Monster Madness

There was a monster named Shatter. She had ten eyes and five mouths. With her long fifteen tentacles and three feet, she really did look like a monster. She had lived on a planet named Galactic Glass Gorge. She was transferred to a planet called Earth when there was an explosion on Glass Gorge.

All Shatter wanted was a family: to have children and to live peacefully with all the other humans. The only problem was that Shatter never seemed to fit in with the humans. Shatter was always left out. She had come to Earth by herself, so she was all alone. She never made any friends. No birthdays, no parties, no house, no sleepovers. There was nothing and nobody in her life.

Poor Shatter was sitting on a bench all alone in the park. Shatter gazed ahead, heartbroken. She had just asked a girl if she could play soccer, but the girl screamed, “Get away you… you, monster!” 

As Shatter thought about the encounter with the child, strange red tears trickled down her cheeks. 

“Oh, I’m such a beast.” 

Shatter thought that she would never be able to find a friend. As she dragged herself to the dumpster, she felt lonely inside. As Shatter slept, she had thoughts. What if every day on Earth would be a horrible day for her because she had no friends?

As the sun rose, Shatter’s tummy rumbled in hunger. She found a nearby trash can and ate all she could. She found a cardboard box and a banana peel. She swallowed them whole. Then, as she was walking to the park she met somebody. It was a man. 

“Hello,” the man said. 

Shatter looked at the man. He was a human. 

“My name is Jaden. Do you want to hang out?” 

“Yes, of course.”

Shatter was thrilled that finally a human liked her. As she went to have an exciting actual breakfast with Jaden, there was a new feeling inside of her. Her cheeks glowed, and her eyes brightened. Shatter’s arms and legs tingled. She felt her heart beating faster every second. Shatter knew that she had found a friend. Maybe even a husband if this relationship kept on going. 

All Shatter wanted was a husband and some kids. Now, that dream could possibly come true. Maybe all Shatter needed was to believe. After living by herself for 50 years, Shatter wasn’t afraid to dive right in head first.

Now, Shatter would have to go get some food!

As Shatter went into a famous restaurant called Tony’s World, she gasped. She put one foot inside, and a magical wonder awaited. Sweet aromas of food carried themselves to Shatter’s nose. Her mouth started to water and drool. 

“Follow me,” Jaden called.

Shatter didn’t even notice all the hateful and disgusting looks she got from other people. Jaden led Shatter to a fancy booth in the back near the music. A fancy waiter came with sizzling food. Shatter bit into it. The meaty taste filled her mouth. Soon, more delicious foods were placed in front of her like salads, soups, rice, beans, fruits, and even seasoned chicken. 

Shatter and Jaden enjoyed the pleasant food.

“Thank you so much, Jaden.” Shatter felt bad that she had no money. 

“It’s my treat. So I’ll pay.”

Jaden and Shatter walked to the park together. 

As they sat down on a bench, Jaden started to speak, “Hey, Shatter.”

“Yeah, what is it Jaden?”

“I know that you’re a monster, but I like you.” 

Shatter’s heart skipped a beat. “Do you really like me… like love me?” 

“Y… Y… Yes!” Jaden kissed Shatter on the lips. “Shatter… will you marry me?” 

“Jaden… yes I will!” 

This time they kissed for a while.


Many years later… 

Shatter finally had a child. Two years later, Shatter had another child. Her first child was named Jesse, and she was a human child. Their next child, Mackenzie, was a monster child. Jaden and Shatter were thrilled that they had one monster child and one human child. Shatter now knew that all those restless days alone had paid off. Now, Shatter was in paradise, and she was sure that Jaden was too. Wait… that’s Jesse and Mackenzie crying. Oh well, Shatter’s off to do some mom stuff.


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