, desperate for an answer.

“Please, don’t tell me you left her at preschool,” her mom sighed.

“Nope, I remember putting her in my bag like it happened a second ago,” Jenna said with a positive attitude.

“Well, check the back seat. You might be sitting on her?’’

How about you check under yourself, lady! I thought.

“She’s not there. I lost my doll. Sissy gave her to me. I need my doll!” Jenna said sobbing.

I hope she finds me. This reminds me of Alisha. She couldn’t stand being separated from me. Now that I think about it, everything that happened to me with Jenna so far has happened to me with Alisha. Tears stung my eyes when I thought about missing Alisha, but this was all to keep Jenna happy.

The car pulled to a stop, and I tried to forget all of my sad thoughts. As her mom got up, I quickly got out of that seat. Out the window, I could see that we had stopped at a gas station. I crept to the back seat right beside Jenna, hoping that she would notice me. After minutes of waiting, she didn’t even look down.

“Why did I think this would work? She already thinks I’m lost. I’ll never get to Alisha ever again,” I said, sobbing.

I thought about giving up and just having to deal with being a lost doll. I calmed myself down. I wondered what would happen to me. Maybe I will find a new owner or even better, Alisha. The car door slammed and the engine roared. Jenna popped up and yawned as the car cut through the grass.

“What’s going on, Mom?’’ Jenna asked, waiting for an answer.

“A guy in there asked me for some money, and I said no, which I regret now.”


“Because now he’s chasing us, and he won’t stop!”

“Give me your phone,” Jenna yelled.

“Why?’’ her mom asked, panting.

“I need to call 911!”

Her mom tossed the phone back to Jenna, trying to keep her eyes on the road and not on the rearview mirror. The police rushed down the road. Jenna’s mom smashed the gas pedal, trying to get away from the guy at the gas station.

The police pulled us over, thinking we were the criminals. I watched Jenna try to stay calm while she was thinking that her mom might go to jail. The police knocked on the window and asked for her to roll it down. Once the window was rolled down, he explained for what seemed like hours the rules of the road. The guy that was originally chasing us was getting away as he spoke.

I looked up to see Jenna with her head propped against the window of the car and a worried frown on her face. I thought of a way to comfort her. Suddenly, I remembered that she hadn’t found me yet. I quietly crept into her hands. Jenna squeezed me and gave me a big hug. I felt like I had just found the perfect owner. The only problem with that was, Alisha was my owner. She did give me away though. Why was I worrying? I needed to enjoy this moment.

Her little palms warmed me. I forgot about all the things that she had done to me and instead thought about how nice it would be to have someone younger who would play with me more. Then, I thought about all the times that Alisha had played with me and all the laughs we had. I had to figure out who I was going to stay with. I looked up at Jenna and felt like I had just found the perfect owner. I was sure of it.


I Heard a Noise

I heard a noise. “Woo!”

I thought it was the wind but it was something far from the wind.

But then, I heard, “Come, come, KC.”

I stepped off my bed. My feet touched the cold bare floor. I put my slippers on. I looked out my window. I didn’t see a thing. I turned around. I screamed. There was a ghost.


30 years later…

“Jane, go tell your sister to come on.”

Jane said, “Liz, Mom wants you to come and see the new house.”

“I’ll be there in a second,” Liz said.

There was music playing.


Five minutes later…

“Why is there salt on the windows? There’s salt everywhere.”

“I don’t know,” said Jane in a very cheerful way, “I call the waterbed!”

“They’re all waterbeds.”


“Mom, can I go to town?”


“Because I just want to.”

“Yes, but you have to bring your sister.”

“But why?”

“Jane, go grab your coat!”

“La la la,” Jane skipped on the road. “Can we get a cookie?”


“Hello, miss. What are you doing out so late?”

“Yeah, it’s late, but I’m thirteen. I can walk around.”

“Oh, you’re the new family in town.”

“But don’t you know what happens when it’s this late?”

“No, what happens?”

“You don’t know the myth, do you? So a long time ago, about thirty years before, there was a girl named KC. She used to live in the house you live in. One night, she was in bed, and she woke up and she was bleeding. She had a knife in her leg.”

“Is she okay?”

“Yes, but she’s never gone back to that house.”

“That is why there is salt on the sides of the house?”

“Oh, she put that there when she sold the house.”

“Liz, can we get a cookie now?”

“Yes, here is some money now. But where does she live now?”

In the old car going home, Liz decided that she would be sure to go to talk to her mom about it…


The Ghost

One day, when the wind was howling like a wolf, and the bats were having a feast, Mr. Hyde was in his bedroom. It was midnight, but of course, he wasn’t sleeping. He never slept, always plotting his next evil plan. He was mumbling to himself, and tonight, it seemed like he was a dog. He was rolling around like a maniacal idiot (not that he wasn’t always.)

Then, I, the ghost who haunted the night, saw him through his window and thought that I should enter. Not his house, but his body.

So I flew through his window as fast as a falcon, and I entered his body. But again, of course, I was unlucky. Since the only reason he was rolling around like a stupid dog was that there was another ghost inside him. I never did work out at the gym, so obviously he won the fight.

So I was forced to haunt his house. The next morning, when Mr. Hyde woke up, he felt very eerie, like there was something inside of him, which both you and I certainly knew: there was a ghost inside him. And that ghost was powerful. He entered through your dreams. Through your biggest nightmares, like a spy. Like a robber.

But then Mr. Hyde? He was powerful, too. He may have even been the most powerful man on this earth. So, he broke free. That ghost went flying out the window, whining like a wet cat.

But then, he realized that there was another noise in that house. That noise was me.

Obviously, a ghost doesn’t go around saying “who, who!” (That’s him floating in the wind). So, now you know we didn’t like screaming. In fact, we didn’t even mean to make noise at all. But we had to. Unless we wanted to be still for life. Yet, other ghosts didn’t have an option. They were frozen. Frozen by hard magic. Turned to stone. Practically statues. And crushed under the power of good. I’m lucky that I wasn’t not crushed like that. Maybe one day I might be. But I hoped not.

But now, Mr. Hyde really noticed that there was something going on. And being a scientist, mad or not, you had to be smart. So he was, and then he held a seance to call the ghost, which he sensed in the house. So he called all his neighbors, all his close friends, and far friends, too. He called all his family members and everybody else he knew.

And then, that’s when I had to fight. I had to fight against all of the rituals they did to call me. And I could hear them. I could hear them like thunder in my ear. But my willpower didn’t let them call me, didn’t let them see me. And then, I had to do something.

My mother had once said, “Only use this spell in the deepest of dangers.” It was the only spell I knew. And this was dangerous. They were going to see me. They were going to kill me. I thought about it. For a long long time. Then, I decided I just had to do it. So I used it! I used the spell. In a booming voice, much stronger than theirs. And then, all of them froze. And then, I said the backup spell. The one that would crush them.

I thought, Should I crush them? Or should I not?

Then, I decided not to. I knew how I’d been crushed. Crushed with only my spirit left to roam. No one could hear me. No one could see me. Then, I would have gotten used to it. But still, I thought, No.

So then, I just left.

Now, Mr. Hyde — his story was one of the past. One that I will always tell. For eons and eons to come. And his story, I’ve just told you.


Why Minecraft is Educational

I believe that Minecraft is educational because it can help them with problems, especially in creative mode where the player has every block. Furthermore, in creative mode, the player can unleash his or her full imagination. The player can build boats, planes, cities, and even empires.

In survival mode, the player spawns and has on materials, and it is a challenge to get enough resources and be ready for monsters to come at night and try to kill the player. The player must use their instincts to survive. “New moves to learn new things” in Minecraft helps kids with problem solving, says Margaret Rock in the “Modern Parent” section of 2 Machines. See, even some parents agree with me and others.

Minecraft opened a new edition called Educational mode for the classroom, according to an article by Mojang, the video game developer of Minecraft. Minecraft made educational mode to help kids around the world learn and bring forth their imagination. When any person uses their  imagination, they don’t have a dull life and the player learns how to be creative. Creativity predicts a longer life. In a Scientific American article, “researchers found that only creativity — not intelligence or overall openness — decreased mortality risk. Also one possible reason creativity is protective of health is because it draws on a variety of neural networks within the brain.” James Clear cites studies and research that demonstrates how creating art decreases negative emotions, reduces stress and anxiety, and improves medical outcomes. In creative mode of minecraft the user is given an infinite number of blocks and can not die, so the player has no limit to using his/her imagination. Not only can being creative help you live longer, but it can improve your quality of health and life too.

All in all, for these reasons minecraft is healthy and educational, plus it is awesome. Even though it is a video game, it is a fun educational video game that helps build creativity and problem solving. I think kids should use minecraft in school. If you were to play minecraft in school, it wouldn’t be a free period, because you still have to learn in school. Duh.      


The Two Friends

Every time Bob went to school, the Squirrel kids would point and say, “You’re not so smart.”

When he got home, he would tell his mom, “Mom, people made fun of me.”

His mom would say, “It’s okay.”

She would pat him on the back, and then, she would forget about it.

One day, on a weekend when they were a eating lunch of fried acorns and berry soup, a girl raced up their tree. She had golden-brown hair and was wearing buckled jeans, a turtleneck shirt, and dress shoes. It looked like she was going somewhere fancy.

They asked, “Why are you in our house? Are you a robber?”

“No! Kids were scaring me!” said the girl.

“I’m so sorry,” said Bob’s mom. “You know, you are a giant to us, and you could eat us right now. But you won’t, right?”

“I don’t know,” said the girl. “I’m really hungry right now…”

“Just in case, go behind my back, Bob,” said Momma Squirrel.

“Don’t be scared of me,” said the girl. “I love animals. I never eat them.”

Bob looked from behind his mom’s back and came back out.

“Hello, my name is Isabella,” said the girl.

“Hello, my name is Sue,” said Bob’s mom. “My son’s name is Bobbert.”

“My name is Bobbert.”

Isabella looked at her hands.

“Oh my god, they’re getting smaller every second. Why am I shrinking?”

She felt confused and excited at the same time.

“When you go in this tree, you start shrinking!” Momma Squirrel interrupted.

“Oh, that’s so cool.” Her face was blushing because this was so amazing, “People and animals will always be your size, so you will never get hurt?”

“That is correct,” said Momma Squirrel.       

“Do you have any food for me that I could eat?” she asked, scrunching her eyebrows.

“The only stuff I have is berry soup and fried acorns.”

“How do you eat this stuff then?”  

Momma Squirrel heard a ka-kaw in the light blue sky. “Oh no! That’s a bird up there in the sky! It may eat us!” Her mouth was open. She was so scared and frightened.

“I can hide you,” said the girl.

“And tell me where you are gonna hide me!!!” said Momma Squirrel.  

“Hide under my T-shirt,” said Isabela

“But that is gross!” said Momma Squirrel.

“You want to die, or be in a gross place?” said Isabella.

“Okay, let’s go, Bobbert,” Momma Squirrel said.

She picked him up and crawled up Isabella’s t-shirt. She crawled under her shirt. The bird was soaring down, but then he stopped. He looked at Isabella and said, “Ka-Kaw,” before flying away.  

“Thank you for saving us!” said Momma Squirrel and Bobbert.

“You’re welcome. Can I please stay a little bit longer? It’s so much fun in this tree!”

“Okay… just a little bit longer. Bobbert needs to go to sleep.”

“May I please have the popcorn that we found at the carnival?” asked Bobbert.

“Okay, but just a little bit,” said Momma Squirrel. “This was a crazy day today,” Momma Squirrel said to Isabella. “That’s why Bobbert has to go to bed early.”

“I have to go now. My parents are calling for me. See you tomorrow,” said Isabella.


The next day, Isabella asked her parents if she could go to the park. Her parents, Raul and Lucy, asked why she wanted to go the park.

“I met my first ever friend at the park!”

“Who are they?!” Raul and Lucy asked. “Who are these friends?”

“They aren’t people.”

“Then, what are they?”

“They’re two squirrels.”

“Ew! That’s so gross! Show me immediately! I need to call the exterminators,” said her mom.

“No! They’re nice! They helped me make a friend.”

“But they might have rabies!” yelled her dad.

“But they’re so nice to me!”

“I won’t hurt them if you show me how ‘nice’ they are,” said her mom.

“Okay, I guess I’ll show you,” said Isabella.

They walked to the park together. They walked in a line, and when they got to the park, the mom stopped.

“Where are these squirrels of yours?” Mom asked.

“Follow me,” Isabella said.

They followed her into the park. They passed two hot dog stands, the Park Slope Zoo, and an ice cream parlor in the park. Then, they saw one tree all by itself. It had a little ladder on the back of it. You could take it off, but it would be hard. Only squirrels could do it.

“This is the tree,” said Isabella.

“It looks like an ordinary tree,” said her mom.

“Don’t judge it by its looks,” said Isabella. “Come over this way. There’s a little ladder that we can climb up behind the tree, but it’s hard to see.”

So Lucy and Isabella climbed up the tree.


The Adventures of the Puppets

Once upon a time, there lived someone named Puppet 3. He was always scared. The thing that scared him the most was the witch. She lived in a cave in a forest.

One day, Puppet 3 got chased into the woods by a lizard that was only one inch tall. On he ran and left Puppets 1 and 2 behind.

On the way, he got frightened and almost fell in poop! While Puppet 3 was off, the witch caught Puppets 1 and 2. She carried them off to her cave! Puppet 3 was still on the hike. He checked his lunch box to see if there was any food.

“No,” said Puppet 3, “I forgot to pack myself food!”

He kept going on the trail, but he still didn’t find any food or houses.

Puppets 1 and 2 were now working for the witch, and then, after one day, she planned to eat them up. Puppets 1 and 2 were not scared. They were brave! Then, she locked them in a cage. Puppets 1 and 2 were really scared now.  

After 100 minutes, it was nighttime, and in the night, the cave looked even scarier because there was a statue on top that glowed green and looked like a bear! Meanwhile, Puppet 3 got to the cave. Then, he got frightened by the green statue and he almost fainted. Puppet 3 went inside to look for food. Then he saw Puppets 1 and 2 in a cage.

He asked, “What happened?”

Puppets 1 and 2 said, “A witch locked us in a cage while you were away!”

Puppet 3 asked, “How can I get you out?”

Puppets 1 and 2 whispered, “You need to get the key.”

Puppet 3 asked, “Where is it!?”

“I don’t know!” shouted Puppet 1.  

“Shhh,” said Puppet 2.

Puppet 3 went deeper inside the cave until he saw a small office. And inside it, there was the key. He tried pulling the door, but it was locked! After ten minutes, the witch came inside her office. Then, he remembered he found a gold coin on the hike. He put it next to the window so the witch could see it, and he hid by the wall.

The witch went out of the door and said, “This is my little day! I found a gold coin in my cave! I’m going to put it in my collection.”

Then, she left, but she left the door open. When the coast was clear, Puppet 3 went inside, he got the key and ran to the front door step.

He said to Puppets 1 and 2, “I got the key!”

He unlocked the cage and Puppets 1 and 2 got out. Then, the witch came running out.

“Hey! What are you doing with my dinner! I was just about to eat it.”

The witch got angry and she made the statue come to life. It turned into a big bear with horns! It was forty feet tall.

“Hey!” shouted Puppet 3 to the monster. “I heard that you’re the fastest monster that can run in circles. I don’t believe you. I don’t think you can do it.”

“I can,” the monster said with a grunt.

“I don’t think so,” said Puppet 3.

“I’ll show you,” he said.

And he ran in circles ten thousand miles per hour. Before the monster was running in circles, the witch had gone inside. She didn’t see what was happening. He ran for one hour.

Then, the monster said, “I need to sit down.”

And he thought the witch’s cave was a stool, so he sat on it and broke everything!

Puppet 3 said, “I also heard you can jump through the sky into outer space. And I don’t think that’s true, either.”

“I can do that!” and he jumped all the way to outer space.

But then the witch came back to life!

She was so angry!

Then, the monster came falling down from outer space because he was too heavy to float. The monster crushed the witch again. The witch was so tired that she fell back asleep.

She said, “I’m so tired, I’m going to sleep for ten million years!”

Then, the monster tripped over a ten foot boulder and crashed into one hundred trees. Then, there was the biggest tree in the world that was ten million feet tall. The monster touched it with one finger and it broke and fell on his head.

Puppets 1 and 2 asked Puppet 3, “How did you do that?”

Puppet 3 said, “I didn’t do anything. I only tricked the monster into running in circles and jumping into space.”  

They walked back home as they talked about the day they had!!! They lived happily ever after…The End. Or is it?


Once upon a time, there lived someone named Puppet 4. He was very lazy.  He spent most of his time sleeping and never helped anyone out! His friends, Puppets 5 and 6 once went on a road trip.

They asked Puppet 4, “Do you want to help us get the car?”

Puppet 4 said, “No,” with a grunt.

Puppets 5 and 6 did not know what to say, so they just went and got the car by themselves. They felt sad. They went on the road trip without him.

On the way, they called Puppet 4. Puppet 4 didn’t even bother to pick up the phone. He got up, walked slowly to the refrigerator, got some yogurt, and went back to bed. He turned on the TV. He watched “The Baby Dora” show.

While Puppets 5 and 6 were on the trip, they found a diamond. Puppet 4 was fast asleep and spilled his yogurt on his head and on his blanket. He had put cherry in the yogurt and the stain wouldn’t get out of his bed.  

Puppet 4 woke up and said, “Oh no! My blankets! My bed! It’s covered in cherry stains. I’ll go to the store later and get the stain remover. Actually, I’ll ask my friends.”

But he couldn’t reach the phone, so he just stayed in bed.

Puppets 5 and 6  were still in the car trying to call him. Finally, they just gave up. While they were driving, it was nighttime, and Puppet 4 was still fast asleep. Then, the car lights went black and they couldn’t see anything. They saw green glitter in the air going by really fast above them. Then blue, then red, circling above them. They heard a whoosh. They didn’t know what it was. They switched the car to autopilot and looked at the glitter, but autopilot broke because they were driving too fast. They crashed into a really big tree and some bushes, and they flew out of the car all the way to a tower.

“Hey, where is the diamond that we found?” asked Puppet 6.

But then, ropes came out of the sky and tied them up. They didn’t know what to do. Then, Puppet 5 had an idea.

He said “We can use that spiky plant to cut our way out.”

They pulled the plant out and cut the ropes open. And then, they walked a little bit closer to the tower. But then, a chain came out of the ground and held them. Puppet 5 took out his phone and called Puppet 4 again.

Puppet 4 shouted, “Stop annoying me when I’m sleeping!”

“But we’re stuck in chains,” answered Puppets 5 and 6.

“I’ll rescue you later,” said Puppet 4.

But then, the towers doors opened and three witches came out. Then, in the tower, they saw a blue light for one second. Then, they saw one of their really sharp car parts on the floor. They cut the chain with it. Puppet 6 ran. Then, two witches grabbed Puppet 5 and locked him up way way way up on the 100th floor of the tower.

Puppet 6 was still running around. The third witch tried to find him. Finally, the third witch caught Puppet 6 and locked him up too. After thirteen minutes, Puppet 4 got up and started sleep walking. He made himself some snacks and banged himself against a wall. Then, he opened the door and got out of the building. He ate his snacks and rented a car. He drove and drove and drove.

After eighteen hours, Puppet 4 finally got to the tower! He snuck into the tower on the first floor. One of the witches was making potions. Then, next to her, there was a diamond. She put the diamond into the pot. While she was stirring the diamond in the pot, he quickly and quietly ran up the stairs. When he got to the second floor, he saw an elevator button. He pressed it and then, he heard the doors open on the third floor. So he walked up to the third floor and got into the elevator.

He said, “I wonder what’s at the 100th floor.”

He pressed the 100th floor button and the elevator went up 4, 5, 6, 7, 8…100. The doors opened and Puppet 4 got out of the elevator. Then, on the floor, he saw a potion, and he quickly put it in his pocket. He lifted his head up and saw two witches walking by. He hid behind a wall, but then, the witches turned around and saw him.

They pointed their wands at him and they turned him into a dolphin. At the same time, he also shot his potion onto one of the witches. That made the witch disappear. Then Puppet-Dolphin (Puppet 4) jumped up and grabbed the third witch’s wand out with his mouth. He turned the third witch into a microscopic animal. Then, he pointed the wand at himself and turned back into Puppet 4. He went into the witch’s office and grabbed the key and unlocked the cages. Puppets 5 and 6 got out of the cage and got into the elevator with Puppet 4. They pressed the button for the third floor and went down, 100, 99, 98…..3.  

They went really quietly down to the first floor. The witch was still there making a potion. Puppet 6 went down to the floor and crawled to the pot. Luckily, the witch didn’t see him. Puppet 6 took the potion pot and held it with all his might. He dumped it on the witch’s head. It covered her whole body. Then, the witch slowly got bigger and bigger and bigger until she was 1,000 feet tall. Puppets 4, 5, and 6 ran outside the building. The witch got so big, she was too big to fit into the tower. Then, she crushed the whole tower, and it fell into pieces. Then, Puppets 5 and 6 saw the car pieces on the floor from when their car crashed, and then, they found the engine of the car. They climbed onto the engine and turned it on.

The engine roared. It went super fast, but Puppets 4, 5, and 6 were too scared, so they jumped off. The engine went so fast, it ran into the giant witch’s leg. She wobbled and fell to the ground. She crushed a lot of trees. Then, Puppet 4 took the potion out of his pocket. He had a little bit left. He zapped the witch and the witch disappeared. The witches were never heard of again. Finally, Puppet 4 woke up.

He asked Puppets 5 and 6 “Where am I?”

They said, “You were saving us.”

None of the puppets figured out how Puppet 4 got there. They lived happily ever after…



Chapter 1                                                                                                    

Once upon a time there was a beautiful city in America. The city was called New York.

I woke up this morning feeling happy. It was a beautiful day in NY, the sky was clear, the sun was shining, and I was happy!

But it was Monday. Moody Monday. I brushed my teeth, took a shower, and ate my food. Then, I ran to school. First period was English. We started with a test, and I felt confident. I had been studying for this test for weeks. The class started. Finally, time was up. We passed our papers to the teacher. My test was going to be returned by the end of the day. I had third, fourth, and fifth period. After third period was lunch. For lunch was pizza! Yay! After lunch, I had two more periods before I got my test back, and I could go home. The second to last period was math, and the last period was history.

Before I went home, I dropped by my English room to get my test back. I looked at my score and… No! I got an F. A big, fat, red, F! I looked at my pink and grey sneakers. Then, I walked to my apartment with my feet dragging behind me. I opened my colorful backpack, took out my books, and started studying for my math test, eager to get an A on my math test. I looked at my test again, then I looked at the name bar and instead of my name, I saw the biggest loser’s name in the name bar. This test paper was not mine! The next day, I went to school, went straight to the English room, and I saw Dud, the biggest loser in the class. He was copying down my answers on a piece of paper that looked just like the real test, except this wasn’t. I was speechless.

Right then the teacher came in and asked, “What are you two doing?!”

Dud answered quickly, “Emily told me to copy down answers for her next test or else she’ll get the whole school to go against me!”

I said in a loud voice, “No, I did not!”

Instantaneously, my teacher said in a slow whisper scream, “Emily detention. Now.”

I was in shock, but I managed to squeak out, “I did not do anything!”

The teacher said, “Emily. Detention or Expelled.”

I quietly walked out of the room without another word.


Chapter 2

Detention was awful. They made us sit quietly without saying a thing. The gym teacher made me do seventy-five push-ups while doing my math homework in my head.

The next day, I went to Dud and told him, “You have gotten me in a lot of trouble, and now it’s time for me to get you back.”

Dud looked horrified.  Then, I walked to Wendy, my best friend. I started telling her about Dud and detention.

Wendy said, “Let’s make sure during lunch when the entire school’s there, we insult and embarrass Dud so he’ll be sorry.”


Chapter 3

During lunch, I got everybody’s attention.

I stood on the table and screamed out, “Dud wears underpants to school that have pictures of his own face on them!”

Everyone started laughing.

Yes, mission accomplished, I thought.

I felt kinda bad for Dud, but I knew I got him back, and the school was against him. After lunch, the school was teasing and mocking Dud by calling him “Dud on the butt.” Dud was even more gloomy and depressed than usual. During classes, he wasn’t raising his hand or doing his usual Dud things, as in raising his hand or participating.

Now, I was actually starting to feel bad for Dud, a.k.a. the biggest liar in the world. I don’t think I should have embarrassed him in front of the school. Instead, a better choice would have been talking to him and the teachers personally and figuring things out. But, it wasn’t too late to have a conversation.

So, the next day, I asked the teacher if I could talk to her about something with Dud. During the conversation, I told the teacher that I didn’t tell Dud to cheat. I apologized to Dud and told him I felt terrible for embarrassing him in front of the whole school. The teacher was proud of me for putting in an effort to figure things out between Dud and me.


Chapter 4

Now, all that was left to do is have a conversation with Dud a.k.a Dud on the butt. I asked Dud if I could have another conversation with him.

He said, “Sure, whatever.”

We met at recess, and had our very important conversion. I asked him why he copied down my answers. Dud told me his parents were divorced, and he lived with his dad. His dad was really strict and expected him to get an A on every single test, quiz, or assignment. He also told me that his mom had died from an asthma attack one year ago.

The most surprising thing he told me was that his real name was Dudley. I asked him why he did not use his real name at school. He said his name was a mistake, and that when he was applying for school here, his name got misspelled. Then, the teachers started calling him Dud, and then, the kids started calling him Dud. I told Dud a.k.a Dudley that I was really sorry for him.

Suddenly, the bell rang and it indicated that we had to go to our next class. I told him how nice it was to finally have a conversation with him and figure things out. Dudley smiled.


Chapter 5

Finally, the end of the year had come along. I was feeling good about next year, knowing Dudley wouldn’t be giving me the evil eye all year. We were saying our goodbyes to our friends and teachers. On the last day, I said goodbye to Wendy, my best friend, to Dudley, to my teachers, and to everyone else. Dudley and I made eye contact and went our own ways.



Queep was super mad. Actually, he was capital “M” mad. Why? Because he wanted the most wonderful painting ever, and so, he knocked down his neighbor’s house.

Queep was a big, scary monster who did things for no reason. He was green. Well, actually, he wasn’t green. He just wore a green cloak and never took it off, even in the summer, so he looked green.

One of the things he did for no reason was that he knocked down his neighbor’s house because he wanted the most wonderful painting in the world, even though his neighbors had nothing to do with it. He did it because he thought his neighbors were taking his packages, and he was expecting them to come in the mail (but he didn’t even order anything.)

The neighbors were out, but when they came home, they saw their house, and taped it back together with Scotch-tape that had been sitting in the freezer forever. His neighbors didn’t know Queep, because he only went out when they weren’t there.

His neighbors were humans. Their names were Buggy, Woggy, Shuggy, and Baby Welmer.

Whenever Queep opened the door to tell the world that he wanted the most wonderful painting ever, a big, red bird with a tongue taller than the Empire State Building, appeared and whacked him on the head (with his long tongue.) That was the only thing that Queep was scared of.

That night, Queep remember-dreamed of when he was born. Queep was born out of a black hole.

Based off of what you already know about Queep, you may think his house would be yucky and moldy like a normal monster’s house. But his house was so nice because he didn’t sit on anything, he didn’t touch anything, he wore a new pair of inside shoes every day, and he wore gloves, even if it was the hottest day. He lived in a big mansion, so it was hard not to touch anything. Even the neighbor’s house was dirtier. Queep hated dirt. If he saw dirt, he screamed.


One day, Queep went outside to tell the world that he wanted the most wonderful painting ever, and the big, red bird appeared. He stuck out his tongue, and he whacked Queep. It hurt because his tongue was made of electricity. So Queep got electrocuted.

Queep shouted, “Go away, bird!” but it was in Queep’s language, so the bird didn’t understand, or it just didn’t listen.

So Queep went inside, and he turned on the microwave for no reason. And then the house got hot, because the microwave was on. But Queep was still cold, even though it was summer. And so, he turned on the oven, and he was still cold. So he turned on the stove, and he lit a fire in the fireplace. And he sat on the chimney. And the smoke just pushed him off. He fell headfirst on the neighbor’s roof and smashed it open.

And they got mad. Especially, Baby Welmer. And Baby Welmer whacked him and then turned into the big, red bird. And Baby Welmer, when he turned back into a baby, was just himself again, as small as a peanut.

Queep remembered a time when he had gone to the peanut factory, and he ate so many peanuts and felt good after. And so, Queep ate the baby. And then Baby Welmer turned back into the big, red bird in Queep’s stomach. He stuck his tongue out of Queep’s throat, and Woggy pulled him out.

Queep screamed his head off and it made the whole ground shake. His head really fell off. So he taped it back on. But he couldn’t talk because his vocal cords were disconnected. So Queep ran to the bank and picked it up and threw it on the neighbors. But the neighbors weren’t there because they were still in their house.

While he was out, Queep thought of the painting of the bear with no face in the big, gold, swirly frame, and thought that it was the best painting ever. So, he headed towards the painting store. He put on a human disguise. But the painting cost too much money. And Queep only owned play money. So he tried to prank the guys at the store. But, when he put the play money in the machine, the machine got jammed, and Queep couldn’t buy it.

Queep then headed to the doctor to fix his head and vocal cords. After the doctor had fixed him, Queep headed home and took a nap.

Queep woke up a few hours later with a cold. He ran to the town hall with his tote that Baby Welmer had made a few years ago. Queep absolutely loved the town hall. The reason Queep loved the town hall was the elevator. Queep rode up and down, pressing all the buttons.

After visiting the town hall, Queep remembered that the local shoe department, where he stole extra shoes for inside, had closed down, so Queep ‘borrowed’ an iPhone belonging to an extremely fat woman who was always on social media, mostly Twitter. Queep didn’t like her for some reason. He didn’t know why. Maybe it was her strong perfume or something. Queep asked Siri where the nearest shoe store was. Siri said it was at 222222 Ralone Ultra Avenue. So, Queep set off to find it.

Thirteen hours later, Queep arrived in a miniature motor plane at 222222 Ralone Ultra Avenue, and boy was it ultra, because it took Queep thirteen hours just to get to 222222 Ralone Ultra Avenue.

Anyways, Queep flew right into the shop and landed. Right at first sight, Queep loved the store itself. The shop owner screamed. All the customers ran out of the shop, dropping all their items.

“My customers!” the shop owner wailed.

He fell to the ground and fainted. Happily, Queep grabbed all the shoes he wanted, and ran around the shop. Since he hated the shop owner, instead of calling the paramedics, Queep jammed the pay machine. Queep felt bad about doing this because he loved the store itself. Suddenly, Queep realized how late it was, so he ran out of the shop, cursing in his own language.

By the time Queep arrived home, it was 6:45 A.M. which meant Queep hadn’t slept through the whole night, but Queep didn’t care, so he just landed his miniature motor plane and whizzed inside his big, fluorescent doors. He had a nice, fizzy Pepsi and some Cheddar Bunnies in ice cream. Then, he spilled the Pepsi in his ice cream too. But really, Queep was tired because he just rested his cheek in his ice cream, fell asleep, and sleep-sang, “I like to eat apples and bananas!”

The next day, Queep remembered that his birthday was coming up soon. Queep’s birthday was on February 30th, which only came every 8 years, so Queep celebrated only every 8 years. This made him look much older than he was. Queep got out of bed and cartwheeled over to the television and turned on CNN. When the commercial came on, Queep headed to the bathroom, but found out that his toilet had broken down, along with his bathroom sink and bath. So he headed to the neighbors’ house to use their bathroom, but he accidentally walked in on Baby Welmer, who screamed and turned into the big, red bird and Queep quickly round-offed away. Well, Queep still had to use the bathroom, so he went in his kitchen sink instead.

Later, Queep decided to go to Starbucks. He got a hot macchiato using the scaring trick that he did at the shoe store. Queep could feel the warm coffee sloshing down his throat. Queep then put his human disguise on and then headed to the painting store. When he arrived, Queep saw the painting and instead of the usual rush of warmth throughout his body, he shivered, a lump forming in his throat, and a pit forming in his stomach. And for some reason, Queep left.

When Queep woke up, he knew he dreamt about something, but he didn’t remember what.

Meanwhile, a small one-and-a-half-year-old baby, who was traveling alone, boarded the train in Larxington Alley Train Station. The conductor simply scooped her up and plopped her down on a backwards facing window seat. The conductor put up some “Baby For Adoption”  signs in the station, and re-boarded the train. The baby pressed her nose against the window, fogging up a spot on it. She watched the blur of color as the train sped. Every so often, the train would come to a halt, the doors would slide open, a bell would ding, and a low voice would come over the loudspeaker and say the stop. For instance, “This is Larxington Alley Train Station.”

Finally, the train stopped and the low voice said over the loudspeaker, “This is Grassy Field Meadow Train Station.”

Finally, the little baby was picked up and brought to a small building called “Grassy Field Meadow Orphanage”. The baby was too young to know where she was, but she knew she wasn’t where she came from. Grassy Field Meadow was a terrible name for it, because it was a city.

Meanwhile, Queep was eating raisin bread soup mixed with a warm coca-cola, because Queep didn’t like when coca-cola was cold, so he always heated it first. After he ate, he ran out to town to watch the trucks on his favorite bench. He liked the bench because it was right across from a construction site. He liked to watch the big trucks push the cement around and build stuff. He especially liked the trucks that picked people up when they had to reach things. After a while, he got another warm macchiato. He brought his macchiato back home so he could pour it in his soup, which was getting cold. But, on his way home, he tripped on a rock and scraped his knee. He had to limp home, and when he got there, he put on 12 bandages.

Queep fell asleep but was woken up by the phone ringing. He didn’t answer it. A few minutes later, the phone rang again. Since the phone was bothering him, Queep decided he would go back to town. All of a sudden, Queep decided he wanted to leave “The Town Of Bore” (aka: Grassy Field Meadow.) He ran to Grassy Field Meadow Train Station and waited in a two hour line to stamp his tickets. But when he got to the booth, a sign said they do not serve any animals or non-humans.

“No! No!” Queep thought out loud, which wasn’t a good thing, because many people stared at him, and then, when they came back to their senses, they ran away.

Soon, Queep was positive that the lady in the booth was gone. She was a familiar lady, who Queep soon remembered was the one he stole the phone from. The smell of strong lavender perfume was still in the air. Queep wasted no time stamping the fat lady’s signature onto his tickets. Queep had gotten two seats because (no offense to Queep) he was kind of a big guy.

Queep just made it onto the train that the baby just so happened to be on. Queep sat in the backwards facing window seat that the baby just so happened to be sitting in, and Queep, just vaguely, could smell the scent of baby powder. He wondered why.

Queep soon heard a low voice come over the loudspeaker. It said, “This is Larxington Alley Train Station.” Queep stepped out of the train, got a warm macchiato and sat down on a bench. He watched two small girls giggling and talking. His warm macchiato trickled down his front. A pit formed in his stomach. He saw a mother kissing her small baby boy. Queep’s eyes filled with tears.

“I want someone to love.” Queep whispered to himself.

He began to cry.

No! Queep thought. I’m crying in public!

Suddenly, something caught Queep’s eye. It was a sign that read, “Baby For Adoption”  and in smaller letters it said, “Call 012-345-6789. Phone booth.”

It’s serendipity! Queep thought.

He took a train straight back home, and when Queep arrived at his house, the phone was still ringing. Queep picked it up.

“Hello, this is Greenfield Girl Scouts! Would you like some cookies?”

Queep put the phone down. It continued to ring. Queep shut down his home phone. He grabbed his stolen cell phone  and immediately called the number on the paper. 012-345-6789. Queep had it memorized. The line was busy. Queep’s heart sank. He tried again. Someone answered.

“This is Grassy Field Meadow Orphanage!” a woman said, ‘How can I help you?”

“Um…” said Queep, “Baby #7?”

“Ah,” said the woman, “Yes. Can you be here at noon on Friday, March 1st?”

“Yes!” Queep exclaimed happily.

That was Queep’s birthday, on the Queep-Calendar! (It has February 30th every eight years.)

“Bye!” said Queep.

He couldn’t wait. Queep warmed some Coca-Cola and poured it into his day-old soup. After eating, he went to sleep, knowing the next day would be great.

The next morning, Queep gobbled up his breakfast, and whizzed outside in his miniature motor plane. He arrived approximately eight minutes before noon. Queep politely parked his plane and walked inside.

Suddenly, Queep realized he might scare the lady at the front desk. Oh well. Queep thought, and he walked inside.

The lady (surprisingly) didn’t run or scream or stare. Instead, she took him to a small room labeled Rm. #7. Queep’s heart was racing. Would it be hate at first sight? Queep hoped not.

When Queep set eyes on the small baby girl, he smelled the baby powder on her. She was terrific! This was definitely love at first sight.

“So…” said Queep, “Can I keep Marcy?”

“Who’s Marcy?” the lady asked.

“I named the baby.” said Queep.

“You sure can!” said the lady.

She smiled genuinely. And that is just what Queep did.

Oh, and that painting? Queep didn’t need that thing anymore. Because Marcy just loved to do art.


Helen Patrick Human

Hi, I am H.P.H. (Helen Patrick Human.) I am not a girl or a boy.  Here is my story:

I was born on February 6, 2003 at 8:57 P.M., and the first thing the doctors who took care of my mother did was to identify what gender I was, like they do to everyone. All tests made were unsuccessful. I was always 50.555555% girl, 50.555555% boy. So I was a half boy, half girl human.

My mom and my dad, the doctors, my grandma and my grandpa, my aunt and my uncle, my sister and my brother, and everyone that knew me or my mom decided that I would get to choose what gender I would be considered as when I got older. So as soon as I could speak, I was given a choice: girl or boy?

My mom wanted me to be a sweet little girl, and my dad wanted a sporty boy. I did not know what to chose, so now, as a 13-year-old, I am still known as the genderless person.

So, now that I am a mixed-gender person, what is my name? I have no middle name, my first name is Helen Patrick, and my last name is just simply Human. But most people just call me HP.

Since I am a mix between two genders, what clothing am I supposed to wear? I just wear solid color shirts of blue, green, or orange. My pants are usually tan or black, nice and loose. If I need to wear a jacket, I just stick with blue or green. Perfectly reasonable for a girl or a boy. My hat is a white fox.

So, what does my room look like? Well, it is blue, again. I have no posters, and I have a boring, blue bunk bed with a blue T.V. and a blue table with a blue sofa in front of it. I keep most of my things just blue, so no one would call me a boy or a girl.

So, another way you would probably identify if someone is a girl or a boy is by how they look and how long their hair is. My hair goes up to my shoulders, and is able to be a boy’s hairstyle or a girl’s. My face makes me also look like a mix because of my hair. That is technically how I look like.

So, now that you know a lot about me, don’t feel sorry. I have friends. Two of them are girls, two of them are boys.

So here is one day of life: I wake up at 6:30am as a person. I eat breakfast, brush my teeth, and wash my face. Then, I am off to school. I walk into my classroom and sit down. We have math, science, reading, and then lunch. My day is normal. I am a human, after all. After lunch, I have science, and gym, then bye! School is over. I go home, do homework, and watch some T.V. Then, I brush my teeth and go to sleep. Like I said, I am a normal human. When I wake up the next day, my day repeats. And that is just life.

So, I was just walking home from school one day, and I was greeted by my mom at the doorstep, which is not often. She is usually just working at her art studio as an artist. She is very good.

Anyway, she said, “HP, answer me! You must make a choice, a girl or a boy? You are almost fourteen now, you can’t be two genders forever. You hear me? CAN NOT!”

“But mom! I have been a cool person all my life, how long do you think it will take for me to adjust to being ‘not double gendered?” I added, offended, “What about friends? What about my life? What about everything in life? Mom, listen, I don’t want my life to change. So understand me.”

“H.P.!” Her voice was furious.

“You understand me!”

Then, she collapsed into a small, sad ball. My mom had never been like this before.

“Okay, Mom. I’ll think about it,” I added quickly.

“Thanks, Helen Patrick. I knew I could count on you.”


Nothing But Different


I hug my knees to my chest. I’m probably the most bullied fairy in Crystal Hills. What most people don’t know is that being a fairy isn’t just totally about having powers. It’s also about what power you are born with and if you can control them. If you have one to two powers, then you are just fine. If you have three powers, you are in the “popular group,” or, as I know them, the “bully group.” The most popular powers are fast flying, underwater breathing, shape shifting, and healing. I have seven powers: invisibility, shapeshifting, frost (like my name), psychic abilities, and fire and water control. My last power is unheard of, forbidden. My name is Frost Winterstorm, and I’m here to tell you my story.

It all started when I was around two. All I remember was the fire that was enclosing my swaddled body. I heard my parents running outside. Every time I think of them, I see their faces close to my own, and then this black arm takes them away. Later, I found out that I was taken to the orphanage by an old woman. They found a note under me that I still have now. It has a picture of my parents and it says:


Dear whoever found our bundle of joy,

Her name is Frost Winter Fall. She should be taught well for she is really smart. When she is of the age of 16, she can go out and try to find us. Our names are Cas and Lago Winterfall. Tell her to please find us soon.’

~ her mom & dad


Chapter 1

Right now, I am in an ice-rink. Sort of. Since I have psychic, water, and frost powers (and I can fly), I can make a floating ice rink. I have been skating ever since I was three. It’s finally summer vacation.

“Frost!” I hear a voice call. Looking down, I see my best friend, Nightstorm. She flies up.

“Sup,” she says.

“Wanna skate?” I ask.


One thing you should know about Nightstorm is that she is a girl of few words. She gets bullied a lot for being a quiet nerd. We both are in the same area. I had been giving her lessons on ice skating. Now, she can skate awesomely.

I start to daydream. In a week, it’s going to be my 16th birthday, and I may or may not get a new power. What am I going to do now? What am I supposed to do? Where am I supposed to go now?

My concentration breaks when I hear Nightstorm skate up to me. Looking up, I see her eyes full of concern. Since one of her powers is mind-reading, she probably read my mind.

“Frost,” she says softly, pulling me up. I follow Nightstorm. We fly across town until we get to a hut on the border of the forest. This is Nightstorm’s house, where she lives with her mom, dad, and grandma.

Motioning me to stay outside, when she comes back, she is holding a book in her hand that says only one word: History. Nightstorm pulls me up to the little play house we made together when we were five. She points to the title.

“This book tracks everyone that ever lived,” she says. “It also says where they are now. Maybe it can find your parents?”

“Yeah, but how would we find them? There’s so many people in the world!”

Nightstorm is flipping through the book until she stops at a page. My mouth drops open as I see a picture of them. My parents. Nightstorm looks at the map closely.

“They’re in… in… in… you know where! Oh you know where, on the towers of thunder that were once owned by a rich businessman named Earl Gray,” she says.

Earl was caring and kind. There was one room in his tower that was forbidden to go into. One day, he stepped into that room. The next day, he was found on the floor sleeping. He was sort of in a coma but his eyes were open, full of fear. The curse spread through the house, everyone falling under a spell. Whoever entered the castle immediately fell under what is now called the phantom’s curse.

If my parents are there, how will we get them out?

Nightstorm taps my shoulder.

“Your birthday,” she says. My eyes light up.                                                                                           

“I could get a force-field power that might protect us from the phantom’s curse,” I say. My eyes then look like a candle that got blown out. “But what if I don’t?”          


Chapter 2 : A few weeks later

Well, today is my birthday. Wahoo. Right now, I feel overcome with pain. Every year, when I get a power, I get overcome with pain first.

Nightstorm comes over and helps me sit up while I listen to different songs on my Night phone. I stay completely still. If I try to move, every part of my body will hurt. Nightstorm comes in with some soup… and a neatly wrapped box in metallic blue. I look up at her expectantly. Nightstorm just puts the box down on the very tip of my bed so it touches my feet.

Opening the box, I see small, orange ears poking out of the box. I stare in shock as I see a furry face poke out of the box. It’s a fire-fox!!! They are a really rare type of fox that can be over 2,000 dollars. And pups are even more expensive!

“What, where, when, how?!” I stutter, wanting to know where she got the tiny fox. It comes over and crawls under my hand.

“Where? Under a box. When? About a month ago. I think she was terribly abused by her previous owner,” she says, beaming at my face that is lit up with joy and excitement.

“Don’t do anything. It’s night time, so you should sleep,” Nightstorm says, covering me with a blanket. I soon fall asleep with my new pet right beside me.                                                                                                                                


A few hours later (epilogue)

I stretch my hands up to the ceiling. Finally. The fire-fox jumps up and climbs on my hair. Without realising it, my hair turns red and orange. Nightstorm walks in holding a bowl of oatmeal.

When she walks in, the oatmeal nearly drops on the floor, but I summon a plate under it. She stares at me with a blank expression before jumping up and yelling.


When we first became friends, I told her that when I reach my full power, my hair would turn red and orange, and I basically turn into a “mini god.”

Looking over at her, I hesitate and take a shuddery breath and say, ”Teleportation.”

She walks up to me and hugs my trembling body.

Then, I break down crying because I was reason that my parents got taken away. Because that power is like if you killed someone. My parents sacrificed themselves for me.

So I cry, feeling depressed as Nightstorm leads me to my bed. I eventually cry myself to sleep with the fire-fox curled next to me.

As I am sleeping, Nightstorm mutters, “Well… she is nothing but different.”    




Oli hit the mind control helmet with the special hammer. He was on the SS Take Over, a spaceship one-eighth the size of Earth. It was a white, thin sphere.                                                             

“The mind control helmet better be ready by ‘QUI YEDTH,’ or as the humans call it, July Fourth,” Zam barked.

The aliens were motivated by their terrible, atrocious planet.

“Okay, boss,” said Oli, a little on edge about Moragh. Moragh was their worst commander. No one told him though. Oli thought he was better than those humans.   


“Ruff,” barked Larry’s young, black-and-white beagle, Boston.

Larry and Evan, and their alien friends, Smorglf and Bloghj, were hard at work because they were on high alert after the incident. They kept working on the spaceship, day after day, night after night. Finally, it was going to work.


The spaceship took off with the gang in it. They were in space.


Evan whipped around. He saw a ginormous spaceship that was ninety times bigger than the one they were on. It was the SS Take Over.


“Crud,” said Bloghj.

“Double crud,” said Smorglf.


Three minutes later, the gang was in a jail cell. On the wall, there was the calendar. Smorglf gave Larry a paper that read:

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Rio Wsb Ree Mio Cgy Xch Qui Yui Ndr Ghf Wes Ikon

One wsed, two Koio, three htc, four yed, five bhnj, six bhn, seven bhjikj, eight bujonj, nine bhgc, ten gyh, eleven bhyg, twelve ikolp, thirteen vtgyh, fourteen sedz, fifteen hyuni, sixteen nikol, seventeen bynuf, eighteen edrgs, nineteen gyjrv, twenty ftn,  thirty fink

Larry understood. They were going to be in there until “Qui Yedth,” July Fourth. All of a sudden, he thought he knew what the aliens’ plans were. Most people were in the same place, so the aliens could keep them hostage on Earth. Then, since they’d have Earth, the aliens would take the humans and make them work. Or something like that.


It was July Fifth. 363 days till the invasion.

“Morning role call!” yelled the prison guard. “Sunji, Gim, Ku, Qas, Rni, Hoy, Waq, Caes, Smorglf, Bloghj, Strange animal, Humans.”  

Everyone gasped.

“Humans, tell me your names.”

Larry replied, “Larry. L-A-R-R-Y.”

Then, Evan said, “Evan. E-V-A-N.”  

“Who is the strange animal that will not talk?” questioned the guard.

Larry replied, “You mean, Boston, my dog. They don’t talk.”

The guard understood and continued, “Des, Cheraw…”

(The list went on and on, but I don’t want you to fall asleep because of boredom. Back to the story, then…)

Zam said, “Rni, your time has come.”

“NOOOOOO!!” Rni screamed, clanging his cage. The bottom of Rni’s cage opened up. Rni dropped down and got sliced up.


Boston whimpered at the sight of the jail food, Gogooj Dojier, a big, black cup that was edible, with a green, mushy liquid in the middle.

“What the heck is this?!” Evan yelled with fury at the alien who gave him his food. “Who would even eat this atrocious thing?! I mean, really! It’s a black thing, like a flower pot, with a green liquid in it!”

The alien replied, “This is your special meal, and you are complaining?”

“Special? You call this special?”

“Why, yes. I do!”

“Then you don’t know what special means!”

“Yes, I do!”

“No, you don’t!”

“Yes, I do!”

“No, you don’t!”

“Yes, I do!”

“No, you…”

Evan couldn’t finish his sentence.

“Enough!!!” yelled the guard, outraged. He threw Evan to the side with tremendous force. Evan landed on the hard, concrete floor, elbows gushing out fiery, red blood. He felt as though every bone in his body had snapped into a million pieces. For a split second, he couldn’t think of anything else but the pain.

Evan, with the help of Larry and Smorglf, got up to his feet. He stumbled across the room, then was gently placed on the bench as they all started to chat.


“Sir Zam, one of the Earth brats was complaining about the lunch meal, so I shoved him aside,” the prison guard said, kneeling on one foot in front of the aliens’ all-powerful leader. “There was red stuff coming out of him, and he needed help up by his fellow cellmates. After that, they started chatting and cha–” He was cut off by Zam, who yelled in fury,

“You fool, I told you I needed them in top shape if I’m going to beat the…the, nevermind. Oli, destroy him.” He pointed his green, slimy finger at the guard.


Evan was badly injured. When lunch break was over, he was helped to the cell he shared with Larry, Smorglf, and Bloghj, when two aliens wearing red crosses hustled over. They took Evan, shoved a sleeping pill in his mouth, and ran away with him.

Larry screamed at them. Then, he ran after the aliens. They weaved corners, jumped bushes, shoved aliens, and then ran through a doorway. Larry was stopped by more guards, and he was escorted back to his cell.

The red cross guys placed Evan on the x-ray table. They examined him and saw that the bones that were broken were split into more than two pieces. They also saw, without the x-ray table, twenty-seven bruises, thirteen cuts (two of which were on his elbows,) and five scars.

Larry was pacing back and forth in the damp, cold prison cell, waiting for Evan to come back and praying that he was okay.


When Evan came back, Larry hugged him with every muscle in his body. But Evan couldn’t feel a thing. Then, Larry threw a truckload of questions at him. Evan calmed Larry down.

Evan said, “Larry, bad news. I will need seven months to fully recover.”

Larry told everyone, “Well, now we need to make a plan to either wait seven months or figure out a way to carry Evan. We are going to vote. All for waiting seven months?”

No one’s hand went up.

“So, it’s settled then. We need to come up with a plan to carry Evan.”

“So what’s the plan, boss?” asked Bloghj in a mocking voice.

Smorglf rolled his eyes.

Larry ignored Bloghj. “We’re going to swipe some spoons from the serving table, two each. Then, we will tunnel behind the picture of Zam. We’ll have to start at 5:00 P.M. sharp, because guards are on duty from lunch until then, and end at 12:00 A.M. sharp. After we go far enough, we will tunnel at an angle, so that we will get to the floor of the janitor’s closet. Then, we’ll take security uniforms. We need to fool them long enough so we can reach the escape pods. Got that?”

“Yes,” they replied, simultaneously.


The next day at lunch, everyone swiped two spoons. Later that evening, they tunnelled and tunnelled until it was about 12:00 A.M. the next day. They swiped two more spoons each, because the old spoons had snapped because of the wall. They did this for four days, until they reached the closet.

(I’m NOT going to explaining what they did for those days. That would just be plain


It was 11:34 A.M. when Larry and Smorglf reached the closet. They decided to wait until 5:02 P.M. to do the escape. They put a coat on the floor, covering the tunnel, just in case.

At 5:02 p.m., Larry and Smorglf were in the front, followed by Bloghj (he was carrying Evan,) and then Boston in the rear of the tunnel. Smorglf put on separate suit, while Bloghj carried Evan under his suit, so that Bloghj could still use his arms, and he had four legs.  Larry carried Boston around his neck under his suit, with all four legs out. Then, they walked over to a map of the ship with a teleporter next to it.

Larry said, “The escape pods are in section three, part six of the ship.”

They all got in the teleporter and wizzzippp. They were in front of 520 escape pods that could each hold twelve people/aliens. They got into one of the escape pods and put in location the location “Earth.” The pod took off. Ziiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnkuick.

They were safe. For now.




The stink

The swift movement


The garbage

I sit here

My eyes


And I


As a magical fort morphs in front

Of me.

A colorful mess

How unusual.

But as more garbage comes

The open fort





A dire



Darkness comes

An incognito meeting



A stunning weapon

The stark


Of the weapon

The king wants it

He shoots it

At the conquerors

The effect is…



The Conquerors

Are all






His stoic


Is staring at the king

With a heave

He staggers to the king



Untimely swing

His sword misses

The king

By a millimeter

The secret

Weapon has been



The last


His icy eyes


Under the sun

And he uses the force

Chaos wrecks the fort

Fires start

Chemicals burn

Caustic reactions happen

The secret weapon shoots.

The rigid bullet streams

Through the air


The sky

Is dark





A clarity

Sky emerges

The last warrior is


A shotgun the size

Of a fathom lies at his side

As the dead body

Molds on the cobbled courtyard

And as the king walks away

He falls

A bullet in his heart

A pistol falls

A wisp of smoke rising from it

The king talks

Three sons stand before him

One strong

One skinny

One ordinary

His fortune shall go to one

His power shall go to another one

And the last son will…

A burst of light erupts

The mist unravels

One king and three sons lie dead

Has the prophecy been


And as a beam of light shines on the dead bodies

They disintegrate to nothing

The FBI sprint into action

The blueprint design on the pistol

The type of bullet and gun

The study is soon over

The FBI agents cower

The killer is…


The Grim Reaper.

Ranked #1 in the universal sly list

The Monstrous Grim Reaper

The search starts

To hunt down the


Three clues are found.

The clues are:

An unconscious snail

And a crimson colored shell

Everything goes black.

A candle shines through the darkness

I walk around, as blind as a bat

Isolated in this dark pit

Where am I

What is this Unknown Place

I detest it

A ragged stone wall brushes against me

I walk around, bleeding.

Am I dreaming?

I pinch myself

I yelp at the pain

I fall

I am unconscious

Back at the garbage dump

A blistering beam of light strikes me in the eye

My eyesight blurs

I walk around in the mist, unclear to nearby pedestrians

I see a divine person

Floating on a cloud

Looks like god

I surrender to him

Thinking he will kill me

He seems to have power

Contrast to me

For I am a hobo.

He tells me that

I have seen the future

And it is up to me…

To stop chaos from rising.