The Adventures of Fluffy the Cat

Once there was a fluffy, fat kitten named Fluffy. She didn’t like the pet store, so she ran away. She was a white kitten, so she got dirty. At the corner of the street where the pet store was, Fluffy saw a bunch of windows, so she went inside one and found a little, evil, fake chipmunk. The chipmunk had white around his face and on his belly. She stepped on him because he tried to pull her fur. She found out he was squishy, so she used him as a ball. She stuffed him in her rathole. 

In the morning, they met an evil boy. Fluffy thought the boy was stealing them, but he put money on a table, which meant he was buying them. Because of this, she liked him. The boy was very nice to them. He took them to his house, which was made out of red bricks and was very big. Fluffy thought the house looked very fancy. But, she was worried this was temporary. Inside, there were three other creatures just like the boy, but the evil chipmunk pulled Fluffy’s ear, and they got into a fight. The chipmunk’s squishy stuff fell out, and the boy’s mom had to fix it. 

The boy took them outside and threw balls for them to catch. The chipmunk saw a hornet and chased it, so he got stung. So they had to go inside, but Fluffy went outside again and got nuts and gave them to the chipmunk. He spit them out, and Fluffy said, “Why did you spit that out? Chipmunks are supposed to like nuts.”

“I’m not a chipmunk.”

“Of course you are a chipmunk, I am never wrong.” 

“Everyone is wrong sometimes, even cats,” said the boy’s mom. 

“Yeah,” said the chipmunk. 

“This is annoying,” said the boy. “Why can’t you get along?” 

“Okay,” said the chipmunk and the cat.

“Let’s go to the toy store and buy a lego set,” said the boy’s mom. 

“Yeah,” said the cat.

But instead of going to a toy store, they went to a museum and went to the gift shop and bought a Lego house set and a robot claw. Then they went home, built it, and played with them. 

“We should go on vacation,” said the boy’s mom. They packed and went to Disney World and rode an underground roller coaster and lots and lots of other rides. Harry the hamster ate too much cotton candy and got fat. 

On the underground roller coaster, they met a fat, mean lady. She said that Harry should not eat so much. Fluffy told her that she shouldn’t eat a lot either. So she called an exterminator to take Fluffy and Harry to a pound. They ran away and escaped with their lives (and everyone else). Once they were very far from the pound, they called the police on the fat, mean lady. There were a lot of witnesses, and other people had pressed other charges against her, so they were able to make a citizen’s arrest on her right away.       

The End

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