The Girl Who Was Never Patient

Once, there was a little girl who really wanted to go to the playground. She asked her parents if they would take her, but they said, “No, we can’t take you because your little sister is sick, and we have to watch of her.” So, she went upstairs and tried to sneak out of the window by tying her blankets together to make a rope. Unfortunately, there was a window downstairs, and her parents were drinking tea near it, so they saw her climbing out. They caught her and brought her back to her room. They also locked her window, so she couldn’t get out again.


She tried everything to unlock the window, but she couldn’t, so she snuck downstairs to her sister’s room and tried to use those windows. Her sister screamed, and their parents came and saw her trying to sneak out again. They locked her sister’s windows too, then went back downstairs to finish their tea. She asked her sister, “Why did you scream?”


Her sister said, “Because you’re not allowed to go the park, and you have to listen to our parents.”


“Yeah, but it’s not fair. Because of you, I can’t go to the park.”


“Well, it’s not my fault that I’m sick.”


“Yes, it is!”


“No, it’s not, and besides, our parents said that you can’t go because I’m sick, and they have to take care of me, and also you can’t go by yourself.”


“I’m old enough. I’m already eight.”


“Yeah, but still. Maybe when you’re 12, you can go by yourself.”


“But that’s such a long time!”


“It’s not my fault that you’re not patient.”


“I am being patient.”


“No, you’re not!”


“I have to wait four years!


“Yeah, but that’s not so long you know.”


“Yeah, for you it’s not. Maybe I could wait for four minutes, but four years is way too long.”


“No, it’s not. Besides, four minutes is like one second.”


“No, it’s not.”


“Yes, it is.”










“Yeah, well at least I can wait for four minutes.”


“Yeah, but you can’t even wait for one hour. That’s so short.”


The older sister angrily walked away because she was frustrated that her sister was being annoying. She kept looking out the window at the park. Then, she went downstairs to the dining room where her parents were finishing their tea, and she made up a lie about how her sister’s fever was all gone and she felt better now. But the parents went upstairs to check for themselves. They came back down and said, “Well, it got a little better, so maybe you can go to the park.”


She asked, “So is that a yes?”


Then, her dad said, “Okay, it’s a yes. Mom will stay with your sister, and I’ll bring you to the park.” They got ready, and she did end up getting to go to the park after all.


The End


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