Lilly the Cat

Once upon a time, there was a princess who had a pet kitty, and the kitty’s name was Lilly.


As you can see, Lilly is the real star of this show, not the princess.

Lilly wanted to fly. Unfortunately, there was a villain, named Bobette, who tried to stop Lilly from learning how to fly.

Lilly would not let Mr. Bobette — who was a flying pig — get in her way, and the tools that Lilly needed were a trampoline, feathers, and a cannon. She asked her mother, the princess Rebecka, for the supplies, using the special collar that Rebecka had given her that allowed Lilly to speak English. Rebecka brought a cannon into the trampoline and stuffed Lilly in the it. After covering her with feathers, she instructed Lilly to move her arms up and down like a bird. Rebecka then made sure that Lilly popped out of the cannon. Luckily, Lilly was not hurt, and soon she was getting the hang of flying.

Then Mr. Bobette caming flying at Lilly and said, “Oh no you don’t! Now you’re going to go back down.”

Lilly said, “Oh I won’t let you get in my way, I’m just going to keep flying.”

Mr. Bobette started fighting with Lilly. Their argument went on for two hours while they were both still in the air. Then, all of a sudden, Lilly began to feel like she was falling down into a black hole, but it turned out she was actually falling back down onto the trampoline. When she landed she realized it wasn’t the trampoline she started on, but the neighbor’s trampoline. That was what she got for forgetting to flap her arms. Now she needed a way to bring Mr. Bobbette down as well.

Lilly went to go find Rebecka, because the princess had a set of a bow and arrows that her parents had given her when she turned five. With that bow and arrow, Lilly would be able to shoot at Mr. Bobbette and bring him down to the ground.

Rebecka was worried that Lilly would hurt herself with the bow and arrow — both because Lilly was a cat and because Lilly didn’t have any training — so Rebecka offered to shoot Mr. Bobbette.

Luckily for them, Mr. Bobbette was still flying exactly where Lilly had left him. He was so used to flying he just kept going around and around in the same place for hours. However, when he saw Rebecka and Lilly with the bow and arrows, he said, “Just because you’re trying to shoot me, doesn’t mean I’ll let that stop me from being evil, and keeping Lilly out of the sky!”

What Lilly and Rebecka didn’t know, however, was that Mr. Bobbette was actually worried about Lilly getting hurt. Even though he was evil, that was why he refused to allow her to fly. Mr. Bobbette cared about Lilly, just like he cared about everyone else who tried to fly. He didn’t want anyone getting hurt, so wanted to keep everyone else out of the skies, unless they had been flying all of their life. Without telling Rebecka and Lilly all of that, he just said, “I’m warning you, Lilly! If you get in the sky again, you’re going to be in big trouble!”

Rebecka got ready to shoot Mr. Bobbette, but Lilly was actually psychic and was able to hear all of Mr. Bobbette’s thoughts about how he was trying to protect her. She pressed the button on her collar to speak, and whispered to Rebecka, “He actually cares about me! That’s why he doesn’t want me to fly! But you’re my owner and you actually care about me more than Mr. Bobbette does, so I’m going to keep flying, even if he doesn’t want me to.”

Rebecka dropped the bow and said, “I’m sorry, Mr. Bobbette. We were going to shoot you because you were mean to Lilly, but we know you actually care about Lilly, so we won’t shoot you.”

Mr. Bobbette started to cry, upset that someone had found out his secret. While still crying, he said to Rebecka and Lilly, “Just because you know my secret doesn’t mean anyone else will know my secret. And I have magical powers that will keep you from ever being able to tell anyone!” He oinked three times then dropped to the ground, casting his spell. “There, now you are still able to speak, but you will never be able to tell anyone my secret!”

“Well,” Lilly said. “Rebecka is a princess, and her father has a way to undo the magic of you and other people. And that means once she tells him that she’s been cursed, he will be able to help us, and then we’ll be able to tell other people!”

Mr. Bobbette started to laugh while crying, and milk came flying out of his nose — from where, Lilly didn’t know. “It’s not like anyone else would even care about me anyway.”

But it turned out that other people actually did care about him, and soon, every other person on the planet would know about Mr. Bobbette and his secret.

When that happened, Mr. Bobbette became very impatient and angry. He decided that he was going to freeze the whole world to make everyone forget about it. But Mr. Bobbette had found out that the king could take away his magic. Mr. Bobbette decided that he would have to make it so the king lost his magic.

So Mr. Bobbette flew to the the castle where the king, queen, Rebecka, and Lilly lived. It was a huge castle with six bedrooms, three kitchens, two dining rooms, seven bathrooms, and a playground outside for little kids to play in. And all of the royal family had very big wardrobes. Mr. Bobbette was jealous when he saw it because all he lived in was a well with his pet frogs. More determined than ever to steal the king’s powers, Mr. Bobbette snuck inside to find the king’s magic crystal ball to take away the king’s powers. Unfortunately, that crystal ball knew when there was an intruder and started flashing a deep red over and over again.

In the throne room, the king noticed his crystal ball flash, red and then black, which meant the intruder was getting very close to the king, just not close enough to see. “Oh no!” he said. “There’s an intruder! Lock up the gates!”

The guards weren’t listening though, and so they didn’t lock the gates. But then a troll came. The troll chased away Mr. Bobbette, but then went after the king.

“Shut the gates!” the king screamed, and then when no one did, he said, “You’re all fired. Except you, because you’re new.” He pointed to the new guard.

But little did he know that the new guard was Mr. Bobbette.

Mr. Bobbette took off his disguise and tried to take the jewel.

“Bobbette!” the king screamed. “I’m going to take all of your magic.”

“No! I will never let you do that,” Mr. Bobbette said.

“Never? I can do it to you if I want. I’m the King!!!” the king yelled, his eyebrows making an angry heart shape as his eyes crossed and he snarled. Then he screamed and chased Bobbette. He would not let Bobbette get away with it.

After that, Bobbette tried to say, “I love you king! Please don’t take away my magic. If you take it away I’m going to die.”

The king still took it away.

“Noooo, I’m dying, I’m dying…” Mr. Bobbette started choking and fell to the ground and died, so the kingdom could all be safe once and for all.

“Yay, yay!” everyone cheered.

But Lilly still didn’t know how to fly, so instead she ran into the bushes, because she was trying to get thorns in her to go to the vet, because the vet could give her wings, but it didn’t work. She would have to find another way there. Lilly went to go get a fake archery kit to make it look like an arrow was stuck through her head even though it was just a hat. Rebecka saw and took Lilly to the vet because she was very worried that Lilly had been shot.

The vet saw that it was a fake arrow and took off the hat, but agreed to give Lilly wings. Happy to have her wings, Lilly went home to celebrate.


The storm was raging. My mother and father ran to the lifeboats, but they realized something was wrong: my sister and I weren’t there.

“The children!” my mother yelled at my father, and he quickly ran below deck to find us. But we weren’t anywhere near the ship. We were far, far away from the boat in the ship’s safest lifeboat. A while later, my mother had no choice, but to leave my father below the decks. When the ship’s crew was lowering the lifeboat into the water, the ropes snapped in mid air and my mother’s lifeboat hurtled downwards towards the water

“Mom!” yelled my sister. As the lifeboat went on its journey to find another ship that could bring us to New York, my sister and I were crying over the deaths of our parents. A few hours later we were safely aboard the Mississippi and heading towards Albany, New York.


Once we landed in New York, the Mississippi’s crew sent my sister and I to the nearest orphanage, but almost everything in it was so so old and dusty, even the food! The only good part was the kids that lived in the orphanage. They were all very, very nice. A few months later my sister and I could not stand the bad conditions of the orphanage, so we packed all of our stuff, said goodbye to our friends, and left.

That was about two years ago. Now we are working as doctors and scientists for the Atlas Corporation. When we came to New York we were wandering around the city until a undercover Atlas spy found us and took us to the main headquarters. So far, we have made dozens of grenades that unleash a deadly type of poison when it explodes. We have also cured thousands of soldiers from wounds, poisons, and a deadly type of illness that will burn you alive. Ten years later, Atlas asked me to join the spies that go around bustling cities to try to find homeless children about at least ten years old. And I said yes. So my sister became a doctor, and I became a spy.

I still remember the first kid that I found on the streets. His name was Edward and he was fourteen years old. He started to live on the streets when he was ten years old because his parents had died from a fire. The fire had started because their neighbor was cooking, and  “accidently” lit a napkin on fire. The napkin then dropped into the pan that he was cooking with, and it just so happened that there was oil in the pan. So the whole apartment exploded. I brought Edward back to Atlas headquarters, and the commanders trained him to be a soldier.

A few months later I became a soldier along with Edward. Now Edward and I are storming into battle at the Vespers main HQ. “Charge!” my General yelled and we all charged into battle, thirsty for blood. In the next hour, bullets flew, men fell, and machinery exploded.

When we got back to base, my General quickly changed into his kitty pajamas and went to sleep. A few minutes later a group of Atlas soldiers snuck into the general’s bedroom.  Inside the room there were lots and lots of Generals, but their General was very conspicuous because of his pink kitty pajamas. Suddenly all the Generals inside the room woke up and started to yell, “!@#$%^&*.” Finally, when the founder of Atlas calmed all the Generals down, he spoke very sternly to the soldiers. He told them that they should never ever sneak into the General’s room, and their punishment was that they must bathe in hot oil every day for every week for every month for every year for the rest of their lives. Edward and I both thought the punishment was unfair, but the general refused to release them.

A few days later my unit rolled into action at Bunker Hill. The first tent that my unit set up was the arsenal. Inside was hundreds and hundreds of firearms. The next day, Edward and I, along with some of our fellow soldiers, boarded a battleship and took off towards the Atlas fleet. When we finally got onto the ship we all took our positions. I probably got the most exciting job on the boat. It was firing the gun! When we lost sight of Bunker Hill we turned on the radar and the navigation device, so we could see if any enemy ships were coming and where we were going.

A few hours later, our Captain told us some big news. There was a whole fleet of enemy ships headed towards us he told us to be ready if they suddenly attacked. When we could actually see the enemy fleet, we all opened fire. A few minutes later we were surrounded by enemy ships and they blew us up. Edward and I were the only two crew members that survived.

By the time we spotted the island we were practically dead from thirst and and hunger. We boarded the island and right away felt like it was better to die than to live. That wasn’t an option, so right away we got out our army knives and tried to build a shelter so we could at least have a place to live in. By the end of the day, Edward and I had built the most magnificent shelter ever! (It was probably a lot better than Brian Robinson’s shelter). I told Edward to go and try to find some food, so he did. When Edward came back I had already  made the fire and was ready to cook the food.

When he came back he had some new cuts and a huge claw mark on the side of his head. I asked him what happened and he told me he had angered a huge chicken and it tried to kill him. Edward used his years of military training and killed the huge chicken. After he told me the whole story he asked me to go with him to where he had killed the chicken so I could help him drag it back to the shelter so we would have something to eat tonight.

When we finally got back to the camp, the fire had already gone out. I had to make another fire which was pretty easy since I got first place in survival camp when I was fifteen years old. After we finished our magnificent meal, I told Edward to go to sleep while I tried to fix the radio transmitter and call for help.

A few hours later, Edward woke and told me to go to sleep for a while. When I said no, he took the transmitter and started to do what I had done a few hours ago when he went to sleep. After a few minutes I was so tired I fell off the rock hit my head on another rock and blacked out. When I woke up it was morning, and Edward was already back from the morning hunt with a bunch of wolves following him. Wait, with a bunch of wolves!? I asked Edward why he had adopted a bunch of wolves and do you guys know what he said? He told me that while he was hunting he heard the growls of the wolves and seemed to understand what they were talking about.

In the morning Edward confessed that yesterday he had lied to me about the wolves (like I didn’t know that already). He told me that the wolves had followed him back to camp because he had a hole in his bag of meat and the meat had dropped onto the ground and then the wolves ate it all. They followed him back to camp thinking they would get more food. But they didn’t so they walked away. In the morning Edwards loud cry woke me from my deep slumber. ”Yay. Yay, were saved, Yay!!!”

I sat up and said, “Yo keep it down man.”

He said, “But I need to signal that ship!!!”

I took one look at the ship and wondered how Edward could be so stupid. “It’s one of the Vespers ship!!!” I yelled at him. And then I saw her Grandmama. “Stop it Edward!!! That’s Grandmama’s ship!!!” I yelled at him.

Then Grandmama turned her ship’s cannon towards our island and fired.

“Duck!” I screamed at Edward. He ducked and quickly fired back with the one of the many coconut cannons that Edward and I had built. After a few seconds I recovered from my shock and also started to fire back at Grandmama. After a few minutes I told Edward to stop firing because there was so much smoke we couldn’t aim correctly. Five hours passed. “Hey, yo Edward what do you want for dinner?” I said.

He said, “I’ll take some coconut water and that’s it.”

“Okay,” I replied.

In the morning, old Grandmama ran out of ammo and ran to ask her fat son Samuel to deliver some ammo to her. While she was trying to radio Samuel, Edward and I took advantage of that and started to fire some coconuts at her ship “The Death Bed.”

After a few minutes, Edward and I were looking at the ruins of old Grandmama’s ship “The Death Bed,” but I didn’t see that with the last bits of her strength she turned one of the ship’s last working cannon and fired at the island.

The next day one of the Atlas Ships found and picked me up.

When I got back to base I learned that my sister had died of grief and Grandmama killed Edward when she fired the cannon in the last few moments in her life. My legs had been blown off in the explosion, so I couldn’t walk for the rest of my life. I hope I’ll be able to go for at least one more mission, but until then, Shadow Killer Out.  

The Unbelievable Man

A man swirling around like a fish

The grass follows the man

The sky as blue as the ocean with the red yellow and pink following

He says something very faint like a cricket playing their music in the water

His clothes are like oceans on a body

His face, as pale as white, but as yellow as a sun

He is special unlike the other people

He stays there like a statue but moving in 3D

As the people walk he slows down

He then stops

Everything stops

They are under his command

I am always still so I am free

He moves once more

So does the earth

As he finishes the earth finishes except for me


*Inspired by “The Scream” by Edvard Munch


The Lady Sings

I’m jumping so high but it’s not me

She’s jumping so high her boots can’t touch the ground

No color, no touch, no smell, nothing in such sort

Still, there’s laughter and joy

Black and white all over

Now i can see the picture

1945, the year has come

‘Hooray,’ the lady sings.

Everything is coming to come together

The light is coming

The darkness will fall

I’m coming together

Now I am here

The lady will cheer

As the sun comes up


*Inspired by “Cut” by Kara Walker

The Man

The people are still. Their mouths are open, but I can’t hear a thing. Behind them a man comes marching in. He is holding a gun.


One of them is dead.

I wish I could do something, but my feet are stuck to the ground. I can’t watch this.

I try to lift my hands to cover my eyes, but my whole body is frozen. Instead I just try to think of good thoughts.

I remember my dad. Is he dead? I don’t see him in the line. I remember one thing. My dad said that, “I am the luckiest man on earth because I have you.” The thoughts aren’t strong enough, so there is nothing I can do but watch these people die one by one.

One person looks at me and makes eye contact. I can see fear in the person’s eyes and I feel as if these people can hear me. The man turns around, but then turns back and kills the person who looked at me.

I search through all the people and I find my sister in the end of the line. It isn’t really a line. Just a big blob of people. She looks like she is trying to find me in the line. “She can’t see me,” I think. What if she thinks I’m dead? The man looks back at me and he points the gun at me like he sees me, his face is covered, his hand on the trigger.


Everything goes blank. I’m in a room and my sister is there. “The man is our father,” she says. I sink down to my knees and cry out, “HELP!”

No one answers.

Switching Sides



I am shy.

There is one syllable in my name.

My favorite type of ice cream is vanilla.

Now you know something about me, so let’s get this story started.


Chapter 1

The locker wouldn’t budge.

“Rats!” I said. Why did this always have to happen to me? I looked down the long hallway, teeming with other kids.

Pause — wait! I didn’t get to know you yet — so, I’m Hope, if you didn’t know already, like everybody else. There are groups of people at my school. Like, there are popular kids, sporty kids, music kids, and me and the geeks. My friends and I are tech geeks [I actually like soccer]. Is it like that at your school?

Anyway. There I was, struggling with my locker for the tenth time since school started (and we had only been back from summer vacation for three days!), when I heard the Principal say my name!

“Hope Solo! I hope that you’re settling alright,” she said to me. I knew that my face was turning red. The last thing I needed was attention from Ms. Monroe. Yeah, that’s correct, our principal was Marilyn Monroe.

Because no normal kid likes going to the principal’s office, when you leave you get a chocolate bar with her face on it. The picture is always updated. All the other teachers are mean, but not in front of Ms. Monroe.


Chapter 2

If I told Ms. Monroe that kids were gluing my locker shut, then that would make her cry, and I didn’t want that to happen, and I didn’t want anyone to get in trouble or else they would do worse things to me.

So I looked at Ms.Monroe and said, “I have to get to lunch. I’ll talk to you later. Bye.”

“What about your locker?” she asked kindly. She put her fingers around the lock and it magically unclasped.

“Thanks, Ms. Monroe!”

“I think that you need a new lock, Hope. This one is very sticky.” She smiled at me. Maybe kids weren’t gluing my locker.


Chapter 3

After lunch I had gym.

Our gym teacher was Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. You probably don’t understand.

I just got moved to a new school and  it’s a school for famous children. So who am I? People think I am  Albert Einstein’s niece, but in reality, I am the daughter of world-famous soccer player, Abby Wambach. My mom is training me to follow in her footsteps. You might think I’m smart and all, but I play travel soccer. It isn’t my real dream.

I always wanted to dance, but I guess I will never accomplish that dream…  

After school in LA, I went to New York in a helicopter to play soccer.

It was so much work. I also watched my mom play soccer. That part was fun because she’s so good at it, while I’m only pretty good.  I feel underestimated compared to how good her team is at soccer.


Chapter 4

“Hi, I am your coach for gym today,” The Rock barked. “So lay down and do 50 pushups, stat!”

I pretended I was suffering, but actually I could do it in 30 sec.

After gym, I had biology with Alex.

If you didn’t know, I like Alex. He’s the cutest boy in school.

I walked into biology and my seat was next to his. Alex is the son of David Beckham, and he was the only one who was nice to me when I first came to the school. Even though his father is famous, he isn’t shallow like the rest of the kids.

The bell rung. Everyone filed into their classes except for me. I had to go straight to New York to practice.

I wasn’t in the mood. I wish I could’ve gone to art class because soccer is so boring. When we got to New York, my mom was ready to coach us.

My team started off doing sprints down the field.

After, we went straight to push ups and sit ups.

We started doing all kinds of dribbling techniques after that, and then we went right into scrimmage.

My team won.

After, we all went home, and flew back to LA.


Chapter 5

I did my homework on the helicopter ride home.

By the time I got back, school was over.

So now I had to go train for soccer, otherwise my parents would get angry at me.

So I practiced till Georgia, my nanny, called for dinner. I had mashed potatoes for dinner with mac and cheese.

It was so good.

After, I got to go into my room to have some computer time.

I went on my laptop and went on Youtube and watched “The End of Time Target Dance,” by Todrick Hall.

I went to bed at  10:00pm.


Chapter 6

In the morning, I woke up excited for dance class.

Why dance you ask?

I booked a dance class every Thursday afternoon because I don’t have soccer practice on Thursdays.

Before I knew it, I was at the dance class.

I realized Alex was there. My face started to burn up.

The teacher made partners.

Guess who she partnered me with? You guessed it. Alex and I had to make up a 30 second dance to “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars.

“So, what do you want to do?” I asked shyly.

“I was thinking a hip hop cross, move side to side, jump to the left, rollercoaster, clap, pose,” said Alex.

“Okay,” I said, trying to remember it all.

We practiced the dance a couple times.

They finally called our name.

It went very smoothly.

We got a grade on our dance because they were trying to improve us. I got an A+. It made me feel good.

I was so happy. I had a great time. It was much more fun than soccer.

But now I have to make an excuse up.

Oh! I could just say I was at the library to keep up my cover.

I walked into my room and I flopped on my bed. I was so tired I could have fallen asleep.


Chapter 7

The next morning, I woke up and ran to the bus. I made it right on time.

I sat in the back right seat next to Alex.

It was the only seat left.

We didn’t talk the whole time.

When the bus ride was over, I went to my first class, Spanish.

I didn’t pay attention. I was all in my own brain thinking of dance class. It was the best class ever.

I had to end my daydream, because the teacher called on me. I stood up in my chair, like I was a princess.

The question she asked was, “What does ‘muchas gracias’ mean?”

I answer with an incorrect answer. I said, “Merry Christmas,” and shrugged my shoulders.

“You failed,” the teacher said in disappointment.

After school I went to dance class.

My mom was there.

I couldn’t believe it. I was doomed.

“You, little Missy, why didn’t you tell me you were taking dance class?” Mom said in disappointment.

“I am so sorry.” I said bursting out in tears, “I couldn’t help it. Dance is my real dream! I didn’t want you to be angry at me, so I kept it a secret from you!”

“Oh Honey, all I want to do is what makes you happy. Parents like me just want to know what you like. I can help you pursue your dreams! I wouldn’t get angry. You’re so sweet,” Mom said, confused.

I hugged mom as tight as I could! I felt like I was loved.

Mourning in its own Light

Mourning in its own light

Attention to those unweak

Tenders do not belong here to criticize

Terrains filled with beautiful sounds


Hissing the snake like words of the haters

Craning at my thoughts

Everything to love crumbling down

Whatever they say

Antonyms for happy is how I explain them


Never ending comments

Deadly words killing many and leaving shrapnel to pierce me


Justifying the odds they will try again

Bringing darkness not light

Everything dying

Slithering along my flaws


Striking me with pressure

Everlasting hell


It was large,



And it smelled of all nature.

Fragile leaves nesting on the ground.

Crunch, crunch, crunch, I hear.

Footsteps following me.

I jump up the damp tree trunk to hide.

But it wasn’t a human-

No, a small robin scrounging for food under the thick layer of leaves.

I jump down into a freshly fallen pile of leaves,

and they spew everywhere.

I see a small grey squirrel trying to gather the nuts fallen from the giving tree.

This tree was different:





This is why I love fall.

This is why,






I put the suitcase on the bed. I had just gotten home from sleepaway camp. I never wanted to go back to Camp Lakota. It was awful! I stayed for one week. On the first day I fell into a mud puddle, bumped into a tree (I still have a bump on my forehead), and got stung by eight bees. On the second day, my iPod fell in the lake, I fell in the lake, and I tripped over a rock and my phone cracked. At least I still had my iPad. That night my dorm buddies put on relaxing whale sounds to help them go to sleep, but it kept me up all night. All I heard was demented cow sounds. I didn’t know how that was supposed to sound like a whale, or get them to sleep, but oh well.

On the third day, I was so tired that I fell asleep on a tree, and when I woke up I couldn’t see my group. It took me an hour to get back to the dining hall to get lunch, but lunch was already over. It was time for the afternoon classes. I went to look for my bridge building class when, out of nowhere, it started to rain. I found my class, and by the time it was over I was soaked. I went to to my room and decided to skip dinner. The day was finally over. I could sleep tonight because the whale sounds were off.  

I woke up and went to breakfast and there was no more food. I dropped my iPad in an ancient well, and at the end of the day, I fell into a bush of roses. I was scraped up from head to toe.  Finally, it was the last night. I didn’t sleep because I was so excited to go home. The last day was also horrible. I woke up and went to breakfast. They were serving scrambled eggs, my least favorite breakfast ever. I just hoped that the rest of the day would be good but it wasn’t.

In the morning we went to explore the woods and I brought my watch. It was the only thing I had. You think I would have learned to not bring anything in the woods, but I didn’t. While I was busy running away from wasps (I got stung by 2), I fell into poison ivy. My watch probably got loose and fell off, because it wasn’t on my wrist anymore. So we kept walking and when we came back to the rooms I realized I had ticks. It was awful. I went to the nurse and got them removed.  It was finally lunch and after lunch we were leaving.  We had sandwiches for lunch, and this girl sitting at my table wanted mayo on her sandwich. She couldn’t get the mayo out so she was trying to squirt it and the bottle was aiming at my face so when the mayo came out, it came out on my face.  

It was finally time to go home. I was so happy! We got on the bus. I was so happy to go home. I finally arrived at my house, so I put the suitcase on the bed and here we are again. I was just sitting by my window, reading, when my mom came in and told me, “Your friend wants to go to Camp Lakota with you, so you are going again in two weeks.” I almost died. Now to pack again.  

The Coat of Nature

Chestnut is from the bark of the towering trees, in the forest yet to be explored.

Bay is from the rich soil on the ground in that forest, dark and wild, not yet trodden on by foot or hoof.

Palomino is from the golden rays of sunlight peeking through the leaves of the trees

and buckskin from the light dancing across and illuminating the shadow underneath the branches.

Paint is from the splotchy patterns of the leaves and the sky, the light and the shadow, the trees and the ground

as you spin around and around in the forest, the colors mix together like an elaborate painting.

Roan is from the earth and the water, the ripe wild berries growing in small clusters, and the river reflecting the bright blue sky.

Black is from the darkness of the night as the sun sets under the horizon, the moon and stars decorating the night sky as shadows embrace the forest.

The color of all the forest at peace, blending together into the darkness, to be awoken again by the rising sun to show the coat of nature once more.   

Greek Gods

It all started with Chaos. Chaos was the universe. He born a daughter named Gaea. Gaea was Mother Earth. She had brown hair and dark skin like dirt. Chaos also developed a big pit at the bottom of the Earth. It was called Tartarus. The pit developed a godly form. The sea developed and the sea god was Pontus.

After a while, Gaea got bored. She asked Chaos for a husband. Chaos gave her Ouranos, the sky. Ouranos’ skin changed color from blue and black. In the morning his skin was blue with clouds on it and in the night it was black with stars. Gaea married Ouranos. Then a bunch of primordial gods popped up. Chaos and Tartarus had a kid named Nyx, who was the embodiment of Night. Then Nyx all by herself had Hemera, who was Day. Chaos also created Eros the god of procreation. Other stories said Eros was the son of Aphrodite. We’ll get to them later. Gaea and Ouranos had kids named the Titans who were huge. There female  names were Mnemosyne, Tethys, Theia, Phoebe, Rhea, and Themis and the males were Oceanus, Hyperion, Coeus, Cronus, Crius, and Iapetus. Ouranos kept getting angry at the Titans and yelling at them. Gaea and Ouranos had triplets. They were called the Cyclopes and they were UGLY. Each kid had one eye in the middle of their forehead. Gaea loved these guys. She named them the Elder Cyclopes. Eventually they would make another race of Cyclopes. When Ouranos saw the kids he bound them in chains and threw them into Tartarus.  

“How dare you! They’re your children!” shrieked Gaea

“They’re ugly!’ said Ouranos. She decided to give another chance. Gaea gave birth to another set of triplets.They were the Hundred-handed ones. They had one hundred arms and fifty faces. Gaea also loved them. Ouranos also hated them. He bounded them in chains and, again, threw them into Tartarus. Finally Gaea asked the Titans to destroy their father. All the Titans backed off, except one, Cronus. Cronus was the youngest Titan.

“I love you, wait what is your name again?”


“I love you Cronus. Do you need anything?”

“Uh… Yeah. I need four of the Titans to hold Ouranos. You will tell Ouranos that you want to get back together. Also I need a weapon. The four people who help me will be the rulers of the north, east, west, and south,” said Cronus. The girls were too wise to get involved in murder. That left Oceanus, Hyperion, Coeus, Iapetus, and Crius. Oceanus chewed his thumb nervously.

“Uh… actually I need to do some stuff.” said Oceanus. He scurried away. That left Hyperion, Coeus, Crius, and Iapetus.”

Iapetus cleared his throat. “Um, actually–”

“Great!” interrupted Cronous. That night Gaea asked Ouranos if they could get back together

“Um, really?” asked Ouranos.

“Really,” said Gaea. Ouranos came down.

“Hey,” said Ouranos. Right then Hyperion, Coeus, Iapetus, and Crius jumped out and pinned him down. Cronus came.

“Hahaha. Now you will die and I will be the ruler of the universe!” said Cronus. He took his scythe and sliced Ouranos apart. His golden ichor (the blood of immortals) spilled out into crevices and fields. It created animals. Cronus became king of the universe. He made a huge palace on Mount Othrys. Gaea didn’t have to worry anymore. She went to sleep for a few millenia. Cronus married Rhea. She was the substitute Earth goddess. One day Cronus went the the Oracle in the Temple of Delphi. The oracle named Pythia sat on a three-legged stool. Cronus approached Pythia. Green mist poured from her mouth.

“Your kids will overthrow you.” said Pythia. Cronus fled to Mount Othrys where Rhea was giving birth. She had Hestia, Hades, Demeter, Poseidon, Hera, and Zeus. Since Cronus knew his kids were going to overthrow him he swallowed all of them whole, except for Zeus. Rhea had a tantrum for five days straight. When Rhea had Zeus, she hid him on the island of Crete. She put a tree nymph, a goat named Amalthea, and a bee named Melissa. There were two guards that banged their spears on their shields when baby Zeus was crying. Finally Zeus grew up. Mother Rhea came up to Zeus.

“Hello Zeus, I am your mother. I have been protecting you from the evil Cronus. Now it’s time for you to go and overthrow him. Change into a Titan. Go and be his cupbearer and entertainer. Feed him poisonous nectar (the food of the gods) and feed the other Titans sleepy nectar. Good luck,” said Mother Rhea. Zeus concentrated on being tall, strong, and bold. He felt himself get taller. Then he went to Mount Othrys. He fed the other Titans sleepy nectar. Then he fed Cronus poisonous nectar. Cronus barfed Zeus’ siblings up. They were covered in bones and slime.

“Ewwwwwwwwww!” they all groaned.

“What should we do?” asked Hestia

“Well I’m your leader,” said Zeus

“What, who said that! I should be the leader,” yelled Hera

“Well, Mother Rhea appointed me,” said Zeus.

“Fine. But if you be bad, Hestia will be the leader cause she is the oldest,” said Hera

“Well the plan is that we climb Mount Olympus–”

“We need weapons first,” said Hera.

“We will go the the prison in Tartarus and rescue the Hundred-Handed ones and the Elder Cyclopes. They will make us weapons,” said Zeus. They went to Tartarus and rescued Gaea’s children from the prison. The sons of Gaea made weapons for some of the gods. They made lightning bolts for Zeus, a three-pronged trident for Poseidon, a helmet that makes the wearer invisible for Hades, a magical torch for Hestia, a magical peacock feather that could spy on people for Hera, and a scythe that was said to be the exact replica of Cronus’s for Demeter. They freed the Elder Cyclopes and the Hundred-Handed Ones. Then they climbed to the top of Mount Olympus. Meanwhile, the titans were busy too. Hyperion married and had Helios, Selene, and Eos. Coeus married and had Lelantos, Leto, and Asteria. Lapetus’s sons are Atlas, Prometheus, Epimetheus, and Menoetius. Oceanus daughter Metis. Crius’ sons Astraeus, Pallas. Prometheus and Epimetheus joined the gods. At Mount Olympus Zeus and the other gods were planning out the plan to raid Mount Othrys.

“We will turn into eagles and fly to Mount Othrys. The Elder Cyclopes and Hundred-Handed Ones will help us battle,” said Zeus.  They flew to Mount Othrys and battled. The battle raged on for 10 years. One time Atlas threw basilisks at the gods and the gods turned into weasels and spit at them. Finally the battle ended and the gods won. Zeus had Ares, Athena, Apollo, Artemis, Hermes, and Dionysus. Since Hera was the god of marriage she had Hephaestus. With Ouranos’ blood Aphrodite was born.




The End


I rested my head on a log. The moon came five times since the wolves left. I was beginning to worry.

The baby chipmunk who lived in a burrow near the rock fence, Chip, claimed that they will return soon, but the snowy owl, Hoot, said they will never come. Today, I overheard the foxes talk about my mom, Bluemoon. They said that she probably died from old age, or was badly hurt. I didn’t believe a word of it. The foxes were usually known for not always telling the truth anyway. I looked up at the stars, and wished that the wolf pack will come back soon. I listened to the empty sound of the forest at night. Chip crawled out of his burrow, and scampered next to me. Chip was basically my best friend, not counting my mom.

Right then, I heard howling, and running from afar. I sat up a little, and Chip’s ears perked up. The sound didn’t get any closer. It seemed the wolves weren’t trying to come home.  I tried to listen better. It sounded like they needed help! I stood up fully, and let Chip run up my arm onto my shoulder. We walked over to the sound. It was dark, but I could see the outline of a couple wolves. I ran over to them. Goose bumps filled my arms.  

When I reached them, I saw they were all crowded over something. I pushed aside two wolves to get the spot in the circle.


She was lying on the ground; dead. There was blood gushing out of a hole in her beautiful body. I looked away. I could not bear to look at her any longer. I felt the tears run down my cheeks. She was gone.



My dog is really important to me. He smells really bad sometimes though. He is a Tibetan Terrier. He is white with a big brown spot in the middle. He is very cute. I can’t imagine my life without my dog. He is a bad dog sometimes too though. He is sooo cute that mom says, “it’s okay Rusty” (Rusty is his name).


I first saw Rusty in a parking lot with his breeders. We took him to our house for a trial. The trial was supposed to be for 1 week, but on wednesday (the trial started on Sunday) my sister and I found out that mommy had already called to say that it was working out really well, and that we were going to keep him. I couldn’t believe it. I was so happy that I sat down with Rusty and sat talking to mom for at least 30 minutes.


Rusty is really important to me because he’s the only dog that didn’t die or had to be given away. My sister says that he’s important because he listens when you talk to him and he’s really cute. My mommy says that he is important to her because he is around for us to snuggle with when we are feeling down. My daddy says that he is important to him because he makes us happy. Rusty is also very important to me because he makes me laugh and I love him more every day.

Saving Santa

The other elves rush into the room. We watch the newly updated YouTube video. I see a woman on the screen with a scratchy voice, a plasticky face, and green-tinted hair speaking.

“Yeah, I so wish Santa was real! Shame he’s not…”

I scowl and clench my fists. Nasty Grinches spreading lies! I watch underneath as the video accumulates dislikes and comments like:

“You ruined my childhood!”

“I wish there was a warning! Grrr!”

“Santa’s not real?”

“OMG! I’m so sad! My childhood is a lie!”

The Grinches have been doing this a couple years after Santa started delivering presents. They are trying to whittle down Christmas cheer until Santa’s sleigh can’t get an inch off the ground.

Then I know what will happen.

The other elves desperately try to comment, “She’s lying!” but the bunch of YouTube-goers don’t believe them.

“This is a disgrace. Santa is real. This is outrageous!” says an old elf.

“I am very sad people are forever spreading stupid rumors like this. Every time someone says ‘Santa isn’t real,’  a baby elf dies. 90,000 elves have died this year! It is too bad.” I open another video.

“Santa is not REAL!!!! He is a lie. All you people who believe in Santa are living under a ROCK!!! SANTA ISN’T REAL. SANTA ISN’T REAL. SANTA ISN’T REAL!!!!” the video says.

I shake my head in disgust. Santa is obviously real… how can nobody tell? Who else did they think put the presents under the tree? Parents just pretend it’s them at a certain age so that the kids don’t get laughed at for knowing the truth.

I type a comment. “Santa is real. Also, because you said ‘Santa isn’t real’ four times, you just killed four baby elves. No wonder the elf population is going down. You monster.”

I get a reply a few minutes later. “Obvious troll.” How dare they say this! Isn’t it obvious that I’m an elf, not a troll? Uncultured swines. I bet they’ve never seen an elf in their life.

I tell this to that person in a reply, but then I turn off my computer. I need to do something about this Grinch menace. I can’t take their Christmas-ruining any longer! It’s absolute madness — something must happen.

I think of a plan, but it’ll be difficult. What I’ll need to do is climb into the house of the Head Grinch and punch him in the face. The reason why this will work is that Grinches believe that elves are weaker than them: this is why they say that Santa isn’t real, because they’re not scared of our retaliation. If I punch the head grinch in the face, they’ll all realize that elves aren’t weak. And slowly, they’ll stop mocking Christmas and ruining the spirit.

I get into my car and drive away from my house. I don’t know his address, but I’ll know it when I see it.

Finally, after hours of driving, I recognize a cave. This is it!

The Head Grinch will lose today.

As It Floats Down

As I walk around, I stare and see. The many leaves of the autumn tree. No two are identical. Like snowflakes. As it gets colder, winter time settles down. The tree loses its leaves. As the birds and bears gather around. To see and stare as the leaves fall to the ground. They know it’s coming. One of the chilliest times of the year. The autumn tree whispers.

The Young and the Youth

I can see it

Living its way up

Over the hills of mind

Venus and Mars colliding

Echoing in my head

Minding itself

Years of loving the thoughts

Moving parts

Over the mountains

Mind blowing

So important

Over times

My thoughts blasted into light

Under the stars

Coming out of the dark

Hiding feelings

Inner love

Like marching through stars

Yelling across light

Telling itself to fly to the moon

Teaching the sun to dance

Making memories

Attending to the clouds

Bringing brightness to you

Taking life

Imagination living

Amongst us

Before special love

The Quest to stop the monsters


George rushed up the stairs at the ear-piercing scream and swung open the double doors. There lay his Dad on the ground with blood trickling down his forehead.

“ DAD!!!” screamed Lily, George’s little sister.

 But George had no intention of screaming like his sister, sobbing like his mother, or begging for mercy like his grandmother.

He was staring in fright at the zombies, skeletons, witches, wizards, and dragons the size of dining room tables. He was shocked to learn that these mobs existed. They were staring at his Dad with sneers glued on their faces. George stared at the advancing monsters.

“You horrendous monsters!” cursed George. ”I’ll get you BACK#$%&@!!!”

This seemed to anger the creatures, so they started lumbering toward them with swift slides. This frightened the lot, and they panicked immediately.

“Everyone listen up, these monsters are from the games Minecraft and COC (Clash of Clans). I know how to fight these mobs. But first, we all have to evacuate this building, and fast,” George explained. “Women, elders and children first!” he added.

George, Mom, Lily, Nonni, Granny, Pop and Aunt Maria went out the house first followed by Uncle Bob, Uncle Nick, and Jerry, who just graduated Stanford University and  started working for apple, came out last.

“Run for the hills!” yelled Pop. The whole city of San Diego was running down Main Street, because the train to Los Angeles was leaving soon. So many people squeezed into the train that Lily couldn’t see the light above her.

”Everyone stay calm,” directed George.

“We will arrive at Los Angeles shortly,” said the conductor. During the train ride George reassured everyone that he would put an end to these mobs.

Two hours later, TOOT! TOOT! TOOT!

The train screeched to a stop. People poured out of the train, including the family. But what they saw was not what they were expecting. The whole city was overrun by Ghasts, Blazes, and Lava Hounds. Ghasts look like big white squares with red mouths, Blazes look like a yellow head with yellow arms circling around them, and Lava Hounds look like pigs that are on fire that fly.

All the woman and the girls on the train screamed, and all men and boys groaned and moaned.

Everyone pushed their way back into the train, all of them except George, he went into the city to see what was going on. “Bye! See you in Sacramento!” Lily yelled.

“The next and final stop will be Sacramento!” said the conductor.

George sneaked into the city on tippy toes and made sure that he was not followed. The whole city was up in flames, and there was wreckage spilling into the streets.

BOOM!!! A fireball from a Ghast burst into smithereens inches from Georges feet, causing George to fall back and crash into a broken food trailer. BANG!!! CRASH!!! This caused sooo much noise it was as loud as an exploding atomic bomb. Soon the whole army of fire-type mobs started chasing George through the wrecked Los Angeles streets.

The angry mobs chased him for so long, that they dropped lower every second. Soon the mobs were so low, George could slice them.Then, he took out a bucket of water and dumped it on the mobs. HISS! The mobs started to disintegrate. Then poof! They vanished into thin air. So far, this was a major victory for George. But now he had to find a way to travel back to San Diego to fight off the mobs in his hometown.

“WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! ARF!” A handsome Golden Retriever bounded toward him. “AWWWWW!!! You’re such a cutie!!!” George cooed.

“TOOT! TOOT! TOOT! TOOT!” The train pulled into the train station at 12 o’clock sharp midnight.

“HOORAY!” yelled George happily. “WOOF!” barked the Golden Retriever.

“I’ll name you Sparky,” murmured George as they climbed up the stairs to the dormitories in the bus.

“TOOT! TOOT! TOOT! TOOT!“  The train pulled into the deserted San Diego downtown train station at 2:30 a.m.

“Bye,” the train driver gloomingly responded.

“Thank You!!!” replied George cheerfully, but still, he worried about his family. Where were they now? He rushed down Main Street as fast as a Ferrari with Sparky right at his heels. Little did they know that the troublemaker was at the other end of the city.

* * * * * *

“HA! HA! HA! That clever little George does not know that I’m going to ruin his life!” thought Pop. Pop had spent half of the year hacking, programming and making these video games spill out monsters that were programmed to target George, because he absolutely hated George’s Dad. Six months ago, when they were on the Mississippi river, George’s father chose to save Pop’s daughter over Pop when the kayak flipped over. Pop was gravely injured.

Pop hated that George and his Dad got all the attention. Like that time at the Holiday event and all the attention was focused on showering George with compliments.

The most popular games on the planet will now be named the most treacherous game on the planet! thought Pop. “Clomp! CLomp! CLOmp! CLOMp! CLOMP! CLOMP!”

It was footsteps that were approaching him quickly! He cautiously climbed over a fence and ran into a construction hole and hid in there for 3 hours until the footsteps had disappeared completely. He carefully lifted himself out of the pit and snuck to the fence and listened for any more footsteps before he climbed over it and…

“AHA! SO it was YOU that did all this!

* * * * * *

“ CLOMP! CLOMP! CLOMP!”George’s footsteps echoed through the isolated city. RATTLE! SHAKE! BANG! Mysterious sounds echoed through the empty city that made George jump. Then George hid behind a fence and waited for the person to climb over the fence again.

“Pant pant pant!” The suspect waited inside the construction site panting so that meant that the suspect was running away from George and did not want to show his face to him so he/she could be the troublemaker. Then what George wanted to happen, happened. The Suspect climbed over the fence and George got a heart attack. It was Pop!

George should have known, he directed the family to leave then he disappeared! George jumped on Pop.

“AHA SO it was YOU that did this! I should have known that it was you … ” George trailed off because Pop was no longer in his arms and a trail of black dots was going down main street! That probably meant that Pop’s trail was heading that way!

George slowly followed the black dots, but then started to run because he spotted Pop at the train station! George got there just in time, but nobody was there!? Splat! George stepped into a puddle of red goo.

“AEII!” screamed George in the shrillest sound anyone could imagine. It look like blood, but it really just was a distraction made by Pop. Then George spotted Pop standing over the train driver holding a kitchen knife! “STOP!” George screamed.     

Pop was startled and fled to the train and took over and started the train to Sacramento.  

“NOOOOOOOO!” yelled George.

The train to Sacramento took off flying down the tracks and speeding away from San Diego.

After a while, George gave up waiting and started wandering around the city to find anything he could salvage from the wreckage. There was wreckage spilling into the streets like Los Angeles and it was isolated. At least, he thought it was empty. Then he went to check on his house to see its shape. When he got there, he was horrified to see that the house was covered in black stains, like something exploded. He rushed inside and saw the Monsters were eating all the furniture, so he rushed out in fright. The city was full of lumbering mobs and they hadn’t been there two minutes ago!

He remembered that Pop had a lab in the basement and George could find some Interesting documents that could be useful. It would give George a head start on the chase. Now, the objective was to capture Pop and get some Information out of him.

On Pop’s desk, George found a binder of “To Do” lists. The last list was today’s entry, which said:


  • start massive mob army
  • continue search of George
  • Start entire continent takeover
  • kill ALL family members in Sacramento              


George burned the entry in fright and disgust. Pop had betrayed us all! George thought angrily.

George went on to Pop’s computer and went to Minecraft and started decoding. After that, he hacked and got all the mobs in to the game again and sent them out. Only this time, they were programmed to target Pop. But George made a mistake. He had typed capital C instead of capital V, so he made it all temporary. George commanded Sparky to sniff out Pop.

What a brilliant idea! thought George.

“Sparky, I need you to track the scent of this pen, OK?”

“Arf!” replied Sparky.

Sparky took off, running through the San Diego streets with George behind enthusiastically, mostly because he was nearing the truth of Pop and the end of this violent era.

* * * * * *

Clickety, clackety, clack. The train putted down the old rusty train track into Sacramento station at 10 p.m. sharp.

“HA HA HA!” cackled Pop. Soon Pop will be killing all the family members by midnight! “A month’s research and tracking has finally paid off!” When they left the mansion, Pop got tracking devices on everybody.

* * * * * *

George hopped on to the first class train that rolled into the station at 10:15 p.m. George rolled up his sleeves and said, “Please bring me to Sacramento.” George was thinking  Pop MUST be in Sacramento because in the computer, there was another list that said “ family in Sacramento.”

* * * * * *

Bang!!! The moment Pop pushed the door of the train, the gears jammed and Pop was locked inside.

“OPEN!!! You stupid door!! What horrible luck! @#$%^&!” cursed Pop. The door was shut closed but who did it!? Who who who?  It was a conundrum.


A monster was pushing against the door.  

“So that’s what happened!” exclaimed Pop angrily. “George must have reversed it! But that means he discovered the to-do list I left on the table a few hours ago!” Pop became very worried.

* * * * * *

The train clacked down the track toward Sacramento. The tension was building and even George was scared, but it was the right thing to do and someone had to stop Pop.

* * * * * *

BAM!!! The door burst open and Pop charged out and …

“What!? NO!!” The monsters started charging at Pop and Pop saw that a bunch of civilians that looked completely defeated started picking up ruins of the buildings and start throwing the pieces of metal and glass at Pop.

“GO! GO!” The WHOLE POLICE department charged at Pop and tackled him. But for some reason, George’s programming wore off and now, ALL the monsters from every single square inch of the world showed up at the train station and they started attacking police and the civilians!

“YEAH MULE YEAH!” screamed Pop. “GO KICK THEIR BUTTS!” The train station was totally overwhelmed with hollering police, groaning monsters and screaming citizens. Clouds of dust formed around the bystanders, making it hard to see and breathe.

* * * * * *

George heard the racket a mile away and the train conductor looked worried. When the train station came in view, George was shocked to see Pop punching a policeman.  They drove in and George took a spare tire from the back and threw it at Pop. Pop swayed and fell to the ground, he was knocked out. Mission accomplished!

“Good job lad!” A policeman shouted after Pop was taken away and suddenly, the monsters one-by-one exploded into puffs of smoke. George smiled. He had accomplished his quest. He had saved the world from mortal peril. He had sent Pop to jail. An era had ended.  GEORGE! GEORGE! The crowd started chanting. “GEORGE! GEORGE! GEORGE!”

In the crowd, he glimpsed mom and Lily crying with happiness and Jerry yelling, “MY VERY OWN BROTHER! GET PAST A MAD GENIUS AND THE MONSTERS OF THE VIDEO GAMES!!!”

His whole family (except his dad and Pop) rushed toward him and hugged him, but it was more like a tackle.  The chanting and cheering went on. Soon, right when the chanting died down a little bit, the PRESIDENT came and gave a speech. In his speech, he said thank you to George, said he was happy that George had dealt with the monsters without the army and, for the finale, he rewarded George with ONE MILLION dollars as well as the Nobel Peace Prize.

CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! George was crying! There he was! Standing on the stage shaking hands with the President, getting his autograph, and having the President give him a trophy! He fell into the crowd and had hands pushing him along like he was a rock star. He went to the end, got up, bowed, waved and sat in the limo the president had given him and sped home.



The next day, however, was normal. Unless you include all the teen girls asking him to go out to dates at school today. The newsboy was yelling, the neighbor’s dog was barking and George was trying to concentrate on his homework (Detecting Commutative Permeability in Physics and Algebra). The biggest difference is that he had given out 220 autographs and had been interviewed for the Daily News. It was the best life ever for George. After all the homework was finished, the whole family (except Pop) went to the traditional Italian restaurant to celebrate. While they were there, George signed 40 autographs and personal items and got a free lamb chop for his linguini with alfredo sauce and thyme. Back at home, George rested on the couch reading, A Single Shard, by Linda Sue Park. All was well.

Nameless the Blameless & Congress

Bully Bob was bullying people when Farmer Rick caught him and brought him to the slaughtering room. Farmer Rick hung Bully Bob up by his legs and slit his throat and they made hamburgers, while Nameless the Blameless was watching.

Nameless could talk and had a cell phone. He banged his big cow cell phone, BANG BANG BANG and called Congress since he didn’t want any other cows to get slaughtered.

“Hey this is Congress,” his friend Congressman Daniel said.

“We need to stop slaughtering cows,” Nameless said.

“I’ll talk about it with other congressmen.”

They talked about it with Congress and they said YES. But the President said no and it was vetoed. So then, Nameless offered the President a limousine. And the President agreed.

But they needed another meat because people still wanted meat. Nameless told Congress to start slaughtering pigs, since everybody likes bacon. So they decided to have all of the pigs slaughtered.

But one smart pig, Jack, called his Congressman Daisy. They had a conversation about why Pigs shouldn’t get slaughtered. Daisy was a vegetarian, so she didn’t care about meat. But she cared about her friend Jack, so she decided to change it to start slaughtering chickens.

Everybody agreed, except the President who gave them another veto. They gave him a golf cart, because he liked golf carts. And it just kept on going on and on, until all of the animals except the smart animals, like Nameless the Blameless and Jack. They let all the cows go and didn’t keep them in cages anymore. It became a disaster, so Nameless said, “Why don’t we just have meat banned.”

So they banned meat.

The people started to protest that they wanted to eat meat. And then, the cows started to protest for everyone to be vegetarians. They were at the Capitol protesting and the guards came out and tried to stop everybody. They kept on going until everyone got tired. They forgot about meat. They barbecued vegetables instead and had tofu steak.

Nameless the Blameless, now free, started wandering everywhere, and people pet him. He was fine since he was smart, but all of the stupid animals caused traffic or got run over.


Chapter 1




My eyes slowly slid open. Ugh. It was still Monday, and I was still in English class.

“Mmmm… Sorry Ms. Brown. As you see, I had a hard time falling asleep last…”


I looked at the board. Uh-oh. It read: x-y=n (3/8+ 5/0.)=n. Ok, I admit, I fall asleep in class a lot. But I mean, hey! I missed half the lesson! A kid can’t just do that from the top of their head!

I said weakly, “Zero?”

My teacher’s voice softened. “I understand that you were most likely up late last night doing your homework, although I highly doubt that you really had that much. Anyway,  you did have that project–”

Then, Ms. Brown raised her voice.


My face turned a bright shade of red, and I probably looked like a tomato. By the time my teacher had finished her lecture, it was time for lunch, my favorite period. I grabbed my lunch and raced down to sit on my favorite bench in the school yard.  It was the place to be if you just wanted some peace. For some reason, no one ever bothered to sit there and talk to their friends. Since I’m the new kid, I only have one friend and she was absent that day. Sprawling out on the bench and closing my eyes for a nap, I probably looked like a hobo. Before I knew it, the bell went off and I had to wake up, and walk to the school like a zombie. The next two periods were art class, which was my favorite too. I did not have to do everything perfect, and the teacher did not blab on and on and on about Freida Colo, and other famous artists*. I got to art class, and made one of those really good pictures that the teacher always brags about to the class.  

After that, I decided to sculpt the same horse that I painted, and that was the rest of the period. I set my horse on a piece of paper to dry, got my book bag from the locker room that I was keeping it in, and left the school.

I was about one block away from my house, and I saw a dog on a park bench. I knew that it was Ms. Henderson’s. Ms. Henderson is a old lady who is our grumpy old neighbor, and she can barely hear anybody when they speak. She treats her dogs like she would a soccer ball. Now, I don’t want to offend anyone here, but she is super slow. She walks, like, not even one mile an hour. Here’s the bad part about all of this. She has tons of little puppies, and they need to run around, right? And Ms. Henderson is a really slow walker, right? Squish this information together, and you get that she pushes her puppies with her cane every so often to get them to wait up for her, even when the pups are not even moving a muscle, waiting for her. So, when I saw this little puppy, I thought, why in the world would Ms. Henderson let her puppy go around free? Ms. Henderson would NEVER let her dogs run free.

The puppy was brown, and her fur was nice and soft. Her eyes were big, and her nose was big and wet. The ears were so cute and dainty, so I couldn’t help but love her. I’m not Miss Little Perfect, but I do have a weakness for dogs. Since my neighbor does not give her dogs a good, fresh meal, I decided to take the dog in for a little while, you know. Maybe, just maybe, dad would let me keep her. While I was walking home, I tried to think of a name for her. Princess? No way. FluffBall? Nah, not really. Cutie Pie? Nuh uh. It had to be a real name… not a cutie poopsy name. Hmm… Hope. That was a perfect name.

Hope was following me, and I was glad. I’m not the type of person who wants to pick up a dog. I tested the name out. “How’s it goin’, Hope?”

She responded by rubbing her head on my leg, which I took to be a sign that she liked the name.

Finally, we reached my house. I entered. My dad was sitting at the table, doing his work. “Janet!” he said. “Hi.”

I looked at my dad. Something was troubling him, I could tell.

“What is it, dad?” I asked.

“Come here, Janet,” he said in his no-joking voice.

“What?” I knew that there was nothing to be afraid of, because dad always made a little molehill into a big mountain.

I put the dog under the table, and it was really easy, since she was really small. “Your grades.”

I groaned. Then, I plopped down in a chair. “You need to stop not paying attention.”

“Okay,” I said. Usually, he just tells me something and I say okay, and then it’s done. Not today.

“Listen. You need to get your grades up or else you are going to flunk out.”

I tried again, “Okay, dad.”

He sighed. “Honey, I really need you to focus.” That was the end of the conversation. I took a deep breath, ready to introduce Hope.

“Dad, this is Hope. I want to know if she can stay here for the night, because Ms. Henderson is so harsh.”

The immediate answer was, “No. Honey, you know that… um… it’s a school night…”

I picked the dog up from under the table. “Look at her, won’t you? She is adorable, and I just know that mom and the kids will love her.”

Dad sighed again. “Okay, fine. Just for today. Now make Timmy’s lunch, prepare Susie’s backpack, and clean out the dishwasher. Oh, also, remember Mark’s going to dance class tomorrow–”

I said it even before he did, “and I’m in charge of him. I know, I know, Dad.”

Being the oldest in the family, I had the most responsibilities. Mark was four, Timmy was three, and Sue was six, but she acted like the was ten.

“Here, Hope!” I said. Then, I walked up my stairs. They were carpeted, so I had to help Hope get her claws un-stuck from it. I tucked her in my bed, like a little kid would do to her dolly.

 Now, as I said before, I had only one friend. She was my one and only single friend, but she was also the best friend one could have. In the worst times, she would do anything to save me, even if it meant that she had to get some cuts and bruises. One time, I climbed all the way up to the top of a tree (yes, I love to get myself stuck in trees). Well, it was nine in the night, and my parents and siblings had gone out to our country house for a night. They had insisted that I stay home to work on a month’s work of missed homework. And the moment I got up to the very top branch, I knew that I was stuck. Well, you can imagine how I felt, at nine in the night, with no one to get me down from the tree. But, with knowing that Claire had excellent hearing and lived right next door to me, I felt just a little bit better. Then, when I completely understood that I could not get down from the tree without help, I screamed at the top of my lungs, “CLAIRE! CLAIRE!” My friend stayed up until midnight, so of course she came out to help me. Since it was dark, we both got a couple scratches, but ended up fine.

I absentmindedly did the chores that I was asked to do, took a shower, put on my pajamas, brushed my teeth, and got in bed. I’m not the type of person who washes their hands, don’t ask me why. I picked Hope up, and plopped her down at the bottom of my bed. I would do anything for that dog, even if it meant giving up some of my meals for her lunch and dinner. I heard Mark crying for my mom to read him a story, Timmy whining for a snack, Susie complaining that she felt like she was going to puke because her pillow was not fluffy enough for her or something, and my parents scolding all if them.

“You kids have to just go to sleep! Janet is already in bed!” I knew that my mom was just using me as an example, I knew that she was not really that happy that I was in bed. That’s only because one time she caught me drawing when she thought that I was asleep. I thought that it was a pretty good time to fall asleep, just in case my mom said anything else about me.


Chapter 2


The week whizzed by, and by the time I knew it, it was Saturday. The very first thing I did was walk over to Claire’s house, and left a note on the counter that said where I went. Claire was an only child, and she woke up at, like, 6. I wake up at, like, 9. Hope was following me, and that was fine because I needed to show her to Claire.

But of course, getting into Claire’s house with a dog was not going to be that easy. No, they do not have a cat. And no, no one is allergic to dogs. BUT, Carmina, Claire’s mom, HATES dogs. And when I say HATES, I mean HATES, HATES, HATES dogs. She, like, has a thing for cats. I have a thing for dogs. I have always wanted a dog. Claire says that me and her mom are total opposites. This is how she put it: “You are mellow. My mom is super strict. You love dogs, she hates dogs. You hate cats, she loves cats.”

She is Mark’s teacher, and believe me, I know what goes on in his classroom. So, I decided to go back to my house and grab a bag to put Hope in. It worked really well. Well, kind of. I walked in, and zipped up the bag to that Hope’s head was not showing. Then, Carmina lifted her head up and said, “Hello. put the bag on the table.” Then, Hope snorted, and sneezed. Yep, I had to pretend that it was me.

“Uh… I have a… cold. Sorry.” I sniffled to add to my act.

Carmina sighed and said, “Mhmm. I said, PLEASE PUT THE BAG ON THE TABLE, sweetie.”

“Um… yes, I know that. But umm… me and Claire–”

Carmina interrupted, “Claire and I, sweets.”

“Okay, okay. Claire and I are going to play with something in this bag, so I probably should take it upstairs with me.”

“ALRIGHT, I get it, sweets. Go upstairs and play whatever stupid thing you are going to play with. BYE, sweets. Go along now swee-”

Suddenly, Hope started to move. Carmina said, “What stupid toy do you have in there, sweets? Could it be a DOG that you are trying to hide from me, sweetie?”

It really gets on my nerves how she calls everyone sweetie or sweets, and she calls everything that. She doesn’t know that it’s stupid. “No, I’m just showing her my new… um… cat.”

Carmina looked delighted. “Why, I thought you would never learn! Good for you, hon!”

Arrh! I hate it when people call me hon! I ran up the stairs, glad that I could get away from Carmina, and got to Claire. I burst into Claire’s room. It had a green bed, green curtains, a green closet, and a green rug. Claire was writing in her diary.

“Hey, girl!” she said the moment I walked in.

“Hi, sweets! How are you doing, sweetie! What is that stupid thing that you are writing in?” I said, mimicking her mother.

“Hey, hon! What is that stupid thing in your bag, sweetie?” Claire replied. We do this quite often, because it really gets on both of our nerves. Claire’s dad works all the time. His shifts are 6:00 a.m to 11:00 p.m.  He only gets two days off in the whole year, so Claire barely gets to see him unless he is sick and can not go into work. Even though I have never seen him, I can tell that he is the opposite of Carmina. I showed Claire Hope, and went home. My family just got home, and they were already unpacking. My mom stopped when I walked in the door, and said in a very stern voice, “Janet Eliza Mcnamara, come here this instant. I need to talk to you.” I slowly approached, trying to act like nothing strange was in my bag. “I got a call yesterday.”

“ Umm… That’s great. W-who was it from?” I said. My mother’s voice dropped dangerously low. She sure knows how to scare a kid.

“Well, who do you think?” Hope chose that moment to wiggle and sneeze. My mother prodded my bag. Then she said again, “Who do you think?”

Suddenly, it made sense. Ms. Henderson called, told my mother that one of her dogs were loose, said she was almost sure who had it, and that she was going to give that child such a beating. I couldn’t think about it anymore.

“I’m so sorry, don’t do anything. I was just trying to help her please,” I said in a voice that you just simply have to go, “Oh, honey, I’m so sorry, please don’t cry. Come, give me a hug.” And of course, that is just what my mother said, but without the give me a hug part. Just then, the doorbell rang, and Ms. Henderson walked in. Then, everything went black.               


Chapter three


I woke up to the sound of Ms. Henderson saying that she loves her dogs so much, and she would do anything for them. She was wearing a purple dress and a big frown.

“There, she’s awake now! Oh! And the dog is in that bag! Hi, Ms. Sugar Bunch!” Ms. Henderson said in her crackly voice. My mother was sitting at the table, and my father was sitting next to her. Timmy and Mark were playing with dolls, and Susie was setting the table for dinner. She always loves to please mom and dad.

“What are you doing here? And her name is HOPE, not Ms. Sugar Bunch.” I said, as  boldly as I could.

“Who are you to tell me what MY dogs name is?” Ms. Henderson snapped. My mother shot me a look saying, “I am so going to kill you,” but I honestly didn’t care.

Even though I knew that Hope was really Ms. Henderson’s dog, I said, “She is my dog now. Do you really think that she liked it with you? I mean, who in their right mind kicks their dogs for no reason?”

Ms. Henderson gasped. Hope now had gotten out of the bag, and was whimpering. She leaned on me, and her big sad eyes said it all. Don’t let me go with her, please!  I’ll never pee on your bed again! Yes, last night Hope peed on my bed, but I was able to spray Febreeze and wipe the pee up, and my room was as good as new. Timmy and Mark stopped playing, and were staring, open mouthed at us. Susie finished setting the table, and was now filling glasses, totally oblivious to what was happening. I knew that I was going to get grounded, but I would do whatever it took to help my dog.

“I think you should go to your room for a couple minutes,” my mom said quietly. Even though she said it calmly, I could see the anger in her eyes. I walked upstairs, and took Hope with me. The truth was, I did not go upstairs, but I kind of stomped in place, so that mom thought that I was going up. I crouched down, so they could not see me. Hope ran upstairs and hid under my bed, and I was fine with that. My mother and Mrs. Henderson were talking in hushed tones, so I couldn’t hear them. Mark, who is my favorite sibling (don’t ask me why), ran up the stairs, and sat down next to me. He was only four, and was adorable. He opened his mouth, probably to ask me why I was there, but before he said anything, I clamped my hand over his mouth. He was very loud, and I did not want to be in more trouble than I was already in.

“I’m eavesdropping. Either sit down, or go to your room,” I whispered. He sat down.

“What’s evedropping?” he whispered.

“Its eavesdropping, stupid. It means to listen in when you are not supposed to.” I picked Mark up and put him on my lap. Okay, I admit it, I was nervous.

I overheard Mrs. Henderson say, “Yes, but there would be a price to pay.” And then I think my mom might have asked if it would be money or chores? Really, I just heard little snippets of the conversation, but it seemed that I would be paying quite a bit of money for Hope. At one point, Mark went back down to play with Timmy. Then, mom yelled up the stairs, “JANET! COME BACK DOWN HERE! WE NEED TO TALK TO YOU!”

I wished myself good luck, and walked down the stairs. As soon as I got halfway downstairs, I noticed that Hope was right behind me, and I was glad. I can always count on that dog.

Right then and there, I promised myself that whatever it took to win Hope, I would do it. I would do it for two reasons. The first one was that I really did not want to give Mrs. Henderson the pleasure of keeping her dog just to kick it around, when it was the sweetest dog in the world. The other is that all of my siblings have pets. Timmy has a fish, and Mark has a frog. Sue had a cat, but only because she got all A’s on her report card, and she spent one month working on an extra credit project for school. I was the only one without a pet, even though I was the oldest. I reached the bottom of the stairs, and saw a very perplexing sight. Mrs. Henderson looked as if she just just lost a war, but got $1,000,000 out of it. We were all quiet, and it was really awkward.

Mrs. Henderson finally broke the silence and said, “Sugar Bunch, come here! I know that stupid girl…” Mrs. Henderson turned to me and glared. Finally, she took her gaze off of me and continued to talk to Hope, “I know that stupid girl has taken terrible care of you.” Then, in a whisper, she said, “Don’t worry. I’ll get us out of here soon enough.”

Even though she said it so she thought that only Hope could hear, I heard every word of it. I guess mom did also, because she looked at Mrs. Henderson in a funny way, and then started to speak. “Well, Janet, we thought that if you could maybe give Mrs. Henderson some of your own money, because she needs it for her health, and her other dogs. Also, maybe you could do some chores around her house. We still have to talk about how much money it would be and how many hours you would be working for, but–”

Mrs. Henderson interrupted, “I think that she should work for at least 100 hours in all, and maybe 500 dollars. This dog was worth a million dollars, you know. You’re getting a big discount.”

“Well, Janet, does that seem fair to you?” My mom asked me. No, I said in my head, but out loud, I said, “Okay, sure.”

Mrs. Henderson sighed, like she thought that this big ordeal was just too much for her old bones. She was 81, and she was a hunchback. I think she had Parkinson’s also, but you can never be too sure. She slowly got up, and I shook her hand. She hugged a happy Hope, and left without another word. Mark, Tommy, Sue, and I celebrated by calling Claire and  baking brownies.




I finally paid off the 500 dollars!!! Tomorrow I can finally stop working for old Mrs. Henderson! She is going to a nursing home in one month, and a girl who was my age is moving into her old house! YAY! Hope is in good health, and she found some doggie friends that lived across the street. Sue transferred to my school and I helped her with her homework, and it turns out that she is not so perfect after all! Timmy did everything he can to help out with Hope, and Mark decided that he would be a big boy, and do almost everything by himself. My life is good after all!!!



*Last year, my art teacher did that and I fell asleep in class half the time. Also, I got nightmares from all of the things she told us about the artists. She was probably the worst art teacher that I ever had!



One day, a kid named Ben went to school, and he had a great time until lunch came. At lunch there was only orange juice. Everyone had to drink 50 glasses of orange juice, because they didn’t have any food that day. Then everybody had to go to the bathroom. Ben went to the boy’s bathroom, but this time there was sign and it said: Please wait in line for one hour. Then he looked at the girl’s bathroom. The girl’s bathroom sign said: Please wait thirty minutes.

Ben started shouting out loud, “I hate today’s lunch!”

“Yeah, Ben’s right,” said everyone. Everyone started whispering to each other. He was waiting thirty minutes, and the girl’s bathroom line was gone. He was about to pee in his pants. He didn’t want to do it, but he did. He ran into the girl’s bathroom and started used it. He was glad no girls were in there. When he came out of the girl’s bathroom, everybody was crowded around the girl’s bathroom door.

A bunch of girls said, “Uh ooh!” and started hitting him. He got sent to the Principal’s office.

P.S. The Principal was very strict.

The Principal shouted, “WHY DID YOU GO TO THE GIRLS BATHROOM?”

I said, “Can you not spit on me please.”

The principal madly shouted again, “DON’T EVER TALK BACK TO THE PRINCIPAL, BEN HUCKLEBERRY!”

I said, “You have bad breath.”


Ben was standing in front of the principal’s desk and was staring at the principal. Ben said, “Bye.”

The principal shouted again, “WAIT, DON’T GO YET. You cannot play on the playground for 1 week, and I will email your teacher.”

He said for the last time, “Fine.”  He quickly walked away, but the principal was so shocked.

After school, Ben went home. He did all his homework and played a video game. He saw his parents at 3:00 p.m. Ben was so tired he went to sleep at 6:00 p.m. When he woke up, he looked at his clock. It was 6:00 a.m., but the lights in the living room were on. It was very strange for Ben. He went downstairs and saw his parents, and his parents were making a frown on their face. Ben said, “Why do you have a frown on your face?”

His parents answered, “We heard that you were in trouble.”

So he was grounded, and that ground was about not playing video games and not watching TV and eating no desserts for one week. Ben was frustrated and thought in his mind, Why did I go in the girls’ bathroom?

He thought hard of an idea to make a time-traveler before one week. He went to the junkyard and got some things that he wanted to make a time-traveler with. He got an engine out of a car, a tire off a car, a window off a boat, etc. He quickly went back home and went into his room. He decided to make the time traveler on his mirror. He started putting those pieces together. He quickly turned on the button and the lights went off the house. Ben’s parents were like, “Ben?! What did you just do?”

He quickly hid his mirror under the bed. When the parents came in they didn’t notice. Then, when the parents went out, he started to make the time traveler again. The mirror started wiggling and he put his hand on it. His hand went through it. When he went inside the mirror, it was 1966. He could tell because he asked a stranger what the date was, and the stranger told him that it was 1966. So he went back in the mirror and came back to his room. After, he looked at his homework and saw that he needed to do science homework on a computer and it was due on Monday. So, he held the homework packet and showed his mom and his mom was like, “Ugh, fine.”

So Ben was like, “Yes!” He went upstairs with the laptop and started to get the USB’s in his room and connected his computer to the time traveler. He quickly typed in the date: 2014, Friday, September 2nd, 1 o’clock. After, the time traveler started to light up. This time, he went in and he was on the line of the boys bathroom, and he said, “Yes!”

So he waited one hour on the line and finally went to the bathroom. Then, he went into the mirror and back to his room. He went downstairs with his mom. His mom wasn’t mad at him and said, “Hi Ben, did you do all your homework?”

And Ben said, “Sort of.”

She said, “What do you mean by sort of?”

Ben said, “I only did my science homework.”

“Then go upstairs and do the rest of your homework and come downstairs. I have a big surprise for you.”

He did all his homework which took about an hour. He went downstairs and his mom was holding a big present, and he didn’t realize that it was his birthday today. So Ben ripped open the present. He was so surprised: he got his own laptop. He was finally waiting for that present, and a wish came true. He was so excited that he decided to put it in his room and his mom came up with him. Ben went quicker, so he hid the mirror under his bed, and he deleted the program on the computer. He placed his own computer on the place where his parents’ computer was. So he made a promise with his mom to say “I will never do bad stuff on this computer or inappropriate stuff,” and his mom said, “You make this promise, and if you break it, you lose your laptop.”

Ben said, “Okay Mom,” and his mom went downstairs. He went down too, and he ate cookies with his family, and it ends with a happy ending here.

How Evil Came to Be

Many years ago, the Earth was divided in half. The left half was known as the majestic side. Everything was joyous and merry. People feasted and celebrated every day. It was a dream come true. The right side of Earth was a place of misery and despair. People wailed as they were tortured by hideous creatures. It was always night time. A thought that never came to anyone’s mind was crossing the border.


Chapter I


The king of evil was lethargic from overlooking his beasts rip off the limbs of his helpless human victims. A insignificant thought crossed his mind. Maybe, just for a test, he should cross the border. He called a ghoul with wrinkly green skin and red, bulging eyes and commanded him to cross. A young soldier looked over from the majestic side, for the beast’s blood-stained claws precariously inched closer to the gleaming wall of white light. With some hesitation, the monster placed his jagged claw into the glow.  

The light spiraled around the monster as it separated into small glowing balls. Faster and faster it span as it slowly consumed the beast in its whirling tornado. Everyone from both sides jerked their heads to the light and either had a face of awe or fear. When the swirling light had finally consumed the beast, it formed a huge ball and exploded! The sound was deafening. The explosion was so bright that everyone from miles around could see it. When the phenomenon was over, the glowing wall was gone and in the place of the ghoul there was only a pile of ashes and singed bones.


Chapter II


For a few brief moments, everything was silent, and then:

“WAR!” the King of Evil shouted.

The evil side immediately raced over with long, jagged teeth and claws exposed. The only thing you could hear amongst the chaos was the hollars and growls of ravenous beasts as they destroyed temples and buildings as far as the eye could see. Clouds of dust blew in every direction, as if they were a raging hurricane.  

“They’ve destroyed everything but the kitchen sink!” said an onlooker, and then he saw an ogre and goblin lugging a kitchen sink out of a house and smashing it to smithereens.  “Scratch that, everything and the kitchen sink!”

A beast that had monstrous bull-like horns and deep mahogany fur lunged for the young soldier. The soldier grabbed his spear and stabbed the beast, but it tugged the spear out of his body as if the weapon were only a splinter. The gaping hole in its chest healed before the soldier’s eyes. The monster leaped up and impaled the soldier with his gigantic horns. The soldier’s blood ran down the street and into the sewer like a stream. His body lay lifeless on the shattered cobblestone street.


Chapter III                 


From the ruins of a temple, an old woman with a hunch sauntered over with arms trembling from arthritis. Her fists were clenched together as if they harbored a dark secret.  Suddenly, without warning, she opened her fists. A ball of the same white light as the enchanted wall hovered over her head. Everyone stopped fighting to get a glimpse of the mesmerizing ball.

“Long ago,” she started. “I created the wall to protect the majestic side. I assumed that all beings would fear it. Clearly, I was wrong. This is hope. It will always be with you and guarantee that the worst will be over.”

With that she released the glowing ball and dropped dead.      



December 13 1972

Today is December 13, 1972. I made an oil rig to give me oil, but on my way home, I dropped some oil on a lit match. The oil caught on fire and the smoke was so black that the fire department came to put out the fire. Ten fire departments came. Suddenly, everyone was 10 million hours away so I said, “Who cares, I suppose I’ll just take a lamp and see what happens.”

And so, for some reason, this strange thing appeared. It looked like a water spout. But I said, “It can’t be that because it’s blue.” So I looked at that and said, “I wonder what this button does.” And so I went down into this room with steaming hot vats of liquid below them. Green, red, and blue vials. And a vase that seemed filled with water. I took the vase and said, “Hopefully this will put out the fire.” I went back and I realized when I looked in, there was nothing in the vase. So I decided, “I’ll push the button again to see if I get the green liquid one.” I pressed the button again, but this time, it took me to another planet. I decided, “Isn’t there a back button? Maybe it’ll take me back to my original time.” No luck. I realized, “Well, there it is. Home planet Earth.” I looked at it. I realized how small it was, compared to this planet. This planet was much bigger. So I just decided to press this button and stepped on it with my foot because I was walking.

I went into this room—the exact same room. I said, “Well, maybe this button is different, but maybe this room went underground and teleported me here. But maybe the fuse is broken and it only took me halfway there, to this other bigger planet.” I looked around the room and said, “Man, this is more misty than I thought.” When the mist cleared, it revealed pure water that was moving. It was pouring out, not onto the floor, but once it left the vase it disappeared. I realized that this place was haunted.


I heard the noise, two times. I said, “Boy, this place is creepin’ me out.” Then, this person appeared on the table. I realized, no wonder that vase was high in the air. I decided, well, maybe it’s not so impressive. Instead, there’s got to be more people, because I heard it as many times as there were tables and there were vases filled with water.

“Can I get a drink of water?”  I said. I decided, maybe this water has some of this green stuff in it, so I went in the next room and tried to get a water bottle. I found one, but I thought, “Maybe it is old. I’ll just stick with the one I found in the hallway yesterday.” But I thought, “That wasn’t what I wanted, but I guess I’ll just drink out of this water fountain.” For some reason, I started having to compete with this other kid. So I said to myself, “I’m not going to compete with this guy when all I want is a drink of water and he wants that cooler.” So I said, “Why do you want that cooler?” And I thought, “This is really interesting. I’m going through a lot of conflict here.” So I just pushed him into the pool.

After he was in the water, I looked in and saw it was evaporated completely. “Can you pause right there?”

And the whole thing stopped moving. “BLINK!” Then I stopped moving. I stopped talking. I even stopped narrating the situation. I said to myself, “So, I can’t even think straight. What is that giant skyplane doing out there tilted at a 70° angle—in real life and in the story?”

“Burp burp burp burp,” I said to myself. And you know something? The story is glass? And I said to myself, “If the story’s made of glass, I must be in a slideshow, not a book.” But I realized that the screen is made of glass, and I’m in a TV, being typed right now by a teacher named Megan. And there’s a law school being built right now across the street, and around the corner, I saw Panera. And I said to the myself, and the audience, and to Megan, and to Collin the writer, “I’m going to Panera and taking a break, and getting a cinnamon bun and a Diet Coke. See you next time in Book Two of December 13, 1972.”


The End

Elliot’s Adventure

“Elliot,” my mother yells, “Time for bed!”

I groan. “Do I have to?” I ask, yelling back. My mom (I call her Ma) comes to my room where I’m playing with Legos.

She puts her hands on her hips.

“Elliot Robert James! You go to bed right now!” Ma yells.

“Fine,” I grumble, and get up and go to the bathroom. Moments later, I come out all dressed in my PJ’s. I mumble a hasty “Goodnight” to Ma and she grunts to me in return. I go to my bed. While I get into my bed, I think of my father, who is away on a business trip. I don’t have any brothers or sisters, but I wish I had some. And on top of that, I don’t have any friends because everyone thinks I’m weird. No friends at school, no nice mom, not seeing dad, NO NOTHING! Dad is almost always away. I sigh. My father really is a good laugh. Then I think of Ma, who DOESN’T let me stay up past 7:45, even though I’m 8 years old!!!! Ugh. I’m lonely. I don’t have any freedom at all. But, enough of that. Here I am, crawling into bed.

I snuggle under the covers and I drift off into a deep sleep….


I wake up. I am in a strange place, full of funny people.

They look a lot like us, but with SUPER LONG, and LARGE noses, kind of like Proboscis Monkeys. (Search it up on the web.)

One of these “people” comes up to me and says, “Hello, my name is Kate.” She looks about my age. She then follows my strange look and says, “We are called Sefs, and this is our land, Sef’s Land.”

My head whirls with millions of questions I would like to ask Kate, but all that comes out is, “Will you show me around? The name’s Elliot, by the way.”  

Kate looks surprised. I think I even might like her, or be falling in love with her. To me she is beautiful.

“Why, of course I can show you around,” She pauses for a moment, and then continues, “Elliot.”

Then she beckons me to begin my tour.

“This is the tower of Mr. Leman,” Kate says, pointing to a SUPER tall tower. “He’s the smartest of us all. Whenever we need help, we go to him. He always knows exactly what to do.”

We continue. “This,” she shows me a beautiful house, “is the orphanage. I myself live here, with many others. Shall we proceed?” She asks. I nod.

We come to the village square. There is a huge Town Hall, towering over us.

“Whoa,” I whisper.

“Yes.” She nods. “It’s where all us villagers gather when we all need to talk.”

After that, she shows me some other people’s houses, Auntie Marta’s, Tommy and Poppy, two 6-year-old twins, and some others. Poppy and Tommy decide to come with us on our tour. Poppy looks at me and says, “Who are you? Where did you come from?”

All eyes are now on me. I stare at her.

“Like I told you earlier, my name is Elliot. I come from a planet called Earth. What planet is this?”

Poppy narrows her eyes. “This is the planet Laseford. Like Kate already told you, this particular part is called Sef’s Land.”

I must look worried as Poppy says this, so Kate quickly cuts in. “I hear that there is a market and a play at the village square. Shall we?”

Everybody nods yes, but Poppy is still peering at me. When we get to the market, we all get some ice cream, and watch a play. I don’t pay much attention though. I’m thinking of ways to get out of Sef’s Land and take Kate with me.

Or I could stay here.

Hmm, it’s a toughie. How would I stay? I miss my parents. A lot. But leaving Kate…

No, I have to get out of this world with Kate and without anyone else knowing, especially Poppy. I know now that I love Kate.  

“Elliot?” Kate’s voice interrupts my thoughts. I jerk around to face her.

“Yes?” I ask.

She looks at me suspiciously too. “Did you like the show?” She asks slowly.

I put on what I hope looks like a confused face. Then I say, “Like it? Of course!”

Kate looks relieved. “Would you like to go to the orphanage with me and spend the night there?”

I nod yes. We say goodbye to Tommy and Poppy and set off. It’s nearly dusk. As soon as we’re alone, I ask, “Kate?”

Kate looks at me, “Yes?”

My face turns red. “Um, how can I get out of Sef’s Land, and go back to Earth? Also, if you know how,” I cough, “will you like to come with me?”

She is completely taken aback.  “Actually no, I don’t know how to get out of Sef’s Land, but if I did, I actually would go with you.” Now she is the one with the red face.

But then her face lights up. “I’ve heard from folk tales, that if you walk to the Sef’s wizard’s cave, he can tell you how to get to a portal that takes you to Earth.”

I whoop for joy. Then I yell “Wahoo! Let’s go to the wizard and get to the portal!”

Kate laughs. “First we sleep, and then in the morning we pack and go.”

“Okay” I reply, And we set off to the orphanage.


The next morning, when I wake up, Kate is already up and packed. Wordlessly, she hands me a bowl of cereal and goes out of the room. As soon as I’m finished with my cereal and dressed, we set off to the wizard.

Along the way, Kate suddenly says, “Morning. Sorry I didn’t say it before, it’s just hard on me leaving Poppy, Tommy, and…. Sef’s Land.”

I nod. I’ve already gotten to love Sef’s Land. Kate sighs, and shakes her head sadly.  After a half an hour of walking, we turn into an alleyway and Kate points at a door. Then she turns to me. “This is the place,” she says.

I raise my eyebrows. “Really?” In reply, Kate opens the door. I gasp.

As Kate closes the door, I see that this is actually a cave. It’s a muddy place, but there are tables of potions and other magical things everywhere. In the very center of the cave, there is a cauldron with a wizard stirring it. Kate walks up to him.

“Mr. Wizard?” she says.

The wizard looks up. “I know why you are here. Do not waste time explaining, Elliot,” he says. “If you jump into this cauldron, it will transfer you to the portal. Then you will be on Earth.”

“Thank you Mr. Wizard!” Kate shouts as we jump into the cauldron. We’re going back to Earth! That is all I can think at this happy time.

“Elliot!” Ma yells. “Get up or you will be late to school.”

I look at her with a puzzled face. “Where’s Kate?” I ask.

Ma raises her eyebrows. “You know already?”

“What?” I say.

“A girl just moved into the house next door. And her name is Kate.” I fling open the door and run to our porch. There is Kate, without a long nose, waving at me.

“Hello Elliot!” she yells.

“Hello!” I yell back, and wave like mad back. Life is going to be good, I think, as I wave to Kate. Yes, it will be.


The End

The Bullying Lily

Chapter 1:


Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Lily. Lily liked to show off to other people, and to her friends! Her friends did not like her anymore. She went to recess, but she bullied other kids. When she was done, all of the kids were hurt. Then she went to music. All of the kids were singing beautifully until Lily sang so bad and loud the kids covered their ears! Next, it was reading time. Lily was talking so loud the, teacher sent her to the principal’s office.

The principal told her to stop bullying and to stop showing off!

Lily said, “Okay.” Then she acted nice, but it made her stomach hurt. Everything went back to normal, and the best thing was that everyone liked her so she kept trying really hard to be nice! The next day Lily went to school. She did not see anyone in her classroom so she went to the all-purpose room, then she heard a loud noise.

The whole school shouted, “CONGRATULATIONS!!!”

Lily was so surprised she wanted to faint on stage! Everyone gave her a high five that lasted fifteen minutes. Her day at school was the best day ever!!!




After that, all the fuses were cut and all the lights were shut off. Everybody was worried. Mrs. Slingy ran in the room.

“Somebody locked the doors!” she said. “We will need to stay in school for two days because the doors are locked. I will contact your parents.”

“HOORAY! No homework!”

Everybody heard a drilling sound from under the floor. It was Dr. Slingy! He dug a hole from outside to the school. Everybody whined because they’d have to do homework again, but they climbed out and went home.

“This is still the best day ever,” said Lily.

When she got home she told her mom what happened when she stopped bullying and showing off.

“How did you feel when you stopped?” her mother asked.

Lily said, “I feel better stopping.”


The End

A Halloween Story

Chapter 1


It was Halloween, Jeremy’s favorite holiday ever. When it got dark, he changed into his zombie costume and got out his Halloween treat bag. When he got outside, he saw strange creatures standing on Main Street in the town of Spooksburg. Some of the creatures had sharp teeth like real vampires, and some were see-through just like real ghosts! Jeremy was really creeped out, and so were his parents. The entire town, actually. They all ran back inside and stayed in there for the rest of Halloween night.

The next day of school, Jeremy couldn’t concentrate on his work. He couldn’t stop wondering why there were vampires and ghosts. That was when Jeremy had a brilliant idea. Next Halloween, while the rest of the town fled, he would stay in Spooksburg.


Chapter 2


The vampires and ghosts were lost and they needed help. On Halloween night the following year, they drifted into Spooksburg again. The town was silent and still. The houses were empty, and the streets didn’t have a single car or pedestrian. Except for a young boy named Jeremy.

The seven-year-old boy looked older than he was. But maybe that was because he was all alone in an abandoned town.

He approached cautiously. “Hello. So you’re some scary looking fellas. I’ve been waiting for you.”

“Waiting?” a vampire said. “But we didn’t know we’d be here.”

“Everyone in town knew. You came last year. That’s why they left. But I wanted to stay behind because I wanted to see if it was true. So what are you doing here?”

“We’re lost,” one of the ghosts said. “We’ve been wandering for ages, looking for our home.”

The boy squinted at them. “This definitely isn’t your home. Maybe I can help you find it.”

The ghosts and vampires were happy and cheered for Jeremy. He just had one question in his head: How am I going to lead the ghosts and vampires where they are supposed to be?


Chapter 3


Jeremy of Spooksburg led the ghosts and vampires for hours. Though the creatures had spent ages unable to find their real homes, they felt something new with Jeremy alongside them. They felt drawn to a crumbling village just up the road. It was scary, and the wind howled like an angry werewolf.

Then one of the ghosts said, “Whenever you need help, we will come by. We’ll know because we gave you a special whistle only ghosts and vampires can hear.”

“Thank you. But I have to ask: how did you get lost?”

The vampires and ghosts glanced at each other, their heads bowed.

“We go on a vacation every Halloween,” a ghost said. “But a few years ago we went out and couldn’t find our way back. We followed the same path as usual, but it was like the town had disappeared.

“That’s why we came to your town,” a vampire added. “Thank you so much for bringing us home, Jeremy.”

Jeremy had quite a busy Halloween and felt good that he helped the lost ghosts and vampires. But he couldn’t help wondering how the ghosts and vampires could lose their way. And why did it look like their town disappeared? Jeremy wanted to find out.


Chapter 4


At school later that year, when kids were being mean to Jeremy, he would call the ghosts and vampires to come at night and scare the mean kids. That way he could focus on investigating who’d made the town disappear. But he had homework to do. So he blew the whistle, and the ghosts and vampires appeared. The ghosts did his math homework, and the vampires did his reading assignment. Vampires didn’t have the best vocabulary, but Jeremy was glad for the help.

He thanked his undead friends and walked them home. After spending a few minutes hanging out in the creepy town, he went home to finish his investigation.


Chapter 5


Jeremy took his whistle everywhere — even on a field trip to a pumpkin patch — which was where he was convinced he lost it. He searched under pumpkins and dug through the dirt, but he couldn’t find it. How could he solve the mystery without his special whistle?

Jeremy ran to the ghost and vampire village.

“Hello, Jeremy? What are you doing here?”

“I lost my whistle. Can I have another?”

“Sorry,” said a vampire, “but that was the last one.”

“But we do have a cellphone you could use.”  The vampires and ghosts gave him a little phone.

“Don’t lose this because then you won’t be able to call us,” said one of the vampires.

When Jeremy got back home, he was happy because he did not have his very own phone before. He was only seven, so that made sense.

He didn’t really have a lot of trouble, but one day, his father’s phone broke and he bought a new one and gave the old one to Jeremy. But then Jeremy forgot all about the phone that the vampires and ghosts gave him.

When it was Halloween, Jeremy called the ghost and vampires over to collect candy, and people said, “Good costume. That looks real.”

The vampires and ghosts said, “Thanks, this is our first time going to trick or treating.”

When the ghosts and vampires went to one of Jeremy’s friends, the ghost and vampires said that they have a secret, which Jeremy knew. They weren’t in costumes after all. They were real! But he’d keep that to himself.


Chapter 6


The ghosts and vampires were so grateful Jeremy didn’t reveal their secret to any of his friends, that they decided to tell him how their town disappeared. It was actually a zombie with a potion. The zombie thought he had a different potion, but he was wrong. He wanted the village to be bigger, so he thought he’d add more buildings with that potion, but it was really an invisibility potion.

The vampires and ghosts discovered this because the zombie emailed them an apology. But the ghosts and vampires got really mad, so mad that they punished him to go to the potion room and study his potions more so he didn’t turn any more towns invisible.

Every Halloween from that year on, Jeremy invited the ghosts and vampires to his town, then he went to their village to trick or treat because they had a ton of candy.

They ate candy, stayed best friends, and always had the best Halloween ever.




SAM’S BIG ADVENTURE [ + the mailman ]

There was an alien named Sam. He was purple, had stringy arms, had two eyes, his face was a circle, and last but not least, he always had a smiley mouth. He was watching TV.  He watched until there was a commercial about things that were called “Pets” on Earth.

“Ghtjdtyuuiikjdcbnmamagtrdhhhjhtrefggnjndsjkhevtye,” he said, which meant, “I want to see that really badly!” Then the commercial on TV said that the humans on earth are going to make a show about pets.

“lkjdkad;kadjf.” That meant, “Super, I want to see it.” But, he noticed it could only be bought in the pet shop! But it was on Earth!

I have to build a spaceship, he thought.

Two weeks later:

“Okay, it’s ready to try out! Okay, ready, set, blast off!! Ahhhhh, that didn’t work.”

A week later after a bunch of testing and fixing:

“Finally, I know it works because I tried it. But wait, I don’t have a map to know where the planet called Earth is!” He said in alien language, “Aljdflkaj;dlfaslaljfdadk hdakfja jdklfajsi.”

Suddenly, there was a mail delivery from the mailman. He was lime yellow. He had a tie-dye shirt. He was holding a magenta letter. He was wearing a pair of homemade shorts and he had purple shoes. His face was a weird shape and he had a little bit of lime green hair.

The mailman had been spying on Sam the whole time.  He actually traveled all the way to Earth to look for the pet shop and write where it is.  The letter said it was a map to go to Earth and the certain pet shop.

“Akdjljfldf,” or “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you,” Sam said. But then Sam said, “Akj,” which meant “Uh.”

“Skafjkfk jkdj kajiwjf,” said the mailman, which meant, “I’ve been spying on you the whole time!”

Sam was a little bit confused and happy. He was happy because now he knew he could go there and knew where to go.

“Can I go with you?” asked the mailman, which in alien language meant, “Askah djkc poona cada.”

“Oosa,” Sam said, which meant, “Yes.”

The trip to Earth was fun. On the trip, they ate asteroid pieces and comet nibbles. The trip was fun until…THERE WAS A FORCE FIELD!!!

“REALLY???!!!” Sam said. That means, “TFRGTF!!!”

Then the mailman said, “There’s a certain black hole that you have to go into to get to the other side, and inside that black hole are four other black holes, and you have to pick the right one.” That meant, in alien language, “kjhaiuhwe;fkjna.skjhiueh.”

Then Sam said, “dtfgfgfgffggffttfgffgghhgfdsdfdgfggggfd,” and that meant,  “But where is the black hole???”  

“Gythghgfhtfghgghghghhghggffgfddet,” said the Mailman. That meant, “Well that is what we are going to have to find out.” Done done DONE!!!!!

16 minutes later, there were two black holes.

“Which one is right?” said the mailman, which in alien language was, “uh;khkjhkjhjk.”

“Well, one black hole is black and one is brownish, and this one is a special black hole, so it’s not supposed to be like an actual black hole,” said the mailman.
“Okay, so we take the brownish hole,” said Sam, which in alien language meant, “lkuhkuhiuhui.”  So they took the brownish hole.  

Meanwhile… ECHO echo… QUACK quack.

Sam said, “WHAT DID YOU SAY?!” That means, “bdcbhfdbhfdxdfjh!!!”         

“NO WHAT DID YOU SAY?” said the mailman. That means, “DFGFGHHGGGFHYTFTYHGT???”

Then they saw a duck before their eyes.

“AHHHHHHH!” they screamed. The mailman’s lime green hair shot up like a rocket.

Suddenly, this guy appeared in the black hole. He had the body of a genie but he was not actually a genie. He said, in a strange voice, “The duck is a creature from earth. It is a pet — sometimes. They were trying to make teleporters, but then instead they accidentally sent a duck into this black hole. So don’t worry.”

Then he disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Poof!

Then four black holes were in front of them each a different color.

“WAIT!!!!” said the mailman. “Don’t say anything. Because each of them means danger, but the yellow ones lead to quicksand, the blue one leads to really big waterfalls with alligators and mean fish in it, the red one leads to lava, the purple ones leads to an army of alive eggplants. So also, the walls are purple, so we should take the purple one. Anyway that’s the only one where there’s a possibility that we won’t die. All the other ones we’ll definitely die. Ready, set, hold your breath! We’re going in!”

They held their breaths and went inside. When they came out, they saw a giant army of eggplants with at least one yellow tooth sticking out of their mouths.

“Okay, did you bring the lava?” said the mailman.

They heard the eggplant say, “Okay, did you bring the boxing gloves?”

Then all said at the same time, including Sam and the mailman, “Yes! Ready, charge!”

Sam said to the mailman, “You know, just boxing, there’s a possibility we won’t die, but if the lava gun doesn’t kill the eggplants, then the red hole might be safe! But we have to first test the lava gun. And if the lava gun kills all the eggplants, then we know the red hole isn’t safe.”

“Ready, set, chaaaaaaarge!”

The eggplants all got blown away in the lava except one. The master of the eggplants. He was the size of a country house. He had the stinkiest breath ever and he had an an Alaskan headband that he stole from Alaska on Earth. He put it on his thumb because he was so big.

“Are you ready? Give it to him!”

They squirted lava in his eyes which were as big as a chandelier. They were bloodshot and bloody. The eyes fell out so he started thrashing about like crazy, so they spilled the lava on his heart and he died. But what the mailman forgot to say is, “Be aware, there also are live grapes everywhere.”

So then there were these little mini grapes who were like grape bombs. They look like grapes with little faces on them. But you had to go across them without getting hit by one, because they were explosive. So they carefully tiptoed across. Suddenly, Sam said, “Hurry, hop in the ship!”

That was because there was the end of the path in the purple black hole and if you stepped off, it would be like falling off a cliff. So, they rode in the spaceship and that black hole was meant to shoot you onto Earth so they shot up onto Earth.

The trip took two hours because of all the battling.

When they got to Earth they ALMOST forgot to put a human costume on! When they put the costumes on, they went to the pet store. At the pet store, Sam pointed at the TV so the pet store guy gave them the tickets to watch the show and then he watched it. It was the best! It was exciting and funny and awesome and cute and everything it could possibly be. Then he decided to go out on Earth and play an alien game on the grass before they left. The game is called Houhknoijij. When they went back to the spaceship, they took the video with them so they could watch it again.

It was a very long and exciting trip, especially when they made an eggplant shooter from the dead eggplants.



The Witch Books

Dear whatever I’m supposed to call you,


I can’t believe my parents have been holding this secret from me all my life. I’m a witch!!! Not those fictional ones from the movies or books, but an actual witch. They told me on my sixteenth birthday, but to me I think they should have told me this when I was younger. They gave me this book because they want me to write all my feelings in it, which is stupid because I’m not eleven anymore, I don’t need a diary. Well, my mom is calling for me. I guess she’s going to tell me more things I didn’t know my whole life up until now. I wonder if they are even my actual parents.

Nope, turns out they are my actual parents. They said I need to go to a “witch academy” and learn more about who I am. This day sucks. If only I could go to the froyo store and gets some yogurt with my friends. But my life isn’t normal anymore thanks to my parents. Uh, I guess I’m not a human anymore. I’m a witch, a witch. I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE THIS! UGGGHHH! I feel like I’m two years old and my mom’s saying, “Darling you’re gonna be a witch for halloween,” but this is real. Like, I said it about a thousand times already and it still doesn’t feel right. While I’m here in my room reading witch books — roll eyes — my friends are hanging out without me. Could my life get any worse? Yep it can. My “parents’’ are calling me for a family meeting, which usually means, “I talk, you listen, and you better not argue with me young lady.”

“Darling I’m so worried about you,” said my mother. “You shouldn’t be up in your room. Jeez louise, it’s the summer. Go have fun.”

Great, I’m still treated like a baby. Why don’t they put me in a diaper, put a bib around my neck, and get me a play pen? Then I might actually look like one.

“Venesa, you are going to have to stop babying her. She going to study all day, everyday, for this whole summer till she knows everything she needs to know to become an amazing witch. I had to give that up because I married you. I want her not to give up her chance to learn all of this,” my dad says, starting to get emotional. Great, I have a mom who babies me and a dad who is over emotional. What else does life have to bring me? Well no point in having dinner, I lost my appetite already.

As I get in bed I imagine all the fun things my friends are doing without me. THIS LIFE SUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKKSSSSSSS (again).


Why should I bother tittling you,


Here is another day of me spending in this house, ugh. My dad keeps on telling me ‘stop your attitude,’ but I really don’t care what anyone says anymore. As I open the book of wisdom, I notice all these amazing spells. One turns you into a duck, and another makes things come alive. As I flip through more pages I come up to one that can make you invisible. Maybe I can turn myself invisible to sneak out the house and have fun with my friends while my parents think I am learning these spells. I’m a genius. I’m totally getting the hang of this witch thingy. If only I knew what potions I need to make this spell.

I go into my parents bedroom to see if there was any potions there. As I was about to leave I noticed a pair of my mom’s high heels, but they didn’t look like any of her regular pair. There seemed to be letters and numbers all around. It was unusual and strange. I come closer to see and investigate more deeply.

As I touch the numbers and letters, I come upon a letter that looked different from the rest and I noticed it had ancient words around it. As I touch the surface of that weird looking number, a door opened out of nowhere. I peer inside and there were tons of witch books and spells, potions, and a pot that you could use to try out the potion. It seems as if someone was in there recently before I came. Maybe mom was in there because when I was walking by after I got a glass of water, I saw her go inside a door that I didn’t see before in their room. I didn’t pay much mind before because I was so mad. Every color you could ever imagine was in bottles that are used to make spells. WOOOOOOOOWWW. I never thought being a witch could be so cool! OMG, why did I just say that? This is getting weird.

As I look at the pair of pumps again, I notice a number that looked very strange. As I touch it, the door automatically shuts and turns into a wall again. I run out of their room just to see my parents outside. “Why were you in our room,” asks Dad.

“I was just looking for a pencil and I couldn’t find one,” I say. Just to tell, I’m a terrible liar, but I think they believed me. Wow, they’re so gullible. I better go before my dad sees me not looking at that stupid book.                    

I may be writing this stuff, but I still don’t like this journal idea.


Uhh you know what I am not even going to bother,


My mind keeps on wondering to that spells and potion room, but I keep telling myself to stop thinking about it. I made up this thing so every time I think about that room I have to pinch myself. You know what, I’m not going to do THAT. Maybe I could just sneak up and get the potions —

NO!!! I can’t do that.

But —


Ugh. It’s just so tempting, soooo tempting, but I know I would get caught. It’s like water. I can’t live without going into that room.

Earlier that day my friend called me saying, “Come over to my house. My mom is not here and I’m throwing an awesome party.”

“I can’t,” I told her, which made her like, mad. So like, she said, “We aren’t, like, friends any more, like, dUUUHHHH!”

She’s there for, like, a good two minutes saying that. I think her “likes” are contagious. I can’t, like, stop saying/using them. I’m probably not popular anymore. Ugh. From one to ten, I used to be a ten and now I’m like a nine. WAAAHHH! I’M A NIIINNNE! Not even a ten, a nine. I might as well just stay in my room foooreeevvveeerrr!

It is not like they’re gonna let me out till school starts anyway.


Fine I’ll title you: Dear Diarrhea,


I have really bad stomach aches all the time. That is why I always need to do it… Ooops wrong story.


Dear Dairy,

You know dairy makes me gassy. That is why in class I am always farting and blaming it on other peop… Whoops, wrong again!


Dear Thingy majiggy I don’t want to use,


Sorry you got the wrong page. If you ever tell anyone I will find you, then kill you. Anyways, now that we are off that subject, I decided that I am like, (Sorry, the ‘likes’ are fading, but by time) gonna go since they’ve been so like, mean. Gosh, why can’t they be like grandma and wake up in the morning, then fall asleep on the couch listening to the radio. So here’s the plan (you better not like, tell my parents): I’m gonna wait till they go to sleep, then I will go into their room quietly, and take the stuff I need to make the invisibility spell, so I can sneak off whenever I like, want. I know, I am brilliant. You can scream it if you would like to now…

Sorry I couldn’t finish it, my mom and dad almost caught me not studying. Good thing I had this book in the spell book. My mom and dad are are asleep now, so I just have wait a few minutes till I hear their loud snores.

I finally heard their snores going through the walls, so I got up and opened the door quietly. I heard a creak (ugh, what a stupid door). I walk down the hallway carefully trying not to make any more noises. As soon as I opened the door I was greeted by my mother. She knew.

“Oh Oh,” I said aloud.

“Don’t worry sweetie, I didn’t tell your father. Hehehe,” she cackled. Then something changed. She looked like Medusa! No it couldn’t be. I blinked again just to make sure I was seeing correctly. She, or this thing, was still there. Suddenly my mom was back to normal.

“Go to sleep darling. We’ll talk about this in the morning.” I walk down the hall still confused, as I lay in my bed. I wonder if my imagination was playing tricks on me as I drift off to sleep.


Hello thingy,


As I slowly drifted back to the real world and out of my dream, I got up from bed. That was a strange dream. Something about my mom being Medusa. The smell of pancakes drifted up my nose. As I sat down with my mom and dad, I told them about my dream. My mom’s grin suddenly widened mysteriously, almost like the way Medusa did. Dad on the other hand looked like I smacked him in the face (which I wouldn’t mind doing) and told me never to speak of that again because Medusa killed his parents. He also told me she was the most powerful witch and she has been searching for him forever. Ugh, why do parents have to be overactive? But if Medusa killed me that would be a reason to cry like, come on. My mom’s grin quickly disappeared as a sorrow look appeared on her face. I was so flabbergasted that I didn’t know what to think. Ugghhh, why can’t my brain just get smarter. Life is just so hard.


Omg Diary,


I just saw my mother change into Medusa! I knew it all along. Of course, now her reaction to me dream this morning makes sense. Wait, she is probably trying to kill me and my dad. NOOO! This can’t possibly happen, then she is gonna be after me. I can’t die I am way too beautiful to die, like, I have to become a ten again and I can’t do that with Medusa on my back. You know what, I am telling my mo- Medusa to leave me alone.

As I walk up to Medusa I tell her, “You should leave, because like, you are way too bad to live here and my dad is gonna freak.”

“Sweetie, it’s ok. Besides, I was hoping that we could unite and have power over everyone. Mwaahaha” My mom- I mean, Medusa says savagely.

“NO, NEVER!” I say loudly, trying to get my dad to hear me.

“Fine, we’ll just have to do it the hard way. Guards!” My mother voice screeched and her snakes hissed. I felt my dad’s arms around me.

“Where should I take her?” He was hypnotized. That’s when I started screaming.


Dear Diary,


I am in a dark room. Wait I see a sliver of light. I touch the doorknob. It’s open! I escape quickly past the guards. I don’t know how.


Dear Diary,


These are my last pages. I want you to know that I am safe. I remember hearing the loud scream of Medusa as she finds me not in that place she locked me in. Wait, I remember the door being locked a few seconds and then when I woke up again it was unlocked. Somehow I knew Medusa didn’t open it. I don’t have anyone, but I am safe, that’s all I can tell. She, Medusa will be after be after me. I just know it.


Dear Diary,


NO! She is here! Medusa is here! I don’t know how she found me. I could feel her breath on my back. I won’t look into her eyes. Only I can defeat her.

I can feel my anger rising inside me. I screamed and light was all around me. I pushed it towards Medusa’s heart. That is when I noticed a wand in my hand. WHAT THE HECK? Is this Harry Potter or something?

I say some words in Latin. Wait, how did I speak Latin? That is why in school I knew all the Italian words and everything! They came so easily in my head.

Medusa vanished as quickly as she came. My dad suddenly came in the room confused. “What happened?” my dad says  dizzily as he sat at the edge of my bed. I quickly tell him.

I see tears emerge from his eyes as he snatched me into a deep hug. “I am so sorry sweetheart.” Ugh he is getting snot on my sweater.

“I won’t stay here for long. I know there are more monsters out their dad.”

“Fine but be safe.”

“I am still gonna finish high school.”


Ugh, why can’t my family just pull itself together?


5 Years Later


Dear last page of my diary,


You know I found you in an old box in my attic? I’ve killed many other monsters:  Dracula, Darth Vader (yeah he is real), and many sirens.

I am in college, but don’t worry, I still fight the monsters.

Dad just died because he got cancer. I wish I spent more time with him instead of just being a teenager.

But I have bigger things to worry about. There’s a new monster in town, but they don’t know what they’re dealing with.

The End of Time


Grandpa lay down and went to sleep for a long time. I thought that Grandpa was just taking a long nap. Verena thought so too. But now, Claire, Vanessa, and I know that he died. Verena took a little more time to grow up than the rest of us. Claire, the oldest, called herself ten years young. Me, the middle, wanted to stay four forever. Vanessa, the second middle sister, had made me sing happy birthday to her 100 times when she turned eight because she was still young. Verena, well, who knows?

Claire’s birthday came and passed by like a car on the highway. Then mine, then Verena’s, then Vanessa’s. We were all so close in age but we started to separate and separate and separate. What ages were we when Grandpa died? Claire was sixteen, I was twelve, Vanessa was ten, and Verena was eight. When I say we all separated, I mean that Claire went off to use some big study tubes and do her science smart stuff (I like to call it S.S.S.). I went to volleyball practice six times a week, and Vanessa went to hip hop team practice. Verena goes to an after school for kids, ages 8-10, who have trouble reading.

Volleyball was my life, and I never missed a game.

Except for Friday, October 13th 2013.


Chapter 1

“Riley, are you OK?” My best friend Sophie Moon said.

“Of course I’m fine. Why wouldn’t I be fine? Are you fine? You’re not fine!” I said like Derek Jeter throwing a ball to first base. If you didn’t know, that meant I was zoom-talking.

“You know, tomorrow is Friday the 13th and it’s October. This is the third year that this has happened in our short lifetimes,” Sophie said.

“So?” I said.

“Haven’t you seen the movie? Friday the 13th? Well, it’s about… no wait. I’m not telling you.”


“You have to watch it yourself.”

“Is it scary?”

“Yes. Very.”

I got home and ran to my room. I typed my password into my computer. 675902. I searched Friday the 13th. It came up on my computer. A two-hour movie. I had three hours until volleyball.

Two hours later…

I’m scared for my life.

Volleyball was a flunk. We lost our game ten to zero. I was to nervous to hit the ball, so I just let it pass me every time. All I could think about was the movie. Tomorrow is going to be the worst day of my life.

Friday the 13th…

I walked into school looking like a mess. On my way to school, I had slipped on a banana peel, walked into a door, and fell on the back of my head.

“Make it stop! Make it stop!” I yelled at Sophie.

“So you saw the movie,” she said.

“Yep. Horrific and tragic,” I said.

“Totally,” she said.

First period was Science. I was making up random science mixtures when the class phone rang. Mr. Klein answered it.

“Of course. Mmhh. Yep, I’ll get her now. Oh, no problem. Were just reviewing things.” He hung up and stared at me.

“Riley, pack up and go down to the main office. You’re getting picked up early.”

“Ok?” I said confused. I was relieved because I had no clue what to do.

I walked down to the office and sat down on one of the uncomfortable seats. The main secretary, Mrs. Greenday, smiled at me.

“Sweetie, your mom should be here any minute.”

“Ok,” I said.

My mom walked into the school wearing a purple dress with blue flowers on it. She was holding a pink skirt with a white shirt for me to wear.

“Go to the bathroom and change,” she said.

I went to the bathroom and changed.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“Grandpa isn’t with us anymore.” She shoved the doors open.

“His funeral is today?” I said.

“Yes,” she said.

Hold the phone. Let’s recount what happened to me so far today? It’s now only 6:00 a.m and this is what happened: I slipped on a banana peel, fell on the back of my head, walked into a door, a volleyball hit my head, and my Grandpa just died.

When I got into the car I saw all my sisters already together. Claire was in the passenger’s seat, Verena was in the middle, Vanessa was on the right side, and I was on the left side.

“Move over!” Vanessa said.

“No you move over!” Verena said.




“Fine, I will,” they said at the same time.

“I will!”

“I will!”

“I will!”

Could this day get any worse?


Chapter 2

We walked into the church and saw our Grandpa lying dead in a coffin. But then he woke up. As a ghost.

“Help me! Help me!” he yelled at Claire, Vanessa, Verena and I.

We all ran out to the graveyard. After a couple minutes we went inside. We found everyone… dead! Our mom was lying on the ground with her arm split in half. Aunt Alex was next to her and she had her eyes open, but she was dead too. It was quiet. The only person alive besides all of my sisters and I was my Uncle Mike.

“Girls! Thank God you’re alive. You guys are going to live with me now,” Uncle Mike said.

We got into his car and we drove to his house. We got to his house and we started to set up our new rooms. Claire and I slept in a room on the second floor. The wallpaper was white with leaves on it. Vanessa and Verena slept on the pull out couch on the first floor. Uncle Mike was a firefighter, so he knew what he was doing.

Verena                                                ________________    October 23rd 2019


Why did Uncle Mike give Claire and Riley the better room? Because we’re better than you -R                                                                                   

And we are older! -C I agree with Claire and Riley -V______                 

Stop writing in my notebook! -other V____________________________

Back to what I was saying. We are going to have to go to a new school. This school goes from ages 8-18 and it’s called Kimberley Kingsdale High.______________________________   ______                      

We have to wear a denim skirt and a pink shirt with knee high socks.________                                                                                               

It’s a school for only girls. That’s a bad example for our outfit -R       

Hey! -Other V_                                                                                                      

Riley is right. -C    Can we please get back to the story. I don’t like Verena’s Notebook! -V                                                                                         

Hey! -Other V                                                                                                       

Ok fine! -R_____________________________________________________    


Chapter 3

It was the first day of school. I got on my phone and started to text Sophie.

Me: Friday the 13th is over!
Sophie: Actually it lasts all weekend.

Me: What?

Sophie: Do you have school on the weekends?

Me: Yes.

Sophie: Good luck!

Me: Thanks! Can I text you all day?

Sophie: Sure.

I needed to get to school on time, so I stopped texting Sophie. I got dressed in our uniform and went downstairs to grab a granola bar and go.

“Hi, Uncle Mike!” I said.

“Hi, Chicken. What do you want for breakfast?” my uncle said.

“I got to go so I’m just going to get a chocolate chip granola bar,” I said.

I got the granola bar and went down stairs to the garage. I rode my scooter to school because the school was so close. I had a weird talent with the scooter. I could unwrap my granola bar and eat it while riding it.

I parked my scooter at the gate of our school. There was a password to our school. 1029. The gate opened and I walked in.  I looked at my schedule and saw that the whole school had an assembly before first period. Before we walked into the big cafetorium, we got name tags. I walked over to a seat that was open and had no one next to it. I saw all my sisters had made friends already.

“Is this seat taken?” a girl asked, pointing at the seat next to me. She had long blond hair with blue eyes.

“No. No one is sitting there,” I said back.

She was the total opposite of me. I had brown hair with green eyes and freckles all over my face. Some people in my old school called me freckle face.

She sat down.

“What’s your name?” she said.

“My name is Riley Larson. What’s yours?” I said back. I had a little more confidence.

“My name is Rosie Rowan,” Rosie said.

Kimberley is our principal’s name. She walked into the cafetorium. She held a red megaphone. She talked into it.

“You little tiny peasants get on my nerves.”

“She’s mean,” I whispered to Rosie.

“This is my first year here,” she said.

“Me too,” I said.





Friday the 13th was finally over! It was Monday morning and everything was going perfectly! Even better than perfect. I did the password to the gate of our school and walked in. And then I slipped on a banana peel, bumped into a wall, and then the ghost took my soul. I drifted into the clouds.


The End

When You Kiss Me Goodnight


Oh, that soft little kiss goodnight when I was young. Daddy was taller than that mobile of butterflies that hung above my crib. He used to kiss me goodnight. Something so long ago, yet so dear to my heart. That soft, sour kiss. Lips pressed against my tiny cheek. But, we all know, that is taken away. Fast forward to today, sitting in my room, staring at that mobile.  Now hanging over nothing. My bed moved to the other side of the room, a distant memory, easily remembered.



My sweet daughter, Autumn Starlight. One remarkable girl. Ever since Autumn was born, we knew she was special. She had turqouise-blue eyes with tints of green that turned gray when she was sad, and brown hair with auburn highlights. She never cried. When she came into this world, not a tear in sight. My dear Autumn crawled on the floor, pounding on the door until I let her out. But Autumn had a problem. As she got older and older, she never talked. She wouldn’t say a word. This was until she was 8 years old.  Her mother and I prayed every night for our sweet girl, Autumn Starlight, until her mother died when our dear Autumn was 6.



When daddy and I were younger, I could fly. He lifted me up into the sorrowful air and swayed me around. Like a baby duck experimenting his swimming abilities. Daddy called me cupcake when I was little because I was a little angel. Tiny pink dresses and cute light brown curls, a mini angel for my daddy. Just he and I and the world to take on. The mobile, what brought us together. I smiled when he hit his head on the mobile and hiccuped when he tickled me. Me, his sweet daughter, Autumn Starlight.



Our sweet girl, Autumn, was sad one day. I patted her on the back and cradled her perfect, fragile body in our arms. She did not cry, not a peep. I pondered what was wrong.  She turned over, and I noticed that she had stapled a perfect star onto her leg. We rushed her to the hospital. When we got there, she was gushing blood, and she was paler than usual. It just made her more of our little angel. The nurses took out the staples and gave her a few bandaids on her leg. They said that she was one special little girl because she didn’t cry. They said she was a beautiful little angel, and I agreed. They said she was put on this Earth for a reason. 4 pulled muscles, 12 stitches, and a sprained ankle.  The sweet smell of cherry blossoms wafting from her tiny body. So perfect, yes, so perfect, our sweet daughter. Yes, she was put on this Earth for a reason, and if she was not here today, there would be a missing piece every day. She took my breath away. Autumn Starlight.



When I was a little girl, I hated fairies. I hated princesses. I was always drawn to the beautiful stars.  An extravagant party for the night sky. The stars. I never had a big backyard.  It felt like I lived in a neighborhood where the houses are very close together. That old, rugged fence, seeming hundreds of years old, falling down, breaking, chipping, and swinging.  Me and daddy use the yard as our little star lab.  Our secret, what has brought us together.  Tonight, we lay on the grass, watch the sun escape underground to prepare for it’s welcoming the next day. The moon arrives to the star’s party and made its way to the center of all of them.  A beautiful, long, thin crescent moon. We keep our telescope on the edge of the porch and stargaze on the most beautiful nights. But the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen through that little breath-taking object, was Saturn. I almost cried that night, for the first time. But I didn’t cry. As the stars move east with late night clouds, I see my butterfly mobile.  The stars, twinkling like that dear butterfly mobile.



When we left the hospital that day, her cast was tightly wrapped around her leg. One of the nurses wrote, “Most beautiful child I have ever seen.” Another wrote, “Do me a favor, and call her star chaser. One remarkable, but mysterious girl.” Autumn’s smile lit up a room, in fact, better lighting then a 2,000 watt light bulb. And that tiny bundle of joy came with many unexpected problems. Autumn and I have a small secret that we have never told anyone. When she was born, she had a beautiful birthmark shaped like a star. It was on her back, almost at her shoulder, but as her beautiful brown hair grew out, our little Autumn’s beautiful birthmark was not seen.  It was what made her different, what separated her from the rest of us. Autumn realized at one point in her life that it was okay to be different and that different people were special. We all knew that Autumn was not going to be the popular kid when she was born, but we knew she was going to be one special little girl. I cried for my dear Autumn, the only person that has ever made me cry. That salty discharge, for a beautiful, blossoming little girl.



I never had any siblings. I begged and begged. But at one point, something changed.  When I first saw the stars and understood what they were in 5th grade, my whole perspective of life was completely blown away. The stars felt like my family, a distant relationship. I threw that sibling thing out the window in the snap of a finger. The stars were my siblings. When I started to see some of the same stars each night, I named them, like my mother would have. One was June, another was August, and the last was Summer.  Summer always felt like my closest sister. She seemed to be around my age, loved the stars, was a fangirl of Echosmith.  Echosmith’s music blew me away when I first heard it on the radio. I tapped to the rhythm onto the railing of the deck as daddy and I star gazed.  



Autumn always surprised us, something new each and every day. She broke my heart into a million pieces and then mended it again. Today. Here I am. Sitting at my desk, staring into space and remembering those times when I would stand up in front of the crib and kiss Autumn goodnight, and when I came up, I hit my head, and Autumn and I would have a laughing fit. I tickled her around in her crib, wrestling her tiny body. Today, Autumn tells me to leave her alone. Although Autumn is still my beautiful little girl, she is 5 foot 4 inches and not a baby anymore. I miss those times. I knock on the door to her room. She yells at me, but I proceed to open the door. One big Echosmith posters hangs above her bed, and she is sitting in her beanbag chair, listening to music through headphones. I look up above me, and I see something that I have never seen before.



Sitting in my room today, I lift up the bottom of my ripped jeans and stare at the scar in my leg that I had when I was little. I think about my daddy and how lonely he must feel without my love. I let that thought drain out of my brain, like extra water from a shower.  As I lift my head up to stretch my back, my head turns to the mobile. I walk over from my beanbag chair, which settles back into it’s normal shape. I touch that beautiful mobile, and it takes a small spin. The butterflies whirl around in a circle, chasing each other. This is when my dad knocks on the door. Sigh. I was remembering those times with the mobile.  I get back to my beanbag chair and put the headphones in my ears, still staring at the beautiful piece that brought us together.



That very ceiling was one to remember. My dear Autumn has colored the ceiling navy blue and had drawn yellow-white stars. It was breath-taking. A very touching and unforgettable moment in my life. I could not remember something as remarkable as this. As soon as I looked down from the masterpiece, she rolled her eyes at me. The next day, I drove dear Autumn to school, and dropped her off in the staff parking lot, as always. She hung out with the physics teacher for an hour before school each day and drank coffee. They talk about the stars, and the different patterns that are coming. Mr. Edelman.  He was my daughter’s happiness. Her heart and soul. The end of her heart.



Dad drops me off in the staff parking lot. I always get dropped off in the staff parking lot to talk with Mr. Edelman. I walked out to the middle of the parking lot. All of a sudden, it starts to rain. I am far from the school. Not just a small rain, pouring. I look, and that’s when it comes down. It’s bright, and yellow. Weirdly shaped. It’s coming down fast. I pull my head down and take a jump, but it does not save me. It zigs and hits me. That is all that I remember before it was all black. I can hear the buzzing of their voices in the back of my head and it gives me a headache.  Buzz.  Buzz.



As soon as I am down the road from the school, rain starts to pour down really hard. I get to the house and sit down at the kitchen table. I begin to drink coffee. The warmth of the brown liquid fogs on my face. I lean forwards for a sip. Before a droplet of coffee hits my tongue, the phone starts ringing. I don’t even listen to the caller ID, I just run for the phone. I pick it up.  

“Hello? Who is this?” I ask, sipping coffee and running upstairs at the same time to put on my pajamas. Have I mentioned that I love rainy days? They make me feel so comfortable and cozy.

“This is the school, calling about your daughter, Autumn Starlight. Unfortunately, We think that she is dead. Mr. Edelman was waiting in the staff lounge, that looks over the staff parking lot, and watched her come in. He said she was struck by lightning,” the woman on the other side of the phone said.  Nicely, but I don’t know how you can just say something like this to someone.  It dawned on me: I needed to get her.

“I will be there right now!” I say, my voice teary with anger and sadness combined.  I call 911 while I am in the car. In all of this action, I find a way to calm down.  I think about our memories. But, that just makes me cry even more.



I had no idea what was going on. All that I knew was that I was dead. I felt as if I was floating. I was looking down below me, my body sitting in the middle of that parking lot. All of a sudden, stuff starts falling down from the sky in slow motion. My cat, Scribbles is falling, waving goodbye to me. When it gets to the ground—there is no ground, it just keeps going on and on for forever. My stuffed bear named Lovely falls next to my journal from sixth grade. I turn around to see what is falling on the other side of me. That butterfly mobile is falling. Everything is still in it’s place in real life, but a photocopy is falling for me. All, except that butterfly mobile. The paint is chipped in the same places.  And one tiny star, falling below. A real one.



The ambulance comes and picks her up and puts her in the back of the truck. They drive at the speed of lighting, like that terrible lightning bolt that hit my now dead daughter. I follow them close behind in my VW bug. Autumn loves it because she thinks that it is so old-fashioned compared to the fancy cars they have today. The siren sounds as I but down the road, seeming like I’m on a car chase, chasing the ambulance. I come to a stop at the hospital. Two middle-aged women run out of the door holding a stretcher. Four men pull her from out of the back of the truck. The doctor checks her heart rate as everyone runs inside, holding the stretcher. I follow them up to room 437. Weird, it was the same as the beginning of Autumn’s locker combination. She lays in a bed, machines hooked up to her body. IV’s are stuck into her arm, taking blood, and doctor’s mumbling words back and forth to each other. They will not even let me into the room to check in on her. I take peeks while the doctor’s are out seeing other patients. It pains me to see my daughter in pain. The doctor’s walk out of the room, some wearing scrubs, and some wearing white coats. They come over to the chair that I am sitting in.

“Well, we have some news.” A doctor grits his teeth.



In this weird world that I am in, I do not wake up. No reality checks, no wake up calls.  What a dumbo I am. I’m dead! How did I not know.  My body still lies in the parking lot of Glenville High. In Little, California. Where am I now? Am I in Oklahoma? My heart will always stay with Little. Are my intestines in Waco, Texas? Is my fifth rib in Knoxing, Oklahoma? Is my ankle bone in New York City, NY? Is my gold specked eye in Orlando, Florida? The questions can go on and on forever. But, I will always know where my heart and soul is, in Little, California, my sleepy town, beautiful victorian homes, and lovely from sunrise to sunset.  



“Your daughter is dead. I am so sorry for your loss. We tried our best to save her, sir,”  the doctors reported, sadly.

This brought me to my knees. I wept on a black leather jacket. Oh, well, for the second time in my life? The first, my wife. Why was I alive now? Somebody else should have to experience this death. Why me? Why me, God? My sweet daughter cannot be dead! Autumn Starlight, up in the sky, I say to you right now, I love you like you could never imagine. You have always been there for me in my dark times, and helped me through hard places. We have had so many memories together, laughs, cries, nights in, laughing fits, renovating our house, and many more times that I may never forget for my the rest of my life, and when I am dead, too. When I die, we will be together again. I hope that you and your mom have reunited up there. I miss you more than to the moon, to the stars, back, and back to the moon 50 million times. You have truly amazed me. I walk into the room where Autumn lies dead.  Her eyelashes drooping below her under-eye.  Machines beeping and buzzing.  No sign of life.



Here in heaven, I look for mom. There are no shops, though I secretly wish that is was a mall. A butterfly mobile hangs above my head everywhere that I walk. All I can see for miles and miles is treeless plains with road signs. The song “Home” by Phillip Phillips plays over and over in my head. No cars pass, no noise. That is when I see a lady. She is petite, but cute. She had long brown hair with auburn highlights, and turqouise-blue eyes with tints of green, just like mine. She held her head up high, wearing a salmon-colored tunic and khaki pants. She had salmon colored Ked’s, and finished it off with a pair of diamond earrings. Mom. It just felt like a relationship from long ago. Something that I could just feel, felt right.

“What’s your name?” I casually strolled over to this mother-option. If she was really my mom, her name would be Summer Starlight.

“Summer Starlight.  Some people call me Sum.” I almost died. Again.

“I think I might be your daughter. I’m Autumn Starlight, and I recently died,” I say to her. Her cheeks turn bright red.

“Y-you can speak! You’re my daughter! The missing piece of me.” She grabbed me in for a hug. I never wanted to stop. I tried to let go once, but she just kept hugging, so I put my arms back around her.



Today was the funeral. I put a copy of the butterfly mobile into her coffin. Everybody wore black, her friends, her family, her closest teachers. Everyone sat there, sad. This was in fact, the biggest loss that I have ever had in my life. The priest said many words. It was time to let people come up and say what they would never forget about her. First was her group of friends, Evangelia, MIchelle, Adaline, Elle.  

“We will never forget Autumn.  She was a one in a million girl.  She was funny, sweet, and held us together like glue when we were falling apart. Thank you.” They began to cry. Many more came up, saying wonderful things about her that she would love to hear. When it was my turn to come up to the microphone, I wiped away my tears and began to speak.

“Autumn Starlight was one amazing girl, she took my breath away and then brought it back to me. She broke my heart into a million pieces and then mended it again. I cannot be any more proud of one person the I am of my very own daughter. I love her so much, and she is one girl to never forget. She was hilarious, beautiful, kind and was drawn to the stars, her siblings. Thank you.” There are many gasps in the crowd. People blowing their noses, some just crying into other’s shoulders.



I could not believe that this was my mother. But after that, she just walked away.  Walked down the street, passed lampposts, passed a wishing fountain and tossed a few coins in. I called her name, yelled and yelled until she was not insight. My mother had just left me.  I just felt so overwhelmed. I looked above my head where the butterfly mobile hang. I sit down on a big rock at the top of a hill. It sits under a prematurely blossomed cherry tree,  I flashback to a happy time.

I hear my dad calling my name from inside the house. I yell back happily that we need more time. My friend, Maple is over, and we are on my slip n’ slide. We’re taking turns sliding down that mysteriously fun object. We dump buckets full of ice water on each others head, and then laugh so hard that our stomachs hurt. We run inside, shivering like innocent mice. My dad wraps pink towels around us, and we drink some of his freshly squeezed lemonade. Delicious. Fresh. Tears drip from my eyes and make a pile of mud beneath my feet. I wish that I was still on the earth’s surface.  



The funeral was over. A kind elderly woman named Olga played the Organ as everyone walked out of the church. Three strong men came in wearing black sunglasses and black tuxedos. They grabbed the coffin, and brought it into the parking lot. They loaded it into the back of a big truck. I kissed it before they drove away. I waved goodbye to my now dead daughter. I thought that she would never have to depart from me. I planned on keeping her home from college. She got accepted into the Georgia Institute of Tech and never showed me the signing papers. She just signed them all by herself. Like my Autumn would do. I drove home. Scared to leave again. I could not go anywhere. A hole this big in my heart could not be fixed. This time, she broke my heart into a million pieces and never mended it again. Not this time. I went out to the store. Trying to fill the hole in my heart, like a cavity. I went to Heather Williams General store. I bought the local newspaper, The Little Ledger.  I opened up to the first page when I got home. I lie on the couch, sipping my hot coffee, looking through ads. It catches my eyes like an entomologist capturing a butterfly in their cruel nets.


Obituaries For This Week

Name: Autumn Elle Starlight

Birthday: 5/21/98

Age: 17

Family: Summer Angel Starlight, David Jason Starlight-Cooper


“This 17 year old amazing girl recently died in the parking lot of Glenville High. She has lived a long and healthy life, until she was unexpectedly hit by a bolt of lightning at 6:30 in the morning. Everyone was devastated. Physics teacher, Clay Edelman, 34, watched the scene go down. We are all sad about this loss.  Autumn was a special girl, she had many hobbies, such as: listening to Echosmith, playing guitar, and dancing in the style of Jazz. Many have been hit with a stroke of reality, some scarred for life. She is definitely one to never forget.”



I tip toe across railroad tracks, no trains passing. Abandoned. The sky darkens to a navy blue-pitch black. The stars are brighter than usual, making northern lights. The colors are beautiful. No lights making the natural color turn artificial. I stargaze like I did back on Earth.  I soon get tired and go to sleep for the night. The stars stare back at me. My eyes tightly shut.  No dreams this time. I wake up for real. I am in a dark hole. Wood outside is around me. I start to bang on it. Nobody opens it. I scream, loud. A piercing noise that you could mistake for coming from a six year old girl’s body.



That newspaper made my find what I had been looking for my whole life. What my daughter was. Who she was. Broken out of her shell that separated her from the world.  Someone who realized that being different is cool, and that not everyone is born the same way. I love her for that. If she is listening to me right now, then I love you, and tell mom that I love her, too. I go back to reading the newspaper and everything is the same as it is every day: oil spills and wars in Afghanistan. Our world may never change. We must all have peace.  I walk to the fridge, and take out the milk. I drink right from the carton, since there is no one to share it with. No one in the world. I definitely hate having to go through 15 deaths, of all of my relatives, except for Autumn’s cousins, who are in foster families.



A man opens the coffin, and then they drop me and run. I am wearing what I was wearing when I died.  A white shirt that says, “Cool it.” It has an ice cream cone under the words. I am also wearing cropped jean shorts.  My hair is messy, and puffy. But I decide that I can fix it later. When I stand up, I am unsteady, but I don’t fall down. I walk home. On the long walk, I find a tiny plastic butterfly mobile in the garbage, and take it out.  It’s not mine, but I will take great care of it. As I turn into our driveway, I see a tiny leaf that has caterpillar chews that form a perfect A. A for Autumn. I twirl the butterfly mobile, and watch it spin and dance in the wind. As perfect as could be. I walk up the stairs to the house.



The End


The Big Fright

“So, you’re planning to stay over Mr. Moore?”

Mr. Moore and his companions were desperate to make sure this wouldn’t go wrong. Staying at the house, and the only place while in their travels, surely wouldn’t be that bad. I mean, what could go wrong? It was better than staying at a hotel.

“Sure,” said Mr. Moore.

But what they did not know was that the house was haunted.

The owner directed everyone to their rooms, including Mr. Moore. His room was perfect, as usual. It was complete with a king size bed, decorative walls, and large work tables. Mr. Moore put on his pajamas and went to sleep.

At night, Mr. Moore was rocking back and forth on his bed. He could hear knocking noises and strange sounds from other guests’ rooms. He noticed that someone was coming up to his room. He got so scared that he jumped up and realized it was morning. It was all just a dream.

When Mr. Moore woke up, he hadn’t noticed anything unusual, other than the light bulb was on the floor, broken, but that may have just been from him waking up so violently. Mr. Moore went to the dining room, where he went over for breakfast. Mr. Moore moved to drink his cup of coffee when the owner went and made an announcement.

He said, “Listen up, I know most of you witnessed or heard of the violent break in last night. I am trying my best to find what is going on. But you must be patient.”

Mr. Moore continued with his coffee while looking suspicious.

That night, Mr. Moore went to his room. One of the main differences was that there were guards at his room. He went to bed to look out for anything going wrong. That night, Mr. Moore had more violent dreams. He spent most of the night rocking. When he woke up, he noticed the guards were missing. He also noticed that one of the guests was missing.

During the next night, Mr. Moore decided to try something different. He decided to get his friends and go find some clues. He looked around the house, and he couldn’t find anything. Just when Mr. Moore was about to lose hope, he suddenly stopped. One of his friends noticed a hidden code in one of the walls. In the wall right next to the piano, if you shined your flashlight, you found some secret writing on the walls. The secret writing was a weird language he couldn’t understand.

Mr. Moore then touched the symbols and it opened a secret passage. Inside, Mr. Moore found lots of cobwebs. He also thought he could see a shadowy figure. He then continued moving until he found a box of decaying skulls. When he shined his flashlight at the box, he saw the shadowy figure. He then decided to walk along the corridors of the alley. Everything was dark and deserted and seemed to be remnants of an old area, almost like an extra room in the house. Mr. Moore could find beds, broken table lamps, and he even found blueprints of the rooms, including a map of the area. He found a door and when he opened it, He was terrified. He found a decaying body, and it was moving like a zombie. Mr. Moore immediately went out and closed the door. He started running away, only to realize he didn’t know how to get out. Panicking, he quickly decided that if he wanted to get out, he had to stay alive. He quickly went over and looked around, shining his flashlight to look for clues. As he was looking around, his flashlight lost battery. He quickly ran to the entrance, and he heard a mysterious sound. Once he turned around, he was grabbed by the shadowy figure.

When he woke up, Mr. Moore found himself in bed with his usual cup of coffee.

“We mysteriously found you last night,” said the owner. “You would have died. We haven’t found any of the others. Out of all the guests who disappeared, you’re the only we found,” he added.

Mr. Moore, despite being in perfect condition, still wanted to find out what was going on. Why was there a secret area? What was it for? These questions would remain a mystery. Mr. Moore decided to pass off the investigation. Mr. Moore felt that everyone was in danger and decided to get the police.

When he told the police, they didn’t believe him. They forced Mr. Moore into a court trial to prove what he was saying was correct.

“What is this, Stephen King!?” said the police chief. He also added, “Get me the best judge.”


It was the day of the court trial. Mr. Moore was on one side with his lawyer, while the disagreeing side went to one of the top attorney. The court trial began. The judge smashed his gavel, and the jury was watching.

“This man is lying,” said the top attorney.

“Why?” said the judge.

“Who would believe a story like that? I can prove it to you,” said the top attorney.

The judge said, “Why don’t we have the other side deal with it?”

Mr. Moore’s lawyer said, “It is true. I can prove it to you. Bring me a witness.”

The first witness was Timmy, who was visiting out of the country and staying at the house. Timmy said, “I don’t know anything.”

Mr. Moore’s lawyer decided to get another witness.

The next witness was Jake, who had come over because the owner was his friend. Jake said, “I’ve heard about the attacks. I don’t know much.”

No one, not even the jury, would believe him.

Mr. Moore finally decided to get one more witness, who was the owner. The owner first presented a picture. The jury thought it was fake. Then a video. They thought it was fake. Then, the owner decided to do one last presentation.

He told Mr. Moore to get out because it was something personal of his.

Mr. Moore could hear in the waiting room. The owner showed them the blueprints. The attorneys didn’t understand and sent police to check it out. Mr. Moore was very suspicious.

Meanwhile, the police were with the owner and saw the secret room. They noticed everything and started believing him. Before they could say a word, they were grabbed by the shadowy figure.

The judge was shocked that it was midnight and the police hadn’t come. Mr. Moore left, concluding his suspicions. He finalized his thoughts, and came to the conclusion that the owner was causing all the mishap in the house. Quickly, Mr. Moore did something no one else would do. It turned out that the people who disappeared were stuck in a vault, all crammed together. Before they could do anything, a tank blew up the back of the vault. It was Mr. Moore in the tank. He was contacting a local boat crew on a ship. He blew up the other parts of the room, including the skulls and hallways. It was only then that he noticed that the owner of the house was fixing the area.

“You are a traitor,” said Mr. Moore. “You made the guests disappear. You are bad,” he added.

The owner said, “No I’m not. I noticed the accidents going on and felt that there was something I needed to do. You were strolling around and I went and saved you.”

Mr. Moore said, “So you were the shadowy figure.”

The owner said, “Yes, I was.”

Mr. Moore answered, “But what happened to the police.”

The owner said, “I don’t get it, the police disappeared?”

Mr. Moore said, “Yeah, you didn’t hear? The shadowy figure took them. You were the shadowy figure I saw multiple times.”

The owner said, “I was only there once.”

Mr. Moore said, “Wait, wasn’t one of the guests your twin? He should know about the secret room. But if it wasn’t you, was it him?” Mr. Moore was watching in horror as he noticed something terribly wrong. Something very terribly wrong.


The End?

Best Friends

In a small apartment in the heart of New York City, lived a girl named Amanda. Amanda wasn’t fond of living in a cramped apartment with six other siblings anymore.  She hated living with three stinky boys and three bratty girls. It was torture – she got no privacy. She had to help her siblings get ready for school and as a result sometimes had to run out the door wearing her pajamas. That was really embarrassing. The only person she liked was her little sister named Eleanor.


 * * *


I didn’t even get breakfast. All our “Mom” cares about is the little ones. Sometimes I think that I was adopted just so that I could be the maid/ babysitter.  But in other ways, I  was treated like a baby. I couldn’t drive because of city traffic, and I also couldn’t move out because I was too young. However, “Mom” hardly knew anything about me.

One morning in the kitchen, she announced that she was pregnant with twins! That was the scariest day of my life. We had to take care of six kids already – four of whom were adopted, like me – and now there were going to be screaming babies?

We were all stunned. Nobody had any words, but the dogs were barking, the cats were meowing, and then the kids were screaming. I just wanted to leave that infested apartment. Only Eleanor was silent. I loved Eleanor – she was civilized, and the only one who really understood me. I loved the mornings when no one cried or screamed.

Things really got crazy when mom called another family meeting. “We are moving!” she announced.

Later that night Mom told us we were moving in with grandpa and grandma. They lived in Florida and we lived in New York! Then she told us we were driving. I looked around the room and saw a wave of frowns flood the room. If we were taking Mom’s Honda I would die. There would be no room for anyone. And what about the bags?

The next day we all packed a carry-on bag and headed outside. There was a big yellow school bus. We all piled in. When all the kids sat down, finally the bus started moving. But then Olivia screamed, “I have to go pee!” The bus came to a stop and we all got out and went into the sketchiest gas station that was rumored to have been robbed 12 times. Oh boy…

Olivia walked through the door and was in there for two minutes and then ran out. She said there was poop on the floor. After a minute into the bus ride Ginger said, “Are we there yet?”


20 hours didn’t go by quickly. There was a lot of screaming and fighting. I think the bus driver wanted to leave us on the side of the road.

20 hours later…

Finally, we arrived at my grandparents house. We got off the bus one by one. Grandma kissed all of our cheeks and grandpa high fived us. Their new house was so big every one of us got our own room, but Eleanor and I shared a room. Our room had a fresh smell of paint. The color of the wall was purple on her side of the room, and yellow on my side. Grandma also made cupcakes. Hers were the best of all time. They tasted like heaven bundled up in a small form. Heaven was much bigger though.

After I took a long nap it was time for dinner. To be honest I got lost on my way to dinner. I could smell the pasta sauce from the kitchen.

The food was delicious. Whenever we are at our grandparents’ house it’s a treat.

Later that night we all went into the movie theater. Tonight we were going to watch Finding Nemo. I could smell freshly popped popcorn and soda. 10 minutes into the movie I heard snoring. All the little kids got carried upstairs into their snuggly beds. I changed the movie to a rated R movie called Finding Knife. It was extremely scary so I ran upstairs into my bed.

I had a hard time sleeping. I kept thinking about how I was going to go to school here. Also, I was dreading the birth of the twins. Around midnight, I ran into my Mom’s room. She was awake too and she sent me back to my room. She wasn’t quite understanding. After, I fell into a deep.

In the early morning I was woken up by my grandpa. It was Sunday, so that meant we had to go to church. My grandparents were really serious about church – I mean really. Mom said that we always went, but the truth was that we hardly ever went. We had to get dressed in dresses and heels.

After church we went to brunch. I insisted on going to Luises. It was my favorite restaurant, ever. We were definitely going to go there plenty of more times. There are always the nicest servers there, and the best food – even better than grandma’s if that’s possible.

When we got back from brunch, I went swimming in the pool. After I got out of the pool, I tanned for a little while. Then I heard Eleanor scream help from the pool. I looked over and saw Marco pushing her down. She was drowning. I dived into the pool and pulled her out. I touched her heart. It wasn’t beating. I screamed for my Mom and told her to call 911. I dragged Eleanor out of the pool and did CPR on her. In five minutes the ambulance showed up and they rushed her to the hospital.

“Honey, Grandpa, Grandma, and I will go to the hospital – you’ll watch the kids.” Mom explained to me.

“No. I have to come. I have to be there. I’ve been with her since her beginning and I will be there for her end.”

“Honey, but you have to stay with the kids.”

“No, you can! I am coming – I understand her, she’ll want me there.”


My grandpa and I went into the Jeep and my grandma went in the Toyota. They have like six cars. We rushed over to the hospital and we ran into the ER and saw Eleanor laying still in her bed. Her eyes were squinted. I sat beside her and held her hand. She had all types of IVs in her arm so when I squeezed her she squirmed.

“I love you so much, Ele…” It took her a little bit to gather her thoughts.

“I love you too,” she whispered.

The nurses came in with a turkey and cheese sandwich and orange juice – her favorite. They said we had to leave, but I insisted that I should stay. A police officer gestured to the waiting room so I followed. When I walked into the hallway, I heard crying around the corner. I slowly walked around the corner and I saw a girl crying. I thought it was me.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing…” she said

“There has to be something wrong. You’re crying in a hospital.”

“My Mom and Dad died in a car crash. They died just a few minutes ago.”

Then she ran off and I heard the slam of a door.

I decided that I wanted to stay the night at the hospital. I woke up to the monitor beeping. A doctor rushed in and turned off the machine and left so I could say my last goodbyes. When she was taken out of the hospital I picked up her blanket off the floor and hugged it.

When we got home I went straight up to what once was our room. When I walked into our room I saw her bed; where her soul slept. I first smiled and then it turned into a frown. I couldn’t believe she was gone. She left me in the blink of an eye.

That night I couldn’t sleep. My mind kept drifting off, but then getting pulled back into the thought of Eleanor being gone.

When I woke up I felt bare without Eleanor next to me. She’d usually be scared in the night so she would sleep with me.

I walked downstairs and into the kitchen. My whole family was eating cereal. My grandma was too sad to cook. All I wanted was Eleanor to come back alive.

After lunch the hospital called and asked my mom and I to come back. When we showed up the nurse was holding a sweater. Then I realized it was that girl’s in the hallway. “Is this your sister’s?” said the nurse.

“No. That’s, uh, my friend’s sweater.”

“Oh. What is your friend’s name, darling?”

“I don’t know…”

“Honey are you okay? It’s your friend. You should know her name.”

“I don’t know… her name could be anything. I only saw her in the hall for a minute. Then she ran away.”

“Whatever. I will put it in lost and found.”

“No, I will find her,” I insisted

The nurse handed me the sweater and I searched for the girl. My mom left because she knew I was going to be a long time. I first looked where I found her the day before but she wasn’t there, so I walked down wing-123 — that was the extreme illness hall. I walked around there for a little bit. But then a man threw up in the hallway so, I left.

I walked to the bathroom and when I opened the door the girl was there. She was crying.

“Are you going to tell on me?” she asked


“I’m not supposed to be here. I am supposed to be in the mental center.”


“Yeah… please don’t tell.”

“It’s our secret. My name is Amanda. What’s yours?”

“My name is Alexa.”

“I saw you in the hall the other day.”

She had a nervous face and then ran. All I saw was her back running away. I forgot to give her the sweater. I saw a black object in the pocket of the cream colored wool sweater. I peered in the pocket and saw a black key. I saw writing on it: Gary.

I wondered what that meant.


* * *


When I got home from the hospital, everyone was in a bustle around the house. The boys were hopping around trying to get on their old shoes. Grandma said the place was muddy. We all got into the cars and headed to the park. It took 15 minutes to get to the park. When we got there, all the little kids ran towards the playground.

I started to walk towards the other kids but then someone tapped me. It was Marco. My heart sunk down to my feet. He had no reason to talk to me. He had done enough damage to my soul. I felt dead without Ele next to me every step I took, but she wasn’t there anymore. Marco and I hadn’t talked since the accident. I looked at him and then I trudged away. The scent of fall leaves drifted towards me from the wind’s gentle breeze.

When I entered the playground area, I saw Ginger run up the steps and into a tunnel. I followed her. When I got out of the tunnel it was dark. Where was Ginger?  I took my phone out of my pocket and put my flashlight on. I saw a several slides and I saw a little light pouring in from inside one of slides. I crawled in and pushed off. But then my feet hit something. And that something said, “Oww!”

I looked down at my feet and saw Alexa. She had the wool sweater on that I had earlier. How did she get the sweater back? Did she go inside my house? Then Alexa rammed into me and ran up the slide. When looked back I saw nothing. Just darkness. I slid down the slide. It was just me going round and round a million times until everything stopped. The squeak of my skin stopped. The sound of kids screaming stopped. The sound of my breathing stopped. Except for my heartbeat. I closed my eyes and everything started again.

I came to the end of the long slide. When I came out my mom smiled at me. I ran towards her and she wrapped her arms around my neck and squeezed. Her hugs were the best. Her warm hands felt like hot chocolate wrapping my heart with marshmallows.

We walked back to the cars and drove home. I headed towards the stairs, but then my mom called my name. She was crying. I ran to the kitchen and saw my mom laying on the floor. There was no one home; my grandparents went out to dinner. And all the other kids in the house were at the beach with a babysitter. She was saying something I couldn’t understand.

“I can’t understand you, Mom. What’s wrong?”


“Do you need to go to the hospital?”

She nodded. I helped her up and then led her outside. I helped her into the car and then we headed to the hospital. I got out of the car and got her into a wheelchair and rushed her inside. The nurses helped her to the delivery room. I called my grandparents and told them to come to the hospital.

As soon as my grandparents came, my grandma hugged me so tight. We didn’t have to say anything – our bodies were words to our hearts. We sat in the waiting room, eager to know what was going on. The nurse came out of the room and told us to come in.

When we walked in the room, I saw my mom. She was in a facemask but there were two little baby girls in a cradle. They had matching pink cotton hats and matching pink socks. I saw on a poster it said Mikayla and Tiara Scott. Born April 16th weighing 5.5 pounds and 5.6 pounds. My mom had the same smile that she had earlier today. The one that warms your heart more than anything can.

My mom closed her eyes and fell asleep. My grandma was crying and my grandpa was smiling that same smile. The nurses told us to leave, because they all needed rest. We walked down the hallway and out the door. From a distance I saw a girl running. I ran after her. I grabbed onto her and she stopped. I turned her around. She looked like she was just beat up – she had a black eye. She gave me the black key that said Gary on it. I saw that she was wearing a heart shaped necklace that said Rebecca on it. It looked very familiar. Then she ran away.

I got into the car and my grandpa drove me back home. The street light glared off the car window. I started to drift into a sleep. We pulled into the driveway and I woke up and walked upstairs. I looked at the other side of the room and saw an empty bed. One gone and two born. In less than a month. My heart was aching.

I looked into my jewelry box and saw the same heart shaped necklace that Alexa was wearing. My necklace said Rebecca – my birth mother’s name.


* * *


4 days later…

It was April 22nd – the day the twins came home. Everyone was preparing the house. I had been through a lot of these days when the new children came into the house. Usually mom brings two kids into the house at the same time if they’re adopted. But sometimes if only one is born then only one is brought in.

Everyone was putting banners up and making Mom’s favorite meals and snacks. I smelled the muddy buddies cookies and cream being made. I smelled Grandma’s cheese pizza rising in the oven.

Then I heard my terrace doorway being knocked on. I walked over to the door, opened the curtain, and saw Alexa. I slid the sliding door all the way over to make an opening for Alexa’s slim body. It looked like she hadn’t eaten for days. She was wet and dirty.

I gave her a fresh change of clothes and got her a warm blanket. Then I helped her into my bed and went to get her soup. My grandma started to make the chicken noodle soup and I walked back upstairs. I turned on the television and gave her a glass of milk. She needed to be taken care of. And I was willing to. She started to watch Disney Channel.

I hadn’t turned on the TV since Eleanor left the world. She loved to watch Disney Channel. My grandma called me down to the kitchen and gave me the soup. I walked back upstairs carefully and handed it to Alexa. I sat on the bed beside her and she eventually fell asleep. I stared at her for a long time. Then I noticed she was wearing the same heart shaped necklace from a few days ago at the hospital. I took the key off my dresser and walked over to my bed.

I unlocked her locket and there was a picture. The women had dark brown hair. She had a big smile and a lot of makeup. She was very pretty. It was the same picture that I had in my locket. I locked the locket back up and then put the key in my jewelry box.  

I put the blanket back on her because it was slipping off. I went over to my desk and got out my Macbook. I was looking up a question that I’d been thinking for a long time: who was Alexa London?

There was nothing about her, nothing at all. She was anonymous! But why did we have the same picture? Did we have the same parents?

Then Alexa woke up. She looked around for a little bit, but didn’t say anything. “Do you want to go downstairs and have some breakfast?” I asked. She nodded. I told her to get on my back. I carried her over to the elevator.

“Why are you taking care of me?” Alexa asked.

“Because you’re my sister…” and at that moment I knew we were not only friends, we were sisters.


“Before I was adopted I remember Mom and Dad gave us lockets and a key to remember them.”

“I remember that too.”

“We are twins!”

Rusted tin cottage

Rusted tin cottage

filled with happiness

in the middle of a dark,

scary rainstorm.

The rain pours down,

slowly soaking the happiness up,

but the vast amount of contentment

fights back with joy and glee,

bliss and delight.

But the jubilation

goes out.

The world loses

its light.

The storm slows,

being replaced with

light and peace.

Gone, the Eraser

Chapter One 

: (    My Job is Way Too Impossible    ):


Hi. I’m Gone, the Eraser. I hate my owner, Rafael. He is destroying my job! And his pencil leaves disgusting marks all over the place whenever he walks somewhere. My job is a lot harder because of him. His pencil is a pain in the butt. Literally. I try to grab the shark eraser to scare him and make him run away, but I don’t have arms. I try to talk to him but he has no ears.

I have not eaten any black marks since Saturday. My owner, Rafael, is a rude student. Really, HE is making MY job harder. He is so dumb. He uses numbers to write. So I go into his folders and try to erase everything before the class starts. He was held back three times by me erasing all his stuff. He thought it was so mysterious. When his class gets in with all their ugly people, I hide in my desk and start fake sleeping. At night I get tired, so I try sleeping, but he has a teacher who is never cold and leaves the AC on all the time, so it is so hard to sleep. In word study, the teacher tells people what to write (a lame word) and do VCV or CVC (Vowel-Consonant-Vowel or Consonant-Vowel-Consonant). So basically it is the teacher’s fault that she’s making people do all the work and I have to erase it. Rafael says the teacher is an evil mind. She actually is a really ugly head. The teacher is really the only bad one, because if Rafael doesn’t do his assignments he gets detention. He says detention is boring.

Maybe Rafael isn’t so bad after all… Notice I said “maybe.”


Chapter Two



Every night I go inside his folders and erase until I die. I could erase all his stuff easily, but the thing is that there are only 15 days of school left! And don’t forget I still have to erase notebooks. Today I am erasing and suddenly a bat comes in. His eyes gaze at mine, so I go in my pencilcase and lock it.

I don’t come out until somebody catches the bat. This guy named Wilson catches the

bat. He is the custodian. He is bald with a big beard. Rafael is very messy, so Wilson yells at him a lot. He comes at night. He leaves notes on top of his desk like, “WHY ARE YOU SO MESSY!?”or “BE NEAT!” It is actually a little funny. This night, I finish the final notebook. I erase the name on the front and I creep out of the building. I put the stack of notebooks in  the garbage can down the street. I’ve gotta go back quickly. The first student comes in. I run back to class 782. I have to stop erasing.


Chapter Three

All About Rafael


Rafael Luttmann has brown hair, brown eyes, and is always wearing a yellow and orange sweater. He likes the weird thing with numbers and reading. He is more of a troublemaker. This because he’s already been held back three times, so luckily I doesn’t have AS much to erase. Still a lot, though. He goes to the principal a lot when he gets in trouble.

Chapter Four  

The Final Countdown!


I have erased all Rafael’s notebooks and am left with the thing with numbers on the last day of school. Still, they have to do a worksheet. I have an amazing idea! I put the pencil inside the fast moving fan. And… CHOP! When it is worksheet time, Rafael has nothing to write with! He doesn’t do it, and the teacher doesn’t notice! I have erased Rafael’s 4th grade!


Chapter Five

Report Card


Today I went to Rafael’s house. He gets all mad when he gets all F’s. He gets mad at me for erasing all his work, including tests.

He almost throws me in a big black thing. It is Mount Everest! It is very fun but stinky. There are yellow slides (I think he calls them banana peels) but that is the only good thing it had in there. There are orange peels and a couple glass bottles. But then his mom says, “No.” I am a very expensive eraser.

So I won’t erase needlessly anymore, ever. I turned a bad habit into a good one! Rafael will probably be happy with me. Future school days will be bright as Rafael’s cheeks!


Boo-Goo Land



Lillian snuggled up in her covers. It was winter and she was under the heaviest blanket  she could find in her house. She was waiting until her father came back from his weekly shopping. Lillian was nodding, slowly asleep, then wide awake. When was he coming back to tuck her in and give her a gentle kiss goodnight?




Lillian crept up the stairs as the door closed. Her father had just went out to go shopping for groceries. One of the stairs creaked. Lillian froze. She got up and ran up the stairs. She didn’t know where she was going until she burst into her father’s lab. Since her parent’s divorce, nothing had gone right in her life. She barely saw her mom and when she did, her mom knew nothing of how her father had tried to do everything to keep her out of his laboratory. She walked around, inspecting every little piece of material she saw. After feeling a piece of felt, she suddenly saw a shiny, glowing object in the corner. She crept over and, picking it up, saw that it was pure gold. After that, she saw another piece: it was a diamond. All around in that little corner was everything that she had asked for for when she was younger. Just for old times sake, Lillian grabbed a piece of gold and stuffed it deep into her pocket.  

Suddenly, she heard the door open. She looked around frantically. Where can I hide? She dove into a large tube just as her father walked into the room. He looked around and picked up something that looked like a baby bottle. He opened the cap and took the tiniest sip. He started to shake and wiggle. He went out of focus. There was a bright light and when Lillian looked back at where her father had been standing, he was gone. Now I know why he’s been keeping me out, Lillian thought. She rested her arm, for she thought that she didn’t have anything to worry about. She thought that she was in just a regular tube. But, boy was she wrong. Her elbow touched a little button and in a gust of wind she flew up the tube.




She landed in rainbow grass. She got up, rubbing her sore leg. She looked around. This place was just what she had imagined when she read the book Alice in Wonderland. She heard a rustling in the bushes. She thought it would be a horrible creature so she ducked down to hide. As the creature emerged from the pink bushes, she only realized it was her cousin, Tom, who died two years ago. When he saw her, he smiled.

“I thought you would never come,” Tom said.

How did he know I was gonna be here? Is he alive again? It’s possible. She was about to ask those questions, but her mind was about to burst with more important questions, “WhereamiWhyamIhereWhatAmIDoingHere….”

“Wooooah! Calm down,” said Tom. “I can only answer one question at a time.

Lillian sighed. If she couldn’t ask all of her questions then why ask any? “Where are we?”

“That, only Time can answer.” And with that, Tom disappeared in a flash.

Lillian stared at the space where Tom had been standing. Who is Time? Lillian wondered. She walked around, very curiously. Suddenly, an animal with 400 legs and no arms crawled out from the hollow trunk of a large tree. She walked around trying to find where and how that animal had just walked out from that tree. There was no exit or entrance. Then, as if out of nowhere, a butterfly flew by and disappeared into the tree. More and more animals left and entered the tree, but Lillian still couldn’t understand how they got in. A tiny creature ran under Lillian’s feet and tripped her, making her fall toward the tree. Instead of bumping into the tree, she simply fell through it.




She woke up in a large fluffy bed. She couldn’t lift herself from the bed. It took her a long time to get her eyes even a millimeter open. When she did, she saw three strange creatures.

“This thing is trying to communicate. But nothing is happening!”  

Lillian then heard the familiar voice of Tom speaking.

“She is trying to communicate but she uses the same language as me,” said Tom.

“Let’s go wake her up. She has slept for three days already.” Lillian jumped to attention but she couldn’t open her eyes any wider than they already were. Have I slept for three days?! I must have been unconscious for a long time. At that moment, she heard a mix of suction cups walking towards her and some slimy gooey substance slinking towards her. A creature spooned a medicine that tasted like mangos into her mouth. Her eyes popped open and she was able to get up and walk around the new strange room. There were three interesting looking chairs in the corner. They each had one leg. There were shelves with bottles of peaches. It was very dark in the room.

“Where is the light here? I can’t see.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. what is this thing called ‘light’? I’ve never heard of it.”

“The more important question is, what is this creature’s species?” said a very tiny alien that had four legs and four arms.

“I’m Lillian!” Lillian cried. The tiny alien seemed to understand.

Lillian picked up a little piece of gold that had fallen onto the floor. It was the piece of gold she had stuffed in her pocket when she was in her father’s lab.  While wandering around the room, she fell over one of the chairs in the alien’s abode. The one legged chair fell over with Lillian. She stood up slowly, and saw she had a large scrape on her knee that was going to puss up. Lillian grimaced and muttered, with the piece of gold held tightly in her hand, “I wish my knee would heal up,” and it instantly healed up. Tom, Lillian, and the aliens were astonished. Lillian gasped, and let the thought of having a wishing piece of gold register in her mind. When she understood, she grumbled, “I wish I would know where I am.” A few seconds passed, and she still didn’t know. Suddenly a thought popped in her head. You are in boogoo land, otherwise known as tropical 956132.

Lillian smiled. With this little piece of gold, she realized she could get Tom to tell her everything.

“I wish that Tom would tell me what he remembers from being at home.”

“I do not remember very much. You are very lucky that I remember you,” Tom murmured without moving his lips. Lillian was shocked. She ran outside.




Outside, Lillian ran and ran and ran and ran, until she came to the strange tree she had gone through. She walked to it but something stopped her. In the corner of her eye, she saw a lady, but she was a mix between a possum and a regular human.

“Call me Miss. Possum,” the possum lady said. “What are you doing here?” Before Lillian could say anything, Miss Possum took her hand and led her into a little cottage she had.

Tom picked up the piece of gold that Lillian didn’t realize she had dropped when she ran out. He could only remember that it granted him wishes, and he wished to be next to Lillian.

Tom appeared in Miss Possums cottage. She was pouring some herbal tea for Lillian in a delicate china tea cup.  

“Hello,” said Miss Possum. “Who might you be?”

“Sincerely, I don’t know,” said Tom.

“Do you remember anything about yourself?” asked Miss Possum.

“I don’t know.”

“Has this boy taken a magical potion before?” Miss Possum questioned Lillian.

“No. Not that I know of, and he wouldn’t be able to know.”

“Oh dear, oh dear. This will never work.”

“Huh?” Lillian wondered aloud.

“Well, I was thinking that maybe if we give him one of my potions, he will be able to get his memory back.”

“But why is that bad?” said Lillian

“Because since he’s never taken a potion, he won’t be used to it and we won’t know the results. But maybe……..”

Lillian said, “Just try!”

“I will.”




Lillian screamed. The potion was put in a needle, and had been injected into Tom. He immediately fell to the floor. Lillian looked down at him, breathing hard. What is his name again? I think it’s Jon. No! She thought. Why can’t I remember? Lillian staggered back. She wondered for a split second if what happened to Tom was starting to happen to her. When the possum woman spoke she jumped, startled.

“I think he’ll be alright. He is just undergoing the side effects.” Tom sprung up, looking cheery.

Miss Possum leaned over and whispered, “He will give you all of the information he has gathered.

“Hey again, guys! Guess what? We have two more days until Lillian loses her memory! Isn’t that superb?” Tom exclaimed, jumping up and down.

Lillian gasped, looked around and fainted into Miss Possum’s arms.




When Lillian came to, she realized she was back in bed. Her dad was shaking her awake. “Sweetie,” he was whispering. “Wake up!”

Lillian struggled to sit up in bed. “Dad? You’re not invisible anymore! Where are Miss Possum and Tom? Wait. I think I am losing my mind already!”

Her father looked at her as if she was out of her mind. “Honey, I just came back from the grocery store. Did you have a bad dream?”

Lillian looked at her dad and asked, “So… why don’t you let me go in your lab?”

Lillian’s father sighed, shaking his head. “I work with chemicals, chemicals that are too dangerous for you to come in contact with. I have nothing against you, dear. I never meant to offend you or anything of the sort. Just go to sleep, alright?” He kissed Lillian’s head and went out of the room. Lillian settled down to fall asleep.



                Or not…….


Epilogue:  Lillian, for the next couple of days, thought only about the crazy dream that had spawned unexpectedly in her brain, in her sleep. Maybe, she thought. Maybe it means something. I guess whoever controls all of the dreams wanted me to think about something.


THE real  END

Qwercle’s Journey

Qwercle is the size of a human’s stomach. He has thorns at the end of him, and has three long pink things in between and next to his two top thorns. He uses his long pink thingies to eat and drink. Although he has a mouth and two fangs for teeth, he uses his two fangs to drink blood out of people. Qwercle lives in a human-free territory, but everyday he goes out of his human-free house into the world where it is full of humans.

Everyone tries to hurt him, but he ends up sucking the blood out of them before he can get to them. He was known as the bravest of all the Kilafricks. The Kilafricks are known for the bravest of all vampire animals and vampires.

Qwercle has always wanted to get lukewarm Kile-Human Cake. But, there is a big rainbow fence blocking him from his delicious cake. He imagined the cake tastes like one million humans with flesh roasted and grinded bones. Qwercle imagined the cake would have one hundred humans in it, which would be the most amazing thing to taste in the entire world. If a human ever tasted something as amazing, it would have to be one million pieces of candy of your choice every second.

When he couldn’t bear another second, he decides to take the journey.

He decides to go out of his yard with his spatula and frying pan and pogo stick, (to jump over the fence.) He starts jumping through the woods, all the way through the village, and finally, after going a million miles, he arrives at his friends’ Gary, Harry, and Arry’s house. Their house is the complete opposite of a mansion. Everything is thrown around. Their house only has one room. There’s no bed, there’s no sink, there’s no bathtub. There’s no kitchen and the most important thing that they don’t have is a toilet! But Qwercle doesn’t care. He says goodbye to his friends. He was about to leave when Harry says, “Take me with you!”

Qwercle is so surprised and says, “No way! This is my journey to get my treat!” When Arry and Gary argue too, Qwercle says, “Alright you can come, it’s three versus one.”

They start their journey. The first thing they see was a marshmallow-breathing dragon. When the dragon sees them, it starts breathing marshmallows at them. Qwercle takes out his frying pan and they all lie perfectly in it. The marshmallows are magnetized to the frying pan. Qwercle knew this would happen and that’s why he brought the frying pan. The good thing is they have something to eat. Once they got past the dragon they start to eat.

They are amazed when they see Zilaons. A Zilaon can be very dangerous to a Kilafricks. A Zilaon looks like two million hundred kilafricks all put together. And they are big blobby things that say, “Bleh, bleh, bleh.” They are red from all the blood they eat from the Kilafricks. They have ten hundred million big teeth that they use to drink the blood out of the Kilafricks. Kilafricks taste like the perfect piece of candy that any human has ever tasted, and they get to eat that candy whenever they want without getting sick.

The Kilafricks have feared the Zilaons for 999,999,999 years. The Kilafricks made a deal with the Zilaons that they would stay on their side of the valley if the Zilaons stay on their side of the valley. The Zilaons accepted the deal so that they could have their own part of the valley.      

Qwercle is trying to avoid the Zilaons from seeing him, because he doesn’t want to break their deal with the Zilaons. Qwercle doesn’t want to endanger the rest of the Kilafricks and have his species go extinct.

Right then, a big Zilaon says, “Hey, is that a Kilafrick in our part of the valley? I thought we made a deal.” He shouts to all his knights in frying pan armor, “Get them!”

Then Qwercel says, “Don’t you dare! Or I will throw this marshmallow at you!” And he holds his fist high above him with a marshmallow the size of a fly in his fingertips.      

Everybody else laughs at him, even his friends. They said, “And what are you going to do with that marshmallow?”

His face turns pale. He says, “Um…um…it will turn you into frogs?”

“I don’t believe you. As a matter of fact, I don’t think your marshmallow can do anything. Guards attack!” the leader of the Zilaons yells.

The guard says, “But, but, what if his marshmallow can turn us into frogs? What if we have to live in an icky pond and eat flies for the rest of our lives?!?”

The leader of the Zilaons says, “There’s no such thing as magic, you silly fools! I should just fire you, get someone else to do a better job, and have you pay me one million Kilafricks along with your lives!”

The guard says, “But Sire, we have nothing we can pay you. We don’t even have a single drop of blood!”

Meanwhile, Qwercle is frozen with his friends thinking, Are we going to die? Are we going to survive?

All the stress was on the leader and the guards, but the Kilafricks didn’t realize that they could just run away because of all the arguing going around near them.

Next, the leader of Zilaons says, “You fools! Must I do everything myself? Now I shall raise my sword above you and you shall suffer death!” He runs to his workshop, gets his sword, ties them up and raises his sword above.

“But, but, but,” say the Zilaons. “Who will be your soldiers? Who will protect our tradition? We are the only ones. Please don’t sacrifice us!”

“You fools! Why do you think I would believe you. Of course there are others and I will just sacrifice the others if they say no. But of course they won’t because they would rather live than die. Especially live to be my slaves.”

“You are right master. We have made that up, but please don’t sacrifice us. ”  

“Oh, all right, but if it happens again, you are toast,” says the leader Zilon.

When Qwerkle and his friends realize that they could make an escape, they start to tip toe off. They didn’t get far when they run into a trap. “Barnacles,” Qwerkle says softly. The other Kilafricks keep their mouths quiet. The Leader Zilaon turns around and he sees them and says, “Ha ha ha! Did you really think that you could get away! You lousy Kilafricks, you’ll never defeat me! Wahahahaha!”

The Zilaon have dinner and eat Qwercle. The rest are scared. But they are able to escape before they are eaten. They make a run for it and see this big wall. They see a pole and use it to jump over. When they get over, they see what they’ve always been wanting. A lukewarm Kile-Human Cake. The lukewarm Kile Human cake is as tall as ten-thousand ten-foot tall men. They eat it all and then throw up. They are so happy they got the treat. But they are so sad that they lost Qwercle. Meanwhile, the Zilaons invade the Kilafricks and very few survive. The very few that survive are very lucky, but they got injured. While Qwercle was sitting in the Zilaon’s stomach, he was thinking about how he was disappointing everyone. And he was also thinking about how the Zilaons could have invaded the Kilafricks and how everyone could have died because of his wants and decisions.

He felt remorse.


The Legend of Games

Chapter 1

Once upon a time there was a game called The Legend of Games. It was like Minecraft, but cooler. The person who created The Legend of Games was named Calli. She added a new update for lightning, a health, a food bar, and a drink bar. She added potions and a portal. She added one more cool update, a dragon with green eyes, and black scales.

In The Legend of Games, you can find ice-breathing dragons. There is Goo Land, it was very gooey, like jello. If you stepped into the pool and stayed there for two seconds you’d die. In Goo Land there are goo monsters and they drop poisonous goo potions.

There are diamond doors, and they lead to your house. There are security beams and security cameras for your house in the regular world. There are security beams and cameras cause the monsters are too hard to beat. There are magical keys that can open anything under the doormat.


Chapter 2

The main character in the game was a boy called Harry. He has ten health points, and ten food bars. Health points are how much more lives you have, and they always grow back. Food bars are how many times you need to eat your food, because if there is one food bar left, you die. Harry wants a ten-story house. He has to make the build all by himself.

He has to go to Mega Security Block to get supplies. Harry has ten thousand dollars because he’s been saving up. He has to walk five medium blocks. On his way to the store, Harry encounters an ice-breathing dragon. He felt afraid because he thought the dragon was going to eat him. He saw the dragon and he dug a hole in the ground and the dragon couldn’t go through because it was too small.

He knew where to go because he had a compass. As he was digging, he encountered a drill lion. He tried to go back and dig different holes. When he tried going towards the store, he tried going into one of the holes, dig more, and go to the building store. Harry got ten hundred blocks of mega block security. He bought things for his house, like: sofas, beds, flower pots, flowers, bushes, ladders, tables, torches, chairs, and swords.


Chapter 3

On his way back home, some slime got in his way. He tried to go back to his house five blocks in front of him. Five minutes later he made it through with his sword that he bought. He killed the slime with his sword, and after killing it he got poisonous slime potions.

He finally made it to his old house, and then he started building his ten story house. It was night time. It was hard to see, so he put a torch on the floor and tried to build. Then he put his bed next to the torch so he could see and then he went to sleep.

Morning came and Harry made his house two stories tall. There was a pool of sharks that can walk on land, and they were in the middle of his building.  He flew and tried to kill them on his building. When the sharks died, he got free shark teeth for potions. After twenty minutes, he made two more stories. Then it was night time again, so Harry got to sleep. Harry needed to eat five pieces of food before he died.


Chapter 4

He needed to kill some animals, like foxes. The plan was to get some food. When the foxes were drinking water he would kill them and he would get raw meat, and fox tails. He cooked the raw meat on his stove, but before that he has to go mining for coal. He goes mining underground. He gets the coal. He goes back home and cooks the meat. But a second later he realized he needed more food. He only got two pieces of food, so he decided to get more and put it in his chest with the food he doesn’t need. He goes to get gummies from the factory, but he got it on top of a tree. But first, he wanted to go back to the shop to get the gummy factory material, so he could make it himself, so he doesn’t have to go out in the morning or night. He gets the materials for the gummy factory.


Chapter 5

He goes to his house and he builds his gummy factory. He forgot one ingredient though, the magic milk that comes from the magical cow that lives on top of the cloud. But to get that, he needed to fly. When he was flying he found the magical cow, but he needed to find a magical bucket, so he went to his inventory and found his bucket. He only had one more bucket left for his factory, but he used it anyway. He could always make more buckets, from mining underground again. He tried to get milk from the magical cow, but the cow flew away. He kept following it until the night and he placed a torch on the cloud and then got the milk from the magical cow. After, he flew to his house and made the gummy factory. He used the gummy factory, so that he didn’t die. The factory made gummies that he could eat. He found people and put them in his house to fight off monsters. And then it was snowing. He was destroying snow for a magical snow potion so he could use it to go really fast.


Chapter 6

It was night again, so Harry went to his house and went to sleep. There was a lever for his house to turn the block invisible, so he could see if it’s night or day. Five seconds later, it was morning. Harry started his gummy factory because he knew there would be monsters that want to kill him and he switched the lever to see. He saw his pen of chickens, a lot of foxes, five small fire-breathing dragons, and he saw five magical cows. When all of the monsters disappeared from the sunlight, he went to get more milk because he needed it for anything. It can turn into things he wanted. He wants to turn the milk into a meat factory, a veggie factory, and a sweet factory.

Harry saw Ryan, his friend from his school. Ryan has five hundred coins and two dollars. Ryan likes to play volleyball in the summer with Harry. Ryan likes to read books with potions. They shared the house, so they went inside and got some more milk. He worked on her ten story building and built two more stories. Now there were six stories.

It was turning into fall and he needed a warm coat from the magical kitty. The bad thing about winter was the dangerous animals that come out. Dangerous animals like extremely mad polar bears and if you cracked the ice too deep there are sharks that are really strong.


Chapter 7

Harry and Ryan tried to get ice for their own ice-skating rink to ice-skate, but first they need some ice from the building store so they could get some ice skates and ice. It’s magic ice, so it doesn’t melt. They went to the store and got the ice and ice skates. They got some blocks to make the outside of the ice-skating rink. In winter, and before they made the ice skating rink, they went to sleep, because it was night. Five seconds later it was morning, and they made the ice skating rink. After they finished the ice skating rink they skated on the ice rink until it was night and they wanted to sleep again. They were excited for spring, so the ice would melt. It was morning and they went to the ice skating rink to skate, but first they got some gummies so they don’t die. After they skated, they went to their veggie factory and the meat factory and stored it in their buckets. After they got the veggie factory they realized they had to eat unless they would die, so they shared the bucket of food and got four health points.

After that, they went to the shop and they got food, cages, a bag of water, some gravel, some lights, and rocks.  When they were setting up the chickens cage and the dogs cage, the dogs were much easier than the chickens because the chickens need the litter box. There was a flame throwing fan because every time the wind blows the fire will come out.

They saw two of the flame throwers surrounding them and they got their ice breathing dragon that they tamed. They put the ice on the fire so it turned into water and then they made a river. It was getting darker. Tonight that was particularly bad because there was going to be a full moon. That meant there would be an eclipse. This caused every monster to come out and attack everything tall.

They were really worried, but they were really glad that they got an extra security block. It was night and they were right, all the monsters were outside. They saw ten thousand poisonous snakes with horns. When you touch the horns you get poisoned forever. They weren’t scared because they were monster killing experts and they knew a lot about the monsters because their pets are a lot like the monsters.

They had their own secret weapon that was a stone sword with special powers. With the sword, if you think of something it will happen. It was not only snakes outside, there were ten thousand million googleplex evil gummy bears. The only way to kill them is to burn them because if you get killed they will combine into any body.

The monsters start to attack their house, but Harry and his friends made the house clear with their switch, so the monsters didn’t know where to go. Harry and his friend knew they had saved their fight until morning because if it’s in morning then the monsters will burn to pieces. There was one reason for each one, the evil gummy bears will burn down, the snakes will be blind so they’ll poke into each other and they’ll die.


The End

Part Two Coming Soon

Circus Monkeys

Boar Chase

Travis stood at the edge of the bushes. His orange and white fur glistened in the afternoon sun, and his black stripes shone. Travis was a Siberian tiger, and he was doing the one thing all tigers have on their minds: hunting.

Travis was not very good at hunting. He was peeking through the bushes, spotting a boar. Travis never hunted a boar before, but he was curious. The boar looked good, fat in flesh, with babies in her belly — it was a sow. The winter was coming, and it was harder for any tiger now to get the more frequent meals needed to cope with the cold.

Travis knew he could not step any closer, otherwise the sow would hear him. So he waited in ambush for her to come closer. The sow was grazing, and she found some grass near the bushes where Travis was hiding. As she shuffled over, Travis thought, it was now or never.

Before Travis could think any further, his hungry paws and claws opened wide and he sprang out onto the sow. She yelped, and then turned into a furious beast. Travis wanted to kick himself for not being able to pounce farther.

Travis then looked at the sow, and wondered why she was not running away. But then he realized he should be the one running away. The sow stamped her foot, and grunted, a cold smoke like puff coming out of her nostrils. She acted and looked like a mini-bull. I-I’ll go now, Travis thought meekly, backing away. But the boar did not answer his thought, nor did she turn her back. She furiously opened her mouth, revealing her ugly and crooked yellow teeth. Travis slowly stepped back, but the sow lost it and charged straight at Travis.

Travis sprinted away from the sow chasing after him. She was slower, given that she was pregnant. As he was fleeing away from her, Travis then saw something ahead of him. A building! Travis thought, Awesome! He dashed toward the building, which was actually a circus tent, smack-dab in the middle of the forest. Travis rushed and leaped. He lost his balance, and plunged right into the tent, landing on the middle of the arena all hurt. The audience went wild, while Travis had red and yellow stars circling around his head.


Who Is Jay?

At first, Travis did not know what happened. His pain and confusion went away, but before he could stand up, a giraffe’s brown eyes met his green eyes. Travis almost jumped back in fear.

“Who is this?!” The giraffe asked, as she bent her slinky neck towards Travis.

“Austin, listen to this,” the giraffe started, but a green anaconda, Austin, crept up to Travis.

“Well, what isss it that we have here?” Austin made the letter S sound like a hissing sound, “Isss it … Jay! No way! It’sss Jay!” The giraffe looked at Travis.

“Welcome back, Jay!” The giraffe hollered. The audience clapped. Travis was very confused. Who was Jay? It was certainly a mistake on their part, but Travis decided to play along.

“Gissselle!” Austin exclaimed, “he’sss returned!”

Travis chuckled.

“Yep, on one of my adventures!”

“We know you got kidnapped, Jay,” Giselle said, slightly suspicious, “And we heard that you had escaped.”

“Yes, I did,” Travis said. He was an excellent liar and seized the opportunity, “I escaped and ran into the Siberian wilderness. It’s hard living out there, I’m so glad I finally found you guys again.”

Suddenly, a man stepped into the arena. He looked like a circus magician, with his suit, magic wand, and red striped black top old fashioned cylinder hat.

“Ah, Jay,” he said, stepping up to Travis.

Awkward, Travis thought, but stood still.

“Jay,” Austin said, “Remember Brandon, the Magician?”

“Y-yeah,” Travis answered. Brandon turned his hat over, and a macaw popped out of it. Travis wondered how come Magician Brandon had a macaw and not a white rabbit or a dove like all magicians do.

“You remember Randy, right?” Brandon asked, “Oh, I remember when you were just a cub, you used to play with Randy all the time.”

“You almost bit off my tail once,” the old macaw grumbled.

Then Brandon looked at the audience.

“Show’s over,” Brandon said, “We found Jay!”



Travis stayed on with the circus train. He accompanied Giselle and Austin, while Brandon was informing all the possible newspaper, writers, and editors about the return of Jay, the Siberian tiger.

“So,” Travis said, “Giselle the giraffe and Austin the snake,”

“Anaconda,” Austin corrected, somewhat insulted.

“Yep,” Giselle said, “And Jay the tiger.”

“Y-yeah,” Travis said. He hated the name, but kept on playing the game.

They were all silent for a moment, and then Austin spoke up.

“Ssso, Jay?” He asked, “Can you tell usss about your adventuresss?” Travis was sitting on the other side of the train, and looked at the giraffe and the anaconda waiting for his answer.

“S-sure,” Travis said thinking what story to invent for them. “Well, I went on many adventures before coming back home!” Travis scratched his chin, pretending to try to remember the details of his story, “I ran into a white tiger in the wild, it was big, and it was hungry,” Travis said, putting a spooky tone in his voice. “It lunged itself at me, and I ducked,” Travis said, starting to like his own invented story, “So, the tiger jumped right into the air, and hit a tree.”

“Do you know what I would have done?” Austin said, “I would have opened my mouth, and bit the tiger, right on the face. I have poissson, you know.”

“Really?” Travis replied, “I mean, oh yeah, now I remember.” Giselle and Austin looked at each other, asking a silent question: “What happened to Jay?”

“I know I may act weird,” Travis explained, “I-I just haven’t been myself since I got kidnapped.” The three animals were silent for a minute.

“We have a long ride,” Giselle explained, “We’re taking the train to St. Petersburg in Russia, about 19 hours away from here, so we should get some sleep.”

“I’m ssso glad we found you, Jay,” Austin said. Travis curled up and sighed with relief.

Giselle was the first to fall asleep, but Austin was scanning the train for rodents, a “perfect” treat for an evening snack. Travis thought that he should leave Austin alone in his rodent hunt and go to sleep. As Travis was drifting off, right before he fell asleep, he heard Austin swallow some food.


Show Time

Travis woke up suddenly. The train rattled on its tracks. Travis sat up. Giselle and Austin were both looking out of the window, bored. Giselle sighed.

“Hey,” Travis exclaimed, sitting between them, “So … what’s going on?”

“Nothing much,” Giselle grumbled. Shortly after, Travis started to feel bored as well.

“You know what,” Travis said, “I’m going back to sleep!”

“Good idea,” Austin said, “We ssstill have a long way.” The three fell asleep in no time.

At night, the train finally arrived in St. Petersburg. Travis, Giselle, and Austin had been awake for a while, and talked about the circus. Travis was getting used to his new role of being Jay the tiger.

“YES!” Giselle shouted answering some question Austin asked her. She stretched her neck. “YE…” she started saying again, but her head hit the train’s roof.

“Ouch!” She yelled and sat back down.

“Maybe you were a little too excited, huh?” Travis asked. Giselle just shook her head, smiling. “It’s not easy being so tall, you know?” she said.

The next day, Austin started explaining, “Ssso, thisss isss backssstage.”

“Backstage?” Travis asked.

“Yeah,” Giselle said, “props, acts. Jay, remember your act?” Travis swallowed.

“The tightrope walker,” Giselle answered.

“Yeah,” Travis said, getting goosebumps. He didn’t know what a tightrope was, but either way it did not sound very good.

“Ssso, we’re gonna practiccce,” Austin said. Austin, Giselle, and Travis pulled back the curtains and stepped into the arena.

“Here’s the tightrope,” Giselle said.

“Where is it?” Travis asked, looking around.

“Uh, up there,” Giselle said, pointing her long snout to the sky above. Travis looked up and saw a stretched rope, high above the ground. He swallowed again.

Maybe I could just run off, Travis thought to himself. But no, a tiger in the city, I’ll get in trouble, probably even killed.

“My act is the Teleporter,” Giselle said. “Watch!” She grabbed some dust, and threw it all around her. When the dust settled onto the ground, Giselle was gone.

“Ta-da!” She exclaimed, and peeked out of the curtains on the other side of the arena.

“That’s not teleporting,” Travis said.

“Well,” Giselle said, “I guess not. Disappearing act is probably a better word, anyway. Austin, please perform your act for Jay!” Austin slithered up a ladder and pounced onto a trapeze. He coiled his tail and he swung. Then he jumped onto another trapeze and coiled his tail again. He went back and forth, and then suddenly let go of the trapeze, and started falling toward the ground. Travis gasped.

“He’s gonna…” he yelled, but Giselle quickly pulled out a mini-trampoline, and Austin bounced right off and back into the air.

“For the show,” explained Giselle. “We have a trampoline ready for Austin.”

“Oh,” Travis said. “Oops. I overreacted.”

Austin jumped around, and soon enough, he was back, head high, coiling next to them.

“Your turn, Jay,” Austin declared. Travis wanted to tell them the truth, but his body was urging him not to, at least not until they’d be back in Siberia, where he could run off into the woods and disappear.


Randy To The Rescue

Travis climbed the ladder. He was nervous he had to swallow the lump that wsforming in his throat. He then reached the top. It was so high, Giselle and Austin looked like toys to him. Travis swallowed again, and then began to pant. He saw the thin rope ahead of him, and shuddered. He slowly put his front paw on the rope, and the whole rope wiggled.

How was this ‘Jay’ even supposed to walk on this thing? Travis thought sourly. He carefully put his other front paw on the rope, and almost fell. Travis sighed and moved forward. He was wiggling. Suddenly, Randy flew towards Travis. Travis stared at the macaw with confusion and excitement.

“Randy,” Travis whispered, “What are you doing here?”

“Shhh!” The macaw whispered mysteriously, “I know your secret… You are NOT Jay!” Travis was puzzled and did not know what to say, but he listened anyway.

“I’ll help you cross.” Randy sat on Travis’s head, and from thereon, Travis kept his balance. Austin and Giselle could not see the tiny macaw from far below.

“GO JAY!” Austin cheered. Giselle whistled. Travis smiled. He got out of trouble this time. He walked the rope, with Randy on top of him. He even performed a bonus act: he was able to stand on his two hind legs and hold the front one in the air. He walked faster, even ran, and reached the end.

“Bye!” said Randy and flew away just as Travis climbed down the ladder. The others did not see Randy at all.

As Travis was climbing down the ladder, Giselle dashed to him, Austin behind her. “OH MY GOD JAY!!!” She yelled and licked him in a friendly way, “YOU ROCK!!! You really are the old Jay! And you were awesome up there!” Travis blushed as Austin slinked over.

“That wasss excellent!” Austin complimented, coiling around Travis, which was his way of giving him a hug.

“Too … tight … ” Travis squealed.

Austin uncurled and smiled warmly. He held the top of his tail and Travis high-tailed-pawed Austin.

“Now” said Austin, “you are ready for the ssshow tonight!” Travis wasn’t worried; he counted on Randy to come to his rescue again.

“Yeah,” Travis said proudly, “Tightrope act, here I come!”

“I’ll do my disappearing act,” Giselle said, “Austin will do his trapeze act, Jay will do the tightrope act, and Randy will do the juggling act!”

“Wait,” Travis exclaimed, “Randy has an act?”

“Yeah,” said Austin. “What do you think he doesss? Sssit on Brandon’sss ssshoulder all day?”

Oh no! Travis thought, Randy won’t be with me during the show! What do I do now?!


Night Flower

Later that afternoon, Travis decided it was time. He had to tell Giselle and Austin the truth.

He crept towards them while they were buzzing excitedly about the show. When Travis entered, they gave him a warm hello. Travis sighed and sat between them.

“Why the long face?” Austin asked. Travis sighed, and the words spilled out of his mouth like water from a broken jar. He told them about the sow, about landing onto the middle of the circus arena by chance, and then how he pretended to be the circus tiger he was not.

By the time he was done, Giselle and Austin were stumped and silent. He could not look at them in the eyes.

“But,” Austin said, “We sssaw you walk the tightrope!”

“No, Austin,” Travis said, “That was Randy sitting on my head. He helped me keep my balance.”

“Isss your name even Jay?” Austin asked.

“No,” Travis shook his head sadly, “My name is Travis.”

“Get out of here!” said Giselle coldly, breaking her silence. “Yet your tightrope act is already on today’s show. You’ll flunk your act, and once the show is over, we’ll drop you off at the next stop!”

“You pretended to be my friend,” Austin said sadly. “You made usss think you were our friend.” Travis just looked down at the ground, ashamed.

Travis’ act was the show’s opener, and was called the Night Flower. It had been performed by Jay the tiger before he got kidnapped. Travis stepped into the same arena where he had earlier ‘performed’ the tightrope act. Now, I am really going to fall, he thought. Even if Randy came to his rescue, 430 pairs of eyes would be watching him and would know he was cheating … He could not do it. Travis was scared of falling, scared of going back alone to the Siberian wilderness…



When Travis made his entrance, the audience clapped and shouted “JAY! JAY! JAY!” Travis frowned sadly and shook his head. Brandon sat in the front row, watching the show, feeling a little nervous, wondering if Jay would be able to perform his entire act. Travis looked up and saw the tightrope smirking at him. He trotted toward the ladder, and started climbing up towards the tightrope. Giselle, Austin, and Randy were staring at him. Travis got to the top of the ladder, and looked at the thin rope ahead. He sighed deeply, and slowly put his front paw on the rope. The rope jolted. Travis felt his heart beating so loud that he was wondering if everyone could hear. The audience was silent even the drummer stopped his exited beat. Travis carefully put his other front paw on the rope, and almost lost his balance. The audience sighed.

Thank god I have a tail, Travis thought as his tail helped him keep balance. Some young children started shouting “GO JAY! GO JAY!”

Travis stepped forward, putting his third paw on the rope.

Three paws, Travis thought, next one, I’m falling. He carefully put his fourth paw on the rope and closed his eyes for a moment. He opened his eyes and started wondering how come he had not fallen already. Travis looked around. Giselle’s and Austin’s eyes were wide open, but Randy was smiling mysteriously. Travis went on carefully on the rope and then sped up without much effort. It felt as if he had been doing this his whole life.

This is easy, Travis thought. The audience cheered.


Wait, Travis thought as he kept on stepping forward, Randy was right. I must be Jay. I am Jay! And…Randy never sat on my head, I just imagined it. I did it all by myself! But Randy, he knew all along!

Confidently, Travis performed his bonus act, standing on two legs and holding the other legs high in the air. The audience clapped and cheered. Travis ran and jumped on the tightrope, his paws scurrying along the rope.

The other animals joined in. Giselle started performing her disappearing act, while Austin performed his trapeze act, and Randy his juggling act. Brandon was clapping excitedly. The audience was euphoric.

Travis smiled. He was happy. He grew more confident, and was now able to perform his Night Flower act with assurance. Travis knew that he was now with his old friends and that he had gotten his old life back. And then, Travis-Jay remembered how he was kidnapped, how he escaped, and how he found himself in the Siberian wilderness. But now, he was back home, and that was all that mattered.

The End

Leila’s story

I love to sing. My name is Kila, and I am two. I have a big sister who is 12. My other sister is six. The 12 year old sister‘s name is Mila, and my six year old sister’s name is Nila. It is a summer evening in California, where we live. We go to California Elementary School, but we are at home now.

“A, B, C, D, E, F, G!” I sing. While I am singing, my two sisters, Mila and Nila, cover their ears. I sing a lot of songs, but my favorite song is the ABC’s.

“STOP SINGING!” Nila and Mila shout at the same time.

Then, our mom says, “Okay, okay, she loves to sing.”

I stick my tongue out at Nila and Mila and start skipping around them and say, “Ha ha.”

Then they stick their tongue out back at me. I cross my arms and stomp to my room. I pick up my dog and start saying, “I love to sing!” I start singing the ABC’s again and say, “Come on Lila, start singing with me!” but she just barks.

I ignore Lila and walk away. I go down the stairs to get to the living room. My mom says, “Where have you been?”

I respond, “I was singing in my room with Lila.”

Then I say, “What’s for dinner?”

My mom responds, “There is mac and cheese and chicken.”

I jump all around. I feel excited because macaroni and cheese with chicken is my favorite food.

I walk to Mila and Nila, and I say, “Mommy only made me mac and cheese with chicken, and I’m gonna finish it all.”

Mila and Nila put their fists up in an angry way, besides their chests and in front of their chins.

Then I giggle behind my back. They heard me so they start chasing me, but Mom catches them. They roll their eyes at Mom, and Mom sees them so she says, “Go do your homework!” They race up the stairs to go to their room and then she says to them, “You cannot have mac and cheese and chicken.” She blinks at me, so I know she is joking. Then I giggle again behind my back.   

I sing the ABC’s song and now Mommy giggles.

Mom calls upstairs and says, “Dinner is in four minutes!” in a loud voice.

I say, “That’s gonna take for-ever!” Mom giggles again. Then I giggle back.

Four minutes later, “Dinner time!” Mom yells. Nila and Mila zoom down the stairs. I stand in the way and say, “Stop! You have to pay $5 before you pass me.”

Then, they just go under my arms and say, “Ha ha.” I put my hands on my hips and stomp to the table. I sit down on my high chair. It takes a long time for me to climb up on my high chair.

Mom puts a plate of mac and cheese with chicken and a spoon on my high chair’s tray. I start gulping my food up, and then I take the bone of my chicken and start eating it.

Mila and Nila say, “Ew!”

Then I say, “It’s not ew!”

And they respond, “Yes it is!”

And my mom said, “When you’re done eating, Mila and Nila, go to your room.”

Mila and Nila roll there eyes and say, “Ok,” in a rude way. (Actually in a really rude way.)  Later when Mila and Nila finish their food, they go upstairs to their rooms and do their homework. Later, Mila and Nila finish their homework. When they are done, they walk up to me. Nila and Mila whisper to each other and say, “Should we say sorry to Kila, for not letting her sing what she wants to?” And they agree that they should.

They tell me, “We’re sorry for not letting you sing whatever you want to.”

Then I say, “It’s okay”. And we all got along and lived happily ever after!



Jack Lumber was desperate to find lava. He was with his chief. He brought 7 buckets, and one rope. He was in a space station waiting to get lava for fuel for his rocket. He really needed to save this other astronaut named Eli who was lost on the moon.

Suddenly he saw a figure walking toward him. It was his chief!

“I got buckets of lava!” Jack cried.

“Dump it in quick!” called his chief. The lava was bubbling hot. It was orange and a slimy red. Jack was rushing to the aircraft with lava squirting out of the buckets. Jack finally managed to dump the hot orange lava into the fuel tank.

“Thank goodness you came quickly, Jack,” the chief told him.

“It’s okay chief, you reminded me,” replied Jack.

After that, Jack boarded the aircraft and took a deep breath. After an half an hour, he started the countdown.

“3, 2, 1, blast off!’’ he announced into the microphone.

The rocket ship zoomed off of the ground, 300 miles per hour.  Soon, Jack fell asleep.  Once he woke up, the aircraft started to rumble.

What’s happening? Did I kick a lever when I was sleeping? I hope I won’t get kicked out of the space station when I get back! Jack thought to himself.

Jack ran to the escape button and… KABAM! The aircraft exploded. He got in the escape pod just in time.

He stared out of the lava-proof window and looked at the striped red and yellow iron rocket ship pieces floating in space.  Jack thought for a moment.

I think I put too much lava in! I have to tell my chief!

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beeep! Beeeep!  Jack pulled every lever and pressed every button to try to find a way to get to the moon.  He saw the last lever and thought, I hope that lever can make this escape pod move.  Jack floated to the lever and pulled.


Next a screen rose up from a hole and said in a robotic voice: “He-llo Jack Lum-ber. What pla-net would you like to go to?”

“I would like to go to the moon, hopefully you can get me there, it’s not a planet,” Jack replied.

Jack was more confident because he could pilot the escape pod better and couldn’t get in trouble that easily.

He thought about why he was sent to go to the moon and remembered that he was there to save another astronaut.  Jack reached into a zippered pocket and a picture of the astronaut Jack was trying to save floated out.

He had bright blond hair, a spacesuit just like Jack’s and was 20 years old.

That was when Jack noticed that the escape pod was floating. Jack could see the moon! He mashed the speed button to get to the moon faster. In 30 seconds, Jack landed on the moon! He was so happy.

He raced up to the telescope room and looked through the telescope and found the man! He was west of the escape pod. Jack raced toward him. When he got there, he asked the man, “What is your name?”

The man replied, “My name is Eli.”

Jack excitedly said, “I am here to get you back to the space station!”

Jack led Eli back to his escape pod. Between five steps, Eli jumped up and down grinning ear to ear. Jack let Eli use the telescope to find his missing rocket.

He found it! The missing rocket was east of the escape pod.

Jack told Eli to get a rope. Eli got it in exactly five seconds! They tied one end of the rope to the escape pod. They pulled as hard as they could. Finally they managed to get it into Eli’s rocket. Jack pulled out two buckets of lava from the toolbox in his escape pod.

“Hey, use this for fuel, Eli,” Jack suggested. They poured both buckets of lava into the fuel tank. Jack hoped that the rocket would not explode.

Jack and Eli climbed aboard the spaceship and took off. Jack gazed out the window staring at asteroids and comets. They passed Mars and Venus. Jack stared at them too. The spaceship finally flew into earth.

Jack’s chief saw a dot. He knew it was Eli’s spaceship! He jumped up and down waving even though he couldn’t see Jack and Eli. In ten minutes, Eli landed the ship safely.

The chief congratulated Jack for being such a responsible person on his first mission.

“Jack you were awesome! You escaped that big explosion!”

Jack replied, “Thanks Chief.”

He gave Jack a one month break. After that, Jack invited his children to see him train.  Since Jack did such a great job, Jack’s children could live in the space station with Jack, Eli and the chief.



A Great Basketball Season

One day, a boy, who was 22-years-old, named Jasper, set up a goal to become a famous, rich basketball player. Suddenly, his dad saw him set up the goal and said, “You can get a serious injury.”

Jasper said, “I’ll make sure I won’t get a serious injury because I’ll do a lot of crossovers and break their ankles.”

His dad said, “Ok.”

Jasper was very excited. His mom heard him and his dad talking.

She said, “What if you get in an argument and get ejected?”

Jasper said, “I won’t argue. Instead, I’ll stop people from arguing.”

Jasper’s mom said, “Ok.”                                

Then, Jasper’s parents signed Jasper up for the NBA. He was going to be an undrafted player, so his parents took him to a stadium. Once they arrived there, they met a referee. The referee said, “You signed up to be an undrafted player, right?”

Jasper answered, “Yes.”

The referee said, “If you want to be in one of the NBA teams, I have to see if you play well and have a lot of experience.”

Jasper answered, “Ok.”                          

Jasper and the referee played 1-on-1, knockout, a 3-point contest, and HORSE. Jasper won 1-on-1, 30-28. Jasper won 5 games and the referee won 3 games of knockout. In the 3-point contest, Jasper scored 28 points and the referee scored 24. In HORSE, Jasper had HOR when the referee had HORSE.

The referee yelled, “Wow! You’re so good!”

Jasper replied, “Thanks!”

The referee said, “Well, all I’m going to say is I will go talk to the NBA commissioner about this.”

Jasper screamed loudly, “YES! Thank you so much, sir!”                                         

A few weeks later, Jasper got an email from the NBA commissioner. It said: “Congratulations, Jasper! Based on your skill level, the NBA has decided to allow you to be part of a team. You may pick any team in this list.”

There were only two teams available: Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers. This was a hard decision for Jasper because his favorite teams were the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Miami Heat. The Cavaliers were 2nd in the East last year. They made it all the way to the Finals, but lost to the Warriors. They also had a really good player that won 4 MVPs, named LeBron James. The Heat were the 10th seed last year, so they didn’t even make it to the playoffs.

After thinking for a long time, he chose the Miami Heat because his favorite player, Dwyane Wade, was on the Heat. Jasper also wanted to help them win a championship again. After a couple months, Jasper played in his first game! Jasper was prepared to play his 1st ever game in the NBA. The 1st game was easy. The final score was 118-100.

Five months went by quickly. Jasper had helped the Heat make it to the NBA Finals against the defending champions, Golden State Warriors. It was the last game in the finals and the series was tied 3 wins to 3 wins. Whoever won this game would be the champions. The game started.

Jasper wasn’t in the starting lineup. In the 1st quarter, Jasper’s team was getting crushed. The score was 31-19.

Jasper asked, “Why am I not in the starting lineup?”

The coach said, “You’re one of our newest players and I think it’d be better to have players with more experience to be starting.”

Jasper said, “I’m better than some of these players, and I can prove it.”

The coach said, “Alright, let’s see what you can do, but I’m going to wait until third quarter.”

They were losing by 30 points. The score was 60-30, so the other team has 2x more points than their team. At halftime, Jasper’s team was losing by 40 points: 90-50! He was worried that the players on the court now were going to make his team lose.

The 3rd quarter started. The coach put Jasper in the game. When Jasper entered as a small forward, the Heats were losing by 30 points, 100-70. They kept on shooting three-pointers but missed a lot. When the 4th quarter began, the score was 110-85. Jasper decided to call for the ball a lot so he could swish every three he took.

The game continued. Jasper shot 15 threes and made all of them! The score was 130-130! Jasper and his team made a tremendous comeback!

There were 5 seconds left in the game, and Jasper had the ball. 5, 4, 3, 2, Jasper shot a three. The whole stadium became silent. 1, it swished in right when the buzzer sounded! The final score was… 133-130 and Jasper’s team were the champs!!

Jasper yelled, “YEAHH!” Everyone got a trophy. As they celebrated, confetti fell from the stadium’s ceiling! When the confetti stopped dropping, they announced the Finals MVP award to… Jasper!!

Everyone was so proud of him, especially the coach.

“Good job,” the coach said. “You really proved that you are really good at basketball, and better than your other teammates. Next time, for the first game in the next season, I’ll put you in the starting lineup.”

When Jasper got home, his mom and dad were very proud and happy for Jasper. They started hugging him and crying happy tears.

“I told you I wouldn’t get hurt,” Jasper said.

“You’re really good at basketball,” his mom said. “I can tell you worked a lot and it was worth it.”

This is the best day of my life, Jasper thought. He couldn’t wait to start another season.

The Machine


“So how did you get here?” I said.

I was at my house, talking to the technology genius, Xethen, who was an alien who had kept his designs secret to everyone before. I had tracked him down, spying on him for some time and the only way that I would agree to stop spying on him was if I got five minutes of his time to ask whatever I wanted. Since I was 16 years old and needed money for college, I thought I could make money off of this.

He looked at me like, ‘why did you ask that question?’ Finally he said that he obviously teleported and why I didn’t think of that idea. I told him that we don’t have that technology yet, but we might be close to inventing one.

I asked him a few more questions about how he created his machine that could create anything, but he doesn’t give me the full answer.

He’s hiding something, I thought.

Then I thought of a really good question: “Can I see this creating machine?” I needed to see if this machine was real, so that I wasn’t wasting my time. He happily pressed a few buttons and then the machine appeared.

I was sort of surprised that the machine wasn’t fake. It seemed impossible that this was real. He showed me the machine and a bit about how it worked. He also showed me that it worked.

The machine looked complicated. Nothing about it looked like our technology. There were many parts to the huge machine and it must have taken years to invent and create.

He asked me, “You like it?’’

“Of course I do,” I replied.

I was amazed. I couldn’t wait to try this myself. The problem was, my five minutes were almost up. I quickly asked for ways I could contact him. He told me that I could telepathically talk to him.

A few days later, he showed me the design…


Chapter 1

The Machine

“Almost done!” I said looking in awe at the machine.

“Once I finish this, I will make millions!” Now I thank myself for asking him for ways I could contact him. Otherwise I wouldn’t get this great opportunity.

Finally it was finished. After years of work, it was done. It was the gateway to fame and money. Its bright lights illuminated, signalling everything was working, well, that was the theory. The only way to test the machine for real was to test it out.

First I tried making something simple, not wanting something destructive to happen. I typed “an apple” into the newly made keyboard. After a few minutes, the apple formed. I tasted the apple. Just because something looks right, doesnt mean its perfect. It was sour and very juicy. The machine did its job! My hands touched the ceiling and I almost banged my head as I jumped for joy.


Chapter 2

My Plan

If I wanted to sell this, people needed to know about this. Maybe I had to give people a demo. In case it broke down, I also had to make a spare one or if for some reason someone stole it, I had to make a spare copy of the machine. Afterwards, I would leave selling for tomorrow.


Chapter 3

The Tragedy

The next day, I went to check on my machine. It was still there, like I expected. Then I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, and when I came back IT WAS GONE! “How could this happen!?” I asked myself. “It was here a minute ago!”

Then I heard a clang sound. It sounded metallic as metal hit metal. The machine was heavy, so the person had to still be in the building. Also this building was big so it would not be as easy to get out.

Finally, I found the machine, but not the person that stole it. He must have run away once he made the noise. It was carelessly left in the middle of the hallway. I did, however, find a piece of paper with a 10 digit number and a note. It said:


This is my phone number. Call me after you steal it.


gdqho fkrqj


I looked at the note with confusion. The last two words were strange. They were not words. They must be in code, I thought.

The phone number wasn’t in code, so I could call it if I wanted to.


Chapter 4

More Tragedy

Today was the first day that people could try out the machine. A long line of people was forming. I felt so happy that this was happening. If I charged everyone who tried the machine, I could make lots of money.

It was the evening now. The line had dispersed, but there were still hundreds of people. The next person in line looked strange. He created something that I could not tell what, but it looked dangerous.

There was a beeping noise,” BEEP BEEP BEEP”

It was rapidly getting faster. Then to my surprise, the person ran away. There was a click. Then a huge explosion.

A giant force pushed me back and it looked like I was going in slow motion. Everything went black and white as I hit the wall. I felt all the pain. I fell and sat there for a minute. I saw everything, everything that happened in the explosion. I tried to scream, but nothing came out. Then, everything went black.


Chapter 5


I woke up in the hospital. At first, I thought this was all a dream. It would be good if it was a dream. If it was, I wouldn’t be blown up. I soon realized that it was real because I saw the alien that showed me the designs, Xethan. He was waiting for me.

He said, “You have messed with my machine which I patented on my planet. The consequence of copywriting is death. So I will kill you!”

I said, “But I’m not on your planet! So the same laws do not apply!”

“I don’t care. You still messed with my machine. You were careless about the machine and let the wrong hands take your illegal copy, and now it’s caused a lot of deaths.”

Then Xethan used the original machine to create a dagger. I tried to get out but I couldn’t move. Once he created it, he quickly threw it and it went through my heart.

“But — but — ” I said. “I won’t ever do it again!”

And those were the last words I ever said.




A 12-year-old girl named Katie Daniels was staring out the window with her White Shepherd Bolt and Eskimo Snowflake, who previously ran across the streets of London (Bolt had stolen hot dogs from a hot dog stand, running away from Snowflake).


7 kittens were in a cardboard box next to a pet shop, and when Katie decided to walk with her 2 white canines, she saw the kittens. “Hey, kitty” whispered Katie. She took one of the kittens from the box and continued, “I’ll name you Jessie.”


When Jessie, Katie, Bolt and Snowflake got home, Katie told her mother and father that Jessie didn’t have rabies, and she was spayed by her previous owners. In just 2 hours, Jessie had a collar with a tag that said: “Jessie. 50th St. Between 8th and 9th Av.”, a food/water bowl, a bed, and toys– perfect for a kitten only 10 weeks old.


That night, Bolt and Snowflake tried to make nighttime the best time for Jessie. “Jessica” Snowflake said in a sing-song voice “You gotta get in the nighttime spirit!”


“Yeah!” Bolt sang, “Come on. Sing! Why Should I Worry? Why Should I Care? I may not have a dime, but I got street savior-”


“Okay, okay, I get it. But there are times you can get into the night time spirit and there are some times you need to sleep!” Jessie sleepily said. Snowflake’s jaws dropped. “How did you know?” she began. “I just do!” cried Jessie angrily. And she slept. And then the dogs slept.


The next morning, Jessie, Bolt and Snowflake were all singing “Why Should I Worry?” When Katie left, Jessie went crazy, finally going under the sitting room sofa, whimpering in fear. “Come on, Jess-Jess! Me and Snowflake had gone over it before. We are fine once Katie leaves for school!” But Jessie’s fear turned into anger as she went out the flap Bolt and Snowflake use. “Jessica! Wanna read Chapter 1 through 9 of The Kids From DISCO?” She followed Jessie as she (Jessie) ran into the London streets. “That’s easy for you to say!” cried Jessie, again angrily. Jessie lied down in front of a fence, guarding herself. When Katie got back from school, she found Jessie missing. “JESSIE! JESSICA! JESS-JESS! Where are you, Jessie?”


Jessie heard the yells of Katie, and ran across the streets, only to find a pack of dogs that belonged to Katie’s 9-year old friend, Alex. They were going to Regent’s Park.


Back at Katie’s house, Katie texted all her friends on her phone if they knew where Jessie was. Finally she got a call from Alex. Katie wanted to go to Regent’s Park before she needed to take a shower. “MUSH, BOLT! RUN LIKE A TRAIN, SNOWFLAKE!” yelled Katie. Off they went, faster than the wind carrying them. When they reached Regent’s Park, Alex gave Katie, Jessie. She still had her cute red and white collar, her Dalmatian-like spots and her big blue eyes.


Snowflake was very tired after getting Jessie home. Bolt told Snowflake she was amazing.  But Jessie responded “Screw you, man, I’d do what I want!” Buzz Mccallister, a cat that belonged to Ryder Adams, Katie’s classmate, jumped on Bolt, Snowflake and Jessie’s room window and heard everything. Snowflake was about to say ‘I want the pizza…NOW.’ when she saw Buzz Mccallister. “AHEM, Buzz Mccallister, but I was going to say ‘I want the pizza…NOW’ so I can get my wish for pizza…NOW. But because of you, nothing happened.” yelled Snowflake, not amused. Buzz Mccallister teased “It doesn’t happen because you are in the real world, not a EXTRAORDINARY world, you need to go read your mind, you need to get lost into it, you need to lose your mind and you need…you need…” Buzz Mccallister was very talkative. “You need a good kick in the butt, Buzz Mccallister.” finished Bolt.


But Jessie didn’t say anything. She wasn’t as brave as Bolt and Snowflake. Finally, she ordered the two dogs to throw Buzz Mccallister out the window, which had no bars. Bolt and Snowflake, who OBVIOUSLY had Buzz Mccallister as a pet peeve, started barking for Katie. Katie ran into the bedroom shouting “WHAT IN THE MILKY WAY GALAXY ARE YOU THREE DOING AT 2:15 IN THE MORNING!” Bolt and Snowflake growled at Buzz Mccallister. Jessie was almost fully under her bed covers, even the sheet. She lashed her tail FAST at Buzz Mccallister. “Oh. I see you got your pet peeve, Buzz Mccallister, but I don’t want to blame him. He belongs to one of my friends, Ryder Adams.” Buzz Mccallister rolled his eyes at Katie. “Oh, WHATEVER!” yelled Katie “I will drop you on the count of three: THREE!” and down. Went. Buzz Mccallister. Nobody said anything for the rest of the night.


The next day, Katie went to school. Katie’s parents went to work. Everyone left the pets locked in their room. Of course, the dogs had a newspaper and Jessie had a litter box as a bathroom, the pets have 3 beds, 1 for each, each had a bowl of food and a bowl of water, all filled up to the brim, and toys to play with. But the three wanted to go outside. Finally, an idea came to Bolt’s brain. “I KNOW! LET’S CAUSE SOME MISCHIEF ON THE PASSENGER TRAIN!”

“Oh no” replied Jessie, who wasn’t very adventurous.


At the train station, you can guess who was there, but just in case, it was BUZZ MCCALLISTER. Bolt found a hot dog stand and grabbed all his mouth could carry. Snowflake bet Jessie if she could grab a rat from the train tracks without getting hit by a train. Jessie responded “Easy.” She grabbed a rat and hid under the train tracks as a train passed by. Bolt had the hot dogs wrapped around his waist, instead of around his chest. Misty, the alpha dog of Alex’s dog pack, smiled and said “Come on. I will show you the real life train station. “


Actually, the real ‘train station’ was an airport. “Great!” happily cried Bolt. “Let’s cause some mischief! Come on, Page! Come on, Molly! Come on, everybody!” Page was a mixed breed dog. Molly was a beagle. The other dogs were called: Pongo the Dalmatian, Perdita the Dalmatian, Domino the German Shepherd, and Polly the Beagle. All dogs were happy to meet Ryder’s dog pack, all Huskies: Wink, Addison, Basil, Tucker, Everest, Noah, Droplet and Splat. The Bark Park Adoption Center was closed for the day, so the not-adopted dogs got to go to the ‘real train station’ as well. Jessie was scared of a CROWD, so she ran away, all the way back to the train station.


Bolt could not cause mischief. Snowflake was speechless. Everyone was speechless, even BOLT! But then Misty knew what to say. “We are going to have to go back to the train station. MUSH! RUN LIKE A TRAIN! And off they went, to get Jessie. “I knew I shouldn’t have thought of mischief in the first place!” cried Bolt. “Just forget it! FORGET IT!” yelled Snowflake “Katie could come home in any minute!” Misty wasn’t listening. All she wanted was to get Jessie, and get Jessie ALIVE.


At the train station, Jessie was actually still alive. But she was being carried away in a cardboard box. The box was going to the caboose car of a passenger train. Misty gasped as Jessie was carried away on the train. The train was going into a tunnel. A very, very, VERY dark tunnel. “Who’s gonna get Jessie?” cried Misty in fear. She ran in little circles, which means she thought she was going to explode.

“I will!” shouted Snowflake. She was very brave.

“Alright?” responded Bolt. “But we will go with you.”

Snowflake hopped on the fast-moving train, and went in the little door of the caboose car. Bolt and Misty were running after the train. Wink found Buzz Mccallister. He talked to himself on Ryder’s phone: “Ryder, this is Buzz Mccallister. I’ve concluded the train prank on the Orient Express station.”

“Buzz Mccallister” said Wink.

“I’ve got a trophy. Put it with all my other trophies when I come home. And bring me a coffee when you get back.”

“Buzz Mccallister” said Wink.

Buzz Mccallister stopped texting and said “What is it? This is a very important call!”

Wink groaned “Ugh. My times have to go over this. ARE YOU AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS?! I THINK YOU NEED TO LEARN ABOUT ‘PRANKS’!” “You just want Ryder to pluck all my whiskers out! They’re pretty nifty, aren’t they?” Wink almost tied Buzz Mccallister to the train tracks when he saw everyone GONE. Wink shouted “Buzz Mccallister, stand aside!” But Buzz Mccallister was running away from the station, all the way to Ryder’s bedroom. “UGH” Wink once again groaned.


Snowflake only made things worse: She and Jessie hung from the train. Now EVERYONE, excluding Wink was running after the train. Snowflake had her left paw grabbing a wire. Bolt saw how close the caboose car was from the tunnel. “It’s still running 60 mph. Snowflake, LET GO OF THE WIRE!” cried Bolt. Half a second later, everyone (excluding Wink, of course) was chanting “LET GO! LET GO! LET GO!” to Snowflake. Finally, she yelled “I. Will. Let. Go.” Snowflake let go of the wire. She and Jessie fell to the train tracks and got up. Everyone-even Wink-watched as the caboose train went in the tunnel. “Yes! WE DID IT!” shouted Jessie in relief. Everyone helped each other off the train tracks. “WOW! That was amazing, Jessica!” shouted Bolt. “How?” asked Jessie, bewildered. “You made us go on a big adventure. I love big adventures. You really deserve those words, Jess-Jess.” answered Bolt. Just then, another train passed by. “Let’s go home.” Snowflake giggled.


That night, everyone was back at home. All the owners were afraid that they would be lost forever. How they got home? They found recycling trucks and tried to find their owner’s face (whenever a pet was lost, Katie, Alex, and Ryder  looked out their bedroom windows). The not-adopted dogs went back to the Bark Park Adoption Center. Katie put Jessie, Bolt and Snowflake to bed. Katie whispered “Good night, Bolt. Good night, Snowflake. Good night, Jessie.” She went to her bedroom. Bolt licked Jessie’s ears. Snowflake licked Jessie’s tail. “Now I know that Jessie’s not cowardly at ALL.” said Bolt. “Me neither.” said Snowflake. Pretty soon, everyone was asleep.



A Dogs Story

Chapter 1 Neve

Woof, woof! Who abandoned me in this blizzard? I don’t even have my toy or my bone!

Oops, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Neve. I’m a German Shepard. I used to live with an old man, but he must have abandoned me in a blizzard and now here I am. My top fear is blizzards! One time I got buried inside a snowman when one of my friends was playing with snowballs, and I got trapped inside.

Long, long ago, I lived with a girl. The girl who raised me, her name was Evelyn, and she loved animals. Her husband kicked me out because he didn’t like dogs.

Oh! I smell a girl. She smells like Evelyn! I wag my tail. I’ll go find her.


Chapter 2 Cana

Wow! I see a dog in my backyard! She is black and white, and really big. My dream is to have a pet dog! By the way, my name is Cana and I am 5 years old. My mom’s name is Evelyn. I always wanted a pet dog and my mom did too. She would still have one if the one she got for Christmas was not kicked out by my dad. I have to get this dog to stay still so I can tell my mom.

“STAY!” I yell.

Ugh! She won’t listen! Yes! I have dog treats in my pockets!

“Here puppy, here!” She’s staying! “Mom! Mom! There’s a puppy here!” Great! My mom’s hurrying outside.


Chapter 3 Neve

This is awesome!

After I walked through a forest to find a clearing where I could find somewhere to sleep, I saw a row of houses and a big hill. I followed the scent of Evelyn to a backyard.

Evelyn’s here! Wow! She jumps up and down, and I bark and wag my tail.

“Remember, Cana? When you got a dog for Christmas?” said Evelyn. “The dog we got was her. She found her way back to us. Let’s go to bed Cana.”

Evelyn brings me into the garage. I’m scared of the dad.

He comes into the garage to go to work, because he’s in his job uniform.

“Humph!” he says. “Those girls got a dog again! Leave now! Leave now!”

I run out of the garage into the next house.


Chapter 4 Neve

Help! Help! Never mind I smell human. Oh, I know Katherine and Jane. When Cana was two they were classmates!

Anyway I’m tired! Let me sleep in their bed tonight.

They drag me into the house and put me on their bed to sleep.


“Help! Help!” The next morning, another dad comes into the room to get Katherine and Jane up for breakfast.

Uh oh! Yikes! He sneezed! I don’t like sneezing dads.

Quick! I have to escape before he catches me! Oh, no! This guy must be allergic!

I dash out of the house into the backyard, go up a hill, and go to a random house.

Oh no! I’m lost again! Another blizzard has started! I have to go to another house as quickly as possible.

I wish I could have learned Hannah’s address! She was in Cana’s preschool class. Oh, well, I’ll just go to a random house.

First I’ll go to the next door and scratch the door. Shz! shhhhz! Yes! I see Hannah! I’ll spend the day at her house.

Nooo! Her two seventeen-year-old sisters, Sophia and Lorelei, are here! They like to pull at my tail! Double nooo! Ouch! Hannah’s mom drags me inside.

They’re not only pulling on my tail, Hannah’s baby sister Alicia is here. Last time three years ago, she squeezed me so hard, I almost threw up!

I’m leaving now. “Bye Bye!” I say to them, but they only hear barks.

I go back to Cana’s house.


Chapter 5 Cana

I see my best friend, Neve again! “Hi, cute puppy!”


Chapter 6 Neve

Yes! Now I can take the leash from Cana’s pocket. I know she always keeps one in her pocket. I bite the zipper and pull her pocket open and steal the leash before she notices. Phew! Now I have to put the leash on quickly.

Ow! Ugh! Yes! Mmm! This leash smells like creamy peanut butter! Oh, Cana has her hand on my leash! Hooray! I can drag Cana over to Katherine’s and Jane’s house!

Ooff! Yes! I lead her out of her house and she picks up Katherine and Jane!

Ow! Yikes! I have to drag all three of them and my back is tired. Also Hannah lives up a hill and and I don’t like going up hills. Oof! Ouch! Heeelp! There! Woof! Woof!  Hannah knows what I’m up to!


Chapter 7: Neve Sleepover.

I walk into the house with all 4 girls following.

“We’re going to a sleepover tonight to make plans about Neve,” Hannah said.

They bring me up into Hannah’s room, give me a really special dinner of steak and the best dog food in the world, and then we went to bed.


Wow! These people kick in their sleep.

What a restless sleep I had. Oh at least I had somewhere to rest.

Breakfast time! Oooh waffles! This is the second time I’ve ever eaten human food! Uh-oh! I hear footsteps!

“Sorry! Too late!” said Peter. To get me to leave, Peter started kicking and hitting me.


Chapter 8: Together!

Ok, I will leave. Sniff, sniff! I smell Evelyn!

“Puppy pass around club!” Evelyn cried! Every day, they go to the clearing in the wood to give food to me and also pass me to the next person, unless it was Cana and Evelyn, or Katherine or Jane. I will sleep over at a new house each time.

Soon she found me and the other girls, so they could sneak me in their beds. They all took turns. Cana and Evelyn got 2 days since they were the bosses. Hannah got one day because no one else in her family was in the club and Katherine and Jane got two days because there was one day for Jane and one for Katherine. Now everything is good and the fathers still don’t know about it.


The End

Forgotten Words

Forgotten books, when the pages have not been turned for years. With forgotten books come forgotten times. Parts of history plucked away from our knowledge. We move on. “Things of the past” we call them. Kindles and ebooks have replaced the thousand-year-old paper. But even more so forgotten books take with them forgotten words. With no words means no stories, no simple thoughts to fill your once-empty mind. Words make the sentences that will change your life forever.

“Will you marry me?”

“It’s a girl!”

“I got the job!”

If there is one thing we take for granted, it’s words. We use them more and more, yet, we say less and less. We use them for mindless, selfish, and exaggerated things. The once beautiful words have collapsed. They have not lost power, no, the power is just lost.

But what if every single word was completely forgotten?

A girl with fiery red hair, and eyes that are like the color of a restless sea. But the thing that got the most attention was her skin so pale it looked almost white. She was pointing to the last slice of pizza, sitting there untouched on her frail kitchen table. Thankfully for humanity simple things like pointing were still known. A woman in her mid-forties nodded. With a slip of the hand the pizza was gone.

If you came in this future world today you would cry. You would cry for all those who never get to hear I love you, you would cry for all those who want to yell, but they can’t for they are forced to be quiet. And you would sob for the human race, waiting in silence for a single word.

In and out, in and out. The red-haired girl breathed hard against the cold night air. Every night she did this, walked along her old village, looking. Not looking for a lost cat, and not looking for herself, for what could she find without words?

She did not know what she was looking for. She was just hoping to find it. She was in her old green dress that was so worn out that it made the brass buttons look like gold amongst the faded silk. This was her favorite dress, not because of the way it looked when she turned around, nor the way it felt smooth against her skin. It was because of those buttons, buttons just big enough for a scribble on them. Everyday she looked at them, and everyday she set out looking, she did not know for what, and she did not know why, but she looked. If you came to this bright, pale girl, and you looked at her dress, you would see in the moonlight that her buttons, they each had a single word. A word as clear as day, but for this little girl it was no more than a scribble on a button: “Look.”

A small hand creaked the door open, letting in a breath of the still night air. She pointed out, waiting for the nod to step down into the quiet village.

As soon as her mother nodded she was out the door, letting the winds fill her soundless soul. She was just getting into the rhythm of breathing when a single rock saved humanity by tripping a 10-year-old girl.

As she stumbled down a deep hill, with pieces of glass from abandoned times, and paper from times before that. As she fell she felt an energy rush through her, liveness going through her veins, a feeling that she could say anything. She opened her mouth and she made noise, she grunted, she screamed, and she yelled gibberish. For the first times in hundreds of years, a world unexpressed, a world where crying is silent, and life is mute.  But now they heard, they heard a noise that slowly walked away from them years before, now it came back with every grunt, squeal and wail coming from this petite 10-year-old girl.

When at last she rolled down into a weed-invaded meadow, for the first time in her life nothing forced her to be quiet, but she stayed quiet, and still unable to think. So because there was no word for safe, home, mother, or love, she kept walking.

She walked through the leaves, at last able to notice the satisfying sound of the crunch beneath the soles of her frail boots, and when she finally jerked her head up she noticed small furry animals scrambling around, for they were not used to a creature bigger than them walking amongst them. She ran toward them, forgetting the dirt path she left behind. This pale little girl at last laughed, she laughed with all her might, with all her power, with all of her voice.

Nearby, music played, a rhythm so soothing that she moved toward it with every step matching the beat. Music was one of the many things she had never heard before. It filled her, wanting her to know more. She stepped forward letting the bush prick her thin skin. She stood there, watching the bright colors dancing in front of her, laughing and smiling people dancing around one another. With their fans clapping along to the beat, each one pale and plump with wrinkles around their eyes. They were all in their mid-60s, there was not one child. Yet this undersized little girl fit in though the crowd, mesmerized by the music. She clapped her hands off-beat, and squealed loudly, wanting them to do it faster. Everything in this village was so loud and colourful it just made her scream with joy.

Even the houses were painted the colors of the fading rainbow, and lanterns hung over each doors changing colors every so often, but just enough so this place seemed as magical as it was for the little girl.

She ran up and down the street giggling with delight, it was not much of a surprise when she finally caught the eye of one of the dancers. This heavy, jolly, middle-aged little man was so surprised when he saw her that he did not yell, or go up to her like he usually would have. He went straight to the mayor yelling words that the older man seemed to respond to.

This caught the frail little girl by surprise, and she peered out through the crowd only to see a huge, curly-haired, 50-year-old man talking to a bald, thin, elderly man that looked like if the wind blew harder it would blow him into a pile of ash. They made noises that the little girl did not understand, they moved their hands, and made gruff complex sounds. But they understood each other with no pointing or nodding.

The two men walked along the cracks of the sidewalk speaking and speaking, but to this little girl it was no more than making gibberish with their mouths. When the dancing got so loud and colorful that the little girl could not focus on two old men speaking words she did not understand, suddenly a single word was spoken, a word she saw every day of her life. We do not know who spoke it or why, but this one word was spoken. The word “look” clicked inside her, and she started running up to the men. Curious how they did that, spoke and meant what they said. Not guessing what people meant and not pointing, she eagerly tugged on the thin man’s orange shirt. He turned around and kneeled down so his balding head sparkled in the moonlight.

“So you must be the little one who desires to speak,” he said in a such a soft voice it  was no more than a whisper. She didn’t know what this meant but she nodded. She already trusted this man with all of her heart. He gently pushed her into a big, faded blue house and into a room.  The room was the one thing in the village that was old, brown, and fading.  He ushered her into the small room, speaking to her the whole way.

“I had a feeling that you would come soon,” he said as he opened the door for her. “Now where is it?” he asked himself. Following a satisfied sigh.

He pulled out a rusted key. She had seen it before when her Mother unlocked her box full of old jewels. For the first time ever this red-haired girl felt desire. She felt that she wanted to be home, home with her Mother, home with the woman she loved.

She knew that her mother felt the same way, for you didn’t need words to describe a Mother’s love. But nonetheless, she sat there, also feeling the desire to stay, feeling the need that she had to be here, wait with them, speak with them. So she sat there, watching the man’s every move. With his frail hands he locked the key into place, and turned it slowly. A click was heard throughout the quiet room, one of the only in the this small village. He plopped down a large rectangular obliged, two in fact, with the neatest wood carvings she had ever seen. She was staring at it, at those scribbles, those beautiful scribbles that were on her beloved buttons that laid across her chest at the very moment, moving up and down as she breathed.

“Ahh, young one, you like this, yes? For all we know this is the last book around. Now we know all letters, we ca…” The man was cut short.

As the girl slowly opened the book, she started speaking gibberish. Pointing and yelling as if saying I want to read, I want to speak, I want a voice. All the man could do was nod along. For this man knew how to express his path through life, the color, the laughter, the joy of words.

He could not understand how such a girl could not absorb such a simple thing, but he sighed and moved on, forgetting all of the men and women who had to live in silence, for him they were just people in a far away land not daring to come near. He could not realize, no matter how much he tried, the meaningless of being together, of being in the lifeless world without knowing the love of language. As the sun kissed the lush green hills leaving tints of orange in pale blue sky, the old man sat on the same chair, next to the same book. Annoyance took over soft voice.

“Why don’t you understand? You don’t know the treasure of language, you refuse to learn it!” He bellowed, but the girl did not flinch, she did not move, she just stared into the man’s eyes. The ticking clock gabbed away for the last few hours yet the girl stayed silent, only here and there copying a sound or a movement. The old man stayed as patient as he could but soon his smile changed, it became forced, and his eyes became watery.   

“I-I thought you could learn,” his voice went soft again. “Never mind, but the hope in you, I will bring you home,” The man decided. “Let me fetch my cloak.”

He sighed as his frail body struggled to get up from the faded velvet chair. The girl sat there watching him struggle against his own thin body, a war between himself and his thoughts were displayed on his face. He hoped she realised, he hoped for her, he hoped that she could laugh and play, dance and speak amongst them. He hoped that she could do what they already know, he hoped that she could speak. As the silent room became nothing more but the ticking of the clock, the man kept struggling. He struggled watching the girl who in his eyes refused to learn anything, and she struggled watching the man try to get up.

There was nothing she knew how to do, how to help. So she stood up, the sound of her heels against the floorboard echoing along the room. The man watched in deep thought as the pale little girl put both hands on his shoulder and push him back down to the fading silk chair, and sit in her seat just as quickly.  

“So you do want to learn,” the old man said breathlessly. “Well then, you need a name.

“My name just so happens to be Brouhaha,” the man went on, much more cheerfully now. Opening up the book he continued not even looking at the girl, “It means to bring an uproar, but we don’t know what uproar means,” he sighed. “That page got lost. Many pages in fact got lost,” he stated simply. He opened to the first page of the book, the girl stared at the first word. He pointed his long slim finger at a scribble. The girl’s frail voice grunted, pointing at the beautiful glass window, now showing only darkness.

“Yes, yes … I suppose you’re right.” Brouhaha settled. He stood up, fighting gravity, only to soon surrender.

“Wait,” Brouhaha called, not ready to admit failure, “You still need a name.” This caught the little girl by surprise, a “name” felt important, like it represented something. She nodded fast, she wanted a word.

“Yes, yes we got off subject didn’t we?” he joked. He expected no emotion, just blank stairs from the little red-haired girl. But instead the pail little girl erupted with laughter, her pale face uncertain no more. When she laughed she spoke, she stated that she was one of them. She could express herself.

“My, you found that funny. Laughter … laughter! How do like that name? You can bring laughter and joy to your people. Teach them how to laugh, to love, to speak!” Brouhaha exclaimed. He wanted to go on, tell the the girl all about laughter, about her name. But he was interrupted, interrupted by a small, squeaky voice that sounded like it never been used before.

“Laughter.” Then the girl stood up, and walked out the chipped door without another word.

The next day the girl was back, back in the dusty old room with the shades pulled up for some sort of light. She waited for the man, she waited for the man to come to teach her more words. More names, more colors, more ways of life. So the little girl sat on the old velvet chair.

“Laughter, laughter, laughter!” she giggled over and over again to herself. She kept doing this until her frail voice could not stand it, and her hoarse voice could not produce more than a whisper. So soon she just sat there, speechless, waiting for Brouhaha. He never came.

The next day Laughter was back, her smile not defeated. She sat at her old chair, not worried. So this went on day after day. Every night when the stars were at their brightest, she went to sleep under the same tree at the edge of the colorful village. When the sun came every morning she searched the streets for food, but she was not worried. To her it was normal, she had no deep understanding of what she did. One day after hours of sitting in her chair, she burst into tears. With each tear came something so fragile, so pure, yet so sad. With each little tear came an understanding of who she is, and who her people were. She understood that the people of the village she came from did not know her, they did not know anything. Not even themselves. She then understood, with tears trickling down her face like a cold wash of reality, the meaning of the timeless word, word.

“I knew it, I knew it!” A familiar voice called behind the dying bush. Brouhaha stood up with a great struggle. The girl kept crying, giving no sign that the Brouhaha was there.

“What is wrong?” the old man asked as he brushed dirt off his clothes. His only intention was to break the barrier of the feelings for Laughter to understand herself, he thought that she was crying for her. Nothing more, nothing less.

“You’re not hopeless, you cry, you have feelings. The people will love you, Laughter,” Brouhaha said soothingly, as if it fixed everything.

“People hopeless.” Laughter gasped between harsh breathing. She stared at Brouhaha with large, sad eyes. He realized that she said her first real words, words with meaning. It killed him to know that her first words came from the harshness of humanity.  

“We will fix it. I promise,” he yelled out. He did not say it for the girl, he said it for himself.


One Year Later


“Are you sure you are ready to go?” Brouhaha asked holding back tears, as he helped Laughter get up on a horse.

“I have waited long enough, my people need me. Besides, you taught me well,” Laughter said confidently. With that she galloped out of the colorful village, and into the world waiting for life, without another word.


Dear Brouhaha,

The world lost its beautiful voice gradually, like a dying mind, until it was nothing but a shadow of its past self. I am lucky enough to help it gain back its power.

You once asked me how I came to your village, but then I was incapable of words. I found it my duty to write the story to you.

The people of my village are doing very well, quite a few people are saying a few words. I miss talking to you though.

At night it is more silent than when I left it, for now I know the joy of noise.

I beg of you Brouhaha to never forget what words do in your life, and how they changed mine.

I miss you dearly,




Chapter One

I’m a Jack-O-Lantern apparently. That’s what the pumpkins next door said.

“Your name is Squash,” they said. And one said its name was Gourd!

“The candle humans put inside of us lights us to life,” Gourd said, which is also pretty cool.

The world was awesome. One time a human accidentally kicked me down the staircase! Sure, I got a few scrapes, but for the most part, it was fun! I loved it! I couldn’t explain it, but I wished it would happen again.

But I soon realized that life wasn’t pure happiness. When I tried to visit my neighbors, I couldn’t move! That, I think, was the worst discovery of a lifetime. Even worse, I was only in the world for one day! Apparently, we only existed because of some stupid holiday called Halloween!

So I thought and thought. I could make them kick me down the staircase then become a stowaway. No, I couldn’t get into the car. I could make a big sign that said, “Long live jack-o-lanterns!” No, I couldn’t make the sign. I could tell the humans nicely to stop? NO! I doubted they understood Pumpkin. All my ideas wouldn’t work because we couldn’t move! So annoying!


Chapter Two

That afternoon, I saw a mouse. He looked so sad, so I asked him, “What’s wrong?” The mouse looked startled. “Sorry if I scared you,” I tried to reassure the mouse.

“No, no, it’s just not many people speak to me, much less a pumpkin,” the mouse said to me in a squeaky voice.

“What is your name? My name is Squash,” I said to the mouse.

“My name is Pippi.” Pippy looked around warily.

“I don’t want you to take offense, but what are you afraid of?” I asked Pippi.

“Well, I- Shh, come quick!”  Pippi whispered urgently.

“I can’t move!” I said, trying to figure out why I should hide.

All of a sudden a nest of mice came running towards me.

“Hey, you, pumpkin! Have you seen a little mouse named Pippi?” I didn’t know what to say — these mice were strangers. But still, Pippi had been a stranger.

“Um, actually yes, in fact she’s-” Pippi shook her head at me. She was hiding in the flowers that were on the porch.

“Um, Pippi went that way.” I pointed to the right.

“Thank you,” the mice sped down the street.

“Who were they?” I asked Pippi.

“NYPM,” Pippi responded.

“NY what?” I said, confused.

“New York Police Mice,” said Pippi.


Chapter Three

“What? Are New York Police Mice police for mice?” I asked Pippi.

“Look, I don’t want to talk about being in legal trouble for talking to people that are not mice,” Pippi said.

“Wait, what?” I asked, confused.

Pippi sighed and said, “This might take a while.”


“Mice have unfair laws.”

“What does that have to do with it?”

“The law says you may not talk to anything unless it is a mouse.”

I gasped. So Pippi was breaking the law. She was a criminal because of me.

“I‘m sorry,” I said, still unable to believe Pippi was a criminal.

Then, I had an, um, idea! I could show the police and the mice who make the laws, whoever they are, that they were wrong! And be able to live in the world for more than one day! “Pippi, I’ve got it! You can find a way to tell the people who own me that I should be in the world for more than one day! Which would probably be able to prove to the other mice that you can be friends with anyone!”

“Yes, that ought to do it. YEEEEEEEEESSS!!!”

“So, tomorrow, you will write a note and put it on the table inside the house. Sign it Anonymous.”

“Aahh, but in the mouse laws that’s called poison pen. We’re not allowed to do that.”

“OK, sign it Pippi Mouselington.”

“Tomorrow, deal.”


Chapter Four

The next day, Pippi and I woke up early to start. Pippi showed me a crumpled sheet of paper that said:

Your pumpkin is alive. He doesn’t like being in the world for only a day! He made friends with me and because he can’t write. I am writing this to you for you to find a way to keep Squash (that is your jack-o-lantern’s name).  -Pippi Mouselington.

“Great! Now go and slide under the door. Leave it somewhere they’ll find it. Then come back before the clock says 6:00. That is going to be when Mr. Ziernan comes for breakfast. So are you ready to begin your mission?”

“Yes, I am. My running and hiding days are over.”

I watched Pippi disappear under the door. I couldn’t help worrying about all the things that could happen to Pippi. I’m a fast speaker — what if Pippi missed something? And how could I help if something went wrong? I stopped myself. Pippi was going to be okay. How long did it take for someone to put something on a counter? It was 5:00. Fifteen minutes later, 5:15.  Another fifteen minutes later, 5:30. Hurry up Pippi, I thought. Mr. Ziernan comes down in half an hour! Twenty-five minutes later.

I heard footsteps. And not little mouse footsteps. Human footsteps. “Come Pippi, now!” I said out loud, even though it wasn’t going to help.

All of a sudden, I had an idea. I could move! Not really, but what could let Pippi know that she should send a note, and what could let Pippi know that I needed help? My voice!!! I took a deep breath, and let out the loudest, squealiest scream I could scream, “AAAAAAHHHHHH!”

All the people in the house opened their windows, rushed outside, and didn’t even glance at Pippi.

“Who was it?” asked Mrs. Ziernan.

“What was it?” asked Mr. Ziernan.

“Is it Santa Claus?” asked Sally, their four-year-old daughter.

I signaled to Pippi to go out the back door, now.

She scrambled for the door. They saw another crying little girl with her mother. Mr. and Mrs. Ziernan glared at the girl with her mother, and walked, well, more like stomped, back into the house.



That noon, I saw Mrs. Ziernan pick up a piece of paper on the counter. She read it, then stared wonderingly at me.


The End

The Adventures of Taco Dog

Once upon a time there was a half dog, half taco, who tried to fit in but never could. To get a friend he wanted a pink, fluffy unicorn dancing on a rainbow for a pet. The problem was the pink, fluffy unicorn dancing on a rainbow shop just closed down. So Taco Dog wanted to go through the Enchanted Potato Woods. Everyone told him, “Don’t do that. It’s too dangerous.” But he never could fit in so he was determined to get someone who could share similarities with him. They were both different and lonely, and that’s why he wanted the pink, fluffy unicorn. If he was going to go into the woods he needed some gear. He went to the armory shop and got a marshmallow machine gun, a lightsaber, an old lady costume (hey, it was almost Halloween), and some banana armor. He also got some Pokemon that weren’t in the show that were never mentioned before, like Narwhalia and Farkillababajejaba.

He proceeded into the Enchanted Potato Woods and heard the sound of a rabbit. It was most terrifying. He started to walk into the Enchanted Potato Woods and he got goosebumps all over him, then geese started to pop out of the goosebumps. He found something that seemed like a shapeshifter. It was strangely shifting into all of the things that he saw in the last movie he watched. He was mad that he watched a horror movie. He watched the new Goosebumps movie. He saw a dummy named “Slappy.” He shot marshmallows out of his machine gun but Slappy started eating the marshmallows on the floor, so he got away from him. He took the banana caller out of Slappy’s pocket. After the encounter with Slappy, he started throwing up rainbows because he was scared. He scooped up those rainbows into his pocket for the pink, fluffy unicorn to dance on. In the Enchanted Potato Woods, he met his arch nemesis, Pizza Cat. They both put Jawa hoods on and drew out their light sabers. Strangely floating around their light sabers were tacos and pizza, since they were battling each other.

The pizza cats were sworn enemies with the taco dogs ever since the taco dogs were created. The taco dogs were created when a dog who really liked food walked up to a taco that fell on the floor. Just before he started to eat it, when he touched it, lightning struck and that fused the taco and the dog together. The same thing happened to someone else, and those two taco dogs started to make a taco dog civilization. The same thing happened with Pizza Cats. A cat got fused together with pizza. The pizza cats were very, very, very, very boastful. They thought that they should be the only race of food-animal mixes so they declared war on the Penguin Hot Dogs, the Lemon Mice and finally, they declared war on the Taco Dogs. The Taco Dogs were very, very wealthy so it was a very hard war to fight. The thing that triggered off the war with the taco dogs was that they were allies with both the Penguin Hot Dogs and the Lemon Mice, so the Pizza Cats threw an atomic marshmallow bomb at them. They created a Taco Dome, very much like the Iron Dome in Israel but to block the atomic marshmallow bombs they shot taco happiness and quesadillas from Taco Bell (Taco Bell was their national monument). They wiped out every single taco dog and pizza cat other than the two food animal mixes that were fighting right now with the lightsabers.

Taco Dog was having troubles with his lightsaber, so he called out to his Pokemon Narwhalia. Pizza Cat was stunned and called out his never before seen Pokemon called Munchcahn.

Then Taco Dog said, “Use cute tackle.”

A bunch of cute anime animals started to dance around. Munchcahn said “Awwwww!” Then they all got mini-lightsabers and stabbed Pizza Cat.     

   Munchcahn summoned “big mac.” A giant hamburger fell out of the sky and landed on Narwhalia, covering him completely. Then one million french fries stabbed Narwhalia. Then he started singing annoying jingle that went super fast saying, “Two all beef patties special sauce, cheese, lettuce, pickles, onion on a sesame seed bun.” Narwhalia fainted to the ground.

Taco Dog took out his Farkillababajejaba which summoned a banana bomb. A banana full of bombs exploded. It smelled like chocolate covered bananas when it exploded. Munchcahn flew away into the middle of nowhere. But Pizza Cat had returned his Munchan into his pizza-cat-customized pokeball. Taco dog said, “Why are you even here?”

Pepperoni tears fell down his cheek. He choked back his tears and said, “I’m lonely so I’m looking for a friend on the other side of the woods.”

Taco Dog said, “Me too.”

At the same second he remembered the unicorn! Both Taco Dog and Pizza Cat realized that they were both lonely so the similarity could bring them together and they could have a great relationship. Pizza Cat told him all about his journey so he could know what to watch out for, and Taco Dog did the same. They both agreed that when they got to their destination they would come back and conduct experiments to make more of their kinds. Then they left each other and continued on with their own journeys.

Taco Dog started to get hungry so he took out his banana caller from his pocket and pressed a button. Suddenly a big plane flew out of the sky that looked futuristic and dropped a giant box of bananas. He opened the banana box and took one out and started to unpeel it, but then a bunch of tiny garden gnomes that were only an inch high hopped out of the banana peel and started stabbing him. Then a bunch more tiny gnomes rolled out of the bushes.

Then they all held hands in a circle and screamed at the top of their lungs, “Boo baa boo baa boo baa boo baa.” Then they all sung together “Two all beef patties, special sauce, cheese, lettuce, pickles, onion on a sesame seed bun.”

And then one of the oldest garden gnomes walked and climbed up Taco Dog’s paw and said, “Greetings. I see that you are the last of the ancient species called the Taco Dogs.”

Taco Dog was at first a little confused, but then his eyes were wide open. Stumbling upon his own words, he asked, “Are you the gnomes who were allies to the Taco Dogs of the past in the Food War?”  

They said, “How did you know?” in a high squeaky voice.

“I learned about the war in the most evil place of all,” said Taco Dog. “History class.”

It gave the elder gnome the shivers. Then the elder gnome said, “Why are you here?”

Taco Dog answered, “I’m trying to find a friend.”

The elder gnome jumped up and said, “Would you like some of my warriors to protect you while going through the forest? They’re practically indestructible. Here, stomp on them as hard as you can.”

All of the gnomes were squished to the ground, but in five seconds – pop! – they came back up.

Taco Dog said, “Yes.” He walked forwards while the warrior garden gnomes followed him excitedly. He tripped on tripwire and then a bunch of evil, purple monkey-marshmallows heard an alarm. They got really mad and started spitting grapes at them. The grapes were sharpened. The garden gnome warriors kicked the grapes, redirecting them back to the apes, protecting Taco Dog. Then he used his banana caler and put the bananas a million thousand feet away. He called for the bananas to be extra banana-y. The scent slowly followed into the monkeys’ noses while they ran into the box of bananas.

“That was close,” said Taco Dog. He must have jinxed himself because then a bunch of really, really small narwhals started dancing around. It was the narwhal battle dance. Then they climbed on each other, forming a giant narwhal with a peculiar horn that spelt out “Narwhals Rule.” It was following Taco Dog. Taco Dog was cut. Meat was pouring out of his taco shell. He then got so aggravated that he summoned lightning to strike him to become a charged super Taco Dog. He held the garden gnomes hands and span in a circle at the center of the narwhal, constructed by narwhals. The narwhal construction blasted into one million, thousand pieces, and the narwhals then scrambled into spelling, “Ouch!” Then, they ran back into their little narwhal houses.

The Taco Dog collapsed on the floor, because he was tired and injured. The garden gnomes scrambled up a tree, picked up a leaf, and used some honey to paste it on the Taco Dog’s wound. The Taco Dog held out his paw while the garden gnomes climbed on, and he clutched them to his chest in an empathetic way. In this sky, he saw Flicklebickletown, where his pink fluffy unicorn dancing on a rainbow was waiting. He rushed over, passing the exploding pineapples and the evil sixty-eyed, one-foot, seventy-hundred-eared, twenty-headed, seven-hearted blowfish. The blowfish called out, “Hey, I was supposed to fight you on your journey!”

Taco Dog called out behind him, “Shut up! This is making the story more happy.” He frolicked into the Pink, Fluffy Unicorn Dancing on a Rainbow Shop, took out his glass eye (that was the currency in Flicklebickletown). The unicorn leapt into his arms, the garden gnomes blew their noses on mini tissues, since the sight was so happy. He took out the rainbows and the unicorn joyfully, with big round, bright eyes, jumped up and started endlessly jumping on the rainbow.

Then Taco Dog said, “I made so many friends in the forest I didn’t need to get the narwhal!”

Taco Dog wiped his tongue off with his paws. “Bleh,” he said. “I hate when the author puts these sappy words into my mouth. But it’s true.”

Then, Taco Dog brought them all back through the Enchanted Potato Woods, where the monsters were celebrating Taco Dog’s achievement. He invited all of his friends to dinner, and they all had ham bologna nugget biscuit chicken flying rainbow M&M whipped cream hot chocolate dancing sheep sandwich with one million calories, two percent trans fat, 32 percent carb, 99 percent sugar, and twenty percent sodium, with gravy. They all sang songs from the Wizard of Oz: “Ding dong, the witch is dead! Which old witch? The wicked witch! Ding dong, the wicked witch is dead!”        

They all then became the most popular people in Taco Dog’s school, because they went through the Enchanted Potato Woods and lived. But in the end, Taco Dog would have been fine even if he wasn’t the most popular. He just was glad he had friends.



Gabriel’s story

I want to play, but I broke my leg and I tried to play. I tripped on a tree and I crashed in a old lady’s house. She hit me with her bat in the head and I started crying like a baby. My Mom came and threw me in the ocean and my Dad came and had to save me. I was about to dry and I went home and cried. My Mom lied. Ha ha! It rhymes!

I kept crying until I died. Then, I got flushed down the toilet. I went to the sewer and then I drowned, so I drank the yucky green water. I saw this little place I could go in and then there were these guards that smacked me in the face. I started crying again, and they pushed me back in the water and I had to go somewhere else. I got out and hit my head on the pole.  

I got past the guards and then there was a magic guy who put a power on me and he turned me into a frog. I said, “Blah blah blah,” to the man.  I drank the yucky water to turn back into a boy. It worked! I felt excited. Now I have to get past the guards, because they pushed me back into the water after the magic guy put a spell on me. I went to the side of the white and black poles that were around water, and then I tried to walk on top of the poles. Up high, the guards couldn’t see me. I felt really happy. The poles were connected to the hospital I needed to get to in order to fix my leg. I hopped from pole to pole. The guards didn’t see me. I made it to the nurse’s office. It had a lot of tools to fix people’s bodies.

And then, the guards went inside the nurse’s office because they knew I was missing. They picked me up and threw me into the water. Then someone flushed their toilet. The water squeezed me through the drain, and I ended up in an old man’s toilet. He had white hair. He was shocked that there was a boy inside of his toilet. All I wanted at that moment was to get home and play. I ran outside of the old man’s house. I saw a bus coming by. I knew it went to my house. There was a wet dollar bill in my pocket. I gave it to the bus driver and hopped on.

I told the bus driver to stop at 61st St, so I could get off, so I could go to my house and play with my dog. I was happy, and really wanted to take a shower because I had dirty water on me.

When the bus stopped, I walked down the front stairs and got off. I walked to my house. The outside was red and blue. When I walked in the door, I took a shower. Then I went outside to play on the grass with my dog, Macho. I was happy that I got home so I could play.



The Change


One day, when Seth was throwing snowballs at a rock, a bluish-green light caught his eye. He shuffled towards some bushes (partly from nervous excitement and partly from the cold), and saw a multi-colored, kind of transparent sphere-shaped crystal that was the size of a medium sized stone.

“Dang! I need to get that rock!”

He lunged for the bushes, stuck his head inside, and that’s how he found it. The moment he touched it, he instantly appeared in another dimension. When he let go of the crystal, he was back in his yard next to the rock. Since he was only in the other dimension for one split of a second he didn’t get to see what the other dimension looked like, but he didn’t really care at the moment because his first priority was to go and tell his friends.

“WOW!!!” he exclaimed. “I’ve got to tell Jason and Xavier about this!”

When he found them, they were having a snowball fight against a couple of other kids.

Seth said, “Guys, come over here! I need to tell you something!”

Jason said to the team they were playing against, “Maybe sometime tomorrow, 11, 11:30? Remember AM, not PM!” They trudged through the slush over to Seth, soon to be amazed by what he had to tell them.


Seth told them that he was going to bring them through a portal, but then he realized something: the portal was too small to hold all of them at the same time. The second that he thought that, the portal split into three pieces and each piece grew back to its normal size.

The reason that the portals reacted to Seth’s thoughts was because the portals can read the thoughts of their true owners. They contain a lot of magic, but the magic only works if the owner really wants it to happen. If anybody except the true owner of the portal wishes the portal to do magic, it won’t work and the person that stole the portal can’t go anywhere.

Seth told them each to hold the portal and then put it in their pocket once they noticed a change. So they all touched their portal, and got transferred to the dimension. Now Seth and the others had time to explore. They all put the portals in their pockets and then Xavier and Jason said to Seth, “Man, we thought you were kidding! We never expected you to find a portal. There’s only seven in the world!” When they looked around, the sky was purplish blue and it looked as though the ground was a large mirror. They saw a bunch of floating objects in the air with stairs leading up to them and it looked like they were made out of diamonds. They decided to travel to a building that was the closest to the ground. When they knocked they heard a voice say, “Come in!”

So they did. And they were very surprised because the people that they found inside looked like themselves. Their duplicates said, “Ah, we were expecting you. We saw in our crystal orb that you have found our portal. We were hoping that you did because our world is in grave danger!”  

“Quick question, what world are we supposed to save? And also we need to see the threat we are up against.”

Seth 2 said, “The planet is called Htrae, and for the second question, your answer’s outside. But before I take you out, be warned: not all human eyeballs can handle it. So if your eyeballs burn out, don’t blame me cuz technically I did warn you.”

“Sure sounds cool or something, take us there!”

“Come on, I’ll show you.” Seth 2 led them outside and brought them around the corner to the street. When they got there they saw the High King commanding his Legionnaires to kill everybody and then steal their money. Then, once the High King had their money, he created some spell and the people came back to life, but as his slaves. Seth couldn’t believe what he saw. How could the people let this happen? Why didn’t they start a rebellion or something? In the rush to leave, Seth, Jason, and Xavier dropped their portals and just at that moment that they realized it, they also noticed that the High King was holding the portals. Seth went and then started running toward the High King, but then Xavier 2 grabbed his ankle and dragged him back inside.

“Man, what were you thinking?!”

“Sorry, I was really mad. That portal was the one thing that made me special.”

“Then let’s get it back, but we need a plan first.”

Seth just realized something. “Hey Jason, Xavier, how did you know that any portals existed?” Both of them looked ashamed.

Finally, Jason said, ”You know how we always get A’s on our tests?”


“Well we have a portal that when we open it, it tells us all the answers. Oh and it said that if we share it with anyone else it will vanish from existence and show up on another planet.”

Seth said, “Okay, but now we need to come up with a plan.”

Jason 2 raised his hand and said, “The high king has a bunch of workers to help him in his scheme. Maybe, just maybe, if we pretend to be a few of his workers, then we might be able to slip through his defenses and take the portal, but that would take a really long time because in order to become his guards you have to work for him for at least five years. So that plan won’t work, but I know that there are a bunch of caverns that connect to one of the rooms of the palace. But we will need to wear white everything so we can blend in with the walls because the wallpaper is of a bunch spies wearing white so we’ll fit right in.”  

They were almost to the king’s chambers when it happened: Seth 2 tripped on his boots and fell to floor, but he got up in time and the guard didn’t notice him, but the guard did notice when Seth 2 banged into Seth on his way up then he fell again because he was paying closer attention. They had two options: run or fight. Obviously they chose fight.

Seth 2 reached for his grenades. The guards were faster. They took their laser guns out of the straps on their backs and pointed them at the kids faces. “RUN!!!” they all shouted in unison. As they ran down the hallway they heard the muffled sound of an explosion and shouts and kicks. As the smoke cleared the guards realized that the children had ran away.

The kids knew that there was no time to waste. They needed all the time that they could get, so they kept on running. As they started to think that they were lost and the hallway was never going to end, they walked into a giant ballroom. There were tables circling a stage in the center, and there were red cotton curtains that were hanging over stained glass windows describing how good the king was. They didn’t care about any of that. All they cared about was the polished oak staircase at the back of the room.

Before they went on, they knew they needed to change out of their white clothes. Seth motioned them with his hands and used Sign language to tell them that they needed to quickly take off their supply bags, go into different corners of the room and change into their black clothes. Once they finished changing, they made sure to take their grenades this time and put on better shoes so they can never be surprised again.

As they slowly tiptoed up the staircase they were annoyed at how creaky it was. One would think a new polished staircase wouldn’t creak so much. Must have been used a lot. They thought that would have been a good sign, but it was a bad sign.

Suddenly, the staircase ended and immediately opened up to a dark and dull hallway. There were messages smudged on the walls, but they were barely legible in the faint light. They slowly tiptoed toward the main attraction: an iron door that had smears on it that looked suspiciously like blood. By now they knew something was up, and that this probably wasn’t the king’s chamber. They also knew that there was probably a hint, or at least something that would help them face their upcoming obstacle: the king’s pet. (The king’s pet was a giant golem that could spit fire, and could poison you just by touching you. And sometimes, if you looked it in the eye, than it would make you feel nauseous. And it’s breath was poison also. They knew this because before they decided to go on this quest, they studied the maps of the kingdom – one, so they could make a hasty escape. Two, so that they could know what they were up against. On the original map, there was no sign of the golem, and no sign of the hallway that they were slowly making progress through. They knew that they were going to be tricked. So they took the map, and used Jason and Xavier’s portal to summon the same person who told them everything they knew, and asked him to reveal the actual structure of the kingdom. The strange man casted a spell, and then in a flash of light, and a three second silence, a new map appeared. It was a papyrus scroll, so they treated it with great care. It was very old, so they were not sure that things might have changed. They knew this because when they touched it, their fingers almost went through the piece of paper. When they took their fingers off of it, it was covered in dust. So they decided to just leave it where it was, and that’s how they knew of the golem.)

Jason 2, always the brave one of the group, reached out and knocked. They couldn’t just open the door because it was bolted, and they couldn’t turn the doorknob because there was none. Once they started to give up hope, they heard a raspy voice behind the door.

“Who’s there?”

They each one took turns saying their names, and where they came from. When it was Seth’s turn, and he said he was from Chicago, the man opened the door, and through a mass of tangled hair, he spoke, “I am the oracle of the newcomers. I am not on the king’s side, but I am not on yours. I used to give prophecies for everyone, but the king banished me to live my immortal life in this prison.”

“Prison!” The kids said. We thought this might be a secret entrance into the king’s chambers, or at least it would give us a hint –” They suddenly clamped their hands over their mouths, and they whispered to each other, “Maybe we could get this guy to help us. He said he is an oracle after all, maybe that’s why the king put him here.” Because he was helping people too much, and giving away secrets, they were over a googleplex reasons that he might kill them, or might help them. They decided to go with the risk, and they turned to the man, and said, “We will let you come along with us, and we could free you, but at a price. And that price is information.”

The man said, “Eh best hope I’ve had in over a millenia, and I’m immortal so nothing to lose, so why not.”


A preview of the next book!


Success and Failure



Back on Earth it was 1:30 and their parents expected the kids to meet them at the park on 59th for a picnic. One of the mothers was a pessimist and said, “They’re probably dead.”

“I highly doubt it, they’re in another dimension called Htrae.” She looks down at her phone, a little beep came from it. “Seth just texted me that they’re chasing down a bad king and trying to kill him. And that–”

“And what? Did they die?”

“What is it with you being all pessimistic?” said the optimist.

“No they didn’t die it’s just…”

“It’s just what?”

“Well…it’s just that, well I think that our kids just made the worst choice of their lives. They made a deal with the Oracle of Newcomers.”

“Ooh that is bad!”

“What can we do about it? Let them die!”

By now you should know who said that, so let’s just all say it on three. One, two, three. The pessimist.

“We have to go warn them!”

“But first, we need to prepare for what comes ahead, and we need to visit the Oracle of Oldcomers.”

“That’s far too dangerous to go without the Map of Vzifs.”

“Then we will do that first. It will be a long journey, and if you don’t see yourself fit for accompanying us, you can stay behind. We will send you pictures and you can like it on Instagram so that we can get more followers.”

So they went back to their houses and did the combination lock of the certain light switches in a certain order. They all dropped down and met in their emergency bunkers under their houses. They started to gather all of the things that they would need – a laser gun, a portal gun, a teleportation gun, baloney sandwiches, pepper spray, grenades, the kids’ favorite blankets, and a lot of other things including some fruit punch, pizza, disco ball, laser pens, and confetti.


A Strange New World

Chapter 1

One day after school, a shy girl named Sam was curled up in a chair at the library reading a book. While listening to the soft pitter-patter of rain, Sam stood up. She had just finished her book and walked to the back where they kept the children books. She saw a soft glow. She walked over towards the glow and saw it was a book that was making the light. She slid the book off the shelf and opened it. Her eyes lit up with excitement! The people were moving on the page.

The librarian came walking behind her. Sam tried to run, but she fell and went in the book. Everything started to spin. Sam screamed but nobody could hear her. She found herself a brick road and walked around the small shabby town. It had a dark and gloomy feel. Sam came across a small hut where she heard angry yelling. A moment later, a young women dressed in all black ran out the shack. Sam slowly crept towards the run down building to find an old lady sitting by the fire in a rocking chair. Sam walked in shivering from cold.

The old lady stood up and threw a blanket over the shivering girl. She sat her down in a chair by the fire. The old lady said her name was Agatha. Sam spilled all her fears and worries to this kind gentle old lady.

Agatha said, “Why don’t you stay for the night?”

Sam thanked the old lady gratefully. Agatha led Sam up the steps to a bedroom.

She said, “Why don’t you sleep here for the night?”

As Sam went to bed, she worried. Would she ever see her family again or her beloved home? She tossed and turned in her sleep.

The next morning when she woke up, she quietly tip toed out into the kitchen to find Agatha sharpening a knife, saying, “That girl will be delicious.”

Sam hid in the closet just before the old creep walked up the stairs into her room saying, “Wake up child, wake up.” But as she entered the room, Sam was nowhere to be found. The old woman howled with rage and ran down stairs, looking around desperately for her.

Sam sighed in relief as the witch ran past the the closet. As Agatha ran out, Sam sprinted out the back door and into the forest.


Chapter 2    

Sam did not stop running for hours. She finally broke down by a tree and began to cry. After a while she got up, dried her tears, and wondered if she would ever see her family again.

I am going to have to do something, she thought. She stood up and started to walk around the forest, trying to find something to eat. She found a patch of berries. Sam was so hungry that she began to wolf down the berries, but when she stopped to breath all of the sudden everything went black and Sam fell to the ground.


Chapter 3  

When Sam woke up, she was lying on a bed in a small cluttered room. She felt as if she was on fire. She rolled over, moaning in pain. Then a young woman stepped inside. She wore long black robes and a beautiful golden ring on on her left ring finger. Sam wondered if this strange lady was married. But then Sam said to herself, “I am getting ahead of myself. First let’s find out why I am here.”

The lady was busy making something in a glass. Sam sat up in bed and asked the lady, “Why am I here? What happened? Who are you?”

The lady said, “Well, my name is Gertrude, and I am a white witch.”

Sam said, “But what is a white witch?”  

Gertrude said, “A white witch is a good witch. A black witch is a bad witch. Some people call a white witch a healer. I found you in the woods passed out by a poisonous berry bush, so I brought you into my home and nursed you back to health.”

Sam said, “Oh, thank you.” Then she said, “Well, am I all better now?”

Gertrude said, “Yes. Well, almost, just a few more weeks.”

Sam jumped in surprise and said, “So how many hours have I been here for? Wait did you say weeks? Weeks? But- but I will never get home.”

Gertrude said, ”Relax, it will not take you so long for you to get home. Remember this planet is not very big.”

Sam said, “But I am not from this planet. I fell through an enchanted book in a old library.”

Suddenly Gertrude jumped up and she said, “OH NO! He is back.”


To be continued…

West Poo

One day, Ulysses S. Eisenhower gets a notice in the mail saying that he has a scholarship to West Point. Happily, he applied a few months ago and got in. Only nine percent of people get accepted to the academy every year, so he is very proud. His parents, though, are too busy being federal lawyers — who make a ridiculous amount of money from the government for sitting around in their office all day — to care. Still, they agree to go with Ulysses to move in when he starts.

A bus comes by and Ulysses and his parents all get on and ride up to New York. When they arrive a few days later, tons of parents are weeping and saying goodbye to their sons and daughters. But the parents do know something good will be happening here.

When Ulysses sees the campus’s Norman buildings, he notices they are made of grey and black granite. Ulysses has a background in geology, because his grandfather is a geologist. Whenever Ulysses visits his grandfather, he goes on expeditions with him. Doing all of that hard work helped Ulysses get the good grades needed to get into West Point.

Part of the West Point Academy deal is that your parents stay with you for the first few weeks and see how things are working. His parents see how the students have to practice running across the field without getting hit by paintball guns. They also see how fast the students can disable a fake bomb that has the same wiring as a real one but doesn’t explode. After two weeks, Ulysses’s parents are satisfied he is learning good things at West Point. They give him their last hugs and kisses and the bus takes them back home. Ulysses is happy that his parents agree that he can stay there because he wouldn’t want to get into a fight with them.

In the first few months he’s there, Ulysses learns basic military training, such as learning how to hit a target with a sniper rifle from five hundred yards, and disarming a real bomb. He has to do sports such as rugby, sailing, football, soccer, baseball, be a jockey, learn how to fly a plane, hike, and push heavy wheels. Ulysses thinks that his parents should be working as hard as he is, because it isn’t fair they get paid to sit around while he’s so busy.


A few months later, Ulysses finally decides that his parents shouldn’t be able to sit around and do nothing all day, so he reports them to a government official by getting special permission to call them from West Point. His parents get in big doo-doo, and they get fired and they have to go to a regular lawyer’s job, which doesn’t give them as many hours work, they have to work harder, and they don’t get paid much. They still get to keep their luxurious mountain where they live, which has giant pools and a waterfall, but only under two conditions: they work hard and their boss has to be able to get pancakes from them every Sunday.

After his parents start working for their new boss, Ulysses begins to feel bad that he reported them and wants to say sorry. He calls them, his heart beating really quickly in his chest because he doesn’t know what his parents will say.

They finally answer and he says, “Hi, Mom and Dad, I’m sorry you got fired. I just didn’t think it was fair to have you guys be sitting around all day. This should be better for all of us.”

He’s lucky that his parents understand, and they say, “We’re sorry, too. We should have worked harder. Keep doing what you’re doing, and we’ll talk later.”

Ulysses hangs up, and is happy he can still stay at West Point and that his parents are happy and making progress.


The next day, he aces his bomb disabling, hits a target from five hundred feet, and sprints across a hundred-foot field without getting hit by a paintball. On his break he decides to see what there is at West Point now that he can take a break. He decides to take a boat ride on the Hudson and see a pasture on the river a mile down that has lush green grass and tons of sheep and goats.

After riding down the river, Ulysses goes to the Atomic Museum and sees a replica of the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki. The very next week, he receives a uniform and becomes a private at West Point.

Now that he’s a private, Ulysses decides to do something fun, so he signs up for the parachuting squad. He learns how to jump out of an airplane and release a parachute at the right time. Parachuting gives him a sense of inspiration, for he enjoys slowly falling to the ground. He does well in parachuting and wants to run for parachute captain. He gets together a group of people that like him and get them to vote for him. He is running against ROBERT E. LEE. When the West Point electoral college comes back, he beat ROBERT E. LEE by five points: 247-242. ROBERT E. LEE wanted to be captain because he thinks he is the best at parachuting in the academy, but he lost because people think Ulysses is better than him because Ulysses does perfect releases and landings.

Since Ulysses is new at the academy, he becomes a rookie captain. He gets a medal, a trophy, and a picture. As the new parachuting captain, he decides to make a special Fourth of July celebration. He gets American flag parachutes and special smoke for the airplanes to release that is red, white, and blue.

On the Fourth of July’s grand final, everybody sees the Blue Angels release red, white, and blue smoke, then a chinook military helicopter drop fifty parachuters to the ground with American flags. Last but not least, an airplane drops “candy bombs,” which are tiny versions of fake bombs that have candy inside them. Everybody cheers and throws their hats in the air. After that people head inside to eat. They grill burgers and hotdogs and talk about how awesome Ulysses is the entire time, which makes ROBERT E. LEE upset. After everyone eats, they have an hour and thirty minute firework show, which leaves everybody laughing and cheering, even though ROBERT E. LEE tries to stop it by pouring water all over the fireworks. Ulysses catches him before the show could begin and saves the show.

The very next morning, after people slept in after going to bed at about midnight, everybody wakes up to pancakes cooked by Ulysses, to commemorate all of his hard work.


The next day, Ulysses decides to visit the older historical buildings that look like mini castles. Ulysses thinks the buildings are very interesting, and he decides to spend more time there. While there, Ulysses makes a friend named Henry. Henry really enjoys the buildings too. The next morning, Henry and Ulysses play tennis in the military school tennis court. Since Ulysses is having such a great time with Henry, he invites Henry to go parachuting with him. The two men go on a parachuting test over the New York Hudson River and land on a boat to go downstream. Downstream they visit a nice hill that has tons of flowers and a shepherd walking with a flock of sheep. Ulysses thinks that the flock of sheep is very nice, so he decides to go and try to buy one from the very nice shepherd. Of course, since the shepherd was as nice as he thought, the shepherd gives him three sheep.

With the sheep, Ulysses decides he and Henry should try to get into the Army Rangers and turn the sheep into K-9 officers. They go back to campus to try to join. To join the Army Rangers, they have to do forty-nine pushups, fifty-nine situps, and run five miles in under forty minutes. Ulysses and Henry both pass the tests easily.

The second stage is called “crawl.” They have to train for twenty hours and sleep for four hours and do that for about a month, go to survival training for twenty-four days, and then practice jumping out of a helicopter. By the end, Ulysses needed to do one more practice jump to be able to join the Army Rangers, but he is so good that the Army doesn’t want him to just jump out of helicopter. They tell him he should jump out of planes. As the captain of the parachuting squad, that is very easy for him. Ulysses took his three sheep, who are now K-9 officers, on the plane with him to make the jumps. The sheep are surprisingly good at parachuting themselves.

The army is so impressed they want Ulysses to train the sheep at Firebase Cobra with the green berets. Firebase Cobra is in the Oruzgan territory. The third special forces group, the Afghan Army, and the Afghan National Police work there to fight the Taliban.

Ulysses’s sheep sniff bombs for a year, and they all receive the Medal of Honor for searching for IEDs. IED stands for Improvised Explosive Device. The President later has lunch with the sheep and Ulysses. Ulysses is very happy since he was able to have lunch with the President! The president is very happy since Ulysses had saved the whole regiment and infantry from danger. Ulysses and the sheep become national heroes and are thrown a parade in New York that also airs on the big screen in Times Square. The sheep tour the country and have fun in various places with Ulysses. They go to the Empire State Building. They go to Vancouver and Montreal. They also happen to visit the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, live in Carson City, saw Las Vegas, go to the Strip, and they go to casinos all over the country.

Then one time they go to Mexico. They go see Alaska and then go on a resort boat in Hawaii. Henry thinks it’s a very stupid idea to go from a very cold place to a warm place, but Ulysses always gets his way, so they go to the cruise company in Hawaii. Sadly, the cruise they want to go on leaves in one month so they plan to go to California instead and go skiing in the mountains in Sacramento.

The next day they arrive at the ski shop and order their skis. There is a very shady man standing in the corner who is talking to another shady man in an alleyway. The shady guys rob the shop and all of a sudden there are police everywhere, and FBI and snowmobiles. The shady people are national criminals and Henry and Ulysses tackle them onto the ground. They get the Bronze Star for bravery, so they get to have lunch with the President once again. The president is so impressed, he invites them to his Christmas party. Henry is good enough to know how to play the violin by memory so he plays the violin at the party.

Then a magical lion and bird pop up and start to fight each other.They soon disappear into a glass mirror. Everyone is in a panic and the President is so scared that he is rocking back and forth in the corner, sucking his thumb and yelling, “I want my mommy!”

Henry and Ulysses try to snap the President out of it, but then an Iraqi platoon invades the White House. The Iraqi platoon has AK-47s and anti-aircraft guns. Henry’s cousin is in the SAS, so Henry calls him and the SAS invades and imprisons everyone other than a few who try to kidnap the President.

Henry and Ulysses bring the President into the Oval Office to escape. Of course the White House has some gadgets, so they press the president’s coffee mug, and a helicopter on a train — that goes underground — pops up after a metro car. They get into the helicopter and fly away, claiming every single anti-aircraft gun and regular gun left there for the US Army which saves the US four years of production for those weapons.

They continue down the tunnel, and the train stops suddenly. All the lights go black. Then they hear the crack of gunfire in their ears, and they know they are being ambushed. Henry and Ulysses do something they aren’t too proud of — jump into a sewer tunnel. The Iraqi invaders follow them. Henry’s and Ulysses’s noses crinkle up at the smell, and they decide they are going to have to swim to avoid both the invaders and the smell. The invaders shoot at them, but the bullets slow down by the nasty sewage around them. They end up at the sewage plant, and the workers there don’t have a very nice surprise when they see armed forces guys with machine guns.

Meanwhile, the President and the FBI make it to the President’s luxurious car and drive away like it is the end of a James Bond movie.

Henry and Ulysses decide that they should use the big crane that they have at the sewage plant to knock out the Iraqi invaders. Once the invaders are knocked out, Henry and Ulysses zip tie the invaders hands and make the US government pay the sewage company for all the time wasted and things destroyed. Of all the things that the President loves about Henry and Ulysses, he doesn’t love the fact that he has to pay several million dollars to the sewage company.

Two years later, Henry and Ulysses are both awarded another Medal of Honor and are brought into Delta Force. The two are very happy and agree to be friends for the rest of their lives.


The End

The Black Hole

Once upon a time, a swimming team went to a celebratory party for winning a grand swimming competition. The parents were watching us have fun, since we were having many stations like games. We were swimming, eating pizza, and drinking soda. We were having so much fun, but for some reason the lights went out.

“What happened, Jordan,” I said.

“I don’t know, it’s pitch black,” said Jordan.

“Let’s make sure everybody is okay,” I said. “Jordan, Sean, Nicole, Ashley…” Five minutes later, “…Ms. Eileen.”

“Where are you, Ms. Eileen!” Jordan said.

“Maybe she went to fix the the lights,” said Sean.

“But I saw her sitting in the chair,” I said.

“What if she is a ghost,” said Sean.

“Ooh, please Sean!”

The lights went back on, but there was a small flicker with the lights. It would go on and off each time there would be a scary voice.

“Ms. Eileen, are you there?” I said.

Of course I’m here, I’m sitting right next you,” said Ms. Eileen.

“But I don’t see you,” I said.

‘Because I am right next to Sean,” the voice said.

“No you’re not,” said Sean.

I am your greatest nightmare. I used to be talented like all you swimmers, but then I got into a horrible car accident, actually it was a team bus, but there is no difference! I was the only one that died because I was standing with no railing or seat belt. Those mean swimmers didn’t give me a seat. I would get bullied and teased and I would feel so lonely. Now I have come for revenge,” said the Voice.

“Why us? We don’t even know you?” I said.

Or do you?” said the mystery voice.

It was actually young Ms. Eileen. So this means that our coach was actually dead.

“But I don’t understand how are you still alive,” Jordan said.

“I’m not, I just needed to give my soul to my twin sister,” she said.

“Can’t your sister act like you?” Sean said.

“Stop asking questions!!!!”

Everyone was trying to get Ms. Eileen’s soul out of her twin sister’s body.

War began with 15 young swimmers and the fake coach. The fight was in the pool: we got water guns, freeze guns, water nurf guns, and also water balloons. The war was crazy! People were diving into the pool. Water was spurting out of the pool, the floor was wet. It was a falling madness. It felt like someone really, really heavy was on top of you with lot of water. Nightmare, I tell you, nightmare!

Everyone was dizzy and confused about what had happened. That specific scary night was a night to NOT remember.  

“What happened?”

“I don’t know, let’s see if we saved our coach.”

Help, help… wait just a second… HELP!”

“Jeez, we’re coming, we’re coming!”

“I am at the edge of the diving board!” Ms. Eileen’s twin sister was yelling about. When we came to save her, we saw a bright light with the real Ms. Eileen, but then a red bright light appeared. She was very evil. She told us her plan.

“I will dominate your small world and destroy every person that stands in my way. Literally if you stand in front of me, you got to move, brah.”

“Why are you going to do that? I thought we were the only ones you were going to get revenge on.”

“It started growing on me,” she said. “Quiet, all of you! You young swimmers aren’t leaving. You are going to start training to be my slaves. Of course once I dominate the world today, I will destroy the life supply of water and oreos that everyone in the world loves a lot!”

My friend Jordan said, “That’s not possible, because she’s already dead!”

“I don’t care, we should just have a war between all people and her,” said Ava, who had medium-length hair with glasses, freckles, and cool shoes.

That’s when I supplied everybody with their weapons, put posters up so everybody would join, and went to my house and got my weapons and joined the war. Then all my friends got heavy water guns, life supplies of water balloons, protection (shields, swords), and also cannonballs. That was when they told what’s her name (the evil teacher) that they were going to meet at this all-girls school.

When the time came, it was about 7:30 and it was getting super dark. At that time it was a lunar eclipse and that’s when the moon started getting redder and redder. The war started happening and the only thing you could see was a big blur of water and darts everywhere. Each time somebody would come hit the teacher to destroy her, the lunar eclipse moon would get redder and redder. Once it got super red another monster came. It was one of the evil spirits that came from the underworld. One person threw a water balloon at the evil teacher and she fell. It was six feet. She started choking from the water, “Ekekekek!”

The evil spirit wanted revenge and we found out from the records that he was a little boy that was friends with the teacher when they were kids, and he was also bullied like her, and he died in the same car crash that she was in, but they never met each other and were so lonely. He wanted to get revenge for every person who got bullied in the world, every person who suffered the tragedy of losing someone in their life because they got bullied. He wanted to avenge her in a big way. He said, “This war will never end and it will come soon enough, once I meet my full potential. This is not over. I will come back in approximately two years. Don’t underestimate what I will do to this world at that time.”


2 years later…


“That little boy is never coming back. We showed him that night that he will suffer if he comes back,” Jordan said.

“Wait, didn’t you hear what he said? He will come back in two years and he will reach full potential. Don’t you ever listen to anybody? What if he can really come back, but stronger than anybody else in the world?”

“Remember me? I told you I will come back. You thought I will never come back, didn’t you? But I did! I will destroy anyone in my path but not grandma and grandpa. Oh also not my parents, I love them too much.”

“You thought we would weaken but we still have the power to destroy you. We are always a team, even if sometimes it’s kind of hard, you know, caring for these people.”

“Really? So this war is going to end in a snap.”

Then he was completely gone, like a cloud disappearing.

“We need to always be ready. We don’t know when he can attack,” I said.

Just 30 minutes later, he said, “I’m here!”

The war started. Everyone was screaming and fighting and all you could see was the water for the weapons. At the end it was a blur, just a blur! But luckily we won. He was moaning and just arose.

“Thank you for everything,” he said.

“My pleasure,” I said.

My teammates then made a plan to congratulate me.

“We want you to be our swim coach,” they said.

“Seriously? Thank you!” I said.

“You are a really good leader ever since the beginning of the war and even before the war.”

My friends and I kept swimming and winning, especially when there were many fans. It was really great.

Andrew’s Story

Ring Ring Ring! I looked through the security camera at the front door. I saw someone in a suit and they had an ear piece. I heard him say, “Mr. President, I’m investigating 98 Elm Street. If he is suspicious I’ll send him to court.” I opened the door and asked him if he actually worked for the President.

He replied, “Of course I do.”

I said, “How come you’re not wearing an american flag pin?”

“How do you know that?” he replied.

I replied, “I was the President’s security guard for five years. What are you doing at my door? Go annoy my other neighbors.”

BANG! I slammed the door in his face, looked at him through the window and saw he was out cold, so I went to the couch and took a nap.


Knock! Knock! I got off the couch and opened the door and it was the same guy that I knocked out.

“Fine what do you want?” I said.

He replied, “Are you, or do you know who stole $1,000,000,000 from a bank?”

“No and No,” I replied.

“I’ll take you to a warehouse and connect you to a lie detector and test you. If you’re lying I’ll send you to court. If you’re guilty, you’ll just have life in Alcatraz.”

Ring! Ring! I picked up the phone.

“Hey, Captain.” I recognized the voice of Officer Joe, who was one of the officers in my police department where I was Captain. “We have a case. Someone stole $1,000,000,000 from TD bank. You need to come over here right now. We need to go there and get clues.”

“Sorry, Joe, I’m having a day off. Also a ‘security’ guard of the President is at my door asking me if I robbed a bank and now he is taking me to a warehouse to connect me to a lie detector. Even though I don’t want to go, since I have nothing else to do today, I’m going. I’ll put on our high tech GPS tracking system. And I’ll record the whole thing. If I call, you drive to where I am and bring some back up. If I think he’s suspicious I’ll go to the Police Office and check his documents, but I’ll tell you before hand if I do.” I checked his badge. But I couldn’t really check it thoroughly because I didn’t have a U.V light.

He walked me out of my house. I was starting to get suspicious because if he was a security guard for the President, why wouldn’t he wear an american flag pin? Since he was suspicious, I brought a taser gun and a pair of handcuffs. Then I saw a huge black SUV limo.

“Put your hands up!” he yelled. I put my hands up and he pushed my body on to the car. He cuffed me and yelled, “Get in the car!” I could tell he was getting frustrated because he kept on yelling. He opened the car door and I jumped in.

An hour passed and I saw a medium-sized shack. I jumped out of the car and sprinted into to the shack. It smelled like 10 year old dirty socks. Then there was a massive black box with suction cups connected to wires. He caught up with me shut the door and locked it behind him. It was pitch black and it was so silent you could hear a mouse running on the floor. KKKRRR! A lamp turned on and the security guard pushed me down into a chair and strapped me into the chair. He attached me to the machine with the suction cups.

“Did you steal $1,000,000,000 from TD Bank?”

“NO,” I answered and nothing happened.

“Well I guess you’re not lying, I’ll send you back home.”

When we got back, I luckily had my car keys in my pocket and the car was outside of the garage. I got out and the security guard did so too. I ran behind him, tasered him with my taser gun and handcuffed him. Since he passed out from my taser gun, I put him in the back seat of my car and started it. First, I called Officer Joe and told him, “Drive all the police officers into my neighborhood and have reinforcements. I’m going to the office to check his records. But, leave a route open. When I get into the neighborhood, get closer to the house, and when I get to the driveway, make a circle around my house and block off all the exits and entrances.” Then I started to drive to the police station.

When we got there I left him in the car. I ran into the office and looked through a cabinet with recent crime evidence and there was a folder with the TD bank robbing. There were test results and the criminal looked like the guy who came to my house. I grabbed the piece of paper and bolted towards my car. I drove back to my house. Once I drove through the entrance, in my rear mirror I saw a few police cars from my department drive by to block the entrance. That’s when the security guard woke up.

“Where am I?” he asked.

“You’re somewhere,” I replied. I pulled into the driveway and we got out of the car. I saw almost everyone from my police department in a circle surrounding my house. I asked for one of our officers to put him in the car and Officer Joe and I will look at his records.

“He has already been convicted for bank robbery,” said Joe.

“We have to have a jury to see if he is guilty though. We can’t just throw him in jail,” I replied. I took out my phone and dialed the Supreme Court.

“Please hold, we’ll get a judge on the line as soon as we can,” the phone replied. ”Hello, would you like to have a court case sir?”

“Actually, that’s what I was going to ask. What time can we have it?”

“June 4th, 2:46 p.m, which is in three days.”

“That will be fine. Bye.”

“If you’re guilty just say it.”

“I’m not guilty,” he replied.


Two days later we drove to Midway airport in Chicago. I cuffed the criminal again. We waited in the ticket line. Then waited in the security check line. Finally, we got onto the plane.

EEEERRRR! The plane landed in Washington D.C. “Welcome to Washington D.C, the capital of the United States. It’s sunny and it’s 85 degrees.” We got off the crowded jumbo jet and walked out the airport. I kept on holding onto the criminal, so he couldn’t run away. Otherwise, there would be a loose criminal in Washington. We walked to the taxi stop and waited and waited and waited. Then a broken down shabby Buick came in front of us. Since there weren’t any other taxis we hopped in.

“How you doin’ today folks. Where do you want to go,” the driver said.

“ Where doing fine. Can you take us to the Supreme Court.”

“Why are you going there?”

“This person with me is a criminal that just robbed money from TD Bank.”

“No I didn’t. You don’t have enough evidence,” the criminal replied.

“Just drive already.”

“Only if you pay, ha! Get it.”

“No, I don’t, now drive us.”

Vroom! Vroom! We zoomed off into the streets of Washington D.C.

When we got there, I saw the huge white Supreme Court building. I grabbed out my wallet and paid him $20. We walked up the steps and started session.

“What is your case?” the judge said.

“He robbed TD Bank,” I replied.

“What’s your defence, criminal.”

“If you confess you might have a lighter sentence.”

“ I plead the fifth.”

“Show me your evidence, Captain.”

“We have a glove that was found in the bank he robbed, that has his dna.”

One hour later after waiting in the courtroom the judge said, “The case is closed, the criminal is guilty and he will have to do life in prison.” We walked out of the Supreme Court building and got a taxi to the airport.

When we got there we ran through security, and got on our plane to Chicago to send him to jail.


Finally, when we landed, we drove to the jail that I was Captain of and put him in a cell.

“Hi, Joe. Did you find any information on him?”
“Yes I did, his name is Garrett and his brother is football superstar, John Elway. He probably committed the crime because his brother is so famous and rich. Let’s leave him for the night since it’s already 10 p.m.” I snuck in his jail cell and snuck a GPS tracker in his pocket so if he escapes I’ll know where he is. Luckily, he was asleep. Officer Joe and I walked out the door, said goodbye, and got in our cars and drove back home.

* * *

Garret, think how to get out of this prison cell. Think. Think. Think. I’ve got it! I can take my shoelaces off and tie them together. Then I could whip it and get the key on the hook, it’ll be just like a rodeo. He grabbed his shoelaces and whipped it and got the key. He dragged the shoelace back and grabbed the key. Then he stuck his hand through the cell and opened it. He ran out the door and decided to run to Montreal, Canada.

* * * .

“AHHHH!!!!” I screamed like a train running on its tracks in the police office, “Where did Garett go, how am I supposed to find him now. Wait, yesterday I put a GPS tracker in his pocket.” I called Officer Joe to get him to the police office.

“Hi, Joe, Garrett escaped from his jail. Luckily, I put a GPS tracker on him, but I need someone to go with me to capture him.”

After waiting twenty minutes, Joe finally got to the police office.

“Joe, the GPS says he is still in Chicago, but he is heading towards Canada. Let’s get in your car and go.”

Officer Joe and I grabbed a taser, handgun and pepper spray. We decided not to wear our uniforms, so he wouldn’t see us. Then we left the police office, got in his car, and zoomed off into the streets of Chicago.

“Where are we?” I asked.

“We are at Illinois Central railroad. To get a train towards Canada.” I took out my GPS tracker and it showed that Garrett was really close to us. Joe and I got out of the car with our weapons and ran into the train station. We ran towards the ticket station and got our tickets. We also found our train number and it was 23. I ran towards the map and found out where our train was.

“What time is it?” I questioned Joe.

“5:00 p.m.”

“What! We only have one minute to get there.” We sprinted through the train station and then we saw someone familiar. It was Garrett! He was getting onto the train and the doors were closing. I sprinted, but the doors were closing even more. I made one last burst of speed and was one foot away from him. He put one foot on the train and I jumped to try to tackle him. I grabbed onto him and brought him down to the ground, then he got up and started running and we followed after him. We raced out of the the train station and into the streets. Garrett found out that he was being tracked with a GPS and ripped it off and threw it on the floor and kept on running. I kept on sprinting after Garrett. Joe was following behind and he tripped on a rock. Then I saw two Chicago police officers leaning on their car. I ran over towards them and I asked, “Can I use your car? I am chasing a robber who robbed a bank and escaped from jail.”

“Sure,” the officer said.

“I’ll trap him one way and you trap him on another way,” I said to them. I got in the police car and they got in the other. We continued after him and luckily, he took a break and he was only a few feet away from us. I stomped onto the pedal and he started darting to get away from the officers.

He went in a circle. I was 2 feet away from him. I stomped on the brakes and my car turned and blocked the whole road and then the officers came to block the only escape route. I looked through the car and found a pair of handcuffs and a Frisbee. I grabbed them both and got out of the car and walked towards him to cuff Garret, then he got up and jumped over the car.

I thought about what to do, then lifted up my hand and chucked the Frisbee and it hit his leg and he tripped. I sprinted to him and cuffed him before he could get up. The other officers ran towards each other and high-fived each other. “Nice job guys. What are your names?”

“David and Donald,” David said.

“Thank you for your help,” I said. I took a taxi cab back to the office and I put him in a van for federal prisons so he couldn’t escape. Then, reporters walked me to a stage with many people in an audience. I saw the President.

“Hey, weren’t you my security guard?”

“Yeah, for five years.” The President made a speech then he gave me a medal of honor.
“What, is this mine?” I asked.

“Yeah,” the President said.


“You captured a criminal. You chased him with all your might.”

I hugged the President and took the medal of honor.

The Minecraft Cheater

In the world of Minecraft, it was a beautiful day. It was nice. It was a warm blue sunny day. Then it started raining. Thunder boomed and lightning crackled. Then it became a dark and stormy night.

I’m just joking.

It was a sunny day, Steve came outside the door. It was April Fools day. Someone set a trap in front of Steve’s door. Steve took a step outside and plop. He stepped on the pressure plates and fell into lava.

Once Steve hit the lava he was saying, “Ow, ow, owww!”

Then he died.

“Nooo!!! I died!

So what, I’ll just respawn.”

And Steve respawned.

Now I’m gonna go check at school to see if I can find who did this. That way, I can troll him/her for the rest of his/her life. It’s gonna be so much fun mwahahahaha!

When I got to school, I asked all my friends, “Did you play Minecraft yesterday?” They all said, “Yes.”

That didn’t narrow things down. Who could it be? Maybe it was my brother or sister. This is gonna be a big mystery.

Maybe it was the school bully, but if you ever talk to him, people say he throws you in the garbage dumpster head first. He throws kids so hard hard that it hurts them. A lot of them end up crying. I heard that the bully caused some kids to break their arms, and damage their brains after crashing into the cold metal of the dumpster. Some kids forgot things because of the damage. The only good thing about being attacked by the bully was a guaranteed “get out of school” card. That sounded fun, but who wants to stay home all day?

I tried to find out the bully’s email, so I could text him and not end up like the other kids. When I realized I couldn’t find the email I knew I had to come up with a different plan.

The next day I decided I was going to spy on him at school. All I had to do was not get in trouble with the school, and not get caught by the bully. The sun was shining and the birds were singing when I woke up. I grabbed my hearing gear that allowed me to hear things that were far away without me having to be near it. If i got caught with this I’ll get detention for five days. The gear was red and black, and hid perfectly. It was the perfect gear for the situation.

I went to school and began my mission. The bully put his phone down long enough for me to quickly grab it.

No password! Yes!

I read his phone and saw how he was bragging to his friends about the prank he pulled on Steve. It really was the bully all along!

Time for phase two of the mission. It was time to sneak out of the school yard, get to the bully’s house, troll him, and all will be fine.

When I got to his house, I jumped over the back fence, climbed the wall and went in through his open window. Once I was inside, I heard the bully’s mom coming up the stairs. I quickly hid. I didn’t want to risk getting caught by the mom so I held onto the window ledge and dangled outside.

I was worried. If I fell, the bully’s mom would hear him. She would look out the window, see me and I’ll be busted. I heard her open the bully’s room door and she complained about the mess that was on the floor. She began collecting the bully’s laundry.

I heard the door click and pulled myself up enough to see that she left. I went back into the room, went to the bully’s laptop, opened it and turned on Minecraft. I went into all of his worlds and put TNT in them and watched them blow up one by one. I put his Minecraft character in a random world so he would be lost and the bully wouldn’t be able to find him.

No, that wasn’t good enough.

I changed the character’s skin to a super girly one.

Still not good enough.

I deleted the blown up worlds.

Still not satisfied.

I finally just deleted his whole Minecraft game together.

After I was satisfied, I climbed out of the bully’s room. Once my feet were on the ground I ran as fast as i could until I was back at school. I felt really good that I got back at the bully since he was really mean to everyone in school.


The End

The Girl Who Went To Ecuador

Chapter 1

“Willa, I have a surprise for you, ” Willa’s mom said, otherwise known as Kelly.

Willa looked shocked because she never got surprises. At least they weren’t good enough.

“What is the surprise, mom?” Willa said in an excited voice running down the stairs.

Willa’s mom just said, “Go pack your bags.” She thought that her mom really wanted it to be a surprise, and Willa really did. Willa went to pack her bags. When she was done, there was a taxi out there waiting for her.

Her mom said, “Willa, you are going to Ecuador to your grandparents.” Willa never knew her grandparents, so she was curious to learn who they were. Willa also did not know how to speak Spanish and her parents were not going with her. She got in the taxi and the taxi driver spoke Spanish, only Spanish.

Willa said,“The airport? The airport … airport?” The man seemed to understand what she was talking about, unfortunately he drove her to the cafe. Willa was like, “No … Airport! Airport!” In her head she was like, why doesn’t he understand what I tell him? Willa just decided to get off the taxi and get another taxi, but Willa forgot to pay.

The taxi driver yelled, “Tienes que pagar!”

Willa just said, “Si … I’m getting off.”

The driver yelled again, “Paga! Tienes que pagar!”

Willa sort of understood what he was doing with his hands. She thought to herself, Si…Am I forgetting something? Oh my god! Yes, I forgot to pay. My mom would be so mad if she knew. I am not a thief! Because of that Willa had to pay thirty dollars, which wasn’t even worth it because the taxi driver did not even take her to the right place. Then Willa went to get a cab, but there were no cabs around because the taxi driver took her to Brooklyn. But she has never been to Brooklyn and didn’t know that the cabs were green. But then there was this friendly guy.

He said, “The taxis are green here madam,” and Willa thought that this guy was French.

That meant, “hello.”  

But the guy was French so he started a conversation in French. “Bonjour, Je m’appelle Jayden, je suis quarante cinq ans.” Willa was there just snoring, she had fallen asleep. Then she startled awake because her head went back. She forgot all about the French guy. She still remembered the part about the green taxis, and she got in one. The guy that was in the cab spoke English, thank god.

She said, “To the airport please!” The man brought her to the airport, but she forgot to say which gate she was going to. It ended up being like about three miles away. She thought to herself, I am not paying a cab. She chose to walk. Finally, she got there, but the bad thing was that she was late for her boarding pass and the airplane left without her. She was furious at herself, “why didn’t I just pay a cab?” she said. But there was this nice girl there, in fact, she was a little girl. She was three years old, had a British accent, and she also had blond hair and blue eyes.

The girl said, “I lost my family.” She lost them in the airport. “And nobody would ever help me, I would ask them and beg them, but I didn’t even know how to speak. But one time, this little boy came, and he taught me how to speak. The little boy wanted to keep me as a pet and he said to his mom and daddy, “Can I have this doggy?”

And for some reason, the parents said “No, you cannot have a pet until you’re eighteen years old.”

“I was left here alone and I talked and I talked and no one seemed to listen.  I thought I was invisible and I stole some food. But, I got caught by a policeman and he thought I was cute, and he gave me a lollipop.”

Willa felt horrible for the little girl and she said, “Would you like to go to Ecuador?” The little girl was surprised that she was jumping up and down and crying out of happiness.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Are you really going to take me to Ecuador?”

Willa pretended to think and then said, “Of course.” She grabbed her hand and brought her to the front desk and asked for two tickets.


Chapter 2

Because the little British girl was cute, they gave them two tickets for free. Normally they would cost a billion dollars. The little girl was super happy to know that she wasn’t invisible after all.

The little girl really wanted to know how to read, and she told Willa, “Willa, do you know how to read?”

Willa said, “Of course!”

The little girl said, “Can you teach me how to read?”

Willa said, “Of course, but I need a little tiny favor.” The little girl was worried for a second.

But then Willa said, “Can you please tell me your name?”

The little British girl said, “My name is Mia, what’s yours?”

“My name is Willa, and by the way, I love your name.”

“Willa, I need to tell you something, it’s very private. I think the people that left the airport robbed me and kidnapped me because there was a stack of money in the bag and my mom’s jewelry and they were dressed in black.” Mia began to cry.

Willa gave Mia a really big hug and said “Don’t worry, you have a friend now, and you’re never going to get rid of me, even if you try to.” That was when Will noticed Mia’s clothes. They were raggy, and had pee and poop on them. She also noticed Mia was really thin. She didn’t even think of giving her food.


Chapter 3

Willa said, “Oh, I am really sorry, do you want me to buy clothes for you? If you want me to buy clothes for you I can totally do it since you have been so nice to me. I want to pay you back for all that you have done, plus you are cute. What do I lose?”

Mia was surprised. She said, “I have never really wondered what is inside my pants. But there is this mushy, squishy stuff in my pants. It is really comfy. Do you have any idea what it is?”

Willa was in shock and told her, “Actually, that is poop. It is what comes out of your butt.”

Mia said, “Never mind, are you going to buy me clothes, or not?”

Willa said, “Oh, let’s go to that one right up there, it’s called Chanel.” They went inside the store and Willa the saw most cutest outfit for Mia’s age. It was called a “onesie” and it had pink flowers on it. Willa said “how about the onesies right there?”

“Oh, you mean the giant underwear?” Mia laughed.

Willa said, “oh no, it’s a onesie! And we also have to get you new underwear.” Willa said “First before you put on the clean clothes, we have to teach you how to go to the bathroom.” Mia and Willa got the bathroom, but Mia was really confused about what they were going to do. “Every Time you feel something coming out, go to this bowl, sit on it, do your thing, and wipe, and then flush, and then wipe your hands.”

Mia said, “I feel a thingy there, can I go use the bowl?”

Willa said, “Of course you can use it. But don’t forget to use the tips.” When Mia got out, Willa went to the bowl to look if she did okay, but when she looked in the stall, poop and pee was all over the stall. Willa thought to herself, maybe I should have explained it to her a little more clearly. Willa said, “Did you remember how to sit on the bowl?”

Mia said, “I followed your instructions, it’s not my fault.” Willa thought to herself, maybe I should buy her diapers, not underwear.


Chapter 4

Willa and Mia went to the store that sold diapers. Willa was surprised that this diaper said, “after the baby does their thing, it changes automatically.”

But when Willa saw the price, she said, “That is so cheap!” It only costs a diamond ring! And she had her mother’s diamond ring. She gave the man the diamond ring.

The man said, “Yay, now I have a diamond ring to give to my girlfriend.”

Willa was shocked, she said “What if your girlfriend says, where did you get the ring from?”

“Oh you know, I will just say, I got it from the store,” said the man like it was no biggy.

“That will be a lie,” Willa said.

The man yelled, “You, get out of my business!”

Mia said, “You don’t talk to my friend like that? You hear me?”

The man yelled “I’m calling the police!”

Willa said, “Okay, I have a plan. Since you’re really cute, like really cute, you can make the cutest face and the police will say, ‘Maybe you should go to jail old man.’”

When the police came, her name was Katie, and she said, “Who’s the robber?” She was holding up a gun.

The man said, “That little tiny little girl that is in front of your face.” The man was looking, and he put his head down like this.

“That little tiny girl? I think you’re drunk. Maybe you should go to jail,” said the nice police officer.

Mia whispered in Willa’s ear, “Willa? I think that’s the police officer that gave me the lollipop.” Katie put her hand in her pocket and took out a lollipop. The old man dropped the diamond ring, Willa picked it up and put it in her pocket.


Chapter 5

Willa and Mia went to the bathroom one more time and Willa took out the diapers. She pulled down Mia’s pants, took off her underwear, and saw poop, pee, smushed in her underwear. It looked like the poop and pee actually belonged in the underwear. But Willa, didn’t argue, she just took it off, put it in the garbage, and took out the diaper. She put it on and she saw an “off” and “on “ button and thought that the “on” button was when she pooped and peed and had to take the diaper off.  She turned the “on” button and it changed the diaper.  She thought she’d only pressed the “on” button when she needed to change the diaper, plus, after she peed and pooped the diaper automatically got perfume and sprayed it, so it won’t smell bad, and it also wipes your butt.

Mia loved her diaper and said, “Willa you are the nicest person on earth.”


Chapter 6

They didn’t have to worry about the pee and poop anymore. After that, they got ready to go to the plane. Since the lady that gave them their tickets thought that Mia was cute, she gave them business class in the middle, they were both facing each other.

They got in the plane and Mia yelled, “This is the best day of my life!” And then the poop fell.  She yelled proudly, “Oh, that felt good.” It smelled delicious because the perfume sprayed. Willa showed Mia the seats that they had. It was one, and two, the best seats in the airplane.

The TV was bigger. Mia and Willa sat on the bed. Mia heard an announcement that said, “Please turn off all electronic devices before takeoff.”

Willa said, “You can’t turn on the TV until the airplane gets in the sky.”

Mia asked, “What’s a TV?”

Willa said, “I’m just going to tell you all the electronics until you ask me all the questions in the whole entire world.”

Willa named the iPhone, the iPad, the TV, and so on and so forth and explained all of them and what they do. By the time she was done, their airplane was already in the sky. Willa showed her how to use the TV. She chose the movie for her. She chose Cinderella.

By the time Mia was done, Mia asked “Why does the princess never pee and poop?”

Willa didn’t answer the question very good, she said, “I don’t think they ever pee and poop.” Mia stopped talking for a moment and wondered, what if I never pee and poop?


Chapter 7

The announcement came on and it said that the airplane was about to land. When Willa looked outside, she saw mountains and one mountain was covered with snow. She looked in the magazine and saw that that mountain was called Cotopaxi.  

In the magazine, the mountain had snow and there was the moon and the sky and it was dark out.

When the airplane landed, Willa got up and went to tell Mia that it was time to get off the plane. When Willa went to see Mia, she found Mia asleep. Willa took a picture of her and said, “Awww”.

And then all the people in the airplane said, “Shhhh!” But then they saw Mia and said “Awwww.” Mia, while all of this was happening, was holding her pee and poo because she wanted to be a princess.

Mia woke up, the first thing that she saw, were the faces of the people that had kidnapped her.


Chapter 8

Mia whispered to Willa, “Pssstt. Willa, those are the people that kidnapped me.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll protect you,” Willa said.

The kidnappers came up to Mia and said, “My darling! I cannot believe I found you. I was searching everywhere for you! The day I left you at the airport, and I couldn’t find you, I fell to ground and my eyes filled with tears. And now that I found you, I’m going to take you and hug you (until you die),” she whispered.

“Woah, woah, woah, first of all, you’re not even her parent. Mia just told me you were the people that kidnapped her!”

“What are you talking about why would our beautiful Mia say that. I mean if it was true which it isn’t she wouldn’t even remember what we look like or even that we robbed her!” the robber hesitated.

 The very dumb robber said like he knew it all, “By the way, my name is Toto and my friend’s name- I mean my wife’s name is Lala. Lala, you said that we did rob Mia.”

“Great, now we have proof. Oh and by the way, I am going to tell the police. I filmed every word you said!” Willa said

Lala yelled at Toto and said, “My plan would’ve been fantastic if you hadn’t been in it!!!”  

“I’m sorry boss, but when we kidnapped Mia you told me to always lie after we did our business, but our boss always likes us not to lie. He told me never to lie again. I am never going to stop telling the truth unless you say to keep on lying,” said Toto in a sad voice.

“Well maybe we shouldn’t be friends anymore,” said Lala in a mad voice.

Toto said in a very sad voice, “Fine, but don’t you dare come and ask me for help. You never know when I can call the cops. Plus, I can lie as much as I want now that you are not my boss anymore!!!”

“Well that was awkward!” Willa said in a weird voice. “Now let’s get out of here while we have a chance.” Willa and Mia skipped to the other side of the aisle of the plane and quickly, but quietly, ran to the taxi station, got into the cab. She forgot that she couldn’t speak Spanish. So, she said the directions in English and it sounded like the direction in Spanish was the museum of Agua Blanca Museum. They got out and Willa wanted to cry, but she didn’t want to in front of Mia. She had no idea of what she could do.“I wish there was a app that you speak in English and that the app will repeat what you said but just speaking in Spanish. Well, we must just go in the sdcsdcoiIU or whatever it is called!!!” Willa said in so much frustration that her face was bright red.


Chapter 9

When they went into the aquarium, Willa took a deep breath and saw Mia was amazed. Her mouth was wide open. Her eyes were as big as a light bulb. All of sudden, she was happy too. Willa heard a squeaky sound and she heard water splashing all around. Willa pulled Mia’s arm and dragged her to the dolphins. She saw the dolphins jumping all around through hula hoops. They were the first ones watching and then it started getting crowded. When they wanted to leave to see another exhibit, they couldn’t get out. They just stayed to see the end of the show.

“Willa, I … I have never seen monkeys, but I heard people talking about them in the airplane. I saw a picture of one and they look really cute. Can we go visit them?”

“As soon as the show finishes, cause it looks like we can’t move.” Willa said laughing. She was in a much better mood. 


Chapter 10

Meanwhile Toto and Lala were trying to come up with a plan to make Willa and Mia come with them to make their secret plan to work. By the way they were in the museum. All of a sudden Lala came up with a very good idea.

“Toto, I know! We will pretend to be staff at the museum. We will go into a closet and we will grab some of the uniforms that the staff has. We will ask Willa and Mia if they need help.”

Toto responds, “That is the greatest idea that I ever heard!!”

“Let’s do it, pal!” They go to the exit of the dolphin show.


Chapter 11

Finally, the show ended and the people started leaving. Mia and Willa saw the staff. They went up to them and said, “Um can you please tell me where the monkey exhibit is?” Willa said very politely and slowly so they would understand.

“Please, no need to speak slowly. We very well understand English. Trust us, we’ve had a lot of tourists who speak English. Come with us and we will show you where the monkeys are,” Lala said like he knew everything.

They were weirded out because no one had ever said it like that, that he knew everything. They followed him, but when Willa began to walk, Mia realized that the “Staff” had the same mole that Lala had. It was right on top of the mouth. Mia said to Willa, “Willa, those are not the Staff, they are Toto and Lala.”

Willa was shocked. She just said, “Let’s follow and see where they are going to take us, so we can find out what their plan is going to be.”

Mia said to Willa, “You really don’t know what they could do. Just go away and ask a real staff!”

Willa just ignored Mia and just kept on walking. Mia kept on walking, but she was trembling. Willa held Mia’s hand just in case. They started realizing that it kept on getting darker and darker and darker until they came to this door that said something in Spanish that Willa did not understand. She kept on walking. She started to tremble too and she was positive that nothing was going to happen too.

Toto said to Willa and Mia, “These are the monkeys. We’re gonna enter this door and I’m gonna take Mia’s hand so she doesn’t get scared.”

Willa held Mia back and said, “I don’t know your name, but whoever you are, I am not gonna let Mia go. She’s gonna take my hand and show me where the monkeys are. Period.”

Lala didn’t care. She grabbed Mia and ran away and Willa ran where they were heading.


Chapter 12

Mia was screaming her head off. Willa felt bad for not listening to Mia. Now what was she going to do. Mia was all that mattered to her right now, but she had no time to be ashamed. She had to find Mia and go to her grandma and grandpa’s house.

She saw them getting into a taxi. Willa quickly got a piece of paper and wrote down the taxi’s number. The number was 3B51. She got into a taxi herself and tried to communicate with the driver and pointed to the taxi 3B51. Fortunately, the driver taxi understood her and followed the taxi.

Lala was in the front row with the taxi and he was looking in the side mirror and saw that the taxi holding Willa was chasing them. He told the taxi driver to go faster. Somehow he knew Spanish. The taxi driver went super fast and passed the red light. A police officer saw them beat the red light and chased Lala and Toto. All of a sudden, the police car was blocking Toto and Lala’s car and Willa couldn’t see them and was terribly worried about Mia.


Chapter 13

When the police had enough he got out the loudspeaker and said in English, “If you don’t pull over right now I will have to do my job and get my gun out” said police officer Tom.

Once Lala heard that she had no choice but to pull over. Lala pulled over and whispered, “Shoot.” She was so mad that her brain was about to explode.

Willa pointed at the car and said, “Stop.” Thankfully the taxi driver understood and stopped where the officer was. Willa got out of the car and headed to where Toto and Lala were.


Chapter 14

Then Willa was super mad and quickly ran and pulled Mia away from Toto. Toto didn’t even notice. He was too busy crying.

The police officer said, “Hi my name is Tom and you just made a very big mistake.”

Lala said very annoyed, “Ugh, like, do you think we care?”

Tom said very calmly, “The way you said it, I guess not. Can you tell me why you beat the red light.”

“Um, excuse me, I can explain. Me and Mia were at the Aquarium and Zoo. Mia wanted to go see the monkeys. We asked the ‘Staff’ where the monkeys were. The ‘Staff’ were Toto and Lala, the ones that beat the red light. They led us somewhere and then very quickly, grabbed Mia. They got into a car and I quickly got a taxi. Then you came in.”

Tom said, “Let me get this straight, you are Mia’s parents?”

Lala said, “Of course.”

Toto said confused, “I thought we were kidnapping Mia.”

Lala said so angry that she couldn’t even say it, “I told you to keep quiet.”

Tom said, “You are under arrest.”


Chapter 15

Tom said happily to Willa, “Thanks for helping. You were a really big help.”

Willa said even happier, “Thank you if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have my Mia here.” Willa hugged Mia and Mia hugged her back. They were really happy to see each other. Willa said very glad, “I found out this very cool app that will save us. It is an app that you can say something in English and it will translate to any language in this case it will be Spanish. My grandma gave me her address. I know exactly where to go.”

Mia said very excited, “Really? We can go home?”

Willa said, “Really.”

Willa got a cab and went to her grandma and grandpa’s house. Thankfully her grandma and grandpa thought that her plane was going to arrive at that time and that same day. Her Grandparents were relaxing on their chairs.

All they did was get up and give them a big hug.

The Attack of the Slender Men

One hot summer day in the year 3000, a 12-year-old boy named Justin was watching the news on his big-screen TV. He heard that a few days ago an alien spaceship had crashed into planet Earth. They said that the people in the spaceship were not aliens but they were slender men.

Slender men are basically people who are in a black suit with no face! Justin always thought that slender men weren’t real, but now even though they said it on the news, he still didn’t really believe them. Then he thought that this news happened coincidentally after his dad went on his business trip (and had not come home since). He wanted to see if maybe those two things were connected? He thought that the people were lying so he decided to go and prove that slender men aren’t real.

“Hey mom, can I go on a 10-day-trip by myself on a train to see if slender men are real?” asked Justin.

“Sure, but you need to be safe and show me how you can be safe and be back in two weeks,” replied his mom.

“So I can build a robot to go along with me.”

“Yes, but where do you get the robot or the pieces?” questioned his mom.

“ I could make one myself.”

“And where are you going to get all this material?”

“At the shop next to our house.”

“And where do you get your money.”

“From my allowance, Duh.”

“ Okay, okay you can build it.”

“Yes, finally.”

So then he took his hoverboard and he rode it all the way to the shop of spare parts. He went inside and asked the man at the counter, “Hey do you have any spare parts that I can use?”

“Sure, got tons of parts, what do you need?”

“I would need a motherboard and some screws, wires, lasers, titanium, metal, and some LED lights?”

While the man took the materials, Justin thought, Why am I able to build a robot? It seems like it just appeared in my mind how to do it.

“Okay that would be $100 please.”


After that he went back home, took the things into his room, and started working on his amazing robot. After like 5 hours of working he wanted to take a break. So then he took a 10-minute break and then he went back to work.

He worked on the robot for 3 days and on the 4th day he finally finished the world’s amazing robot. Then with the permission from his mom again he was allowed to buy the train ticket and got his robot and his laser pen. The next day he got on the train and he started his journey to prove that they were not right. About 59 minutes into the ride on the train the lights blacked out and the train stopped.

Justin was confused. His train was not supposed to stop right here. It was supposed to stop at San Francisco. Justin told his robot to take out his laser guns and the robot did and Justin took out his little laser pen. The two of them walked towards the front of the train looking for clues about why the train stopped and blacked out.

They were almost at the front of the train when they heard some sounds in front of them. Justin told his robot to turn on the LED lights to see what that was. Then they saw a black squid-looking thing. The robots started shooting the lasers’ guns but it didn’t work so they broke the nearest window and jumped out of the train.

When they got out they started to run away as fast as possible. Justin started to get tired so he told his robot to transform into an automatic skateboard. So now Justin wouldn’t get tired. About 1 hour later the sky started to get darker and darker so both of them decided to stop and take a break and travel the next day. His robot turned into a bed with covers and they both fell asleep.

The next day Justin woke up really late, about 10:50. After they ate breakfast which was some cookies and a bottle of milk and for the robot it was basically a refill in the battery system, luckily Justin brought extras. After that Justin turned his robot into a segway so he wouldn’t get tired. He also turned on the GPS so he could know which direction he would go. Then spontaneously his robot stopped working. Justin was puzzled. He refilled the battery just like 20 minutes ago and the battery was supposed to last like 23 hours each so he should stop working 3 days later.

Justin was furious. Now he had to walk plus drag the segway with him! So he picked up the segway and dragged it along with him. Two hours later Justin arrived in front of a disheveled house that maybe his dad had gone to because it looked like the house where his dad went on his business trip. It was the same address. Then a shadow came out. Boom, boom someone came out.

It was a guy with a black suit with no face at all. It took a minute for Justin to process what he was looking at. Then he realized that he was a slender man! For all his life he thought that slender men weren’t real but now at this very moment he thought that slender men were very real.

He was going to run but he was too shocked to do anything. But then he snapped out of it and then started to run but he was too slow. The slender man was really fast. It only took a few steps and it caught up with him. The slender man took ahold of Justin’s neck and then it put a sack on top of his head.

Justin felt like he was being carried back to the house. When he heard the door close behind him he knew there was no way out. Then he was put on a chair and strapped him on a bed-thingy. After that the slender men took off the sack on Justin’s head and he realized he was in a room with other people and one of the people was his dad! He was now more shocked.

When Justin first looked at his dad he thought that he was dreaming because it was too good to be true. A week ago, his dad had gone on a business trip to San Francisco and never came home. But then he realized that it was real because at that same moment his dad noticed him and said, “Son, you finally found me but you can’t free me.”

“Why did you get kidnapped?”

“Because the slender men want people who have special abilities. Son, I have a confession to make about you or should I say part of your life. Do you wonder why you are always so smart like at the school you always got straight A’s?”

“Actually I thought that I had that naturally.”

“I actually made a mind thing Justin that I can set so you can know certain stuff without learning it in real life.”

“Okay let me get this straight, you built that machine because you wanted me to know how to build things like a robot so in situation like this I could build a robot so I can be safe?”

“That’s about right, you built a robot to go along with you. Where is it now I want to see it?”

“Actually it’s outside and broken down for some reason.”

“Okay I’ll see it when you get us out of this situation.”

Justin noticed that his dad said “you” so that meant Justin had to get them out of this situation. Justin was now aggravated. This was ridiculous. He didn’t want to do this all by himself. He wanted help especially from his father. If he wanted to get out of this he should help him. Justin tried to reach in his pocket and got out his laser pen but the straps were too tight. Then he tried to take out his remote control for his robot but it was still too far for him to reach it. Justin tried to wiggle out but still no luck so then he tried to sleep and get enough energy for later.

Justin dreamed that he got free and he and his dad got home and the next day the news people came to interview him for his such brave doings and the day when he got to school everybody congratulated him and he would be the most popular kid in the whole grade.

Justin woke up with a startle, it was a sound of a gunshot. Justin looked at where the sound had come from. He looked towards the right of him and he saw one slender man had shot a tranquilizer dart at one of the people.

Justin was very scared because after that they injected the person with some kind of shot! Justin then quickly and quietly asked his dad why they tranquilized the person and then shot them with a shot. Then his dad said, “They tranquilize them because the shot they give them really hurts so they could turn them into slender men too.”

Justin was stunned. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. First he heard that there were slender men and now he was hearing that he had to become a slender man and that meant he couldn’t do things regular people do!
“Attention,” someone was speaking into a high tech megaphone, “Attention fellow people, we are here to take over the world and I’m giving you a heads up that after we finish turning you into slender men we will go attack the rest of the world starting with Los Angeles.”

That got Justin to start thinking. He couldn’t let his beloved mother be attacked by slender men too so he was determined to get his father and the rest of the people out.

Then he realized something. He was wearing a magnetic watch so then he turned it on and slowly the laser pen got out. Then he grasped the laser pen and slowly and carefully cut the ropes and when he was done he quietly got down and slowly made his way to the door. When he reached the door he realized that they replaced it with titanium metal but that didn’t seem right to him. No one could ever cut through titanium. Needless to say that no one could polish it this shiny.

Justin tried to use his laser and tried to cut the titanium but after two minutes of cutting he didn’t even make a dent so then he tried to look around the room for something else he could use to cut the titanium. Then he walked toward the back of the room.

The slender man popped out and put a knife to Justin’s neck. The slender man picked him up and said, “You move, you die.”

He needed to go back to the bed place. The slender man wrapped the strap even more than last time, probably so he couldn’t get out.

Five hours later, there were only 10 people left in the room, including Justin and his dad. “Oh no there’s only 10 more people left to go get the shot and then it’s me.”

Justin was really worried and again scared. Then he thought if I could just touch the magnet button on my watch, I could get my laser pen out again and I could cut the ropes to me and my dad this time so we both can get out and also help my dad.

Yes! I finally cut the ropes in five minutes he thought. Then he jumped down quietly and then tapped his father’s shoulder because again he was sleeping.

“Huh?” Justin’s dad muttered as he finally refocused and looked at Justin. “What are you doing here and how did you get out?”

“I used my laser pen to cut the ropes.”

“Good that’s really good now could you do me a favor and um cut the ropes for me and we could get out of here?”

After Justin cut the rope, Justin’s dad jumped down quietly and both ran to the door while the slender men weren’t looking.

“Justin I think I know where they put a humongous minigun that has bullets that could break through titanium.”

“NO WAY dad, that’s physically impossible.”

“Oh it’s possible all right I’ve seen them putting it away in the closet.”

“Ok fine just go get it while they’re still not looking.”

“Ok but I might need your laser pen to gut the door so I can make no noise.”

“Fine, fine take it but wait I don’t want to leave everybody here and let them suffer. I want to free everyone else too.”

After all that long conversation, they never got noticed just like t-rexes, when you don’t move they can’t see you. They were hiding crouched behind the door.

Then the dad got up and quietly snuck away with a smirk on his face.

Ok it’s been one minute my dad hasn’t come back with a very small gun he is so slow and weak Justin thought.

Finally he came back with the minigun. You should’ve seen the look on Justin’s face, his eyes were wide open, his mouth was big as an oval and he yelled, “OH MY GOSH!”

The slender man turned around so fast you couldn’t even say “I.” “What was that?” the slender man growled deeply.

Then Justin’s dad took the minigun and shot the slender man. Boom! The slender man landed with a big thud. “What did you just do?”

“I killed a slender man with a minigun.”

At this time, all of the slender men were coming out of a room that Justin never realized was there. So now Justin’s dad was shooting the minigun wildly while Justin noticed a little remote control in one of the slender men and Justin thought maybe that’s the remote control that they used to shut down my robot and then he realized, that is a remote control that shuts down any electronics within a few miles. That’s why the train had shut down too.

Then Justin rushed through the crowd trying to avoid the bullets that were shot by his dad. “Yes, finally. I got the remote control.”

Now with the remote control he could activate his robot. Justin ran out of the crowd and tried to find a window, then he spotted one a few feet from the door. Then Justin ran as fast as he could. He slammed into the window and it shattered and Justin tumbled out. He ran to his robot and pressed a button that probably activated the electronics.

“Beep!” the robot activated.

Justin said, “Go through the window and help my dad kill the slender men with your ray and laser gun.”

“Yes sir and I’ll use my laser pen.”

They charged into the room, lined up in a row and started shooting the slender men until they all fell on the ground.

“WE WON!” Justin, his dad, and his robot all defeated the slender men. Then they went home with no fear in their minds and hearts.

When they got home, his mom almost fainted of happiness because she was so happy to see her husband and her son in one piece. Now everybody could live a happy life with the slender men out of the world. Even the robot started to become part of the family. So from this point on everyone lived a happy life.



The Glass Slipper

Dear Diary,

At first, everything was perfect. I was young and my mother and father loved me. Every Friday in the summer we would have a picnic in the castle garden. Now, my mother was dead and my father remarried to a mean lady called Aditha. She has two daughters. One is named Belle and the other is named Stephanie. They are both four years younger than me. They are much nicer than their evil mom. I wish my mother was still alive.


“Elle!” my father, King Hunter, calls.

“Coming!” I sigh as I slam my diary shut and slip it onto my wooden antique bookshelf.

“Hurry up, tonight is the ball!” my father reminds me.

Then I remember; tonight is the ball! The prince is looking for a wife. I hope that he will pick me. I race downstairs to find the servants preparing my step-mom and my step-sister’s hairs. I watch a servant struggle with hairspray to put up my stepmother’s tangled brown dyed hair. I swear, my stepmother has gone through 10 bottles of hairspray this week!

“Hi Elle,” Stephanie and Belle chorus happily.

“Hi,” I mutter as a servant ushers me into a silk chair. I admire my natural golden hair and my blue eyes in a golden-crusted mirror.

“Elle, you’re finally here!” my father booms.

“Yeah,” I mutter.

“I should be off, the kingdom that is hosting the ball is the next village or two away.” He heads for the door.

“Have fun, sweetie,” Aditha coyly farewells to him as she glares at me.

“Bye,” I smile at him.

I don’t know why Aditha hates me so much. Her daughters are so nice. Once my father leaves, she narrows her eyes at me and commands, “Before you go, you have to mop all the floors so they’re as shiny as the top of the Eiffel Tower, clean the windows, sweep the porch, and all the other chores.”

I stare at her with my mouth open and glance outside at the Eiffel Tower in the distance. The servants usually do all that stuff. Also, my father will be expecting me at the ball.

“Mom, she’s never going to finish that!” Belle cries.

“Just let her go.” Stephanie knows what her mom is up to.

“What do you know?” Aditha shoots at her daughters.

Stephanie withdraws and sits helplessly.

“Well, get a move on,” Aditha barks at me.

My heart broken, I grab the gray-headed mop and prepare a fresh bucket of warm water and soap as my stepmother and stepsisters stride out of the door — well, only Aditha strides. My stepsisters mouth “I’m sorry” as they shuffle out the door to meet the royal carriage. I start to mop and mop. Hot tears fill my eyes but I blink them back. My stepmother is horrible.

* * *

I have been mopping for an hour now. I stand back to admire my work. Better than anything I’ve ever done. Then, my eyes fill with tears as I remember how I should be at the ball but I am stuck doing chores. Before I can blink back my tears, they pour out like water from a faucet. Down and down they come as I race outside to the courtyard garden. I lay on the bench staring at the stars.

“I wish to go to the ball,” I whisper.

As if somebody can hear me, a tornado of sparkles form in front of me. I shield my eyes from the bright light. From the bright light tunnel emerges a lady wearing a clown costume?!

“Oops, wrong appearance,” she apologizes.

“Wow,” I stutter, finding my voice.

“Hello dear, I have come to grant your wish,” she promises.

“You mean you’re real?” I stare, forgetting my manners.

“Yes dear, you can call me Annabelle, your fairy godmother,” she laughs.

“MY WHAT?!” Now I’m confused.

Annabelle doesn’t respond. Instead, she flicks her wand and suddenly, I’m standing in a long white gown, a tiara, a lot of makeup, and glass slippers. All I can do is stare at myself. My golden hair is curled and down. I can’t even recognize myself!

“Now, I need your help,” Annabelle approves of me. “Gather a watermelon.”

I skip to the watermelon patch. Groaning, I gingerly lift the watermelon up. It’s so heavy that I drop it with a thump. Seeing that I clearly can’t carry the fat watermelon, Annabelle gives me a hand. She waves her hand and the watermelon levitates, then zips through the air. After Annabelle sets it down I ask, “What else shall I do?”

“Just watch.” Annabelle smiles mysteriously.

She gracefully whisks her hand. Then a swirl of dust gathers. Abruptly, I’m standing in front of a gold carriage with elegant white horses and an attractively handsome usher. I feel a slight pang of guilt that Stephanie and Belle can’t ride with me.

“Have fun!” Annabelle’s lips creep into a smile.

“Oh, I will,” I grin and head for the carriage.

The usher ushers me into a cozy carriage. There is a blanket and pillows. It looks like a bed! I plop down. The carriage lurches to a start. The ride takes forever, but finally, the carriage pulls up in front of the huge grand palace. It has golden pillars and carefully carved stone statues. It is much grander than our castle. I stand up as the usher takes my hand. I step down. After taking a deep breath I head for the grand entrance.

When I get in, my senses are confused. It smells like lamb and pork. There are so many sounds of people laughing and people crying because the prince declined them. My eyes immediately land on the prince. He is wearing a silk suit and a midnight black top hat. He looks around 17. The sight of my stepsisters catch my eye. They are hanging around the food table looking miserable. Their mom is nowhere in sight. I rush over to them.

“Psst, Belle, Stephanie,” I whisper.

“Is that you Elle?” Stephanie looks hopeful.

“You look extraordinary,” Belle is amazed.

“Yes, it is,” I surprise them.

“How did you manage to get here?” Belle is confused.

Before I can reply, the prince comes over!

“Umm, would you like to dance?” he asks awkwardly.

“Yes, yes yes yes!” I exclaim jumping up and down. “I mean, yes.” I calm down and smooth my dress, embarrassed.

He takes my hand and leads me to the dance floor. We start to dance a slow dance. I blush when I step on his feet a few times. I am enjoying myself so much until Aditha interrupts us. She bats her eyelashes and smiles an innocent smile.

“Would you care to dance?” She glares at me. Aditha doesn’t know who I am, but she knows that the prince likes me. I figure that she will probably find out who I am so I race for the door. The prince chases after me. Some people hurriedly move out of the way. Other people swoon over the prince slowing him down. I take advantage of this and hurry down the palace stairs. Midway, I trip and one of my glass slippers slide off my foot. The prince is right behind me so I don’t bother to pick it up. Tripping over my own feet, I climb into the carriage.

“GO, GO, GO!” I holler at the driver at the top of my lungs.

Startled, he slaps the reigns and we are off at the speed of wind. I gasp for breath as I watch a disappointed prince pick up the glass slipper I dropped.

Soon enough, we pull up in front of the palace. As soon as I leap off, the carriage disappears in a poof and in its place is a watermelon? I’m so tired from all the drama from tonight that I collapse on my bed and fall asleep almost instantly.

The next morning, I wake up to find a black-haired girl shaking me. I groggily sit up. Turns out, the black-haired girl is Belle, and Stephanie is pacing back and forth my room.

“Hi,” I stretch.

“About last night,”Belle starts.

I gulp.

“We need to talk,” Stephanie finishes.

“I’m sorry if you wanted to dance with him, it’s just that I was so excited,” I blurt out.

“No, it’s not that,” Belle smiles kindly.

“The thing is, the prince is having every maiden in the kingdom try on the glass slipper that you left behind last night,” Stephanie tells me the truth.

“Well, what’s so bad about that?” I ask.

“Mom is NOT going to let you try on that glass slipper,” Belle warns.

“We just wanted to give you a heads up,” Stephanie and Belle turn around and leave.

As if on cue, the banging of the gold door knocker echos through the castle. Father went to run some errands. Is it possible that he’s back? Aditha rushes to the door and peeks through the window. It’s the prince! Aditha grins wickedly and comes in my direction. Obviously, she does not want me to see the prince. She pulls me up the stairs and shoves me in the attic. She smiles her evil smile as she closes the door and locks it. I sit on the ground and start to cry. I cry and cry until I can cry no more. I plop down on the old ripped sofa, grab a random notebook and start writing.


Dear Diary,

Right now I am locked up in the dusty old attic. Aditha locked me in here so the prince couldn’t get to me. I plan on getting revenge on her later. Maybe I will swap her hairspray with a chemical that makes her hair fall out. Or, I could razor her hair off while she’s sleeping. I wish she would disappear.


Abruptly, a swirl of dust starts. Then it grows bigger and bigger until Annabelle steps out.

“Oh dear,” she muses, “what has happened here?” she singsongs.

“Aditha locked me up here so I wouldn’t be able to see the prince,” I explain.

“Well, let’s get you out of here,” she pulls her wand out.

“Wait, can you make Aditha nicer?” I plead.

“I guess, but you have to do your part,” Annabelle considers this.

“What’s my part?” I am eager to know.

“You have to be extra nice to Aditha for a day,” she informs me.

“WHAT? I am already nice to her every second I see her.” There must be a mistake.

“Observe carefully,” she waves her wand and disappears.

I sit in silence until I am disturbed by the sound of a lock clicking. Is it possible? Is father home? Stephanie’s head pops in the doorway grinning and holding up a shining silver key.

“Did you really do it for me?” I gape.

“Yeah, now hurry up,” Stephanie’s eyes twinkle.

I race down the stairs just in time to see my stepmother struggle to fit her foot in the petite glass slipper. Her eyes become wide open as she sees me. The prince’s face lights up as he escorts me into a chair and slips the glass slipper onto my foot. It fits! All of a sudden, I am standing in the creamy white dress from the night before. Aditha’s mouth hangs open and my sisters just smile. The prince whisks me away.

I can’t believe this is happening. I am finally meeting Prince Oliver’s family. King Royce is very kind and Prince Oliver is very polite. The townsfolk show much favor towards their King and Queen. Queen Rose cares much about them.

Then, I think of my mother, Queen Alice. The people of our kingdom loved her. She gave the poor money. That is why the news of her death shocked everybody. I will never forget our last walk before she got sick. None of us realized that she would get sick all of a sudden. By the time we found out she had been hiding this secret, she had already passed away.

If I accepted Aditha wouldn’t I be betraying my real mother? Besides, nobody could replace her. She knew how to cheer me up when I was sad. No one else made me feel the same way. Aditha’s coronation day was scheduled to be next Friday. I can’t do anything to stop it. I have tried talking to father but he says to give her a chance. My thoughts are interrupted by Prince Oliver.

“Could Princess Elle and I have some time alone?”

“Why of course dear,” his mother winks at me.

“I don’t see why not,” his father agrees.

“Sure,” I shrug.

The prince and I walk up to his room. It is almost an exact replica of my room except it is blue instead of pink. We plop down on two chairs.

“That stepmother of yours is really … interesting,” he smiles.

“Oh yeah, try living with her,” I laugh.

“How do you deal with her?” Prince Oliver asks.

“Ugh, she’s so annoying,” I roll my eyes.

“So, shall we start planning the wedding?” he offers.

“Sure,” I am pleased.

I lay on my bed full from my delicious dinner. Father was very proud and Aditha kept on glaring at me. It will be super hard to be nice to her for a whole day. I wonder why I even agreed to do it. My work better pay off. Well, I’d better go to bed, I have to be nice to Aditha for a whole day. However will I do that.

I yawn as I get out of my comfy bed. I check my golden clock. It’s ten past eight. Only my step sisters will be up. Should I tell them about my fairy godmother? I pull on a sky blue dress and comb through my silky blonde hair. Then I head downstairs.

Sunlight pours through the silver-encrusted windows. It shines on the royal red carpet. I skip to the den, full of energy. I expect Stephanie and Belle to be sitting on the leather couch playing with dolls or something. To my surprise, the den is empty. It seems spooky almost. I plop down and sit. Now I’m wondering what to do. Possibly take a walk? I get up and trudge to the main hall. I push open the glass door. The fresh spring air welcomes me. The puffy white clouds and the perfect blue sky notified me that it would be a warm day. Maybe I could invite Aditha on a walk around the castle. I make my way around the castle and back inside the main hall. Waken up by my exercise, I zip to the den expecting to see Stephanie and Belle. Sure enough, they are sitting on the couch playing cards.

“Hey,” I casually sit down besides Stephanie.

“You’re early,” Belle jokes.

“Haha, very funny,” I sarcastically laugh.

Just then, father comes in.

“Hate to ruin your party, girls, but breakfast is in the dining hall,” he points his thumb towards the dining hall. We all get up and shuffle to the dining hall.

“Hey, umm Aditha?” I stutter.

“What,” she snaps.

“Uhh, I was wondering if you wanted to go shopping with me at the Central Market today?” I ask.

“If you’re up to something…” she warns.

“No, I’m not, I was just wondering if you wanted to go shopping,” I lie.

“Fine,” she agrees sullenly.

I stare at myself in the mirror. I look fabulous. I’m wearing a white and blue dress. It’s quite simple, but beautiful. I skip down the stairs to meet Aditha so we can go shopping. Soon enough, Aditha comes gliding down the marble staircase in her red velvety dress.

“You look pretty,” I fib just so I seem nice.

Aditha’s expression softens and she smiles.

“You look pretty good yourself,” she remarks.

“Let’s go,” I lead her to the big carriage.

“First stop, the Central Marketplace!” the driver, Trevor, jokes.

I jump off and wait for Aditha.

“Where do you want to go first?” I ask her.

“How about we go to Fashion 101?” she replies.

“Sure,” I head for the brick store which has a huge sign saying: Fashion 101.

“How does this look?” Aditha strikes a pose in a blue strapless flowy dress.

“You look perfect!” I smile.

Aditha has became nicer, so I think maybe Anabelle’s spell worked. I’ve been nice to Aditha for a WHOLE day. Aditha has been nice and she has a pretty good sense of fashion. Usually, I don’t pay much attention to what she wears. I’m beginning to think that maybe Aditha has a good side.

“Do these shoes match?” she stands up straight. On her feet there are a pair of silver high heels.

“Definitely.”  She actually looks good. “Umm, Aditha, can we leave?” I am getting so impatient.

“Sure, let me check out first.” She goes into the dressing room to take off her outfit.

We have been shopping all day and I got a few outfits. I’m starting to think she is nice. Aditha comes out. She goes to the cashier and pays. Then, we stride to the carriage.

“Thanks for helping me pick out some clothes; I really like your fashion sense,” Aditha surprises me.


Dear diary,

Today was interesting. I was nice to Aditha for a WHOLE DAY!!!! You wouldn’t believe this but she’s actually nice!!  I hate to admit it, but I’m starting to like her.


Suddenly, my fairy godmother pops out behind my dresser. She smiles.

“So, how’s it going?” she casually asks.

“Great! Your spell worked!” I slam my diary shut and grin.

“No, actually I didn’t cast any spell,” she informs me.

“WHAT?” I’m so confused.

“I tricked you into thinking that I had casted a spell,” her eyes twinkle.

I finally realize. The only reason Aditha was mean to me was because of MY actions, not hers. I didn’t even realize it! Abruptly I recall: flipping my hair, admiring my blue eyes, glancing warily at Aditha’s hair; I was the one who had problems. Of course, she could have been nicer, but still, it was me all along! I look at Annabelle with my mouth wide open. She gives one more of her sly smiles and disappears into thin air. I rethink all of this. From now on, I will be nice to Aditha. I pledge to myself as I lay down on my soft bed.

Suddenly, my head lands on a hard box. I sit straight up. There is a fancy box. On it, there is a card that says:

From, Aditha

I open it and find a pair of delicate glass slippers. They gleam in the moonlight that floods in from the huge window by my bed. It’s like a truce. Even though I’m not ready to forget my real mom, I will make an effort to be nice to Aditha. I have learned an important lesson: look at yourself before you pick out other people’s problems. I carefully slip on my glass slippers and I smile.


The End

Zombie Attack!

Kids vs. Zombi



“I hate homework!” said Tyler, an 11-year-old boy who lived in Manville Town. Ding, Dong!  

“I’ll get it!” Tyler mumbled.

The door creaked open by itself. He was about to get a broom for defense when a nerf dart came charging at Tyler’s face. Bam! A red dot was marked on his face.

“Heeeee Llll Oooo!” someone shouted. It sounded so familiar, wait … was it- “Hi Tyler, wanna go to the zombie convention?” said Austin. “I heard they’re doing a science experiment.”

Two blue-colored strips of paper were stuffed in his fist. His golden doodle, also known as Mike, the talking flying robot dog, stood next to him.

“Sure, but what’s with the wacky, hurtful, and dramatic entrance!” Tyler screamed. “Let’s go!”

They dashed to the path in the dark woods. While they were walking, a zombie leaked from the zombie convention. His name was Steve, and he would do anything to survive. Be careful, Tyler and friends.

Swish! Swoosh!

“Huh?” said Tyler. “Someone there?” Austin looked at him suspiciously.

“Um … I think my super hearing hears a groaning sound,” said Mike.

“Well, your hearing is broken,” complained Austin.

Rarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Tyler stood there frozen looking at the ugly creature. He stood about 15-feet tall with blood dripping from his body. O … M … G! They all dashed away from the zombie and straight into a building. Bam!

“Ow, that hurt,” said Austin. Crash! Steve had just thrown a piece of concrete that cracked the wall of the building. The three friends sprinted with a screech into another path in the woods as Tyler grabbed a heavy tree branch.

“This might come in handy, especially when we’re being chased by a zombie,” said Tyler.

Ahhhhhhhhh! The zombie grabbed Austin with a wicked laugh.

“Ah, ha, ha!” yelled the Zombie. “You fellow creatures with flesh and brains may call me Steve.”

Tyler tried to stab Steve with the branch, but Steve just knocked him out with a flick!

“HEY!” screamed Mike as he started to fly and charge at Steve. “Give back my Owner!”

Flick! Tyler was shocked as he saw a dead flying dog rolling next to him.

“Tyler, here’s a wand! Turn it on!” screamed Austin as he threw a wand at Tyler. Tyler caught the wand, looking at it with a constipated face.

“IT’S THE MOST STRONGEST WEAPON IN THE UNIVERSE!” said Austin with a very red face. Boom! Yellow, disgusting liquid drooled from Steve’s hands to Tyler’s feet. Then he put it in a jar.         

“NOOOOOOOO!” said Tyler as he turned on the wand. It started to grow shinier and shinier until it was a bright shiny metal wand! Tyler set a cutting-arm-off spell on Steve’s arm until he only had one arm left.

“Arghhhhhhhhhh!” screamed Steve in pain. His arm had come clean off.

As Tyler fainted on the grass with exhaustion, Steve was busy running away trying to put back on his arm. “You will pay for this, literally, I need your money for the surgery!” said Steve. Steve started stomping down the path to the convention.

At sunset Tyler finally woke up, then groaned with anger as he remembered that Austin was dead. When he started to lie down again, he heard an electrical shock on the ground.

“Gahhhh!” Tyler yelled. “Oh, it’s just Mike, oh he’s dead. Hmm … what’s this?” Tyler took a look at Mike’s mouth and saw a letter hanging from it. He took it out and read it.

“Dear fellow stupid flesh creature, I have your friend here and am planning to reform him and torture him to death. Come now and try to kill me or you can just sit there and act like a total weirdo and I’ll send a hoard of zombies with magic proof armour in about an hour, no worries. By the way I’m in the zombie convention.”

Tyler grumbled then said: “Fix Mike, magic wand.” The wires in Mike’s butt started to rewire and stopped smoking and spitting brown stuff. In a half-second Mike was standing on the grass with brand new wings spreading out.

“Ahhhh, robot heaven was not very pleasant or fun at all,” commented Mike, like he was not excited to be alive again.


In the Zombie Convention

When Steve got his arm stitched on, he brought the jar of Austin to a big tank in the Zombie convention. It read:

“Put yellow liquid in here to reform body, and put clothes in to prevent shattering eyes, beware of horror.”

Steve dumped the disgusting yellow liquid into the big container with clothes, then Austin started to reform.

KABOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Austin was screaming in horror, and was kicking the glass like a maniac.

“Relax, you can’t break the glass, and I can’t hear you because the glass is bulletproof so it’s very hard. You should know, your weird species invented it. For once, your species isn’t worthless,” said Steve. Austin tried to yell, then started to wiggle in pain like he was doing the Harlem Shake. Steve grumbled something about him still reforming, then walked out the door.

Tyler, please hurry and save me so we can defeat Steve, HURRY! thought Austin, as he groaned with pain.



Tyler and Mike

“I hope Austin is okay. Steve said something about torturing him to death, so he could experience pain,” said Tyler.

Tyler started to train Mike. His flying abilities were a little stupid. He kept flying in circles and running into trees with a shock noise.

“Judging from your super duper new wings, this has something to do with your skills of flying,” explained Tyler.

“Well, okay, but Austin is still in trouble, let’s use the GPS installed in my brain to get to the zombie convention,” said Mike.

Two hours later, Mike spotted a large triangle shaped building that stood right in front of Tyler and the doggy. RARRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Standing in front of Mike stood Steve. Swish! A hoard of zombies suddenly appeared in the bushes.

“Explosion spell!” yelled Tyler. Burning dynamite spread into the air and to the hoard. The explosion was as loud as a tiger roaring. Gray smoke from the explosion made Tyler’s nose sting.

“Mike! Go and use your weapons from your stomach!” screamed Tyler.

Mike started to open up its majestic wings and an iron sword stuck out of his belly. Then he started to charge at Steve, but he must’ve lost balance because he spun around in circles and cut a tree into two equal pieces then crashed into the building making a giant hole. Well, that must’ve been really funny because the zombies started cracking up with weird noises like, harr! Pla! Wa! All except Steve was laughing.

“What is wrong with you brainless maniacs! You’re embarrassing you and I! CHARGE!” yelled Steve in anger. Tyler yelled an invisible spell and disappeared in a flash.

“Kill spell!” Tyler said. Green smoke swirled around the zombies (including Steve) then disappeared with sparkles.

Tyler mouthed, What the sparkles?

“If you read my letter all the way, it said my zombies had magic proof armour. Now, zombies, use laser eyes,” demanded Steve. Zipppp! Mike came speeding down with the iron sword, fling! He had reflected the laser hit!

The laser hit had exploded 30 of the zombies. But there were still a hundred more.

“Ahhhhhhhhh! How dare you kill any of my zombie friends, only I do that, you will pay!” screamed Steve.

Yellow mass formed in his hands, then he let it go in the air, with one single flick! The mass headed toward Mike and Tyler.

“Protection spell!” yelled Tyler. A pink bubble formed around Mike and Tyler. KABOOOOOOOM! They flew about 100 feet backwards from Steve and flew in mid-air then landed with a CRASH in a tree.  

“Yes! He’s dead!” Steve yelled with joy. “Now I can go eat him, I’m hungry for meat.”



POW! Austin had kicked the glass with all his might.

“ENOUGH ALREADY!” yelled the zombie who guarded the exit.

The zombie startled Austin so much, when he kicked the glass one last time, it cracked. The zombie looked back, then he took out his walkie talkie.

“The flesh creature cracked the glass, we need to do something quick,” he said.

Three zombies came in the room looking proud like they won the olympics.

The one in the middle lost his head. The one on the left had a knife stuck in his or her head, and the one on the right was perfectly fine, in fact he looked kind of human.

Oh my god, maybe he just got turned into a zombie, if that’s how Steve makes a zombie, thought Austin.

Pop! The three zombies took off the glass, and the water from Austin’s tank spilled onto the zombies and Austin fell face first on the marble floor. “Oww, that hurt,” Austin said as blood rolled down his face from his nose.

The three zombies shoved Austin hard out the door, then they handcuffed him. That made Austin think he was the world’s worst criminal.

“We are taking you to be tortured in the Doom of Terror room, but first I need to go to the bathroom,” said one zombie.

A little of what looked like orange mass formed in Austin’s hand.

“What the — ”

“Hey, move along!” one zombie interrupted.

This time, the explosion was louder than a plane crashing.

All of the zombies that held Austin prisoner had been blown up by something, and now the alarm was ringing. It was now that Austin realized that there was a bright orange mass in his hands.


He ran back to the room he had been reformed from, the tank had a sticker that was partly torn off that read: “This will give life-forms awesome powers, it can be use to blow up stuff, CAUTION.”

“There he is! Rarr!” a zombie said as he smiled confidently like Austin had no chance of killing him.

Austin quickly formed orange mass and blew the zombie up, arms and legs were all over the place.

“Well, that zombie was ignorant, probably because they don’t have brains,” Austin said.

He ran outside to see that Steve was leading a zombie army to a place with smoke. Austin thought maybe it was Tyler and Mike that got defeated by Steve’s army. He had to help them quickly. Austin had tried to grab Steve’s attention by blasting a few zombies away easily.

“HOW DARE YOU!” Steve thundered.

Austin formed another circle of mass and threw it at Steve.

Boom! Part of Steve’s shirt burned up into ashes when he fell down.

“Oh, you wanna play?” Steve muttered as he got back up.

Yellow light glowed in his eyes, green dust lifted him up. He lifted his hand up, and suddenly Steve stood there holding a bright sword in his hands.  




Tyler woke up just to see that Mike was standing on his leg trying to wake him up.

Explosion booms were ringing in his ears and his vision was blurry.

Tyler looked in the direction of the zombie convention and saw a mysterious figure that was fighting Steve. It looked a lot like Austin. As Tyler got his vision back, he could see that the figure was really Austin!

When Mike saw that Tyler was awake, he flew to Austin just to reflect a laser from a zombie.

“Boy, blasting me with your powers is useless, unless you also have a wand, you can’t kill me,” Steve explained. “You see, you need to use a wand and your powers to kill me, and your friend is dead. Once I eat you, I will be the most powerful being in the WORLD!”

WHAM! A laser came from out of nowhere and hit Steve. Tyler had saved him!

Austin had wondered why he came back to save him. He could’ve just snuck home. Just then, he remembered that he had saved Tyler from falling over a cliff when they both went skiing together.

This made up for that, they were definitely good friends.  When they tried combining their powers to defeat Steve, he slashed his sword at them. But they dodged as fast as lightning, and when their powers were fully combined, an electric ball formed and they threw it at Steve as he folded his arms to defend himself.

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Dust flooded the area, and Austin and Tyler coughed maniacally. Mike stood there like the dust was the fresh air on a bright sunny day.

“Mike!” Austin snapped, “Use your fan!”

Large fans spread out from Mike’s head, his eyes glowed as the fans blew the dust away. As the dust cleared, the zombies and Steve were nowhere to be seen.

Steve had exploded, so the zombies disappeared and went into the spirit world.

They cheered happily as they rolled on the grass.

On the way home, Tyler and Mike thought they had forgotten something.

“Tyler, thanks for saving my life, I wouldn’t have been here if it wasn’t for you,”

Austin thanked him.

Tyler blushed as he looked the other way. He was obviously shy.

They walked about three miles and still, their house was nowhere to be seen.

They soon passed a sign that said, Right path = Manville Town, Straight path = Zombie convention = 5 miles long. OH NO! They forgot to go to the Zombie convention!

“Mike, open up your wings, we’re riding on you to go back to the zombie convention to learn how to defeat them. Giddy up!” Tyler yelled.


The End


Don’t go into the dark

Chapter #1                         

Let me tell you a story where everyone has a shadow, and only I knew they were there.

My mom said, “Emily, come down and eat breakfast. You’re an adult, you need to send applications for colleges. Just because it’s spring break, doesn’t mean you actually have a break.”

I heard her walk up the stairs. One second later, I find my mother dead on the carpet of my room and a bloody knife in my hand. I just stood there, my insides melting, and my one tear trickling down my left cheek. I thought, Did I kill her? No I couldn’t have, I would remember, and that was the most I could cry.

At that moment I ran downstairs screaming, “How come I hadn’t heard her scream? She would always be there when I needed her, where is she when I need her now? She’s dead. If I would have come down sooner my shadow wouldn’t have murdered my mom.’’  I felt like I had killed her but I knew it was my shadow.

I took a delicate glass vase and smashed it on my head. When I woke up people in white bodysuits were dragging me into the vehicle for the mental institution. The neighbors must have called them; they must think I’m being paranoid by something supernatural. My instincts kicked in and I fought so hard so the men in the white suits couldn’t check my pockets and take my cellphone away.


Chapter #2

The next morning I woke up in a mental hospital. The room was grey because of the dimmed lights, like in World War Z. The bed was a steel bed set with a worn out mattress. I walked over into the bathroom that had no door. It had a mirror that was permanently foggy and a rusty bathtub, there was a faucet that only dripped.

I ran and peered into the hallway from the window and screamed to the doctor and guards, “You can’t lock me in here, my shadow will kill me like it did my mom. It follows me everywhere I go! Shadows aren’t supernatural, at least not the ones I’m talking about. They are the ones that need to be in this jail cell, they are the mental ones. They are smart, I don’t know why, and I don’t know why they like murdering people!”

The doctor came with two different types of poison, as I like to call them. They say it will help me, but it will blind some of my vision to see the shadows, then I will just have 20/20 vision, like the average person. Then I can’t see my shadow coming. They are dark and stay in corners, but when you look at them they leave out of sight.

Bing bing.

I got a text saying “you never can” and every whiteness goes into the dark.

Who texted me? Who’s there? And why am I in a mental hospital? Then I remember it’s those drugs, they’re making me forget everything and I’m so close. I get a text saying, “You were never so but never so close to what.”


Chapter #3

The next morning they let me go. But I didn’t know why my mom would let them take me. She and I needed to have a discussion.

Bing bing.

I get a text saying, “can’t wait to get into the dark again, it’s going to be killer.”


Chapter #4

I walk out of the car and go in my house to see the police pulling out a stretcher with a cover over it. It falls away and I see it’s my mother. I stand there in a state of shock.

The next morning I got dressed, ate breakfast, and had a morning of tears and emptiness. I decided I was going to investigate to see if my neighbor’s had any info on my mother’s death. I walk over to my neighbor Sarah’s house and she said she thought I had killed my mom, she claims to have seen me stab her and then run out my room screaming. That’s all she said before slamming the door in my face, acting like I was some sort of monster. I felt all alone and there was no one to comfort me.

Bing bing.

“Don’t be sad for long, your next victim will arrive. Guess who.”



The next morning it’s back to school and I’m already ready to get my school on. I sent applications for Columbia University. I couldn’t stop thinking about that text I got last night.

Bing bing.

I get a text saying, “Thinking about me? So touching. Oh and don’t plan too far ahead, there’s going to be a bump in the road.”

One minute later I get a voicemail singing, “Look both ways before you cross the street.” As I listen to the voicemail, I go to the fridge to get some milk.

A toy car pops up on the kitchen table. I drop the milk, stare at the car and run up the stairs. Once I get upstairs I prepare for the shower, but when I got in the shower the car was there and I was half dry.

“Why is this car following me? Wait, why am I half dry?” I said in frustration.

“Is it…”

My head starts to ache and I yell, “Make it stop! Make it stop!”

But it wouldn’t, so I started pounding on my head so the aching would stop. After that I don’t remember much, but the car appeared on the sink in the bathroom, with a doll strapped to the bottom of the car. When it appeared I was out of the shower with my phone in my hand with a text that had not been sent, and that left me asking unanswered questions.

I was so freaked out I started babbling questions like, ”What just happened? Why aren’t I in the shower? Huh? I’m so confused. Why am I so confused?” I say frustratedly. I look at my phone to see the text.  

The text says, “You killed her.”

I say to myself, “Who?” I call the mental institution and see if I can get the footage of me in the hospital room . No one is going to believe I am the killer, I wouldn’t hurt a fly. When I ask him to see the footage of me, they say that it’s private information and then he hung up on me.

I say to myself, “Well he’s a jerk.”

I thought to myself, I’ll just have to sneak in. Then I yelled, ”Yes!” and then said sorry to the neighbors.

I dress up in a black shirt, stretchy leather leggings, boots, and a black beanie. I get in my car and drive to the hospital. When I get there, I remember I took a climbing class. I took a rock and aimed it,  making sure I wasn’t facing the security camera and so the alarm wouldn’t go off, before I threw it at the window. Then I climbed up the brick wall and climbed in the window.

I ran to the general office. When I got there I took a bobby pin from my hair and picked the lock. When I got in, the footage of me was left on the screen, so played it. I stood there in shock. I got a headache again and a few minutes later I got a text saying, “It was you? Let’s get back into the dark.”

Every day I look at that stupid text trying to convince myself it was probably just one of my friends pranking me. But I had all the evidence. It was me. I didn’t want to believe it.

From then on, I cried myself to sleep. Some nights I would sleep in my mom’s bed because it made me feel safe. The next morning was my birthday and I called my dad to celebrate it with him, because he’s the only family I’ve got. The call goes right to voicemail. So I decide to walk over to his house.

Since my mom and him were divorced they wanted seeing me to be very convenient for them. When I get there I knock on the door. He opened it and gave me a hug and said, ”Watch it, I have a garden knife in my hand.’’

I got a migraine. I howled, ”Make it stop! Make it stop, please‘’!

The next thing I knew was my dad was on the ground. His throat had been slit. ”He bled to death,’’ I said in shock. “What? Oh my gosh, what?’’ I screamed and ran.

When I got in the house I fell and cried with no one to hold me up. The next morning I went into my bright blue bathroom with a large marble white circular bathtub with a curtain and shower head. When I looked in the mirror, I saw something in myself.

I saw a murderer.

Even though I wasn’t certain, I had a feeling. I mean all those times my mom looked at me like I was a monster when I even mentioned a sleepover, or when I told my mom about me and my friends playing army. I wonder if she was thinking I am the enemy and not the hero. But the only thing that doesn’t add up is how would she know about my situation and not tell me. My mom was my best friend.

The next morning I awoke to a sudden loud alarm. I walk out of my room. As I walk down the stairs, I remembered I have school today. So I ran upstairs to take a shower, and get dressed in my crop top, donut leggings, and combat boots. I grab my black hoodie and backpack and ran out of the house.

I got in my car and drove very swiftly. I arrived and checked the time. The parking lot was half empty and the whole world became blurry.

“Brr,” I shake my head and run inside.

This girl had the nerve to walk up to me and say, “You know my dad’s a cop right?”


“So I heard you killed your mom.”

“What did you just say? You don’t know me! You can’t just walk up to me and say that! If you ever mention that I will — ”

“What? You’re gonna kill me?”

After that a sudden spark of rage and fire controlled my body and mentality. The next thing I knew was that I … I attacked her and people had to hold me back.

“Get off of me!!!” I screamed.

I walked away with fire in my eyes and wiped the waterfall of hurt, agony, and ferocity. My friend came to comfort me.

“No. Just stay away from me, please. I always drive people away, so why not now. Bye.” I walked away rapidly, weeping silently.


Chapter #6

I get in my car, turn on the radio, and unexpectedly the song “All by Myself’’ by Celine Dion plays. I was right up to the part “All by myself, don’t wanna be all by myself anymore.’’

When I got home I saw my stepmom. She screamed when she saw my Dad. I got out of the car and ran to the house. I observed my dad’s body. He was rotting. Quickly, I turned my head and walked inside. My baby step sister was crying. I walked up the stairs and into her room. I saw her screaming. I said, “It’s ok. No one is going to hurt — Aaah my head!” I screamed. This time I knew and saw what I was doing.

“No I won’t kill this innocent child!”

I feel like I was straining my neck I could hardly breath, then I collapsed. Officers, that’s all I remember, “Now let me out of this interrogation room, please.”

“Ma’am, we are not authorized to do that,” they replied.


I stabbed myself in the stomach. If you’re wondering how I snuck in the knife, just remember, always think dark and maybe you will figure it out. Everyone deserves a chance to go into the dark.         

Max’s Story

Messi, the best soccer player, was shining in the light. The game was Barcelona VS Real Madrid. Ronaldo said hi to Messi. Messi said hi to Ronaldo. They were feeling good. But then Messi got hurt by trying to pass Ronaldo. But when he was doing that, he, by accident, tripped on his own foot. Before Messi got injured, Messi scored 99 goals. Ronaldo was impressed but felt sorry for him. Then, the GIANT RACCOON came in and killed everyone. He was a scientific experiment. What the GIANT RACCOON was trying to do was make all the raccoons in the world giant so he and his friends could take over the world, make all of humanity be his slave, and take over the entire galaxy.

“Muahahahaha,” said the GIANT RACCOON.

But one person said, “A raccoon is gonna make me a slave for the rest of my life? Just because he’s big and strong with a lazer gun? Okay that is pretty scary, but back to the story.”

“Blah blah blah, I won the World Cup,” said one of the slaves. The GIANT RACCOON was angry like an angry bird, and his face was as red as the red Angry Bird because from up there it sounded like “blah blah blah.” It was funny to the other racoons, but then the GIANT RACCOON got angry at them for laughing. But in that time, the GIANT RACCOON forgot all about the “blah blah blah” so he didn’t mind. Then the GIANT RACCOON hit one of the little racoons in the face.

“Haha,” said the GIANT RACCOON. “I hit you.”

Then it was a big argument, but in the meanwhile, the people were running for their lives. Once the argument finished, all the people were hiding far far away.

Now the racoons were arguing about that.

“It was your fault that they ran away.”

“No it was your fault that they ran away.”

In the meantime, all the people told the scientist with white lightning hair pointing up, a white scientist jacket, black shoes, and white pants to match with his shirt, to make some thing to destroy the raccoons for ever. So the scientist started to work in the lab, on his computer, and made pieces for the weapon that will destroy the raccoons. Meanwhile, the other people were getting their pitchforks and torches to kill the GIANT RACOON. Now the people want to test if forces can destroy the GIANT RACCOON, so they tried to hurt the GIANT RACCOON, but it didn’t work.

The GIANT RACCOON said, “Hahaha that tickles so much!” So the people went back to the lab to see if the scientist finished.

Once the people came the scientist said, “Done.”

Everybody cheered, “Hooray!” So then the scientist carried the gun to show the raccoon.

The raccoon said, “Haha, you think you will defeat me with that? How about you get the taste of your own medicine?”  Then he shot the gun and it hit the raccoon in the belly.

BOOOOOOOM!  The GIANT RACCOON was destroyed. Everyone cheered. The little raccoons even cheered. They didn’t like the GIANT RACCOON. So they shrunk themselves to be smaller again, and they all lived happily ever after.

“But wait!” cried L. Messi and C. Ronaldo. “We are still here and same as Neymar and James Rodriguez and Suarez.”

“But what about the soccer game?” cried someone.

”Yeah!” said someone else.

My Big Family

Chapter One

Most of my life it’s been just me and my Dad. That’s how I liked it. Every morning he would walk me to school, and tuck me in bed. But then all of it changed. It all started at school. I was looking at the bulletin board and I saw a sign-up sheet for a cooking club after school. One thing you need to know about me is I love cooking. I don’t want to be mean but I do not like my school. And this cooking club was definitely upgrading it. So I signed my name on the sheet.


Cooking club sign-up sheet:

Alexandra Smith

Michelle Tallania

Gabriela Shirlim ☺

Haley R. Benson ♡

Anna Bently

Arianna Makely

Rachel Arks

Samuel Benson

Zack Monsute

JAKE Bently☠

Bella Winsten ☃


Yep, that’s my name: Bella Winsten. Then my eyes caught on something else. I read the list over again. Alexandra, I knew Gabriela. I knew Haley, but of course, I didn’t want to. Arianna, Bella, Haley’s brother Samuel, Zack, Anna’s brother Jake, Anna, I knew ALL of them. But I never knew there was a girl named Michelle. I wondered if she was new. She better not have met Haley. If she met her, Haley would probably tell her I was a mean person. Well, what else is new? Now EVERYONE except Marcie thought I was MEAN (besides the teachers). That’s one reason why I hate my school. I made a list. I know it’s weird, but I keep track. Here’s the list I made:

Reasons Why I Hate School


  1. They make terrible food and expect me (the school) to eat it.
  2. The librarian is a hypocrite: she is the loudest person I know.
  3. If I don’t wear a leotard to gymnastics, Mrs. Mord makes me do gymnastics in my underwear ( She is Evil! )
  4. The only person I know that likes me is my best friend, Marcie
  6. I HATE MRS. BURT (the math teacher)
  7. One word: HOMEWORK


[Don’t show this to ANY teacher.]


Maybe I’m overreacting about how Haley told EVERYBODY I was bad. A few girls like me. Sasha, Ella, Sydney, Violet, Celia, Bryn, Sarah, Well, so on. Okay. Fine. Lots of people like me, but still some people don’t like me. And that’s ALL Haley’s fault.


Chapter Two

“Bella?” I heard a familiar voice say. It was my Dad. He knocked on my door.

“Come in,” I said, while rocking on my chair.

“What are you doing, sweetie?” he asked. I made a face.

“Homework,” I said.

“Oh,” he said, “how was school?”

“Fine,” I answered.

“Awesome, or fine?” he said. He smiled at me. I giggled. “AWESOME!” I said. Then I told him all about the cooking club and Michelle. I showed him my homework, and told him I couldn’t figure it out.


Name: ___________ Date: ___________


  1. ¼ + ⅛ =

Why? Show your work.


  1. 6,897 +10,894 =

Why? Show your work.


  1. _ x 4 = 32 + 8 x 4 = _

Why? Show your work.


Bonus Problem:

What number multiplied by one, equals itself?


Chapter Three

I am so angry, I could just scream! I can’t believe it! I HATE MRS. BURT! This is what she put on my math test!


Name: Bella W.___ F

Date: 12/5/15           _



  1. ¼ + ⅛ =

Why? Show your work.


I don’t understand.


  1. 6,897 +10,894 =

Why? Show your work.




  1. _ x 4 = 32 + 8 x 4 = _

Why? Show your work.


Bonus Problem:

What number multiplied by one, equals itself?

Is this a trick question?


Okay, fine. I did not do THAT well. FINE. I did HORRIBLY. But, it was very hard! They give you terrible math problems! Not even my Dad can figure it out. I mean, I never asked, but I know he couldn’t. It’s like torture. Children should have their rights not to go to school. When I have kids I’m gonna let them stay at home and watch TV, and eat candy all day.

Sam would say, “Mommy, more candy!” and Amy would say, “Mommy! Guess what I learned! I learned that you can buy lots of bras at Target!” And then Emma would say, “Mommy, why is that guy pushing that girl off a car, and why does she have red marker all over her? Is it because it’s a car commercial?”

Aww, kids are so adorable (and dumb) aren’t they? And yeah, I’ve pretty much got my future life planned already.


Chapter Four

I was lying on my bed, hitting my head against my bedroom door, when my Dad walked into my room.

“Bella?” he asked. “I have something to tell you.”

“Mrs. Burt is moving to another planet?” I asked.

“Really?” Dad said.

“Hey, I can dream, can’t I?”

Dad laughed. “No, this is serious!”

“Okay,” I replied.

“So you know you told me about this new girl named Michelle at your school?” he asked.

“Yep,” I said.

“I know her mom. And uhh… ummm… we’re good friends.” My eyes lit up.

“Great!” I said. “We could have play dates!”

“More than that,” Dad replied. “Ummm…Michelle’s mom and I have been… well… ummm… how do you say it? Uhhh… well… we. We have been on dates.”

I felt like a ball had just dropped on me.

“Y-y-ou w-w-what?!” I sputtered. “How long?” I asked.

“Uhhh, well… ummm… about a year.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Well, I thought it would be better to tell you later,” said Dad.

I could feel my face getting hot now.

“One year later?!” I screamed. I’m sure the whole world could hear. I wasn’t just mad at him. I knew everything was going to change. “You should have told me earlier.”

“Well, I knew you would bug me about it,” said Dad. He looked a little uncomfortable.

I stormed off to my room and made sure I slammed the door really loud. I jumped on my

bed and was waiting for my Dad to come into my room and apologize. Maybe he would know how I felt. What if he got married? Maybe he’d see that these new people in the family would make a big difference — a bad difference. Then he would change his mind, and then Dad and I would live together, just the two of us.


Chapter Five

I was still in my room; it had been an hour since we had that fight – well, I had that fight. I wasn’t crying anymore, but I was thinking about Mom. I bet she was awesome. Dad doesn’t like talking about her. She passed away when I was only three. Dad says she was in an accident. That’s why I am afraid of cars. I think Dad is too. I think that’s why we always take our bikes to school instead of the car. Dad said her name was Elsa. It’s a very pretty name.

When I finally got the courage to talk to Dad, I went to his room. When I went there, I saw Dad looking at a picture of Mom. I slowly crept into his room and put my hand on his shoulder.

“I miss her, too,” I said. Dad looked at me and smiled.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, “I should’ve told you.”

“It’s okay,” I said.

Dad smiled.

“Maybe you could meet her tomorrow?” asked Dad. I knew if I said yes, it would make him happy so I did.


Chapter Six

I was kind of freaking out today because today was the day I was meeting my Dad’s girlfriend. I wanted her to think I was kind of grown up, so I dressed very nicely. I put on my favorite blue dress. And blue necklace. I LOVE blue. Dad was also kind of dressing up too. He usually wears a plain white shirt, but today he went all overboard with the tie and coat thing.

We were going to meet her at a place called Dylan’s Candy Bar. I wasn’t just excited to meet her – I heard that Dylan’s Candy Bar was the best candy bar in NY! But then I heard the doorbell ring. Was she here already? I thought we were just meeting her at Dylan’s Candy Bar!

“I’ll get it!” said Dad. He opened the door and I saw a tall lady come out. She had light brown hair and hazel eyes and had a purple top on with a blue skirt. She looked kind of friendly.

“Bella, meet Margaret.”

“Hi,” I said, looking at the ground.

“Well, hello there,” said Margaret. She was in a very cheerful mood. “I thought it would be a good idea to bring my daughter, Michelle.” I saw a little girl peeking behind her that had the same hazel eyes but reddish-brown hair. She was wearing a black shirt and blue jeans.

“Uh, hi,” said Michelle.

“Hi,” I said back. I told Margaret I was going to go the bathroom. That is usually what I do when I want to talk to Dad and I can’t while people are watching. While I was in the bathroom, I pulled out my phone and called Dad. I really hate the sounds that the phone makes while you’re waiting for the other person to pick up their phone. The sound makes me annoyed and reminds me of Mrs. Burt glaring at me while we’re doing a pop quiz.

“Hello,” I heard my Dad’s voice say.

“Dad! Dad! Dad!” I thought Margaret was just coming, not Michelle too!”

“To be truthful, I didn’t know either. I guess she wanted Michelle to come and talk to you so you didn’t have to talk about boring grown-up stuff with us,” he answered.

“Oh, and Bella! Come back! Margaret and Michelle are waiting for you.”

We took a cab ALL the way there. During the cab ride, I noticed Michelle looking at her phone the whole time.

“Mommy?” she said. “Can we call Daddy tonight?”

“Honey! We’re with Dave! Don’t talk about your Daddy!”

I could see Michelle looked sad. So I looked at her and said, “I know how you feel. Losing one of your parents is hard.”

She looked at me and smiled.

“Thanks,” she said. She stopped looking at her phone, and looked at me.

“What happen to your mom?” she asked.

“She died when I was three. She was in a car accident,” I said.

“Oh,” she muttered. “My Daddy and mom got divorced when I was eight.”

“Girls!” Margaret interrupted, “Let’s take a picture!” Michelle and I groaned. “Come on, girls! One…two…”

Michelle and I put on our fakest smiles. “…three!”


When we got to Dylan’s Candy Bar, Michelle and I got sooo much candy! We got the exact same candy, and we had so much fun! Michelle and I became good friends! Before Dad said goodnight to me, he said, “Did you like Margaret?”

I put on a big smile and said, “Yeah, she was AWESOME!” Dad laughed.

“Great! Ummm…because I’m thinking of, well…asking her to marry me.”

I smiled. “I’d like that,” I said.


Chapter Seven

I woke up this morning and thought today was going to be a good day. Well, first of all, it was a Sunday, and I didn’t have to see Mrs. Burt. But it was mostly because Michelle was coming over to play with me while Dad and Margaret went to dinner and did their stuff. When Michelle came, the first thing she showed me was her bunny! She was sooo CUTE! She was named Sienna.

Then we talked about if we thought her mom and my Dad would get married and talked about if we became sisters, we’d be fighting about who would get the top bunk since we would be sleeping in a bunk bed.

When Dad and Margaret came back home, Margaret was crying. It looked like a happy crying.

“Mommy! Why are you crying?” Michelle asked.

“Sweetheart, meet your new Daddy, Dave Winsten!”

Michelle and I stared at each other and screamed. I was so happy! I looked at Dad and he winked at me. I still wasn’t used to Margaret. Before I went to bed, Margaret came to say goodnight to me.

“I love you,” she said.

“I love you too,” I said back. But I didn’t mean it.


Chapter Eight

When I got to school I was surprised to see that my first subject was math. I usually have art first. So I slumped all the way to the third floor, went into the math room, and saw Mrs. Burt glaring at me.

“Good morning,” she said in her terrible voice. I prayed that we did not have a pop quiz today.

She must have seen my reaction because she said, “We have a pop quiz today.”

I sat in my seat, and what I usually do is take a nap until everyone else comes. I know it’s weird, but it saves time and also I have to get a nice long rest before I have to go into the math war. But while I was in the middle of dreaming about candy canes and cotton candy, someone tapped me on the shoulder. I looked back and I saw Michelle’s body with a cotton candy head. I totally freaked out and screamed. I looked at Mrs. Burt’s desk and I saw Mrs. Burt’s boring brown clothes on her body but a lollipop head!

“What is happening!” I screamed.

“Bella, please calm down,” screamed the lollipop.

Then I saw Michelle’s mom come into the room but instead, she had a chicken head! Then I saw Dad come in with Michelle’s mom and he had a piece of candy for his head!

“Honey,” he said, “I’m taking Margaret and Michelle to go to the Grand Canyon while you’re stuck in school taking this pop quiz.” Then he did this mean cackly laugh. And then out of nowhere we were driving to the Grand Canyon and I was so happy even though I didn’t really get it. And then as soon as we got there, my Dad pushed me into a portal and I went flying into the Grand Canyon. I felt like the whole world was ending, what was I going to do? I could hear Margaret laughing at me while I was falling off the cliff so I just closed my eyes and wished my Dad had never met Margaret and had never got engaged or anything. But then the next thing I knew I woke up in my bed sweating. I took a deep breath and thought to myself, Thank goodness, it was all a dream.

I decided to call Marcie to tell her what had happened. I told her all about what had happened with Dad and then when I was finished with everything I told her about my nightmare.

“Do you know what this means if you’re having nightmares about your stepmom?”

“No!” I said. “I have no idea.”

“It means that you don’t want your Dad to get engaged to another woman. It means you still want your mom back!”

“Oh,” I whispered.


Chapter Nine

When I went to school, I pinched myself three times to make sure I wasn’t dreaming but I still had math, which was my first subject today. I was heading on my way to math when I saw Michelle stopping me. She looked like she had been crying for a while.

“Bella,” she said, catching her breath. “Your Dad had an accident.” I felt like my whole life had just flashed before my eyes.

In the one second she told me that, I didn’t care if he married anybody, I just wanted him to be okay.

“What happened?!” I yelled.

“He was riding his bike and there was a traffic cone and he fell off his bike and bumped his head on a traffic cone. I think he got a concussion.”

Now Michelle was really sobbing. I looked at the ground and without thinking I hugged Michelle and I started crying too.

The whole way home we sobbed together and I called the principal and told him there was a family emergency so I couldn’t go to school today. I stayed home the whole time and I was praying. I wonder what Margaret’s doing now?

I walked into my Dad’s room and I saw Margaret on the bed. There were a whole bunch of tissues on the bed.

“Margaret,” I said. “Are you okay?”

“Call me Mom,” she said, smiling at me.

I came over to my Dad’s bed and sat down with her.

“Is he going to be okay?” I asked.

“It’s definitely not going to be forever, but he might need to stay in the hospital for a while.”

I hugged Margaret.

I smiled at her. “I love you, Mom,” I said, and this time, I really meant it.


The End

Native American Legend

Manhattan, 1657


Vulture Victor gave a bank worker $1,000 to put in his account. He earned $1,000 in trade, from trading his chicken eggs for money. As he was walking home, he sat down by this beautiful tree in the green hills of Manhattan. Then he picked some apples off the tree, for it was an apple tree, and ate them. He thought, What a fine day it is. Then the apple lulled him to sleep, as it was a magic apple, with a spell casted by Mellow Miser, Crafty Thief, PhD at Stealing Stuff and wanted by the police.

Before he fell asleep, Mellow Miser jumped out of a bush and hypnotized him with a spell that lasted two minutes.

Mellow Miser said, “I am Mellow Miser and I am going to hypnotize you…”

Then he made Vulture Victor tell him the password to his bank account. Vulture said, “ABC123ILikeMe is the password.”

Mellow Miser was so thrilled that he de-hypnotized Vulture Victor and ran off to the bank.

Two hours later…

After Mellow Miser stole the money and had it in his hands, he ran over the nice grassy hills and through a garden full of sunflowers, all of them not facing toward the sun.

Something is wrong, he thought. “Why are the sunflowers not facing the sun? They’re facing the moon.”

He ran out of the garden and ran into Buffalo Cow. Buffalo Cow asked him, “What’s wrong?”

Mellow Miser said, “The sunflowers are not facing the sun! They’re facing the moon!”


Vulture Victor had just woken up. He had no idea what he was doing, but he just remembered one word, maybe two: mellow and bank. Mellow sounded suspicious, so Vulture Victor started thinking of everyone’s name, but no animals names were Mellow or had Mellow in it, so he started thinking about people. That left one person, Mellow Miser. He was shocked.


Vulture Victor ran to where he pray to the spirits, for they were important to him. He saw the spirit animals, the ones that represented him. The spirits told him to find someone caring and courageous, so he scanned through the names of everyone again. That left two people. Sitting Bird, who was a police officer, and Buffalo Cow. So he ran to Buffalo Cow’s wigwam. He told Buffalo Cow the news.


So that’s why Mellow Miser was carrying $1,000 in his hand, Buffalo Cow thought. And why sunflowers weren’t facing toward the sun. The sunflowers must’ve known that something was wrong.

“We need to tell Sitting Bird, the police officer,” said Buffalo Cow.

10 minutes later…

They reached Sitting Bird’s long house, out of breath, sweltering, and almost out of oxygen. A totem pole was standing on the ground next to the door. It was a bird–red, green, blue, yellow, and orange, and maybe a little speck of pink, or dots of black. There was this curvy beak and the animal somehow looked like a raven.

They ran in the house and told Sitting Bird about everything. Sitting Bird said that he would come, but first they had to stop Mellow Miser or at least delay him.

So Buffalo Cow ran to Mellow Miser’s wigwam. Mellow Miser was packing up his stuff to go to a nearby village so he wouldn’t be caught. When Mellow Miser was all ready, Buffalo Cow and Vulture Victor burst into his wigwam. They meant to delay him for seven seconds.

Buffalo Cow stood at the door. Mellow Miser kicked him in both shins and Buffalo Cow collapsed. Mellow Miser ran out the door and Vulture Victor screamed, “Sitting Bird, where are you!?”

About 10.3 seconds later…

Sitting Bird came. “Where’s Mellow Miser? Where’d he go?”

“There!” screamed Vulture Victor, pointing to the north.

Sitting Bird ran toward where Vulture Victor pointed. In five seconds, he was out of sight, for he could run three miles in five minutes — actually, that’s not right, just say three minutes and 49 seconds, that’s how fast he is.

One day later…

A tired, overheated Sitting Bird burst through Vulture Victor’s door, dragging Mellow Miser by his hand. His moccasins were drenched in disgusting dirt that looked liked dog dung. His fur clothing was covered in mud. He collapsed and fainted as soon as he burst through the door.

Vulture Victor took Mellow Miser’s hands and dragged him to Buffalo Cow’s wigwam. He was in the middle of telling Buffalo Cow what he was going to do, but before Buffalo Cow could respond, Sitting Bird burst through the door and said, “So what do you want to do about him?”

Buffalo Cow waited for his moment to say his response to what Vulture Victor said. “Mellow Miser should not go to jail and Vulture Victor should forgive him. It is just a human habit to take money. Everyone probably has stolen something in their life at least once. Maybe a pencil, or an eraser, or something that’s not important, but you should always forgive others. Always.” He turned to Mellow Miser. “You should give Vulture Victor his $1,000 back.”

Two hours later…

Everyone was happy, including Vulture Victor who got his $1,000 back and Mellow Miser who didn’t have to go to jail.

Two days later…

Buffalo Cow was swimming in the river. Then he lost his energy and fainted in the river. He managed to say one word, “Help!” He screamed with all his might.

Mellow Miser heard his scream from one mile away. He knew it was Buffalo Cow’s voice and he decided to repay him for telling Vulture Victor not to send him to jail.

For he is caring, thought Mellow Miser, and so should I.

He ran as quickly as a peregrine falcon diving into water to get a fish. When Buffalo Cow’s head was just about to sink in the water, Mellow Miser jumped into the river — splash! — and pulled him out. Then he ran to the doctor’s office immediately.

Buffalo Cow eventually recovered and he became good friends with Mellow Miser, who changed his name to Mellow Giver. Eventually, they lived their lives and went to the death spirits.



The Army

The army was a very strong force!

The army trained very hard. They climbed ropes, alligator crawled, and shot missiles and pistols. They went on helicopters and boats. They had officers to tell them what to do.

They ate lunch and had dessert, and then they had a mission. They went to France and protected the people. They went to a cafe, and there were terrorists inside. There were hostages inside. There were over 50 hostages. The army set bombs and went to their trucks, and then BOOM! All the army barged in. All the hostages came out, but the terrorists didn’t. They were hiding. The army commanded them to come out, but the terrorists had AK-47s and over 100 magazines (magazines are bullets) and one knife. They had one more hostage. The hostage was actually a French policeman. The French policeman took the knife and cut the rope that was over him around his waist. He took his taser and tased one of the terrorists. The other terrorist got handcuffed by the French policeman. The army took the bag of magazines and the knife. They put the terrorist in the Jeep and sent him to the police station. The armies took the tasered terrorist and brought him to a helicopter. The helicopter was the French Coast Guard. They took him away to the hospital.

The next morning, the terrorist named Robbie got up, got his gun, and ran from the hospital. He hid in the forest. Searching for him became a manhunt. The army got their guns and had to go back to Paris. They spread out. They saw something in the woods. They thought they would find a gun, but they hit the jackpot. They found Robbie. They tackled him and Jack arrested him. Jack is the best army person. He had the AK-47 that Robbie had.  Jack put him in his helicopter and then brought him to the French police.

Jack tased Robbie, and until they got to the police station, Robbie was on the floor. Then, Jack woke Robbie up by picking him up and shaking him. They put him in the same room with Rob, and Robbie had a bunk bed. The next morning, they had breakfast. They had more naptime, then the French police looked at the terrorists. Jack said, “You two are not going to leave the police station!”

To Be Continued….


“AHHH,”  I scream. I am falling and falling into the dark unknown. I hit something soft, like fur, and cushiony, like a pillow. I am so scared to open my eyes, but I do it anyway. I seem to have landed in some sort of moss bed.   

“Jason,” I hear a girl’s voice. I whip around. I see a beautiful girl about 15. She is tall and willowy, she has long auburn hair and a few freckles. She sort of looks familiar. You are probably about as clueless as I am right now. First things first, my name is Jason. I am 15 and  one of those boys who would rather do an art project, or read a comic book, than play dodgeball or field hockey. I am tall, lanky, and I have dark brown hair. The girl, compared to me, is like a greek goddess, and I was a bridge troll.

“Come on, Jason. I’ve been looking for you for hours, your mom wants you to come home,” she says.

“Who are you are you?” I ask.

“It’s me, your girlfriend, dummy,” she teases.

“My what,” I say

“Your girlfriend,” she says slowly.

“Ookaay,” I say.

We walk back to my house. It looks normal, thank god. I walk inside and smell something amazing. It smells like food. I bet my mom ordered takeout … agian.

“Hey, there’s my all star football quarterback champion!” my dad says.

Football… champion? I am the worst at football. Everytime we play it in gym, my mind always drifts away and I end up getting hit in the face. I look around the room. Where there is usually family photos and awkward christmas cards, it is decorated in pictures of me in soccer jerseys or holding trophies  

“Bye Jason,” my girlfriend says as she leans in to kiss me. I don’t kiss her, instead, I awkwardly hug her and sadly she leaves.

“Jason, you’re just in time for dinner,” my mom says happily.

“What restaurant did you order this from?” I ask.

“Restaurant, no, no, no. I always cook dinner for you when I get back from work.” she says.

I shudder my mom is a terrible cook. She can’t even cook the boxed kraft mac and cheese. I halfheartedly sit down at the table. I look up to see that we are having chicken parmesan, one of my favorites. Whenever we go to a italian restaurants I always order it. My mom serves me a piece, I cut myself a bite size piece and nibble at it. It is so good! It’s like a chicken parm roller coaster.

After eating four pieces of chicken parm, and three brownies, I am stuffed. I walk to my room feeling tired after the meal. I walk in and turn on the light. I look at the walls and shelves. Instead of my books on the shelves and superhero posters on the wall, there were sports trophies and photos of me and my girlfriend. Then I pass out.


I wake up. It is 1:30.

“Okay,” I say to myself reassuringly. “There has to be a logical reason why this is happening,” I say to myself. But it’s late and my eyes won’t stay open.


“Help this kid needs air!” a man yells.

“He needs to go to a hospital” Another man yells. Sirens wail, people wail.

“My poor baby,” a women says. I see the body all bruised and bloodied. Then I see the face.

It’s me.


I wake up screaming. I jump out of bed and I run.

“Jason,” my fake mom says, “I made pancakes.” Her voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard.

“This isn’t real!” I yell. I run faster until trip on something. Then I’m falling again into the black nothingness.


Beep…beep…beep, a monitor reads. I open my eyes and I look around. The walls are white, and mechanical objects are all around.

“He’s awake!” a man says.

“Oh my baby. My beautiful boy,” my real parents say as they embrace me.

“W-what happened?” I ask.

“You were crossing the street and you got hit by a car. You’ve been in a coma for three days” My parents said.