Fort Knox

Hunter swallowed the small packet of powder. He felt empty inside, quite literally.

The weight-destroying powder made him completely weightless, and therefore, immune to Fort Knox’s motion detectors. It also made him fly, as gravity would have no effect on him without weight. He sprayed himself once, twice, and then thrice. This made him immune to visible light cameras, infrared cameras, and heat cameras. He sprayed his bag as well. He sprayed himself and his bag one more time to be able to go through the wall. The spray would add extra stems to his brain, which allowed him to split his and his bag’s atoms at will.

He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and then floated through the wall. He had one hour before his extra brain stems would overload his body, and he would die. He had to make it back out with the gold to spray himself with the mixture that would safely destroy the brain stems, as well as remove all of his masking effects.

He would have to bring this gold to the UWDA (Underground World Domination Association,) which was going to take over the world. They had promised him a position in the new world.

A security guard stood at the entrance of Fort Knox. Hunter floated over the man, but his leg brushed against a wire in the air.

Immediately, the alarms sounded. Fifteen armed men entered the building, holding guns and firing everywhere. Hunter heard twenty helicopters emerging from the night patrol.

“Oh shoot,” he muttered very inaudibly.

But not inaudible enough. Fifteen lasers aimed directly at his head and fired. Hunter immediately ducked. The lasers burst through the wall where he just was. Hunter immediately pulled out a small unconsciousness grenade and tossed it below him. The men shouted something he couldn’t hear, but their voices were cut short as they fell unconscious. Hunter reminded himself of his second main priority: Do not kill anyone. The best thing he could do besides that is knock them out.

He slid through the next door, and checked his Series Two $1200 Hermes Apple Watch. 0:55. Only five minutes had passed. Suddenly, Hunter peered to the side to see a small cone-shaped detector with an antenna in it.

Oh shoot, again. It was a sound detector. Hunter hadn’t had the money to buy soundproof spray. The alarm went off. Lights blared everywhere, and Hunter heard a railgun shot.

Oh shoot, oh shoot, oh shoot! There was a boom as the room exploded in a flash of light. Hunter beamed himself through the wall just in time as the room burst into flames.

Cries were heard, along with fire truck sirens in the distance.

Just grab the gold and go, Hunter told himself.

He tried to go into the next room, but the fire was spreading, and it was spreading fast. Just grab the gold and go, just grab the gold and… suddenly, the invisible spray wore off. Hunter reached into his rucksack quickly and grabbed the spray, but fifteen light detectors were aiming lasers at his head. Thirty marines immediately arrived.

“Target visualized! Neutralize immediately!”

Hunter sprayed himself again, and he put his invisible spray back into the bag. The marines looked at each other.

“Where did he go?”

The light sensors turned off, and Hunter moved on, still flying.

Hunter burst into the room with the gold. Just take it and go. True to his word, Hunter broke into the metal safe holding the gold. Gold bars were inside. He grabbed as much as would fit into his rucksack, and he left the safe. He left the room, and smelled the rain that was starting to fall. Hunter took out his spray, and prepared to spray it on himself. He left the area and checked his watch. Thirteen minutes left.

He sprayed himself, and he fell to the ground. Ow. He brushed himself off.

“That’s what you should be doing.”
A marine was standing behind him, aiming a gun straight at Hunter. The marine grabbed a small towel from his pocket and threw it at him. Hunter caught it with one hand.

“Wipe yourself off, man,” he said, “You’re dead.”

The man fired. Hunter caught the bullet in his hand. He grabbed the towel in his hand and wiped the bullet clean.

“Not today!” he said.

He threw one of his grenades at the marine and heard him crumple to the ground.

Then, Hunter remembered. That was an infinite coma grenade.

Oh shoot.

Hunter pressed his finger against the small sensor. The marshy ground in front of him opened up, revealing a small marble staircase. He walked down heavily, holding his bag of gold on his back. The ground above him closed up, and he walked into a small living room.

A tall, muscular man with chocolate brown skin stood there. He stared at the wall, not even looking to the side.

“Operation Flying Fortress. Status?”

Hunter replied calmly, without shuddering at the man’s sonorous voice, “Success.”

The man turned to the side, revealing the scars on his face. His face eased.

“Good. Now prepare to attack the White House. Spend the funds at will.”

Hunter walked out of the room, hearing the man say one last thing, “It’s time to take over the world.”


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