Zombie Attack!

Kids vs. Zombi



“I hate homework!” said Tyler, an 11-year-old boy who lived in Manville Town. Ding, Dong!  

“I’ll get it!” Tyler mumbled.

The door creaked open by itself. He was about to get a broom for defense when a nerf dart came charging at Tyler’s face. Bam! A red dot was marked on his face.

“Heeeee Llll Oooo!” someone shouted. It sounded so familiar, wait … was it- “Hi Tyler, wanna go to the zombie convention?” said Austin. “I heard they’re doing a science experiment.”

Two blue-colored strips of paper were stuffed in his fist. His golden doodle, also known as Mike, the talking flying robot dog, stood next to him.

“Sure, but what’s with the wacky, hurtful, and dramatic entrance!” Tyler screamed. “Let’s go!”

They dashed to the path in the dark woods. While they were walking, a zombie leaked from the zombie convention. His name was Steve, and he would do anything to survive. Be careful, Tyler and friends.

Swish! Swoosh!

“Huh?” said Tyler. “Someone there?” Austin looked at him suspiciously.

“Um … I think my super hearing hears a groaning sound,” said Mike.

“Well, your hearing is broken,” complained Austin.

Rarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Tyler stood there frozen looking at the ugly creature. He stood about 15-feet tall with blood dripping from his body. O … M … G! They all dashed away from the zombie and straight into a building. Bam!

“Ow, that hurt,” said Austin. Crash! Steve had just thrown a piece of concrete that cracked the wall of the building. The three friends sprinted with a screech into another path in the woods as Tyler grabbed a heavy tree branch.

“This might come in handy, especially when we’re being chased by a zombie,” said Tyler.

Ahhhhhhhhh! The zombie grabbed Austin with a wicked laugh.

“Ah, ha, ha!” yelled the Zombie. “You fellow creatures with flesh and brains may call me Steve.”

Tyler tried to stab Steve with the branch, but Steve just knocked him out with a flick!

“HEY!” screamed Mike as he started to fly and charge at Steve. “Give back my Owner!”

Flick! Tyler was shocked as he saw a dead flying dog rolling next to him.

“Tyler, here’s a wand! Turn it on!” screamed Austin as he threw a wand at Tyler. Tyler caught the wand, looking at it with a constipated face.

“IT’S THE MOST STRONGEST WEAPON IN THE UNIVERSE!” said Austin with a very red face. Boom! Yellow, disgusting liquid drooled from Steve’s hands to Tyler’s feet. Then he put it in a jar.         

“NOOOOOOOO!” said Tyler as he turned on the wand. It started to grow shinier and shinier until it was a bright shiny metal wand! Tyler set a cutting-arm-off spell on Steve’s arm until he only had one arm left.

“Arghhhhhhhhhh!” screamed Steve in pain. His arm had come clean off.

As Tyler fainted on the grass with exhaustion, Steve was busy running away trying to put back on his arm. “You will pay for this, literally, I need your money for the surgery!” said Steve. Steve started stomping down the path to the convention.

At sunset Tyler finally woke up, then groaned with anger as he remembered that Austin was dead. When he started to lie down again, he heard an electrical shock on the ground.

“Gahhhh!” Tyler yelled. “Oh, it’s just Mike, oh he’s dead. Hmm … what’s this?” Tyler took a look at Mike’s mouth and saw a letter hanging from it. He took it out and read it.

“Dear fellow stupid flesh creature, I have your friend here and am planning to reform him and torture him to death. Come now and try to kill me or you can just sit there and act like a total weirdo and I’ll send a hoard of zombies with magic proof armour in about an hour, no worries. By the way I’m in the zombie convention.”

Tyler grumbled then said: “Fix Mike, magic wand.” The wires in Mike’s butt started to rewire and stopped smoking and spitting brown stuff. In a half-second Mike was standing on the grass with brand new wings spreading out.

“Ahhhh, robot heaven was not very pleasant or fun at all,” commented Mike, like he was not excited to be alive again.


In the Zombie Convention

When Steve got his arm stitched on, he brought the jar of Austin to a big tank in the Zombie convention. It read:

“Put yellow liquid in here to reform body, and put clothes in to prevent shattering eyes, beware of horror.”

Steve dumped the disgusting yellow liquid into the big container with clothes, then Austin started to reform.

KABOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Austin was screaming in horror, and was kicking the glass like a maniac.

“Relax, you can’t break the glass, and I can’t hear you because the glass is bulletproof so it’s very hard. You should know, your weird species invented it. For once, your species isn’t worthless,” said Steve. Austin tried to yell, then started to wiggle in pain like he was doing the Harlem Shake. Steve grumbled something about him still reforming, then walked out the door.

Tyler, please hurry and save me so we can defeat Steve, HURRY! thought Austin, as he groaned with pain.



Tyler and Mike

“I hope Austin is okay. Steve said something about torturing him to death, so he could experience pain,” said Tyler.

Tyler started to train Mike. His flying abilities were a little stupid. He kept flying in circles and running into trees with a shock noise.

“Judging from your super duper new wings, this has something to do with your skills of flying,” explained Tyler.

“Well, okay, but Austin is still in trouble, let’s use the GPS installed in my brain to get to the zombie convention,” said Mike.

Two hours later, Mike spotted a large triangle shaped building that stood right in front of Tyler and the doggy. RARRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Standing in front of Mike stood Steve. Swish! A hoard of zombies suddenly appeared in the bushes.

“Explosion spell!” yelled Tyler. Burning dynamite spread into the air and to the hoard. The explosion was as loud as a tiger roaring. Gray smoke from the explosion made Tyler’s nose sting.

“Mike! Go and use your weapons from your stomach!” screamed Tyler.

Mike started to open up its majestic wings and an iron sword stuck out of his belly. Then he started to charge at Steve, but he must’ve lost balance because he spun around in circles and cut a tree into two equal pieces then crashed into the building making a giant hole. Well, that must’ve been really funny because the zombies started cracking up with weird noises like, harr! Pla! Wa! All except Steve was laughing.

“What is wrong with you brainless maniacs! You’re embarrassing you and I! CHARGE!” yelled Steve in anger. Tyler yelled an invisible spell and disappeared in a flash.

“Kill spell!” Tyler said. Green smoke swirled around the zombies (including Steve) then disappeared with sparkles.

Tyler mouthed, What the sparkles?

“If you read my letter all the way, it said my zombies had magic proof armour. Now, zombies, use laser eyes,” demanded Steve. Zipppp! Mike came speeding down with the iron sword, fling! He had reflected the laser hit!

The laser hit had exploded 30 of the zombies. But there were still a hundred more.

“Ahhhhhhhhh! How dare you kill any of my zombie friends, only I do that, you will pay!” screamed Steve.

Yellow mass formed in his hands, then he let it go in the air, with one single flick! The mass headed toward Mike and Tyler.

“Protection spell!” yelled Tyler. A pink bubble formed around Mike and Tyler. KABOOOOOOOM! They flew about 100 feet backwards from Steve and flew in mid-air then landed with a CRASH in a tree.  

“Yes! He’s dead!” Steve yelled with joy. “Now I can go eat him, I’m hungry for meat.”



POW! Austin had kicked the glass with all his might.

“ENOUGH ALREADY!” yelled the zombie who guarded the exit.

The zombie startled Austin so much, when he kicked the glass one last time, it cracked. The zombie looked back, then he took out his walkie talkie.

“The flesh creature cracked the glass, we need to do something quick,” he said.

Three zombies came in the room looking proud like they won the olympics.

The one in the middle lost his head. The one on the left had a knife stuck in his or her head, and the one on the right was perfectly fine, in fact he looked kind of human.

Oh my god, maybe he just got turned into a zombie, if that’s how Steve makes a zombie, thought Austin.

Pop! The three zombies took off the glass, and the water from Austin’s tank spilled onto the zombies and Austin fell face first on the marble floor. “Oww, that hurt,” Austin said as blood rolled down his face from his nose.

The three zombies shoved Austin hard out the door, then they handcuffed him. That made Austin think he was the world’s worst criminal.

“We are taking you to be tortured in the Doom of Terror room, but first I need to go to the bathroom,” said one zombie.

A little of what looked like orange mass formed in Austin’s hand.

“What the — ”

“Hey, move along!” one zombie interrupted.

This time, the explosion was louder than a plane crashing.

All of the zombies that held Austin prisoner had been blown up by something, and now the alarm was ringing. It was now that Austin realized that there was a bright orange mass in his hands.


He ran back to the room he had been reformed from, the tank had a sticker that was partly torn off that read: “This will give life-forms awesome powers, it can be use to blow up stuff, CAUTION.”

“There he is! Rarr!” a zombie said as he smiled confidently like Austin had no chance of killing him.

Austin quickly formed orange mass and blew the zombie up, arms and legs were all over the place.

“Well, that zombie was ignorant, probably because they don’t have brains,” Austin said.

He ran outside to see that Steve was leading a zombie army to a place with smoke. Austin thought maybe it was Tyler and Mike that got defeated by Steve’s army. He had to help them quickly. Austin had tried to grab Steve’s attention by blasting a few zombies away easily.

“HOW DARE YOU!” Steve thundered.

Austin formed another circle of mass and threw it at Steve.

Boom! Part of Steve’s shirt burned up into ashes when he fell down.

“Oh, you wanna play?” Steve muttered as he got back up.

Yellow light glowed in his eyes, green dust lifted him up. He lifted his hand up, and suddenly Steve stood there holding a bright sword in his hands.  




Tyler woke up just to see that Mike was standing on his leg trying to wake him up.

Explosion booms were ringing in his ears and his vision was blurry.

Tyler looked in the direction of the zombie convention and saw a mysterious figure that was fighting Steve. It looked a lot like Austin. As Tyler got his vision back, he could see that the figure was really Austin!

When Mike saw that Tyler was awake, he flew to Austin just to reflect a laser from a zombie.

“Boy, blasting me with your powers is useless, unless you also have a wand, you can’t kill me,” Steve explained. “You see, you need to use a wand and your powers to kill me, and your friend is dead. Once I eat you, I will be the most powerful being in the WORLD!”

WHAM! A laser came from out of nowhere and hit Steve. Tyler had saved him!

Austin had wondered why he came back to save him. He could’ve just snuck home. Just then, he remembered that he had saved Tyler from falling over a cliff when they both went skiing together.

This made up for that, they were definitely good friends.  When they tried combining their powers to defeat Steve, he slashed his sword at them. But they dodged as fast as lightning, and when their powers were fully combined, an electric ball formed and they threw it at Steve as he folded his arms to defend himself.

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Dust flooded the area, and Austin and Tyler coughed maniacally. Mike stood there like the dust was the fresh air on a bright sunny day.

“Mike!” Austin snapped, “Use your fan!”

Large fans spread out from Mike’s head, his eyes glowed as the fans blew the dust away. As the dust cleared, the zombies and Steve were nowhere to be seen.

Steve had exploded, so the zombies disappeared and went into the spirit world.

They cheered happily as they rolled on the grass.

On the way home, Tyler and Mike thought they had forgotten something.

“Tyler, thanks for saving my life, I wouldn’t have been here if it wasn’t for you,”

Austin thanked him.

Tyler blushed as he looked the other way. He was obviously shy.

They walked about three miles and still, their house was nowhere to be seen.

They soon passed a sign that said, Right path = Manville Town, Straight path = Zombie convention = 5 miles long. OH NO! They forgot to go to the Zombie convention!

“Mike, open up your wings, we’re riding on you to go back to the zombie convention to learn how to defeat them. Giddy up!” Tyler yelled.


The End


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