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“Ten years later, Atlas asked me to join the spies that go around bustling cities to try to find homeless children about at least ten years old. And I said yes. So my sister became a doctor, and I became a spy.”

Lilly the Cat

“She pressed the button on her collar to speak, and whispered to Rebecka, “He actually cares about me! That’s why he doesn’t want me to fly! But you’re my owner and you actually care about me more than Mr. Bobbette does, so I’m going to keep flying, even if he doesn’t want me to.”

Qwercle’s Journey

“The Kilafricks have feared the Zilaons for 999,999,999 years. The Kilafricks made a deal with the Zilaons that they would stay on their side of the valley if the Zilaons stay on their side of the valley. The Zilaons accepted the deal so that they could have their own part of the valley.”

Leila’s story

“Then they stick their tongue out back at me. I cross my arms and stomp to my room. I pick up my dog and start saying, “I love to sing!” I start singing the ABC’s again and say, “Come on Lila, start singing with me!” but she just barks.”

Circus Monkeys

“Travis sighed, and the words spilled out of his mouth like water from a broken jar. He told them about the sow, about landing onto the middle of the circus arena by chance, and then how he pretended to be the circus tiger he was not.”

A Great Basketball Season

” Jasper asked, “Why am I not in the starting lineup?”

“The coach said, “You’re one of our newest players and I think it’d be better to have players with more experience to be starting.”
Jasper said, “I’m better than some of these players, and I can prove it.”


“7 kittens were in a cardboard box next to a pet shop, and when Katie decided to walk with her 2 white canines, she saw the kittens. “Hey, kitty” whispered Katie. She took one of the kittens from the box and continued, “I’ll name you Jessie.”

A Dogs Story

“I used to live with an old man, but he must have abandoned me in a blizzard and now here I am. My top fear is blizzards! One time I got buried inside a snowman when one of my friends was playing with snowballs, and I got trapped inside.”

Forgotten Words

“If you came in this future world today you would cry. You would cry for all those who never get to hear I love you, you would cry for all those who want to yell, but they can’t for they are forced to be quiet. And you would sob for the human race, waiting in silence for a single word.”

The Black Hole

“The evil spirit wanted revenge and we found out from the records that he was a little boy that was friends with the teacher when they were kids, and he was also bullied like her, and he died in the same car crash that she was in, but they never met each other and were so lonely. “

West Poo

“Henry and Ulysses bring the President into the Oval Office to escape. Of course the White House has some gadgets, so they press the president’s coffee mug, and a helicopter on a train — that goes underground — pops up after a metro car. “

Andrew’s Story

“Put your hands up!” he yelled. I put my hands up and he pushed my body on to the car. He cuffed me and yelled, “Get in the car!” I could tell he was getting frustrated because he kept on yelling. He opened the car door and I jumped in.”

The Glass Slipper

“My heart broken, I grab the gray-headed mop and prepare a fresh bucket of warm water and soap as my stepmother and stepsisters stride out of the door — well, only Aditha strides. My stepsisters mouth “I’m sorry” as they shuffle out the door to meet the royal carriage.”

Don’t go into the dark

“You can’t lock me in here, my shadow will kill me like it did my mom. It follows me everywhere I go! Shadows aren’t supernatural, at least not the ones I’m talking about. They are the ones that need to be in this jail cell, they are the mental ones. They are smart, I don’t know why, and I don’t know why they like murdering people!”

My Big Family

“Do you know what this means if you’re having nightmares about your stepmom?”
“No!” I said. “I have no idea.”
“It means that you don’t want your Dad to get engaged to another woman. It means you still want your mom back!”


“Jason,” my fake mom says, “I made pancakes.” Her voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard.
“This isn’t real!” I yell. I run faster until trip on something. Then I’m falling again into the black nothingness.
Beep…beep…beep, a monitor reads. “