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Sean and Alex

“Once there was a boy named Sean, and his friend named Alex loved to adventure. When they were teenagers, their parents told them to look for a different world without them, to be independent. They just graduated high school and came home from graduation when their parents said, ‘Good job, kids. Get out of the house. Be independent. Go explore.'”

What He’s Become

“A cold darkness shifted throughout the room. It expanded, wrapping around the room, and for a moment, a light tucked in the corner flickered then gave way into the darkness. The room was now nearly pitch black, and you could only make out the slight outline of a bedside table idly waiting next to the bed.”

A Friend’s Secret

“There once was a tiny panda bear named Teddy who lived with his parents in a bamboo forest. They could talk, but they couldn’t expose their secret to humans. They were afraid that humans would capture the pandas, force them to talk to humans, and prove that pandas could talk. The humans would separate the panda families and would kill some of them because they were afraid of their talking because it wasn’t natural. “


“‘Do you want a mint?’ Nancy asked her friend Emma. ‘My mom just bought them.’


Twelve-year-old Emma was having a sleepover with her friend Nancy. All of a sudden, there was a big boom.”

Beautiful: A Feminist Fairy Tale

“Once upon a time, there was a beautiful teenage girl named Chrysanthemum. Her long, perfect nose inhaled the salty odor of the sweat trickling down her beautiful face. Chrysanthemum’s long fingers were clenched into tight fists, and her thin legs were driven into the soft carpet on her bedroom’s hardwood floor. Chrysanthemum breathed deeply and collapsed onto her hot pink bedspread. “

Dagger and the Bloodwolf

“Dagger was a 21-year-old man living on Tracker Street in Orlando, Florida. He was the only one living on that street, but he was actually from California but moved because he got a job as a bartender in Orlando. Tracker Street was built in the 1950s, and now, by 2017, it had looked old and wrinkly, like no one had ever lived on the street.”


“Once there was a girl who got bullied. Her name was Parsephona. Everyone always thought she was all nicey-nice. This was her worst fear. People thought this because she was Persephone’s daughter, goddess of spring. She went to the underworld. No one understood Persephone either. She lived in ancient Greece. Ancient Greece was beautiful. But she was just a normal girl.”

A New War

“Our story begins in the village of Dinval in a world where wars never end. Dinval is home to many of the race Redwood, and our character Rohan has a friend named Ralf. They are very good friends. Rohan and Ralf are going on a trip to Dinvel, home to the race of Ginvers. Dinvel is a small village. It was once a huge kingdom, but Zoros destroyed the place, and it is now only a village.”

The Diary of Sir Littleton III

“That night, I slept in my shoe. When I woke up, I continued reading the torn off bible page. A cold, wrinkly thing pushed down on my snout. Wait a minute… that was Lorenzo’s foot! Ew! Lorenzo stomped into the shoes and started walking down the hall. I screamed for help, but to everybody else it sounded like SQUEAK, SQUEAK, SQUEAK!”


“Pizza and Pretzel were having a playdate at Cheddar’s house, and they ran out and tried to see if there was any way they could become rulers and then make Cheddar a ruler too. They went to the ruler’s castle, but the drawbridge was up, so they went back to Cheddar’s house. Cheddar’s mom was in the kitchen. ‘We are going up to Cheddar’s room,’ Pretzel said. They were really just going out the back door.”

Coco At The Circus

“Coco is an elephant. She likes to go to the circus. In Coco’s world, there are no people because one day people invaded their world, but no one got hurt. Every year, there is a circus to celebrate that they are safe. Today is the day of January first, so they celebrate today!”

Faller Killed Killer

“Once upon a time there was a snowflake named Killer. He looked like he had many swords, and they were made of ice. His were semicircles. He was white and clear. He lived in Alaska on a tree. Next to that tree lived Faller, who was a snowflake, which was clear and was very irritating. Faller looked like he was a fan, so whenever you spun him, he would give you air. “

The Twins that Never Fight

“Once, there were two twins who lived in New York in Manhattan. Elizabeth and Grace were their names, and they were five years old. They both had brown hair, blue eyes, they were missing two teeth, and they had peach skin. They lived with their mom and their dad. They shared a room, and they liked each other a lot. “

The Evil Santa

“Every night on Christmas Eve, Evil Santa takes toys from the innocent boys and girls. The Good Santa couldn’t help because he was kidnapped by the Evil Santa. Evil Santa first kidnapped Good Santa 200 years ago, and it had been going on since then. The old Good Santa tried to send a secret message to the elves to ride the reindeer sleigh to save them, but they couldn’t do it and couldn’t get back.”

War of the Fruits

“There once was a team of banana soldiers in a banana city in a fridge in a kitchen in a house in New York City on the Earth. They really wanted to take over more land in the kitchen, but the team of apple soldiers in the apple city in that same fridge in that same kitchen in that same house in New York City would not let them.”

The Road Trip

“‘Emma, start packing! We need to leave at 1:00 P.M.!’ my mother yelled. Oh no… I forgot to pack! It was already 11 A.M.. I grabbed my shorts and a few shirts. I plugged in my phone and shoved my toiletries in my bag. My little sister came waddling in my room, holding her stuffed bear that she has had since she was born.”


“There was once a boy named Jack, and he was a normal boy. But one day, there was an electrical storm, and he got struck by lightning. But instead of dying, he got electric superpowers, and he made his superhero name Electro. He could teleport, concentrate electricity in his fingertips, and release electricity.”

The Girl Who Couldn’t Stop Drawing

“Once there was a girl, and she drew animal people. Her name was Sophia. In her dreams, she only thought of animal people. There were food and games and animals, but there was always this animal with big eyes wearing a suit. Sometimes, another character would be in it. One day, she couldn’t stop drawing the photos of the animal people.”

Shadow Their Attack

“Jack was sort of afraid of the alley. It was a dark and dirty place, and there were a lot of rats. Jack hated dirt because he thought it was gross. However, he still had to go because his mom would make him go to bed at 7:00 if the garbage truck didn’t take the trash, and the garbage truck picked up the trash in the alley. Jack was kind of scared, but normally he was brave — it was 7 p.m. and dark outside.”

Gone Girls

“Riley and I live in townhouses connected to each other by a garden. Sometimes at night, we’ll sneak out to the garden and hang out to talk and play. We got caught once but still keep doing it because we lied to our parents, saying, ‘We will never do it again.'”

Treasure Map

“Once upon a time there was a treasure map. Ari was playing Minecraft, and it popped up on his computer out of the blue. When Ari saw this, he called his three friends, Hope, Linzi, and Mert, and told them to come to his house. His friends left their houses, and they reached Ari’s house in the span of five minutes. At Ari’s house, he showed them the treasure map.”

The War for Aspadus

“Six hundred years ago, on a planet called Aspadus, there was a country called the Irevalon Empire. They were a country where people had powers. But over time, they spread out over the planet and developed their own powers and their own languages. On one half of the planet, it was green, hilly, and warm, and they spoke Dragonese, and on the other half, it was mostly watery and cold. They spoke Lorainian.”

The Castle of Love

“Once upon a time, there lived a princess, queen, and king. They wanted to be very rich, but they did not have much money. They became king and queen because they were rich. Other people had $10, but they had almost $100,000, but there was someone way richer than them. They had $100,035, but that was from their army for fighting against England.”

Water “The Elixir of Life”

“People are losing their lives because they don’t have clean water. Right now people are offering two solutions, one is asking for donations to build a well, and two is selling water filters. Just donating money to different websites is not as productive as new inventions, and so we should focus on creating new inventions that can help with water problems.”


“One morning, the sky was so blue I could see white clouds and airplanes, which we never saw here in my town, so it started the day off with an odd but somewhat happy start. The happy part ended when mom came and told me that even though it was the middle of the summer, June 8th, 1941, I had to work. When I say work, I don’t mean writing. I mean babysitting the triplets.”

Random Stories

“Then, the strange man cackled. Bob really didn’t like him. He went to grab his father’s gun but found that it was gone. He asked the strange man where the gun was, but the man kept cackling. Bob really didn’t like him, so he ran to the front door and tried to open it. It was locked. A shiver ran down Bob’s spine. He ran to the back door and found it was locked.”

Awesome Airplanes!

“‘This is so awesome!’ said Matthew as he pushed full throttle on his airplane and rushed through the clouds above the plains. Just then, a black enemy airplane from TCOEP (The Country of Evil People) dropped something on his plane. It started counting down. ‘A bomb!’ he cried. Then, he heard a blast.”

When Owner Left Me

“Owner petted me with the softest, most serene pet, as usual. They patted my forehead calmly and sang me to sleep. A dream formed around me, surrounding my brain in sleep. Floating islands of delicate treats, singing birds, and a pack of fresh squirrels surrounded my dream.”

Video Games

“After Tom was playing tag with Peter’s friends, Peter was suddenly the tagger. Tom thought Peter was really fast, so Tom wanted to avoid him. Then, Tom realized that Peter was chasing after him. Tom tried to run away, but Peter tagged him. Then, Tom fell down and hurt his leg. He was crying because of the pain.”

The Super Sleepover!

“Tonight we were having a sleepover! I couldn’t wait. It was going to be a blast. I dressed Mia in her nicest outfit. My mom was being so annoying! I couldn’t stand it! She kept saying, ‘Honey, calm down. You’re making yourself stressed!'”

Kingdoms Dragon’s Game

“Once there was a kingdom called Goving. In Goving, the people were happier than the happiest person in the world, until one day, a dragon attacked. This dragon’s name was Billbaring and was so depressed that it couldn’t be described. This dragon saw the kingdom and got more depressed.”

Writopia Land

“When Amy heard the bunny speak, she went down on the ground and started to scream. When she looked around, the trees were becoming purple. The flowers were turning into mushrooms. When Amy screamed, every animal that was near her went into a huddle.”

I Remember

“I remember the white bunk bed and the smell of tomato and mozzarella / I remember reaching over the bunk bed / I remember falling at my own risk and cracking my head / I remember friend yelling and my mom screaming and crying for help”

My 20’s Diary

“My name is Billy, and I just turned 20, and it feels freaking awesome. I just started my first week at NYU majoring in advanced chemistry and minoring in algebra.”

Twin Towers

“I gasped, glaring at Mrs. Stuart. My twin, Evelyn, smiled, gave me a thumbs up, and buried her face in her math once more. I took that in a nice way, and looked up at Mrs. Stuart. ‘You can’t say that I’m worse than my sister to my face. That’s just plain horrible.'”

Keep Trying

“Mackenzie is at the hospital for two months, because she has been paralyzed on one side of her body since she got in a car crash. Because she was gone for so long after the accident, Mackenzie wasn’t able to pay the rent for her house, so she lost it and became homeless.”

The Amazing Aliens

“They went to a different planet called Blob. It looked like a green blob. They saw an evil villain. The creature was trying to go really fast, but Sasha, Emily, and Kiki collectively captured it. The evil villain was an alien snake. It had a long body and ten piercing eyes. It was a terrifying sight.”

Moving Away

“It’s hard to move to a new house when your parents want to live and see a new place, but it is even harder to move to a new house when you are expecting a baby. Especially when almost all my friends are asking me these questions. They were asking questions like ‘when are you moving’ and ‘where are you moving to.’ It’s really annoying and stressful. “

The Magic Rhino

“At Sunday school, he learned that rhinos have been around for 500 years. And he wanted to be a rhino. But then, he remembered that magic wands could not put a spell on themselves. He also remembered that he could turn into a parrot. Maybe then, he could turn into a rhino. So he tried, but he could not do it.”

The Orphans

“Katherine’s eyes started to water, and she hugged Lily and James again. That afternoon, it was so hot that they had to stay inside, so Katherine secretly started to plan a rescue mission. Her plan was to go out at 10:00 pm, grab one of the horses from the stables, and she would ride to the orphanage and sneak in and grab Mack.”

Tips to Business

“Another trick to move you up the ladder of business is to always make sure there are missed calls on your phone. It makes you look important. The trick to that is you call yourself a bunch of times on your iPhone from the stall. It worked so well! Everyone thought I had stomach problems when I got back twenty minutes later!”

The Bad Sleepover

“When we get inside, I follow Lynn to her room. Once I’m in her room, the familiar smell of strawberries greets me. If I was blindfolded, I would know exactly where I am. I also recognize the neatness of her room. The same mini elephant sculpture I had given her many years ago was still there. Then I turn around and I’m surprised to see another girl in Lynn’s room that looks about our age.”


“Max knew that it wasn’t going to be a good day. Yesterday, everything had gone wrong, and now Max, a quiet kid who sat in the back of class and got good grades, had gotten himself into a fight. Everyone at school knew about it. It was as big as a pay-per-view boxing match. And it was today.”

The End of the World

“James remembered when he begged and begged his dad to let him go find spices and gold for his family, but when he set sail, a storm sank his boat, and he and his brother swam to the nearest island. The island was the size of a small building and was covered with huge poisonous spiders.”


“It was a pitch black night when Jeremy went to the frozen storage room and picked out the person he would pretend to drive to the factory. He was strolling through the room when he saw a boy that looked perfect for this job.”

The Girl Who Finally Got A Dog

“She had special pancakes for breakfast. The pancakes were special because they were birthday pancakes that were filled with nutella and had a smiley face of fruits with really yummy syrup on top. There was also one little candle on top, so she could make two wishes for her birthday: one with the real cake and one with her pancakes! She made a wish and blew it out. She really hoped that her wish would come true.”

The Hat With Hands

“Once upon a time there was a hat who did construction work and lived on Mars. He couldn’t do his construction work because he didn’t have any hands, so he started to cry. He got fired, and then he got kicked back to Jupiter. He told his friends and cousins and family that he lost his job.”

I Forget

“Clunk! The books fell into my bag one by one. I put in some clothes and put the bag on my back. I quietly opened the window, took a deep breath, and started to climb down. I stepped onto the window ledge and leaped to the nearest tree, which seemed a foot or two away, perfect for climbing. From stepping onto the ground I started to run.”

Bill and Her Mice

“Timpson & Timpson delivered her food every day. They also had a tiny little room, because they were mice. They had to work together to push the cart of food because they were so tiny. Bill’s bedroom was also her bathroom. It was bigger than the biggest room in the whole world, except for the room of Earth.”

The Rat

“Once there was a rat who lived on the streets. He had black fur and big ears, two big front teeth, a big nose, small hands, a chip in his ear, and a unibrow. He ate cheese every single day. He found the cheese from a trash can.”


“I built the time machine by putting an engine to control time with electricity. After, I got a round platform which can fit up to one person. Later, I put two be with a dog’s heart together to have the fuel and the speed. Then, I put a few live wires and a clocuttons for the past and the future. Finally, I connected everything together with more live wire. Now since I finished the time machine, I could go to the past or the future.”

Reality Toddlers

“Nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing. This story is about Nothing, who is somebody who is nothing. That’s why this story is called Nothing. Let’s get on with it. Can we just cancel this show and put our lives out of immediate danger?”

The Three Portals Book No. 1 The Wizard

“One night, I heard a whoosh! I quickly opened my eyes to see what was there. Before my eyes, I saw a huge portal. I looked at my watch. Exactly 3:00 am. I heard a faint voice say to me, ‘Jump in!’ So, I did. A wizard threw me a parachute. We started to fall faster and faster through different colors. I screamed. In a few minutes, the colors were changing so fast that I got lightheaded and passed out.”

Godly Mythical War

“Once there was a little boy who lived in Cuba, and a hurricane wiped out his village. He was the only person who survived in his village. He crawled for a couple of hours, but he was a baby, so he couldn’t go that far. Somebody found him and asked what his name was, and he said “James,” and then the person took him to a orphanage.”


“The father was depressed that his children had left and they were fighting. So, he repeated the prophecy and hoped that the feud will be settled. Meanwhile, the siblings left their feud to turn to a battle and to a war as time passed. They trained each generation in their own type of civilization and trained them to fight for their civilization and to train the next generation.”


“It was really important for Mace to learn to shoot at a target. In NoBoo, enemies were frequently trying to attack. Hackers were constantly trying to hack food, dentals, and other life necessities in order to be rich. This put a lot of lives in NoBoo in danger.”

The Dream

“I started reading books about the Empire State Building. I thought it was so cool because it glows and it’s so tall. It’s one hundred feet tall. It has different colors every day. When it’s dark, it glows. My favorite color is purple, so I love when it glows purple. My name is Anna. I’m six years old. For two years I’ve wanted to go on the Empire State Building.”

Being a Fairy

“Once there were three triplets who wanted to be fairies. Their names were Sophia, Chloe, and Stella. They were all identical, but they liked to wear different clothes and had different personalities. Sophia was funny, Stella was shy, and Chloe was a little rude. They all had dark brown hair and bright blue eyes. They had a friend fairy named Sparkly, but they had to keep her a secret from everyone else.”

The Space Travelers

“This is Gordon, and he is an alien. He lives in an ice cream shaped planet. The name of his planet is Lexicon. One day, he and his friend decided to go to a planet named Pizton. Gordon told his friend, Brain, to fire up the engines and off they went. When they were in the middle of getting to the planet, they found out that their spaceship was running out of gas, so they refilled it. But they didn’t refill it enough so, when they nearly got to the planet, they figured out that they were out of gas.”

The Secret Beneath Hakhito Island (Excerpt)

“Jake turned around to see Peri’s big smile pressed right into his face. He didn’t know what she was about to tell him, but from that smile, he knew one thing: whatever she had to say included him, because whenever Peri got that twinkle in her eye, she was ready for adventure. It said she was ready for mischief. But worst of all, it meant that probably both she and Jake would be in a huge amount of trouble.”

The Pirates and the Ninja

“A ninja is practicing with his sword on a cliff because he is preparing for his fight with the pirates. The ninja takes a step backwards and suddenly falls off the cliff! He tumbles backwards until he grabs a branch, but the branch breaks, so he falls and breaks his leg.”

It’s Raining Frogs

“‘Yep it’s gone, so I’m guessing yes.’ But then, I saw two frogs… wait three frogs… then so many frogs I couldn’t count. Then, it started raining. I couldn’t see it very well, but I saw people outside with frogs running after them. Good thing I came back inside before it started raining frogs like crazy.”

Mason And The Battle Of The Gorgons (Excerpt)

“As the rain started to fall harder and harder, my parents called me to dinner. As I climbed down the stairs, I heard a big crack, then a crash. Lightning must have struck a tree. I had always liked those trees. Big shady willows and towering oaks. BAM! Another one gone. I had been so intent on listening to the thunder booming and trees falling that I hadn’t realised I had reached the bottom of the stairs. ‘Mason!’ Mother shouted. ‘I’m not going to tell you again!'”

Diaries of the Superdog Lover

“My nanny is packing right now, and I did something really EVIL. I put on her ruby red lipstick. That’s the lipstick she loves. She usually doesn’t let me. Anyhow, I don’t think my wish is going to come true. I don’t think I will ever get a dog. My nanny is the only one who knows I like dogs. My mom can’t get me a dog, but I don’t want to tell her because I want a surprise. My nanny said she is allergic.”

Pioneer Sightings (Excerpt)

“I came back to the apartment to learn the news about Angela was, in fact, true. The family was up there. It was clear to me that not all of them were drastically affected by it, though most were. I could clearly see the great changes in people’s behaviors and moods — it was very somber and heavy in the room. When I was walking down the hall to Room 96, the room my family was crammed in, I could already hear the meltdowns — sobbing, groaning, and fits.”

A Wizard and His Book of Spells

“Hi, I’m Jack, a wizard with a book of spells. It’s a gift from my father Ionn. I live in a house by myself. My father died. His body is buried in a coffin in my house. I wanted to revive him, bring him back to life. My father was killed by a dark wizard, his brother. I was only nine. I surely smelled just fine, but I was too young. I wanted to go on a journey to save my father. I researched just the right thing to revive my father, the great wizard. I found out that dark elixir would work.”

Superheroes are Finally Becoming Good: The Diversity of Superheroes

“One of the changes is that superheroes are getting more diverse in religion. Comic books are expanding, and one of the branches of expansion is religion. The typical superhero, the default, used to be a white man with either no religion or Christianity. Now there are many superheroes that have different religions. For example, Ms. Marvel is a Muslim superhero who is like a superwoman but in Marvel. This is big because this is a religious superhero.”

Stupendous Sprinkles

“He grabbed a dirty, gray bucket on the ground with a food dye-covered hand. With the other, he held his nose because it smelled like rotten salmon with vinegar poured onto it that was left out for a week. Jerry yanked it up and sauntered past a glowing, red clock displaying 3:45 a.m. Anyone watching the scene could tell that his coworkers obviously would not be there for a few hours.”

I Never Agreed to Go

“The school. I don’t know how to describe it as I arrive. From the outside, it looks like a rectangle floating in space. But on the inside, there are only four types of spaces. The sleeping rooms, the mess halls, the hallways, and the fight room. The mess halls are on the ends of the rectangle, the dorms on the rest of the edges, and the fight rooms are lined up in the center.”

The Roxanne Family is Falling Down

“… the next thing I know, I’m staring at a baby who’s 6 pounds, 18 inches. Her big blue eyes stare back at me, her hand is curling around my finger. Less than a week old, and in good health and shape, and unnamed, one of the nurses say. Somehow, I know I’m going to see this baby again. The moment I saw her, I fell in love with her. The adoption papers took five months, but I was right. I did see that baby again — and I see her every day.”

My New Nintendo 2DS XL

“Before, I asked my parents if I could get it, and they said, ‘Yes.’ I was so happy about that. I was so hyper. So when I was in school on January 2, I had a feeling that the package was there. So when I got home, I rushed to the living room, and I found the package sitting on the table. I opened the package really quickly.”

Jake, David, and the Eiffel Tower Adventure

“When they got home, Jake and David ran down to the bookstore. They wanted to see if they still had a copy of the book. Under the fifth bookshelf, they both found a copy at the same time. They were fighting over who got the book, until they both saw another copy and both started fighting for that one, and they kept doing that for one hour until they both stopped fighting and got their own copy to read.”


“Once upon a time there was a cow named Cow. She loved flowers, but there was no water. It was so hot that the water evaporated. Plants were dying. Flowers were melting. The cow was moaning, sobbing. She tried to sob over the plants, but it evaporated. Her sobs were the only thing stopping her from melting. The tears evaporated off of her cheeks.”

The Best of Friends

“As I slept in my comfortable bed, I did not know my life would change forever. I jumped out of bed when I heard a loud rarrr-ing over our small town. And like the other kids in the orphanage, I ran to the window. A dragon shining in the moonlight was asking where a girl was called Liriel. Then, I realized that he was looking for me.”

The Lovely Lamb (Bugatti)

“This toy is beautiful. It’s shiny, big, and expensive. I can ride up to 55 miles per hour!! It even has parking lights, and it’s like a real car but for kids to drive. It even has the lever to push and go on the road or to reverse or to park. People will eat my dust when I pull up in the driver’s seat in my ride.”

The Magic Apple

“Suddenly I woke up, and I was not sure how, but I knew where to go. I left the house and went into this run down wooden shack. I saw a sword and took it. Suddenly, the ground disappeared, and I fell into a hole. There was a cave. I took out my sword and walked slowly down the cave. I did think that it would be very dark inside the cave, but it was really red, and it kind of had the feeling like it was evil.”


“Kevin was a nine-year-old soccer player from the USA. His dream was to win the World Cup… On his 18th birthday, the USA team called him up for the World Cup team. He screamed, ‘Best present ever!'”

The Mad Story

“When I told this to Bob, he didn’t sound so surprised. He told me he heard the news years back. We came up with a plan to track Olaf down, capture him, then turn him to the police. At that moment, we heard a police siren, and I told Bob to drive away together. We got away, but we were still on a police chase.”

Italy to New York City

“Hi, my name is Sonia. I live in Italy with my mom, dad, two brothers, and sister. My family is very poor. I want to go to New York City. I’m leaving in three days with my sister. We got our passports. We have to wait three more days before we can go on the train to get to the boat. I’m nervous and excited, and I have to pack my bags.”

Bob and Bobby the Weirdos

“One day Bob woke up and went to the bathroom, so he could brush his teeth. When he finished brushing, his mom called him for breakfast. It was eggs breakfast. When Bob looked at the news, he saw that a bank was robbed. When he finished his breakfast, he went to his friend Bobby’s house to tell him what happened and asked him to help him find the robber.”

Jake’s Friends

“They watch Teen Titans Go, and in the middle of the show, Jake asks for Logan to get him a snack, so Jake pauses the TV while Logan goes off to get him a snack. They have ice cream, noodles, and crackers with only chocolate in them for snack. They only have two crackers at a time. They all have four crackers because they want a double serving of crackers. This is a special day, because they don’t usually stay at Logan’s house for so long.”

The Animal Shelter

“So, as the caring person that she was, she wanted to help the animal shelter. As a use to staff, she wanted to help the shelter, so no animal had to suffer and not have a family. When she looked at the shelter, there was a sign. It said, We will close on July 10 at 8pm, which was today, (goal: $1,000). After she read the sign, she said to herself, ‘l can do this.'”

Nantucket Adventure

“After the sunset, we went home. I went outside our house, and I saw a bunny. The bunny was chubby and was eating clovers. I chased it, and it went all the way to my neighbor’s house across the street. I crossed the street to chase the bunny, but it ran away from me. Then, I found another bunny, and I chased that bunny too.”

The Fairy Who Didn’t Have A Friend

“Once upon a time there was a little fairy whose name was Randall. Randall didn’t have any friends. She travelled all over the world to find one. She looked high, and she looked low. There were lots of other fairies in the world. Some fairies were mean, but Randall knew there were lots more fairies in the world, so she kept saying in her head, ‘I’m going to keep looking until I find a friend.'”

Memories in My Year Book

“I love my yearbook, and it is important to me because it reminds me of all the memories I had with the class in fifth grade. I know that I can never see them again. It makes me sad because I can’t spend time with them anymore. But I could just look at the yearbook, and I see them. And I can remember the memories we had at school, in class parties, and on trips.”

Have an Ice Day

“When Emily and the rest of the camp finally got off the camp bus (after three hours), they rushed into their cabins. After everyone had found their bunks (Emily’s bed was in cardinal cabin, right at the very edge of diamond-shaped Starry Sleepaway) they went to bed and had a good night’s sleep, not knowing what would happen the next day.”


“The trees are dancing in the breeze and eating the leaves / The trees’ arms are reaching for the butterflies but they can’t reach / The trees reach for the sky and when they do that they sometimes catch a butterfly”

The Girl Who Was Never Patient

“Once, there was a little girl who really wanted to go to the playground. She asked her parents if they would take her, but they said, ‘No, we can’t take you because your little sister is sick, and we have to watch of her.’ So, she went upstairs and tried to sneak out of the window by tying her blankets together to make a rope. “


“Feelings are like waves in your body, going up and then crashing down. The waves can grow like a tsunami and come down, destroying everything. They can be calm sometimes, not able to wash away anything.”

Alien Invasion

“Once upon a time on Earth, there was a little town, and a few families lived there. The town was located in Canada. One day, there was an alien invasion. And all the families were scared. The aliens were trying to chase them, but the aliens got tired, so the aliens got into their spaceship and went back to Mars. “

The Kiwi

“The mother ran and ran as far as she could. She had to get food for her young one! She could feel her feet getting laden, but she knew she had to go on. Her creation she had brought into the world had to live on. She felt her chest screaming for air. Her mind was battling with her body. No grubs in this one. She realized she didn’t recognize the area anymore. Oh, no… If she didn’t recognize the area anymore, that meant… she felt the barrier sucking her in.”