The Outbreak

Chapter 1: Rising

Buddy was in the house playing games. Suddenly, he hears a voice speaking really loudly outside. Since his parents aren’t home, he went to go see what it was. So, he left the house and started running to the sound. He ran so fast that he bumped into somebody. He bumped into his friend, Fred, and was surprised to see him. Fred whispered into Buddy’s ear, “Don’t go there! There’s a fallen hacker outside!” 

Buddy said, “Who is it?” 

“The captain of the fallen hacker, Vex,” Fred replied. 

So, Buddy and Fred went to their friend Teddy’s house. They knocked on the door and Teddy opened it.

Teddy said, “Come in! Come in!” 

Chapter 2: The Plan 

Teddy grabbed some water for Buddy and Fred. Teddy also knew about Vex. He told them that Vex was about to use the atomic virus to destroy the city.

“What is the atomic virus?” Fred asked. 

Teddy said, “It is a digital bomb just like a regular atomic bomb. If it is fired, we wouldn’t even live here because it would destroy us all.” 

Buddy said, “We need to stop that bomb!” 

Teddy said, “Don’t worry. We have a plan.” He showed Buddy and Fred the SHARD, the Malcom bridge, and the HACKERS TOWER. Teddy told Buddy that they need to go to the Malcom bridge and build a zipline to the top of the SHARD. Then they’d steal the f19 grappler and three javelins to fight the evil guards. Then they started to go to Teddy’s lab.  

Chapter 3: Stealth

As they went to Teddy’s lab, they got mini digital command centers. They got a drone and gave it some money to get some stealth boots. One hour later, they got the boots. They went downstairs with their boots and snuck up under Vex’s stage. 

Buddy wondered what Teddy was thinking. Why are we sneaking under a stage? He thought.  

Teddy grabbed a random rope from one of its wires and cut it. That would affect the stage’s sound barrier, which could barricade Vex’s voice.

Chapter 4: Lift 

They grabbed a grappler from a store and started heading to Malcolm bridge. When they got there, the bridge blinded them with its extreme light. The SHARD was 7,000 kilometers away from Malcolm bridge so they had to go one by one. When they got there, it was already 11:30pm. They were so tired that they had to rest on top of the SHARD. 

So the next morning, they woke up for breakfast. Luckily, Teddy bought some bread. They used the zipline to get to the guard’s outlet. They were lucky because the guard was outside. They explored around the outlet for some javelin. They found three javelins and even some extras! They heard some footsteps coming in the hallway. So they ran out of the door. 

Chapter 5: Escape

Guards started blocking the door so they had to use javelins to get out. After they ran out, they found a treehouse. But, some person was in the treehouse. He told them to come up. When they met the boy, he looked the same age as them. He told them that Vex’s guards have security cameras everywhere. “BEWARE!” He told them. He got them some water and food, and then they went out. 

Chapter 6: Reunite

After they went out of the treehouse, they saw Vex’s guards chasing them from behind. They had a green banner of digits on their armour. They were fierce and quickly gaining on Buddy, Fred, and Teddy. The group went to the retaliated forest. They ran until they couldn’t run anymore. Then they saw some cobblestone and went to see what it was. They found a jungle temple that early hackers built. It was between two digital trees. 

Buddy read about those. He knew that early hackers built it for shelter and the moss on the cobblestone meant eternity. He also knew that there were the most valuable treasures in the chest, but they needed to beware the hidden arrow turret.

Chapter 7: Inside

They went through the door of the jungle temple. They put the levers in the right order and walked in. The temple was as dark as the night. There were a few torches and they saw some symbols on the walls. Suddenly, Teddy froze. He sighed in relief. He almost touched a pressure plate.

He told Buddy and Fred, “If we press on a pressure plate, that means a trap will hit you!” Then, Fred looked at the moss on the side of the wall and he ripped them off only to find that it was hollow. Then, Fred touched something at the end. 

He said, “That was an arrow turret.” They started walking into the door and they found the treasure nestled between two stone blocks. They found diamonds, gold, silver, and marble. Then, suddenly someone ran into the treasure chamber.

It was the boy from the treehouse. He told him that the guards had been chasing him. Then, behind him, there was an ocelot. He told them that his name was Salty. They left the treasure there and started walking out of the temple. They went out of the retaliated forest and went to the city.

Chapter 8: Desire

They went to Hacker’s Tower. There was a sewer there beside the tower. The boy told them to go in. They jumped into the sewer and found a secret base. The boy introduced them to the captain and his dad. They had a huge command center in the base. Everyone in the base also wanted to barricade the atomic virus and stop Vex. The hope was very low because he could launch the virus any time. In no time, Vex’s footsteps were clocking on the sewer cap.  

Chapter 9: Hope

They walked out of the sewer. Then, behind them, Vex’s guard grabbed them. They felt hands go around them. They took them to Vex’s torture chamber. There was a stand with a lever and a pool of lava behind it. The room was all made out of glass and digital technology. They put them on the stand. 

“This could be it for us,” thought Buddy, Fred, and Teddy. 

Then suddenly, a guard fell with an arrow through his head. There was the boy and his dad and an army full of crossbows and swords! 

Chapter 10: Rejuvenation

After they went out, the boy invited them to stay for dinner. The dinner was quite awkward. They were using old fashioned forks and old fashioned plates. 

Teddy asked them, “Why do you use old fashioned stuff?” 

The boy said, “I don’t know.” 

Suddenly, they heard a bomb beeping. Luckily, it wasn’t the atomic virus; it was just a regular bomb. It destroyed the Mercury Tower, the smallest tower in the city. Vex’s guard killed 3,765 people in the explosion. People have to get rejuvenated if they want to survive. That meant plastic surgery.

Chapter 11: Explore

Buddy, Fred, and Teddy went to the scythed mansion to meet the richest man on earth and in the history of the city. They went to meet him because he was the only one in the city who could afford a conduit. They needed the conduit because it was a beacon that could destroy Vex’s evil weapons. They went to Harry Ross (The rich guy). 

They went to ask him, “Can we have a conduit?” 

He started to talk to himself quietly. Later he said, “I will give you the conduit, only if you find the nautilus shell and the heart of the sea.”

Three hours later, they came back with a huge nautilus shell and one silk touch on the heart of the sea. After they gave it to him, he came back with a pure gold conduit. Buddy took it from him and said thanks and turned away to Teddy’s house.

Chapter 12: Split

They put the conduit in Teddy’s safe jar. It was already 12:08am. They said goodbye and went home for some sleep. The next morning, they found a scarf when they took a walk in the retaliated forest. It was the boy’s scarf. 

They went into the jungle temple again. They avoided all the pressure plates and started walking to the treasure chamber. They walked past the treasure and found three levers. They pulled the levers in the right order and there was the boy, tied to the wall. 

After they got him out, the boy said in dismay, “Vex’s guard chased me and then I got whacked by one of its javelins, and that is why I ended up in here.” 

Chapter 13: Sacrifice

After they went out, two heavy guards pushed them against the wall to the torture chamber. Before they got their heads chopped off, there was suddenly a voice. It was the captain from the base. He started fighting and cut the chain off their arms and legs. The sergeant of Vex’s guard shot him with an arrow and then he died. They saw Teddy’s dog. They started heading towards the boy’s treehouse. And when they got there, there was the ocelot, who was Salty. They sat on a bean bag and played on their computers. One hour later, the SHARD exploded from Vex’s bomb! 

Chapter 14: Locating 

The boy told them that there was a new city that people were living in that had an arsenal of troops that could stop enemies. It was way better than the city and it was super protected by good guards. But they need a plane to go there and they couldn’t afford the price of the flight, so they went to Harry Ross for some money. He gave them 8 digital coins and that was enough for four people. Next morning Buddy, Fred, Teddy, and the boy packed up together and headed to the airport. When they got to the plane, there was everything that Buddy liked. 

Chapter 15: Plane

They were in First class and they had everything you could  imagine. The boy read a book to be entertained. Later, the flight attendant said, “Five minutes till landing!” 

When they got there, all of them were excited because they were safe. And they were right, it was safe. They lived in a really fancy hotel and in the best room, all thanks to Harry Ross. The room was filled with quartz statues, four beds, six tables, eight chairs, five bathrooms, two dressing rooms, and a snack cabinet. 

Chapter 16: Regardless

At 8pm, they went for a walk on the hotel bridge. By 10pm, they went back to their room and watched TV. On the news, it said “VEX DESTROYED THREE-QUARTERS OF THE CITY!” “Vex is going to destroy our city,” they thought. 

Buddy said, “We have allies so, we can all defeat him.” 

The next day, they told the king of the city about Vex. He said he would round up all the guards he had. They went to the computer room and located the city that Vex lived in a few years ago. The king told them they have a secret base under the pool. They dived into the hotel pool and pulled the trap door open. Inside, there were a lot of people hacking other evil hackers. The king showed them around the dungeon. There were a lot of cells for the prisoners. 

Chapter 17: Spells

They walked out of the dungeon and started to their room. They slept till 11:00 in the morning and then went to the palace. When they got there, the king showed them the most powerful digital spells they had. The king said if you said the wrong spell, the spell will deflect back to you. That made Buddy stunned. Later that day, they went to the lab and typed in an ultimate bug software to save the city. 

Chapter 18: Conclusion

Next day, they heard the news say that Vex was going to destroy the city that they were living in right now. They went to the palace to tell the king, but the king had already rounded up an arsenal of troops and a lot of royal bodyguards. They heard the planes coming in, but now we have allies so we can defeat them. 


The Doll

1865. Adelaide Mason was a well-behaved 9-year-old girl. Her parents were very rich, and Adelaide got everything she could ever want. The Mason family lived in a mansion on Grandiose Drive, in Indianapolis. Adelaide had one older brother named Charles, who was 15 years old. 

Mrs. and Mr. Mason never believed that their daughter would ever run away. How could she? She got everything she could possibly want, and a huge house. But they thought wrong. 

On October 2nd, Adelaide Mason ran away at night. Mrs. Mason was the first to notice. The front door had slammed shut, and it woke her up. 

“What is that?” she screamed

“Probably your imagination,” replied Mr. Mason

The next morning, Mrs. Mason called Adelaide to breakfast. There was no answer. 

“Dorota, go fetch Adelaide from her room. She’s probably not awake yet,” Mrs. Mason said to one of the maids. 

Dorota came down to tell Mrs. Mason what had happened. 

“Adelaide is not in her bedroom,” Dorota told Mrs. Mason.

Everyone searched everywhere, but there was no sign of Adelaide. They searched all the nooks and crannies, and all around the Masons’ property. 

Then, Mr. Mason called the police. The police looked all around town and asked everyone on the street if they had seen a short girl with black curls and fancy clothes on. No one had seen Adelaide.

That night at dinner time, a creepy doll appeared in Adelaide’s chair. The doll looked exactly like her. Tight black curls and a pretty white lace dress on just like the one that Adelaide had. Except that the doll was not as big as her, and really creepy. The doll had a bloody face and blood all over the white lace dress. 

“What is that doll doing here?!” yelled Mrs. Mason

It seemed like the doll was trying to say something to Mrs. Mason, but it was so hard to hear, and she couldn’t make out the words. 

“Ah! Charles, did you take one of Adelaide’s dolls and put red paint on it?” asked Mr. Mason

“I didn’t do anything, I swear,” replied Charles

“Ok, get that thing out of here Dorota!” yelled Mrs. Mason again

Mrs. Mason was very upset. Someone was trying to replace her own daughter with a creepy doll. 

The next morning, everyone walked to the table feeling really tired. At first, they didn’t even realize that the doll was also walking into the kitchen. She even sat at the table. 

“Oh my goodness! What is with that doll!” screamed Mrs. Mason 

The doll was wearing a white dress with puffed-up shoulders, and a green shawl. It was the same dress and shawl that Adelaide had. That sure woke up the Mason family. 

“Dorota, go throw that thing in the garbage. It is disturbing us, and creeping us out,” said Mr. Mason

Dorota went and threw the doll in the garbage can. 

“That doll is concerning me,” said Mrs. Mason, worried.

“Yes, I don’t know what to do with it. It seems to be a doll version of Adelaide,” replied Mr. Mason

“But, but that is not possible!” stuttered Mrs. Mason

“I know it’s not, but what else could it be? It looks exactly like our daughter, and acts like her also,” said Mr. Mason, again making a point. 

“Did Adelaide have any dolls that looked like her?” asked Mr. Mason

“No, I do not believe so,” replied Mrs. Mason.

When the Mason family was done with their breakfast, Mrs. Mason decided to go up to Adelaide’s bedroom to remind herself of her daughter who she would never see again. When she walked into the bedroom, she saw the same doll Dorota had thrown away on Adelaide’s bed. 

“Where in the name of heavens did this doll come from?” screamed Mrs. Mason acting really startled. 

She decided to take the doll out to the garbage bin and hoped to never see it again. 

The same day repeated over and over again. Dorota taking the doll to the garbage, and it coming back every single day. As the same day happened over and over again, Mrs. and Mr. Mason became more aware of it. After over two weeks of the doll coming back, the Mason family agreed to not take it to the garbage anymore because it would do nothing.

The doll began to be the new Adelaide and started to do the same actions as she would take. The Mason family was getting more and more scared and creeped out.

After one week, Mrs. Mason had an idea to kill the doll. She was going to cut up her hair, and just destroy the doll. 

The next day, Mrs. and Mr. Mason got to work. They first cut off some of her hair and made it all frizzy. Then, they ripped up her dress and drew shapes all over her face. Finally, they put her in a garbage bag, tied it up, and brought it to the dump. 

After that, the doll never came back, but neither did their daughter. 

The Mason family never ever believed that they could kill their own daughter, but they just did, not realizing it. 

That night, when Mrs. Mason was in Adelaide’s room, there was a note on her bed. The note read:

You have killed your own daughter. I am the one who turned her into the doll. She was tired of being rich.


The witch Beatrix

“Oh my goodness!” Mrs. Mason weeped

She called everyone else into Adelaide’s bedroom. It was a sorrowful night. Everyone cried and had nightmares about the doll that was actually their family member. 

The next morning, Mrs. Mason went on an adventure. She went out into the woods and looked for Witch Beatrix. 

She walked about a mile, and a tall slender woman with a cloak came to her. 

“You must be Elizabeth Mason,” said Witch Beatrix.

Witch Beatrix had a deep voice and never showed her face. She always hid her face under the hood of her cloak. 

“Yes, and you are Witch Beatrix, the one who turned my daughter into that horrible doll,” replied Mrs. Mason. “But, who exactly are you, and why did you turn my poor little daughter into a dol?,”

“I did that because that is what she asked of me. She was tired of being made fun of at school because she was so rich. If I turned her into a doll, she wouldn’t have to go to school and experience it anymore,” Witch Beatrix told Mrs. Mason, “And I am witch Beatrix. I grant people wishes whenever they need me,” 

“It doesn’t seem as though you grant people their real wish,” added Mrs. Mason.

“I grant people what is needed for them,” argued Witch Beatrix. “Now go.” 

“Wait. Adelaide could have just told me. She loves me and would tell me anything,” said Mrs. Mason.

“Ahh, you thought you were a good mother giving your child everything she wants, but actually that is the wrong choice to make,” responded Witch Beatrix

Mrs. Mason went back to her home and thought about what she had done. She had killed her own daughter and didn’t even know it. 

After that, the Mason family learned their lesson. To discipline their children, and to get more information before taking action.

The 2 Cat and 1 Monkey Friend


Hi my name is Buttercup, and one of my best friends is named George. He is a brown, white, and black cat, and one eye is green and the other is blue. I am the color peach and white. One of my eyes is bleached. I was put in the laundry machine, and one day my mom put bleach on my eye by accident. When I looked everywhere, I had x-ray vision. My other best friend is Mr. Monkey. He is dark brown and peachy color. Both of his eyes are black. He loves bananas. He can dance. I went to Peru with George. Mr Monkey didn’t want to go. We came back from the trip, and George was gone. Six months passed, and we didn’t find him, until my aunt said that she found him. When I saw him, I burst into tears. Stuffing was coming out of my eyes. I slept good all the time everytime George was here.


Hi my name is George, and I am going to tell you about what I have been doing during those six months. I have traveled to the kitchen. DUH DUH DUUUN! It was such a journey. There were mountains. The humans were so strong that they picked up the mountains. One of them said they were books, but I think they were mountains. I had to run over the humans. It was so difficult. I started to jump, and a person looked at me and called someone and said, ’’I found him.’’ In my head, I said, “Yeah right.’’ I met my best friend/my brother. I was so happy I hugged him so tight. I went back home and slept right away, knowing my brother is always going to be with me side by side.


Hi, my name is Mr. Monkey. What I did during the six months is sleep, eat, sleep, eat, and so on. I was relaxing until I wanted to get a banana. I had to face the DOG. DUN DUN DUUUUN. I ran as fast as I could, and the dog was chasing me. I jumped on the dog and jumped to the bananas. I did! I ate one and quickly ran back to my room. I am named Mr. Monkey because I am also elegant. I always put a towel around my neck to be clean. I also am a teacher. I teach Buttercup and George. I am in Monkey University. I learn how to use bananas to make different chemicals.

My Journal

Chili was in a closet. The police are outside. He was panicking. He didn’t know what to do except run. He heard the footsteps and the calling of the stalker. He’s crying, but he couldn’t make any noise OR HE’S DEAD.

1 week before all of this happened

He was at home doing his homework before he heard a noise in the wall, and next to Chili’s wall was just cement that’s all. The noise was louder and louder just like his heart beat. He went closer to the wall and his sweat was running through his skin. He couldn’t breathe. 

Was this normal? 

Like a flash, he ran to his mom so hard the tiles on the floor broke like pencils. Chili told his mom what he had heard, but his mom told him, “Do you have a fever?” 

Chili went back into his room and heard the same voice. He ran to his mom again, and his mom said she heard a voice too. They called the popo and they came in 10 minutes.

When they were about to go outside, someone pulled them in…

What happened

They got pulled in and they started to scream, yell, kick, punch. The door closed and got locked.  Tears ran down their throats. Their voices were cranky and painful. While they were screaming, the person was getting more angry. 


“IT’S NOT MY FAULT!” Chili’s mom said. While they were getting dragged, Chili was playing on his phone. His mom was like ಠ_ಠ. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU ARE CRAZY!!!! ¿(❦﹏❦)?HIDE THE PHONE!!” 

“My phone died.”chill said. “Wahhhh!  I NEED A CHARGER.”


Far away, they saw a glowing silver sparkle. It was a knife! They started to scream and scream and scream. 

Chili’s mom kicked the stalker in the leg, and the stalker fell on his face, and they started to run.ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ.

They ran to Chili’s  mom’s room since there were more hiding places than Chili’s room.They hid in the closet  (∩︵∩). While he was in the closet, he felt excruciating pain. He saw he made a big cut on his leg when he ran, since he dropped glass and fell on it. He had covered his cut with his sweater. He must have been so focused on saving his life he didn’t really focus on the cut. He kept on losing a lot of blood. He had a fever and his face had turned green and yellow.(´~ヾ ).His mom was helping him as much as she could. Chili was about to scream because of the pain. Chili’s mom covered his mouth. Chili’s mom peeked through the closet and she saw the stalker distracted. Chili’s mom told him to try to stand up but he couldn’t. Chili’s mom took the risk, put Chili on her back, and ran. But then they heard police with the sound of the guns ready for anything that comes in their way. They heard punching, tasers, and other things. At the end, they caught him. Chili and his mom got out of the house and they saw his face. 

It couldn’t be. Is this real? There he was. Chili’s 5th grade teacher. With a smirk on his face. Chili was happy that he and his mom were safe and sound, but that night haunts him every night. It is a mystery why Chili’s teacher did that.


(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)

Bob the Dwagin

Chapter 1

Once upon a time, there was a dwagin named Bob. Bob lived in a cave in the middle of nowhere. 

He used to live in a waterfall by a lake named Peace on this land. He was kicked out of the waterfall because he kept breathing fire on tourists and stuff! 

But there was one boy that wanted the dwagin to stay. The boy’s name is Billy. Billy loved dwagins. They were his favorite animals. He loved every type: water, ice, fire, earth. Everyone, except undead dwagins. Undead dwagins were mean and ferocious. They attacked anyone they saw. Billy’s favorite type was fire though, because they were classic. That is why Billy wanted Bob to stay at the waterfall. 

But the other townspeople wanted him to move. They all shouted, “Move! Move!” to Bob the dwagin. But Billy told everyone that Bob shouldn’t move because he was happy with his “company” there. But they all disagreed. Everyone said that he was dangerous and unfriendly. 

Once he moved, Billy snuck away at night to find Bob. It turned out Bob found a cave near the village, but still in the middle of nowhere! It was small and warm and snug, but it was too small to have his friends over.

Chapter 2: The stuff

When Billy found Bob, they decided to go out and play. While they played, Bob found a big wooden box that was lined with real gold, and it was really heavy and locked. Luckily, Billy had a paperclip so he opened the chest. In the chest were diamond and gold, and even a note. It said: So ye found the treasure all filled up with gold, now go to the town and get your reward. 

“Wow!!” said Billy. “Sorry Bob, but you can’t go.” 

Bob was kind of sad because they found the treasure together, and he wouldn’t be able to get his reward. Billy said that he would ask the mayor for his reward. Bob felt better after Billy told him that. So Billy carried the big treasure chest all the way to the town. When he showed the mayor what he had found, the mayor was so happy he let him take two things from the chest, then it would get transported to the museum.                                                                   

Soon after he finished speaking, the moving truck arrived to pick up the chest. Soon, 

everyone wanted to go to the museum and see the chest. 

“You did a good job,” the mayor told Billy. 

Then Billy asked, “Mayor, can Bob come back? Because he was the one who found the chest.” 

The mayor was so happy with Bob that he let him go back to the waterfall. When Bob went back to the waterfall, he hugged Billy. He noticed that everyone was there, and they weren’t scared of him anymore. Bob felt happy. He was smiling. So he lived happily ever after. 


The ABCs of Helpers

A for ambulances who help people who fell on the street

B for bus drivers who make sure kids are not late for school 

C for cops who arrest people for robbing banks

D for doctors who help people who are sick

E for Electrician workers who help people who can charge TV

F for firemen who help when there is a fire

G for garbage men who pick up garbage because it is going to stink

H for homework helpers who help people who need help for homework 

I for ice cream helper when it is hot 

J for janitors who clean

K for kitchen helpers who help people cook

L for librarians who help people who need help finding the books 

M for museum workers who make sure people don’t break glass in the exhibits 

N for nurses who make people feel better 

O for office helpers who make sure people who work get money 

P for plumbers who fix toilets when they get broken and when they’re not working 

Q for quilters who make cute quilts to keep people warm 

R for radio workers make sure music is perfect! 

S for sanitation workers who wash the streets

T for teachers who help people learn 

U for umbrella makers who make umbrellas so when it rains people can buy them 

V for van drivers who drive people 

W for waffle makers who make waffles 

X for x-ray workers who check people’s hand, feet, and body 

Y for yoyo makers who make yoyos that bounce

Z for zookeepers who take care of the animals 

The Singularity

CHAPTER ONE: Getting Ready

In year 4077, the King of Avalon told every person in the city to take themselves to the palace for a war. Noah went to the palace. He put his fingerprint on the scanner and the voice replied, “BED WARS.” 

Noah didn’t want to go to the Bed Wars. He wanted to go to the Snowball Fights. The reason why he didn’t want to go to Bed Wars is because he has to go to a really really high place up in the world. He doesn’t want to get killed by a sword or get knocked out with a snowball and fall like a million feet down. Next day, he went to the arena for Bed Wars. He was surprised that he had to build a bridge to other forts with blocks of wool. Even more awkward is that he saw that the forts are made out of wool. He was on the Blue team because he wore a blue armour. He has three other teammates and a blue bed. One of his teammates built a fort made out of blue wool and every one was armed with fire charges to break or set on fire the wool that opponents are building to raid your fort and pickaxes for breaking the beds and wool. There were also swords to kill enemies and bow and arrows for long range distance. When the countdown ended, all the people were building bridges of wool and protecting. Suddenly, the bridge that he was building was trembling. He looked behind him and saw someone throw a fire charge at him and his bridge. But Noah was fast; he ran to the green team’s fort and saw defenders charging at him. 


He started feeling brave and threw a snowball at a person and it knocked him off his fort and fell down to the kraken (under the island’s hole and then you die from it). The other defender charged at Noah, but he missed and fell on the ground. He was on the edge of the island, which was made of ice and then he couldn’t hold it anymore so he fell into the kraken too. He broke the green bed and he heard a giant voice and said, “Green team eliminated.” He raced back to his fort and his teammates were there eating lunch. 

Later they introduced themselves. “I’m Kyle, he is Alex and this is Andy.”

 Suddenly they heard the same voice and heard, “Yellow team eliminated.” Andy told him that the Red team are Cheaters and they have a better upgrade and they have better fighters.


They saw a red armoured person who was trying to shear wool, so Kyle got angry and kicked him off the island. Alex and Andy charged to the Red team fort. The defenders were raging like a bull when they saw the defenders and ran back to their fort out of breath. Noah went to the Red team’s fort and lastly without a defender seeing him, he broke the bed. 

He heard the voice say, “Red and Blue team eliminated.’’ 

Noah thought to himself, “How can two teams lose at the same time?” 

Suddenly, he heard the voice say, “Deathmatch!”

CHAPTER FOUR: Deathmatch

The island became smaller and a pulsed line was getting closer. If the pulse hits you, you are dead. (The pulsed line is a line that is made of dark matter and hydroelectric.) Some guy from the Red team knocked Alex off the island and to the kraken. At the same time, the defender killed Andy and threw him to the pulsed line. 

Kyle fell to the kraken because someone threw a firecharge at him. Noah was the only person left on the Blue team. He was feeling angry and stabbed the person who was charging at him. Some person kicked him on the back, then Noah kicked him to the kraken. Now it was Noah and another person. They fought till sunset. Noah remembered the time he felt scared. So he kicked the guy to the edge made out of ice and threw a snowball, and then he fell to the kraken. Suddenly he heard the voice say, “Blue team wins.’’ 

He felt really happy and proud of himself.


Beep! Blop! Beep! The annoying sound of my alarm clock wakes me up. I am about to go back to sleep when I remember it is the birthday of my grandma, Granny Mary, and what I don’t know is what she wants. I creep down the stairs into her bedroom and open her trunk of memories. That is when I stumble across a ripped-off page of her diary from when she was younger. Here is what it says:

Dear Diary,

Today was my 10th birthday and it was all going perfectly until my brother Tommy “accidentally” threw out all my presents (video games) and birthday treats (Oreos, sprinkles, Chips Ahoy, various other cookies, and ice cream in a wide range of favors). I am so mad and upset at him. I wanted the video games so badly, but I remembered that I am a girl, and a girl is not allowed to have video games or even like them, so I guess that I will get another doll to add to my huge collection of dolls and not have any video games. I really want to have equal rights and be able to get video games. Hopefully next year will be better.

-Mary Blob

That is when I realize what to get Granny for her birthday. I will give her the birthday that she never had. I grab the diary entry and rush to my parents’ room.

“Mom, Dad, wake up!” I say in a rush.

“What is it?” answers my half-awake mom.

“I know what to get Granny for her birthday,” I say.

“Great, what is it?”

“First, you have to get out of bed and get dressed,” I say.

With that, my mom jumps out of bed, gets dressed, and heads downstairs. I go down the stairs and get a bite to eat. We meet in the car.

“So where are we going?” says my mom, still unsure of what we are doing.

“We are going to the Toolfast Shopping Center. There we will see Mathew’s Marvelous Market where you will get…” I take the diary entry out of my pocket and read, “Oreos, sprinkles, Chips Ahoy, various other cookies, and ice cream in a wide range of flavors. I will also get all video game related things in stock at Violet’s Video Game Hut.”

My mom says, “But you will…”

“…not get all the video games in stock—only a few.” I say, completing my mother’s sentence.

“Okay,” she says.

We arrive at the Toolfast Shopping Center. I hand my mom the diary entry. We know what to do. We jump out of the car and head our separate ways. When I arrive at Violet’s Video Game Hut, I notice that all the games are sold out except for Super Mario Brothers, a game from when she was a kid. I guess that is the only game I could get her. I wish I could give her more video games because she really wanted them. Whether or not my mom gets the other stuff right, video games were the main thing she wanted.

 I meet my mom back in the car.

“The supermarket went well,” my mom says in her cheery tone, “I got everything on the list!”

“The video game store was a disaster,” I say. “They were sold out of everything except for Super Mario Brothers, so I got that but not any one of the games she wanted.”

“That is exactly what she wanted. She always told me that she wanted Super Mario Brothers. That is the perfect gift!”

“So what are we waiting for? We have a party to throw!” I say, containing my excitement for the party.

With that, we jump into the car and rush home. One we get there, we wake up everyone, except Granny. We set everything up. We just finish setting up when my sister hears Granny coming down the hallway, so we hide. When Granny arrives in the kitchen, we all jump out and say, “Surprise!”

Granny is very surprised! We all gather around and sing, “Happy Birthday” to her. After that, we play party games and have all the treats on her list. She is flattered. At the end of the party, we give Granny her presents. Mine is the last one to be given. My mom hands her the gift.

“Super Mario Brothers!” Granny says. Her face is full of joy. “I have always wanted this. Mia, thank you for the best birthday ever!” Granny says.

“How did you know it was me?” I reply back.

“Your mother told me. Thank you.”

Granny gives me a big hug. I hug her back. We go back to partying. It is clear that it is the best birthday ever.

Do Aliens Exist?

Yes, they do exist. There was once an article I read in school that said “Aliens do exist, because there is life on Mars.” There is life on Mars because studies show that there used to be water in between the rocks on Mars. This is important because life can’t exist without water and wherever there is water, there is life. Another reason I think that aliens do exist is the one time I actually saw one….

Chapter 1: The beginning and stuff

The first thing you have to know about New Jupiter is that it used to be filled with aliens. Until the basic humanoids (also known as droids) came along. They destroyed every alien in sight. Some got away but the rest were terminated. Once you get to know droids, they’re quite nice. But some droids are bad. They’re never bad on purpose though. They are programmed by Cybermort. He used to be an alien himself. Then some mean aliens kicked him and his followers out of Old Jupiter and into CybaMars (what Mars is called today). Cybermort wanted revenge. He wanted revenge because of a lot of things but the main reason he wanted revenge was to destroy all the aliens, even himself.

Chapter 2: I find the alien

I ran across the stage to door 1-A, as I crossed the theater room and up the stairs.

The assignment was due today and I only had a matter of time before the bus left. I ran like the wind as I sped down the hallway of my house. I raced to my room, opened the closet door, and took out my 7000AMKV Hoverboard. After that, I wasn’t worried, I jumped out the window with my hoverboard connected to my feet, hoping I wouldn’t be late for school.

Our bus driver wasn’t normal. He had two claws for hands, a fish tail, and the head of a velociraptor. He drove the kids to each class, which was in their own building. I had astronomy class first then I headed to my homeroom where Ms. Satan was doing her usual morning routine of yelling at kids, “teaching” math, smoking an electronic eyeball, and looking at her devil tattoo. After I was done with that torture, I had my favorite class yet, science! Science class is my favorite because we get to do experiments and blow up stuff. I also like science because my science teacher has a dark history.

I was making my way to music class, when I got tackled into a locker by a mysterious creature. Suddenly, the creature with big green muscles whispered in my ear, “##! ####! %#####! ^%$$%%@!” Out of my shock, I managed a very loud SCREEEEEEEEAM! Suddenly the doors burst open, and the security rushed in. 

“What happened here?” the security guard said. 

“An alien!” I screamed. Suddenly, my eyes rolled into the back of my head and I passed out.

Chapter 3: The power of the scroll

I woke up in a strange reality that had strange metal ground and some robot-like creatures suddenly the scene changed and I was in an ancient building which I could tell from history class at school. I sat up and looked at my surroundings and saw a very slow creature. The creature had big tusks and scorpion-like legs and a mouth full of black teeth. As it came closer to me, I saw that it was talking in a strange voice. I reached out to touch it, but my hand just went through like it was a ghost. 

Then the scene changed once again. And I was in an ocean. I saw a green magic scroll laid at my feet. I went to reach for it, starting to read what it said.

One will find the ancient being, an innocent supernatural with ancient blood. They must find the secret mask for it will lead you to a final task and there you shall fight with all of your might. For this battle is great and shall lead to your destiny. This magic scroll is still untold of what it can do. But all I know is to give it to you. 

The letter disappears into smoke and a magic, green flame burns around it. I take the scroll and it surprisingly doesn’t burn me. And suddenly, I can’t breathe. I’m underwater for too long. I try to imagine getting out of this place. Suddenly, the scroll starts to glow and everything goes black. 

The Final Battle… or is it? 

I woke up on the strange metal land I was on before. This time, I was inside a giant vase that had two letters on it. C and M. I was guessing this was the final battle. Then gripped the scroll and imagined I had an elemental sword. And when I slashed it, it came out as different elements. A different element for every slash. I felt a tingling sensation in me that told me to hide. I hid myself behind a big beam as three robotic-like creatures came around the corner. I jumped out from the beam I was behind and slashed with my sword a fire that came out and knocked them down before they could even get their shock rifles out. I assumed they were cyborgs by the robotic parts on their head. Then I heard the alarm blaring, twenty five shock troopers surrounded me. Before they could shoot, an alien with super speed came behind all the cyborgs in a couple of seconds, knocking them all out. 

“Hey you’re the alien from school,” I said. I recognized the alien from his muscular green body and his black teeth, like the creature from my dream. But this time I could understand the creature as he talked in his foreign language. 

He said, “Go. Go away. I will distract them. Go. Defeat! Go defeat Cybermort. And avenge us all!!!!” 

Then I start running down the hallway, listening to the alien. Something was motivating me to trust him. As I reached the final port, I saw cybermort sitting in his red chair.

“Well well well,” he said. “The hero is finally here”

I charged at him but he dodged my sword. Then he pointed his finger at me and yelled, “HADOUKEN!”

Suddenly my body was set on fire. I slowly put it out by slashing my sword at me. No damage was done to me, but it was the element of water. I yelled, “Bring it on!” Then I tried to hit him again with incredible speed. Hitting him with a knockout blow. 

“Ooof!” he yelled as electric sparks flew out of his body. Then the most incredible thing happened. Cybermort fell off the railing and all the cyborgs shut down. 

Then my alien friend rushed toward me and held my hand. Suddenly, my eyes closed and the world went black.  

And that’s how I know aliens exist. 

Scary and Short Stories


A couple, Tom and Julia, were walking on a bridge over a river. 

Tom said, “I love y–” 

Then Julia fell into the river. Tom couldn’t save her. Later, he went home and never went outside, even for her funeral.

“I can’t take it anymore.” He threw himself in the river and drowned.


His name was Sam. He was my love, my sweet, my everything. Then something tragic happened.

When we were walking to the train, he fell on the train tracks. I was on my phone, I didn’t notice, so when I heard the train coming I was looking for him, I called out:

“Sam! Sami!!! Where are you?”

Then he said, “Right here, mommy.”

I screamed, “Help, please!” But it was too late, the train had run him down. It was the saddest time for me, really sad.

Every night now, I scream “Sami.” I can still hear his voice echoing in my head saying, “I’m right here, mommy…”

Love you, Sami.


One century ago, there was a man whose name was Boogey.

When Boogey was a child, he would go to school and the other students would make fun of him for his name. So one day, in high school, he never showed up to class. His parents searched their house and never found him. His fellow students, of course, didn’t care. People say he went into the woods and starved to death, but two weeks later, somebody found his body in his basement. SUICIDE.

Some people say that they’ve seen his ghost in their basements or in the closets. One boy, Jimmy, named him the Boog Monster, but he is well known as the BOOGEYMAN. 


One day, there was a family, they had two daughters, Helen and Sofia, and a son, Jimmy. They lived in Maine, close to a lake.

One day, when it was very cold, Jimmy wanted to go ice skating. So Helen and Sofia took him outside and helped put his ice skates on. Then he went ice skating, and the ice started breaking under Jimmy’s feet. Then Helen and Sofia pushed him out of the way in time. But then Helen started to feel the ice breaking under her feet and so did Sofia. Then the ice broke. The two girls had drowned. Jimmy ran home crying… 

Two weeks went by and Jimmy wouldn’t get out of his bed. That night he saw two shadows walking on the lake holding hands. It was his sisters. He got so scared that he locked the door to his house. Then the sisters barged into the house, took Jimmy, ran to the lake, and drowned him.  


One day, there was a town called Death’s Peak. It was actually the happiest town in the world, but that changed one day when it started raining, it rained everyday for years and the town grew sad.

The rain was overwatering the plants and there were many floods, and people grew sick and died. Four years later, the whole town died, but the ghosts of the people still remained in the town and were abandoned for about a century…

Then some people came to the town and built over it. The ghosts grew mad and started to burn and kill each one of the people that had tried to build a town over theirs. Twenty years went by and they had killed over a thousand people. The town still remains and is known as Doodletown or ghost town.


One day, there was a girl named Sophie. She had a bunch of problems (mentally) so nobody would believe whatever was about to happen.

When Sophie was walking to school alone because her parents were sick and needed rest, so while Sophie was walking, she saw a big dog, so she took it home without telling her parents.

That night she heard a scream coming from her parents’ room. Then she saw what the dog really was. It was a tall man holding a knife. Because of her mental illnesses, she had seen a dog, not a man, then he stabbed her…


There was once a girl named Melissa, and she had no friends. One day, she was walking on the street and she came across a beautiful mirror in an antique shop that was closing up. So she bought it for four dollars.

When she got home, she put the mirror in her room. Then in the night she heard a whisper. There wasn’t anyone in her room so she went back to sleep.

An hour later, she heard another whisper. Then she got up and looked at the mirror. Then a dark figure appeared in the mirror. 

Melissa looked behind her and saw nothing. But in the mirror, there was a man. 

He said, “I’ve been thinking a lot, and I wanted to ask, will you be my friend?”

“Yes,” Melissa said without giving it one thought. They spent the whole night talking and then it was time for school.

Melissa was happy that she had a friend. But that day in school, some girl, Hannah, asked Melissa to be her friend. So she did.

The next day, she couldn’t find Hannah anywhere. She asked the teachers about it, but all they said was that she was probably just sick… They were wrong.

A week later, they found out that Hannah had been murdered. 

So here was the crime scene. She was standing in her room. Her room had a bed, a small couch, a dresser and a mirror… Melissa froze, and then asked her friend if he was anywhere else than in her room. 

He said, “No? I just stayed here and—how was your day?”

“Fine,” Melissa said.

Then he started talking about his life. He said he was never loved by anyone, not even his family. Then his big eyes started to turn black. Then he said his name was Jereld, and that he just always wanted a friend. He also said that when he was three, his classmates made fun of him because of his big eyes, then he said, “You have big eyes.”

Melissa ran as fast as she could outside of her house…

Melissa woke up in her room and checked the mirror. Jereld wasn’t there. But a little later, she found out he changed his name and his gender. Now he is known as BLOODY MARY.


In 1921, Charles Rogers was born.

When Charles was a young boy, he was physically and mentally abused. Later on in life he was very stressed after a couple of years he went psycho and only stayed in his room, the way he communicated was putting notes under his door. One day, the police came to his house and knocked on the door loudly. They had knocked for five minutes before kicking the door open… They searched the house. 

When they got to the basement, they found a refrigerator, and then they opened the refrigerator and found what looked like hog meat. But, later on, they found out that it was actually his parents’ disassembled bodies. The police looked in Charles Rogers’ room and saw that the doorknob had blood on it. So they left the house because Charles wasn’t there.

One day, in 1975, they declared that Charles had died…

But did he really?

Daisy’s Adventure

There used to be a unicorn named Daisy who lived in California, in a rainbow castle. Across from the castle was a beautiful rainbow. Daisy adored the rainbow more than she loved chocolate cake! Daisy studied social studies at school and learned all about the panorama. She worked very hard on the project of California’s panorama. 

Daisy had always been trying to go on top of the rainbow to see the panorama of California. But each time Daisy tried, there were obstacles stopping her. Today she saw the rainbow and whispered to herself, “Today I have to get past those obstacles and finally get to see California’s panorama.” Daisy, with all her bravery, started to go through the castle’s gates. Once she stepped out of the gates she met a river with no bridge. 

She tried thinking of what to do and thought of it… making a boat! It was a perfect idea because she loved architecture and there were plenty of logs next to her to build a boat. As time flew by, Daisy got more work done. And before she knew it, she was all done with building the boat. She dragged the boat into the river, and hopped on the boat.

“Phew,” she said. “If it weren’t for the logs, I couldn’t have made it.” 

After the river, there was another obstacle: a creepy dark forest. Daisy knew she had a big fear of forests. But, she remembered what her goal was: to finally go on top of the rainbow and see California’s panorama, so she took a deep breath and walked into the forest. As she walked, she met a tiger who was a very scary one. It had sharp scary nails, and dark green eyes, and the biggest roar Daisy had ever heard!


Daisy was frightened. Really frightened! But since Daisy was really intelligent, she knew just what to do: stand still and tiptoe carefully behind the tiger until he was out of her sight, and it worked!

“Phew,” she said, “If it wasn’t for all of my intelligence, I wouldn’t have gotten past that scary tiger.”

Finally, there was only one more obstacle: a big scary roller coaster!

“Oh-no!” Daisy exclaimed. “I totally forgot that the roller coaster was the last obstacle. I know I said I would finally go on top of the rainbow to see the panorama, but this is too scary for me.” 

Then she started to run away, but remembered that she was a very persistent girl and that she would have come all this way for nothing if she left. So, she went up to the roller coaster and hopped on. She took a deep breath, and waited for the roller coaster to turn on. And then it did. She started screaming but managed to arrive at her destination: the rainbow!

“Finally,” she exclaimed. “Now I can go on top of the rainbow and see California’s panorama!” 

So she went on top of the rainbow and saw the panorama, and always lived happily ever after when she remembered the time she went on top of the rainbow. And did it again.

The End.

Germ Clash

One day a BIG germ called Shadow was walking then whomp! A huge germ slapped him into a volcano then, KA-KOOM!!!! A huge serpent called Lord Sparr ya-yeted Shadow! Then they all started fighting! Shadow had the bow and sword. Lord Sparr had the whip. The 2 germs clashed loudly as Shadow shot a poison arrow, almost knocking down Sparr! Sparr ran away yelling “Mom!” Shadow chased Sparr into a cave and cut Sparr’s head off! Shadow ran away with Sparr’s head. Shadow ran back to his fortress and put the head on the wall as a souvenir. Then, Shadow wrote on a piece of paper on top of Lord Sparr’s head, “This is what I got from defeating Lord Sparr!” Then he taped it on the top of Lord Sparr’s head.

Then all of a sudden, Lord Sparr kicked open Shadow’s door. CRASH! Lord Sparr kicked the door so hard the whole fortress shook like a shock wave. But Shadow saw that Lord Sparr was a zombie with magical powers. Then Shadow took off running. Lord Sparr chased him. But Shadow took his jetpacks off the wall and he zoomed away at 35,000 miles per hour. Lord Sparr could only run two miles per hour. 

But then when Shadow was about to go back to the fortress to add new batteries, he said, “Oh, I almost forgot!” and he grabbed the head and he added new batteries and then he took off.

Lord Sparr used his magical powers and he guided Shadow back and he used magical powers to lock Shadow in a dungeon. But Shadow just broke the dungeon and flew back to Earth and Lord Sparr followed, but he was very, very, VERY slow.

Shadow hollered, “So long, sucker!” And he hid on Earth. Lord Sparr didn’t know where he was, so he went into a random stranger’s house and the stranger said, “Hey! What are you doing?” And he kicked him out of his house.

“Yow!” Lord Sparr yelled when the stranger kicked him out of his house. “Owie, owie!” Then he ran back and he tried to find a doctor but the doctor said, “Hey! You look like someone from out of this world!” And she kicked him out and said, “I only accept people from this world!”

Then, Lord Sparr finally found Shadow. Shadow said, “Uh-oh!” then when Lord Sparr was about to throw him into the volcano, Shadow was quicker and he tased Lord Sparr and he threw him into the sun.

Then Shadow just bought a house and a Lamborghini and he tested out how fast the Lamborghini went and then “Yoweeee!” The Lamborghini was 2,000 miles an hour.

Then Shadow found a secret button that said, “Push button for jetpacks.” Jetpacks huh?? Shadow thought. This was going crazy! He activated the jetpacks and then, ZOOM! The Lamborghini went so fast it flew out of the world! Then Shadow zoomed in space back to Earth so Lord Sparr could not find him.

Then Lord Sparr just made a house in the sun. But Lord Sparr’s house was a little toasty. Then Lord Sparr caught on fire! “Help! Help!” he cried. Then Lord Sparr quickly sprayed some water on him, but then Lord Sparr figured, “Wait! This is goooood and hot water!” Then he looked down and saw: He was shooting flames on himself! But since Lord Sparr was a zombie, he could stay on fire, so Shadow lived on Earth and Lord Sparr lived on the sun.


(And they never met again!)

1 o’clock

Something is weird today. Today, my bed was dancing with me. 

At six o’clock in the morning, cotton candy with a gentle voice was reading where the sidewalk ends. 

At 10 a clock, a fox was shaking hands with me.

At 11 o’clock, a deer said nice things to me.

At 12 o’clock, a tree gave me a donut and we ate the donut together.

At 1 o’clock, a smile was on a merry-go-round with me

At 2 o’clock, me and a piece of bubble gum were talking about business stuff. 

At 3 o’clock, a toilet was jumping with me.                                                              

At 4 o’clock, an apple saw me toot in the kitchen and I was embarrassed. 

At 5 o’clock, a lady bug watched Johnny Test with me.

Well, I did spill a cotton candy, fox, deer, tree, smile, bubble gum, toilet, apple, lady bug potion on me.

Dragon Story

Once upon a time, there was a dragon whose name was Oliver. He was known as a myth, but not the hero. The hero is still alive, but in hiding because he knows that he is the real bad one.

One day, a girl named Stacey wandered in the woods because she heard a dragon roar. She went farther in the woods. She went even farther in the forest. She heard even more dragon roars. After all the trees she walked past, she saw two caves directly across from each other. Then she saw Oliver who had red eyes. Stacey was scared. She pinched herself to see if it was a dream. It was definitely not a dream.

She stepped closer to the caves. She stood right in the middle of the caves. Then fire came out of one cave and went straight to the other one. Then she heard a groan. It sounded like a lion’s roar. The roar was louder and longer.

The fake hero’s name was Cornelius, but Oliver called him Cornie. She started to climb the cave with Oliver after Cornie flew away. She finally made it to the top. Slowly, she walked in the cave. She saw a tree stump and Oliver was sitting on it. She felt so bad for him. She was determined to cheer him up.

She walked next to him and asked what was the matter?

He said, “Life is just not fair.”

“I know,” said Stacey. “My grandfather is a dragon expert, but he has a different opinion from everyone.”

Oliver said, “That’s why you look like him. Your grandfather and I were best buddies until people took him away because they thought I was the bad guy.”

“Oliver, please tell me!”

“Okay, once upon a time there was a dragon whose name was Oliver. He was known as a myth, but not the hero.The hero is still alive, but in hiding because he knows that he is the real bad one.”

“Wow! I had no idea, I’m so sorry,” said Stacey. “I probably should’ve told you before you told me the story that I can’t keep a secret.”

“You can’t tell anyone, they won’t believe you. You need proof,” said Oliver.

“Oh, I have proof. When I was a baby I put video cameras before that happened,” said Stacey. “Give me a ride down. Everybody needs to know!” she said.

Oliver said, “Why not? You can’t keep a secret and you have proof.”

She hopped. After 13 times of showing the video, they were convinced. Oliver was finally free, but Cornie was punished.

“Thank you Stacey for everything.”

The Unicorns and One Pony

Chapter 1

Once there was a pony. Her name was Emma. Emma wished she was a unicorn. All the unicorns in town did not allow Emma in their group, so every day after school she cried to her mom. Her mom was a unicorn. One day she went to school with a fake unicorn horn and rainbow mane. 

One day she went to the doctor to get plastic surgery. The doctor thought she might die. Emma wanted to die, but her mom said not to do the surgery. Emma was depressed. Then her mom told the principal that all of the unicorns were making fun of her, but the principal was a unicorn so he said, “Well, your daughter has mental issues.” The pony had to move from California to New York because her mom had a job there

They moved. The school that she went to was very welcoming. They even had a surprise. She loved it and on the bright side, it was a private only pony school. And for Halloween, they were all unicorns. When they went trick or treating, she saw a friend from California! 

Chapter 2

Apparently the other unicorn that was from the other school moved to the same place the next day. Emma was relieved that the other unicorn went to a different school. That night, Emma had a nightmare about her old school moving to New York and all the other unicorns were living in her building. 

Chapter 3

When Emma woke up, her mom said that her school moved to New York. 

“Ahhhhhhh!” said Emma. 


Nature is one of the things that stayed with me as I got older. When I was little, I would spend hours outside looking for cicada shells that I collected in my pocket. I would climb trees and admire the beautiful plants I could see when I went hiking in the forest. I loved to feel the cool spring breeze brush against my arm and go through my body filling my heart with happiness.

The four elements are fire, water, air, and earth. When I was asked to choose the one I felt most attached to, I chose earth, but now I don’t know if that is true. When I think of the four elements, I think of Magic, sorcery, and mystery. I think that those elements are all a part of earth, but just different parts of it. 

I love to think of different worlds that have magic in them. Magic is something that I wish this world had. Not the kind of magic we see every day in nature and people, but magic that goes against science and our beliefs. If I ever saw magic I don’t know if I would know that it’s there. The magic on TV and in books is just one type that it could be. Some people think that magic has to do with witches and witchcraft. Witches are known by some people to communicate with the devil, which is interesting and kind of creepy.

I remember when I went on a hike one time. I went into a concrete passageway that was used during the war. The passageways were all over and very old. It was dark and filled with garbage. I thought I could see the end of it. When I was already about halfway in, I started getting disgusted by the crickets on the ceiling. But I knew that I was almost to the end, and if I kept going, it wouldn’t be any slower than going back. So I decided to walk to the end where I could see the light. When I got there, I saw that that wasn’t actually the end of the passage, but the rest was closed off by erosion. There was a hole in the ceiling, and I pulled myself back up and took a deep breath.

Straws Are Bad


In this story, you will learn a lot about what damage plastic does to the earth. Did you know that by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans? In this story, you will learn what kinds of straws are bad, why they are bad for land animals, sea creatures, and humans, and also my experience with straws.

What are straws?/Why are they bad?

Straws are long pieces of plastic, bamboo, or wood that are used to be able to drink a liquid from a tall glass without having to tip your cup. Straws are bad because they kill animals and humans.              

Land animals

 Straws are bad because they kill animals, plants, and humans too. The reason why plastic kills living animals is when people drop or throw their straws in the trash cans, streets, and woods where they just go to landfills or get eaten by bugs or bears.

Sea creatures and Humans

The way that plastic kills sea life is like how it kills forest animals. It just gets eaten by sea creatures, which is even worse than when a land dweller/animals that lives on land do. The reason why it is worse is because we humans don’t eat land animals that are available to plastic, while we eat almost every type of fish that is discovered to humans. And when fishermen catch the fish to sell to companies, the fish caught sometimes have small pieces of plastic in it. The way that it kills humans is when humans eat the fish, they can choke on the small pieces of plastic.

My experience with straws.

My experience with straws is that when I traveled throughout Southeast Asia  for six months I saw a lot of plastic straws and other types of plastic like plastic bags and plastic bottles all over like in the streets or in the ocean. Another sad story is that when I was snorkeling, I saw a bunch of small fish chasing a single piece of plastic!!!

How we can fix it

The reason we can fix this problem is whenever you have the chance to turn down a straw, do it and dont be scared to say no to a waiter or waitress. Another way you can fix it is that whenever you see a piece of garbage, pick it up. Here’s one of my favorite sayings: “The little things are what counts.”

The Marine Biology Specialist

The ocean is a beautiful place and there are so many tropical fish that have not been found yet. In my research, I found so many new fish, and one of them was called the Ecnoctus. It was a three-eyed creature with two tails and eight fins. But there are many more fish I can name, and I can only name a couple right now. Another fish is called the trienathodon. It is a creature with one eye, four fins, and two mouths. One was bright purple and the other one was dark orange, and that is why I love the ocean. But I have to go to the bottom of the ocean and find more animals. 

The Snowy July

Maria was bored. She was bored like she’s never been bored before, all because it was wet and dreary outside. All she could do was play checkers with her grandma because Mia’s parents were on a trip in Argentina where they got bundles of snow!

“Oh, it’s so boring inside. I wish we had snow, don’t you Grandma?!” Maria pouted.

“Yes dear… wait, I remember when I was your age I loved inventing things and I built a snow machine and I think it might be in the attic,” exclaimed Maria’s grandma. Five minutes later, the old snow machine was pumped and ready,

“3…2…1… go!” Maria yelled, and she hit the crank. And so much white, cold, fluffy snow came bursting out!

“This is the life!” said Maria.

“Woah, it still works!” said Maria’s grandma. Then, after they were done lounging in it, those two wanted to put it back. But how would they clean up the snow? “Oh no! Wait… I also remember when I was your age, I made another invention that cleans it all up! I think it’s in the attic!” exclaimed Maria’s grandma. And it was!

Maria turned the crank and four little active snowplows and ten tiny shovels and vacuums spurted out and in one hour, fifteen minutes, and forty-two seconds, the living room was squeaky clean. Then, four hours later, Maria’s parents arrived.

“Hi honey! Did you have fun?” asked Maria’s mother.

“Oh… uh, sure I did?” Maria exclaimed, glancing at her grandma.

“Great!” said Maria’s father.

The Unicorn and the Dragon

Once upon a time, there was a unicorn and her name was Penelope. Penelope lived in a castle. She had servants that kept her company. Every day her servants would bring her back some gold. The servants were tired of digging gold and they gave up. Finally, Penelope decided that she was going by herself! She got everything and left. Back at the castle, the servants were wondering where she was.

They said, “Where is Penelope? I was gonna cook her some cake.” Meanwhile, Penelope was trying to cross a river. The river was very strong. Penelope saw a log and tried to roll it over to the river. But it was too heavy. So, she put one hoove into the river to test if the water was warm enough so she could swim in it. It was warm, very warm. She jumped in and kicked her hooves back and forth. She reached out and grabbed the land.

Penelope climbed out and shook the water off her fur.

Back at the castle, the servants were beginning to worry. The cake was beginning to get cold. Days passed and it was getting colder. Penelope had tons of gold, but she wanted more. One day, she met a dragon. The dragon had dark blue eyes and gigantic wings. She stepped back.

Then she said, “You cannot kill me!”

“I am not trying to kill you. I only want to make friends.”

“If you want to be my friend, you need to help me find more gold.”

“Okay!” the dragon shouted and they walked off to find more gold.

At last, the dragon decided that he would tell Penelope his name. He walked over to her and whispered, “My name is Spike.”

“Good to know.” And Penelope went back to work. Spike looked down and saw a hedgehog. Maybe he would be his friend.

The End

Coco Finds a Friend

Chapter 1: Coco the Cat

Hi. I am Coco. I am a cat. I just got to a new place with humans in it! They are nice, but on my first day I was super scared of them. I’ll tell you about it…

I was in a bag. That’s right, a bag. It was so uncomfortable, but that’s always what happens when I’m going to the vet so you can’t blame me when I say I thought I was going to the vet that day. But then I noticed me and my owners, Dan and Cathy, had been in this moving thingy for a long time. 

So I said, “Dan, where are we going?” 

But since I was a cat and he was a human, he didn’t know what I was saying. 

“Cathy, the cat is meowing a lot, I think we should stop for a snack,” he told his girlfriend. 

I agreed with him since I was hungry.

We were at McDonald’s and they didn’t have cat treats! I was so mad and I begged Dan to give me cat treats. He understood me this time and gave me cat treats! That made me sleepy so when we were back in the moving thingy, I took a nap.

I did not expect to arrive in a noisy city when I woke up, but Dan just had to carry me out of the thingy! I was definitely not at the vet today. We went into one of the tall buildings. I was scared! 

But then Dan said, “Are you ready to meet my sister, Cathy?”

Chapter 2: The New House

At that moment, Dan knocked on the door of a place. It soon opened and a pretty lady was there. This was the start of my new life. I tried to get used to it and now I have been here for about a week. I love playing with these humans! They are so fun and have the best toys! I have to say though, when I first came into the house, I hid under their couch. But this weird bearded man sat cross legged on the floor waiting for me to come out. I was not gonna come out when that guy was there. Then, this girl lay down on the floor staring at me. I thought she was weird too.

But now, I’ve been thinking about my old family. And I don’t mean Dan and Cathy because they already left. I mean my mom and siblings. I’ve already had two litters and I missed them too. What I really needed was a friend. I tried to be friends with the humans but the only human who really was a good friend to me was Dan and he was gone now.

Chapter 3: To Find a Friend

I don’t know why the people put the scratchy thing on the wall, but at that moment I was trying to climb up it. I kept failing! Soon I gave up and went to a human that everyone called a boy, but who had long hair. I was confused. He put out his hand for me to sniff and I did. He was eating cheese! Now my mission was to get the cheese! But that meant I had to go up on the counter and the lady didn’t like when I did that. But if it was for cheese, I’d do it.

When I got to the kitchen however, I saw the lady talking to someone. It was another lady! Oh, how I wish I had a friend like that. Also, I felt so sad that I just left without thinking about my cheese when it was right on the counter!

That night, after the humans went to bed, I searched the whole house! Even the long haired boy’s room! But there was no new friend to be seen. Well, except for my little avocado toy that had an incredibly cute face! But he was not real. He was catnip. So I just went to sleep on the couch. 

Chapter 4: Avocado Man

I woke up in the morning when Long Hair Boy sat on the couch to watch TV. 

“Come on, Long Hair Boy. I was sleeping! Why did you do that?” I shouted at him. But of course, he did not hear me. I was still a little mad from last night so I was cranky at him. I still wanted a friend. All of the sudden, right then, I got an awesome idea! What if the avocado toy was real? What if it was not avocado toy, it was Avocado Man! I was so happy that I ran away and scared Long Hair Boy.

I looked for it and found it right where it was last night. I tried to get it to play with me (or should I say him) but he didn’t want to. I figured that he needed some time to get really awake from last night. So I went to the litter box. 

Some time later, the lady came out of her room and said hi to me. I was soon bored with her so I tried Avocado Man. I think she saw me and came over. Then the most amazing thing happened! She started to move Avocado Man! It was so cool! He was real after all! He could even talk!

Chapter 5: A New Friend

I was really happy! I could kiss the lady! But not really because my lips can’t do that. So I jumped up and down instead.

Well, now I have a friend! My big problem is solved! Thank you for being here with me and listening to my story!


Lucy the Hedgehog

Lucy, the Hedgehog, was in her hole under the dirt. She really wanted to live in a castle so she decided to visit the princess. She was so excited, she packed really quickly and set out for the journey to the castle where the princess lived… but when she went outside, she saw a river with alligators swimming around and she thought, “I can go across the river!”

Lucy waited till the alligators fell asleep at night and she swam around them. She finally went across the river. 

Lucy found herself in a village but there were a lot of cars and she was so small. Lucy decided to jump on a taxi car and get a ride through the road. When she got across the road, she saw a villain. He said,

“Why are you over here?” Luckily Lucy found a paper bag and she put it over his head and ran away. Just about when Lucy thought everything was okay, she heard thunder. “A thunderstorm is coming,” she thought. So she quickly ran to the nearest cave but she saw that there were two baby bears inside. So she found another cave and she saw a cute little rabbit inside. 

So, Lucy thought she could go inside and help the rabbit. When she went inside, the rabbit woke up and Lucy said, “Where are your parents?” 

The rabbit said, “I don’t have any parents.” 

“Are you scared?” said Lucy. 

The rabbit said, “No I am not scared.” When the thunderstorm ended, the hedgehog saw that the rainbow was really close. She was really excited! But when she saw that there was a very big tiger who was right next to her, she was so scared she wanted to run away. But she was lucky because she had a brilliant idea. She was going to hide until the tiger fell asleep and then she would run away and that’s what she did after he fell asleep. 

Now she was very excited to see the castle. But she saw that there was a big hill blocking her. Just then an idea popped into her head. She saw beavers in the lake and thought, maybe the beaver can be my friend.



Chapter 1

Have you ever been in a family where you can talk to cats but everyone else hates them? Funny how that happens… Well anyway, maybe that’s part of the reason why I have a nasty habit of running away. There was an argument… It had started out simple. We were picking wallpaper and furniture for my room. I had wanted to get cat stuff, and a cat. Maybe obvious. But it got real bad, real fast. I had wanted Mom to let me be me. But noooooo! I had to be her! Not me, her! The non-cat loving, awful dinner cooker of a mom.

Well anyway, to take a break from my parents or ‘cool down’ as they put it, I had run out into the woods where I usually wandered when I ran. Then a cat appeared. I wasn’t expecting her but who cares?

“Scram!” I aimed a kick at her.

“Hey,” she recoiled. “I was just trying to comfort you!” she said defensively, before she slunk off.  

“Wait,” I called. ”You can talk?” I was so surprised!

“Of course I can talk,” she said in her refined manner, and I noticed that she was a ragdoll cat. The fur around her neck was all—how do you say it? A bit like a boa? “All animals can talk,” she continued. “But only one person every one thousand years can talk to cats.” She thought for a minute. “I’m not quite sure what the other animals’ numbers are, and they rarely collide.”

“Rarely?” I asked. “Am I-”

“No,” she said almost rudely. “That’s too cliche.”

“Okay,” I said slightly let down, for some reason.

“Come on, we have work to do,” she started walking briskly with her tail held high.

“Wait, what work?” I asked while trying to catch up.

“Your training, of course,” she replied vaguely.


“Do you know nothing?” she seemed upset for a reason I couldn’t guess. “Hurry up.” And I realized that her eyes were filled with tears.

“Why-” I started but before I could finish she interrupted.

“We’re here.” she stopped suddenly. She stopped in front of, wait for it… a pile of rocks. I know right! Out of all the places for this ‘training’ thing, it had to be rocks! Rocks!

“Um,” I started.

“What?” she asked, clearly unaware that we were standing in the middle of nowhere.

“This is it?”

“What do you think?”

“I think that it’s gonna turn into something, but I think that you’re gonna say that that’s so cliche and this is actually where the training is.”


“Wait what?”

“N-O, no. That clear enough for you?”

“So what is going to happen?” but in my head I added ‘little miss sassy pants.’ Suddenly there was a loud rumbling sound. “What?” I muttered as a cave formed before my eyes.

“Come on,” my companion called. “Don’t worry. It’s safe, you know.” Then she turned back to the cave, started walking, and laughed.

Chapter 2

There were three words to describe the cave: boring, boring and boring. You’re thinking: a creepy cave, cool. Trust me. It’s not! Okay, fine. It’s dark, slightly chilly, but other than that nothing. A soft sunset colored light was coming from the depths of the cave. Then I saw something that totally surprised me. Cat flaps. That might sound a bit random but who knows.

“Do you live here?” I asked.

“Not just me,” she said with a twisted smile. Suddenly I heard loud rock music coming from one of the cat flaps. And I mean loud!

“Ugh, might as well get this over with.” The cat sighed.

“Get what over with?” I started to say, but before I could finish, three incredibly fat cats stepped out singing:

The three fat cats

We like to eat rats

Wherever the bed is that’s where we’re at!

“Ugh,” she sighed again.

“Oh,” I remarked. “That’s what you meant.”

“Meet Steve, Joe and Bob.” She didn’t sound very enthusiastic about the introductions.

“Hi, I’m Layana,” I told them.

“Hey, I’m Joe, but as you probably know, I’m 62,” said one of them. I recognized him as a scottish fold. He was rubbing his belly like he had just eaten an exceptionally large meal.

“None of them are too bright,” the ragdoll whispered, which reminded me, I was tired of calling her a bunch of different words.

“What’s your name?” I asked curiously.

“Not now, the stink’s coming in,” she replied. I held my nose as a foul scent drifted through the room. But later I wondered, once I knew her better, if she had changed the subject on purpose. As we were leaving the ‘Cat flaps’ room, I decided not to mention the subject of the name in case she lashed out at me. We were approaching a chamber filled with lanterns.

“Well that explains the sunset light,” I remarked.

“Don’t get used to it,” she told me. “We’re not staying in here for long.” 

“Then, where are we going?” I asked her, slightly puzzled.

“We’re going to my favorite place in all of Cat Land,” she purred, like cats do, but it was soothing, sort of.

“Wait, Cat Land?” I realized how weird it was. “Out of all things, you guys could name this place you go with Cat Land!”

“What?” she said. “Cat Land, where did you get that from?”

“You!” I cried.

“No.” She was grinning now. “I never said Cat Land. It must be shock or something.”  I fell silent because I knew she had said Cat Land, which meant one thing. The ragdoll was hiding something!

Chapter 3

“Come on,” the cat’s voice echoed through the passage we were in.

“Ugh.” I was getting a bit fed up with my companion’s behavior. Just then I heard a sigh. At first I thought it was my sigh echoing back, but then I realized it wasn’t me. I sped up.

“Layana! Get up here!”

“Coming!” I called.

“Meet Silky,” she said once I caught up, completely out of breath.

“Layana is a lovely name,” said Silky in a sweet delicate voice.

“Uh, thanks.”

“Well,” the ragdoll cut in. “We were about to go outside so-”

“But I haven’t shown her my song yet!”

“Fine, might as well get this over with,” she said with another sigh.

I am siamese 

Give me treats please!

If not then just let me through

If you please

If you please!

“In case you haven’t noticed, songs are kind of a thing in here.”

“You’re turning into a tour guide, Andromeda,” said Silky before slinking off.

“Your name’s Andromeda?” I was so startled that I had forgotten to be cautious. “That’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Come on we have lots of things to see.” She completely ignored me. Outside was quiet except for the chirping from the crickets. I looked up.

“Wait, I need to be home by now, it’s night!”

“Why, do you really want to go back after this!” She lowered her voice. “After that?” 

“You know about the fight?” Surprisingly I wasn’t mad.

“Of course I know about the fight. I know everything about you.” Okay now I was mad!

“What!” I shouted. “Who died and made you in charge? Why should you get to know everything about me! It’s just plain wrong.”

“Oh, we’re doing this thing,” she sighed. “Well if you must know, you are not going home anyway.”

“Why not?”

“Because, you have to start your cat whisperer training.” 

“No, you can’t make me and I refuse.”

“Actually I can make you.”


“Ask ‘the teach’.”

“Who’s ‘the teach’?”

“You’ll see.”

“No I won’t, I’m leaving.” I took off down the passageway.

“That’s a dead end, you can’t leave!” Andromeda called after me. I realized she was right.

“Now what?” I asked when she had caught up.

“Come on, I’ll take you to see The Teach.”

Chapter 4

“So, where is this ‘teach’ guy?” I asked after setting down the passageway. “‘Cause I’m starting to think he is kinda shifty.” 

The Teach isn’t shifty,” Andromeda told me. “Besides, he’s one of only humans here besides you. So show some respect.”

“You know, I’m only doing this because I have nowhere else to go.”

“Yes, that is the 59th time you said that.”

“You’re keeping track?”

“Yeah, what else could I do?” Although our voices were pleasant, our faces were tense. The passageway was widening. Incredibly slowly, I almost didn’t notice it.

“Wait,” I said slowly “‘One of the only humans’ here! What do you mean ‘one of’?

“You’ll see,” she told me in total darkness.

“Why is this taking so long?” I complained and asked at the same time.

“We’re here!” she interrupted. A handsome oak door stood in front of us. Suddenly, it swung open, revealing a tall middle aged man.

“Thank you, Andromeda,” he said. 

“Can’t I stick around?” she asked hopefully.

“No,” he said firmly.

“Fine.” She left silently. The man gestured for me to go inside. I did, only to enter a room with no taste in decor! For some reason, I’ve always been picky about things like this. There were odd things like rusty pipes, plastic bottles and garbage bags that were squirming! But the strangest thing above all, was a girl around my age with a rather large nose that ruined the rest of the face. She had sharp, almost purple eyes and was wearing a ripped leather jacket that had silver spikes even though some had fallen out, over a white t-shirt and navy blue jeans, also ripped. But her hair was really cool! It was dark brown hair that she seemed to have tried to dye pale pink but she hadn’t bleached it first so it was barely visible. It stuck up in odd angles at the top, but stuck to her face in the middle. I rubbed the deep blue streak in my bronze hair. For some reason the girl looked familiar.

“Now, girls, you are both on the same page here. I’m The Teach. So something strange happened twelve years ago, when you were born. See, you girls have two things in common. For one, you can both talk to cats, and second you are both twins.” 

“What!” we both said.

“Calm down,” said The Teach. “So usually, when something like this happens the power goes to one twin, but for you, the power got distributed between you.”

“What does that mean?” I asked.

“You can each talk to different kinds of cats,” he explained.

“How come we have different parents?” the other girl asked. Her voice had a slightly harsh edge to it.

“Those people aren’t your real parents Tina. Your real parents are dead.”

“What happened to them?”

His face froze. “We don’t know.”